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Camden News Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1970, Page 3

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Camden News (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Camden, Arkansas3-Tcamden Ark news monday september 28, 1970 pfc thai ked Auto Sam mob no a be Contd string de on the to University of testis jts in tau t was in satisfy amp in cd ditto to Day of Iden med instrument. Mcbrierty knocked Down the White boy then fought three Black boys in succession the last of whom hit him Over the head with a mop handle. A Mcbrierty ran across a parking lot. The at clickers chased him. Sergeant Moe said he did not ter has Tacke by what happened next of y i i la it rarity apparently Mcbrierty is near the Campus Eairy sunday physician said Mcbrierty.30, of Ennis was Lucky to be alive after sustaining caped. The team physician said Mcbrierty would be sidelined for at least two weeks. One physician at the student health Center stitched Mcbrier cuts in a i a iring a several Hun by for about three hours at dredd stitches 75 in the Scalp which time another doctor took alone lie a Esq suffered a Oon Over and worked Over an hour Cus Piotr 0 a other it players wer e injured in the scuffle which cd Curre i it after the team had re Iii red ram Lubbock where it played Texas Kwh in a Southwest Terence foot a game. Off Ive talkie Ronnie by a ice 20 of a amp Fierson required 26 stitches a cats on his right Side retd b Hirid his left �,ar.,. Off a Girard Syd Keasler. 21, Oil a re Ceiva a a minor a it Ltd his hand. Poutrie Ettarre eds a Riiel. Am Derson 1?, of a Usi in in a charge of a a gated assault sgt. I a old mfle>aidvaiidfer5wii swung at Type in with a a a ii Ftp to but also sought t Arle Hornsby 21, Audi met a of a charge 0 simple assault. Tie Citie was still under in vestige in. To payers arrived Back in aus Iii a their 35-13 Victory Over Texas tech in Lubbock soc Midnight. Ser a it Moe repaired this sequel rigid of events a Miriarty Keesler and Tyr let weit to the Pance House a 24r restaurant Ori 19th Street i South the can rips. A if ills thought kea5?Fer and Tyl Sci seated on a Middle table mocking we. An Argun a 0ted. But the situation of to ardently Cool Down. We 4he three longhorns left title Grant at about 3 45 . Set i it on by Rev to Complete the Job. Circus coming to to mde non oct. 5 the King Bros. Circuit is linking to Camden on monday or for Purifo Manees at 4 s . Under the auspices of vow Post 4554. King Bros. Circus is the traditional Type of american Oir-4c�ss exhibiting in the 3 rings under the in lop. The fast a amp Viii program features the in tiros acts and includes the Kirin Bros performing a he other trained animal and s both wild and Domestic. Aerial Isusi acrobats jugglers wire Ival kers. And Novelty acts will Ibraih the youngsters from 8 to 80 and of course the circus clowns will be present to out fun and laughter. It. Is Good clean family , with such stars As Rieckers uncaged Leopard fantasy miss Patti Oriental foot juggling the Newman a bears. Terry of Brcin on Fli Silver wire and Manv others. The circus grounds in catch at Ifie fair grounds and the Public is invited to is it tie circus grounds and watch the seeing up activity on Cirrus Day. Hwy 79 South syst Kra a Arentt sound by Abigail Van Buren dear Abby my sister has Beach front sum scr place on a Lake. She also has two boys Ages 8 and 10, and two girls 9and 12. When the weather permits Sih i lets the ivys play on the Beach Andun tie water som Petely nude however she has the girls Wear swinvs\r,l5. We have two children a boy 0 and a girl 11, who would enjoy a vacation at the make. But 1 done to like Inis nude boy bit. My husband save i uni wrong. When i it with my sister be said it was Good to bring up boys without secrets from their Sisters and i should do the same. Half jokingly asked her if she thought dear to by would agree with her and a a he bet you would because you had a pliant sense of fundamental realities. I agreed to write you and show her your answer. I also agreed to concur with it. What do you say mass mrs. Dear mrs in a sorry to disappoint your sister but my sense of fundamental realities Isnit is a up fiant As she thinks it is. Ask your sister How come if its a a Good to bring up boys without secrets from their Sisters it Isnit equal Good to bring up girls i hoist secrets from their Brothers. Dear Abby you advised a new York Llu who picked up a $5 Bill on the Street to in Ive her companion half since they spotted it together and she had promised to do so. That May have been socially Correct Mildred and . Dewoody and her new grandson. Or. And mrs. Howland Powell Rerp Sci ump Quot a cd or. And mrs. Harlan Benson Are j enor Ehri youths. All of the at and children visited his Mother Tackett Piei Black except for sunday. Mitry and Martha Rowe one be boy. Who allegedly visited with them at their grand a fam Brief or. And mrs. Frank Dawson a fish Fry at be tuesday night. Vysie was honoured a and Keasler were at spent two Days last week at Tacke first they retreated to Millwood Lake. They report thrill Grant. Mcbrierty a enjoyable trip. A mates present include sue Frog Ritt Lotf. On., theft ont of a mrs. De Teel has returned ? car by. The White boy ran Home from Van Buren where at he i hit him with an in she has been with her daughter daughter of or. And by it it was legally Rorig. I done to know How it is in outlier states but in Utah one to finds lost property and keeps it or diverts it to his own use is subject to arrest. Found property must be a urged Over to the police who make an attempt to locate the owner if after a reasonable amount of time the owner cannot be located the property is idea turned Over to the finder who then beco Rhes the Legal owner. Lir a Law is found in the larceny statutes and is called larceny by finder. Let. Edwin Hymas police dept. Ogden Utah dear it. Hymas thanks for rising up this naive columnist. There goes another Long held illusion. Namely finders keepers losers keepers. A readers he in this the finder who becomes a keeper without attempt Rig to locate the loser can become not Only a weeper himself but a loser As Well. Dear Abby a Friend has my advice on a matter and i a masking . Six months ago this Friend lost his wife of Many years. He is 64. He Meit a widow in Church. She is 60. They Are planning to be married around thanksgiving. The lady wants a Church wedding which my Friend thinks i Fine but thinks she is going overboard with the wedding plans she wants to walk do n the aisle As first time brides do and have her son give her away. She also wants attend ants Only a a few a be says but she would Ike to Wear a Long White Lacy gown with a veil. My Friend thinks that under the circumstances and because of a heir Ages the less a a fuss involved the better. He prefers a quiet Church wedding with Only a few of the a mediate family on both ides present. Your advice is solicited. His dear Friend in a inclined to agree with your Friend. But he and his lady had better get together on a olefin Ion of a a fuss a or there is Apt to be a Large one. Dear Abby i laughed with fears in my eyes when i Rod that letter from the Sirl he o Urr ranked her to let her pre med boy Friend give her a Back Init. Many years a a go w Hen t was a pre med student. I used that Oil Bac Krub technique soon Learned that if i Ronld get a girl to unhook her . Even Tho she was lying on her face id have no trouble after Tea old backs umber Minnesota ,29 what a your problem youth feel better if you get it off your client. Write o Abby it Box 69700 los Angeles. Cal. 90w3. For personal Ray enclose a a Tai aped addressed envelope. Washington a mrs w. Averell Harriman wife of the Veteran Diplomat and former governor of new York died saturday in George Washington j y a Ray Road so a a another Trike by Mark Brown associated Ress writer Washington a the Natick my a railroads claiming they be Cau a Btu Between labor uni oils Oil one Siim and Bankers Hottie other Are big for a fifth hike in in four a a a Emmer a Bargeil Servici. Railroad the. Pm ii Uco Notri sni few lends an a Geney to a the rail of be it roads Plaa. And the labor diff Caniz so incensed at the last a tilt Tes the carriers Quot have expert hike approved Only enc a in the. La year have la in Sui timer he cached tor Abol evoked a syr pm tto Etic response ish Itig the inc and fanning out i egg chair Mati Geotge jul it to the department of Sti Iford transportation. Inv Attr interview in a a a be sufi and so risk in gel bar a it qts Matjiw f in fac Ink therailroads., a. To to. Ini railroads also have Stelt the Road As Joppa try uie. Contending , it bsh to. Increased labor Coste have win Hington to More Ira a major Finandal pow pm to to buses recency a Lull ii a a itts petted has Den ordered Oil on his shoulders rest makings o a new Home. Two Ivonie ii hand a bag of Cement to a Man at Thuy to Ham lit near Dang. The three were Amone 110 South Valet namese refugee families receiving Bizil Dong mater Ali to construct new living quarters. Each family received 10 Baff of Cement and 10 sheets of tin supplied by the Ien Omiel of the marines Force logistic comm Aigid. University Hospital. She was 67 wife of Cornelius mrs. Harriman was the forme. Whitney. Wiped out All gains previous increases railroads in the Eastern and we Erh i cited states Are seeking a 15 per cent rate boost. Sou hem railroads Are asking for. 6 per cent a Russ Vibbard hike until feb 28. Pins a Perry ent 15 per cent increase in Rijal hauling charges. The interstate Coli Merce commission we ii i schism led a hearing today 4s&Quot so dying All freight ramp to so but unless the staid a brings out a Vida no up a Virti isly in invaluable to he inc. 1 history indicates the hikes will be allowed. V in it he last so Vawl do Cades. In a off a in is the Tommis Sion has never to i Hea the rail Iron is Down cold arid in most cases has Given them every Vand Embiri think Thuv ask a for. I the Isna Ciar collapse last Pic Iem faced by much of in of ter buses were Dusty but especially a tical of nor safety violations. 0� w the capital Nifte be haul Oil he buses. W Law item Bobi chartered and Cor tend the nil freight rate it Schfe in found to have creases Are the result of Man Iglai one safety valation the gement. Traynot rotation department Savici some members of Congress get end. The most fre Cott tend the in c has allowed the Quetti Viola this were on charter railroads to raise rates without. Dema cling improvements. In a pm a a i i a an a Rin solids of re nth Fiorala a cd Stem of a a or any size i endows Muhib s a Rel Venici in Puro Wool with a Lush torture loft it a Ltd by Russ Midi Litif Cali by Wpm with or without Matching pants of Kline in Paulino Trigere s fashionable Kimono quo Jersey dress of Pura ��o0�i�?~ right is put to red in wove lengths of Ruby iat Coloris. It is worn with on do bar Fok Cut do St god by Trig re in with Oliver Gintel them Ore Koolmo trend fashions. Ilm Mno by own 1b1ng, ont member of Fui till a a Lojba �7 a a Talei off la a different Diree it m a Puih Tock transmission problem solved. Hovering Over marshy Wildern ii a Sikorsky sky Crane delivers a Isi foot electrical trans Mission Tower weighing More than five tons in Vir in Law a dismal swamp Orty eight of the alumni num towers were positioned by the heavy it lift helicopter averse Long so my buteo Taeb. Cash or$h0�oittrm Ste i Down and of acute sofa As inches Long j and tones. A a Green n 7-Pi�ce French ii log a room suite 00 extend to 84 Inch Jas with Formica top Mote Hingl chair Green quilted sofa 85 inches Long cover Din heavy Larna a innerspring under construction. Ouen a Seal 148�?o Kfir a Onkit Sealy a Sil a la medic i rent Ali to Fly a 70y1. A Nch a Vrr anty. $3if.�p a a Lvi 60x#� of a he 20�?Tyl�hlrvi��r�Anty Quot Ait Box Spjka .00 Vii ulc of so in por �178j Smo 9 a. A a Letti eng mattress $3#io0 value Okimow by cynic provincial sofa 7-Way construction plus scotch guard so. Early american quilted sofa 100 inches Long in red Green and Green Gold. This is a pretty one. <248 we need 100 new accounts credit approved. Nothing Down and 24 months to pay. It time the i Tel Tancy business a Rygl Claire pm feel a re up 9% a a a of yet Ardayl Iii on Salo in factory wh0lksilo Frlj Tel ffrlil�l�if�t-12 Lilile Latyk Pri Jjo it ref Enlil. In ool Kri frill Dalry a eur. A Fri a a free so Cly by Side refrigerator Frigidaire electric Ray fit Frigli Lri 22 cd. Of a deep freeze of frigidaire�?2 spec of 4,Cycle a a somatic Copper color Only Washer

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