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Camden News Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1970, Page 2

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Camden News (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Camden, ArkansasI Fiir a a i �5�?~ 0-m� Sarben Ark. News say urday sept a bar 10, 1970 a so ers clobber Magnolia 41-8 Arfin Ioas k favored a Over my. Sla2ie cardinals fall to Ashdown 20-0 Camden panthers Stab after an Exchange of film Hilling Call. A pass to Chip two plays running game mixed blew in the opening Assort fiend of Camden scored on played Tough defense pass play from cordon m�p�6st.Ed an impressive 41 to Charles Goodwin Over the Magno Tiri nullified on a clip pen on the loser Home Turl in the Ken Morris Magnolia received the kick converted. A i a night. Made a fair catch of a Pant at off and resumed to their 36. Bolh the offensive and de says. J r. 1 r. U a the m40. Morris made four be Itsvo pass completions and a pensive line performed Well. Some new Parham scramble Ltd to a draw play put Magnolia to the the Victory moved Camden to Quot a Rolong until the ,j24. Goodwin mad f�?T17. On fourth Down Canter had 3-0 on the season 2 0 in up try Cofiey said. Was c6nd period when they scored Pairham on a run or to scramble and was Able to 4aa West cont Terence Plav. Next. Hoping Tor belter but i i tits. They added 14 in Thuv a for the Only Magnolia week is an open Date and Arka surprised at the Way things period and a single Sev rep Good score. A pass to Paui Kirk Pat Delphia is the nex i of in two i was a Combina Aon of Ninfo in it to Jinsil a inn in. A a. _ the panthers avenged the on Point defeat by the i Fairview cardinals last year by la Ter Calvin John Little Rock apr a. J p a a p it Rod Rayford for ten Yards a pass son recovered a Magnolia Fum i,l�?~5_fif>l, 34 28 loss to Stanford. Coffey up Panther scores the panthers took a 13 to 0 people and mistakes ate us it ints in the final stanza Fri Bina a Sis Able to put be their a a Only one successful drive and to came in the third per blocks. s kick was lick added two More Points weeks. Ihms including this was magnolias Only maj summary Razorbacks Are three or drive or threat of the night. First Downs. Camden 17 Mai Juc Down i Ivoti is to regain Morris with a fair catch at in the fourth alter Nolia 8. W ining w is against okla 1 e score resulted on thu the c21 started another scor recovered a Fum passes alter need 18. Bomas a eat Little Rock Sci town of the Camden do ing drive. Included was a pass Magnolia secondary in a a Quot no la p 1 8. And 1 i of Xvi de. Quot flt Lay night. The Siant Ord loss associated press sports writer Fenge on a in which to Stan Perryman a e,.copied a Camden pass a Only Magnolia at Emp Edig. Com was Arkansas third in a Row i Durham . Apr Eden q Iho Cardinal 23. Louis Ter a a Core. Jim co Lon kicked the Ter cd Steve Canter was and inches try for first Tighlman Harris come plated 7. Had 2 in Mercep cd. Weest i razorback losing Krysiak a son is playing football a Jjo went to the 2c and Wade ran extra a Point to end the curing Lead at half time and scored a a Ronda is Dohi Ghisla a of ba1l thing gain in third period making Tda a in each of the f ree quarters. The Cardinal defense held off the panthers in the 4th de and raced into any Fol. This time Cotton s kick was wide. There was Only time for the Kickoff and one play. Ash and mounted their Only sustain a Down had marched Froin its owned drive of the game driving49 to cari7 the Ball to the fair past Midfield to the Panther 43 View 25 with 55 seconds to play for their Best offence. Once Steve Johnson raced to 7 Coit c1 2. Iad 1 intercepted. Ashdown attempted 10, had 3 completed 1 intercepted. Net words Rushing Fairview <71 yds., Ashdown 144 yes. Net Yards pacing Fairview 10 yds., Ashdown 42 yes. Penalties Fairview 3 for 15 by Larry Eldridge but passes Over the goal failed. Then came the Lucky Aerial i 4 for 30. The Panther 10 but a penalty set jacking. I punts 6 for 39 yes # a a Ltd the nil halt a a played i a a a Quot a the panthers took a 13 to 0 in Cardinal terrain and the car Lead at halftime on Cardinal finals fumbled twice to halt displays. Late in the opening their own drives. One Rerisi reining period after a punt Exchange a feature of Cardinal play was Kay Porthia fumbled and rus a the punting of Steve and sell Daniel recovered or Ash defensive play of the line Down on the card 3c. From the third period alter Lak there the Dick Hays pail hrs in the second half Kickoff. The marched in to score. Pani ices went 60 Yards in four staying on the ground Jimmy Pys Wilh o in if them. Afl8-Ynrd Eskew and Mike Wade carried by Louis Trrry for the cd to run my he legged it made by Morris be ire Dansby intercept 1ft Lor Mieir Lone tally. Broke to the m14. On a fourth and nine Goodwin on a Rev v a a an in standing up for ,.ll camd6n news Marker. Dai Isby kicked True 3 pm shed evenings a Cepl punts Camden 2 Lor 35 cd. A a a lib eak Smice .1958. Lion on the next play Al the c34. Ave. Magnolia 5 for 39 cd. Ave. A we Are going to try to o Camden moved to the if 14 and penalties it Index 6 for 60 change those Mist amp a Kes lost the Ball on a Fumble and yes. Magnolia 4 Foi 40 cd. I a id. A we Hope that out exper a this fall for Baldwin Wallace to College but dad wont be a ble to watch the games. The 43- year old father of six and grand Einck but Ball game will help his own football thing As a de a Ink a he of the of Myers has been real Good a Iii by said. �?o1 personally feel i Hoy. Have been More dedicated a this week to Eli min amp a Ting mis Bill Meek picked olt a mag. Nolia Aerial of the m47 on their at 113 Madison ave a play after the Kickoff 836-8192.�?Tpublish-1 Oliree plays moved to the m25 Camden Ark. End a a Secondi q Cion idols Quot f v Sid that the razor its second class matter up the half. again backs made two crucial Misja a 29, 1m0 attly Post . J a 80b af1mden, Arkansas in Early in the third qua Ferij tii Bing plagued by bad first Yards to shoe. Chalios while a Quot no Dot a Rafoid s Hillary Shock dec a act of March 8, 1678.1 Camden started at their own 22.jq.jp i a played the favored kicked the Pat 717ni Thomas Willis made five and 1 leopards on fairly eci a Midway in the Poriol a up Ilet Zipco de 71701 late rms for three Quarte a recov.,-Ed .Rnot feb Ltd Hrh r its Rand Quot Dies. After spotting the visitors a 20-0 he hg7. Liee plays later White How own football this g As a defensive Back for the University of new Hampshire. A Rii a a now showing sat. At -1-3-5-7-9 Fri. At 7 00-9 00 starts sunday Iron Halls Mim Man. Accent Mem atm v m a an instant Eussie kit a Mamm . A perfect i Burton. Hear mini romantic. Genevieve in Jour Wiy. a a a to we a starts sunday Sun. At�?1 �?�3 30-6-8 30 weekdays 1 show 7 30 first period Load. Nor Hiot won went in from thre v ids and and the korean conflict. Kiy Jusiak was in the Navy until 1968. He wanted to teach so when he returned to civilian life he took a two year Community College course then enrolled at Una where he is now a Junior Maio a in the pc,10. , by a qty a he the football Bug which had bitten him in the service kept gnawing Wasfy this past summer however so the trim Tough muscled six foot 190 to the nine. Bun Foster and for the night Kew got it to the eight and on on defense for the cardinals fourth Down after one Pas fail Roy to d. Vice Withas . De Mike Carrot to touch i Paul will Quot die Clark in i f. R Down strike to Ernest Rone. A Jackie Carlsr and in Eraki play was Good for eight Yards. A Jones stood out. Jim Cosio i kicked the Pat. About 150 Cardinal fans a Pius re Hen in the a Soond Quarter a the a and Ilse band a Veteran of Woi old War ii a Gallant defensive stand fads the trip to , lev and added a one Milf be performed a 1 1 u 1 a a t Stanford game and that Harnish 11,e time 27 to 6 Al the he. In. Kiokh inc poin in h v would he pc been Vitae lieu Friday no Gnu. Ait is a l-.,l a arks Elsas Norphlet so Eccl on the third it not p in Scott eng Buskens won play of the i ame after taking Quot his time at that he 32. Ediin end Rick Kesey. Harvey on a Daiil it in Revcr-,2 Ggut Luves Confer ence scored a the Way. A he a pig go less a converted but should a tart a in these Quot nil nor Ccu Ija saturday night. He guests of or. And mrs. Eve rn4s drove to to Leopard but practice session with Garner the past weekend was of. I Ive stalled. Injured leg. Defensive end her Mother mrs. Nettie John n Rrth it to not i Bic i James a two year Start Chidester news by the cardinals in their own 2f and with Only a few summary first Downs fair View 2, a i to play Sieve Johnson tried a Down 9. Juy Pelcl a run i on pass and Rone in Tercel passes Fairview i to nipped Stai f Magalia Juv i in Kerinth. Elm. And mrs .1. B Jack Sci or. Of a Inklin in k Amdon. Has named As is Lant Eri Tor of Thi if�71 Mivi rider no a a Thorn s at . A Fordum to Jan in Velhi i. Jr., Supe in of Studeni pm Iii locations. Rison hands Beardi third loss erf season the Bearden bears could not with in i teen seconds left Pounder decided to give it a to. I get their offence to jell again the game Aler Garland Reed or a v unto two Days be just the Rison wildcats and the had recovered a bears Fumble a Yina fore fall pict be to report be bears dropped a 20 to 0 Deci at the b5, Ray i Een want off in it. I a Imp sad. A i didst want to Jolt the Sion on the Home Field Friday tackle to score. Point to Gay fail night. It was the third loss of de. Of a i Quot the season for Bearden. N u i Rison scored on the last play of the first Quarter Asib Ken coach too Root who is 39, did no to take Krysiak seriously at first. Cd a it this a own Quot a tit smart a �ne3"�r a a Rij no a Quot t son mrs. Leo Eason of Malvern Jim Crotty to Miko i be Kersey against recalls. A when he told Melyar a to score. Kick for Point or. And mrs. . Masters of cry Erin 27 Vands whip a a a a ufos Dhu was less the what was on his mind my first it i a Kilgore Texas and mrs. Virgin a Rcd a r Fin iss discourage him the second period was score Bearden had 4. Quot. Penalized 15 times via Garner and daughter. Ginger of Camden. Third we re a on v a Quot cd i i Toms $87.00 on a set of tires for a his car. Should you Taik to John or Kei a wig those from Chidester to attend the foot sell game in Little Rock saturday were or. To mme Tuberville passed to and mrs. Wayne Sanders or. Thomms o on Ine one and mrs. Clifford Label or. Kyd one. Jan a so in mar hand mrs. Leonard Bussell and for ii to. Run for or. And mrs. Jimmie Bussell. Failed. Rev. . Epperson drove Erm made a the at in so raiders of Over to Carthage tuesday mom 1�?T�?T f Nal per it. Ennon in club opened a i sinning of ran practice on Ine to conduct the funeral ser of it Quot to i a 18-Vard line. J i ses of a for end or Starl a lib Quot a ads no of tackle a fall Prog Arn thurs in at i would have Bob Atkins of Atlanta. Ga., Isje if use and Harmony Grove a sri Quot Grove lit a Quot iy.,l, his parents or and is. the a a a a a a raiders win first boys it lube aim anxious id take his full share of Junuis Ament in practice. So after i getting cleared b a Navy Doc a Tor in a physical exam he went i at it a out on the a if anyone had Laid bus in inc in a beginning of fall practice on mrs. Edward Atic ins. Downs and Norphlet had 5 or. And mrs. . Pickett sp-1 the next four weekends he Field. E�?z7 flew Days a thir to he. Ira Vemo met out a Raoux ends a a and Adte so a Iton Beaumont. Tex., with their Daiil own foes. Kilgore and husband and the Point conversion. This was in the opening period. During the regular season Drill work is their new baby girl. Mrs. . Smith of Clarksville and or. And mrs. Jon Epper son and two children of washing Ion d mrs. . Car ant and a s. Hugh Purifoy this week. Jack Cubage of Camden visited Mother mrs. Jerry Cubage sunday. Mar d mrs. Louis files visited in Al Dorado sunday. Foot bail scores Al Dorado 20. Is nor Side 13 Arkad Clebia 33. Nashville a pins Bluff 28. Malvern 8 Mcgehee 48. Warren 0 Benton 14. Is Southside 7 Hope 28. Sheridan 0 Moni Ceilo 22, Dumas 6 Lake Village 3, Star City 0 air Orwat Brent a Kingery rare 30 Yards begins sept. 26 at Dela for the second Marker in the final period. Kilgore again ran players a the two Point conversion. A have treated me a Krysiak on monday night a boys club a a a tackle game will be Man a or anything. Guys really prior to the b game at both g by a a i still have a lot to Camden and Fairview. By neg Coctis Woedl Lack 5 d put True Iko iwo boar its the closet�?~--dothi5-Po that pm we item Down Allah thikjg>5 Vou As it me to do in a pay Stime Thev Pon t seem like a a sch to lev Ltd App pm 1 up Toi Hope a of a re \ s.ati5fiec? be the Lem the of this list i la be sat Salep whew i a set More action Asp less 5cribbliwi&/ it s almost supper time Akop you have t vet crossed off rsm or okie i a i % \ who Xay it �5bt �s9ay our b0�?rdik6 Choubi. With Mojor Hoopis us Jef a Little help from our a lend torring Joon la of a a Joe Coclite a country Joe amp the fish a amp nosh a Arlo Guthrie a Richit to vent a Jimi Hendrix a Tontonoz John a boy Tion a Ihana a a amply amp the family Stone a ten years Otter o film by 400,000 other Beautiful people. Mic not Jodi High produced by Bob Maurice a Wadleigh Maurice Ltd production a technicolor from b no on undid 17 proof of age ramp Ouire a erred to esp thic first a opt. A a has a lot of Power i la Lucr Cip cub the Ithan we can male amp Amy Nib pop a Cru tag Etc / Aftab a -l,t4e of Zust bf2othbpae Only a few feet the fit sir razor Back Umof. M the tire h y 79 50 callb3b-bi00 starts at 7 30 now admission $2.00 per head Bearden plays Gra-1 the and eleven situation Martin by at Home in a Dos. 8a con faked a Handoff to the fullback Klerence game. J and again rolled out and dash a on tuesday night the beaded 30yards to score. Steve win Den juniors play Smackover at Ston ran a two Point conversion Hom Bearden times for 75 yes. A super to a Stirt 414 Adams so Gabriel Heatter 81 Miami Beach a Gabriel Heatter s 81st birthday thursday caught him unawares his daughter Maida said. But the nationally Namous news broadcaster of former years zest fully ate a piece of the birth i Day cake served at his Home. Heatter gets about the House in a wheelchair a i Ier fighting off an attack of double pneuma it Nia during a six week Hospital Hention Hurst so Iem titans waitresses we have received several new styles a uniforms 1ieies�z Khoii 910 airs Iione Yil Chieu on a m d Ash sponsored by Schlitz Texaco coca cola Marlboro today at 3 00 Sun. At 2 45 bottling company of Southwest Arkansas will present University of Arkansas football games every saturday Arkon sos Razorbacks is Oil Homo state sat., sept. 19 a a 7 30 pm Over Kama 91 on your dial serving a of the ouachita Valtr c

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