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Camden News Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1970, Page 4

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Camden News (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Camden, ArkansasAnd it s off to work we go Camden Arkansas 71701�?saturday, sep timid if iwo terrorist no Law but disown to. A. A a i or a it is Only d Coln Denoe that at a time Wen world outrage is running High Over thib Airliner hijackings by Arab terrorists a i israeli journalist is recalling an earlier a Jgr try of terrorism in the same Seething Middle East. But it is an appropriate coincidence crab apply instructive on the subject of terrorism in general and on the difficulty if to impossibility of dealing with it effectively. The journalist Baruch Nadel has written a Book on the death of swedish count Fulke Bernadotte in that chaotic time nearly a Quarter of a Century ago when the Strite of Israel was struggling to be born. By it amp the was abandoning its mandate Over Al Tine and for the cause of a reborn la a brew nation the jews of Palestine were Lii Jeared for no Quarter Battle against a a neighbors British author ties and s6metirr>es each other. Of t >3 several militant jewish forces engaged Havanah was the largest Anda a a St responsible willing at times to co a be rate with the British. More extreme was. Airgun Vai Leumi which defied b r i to s h i Lockade and United nations truce i leg Aliy imported men and munitions and eng de in a widespread sabotage. Farthest but of All was the Stern 6ang, which openly acknowledged terror As it business. _ / and terror there was murderous terror. A tra n explosion killed 30 British soldiers. Five policemen died in the bombing of a Maifa police station and 142 pers is were a i funded. Kidnappings of British officials a soldiers were frequent with Many of the victims returned As corpses. Havanah concerned Over the effect on world Opin a Ion toward the jewish cause sought to moderate the violence but was warned off by the . The Palestine terror ended of course but Only with the passing of the situation that gave Rise to it. The British left and a jewish state was carved out in an As yet upended War with the arabs. Havanah became the israeli . Airgun and the. Stern gang Are no More. Old terrorists have either died or like Nadel faded away into civilian is no reason to Hope that the Arab terrorists of today Are much afferent from the jewish terrorists then or of the later algerian terrorists in their struggle against France or than the contemporary latin americans. They Are committed to a cause wiling to give their lives As the unsuccessful hijacking attempt Over the English Channel demonstrated an it i while seeking world attention contemptuous of world opinion. The Outlook is thus not Bright for what a v e r countermeasures injured bystander governments May come up with. The israelis with their own experience to draw on to could have the Best approach of a very bed lot refusal to Deal at All. Which does not mean that All even remotely possible solutions to Arab a it borne piracy should not be explored. But an end to the terror is Likely to lie Only in a change in the situation. Which brings us full Circle How to resolve or at least defuse the Mideast conflict idea of mergers is carried too far Mai Iricea a problem How Huik god would vote in u Case do you believe the Quot to prefers regimentation of a More widespread Ion by laymen even smaller churches there by 3 or to laymen who f gators than the Clerfy or 75 per cent of the ip9.stodgy speakers Gorge w. Crane pfc.d., . Is Maurice j., aged i a is a life insurance sales a a a. Crane a he began my a his Trind i belong to a Small Vil averages a it the sunday worship i3f. Our income is thus be we have not been a Hill time pastor Dibe our last conference. To follow your and Hivitte laymen to iveii8 a Aiuppy 20tminute adult sunday. Was a in Irwi local Kiwi Unis Chib. A Fabj tier was our veterine re tie school principal Muf Kofl al5 0 took a turn. A actually the audience seems Toke toads rotational Meu Iod attendance has increase ,26. P0r cent Wadi is a Good a jut the Bishop of our Church Dpi a is method and wants in a a film our Church by Merg with another teds because the Home 01 fice has the typical bureaucracy fever that seetu3 to afflict Washington d. C., for even in years we have noticed a to of to syn Atten Pis from the Home Church problems please note Maurice a comments for when denominations get too Large dry rot sets in at the top. We Call this a bureaucracy ii Steid of merging Chiff Ches and uni Jiing denominations in the Edumenic fad that has hit America the past generation wended More Church sects monopoly and regimentation ate alien doctrines under our famous american Constitution we Tofu in government or in churches and medical Socie ties there Are excellent psychological reasons for smaller and More numerous churches. Even at the local level for instance contrast a Church of 1,000 me Mew with 10 Small churches cacti having 100 Active adherents. Those 10 smaller churches thus offer far More a audience participation a which is the Trade magic of every live wire or Yaniz Atomi. For there Are thus 10 sunday school superintendents donating their leadership Abl Miles in contrast to just one in that big 1,-000-meml>er Church. Thwe Are slam 10 choirs plus in do. Directors As Weh As 10 Hea Ushers and 10 sets of Ushers instead of one. The Home ii a society than harnesses the talented leadership of 10 women presidents la Hereof and to a bunk people Are Heads of the 10 i huh Sci clues. A indeed this idea of to go is is been carried too far not Only in Church i but also in business and the Public schools to6. For More Competition develops with 2 grocery stores than when one dominates the Village. And our former Small school i buildings turned out better readers and offered More incentives than the Gigantic consolidated Multi million Dollar schools that now oppress the taxpayers. Yet the hippie movement �1 sit ins and other modern nuisances tire an indirect outgrowth of this consolidation trend with the consequent loss of Bidini duality on the a part of be students. In Maurice ssi nation too the sunday Sermon by Laynor doubtless kept far More parishioners awake for 75 per cent of clergymen nowadays Don to even know the rudiments of dramatizing my bitty and making a fascinate speech. Send for my Booklet a Public platform strategy a enclosing a Long stamped return envelope plus 20c. Always write to or. Go Ane in rare of this newspaper enc to ing a Long St need. Addressed envelope and 8k to Covo Typ it ing 9nd printing costs when you Send Lor one of hit booklets firs. American woman to receive a medical degree was Elizabeth Blackwell Olio received her diploma with ugliest honors in 1849. My Rry go round in startling discoveries itt sky jacking probe arabs planned sky jacking Israel warned u. S. Pan am Pilot searched and apologized to gunmen gop offered help asks Harvard group for Cash. B Jack Anderson Washington our investigation into the sky jacking store has priced two startling discoveries 1. Several Days before the multiple sky jacking Israel tipped off u. that the palestinian guerrillas might pull such a a fit to dramatize their i Ause and to upset the of East truce. I. Tie secret service uses electronic and Ultra Violet dices to event the smuggling of weapons or explosives aboard White House Piai ies. If the airlines had been wiling to take the Iiames precautions air piracy probably Codd have been stopped Long ago. Hie israeli warning called attention to the possibility that palestinian fanatic might attack or seize a Knees belonging to Israel or the u. S. The israelis correctly guessed that the a it ular front wot old be the most Likely to attempt this kind of drama in the sky. The popular front is led by a fervent Christian Arab George Hab Bash Olio used to head a band of nuns before he took co Nuu of the guerrilla group. He is determined to Block any Middle East settlement that Isnit bedded by Arab . The israelis figured Hab Bash was desperate and daring enough to do some Skryja doings. A warning therefore was delivered to . Authorities and to israelis own airline e3 Al. Tie u. S. Unfortunately ignored the warning. But Al Al a thanks to the Alert not Only thwarted one sky jacking ate input but barred two suspicious passengers from another Fli. I a two men subsequently braided a american jumbo Jet bound from asst it dam to new York. The Odd couple Al Al spotty the pair and alerted Tjie control Tower which notified the am Coptain As he taxied the huge Airliner into position for Takie off. He searched the two passengers who in i digitally carried senegalese passports. He found nothing a clogs ted to them and roared Down the runway. Less than 30 minutes afterwards the pair produced pistols and hand evades de control of the jumbo Jet and bout it Down in Cairo. The guerrillas later blew up the $24 million plane. Clearly the big airlines Haven to taken proper precautions to protect their passengers from air piracy. Until the recent sky Jack drama the airlines simply did no to consider the risk Worth All the trouble and expense. Experts have told this column that the airlines m they had wished could have stopped the sky jacking. Footnote perhaps George Hab Bash himself unintentionally has offered the solution to air piracy. Talking about Israel he once said a we have to stand a not whoever supports Israel Elfino Michauy militarily politically maybe the time has come for airline passengers to stand against Natisch support skyjacker. Passengers can refuse to Fly on id Anas that go to these countries Airone employees can refuse to Fly or service the planes. I is the worst offender. Only three airlines a russians Aeroflot Spain Siberia and Cuba s own Cubana Fly into Havana. North Korea which has also refused to Deal with skyjacker is served Only by Aeroflot. In the Middle East three countries have harboured air pirates Egypt Syria and Jordan a Birt Joi an probably is powerless. These count rules Are served by air France air India a italia Boac czechoslovak airlines it Lopian airlines iraqi airways Japan air lines Kuwait airlines Middle East airlines Pakistan of International american Qantas Sas Swissair syrian Arab airlines and please Send Check the Republican National committee has delivered a Small slap in the face to Harvard students who heeded president Nixon a Appeal to work nonviolently within the system. The Harvard business school political action group Volunteer de Campaign workers for Bot political parties in 74 congressional senatorial and Gubana trial races. A we fully realize. That tasks would necessarily be menial envelope stuffing Doorbell ringing clerical assistance a wrote Stephens Roesinger the chairman in a letter to the gop National committee. Roesinger s enthusiastic letter said Hie group would encourage students to go to work for Bot ii Republican and democratic nominees. He requested a list of the gop candidates in Vermont new Hampshire Connecticut Rhode Island new York and Massachusetts. Replied h. B. Lime use the gop Campaign division direct or coldly a your candidates list is compiled for use by party officials candidates and managers. The list is available for a service fee of $100. If you would like a copy. Please Send me a headlines amp footnote government scientists Are de by concerned Over the contamination of Fisli. They Clavin that fish devour wastes float Uig in the Ocean including lumps of tar and radioactive particles. These Are passed on to people Olio later Cadi and eat the i. The decision to drop two lunar Landing and reduce space has demoralized America s 45 astronauts. The have gone through the world s most rigorous training for the privilege of cruising throw space and a haps walking on the Moon. With a cutback to four lunar flights no More than 12 of the 45 astronauts will be Able to Fly to the Moon. Roy Wilkins a the old French or Grea or a somebody a a saying was a the More thugs change the More they Are a same. This came immune As selected news was Penni Tod to filter out of the Atlanta gathering of the Inte National congram of african people. Delegate figins were not available but the attendance at the Sessums was Good. There was no Dis Nipton no violence and no shouting Down of speakers. Whitney Young director of the National Urban league Drew a few Boos for some of the truths in his Rich but was not booted off platform. While report Ert were barred from the floor discussions but attended us is conferences. Even 80, most accounts pictured an orderly Gatti ering. Except for discrimination it might have been nearly Mee. It diced in referring passionately to a a Thini wort do. Aba to Mai Wai the Baitx at Mack people which has been nmn big through All negro meetings since the whispered conversations by ind the slave Cabins. The talk was also of Power economic and political an old topic i Black gatherings. Unity and Power formed the plea As the first negro savings and loan association wars organized 80 years ago. Testi Wiy to the Power of the balled was written into the Constitution when the slave states scoured the adoption of a provision Attiat slaves should be counted As three a Fth of a Man in computing the population base for representation of the states in the Congress. The Atlanta meeting selected arc a Lerol Jones the famed poet and playwright to speak on the building of a Black political Structure it in America. And brother Jones made everything despite the new rhetoric sound the he could have been at a negro civil rights meeting or at a Black Church univ inti a. La tact he dec bold Clarence Mitchell head of the a act Washington Bureau who declared Many years ago that Black americans should run candidates in All elections. Goods and services that can accrue from even the smallest political once brother Jones said a Are very important because in the Rush of revolutionary talk it is not understood that whatever the level of the struggle goods and services will be needed and of course just As had countless predecessors before him the speaker urged political organization on the local and state Levels. Applause comes from the ghosts of Robert a Church Memphis Charlie Wright Chicago Ferdinand q. Morton new York Perry Howard Mississippi and Benjamin Davis Republican Georgia. Mayor Cigar Les evens is building a political strength in Southwest Mississippi Are others elsewhere. Brother Jones was talking sense in Atlanta. It is fio to a Black kick und leans toward the third world theory which professes to believe that men will unite just because they Are not a Wiite. Yet despite these beliefs and possibly others still to apr it ear. Brother Jones had sound advice for his listeners a we should not be co opted by talk of instant revolution of being a peasant slaughtered to Speed the Rise of another people to political Imam Baraka brother Jones other name. Is Welcome into tile on going struggle for political Power for Black americans. In 1970, As in the reconstruction Era the work is on the local level in the tedious committee sessions Goldwater was selected by the votes of county and state committees around negro candidates for High and Low office. The formula can help mexican Amerl cans puerto Picans Negr Oes and indians to Freedom and dignity. Negro americans a can Busy themselves with building Polit Cal and economic Power not with Aesir action. Even Leroi ass Alfalfa by Al Rose think of another gon help me to listen when i should and open my Mouth when it la do some Good. Teach me to measure the things i say so As not to Hurt someone today. Temper the tone of my voice As i speak. Remembering the thoughts that i must keep. Challenge me to hear my neighbors plight and not always Dunand my right. Keep my Tongue still about what in be heard and make me always keep my word. Help me to stand in the other Many a place feeling a pain that he must face. My brother. Make them reach out and touch to make you real i must think of another. A Myra Comiskey. New year for Garden club i a few Days Back we went Down memory Lane with the help of an old edition of the Beacon Herald which was dated september 13, 1917 and Given to this columnist by the late Jimmy Nunn who liked his father loved to keep scrapbooks and historical documents. That old edition told about the Camden company that went off to world War 1. Ii that same Beacon Herald appeared a Story carrying the list of draftees called by the ouachita draft Board with John f. Haltom As chairman and w. R. Smith sr., Secretary. Quot Nie latter who was a Well known meal Market owner Here was father of the commanding officer of the Camden company that went off to fort roots w. R. Will Smith jr., who later returned after the end of the War and con handed Camden a first National guard companies. Here Are the draftees listed on september 13, 1917 who were called to duty Jesse c. Bechtel Heimer of bean Den Charles e. Parker of Stephens Walter f. Tate of Camden John d. Mcdonald of Eagle Mills Beecher Lampkin of Chidester Joseph t. Mcgill of Chidester George c. Owens of Millville James w. Paries of Bearden and Clyde r. Burroughs of Millville. They came from a parts of the county. In those Datys Eagle Mills and Mulvine were thriving Sawmill communities with Between 1,500 to 2,000 residents each. A Towse men named above were Well known and their families Are still promo sent in this county. Back to the Beacon Herald of hat Early Day Here is a list of the advertisements carried in that Issue included Camden electric Gin Henry Grabert Rumph amp Tyson Rock Island D. Reynolds who Hao the Agency for the Grant six a a great flu cd Nibert . Wright. S. T. Gamer who i bought out my dads Stor Earthur Ivy Helle the tailor a it pm amp Copeland Mose Stem Houis amp Jones with a racial Acu vist background put violence at the very Bottom of his Sug gated priorities. _ i duty Bittl by be and trl Muo Syndicate 1170 from the Stephens Star a the new club year fora Stephens Garden club got underway on Friday september 11 at 2 30 . As the me Nib i and visitors assembled in the Home of mrs. Frankjr skins with mrs. Harry Boyer co Host Ess. The president mrs. Sue Foster presided for opening and business period. She asked the members to read the climb collect in unison. The minutes of the May min Ting of the Garden club were read and approved. The treasurer mrs. Virility Daniel gave her rpt. The president told of the. Fill Board meeting to be held amp it. 29, so 10 a.m., at the Little Rock country club of the ai1 clubs inc. It was announced that Arkansas note paper will be taking the place of the Arkansas Gai in club Calendar this year. Miss Elma Green vice president and program Chinhan gave a dirt Ostune of a Petyr interesting years work for Stephens club. She int Rodu cd the guest speaker for a die program mrs. Betty Barnes of a Camden first vice president of Arkansas federation of Gardt clubs. She spoke on design in flyer arranging. She said that a Gbo a arrangement must have balance contrast proportion Domlin a rhythm and scale but that. The rules Are not As binding As of old. However a Good arrange ment must have design and proportion. Arrangements made by tto members were used in her talk. She encouraged the members a never forget horticulture in their Flower shows. Refre ments of cookies acid punch were served from tile Tea table to eleven menders the speaker and three visitors mrs. Bob Wooten mrs. Roy Lurkin and mrs. Sam Cunt. The club is Happy to Lve. Mrs. Alan Hunter Back Ith them. It seemed like the program gave new life and much Enthis ism to the members. New York a humorist . Perehjan Kimwan for his sardonic tary on the american says he will move to next month permanently. Calling England a a far mow rational society than our Perelman said a today news in this country is so i with insanity and violence the newspapers from Wwcb-1 derive Many of my Ideth a scant room for the sort of to Bini that turns me he said hour Day he had am the 91-acre farm in Bucks county pa., Hldi he and his Bro er-ln4aw, the late Nathanael West bought i n 19s2, Aid planned to move to London on oct. 21. Perehjan Bora in arc has written 18 books incl a prior bedlam and Bally a Westward has and the gently published a baby ill i cold iu4>ertson, proctors c. A. 0 Trion W. Kennedy hights Camden National Bank. J. Usrey and a. L. Gangs druggists Ritchie very or. E. L. Watson Quot and Elliott dentists out Valley Bank and it was then for doctors dentil Kaiui lawyers to advertise. Lawyers included r. K. Bifi a on a. N. Meek W. We it Ren and P. R. T. Doctors with their cards Eddy. W. B. Wooldridge or. A. Davison. Memories Itiat bless and Biton. The Camden news published by the Camden news publish Iii co., Den Ark. A 71701. Second class postage paid �1 or Ark published daily except sunday it 118 Madison n. A phone 836-8192.the publishers Are not responsible for copy of Lypo 2rapbical errors or an unintentional error that other than to Correct it the next Issue after it is to their attention. A advertising orders Are on this basis Only. Notice to the Public. An erroneous reflection i character reputation or standing of apy Furm in it or Corpora on win be gladly corrected upon being to attention of then. Member of the Asj Tod press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the of pub Catton of All local news printed in this As Well As All Ai news. Su8$cilpti0n Rati at counter and news stand. 10c e a by Carrier. A. 4se a we by mail in arkanian 1 year $10.00 6 months $6.0 3 month $4.00/1 month $2.00

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