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Camden News Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1970, Page 1

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Camden News (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Camden, Arkansas A a i r w a la mime a a it v i ichor Al Center inc the Camden new serving the Soufeh s Ideal Industrial area volume 51number 128 a associated press Camden Arkansas 71701�?saturday, september 19, 1970 updo United press International Prici a Juc our readers ask a exc for Aid los for City manager Robert Herchert Why Are the citizens on Madison from Madison and Clifton to Madison and Wood discriminated against this Street was paved approximately 50 years ago at a great expense to taxpayers. To our knowledge the City has not spent a dime on it s nce. The Street is in such a bad shape that you can hardly walk on it and if you do it is very dangerous. . Pope Hazel i Pope Brown 353 Madison St. We agree with mrs. Brown or. Pipe that Madison and Avenue i.9 i it need of repair. It is our opine do that in order to adequately a air tie Street an j asphaltic overlay Friot mix a hound let a applied. We do not feel that any Type of Seal coating my old adequately solve the prob ice on Madison. The policy of uie Board of directors has been to apply Asp a Hie overlay to collector and arterial streets streets which carry a heavy vol tie of traffic. At the present the volume of to Tawfic on Madison would not justify classify Irig it As a collector or arterial Street. In 1968 the Bofird of directors adopted a six year Asia?.ltic ova Lay program this program outlined those streets to overlaid each year through 1973. ,.or u Vuci .b., each year the streets to of a Tel on of the Board vhf a it Ojman said. Trolaid Are again reviewed the views the 1971 Strool pro i Arkansas share of the grand Board this year we applied is Quot quo total was set at $.9 million asphaltic overlay to parts of there is no doubt that Madi Goodman Sarid. South Street a in View Road ton Avenue needs repair. The before Arkansas can spend its Elm Street and Jefferson drive a Only Quost Jon at this Point is the the need for the improvement i Dorily it should have in the of Medison will brought to the overlay program. Little Rock a Ward Goodman state Highway director blamed Federal jiggling for confusion about the amount of Money Arkansas has received in Federal Highway Aid. The reshuffling of plans and policies in the executive Branch of the Federal government has created difficulties for the state Highway department too he said. Goodman made his remarks to a meeting of the legislative Council and explained the eral Highway Aid situation As it pertains to Arkansas. Arkansas congressmen he pointed outage practically helpless to do anything directly to loosen the tight Money policies that have resulted in a Quot freeze Quot the Federal government on some Highway construction appropriations. In a is presentation Goodman said that Congress had authorized a National expenditure of $5.47 billion for Federal Highway Aid in this fiscal year. Congress later appropriated the same amount in the Depari ment of transportation Bill he said. From that Point on however Congress has had no control Over the Highway Aid director of Public works Harlan Benson Why does t the City clean up Greenwood cemetery cutting arborvitae and leaving the crepe Myrtle and Pines too Don t we need a traffic signal a the intersection of Camark and Truman streets Beulah Smedley 987 Truman St. Mrs. Smedley is Correct in that the removal of Many of the a a Brit Bues trom Green Wigod to can Feiy air in improve its appearance. The policy of the cemetery association and the City administration in this regard is h5it we will gladly re Siivo such Bushes from individual lots upon the written re Fust of thy owners. A Quot want u thank mrs. Smed iry for bringing the need for a trafic signal at Camark and Truman sheets to. Our Atten lion. We agree that because of the increased High school traffic in Tuniman a Yiew or Stop sign a hoi ild installed at this Corner. recommendation will Como before the Board of directors at its next Mee Ihirg. The Arab guerrillas peace talks will not a it i resumed until pullback fighting strength of major guerrilla groups pages to Nion Arab guerrillas key Factor in Mideast turmoil Are divided into a dozen groups of varying strength and methods. Most prominent Are at Fatah the Palestine liberation organization Plothe popular front for the liberation of Palestine pulp and the popular democratic front psf. The extremist pulp is responsible for the sensational air hijackings and Calis for attacking israeli s f r i e n d a particularly the United states. Army to include course in race relations along with Basic training for recruits Robert a. Dobkin 25 men were Hurt and several Washington a the arrested. $42.9 million the state must army faced with serious this week the Pentagon sent a Given Quot reimbursable obligation Black White conflict on Many of special team of military and i authority Quot the department its bases soon will make train Vilian officials to look into racial of transportation Goodman ing in better race relations As problems at is Fly army and said. A Nodi a part of Boot Camp As air Force installations through the Quot freeze Quot was put into of drilling and shooting feet however and the National. A transportation department has the continent at army com granted the authority to Arkan Mand is putting the finishing Sas for Only $32.1 million the Quot in director told the Council. He said the situation had proved embarrassing in some cases to congressmen. He rela Ted that rep. Wilbur d. Mills d-ark., had announced that $600,000 would sgt ent for improvements on air amp nos 5, but that the Money could not spent since the sum was part of the amount for which spending authority had not yet been granted. A a Fui Hermone. Goodman said the $32.1 million is not allocated the department of transportation in a single Lump but has been split into four equal amounts for quarterly distribution. The result is that the state course aimed at teaching Buck course aimed at teaching Black and White soldiers How to live together. The program May become a Model for the other services. A similar course a already has been approved for All offic if and noncommissioned officers attending army training schools and will put into elect in a few weeks. The recruit course will begin Early Riet your. Quot the idea Quot said one officer Quot is to grab the men As soon As they come into the army and to let them know we have certain policies and programs that t condone racial a year ago Gen. William c. Westmoreland army chief of staff ordered a get Tough pro has received Only about $8 Mil Gram drawn up to Deal with so lion from the Fednerd govern piously increasing racial unrest ment thus far in new Highway construction Aid. Benso for police chief . Cole with the recent annexation of additional land i to the City the question arises As to what additional police Protection must prov ded. What Are the projections to this question . Robertson 643 Camark ave. New the recent annexation of lands to the City does naturally inf a the work Load of the police Dep i mint and the oth j or of the City. Although the of people in the area is i Elat Lvcy Small Fin of it Xima Cly 750, the area it up f s Laree. Almost 2300 . T Quot ii�70 Buh Iset or the City of can Dan allocated funds for Tho following police personnel j on Quot Whipf. One Captain three a Lieuten fonts. Three re cents seven Unicoi med patrolmen one Parlins meter maid and two dispatchers or a total of 19 members. As of today we have one Whipf. Three heat plants two sergeants five patrolmen one meter maid one records cd it re Dos Palt to her and two do snatch is for s total of 15 members. We have been unable to recruit qualified annl cants to fill these vacancies Farmers name ask committee or. Sumner joins faculty at Sti Cole in the ranks. Racial problems have affected All the services and the military contends it is a reflection of society in general. However the problem became particularly serious in recent weeks among army troops u a. A a. Stationed in West Germany Farmers of ouachita Ere there were several clash have elected ask Community Between the racs. In on in commit comen to ass St in in described Asaf near riot administration of farm programs in tiie county next year. The committe men will assume office october 1. 1970 and Virili serve for one year. Trip Etc Chiun was held mail a Tot with Oliree committeemen and two alternates elected from each designated agricultural Community. Farmers elected to the committees Are As in lows Community Quot a Quot composed of Rod Hil Behest an. Liberia River. B agg and a corp fat re townships a Warner the Xvi. Chairman Jack Dean vice chairman Carl l. Greer regi Lar Niemi for John t. Timber vile 1st Auer ate Elijah Tate 2md alternate. Community Quot cd Quot a composed of Smackover Jefferson mar lion. . Washington and Bridee Creek town ships a a. H 4lodnelt, chairman Harvey Daniel vice chairman c. H. Campbell regular member John f. Hughes. 1st a crate up to 23 members salaries must raised in order to keep the members of Tho depart in order to properly police the and at Raci Root for annexed area we need two More 1 rework. The Days Are Over patrol oars. The Cullen Dale when you can d go out and get Veeo. Cleveland a n d Union Fairlow area should made a Man with a hard head and a townships a Allen Heflin chair a Heel Rich with cars bark put a uniform on Man Oliver Mai tin vice chair .1. P. Sumner East Camden a. P. Siun Ward l. Warnock. 2nd Alt Nate. A incr jr., son of or. And mrs. Community Quot of Quot Icom Wosch John p. Sumner of Dermott Bradley. Carroll Valley. Of has recently accepted a position As civil technology instructor for Suun vast technical in Fri cute. Out Europe. During its visit monday to an air Force base in England Frank w. Render Deputy assistant Secretary of defense for civil rights disclosed the Pentagon is considering a mandatory educational program in race relations for All the armed forces. Meanwhile the army is going ahead with its own a Prog. Tolfe new col res television tapes showing verbal confrontations Between Blacks and Whites. The tapes explained one official try to mice Clear the reasons behind racial prejudices carried into the army Black and White soldiers. An army spokesman said the course is aimed at reaching Quot the vast Middle of the to amp a Guys who can to sulked to and made to recognize the i of Lem. Quot we have no to said Quot of reaching the hardcore militants on both issued on Candy bar Chicago a a Candy company has Haf led All production in the Wake of an announcement the food and drug administration that some of Henry nut Rolls manufactured in june were possibly contaminated with potentially hazardous bacteria. A spokesman for the manufacturer. Williamson Candy division of Warner Lambert pharmaceutical co., said thursday the decision was prompted of a Sid nations of Public the Fra announced earlier in Washington that More than Aqif million of the nut Roll bars manufactured june 18 and june 26 were possibly con Tamina i with the bacteria Salmonella such bacteria Mav cause stomach upset and sentry do serous to infants and the elderly. Williamson Candy co. Apron aug. 27 to recall any remaining of Henry bars of the suspect lot from nationwide Trade channels. It halted production and shipment of the nut Rolls sept. 4, pending review of Quality con tool procedures company spokesman said. Production and shipment were halted thursday on three other Candy brands Choco nuts. Salted nut Roll and nut clusters a produced in William do you have a questions do you have a question you would like to have answered put it on a postcard and mail it to Quot readers ask Quot in care of the Camden news p. 0. Box 798, Camden a. 71701. The news will attempt to have your questions answered the person you desire. All questions must signed including address. Washington a israeli prime minister Golda me in has inflicted a heavy blow on american Hopes that the Middle East peace talks could resumed in the near future. Mrs. Meir told president Nixon there can no peace t Alks until Egypt removes the missiles Israel claims were implanted along the Suez canal in violation of a military standstill agreement. Nixon and Secretary of state William p. Rogers tried Friday but failed to persuade the 72-Yearfold israeli Leader that talks another plane to Cuba Philadelphia apr a Young Man who said he carried an explosive hijacked a Boeing 727 to Cuba saturday shortly after the plane landed at Philadelphia International Airport. Allegheny airlines said the Pittsburgh to Boston flight took off for Havana with a three Man Crew and four stewardesses at 1 50 . After the passengers had been let off. The plane was refuelled at Philadelphia. John Balderama a passenger said the Man Quot grabbed one of under United nations mediator american and israeli. Gunna r jarring provide the Only Matic observers agreed that 4 Avenue to peace. S spite the failure to smooth wafer in principle mrs. Meir differences mrs. Meir a Quot agreed. But she asked Why should Israel negotiate a peace treaty with a country which violated a lesser cease fire agreement virtually the same Day it agreed to observe it president Nixon and Rogers Are reported to have understood mrs. Meir s argument although they would not agree with her conclusion. American officials concede the standstill cease fire violations could not have occurred without the knowledge and complicity of the soviet Union. They say there is no quarrel with the harsh words the israeli Leader Long talks with the Preato fit and Rogers were useful Fiat use to key restored Confidence Between the two Cour tries. ? u. S. Officials reluctantly cede the safety of to Geis in d palestinian g�erriira#3a� the chaotic jordanian in which the throne of Kin in Sein a pro Western Monarch offs at stake have priority of Sie Hope or resumption or a peace talks. Texas and Louisiana patients in Hospital am orig the 124 Guach Itaf Hospital this used at her Friday press Confer a there were two from Loui amp in ence when she accused Moscow and one from Texis. Were also eight babies Bot i a amp a 93 patients from the. Greifer Camden areas. And Cairo of bad Faith and said Quot they both Are the Nixon administer gation consoled itself with the conclusion it of town patients a that because of the Jordan Situ of the following cities action the question of return my Rosston one Malvern Quot two of poetical talks is hypothetical. Bearden six chide or theft anyway. Sparkman one Stephim a the United states however j Kingsland one hot the Quot stewardess Etythe Quot Quot neck would not take mrs. Meir s one Hampton a a Piirak Nini rtt cd of it in was our of Veport and took her to the front of the Quot no Quot for an answer. Diplomatic plane Quot just before it landed at prodding will continue on sever Philadelphia for a scheduled fronts officials said. One and Zachary la. Okie Stop. The airline said the Man told them he was carrying an explosive and a pistol and threatened to blow up the plane unless he attend a group from the dus Moscow and Cairo will urged anew to Quot rectify the violations Quot which has been inter Hospital headed and Prestod As removal of their mis tor Albert Pilkington a att gift Siles deployed in the Suez canal the National to it social zone contrary to provisions of convention in the Astrodome was taken to Havana. Police the standstill cease fire agree Houston. Said the Man carried a .22-Cali-ber pistol and a Molotov cocktail. Ment and new efforts win these ibid used made to persuade mrs. Meir to Harrison Dorothy Hill j end her Boycott of the talks. I Saxon and Doug Allen. Memories a a Achita s first motorized Row Alwag fit is Highway 7 North from the City him and Tell him la go to work Man James Lindsey. Regi Ilner a Grad Date of Dermott High on s Chicago Plant All for Lii its to the Pilck inn alien us although he must physically kiember Wesby word. It school. Steiner received his brands. Including the nut Rolls. In Clor of science degree in a the words Quot of 1p68 from Arkan hns a amp a col i the company recalled the a cd oct nuts. Salted nut Roll am been of nut clusters bars from the mar in the Spur Wpm to the a his fit. The police mini of today must Tenne William Krisell 2nd Al inv 7ft their South to the City a la to v Arn and to Ternate limits Pii High Wii then or have the ability to com. Tho ask Community commit Upo. To fihe old wire Road then Murcia to and i of along i Leo chairman. Vice Quot Chi turn in i la it ins Prev icily South to 376 then ram West p Nile. It is most dil ficus to Nyrl regular member the Arkansas lab in any Ket although spokesmen said to i City limits. Find qualified in w of Are in Cally Beconia delegates to Tho department and has Revoc. In the Fra did not request this a we a Nef d eight adult onal a micros cd in police work. Con nov convention where the a a -. Tolmen to give that it entire Cuy Lori Ialiva difficult is the Job of ask county committee a vill rea.son. amount of police it Fri hip to Noral Fui Iii Rove cd cited the county conv Mii n Rote Ollon. This would Haiti a the ups to Firnani i Inai o Ryan Power Wili in held at the ouch to a Tal the Depa tiny in i i county Gnu of b. A i. Pc old Road machine Ini Iid in Adit .1 deep impression Here t Back about go years ago 1 mrs. Walter Iudith Tato,-.vho Idi Cuil Witri All those in the in the Baekki round i ? the. Xuy Cilita county bought its fir i a Java his photo to the memories photo was Dill cult but Here is j. B Hickey unused and tvs Pho to was made on South artems Avenue on the West Side of tie Street South of the Missouri pc War equipment to puh its on in editor wis told this picture Vas the of a St to i Ould do Road i rider. Here an o i Niada Abii 1917. Carl As a on the front Oai nox to the a Phr a of the first White truck Romm bars this big old while i Iii Var is Tom Morton Camden s and the old grader in the rear. True and the Arader \vcm.i, for a to chief for Manv Vears. Tho Pacific Railroad and t is today a Orador Vas primarily Pill 0nc-0 to was driving a n of Divor if oks like Walrer Blair used car lot in front of the White de teams of mules hut or inks Down the old Bailey now lives in Waldo and who House cafe and furniture store the no restive adminis ratio is Finy hop l Cut in Tho a a workers of the old Snow Hardon the East Side of the Avenue. Of county Judies . Marur where the nov Mcclellan steam Ware co moan Here. I in right of photo an Tio a Mhz and Frank Tate both of Hgt Plant is now l oin i built in ii Oil site no on tie running Board i the old Rowland co Tenn Are in this photo a huge truck of the Yancey Olnee. When he Jurie Martin a Tan cd of ache a House alongside the to. Pae. Was a Iii Ghi and used. In talking with several of time of the Eon Nln. to seek to identify those in the Phui and Secco Friy o try to set the Date it is believed this photo was n Ade wine title la tween 1914 1918 pro Anhly closer to 1914 according to Carli a 1k Quot Olfort on met the truck and a Rad on a i Quot a a nov in it Lee who conceived car tracks. The Man m Middle the ? Road and mules Bali d Hunt tie Matin free a ride almost l an Avi a. The m la s 1� Ever fhe ouachita River about photo is in identified. To to Iod i y the l it around the i it i a if areal cod in he a and Clov St raft the a Kra Der and track. By it i it of end a it a Lany a Here dirt and some we Quot Fri vol Cari was on his was in my to brei it Quot a for of Fri Fhy a s erred led and narc has a a it of h it the Jolt ii. Robertson farm u i a t j l it near Mustin and the oily ii put an i to fhe ferry svs a Ulto to i i Nike was Perass a Iceni a Ltd i Llev in Rev when. Too. Cat 1 silo. Big truck was a Hig it Tep or Ilu Arkansas National guard. Sumner has recently moved Hon. Parnit manager Llor Beri Anto route 3, Camden with said that to his knowl Inu Lili c Annot exec Fly it if Wili Tran Kip pc and Clang hit Edge these brands Weie not con Dale monvids w re u a Quot Kelly Ann 4 months. Tall rated. In the c. Unto cars to help Ward in Rural Highway work for it tile old Sandy re Ach ii Archita count v. And it Vanmoll free Hul Iii this Road grader is now evened Siloro. However the Genii it Myers when the Frunek and n Cour to tax Lew. By min Waltor Tate and will of a hons c Lin and l d.�-n-. Who a Rafler were i de to Rade the at the spa it of the Hig Trunel on Dii Plav at the Tate Fanti of Quot a fins to the with see and Iron wheel. Is october 17 when Membri of a a in notion Ciumo f Ank Tate vrho Camden and or awl one m this Coli its a a Fhi v caused with All the her a Pcihas was Iuda in when this women s club have in Ray first Over cars that used thai a photos a Renaile he wis one of annual barn Sale mrs Tat Quot Quot r. 1 was the first to d�-.-. my a a to Max husband the late Waw dad Quot und Ben Quot throw in a ii ii oads and Bank was a Well known dirt eontra.et-1ferrv and Wii Al 111. Cavm first Nio i i Tuluii .1 Iii in Lam of i a f k late Tate was the san of Judie Tate. Memories that wow and Burn

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