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Camden News Newspaper Archives Oct 30 1965, Page 2

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Camden News (Newspaper) - October 30, 1965, Camden, Arkansas2-the Camden Aik. News so Tordy october 30, 1965 panthers spook Hope 42 a 6 the Camden new published evenings except Sun a Day at 112 Madison ave. . I phone 6-5721 or 6-5722, published by the Camden news pub Ducat a panthers spooked Camden went 53 Yards for the extra Point to make it 26 to Back. He ought to sue Tor non co. Camden Ark. In the Hope bobcats and haunted not next score taking Over on 0 with 1 27 left in the hair. Suppo. \ Bearden upsets i Stamps gain share of title of Lindsey Bobby Warrick Oaka. Japan 1ap nine a a Iven or Black Tea return al1. Kobert convert Ricky Boone j uhf Noyes of the Osak. Gifts take special care in social Phil word Charles St. Johneffie e have been told in an Terry suit event. Rud barks directive that they mus Dae. Randal Clay and David Pius e All refreshments except a Ribes Womack held the Stamps of tense to a Tot Ai of 153 cards. 11 contacts. Some members had been arrested for accepting yardstick a stepped his Way Over five plays plus a five Yard de three Short extra Point tries t from there. He missed the sex Penally Jordan made 10 and so got the hard one a Field goal Iii Are of Ira Point. A did Bourgoin to ,., the second period began a to the Hope 26 allow a Hope defender to Hort time later and Hope punt it on the 21 a a /0 fir Der uru our Ted Jeri to ram<4i�n�?Tc 41 out and it was strictly a treat i for the panthers tricked them a elves on that final screen Page a to allow Salt mostly was j a Ith several period Bearden Orive with the 8-b conference Weatherly scoring on a 40 Yard de to Hope was no May och for the a Wen up j Camden a 41. Camden Jordan scampered Over from Scotty Graham had picked Spears whipped the tamed Jac made and threats on plays by Field but Stan Parris there. Bourgoin kicked the sex a Fumble again in the mean fiets defense called big Pacsay Jones and Berry. Me Ard Jery maudlin got him bandits by quarters com Len 13 13 7 9-42 0 ? of Camden Power but the bobcats of Hope intercepted an errant tra Point first Downs Camden 12s k a a my a a a a a a a Hope 3 no cards Rushing Cam Denju ,1"ost�?~ piss al a dip ing Camden 1� it a it 3p?s. It Ted 9 a a a a i. Oil it t0 p i tit tsp Hope a amp Quot a i is. Maen Airan Liefl penalties set them a a and outran the Bobcat Bob completed 2. Had 2 intercepted. A by missed this extra Point to a ered Hope attempted 12, completed a make it 19 to 0. I a p. Camden 2. Had 1 intercepted. In first Downs Camden led after Camden kicked off with?40 1x11 a 15yarder against Hope catering to parties special lunches pit Barb a with one minute and 30 Sec were dead game. Camden scor-1 fat Anth rpm a on his own 28. In a c a rvs a wit in at1 a on the Hope a i Bea Rawa Victory moves ads m the i Bear de in every Quarter and theorem punted to Camden 44 and rail but the rest is were Snake f00 Way tie Witti scored their insure reserves Ota most of the panthers marched �6 i halloween penal us Stopp Ruwet and Stamps Tor the w Yard scoring la it i Hak bit Hev were bewitch to Quot sure third Marker. Elf Hon to no them of a Reynolds Iea Champu wimp. Stamps Westherly and Jones a de by old Man penalty. They after Bourgoin had made a a it s5jtsicalied a a it and collected Over 60 Yards in pen. He threw a perfect bomb. Mini worked Fine but for Hope and of a penalties Camden 8 for 100 �12 to 3 and Hope never got to i Tift Endino another va1 ill on the Bot cat 25 an Ltd. Hope 5 for 55 yes. I Midfield with the Ball and Only a one to Hope Burgoin raced around end to a punts amen 4 Sor 37 it one and Iii at was Inlap thers in Saran punted a Quot Raikher m5sed ave Hope 9 for 36 cd. Ave. The dying seconds when j. Still Jan Pam Den 45, this time the the ,ourt�1 Quarter got in total offence play Camden stole tiie Ball on an a is went Quot 55 cards .i.,<k Der Quot a f1 a a a a a a a �j�-56 Hope 46. Screen pass and with All the Jordan Rafti to the 32 to of errors with Mike Rey individual Rushing Camden panthers up ahead blocking human made 8 Bourc in. To i was spa Ding Bourgoin 12 carries for 129stiil just set sail and went Aii made it to the 14 and then to Aua it. Twice getting to the yes Mckinnon 10 for 84 Jar a the Way from his own 30. Try Dan 8 for 72 Bird 8 for 27 m. For kick failed. Reynolds 7 for 2i b. Carter 1 for 2, j Silver Bell. Ariz. Farm a than 100,000 requests from Chr Ghou the world have been received for first Day cancellations of the 1965 Christmas stamp postal officials say. Another 400,000 requests Are peeled. Revue Tonitte a 10 45 halloween special Are the dead Ever reborn strange things Art happening to Troy Donahoo and Joe Heatherton and Barry Sullivan i Quot my blood runs _ com c _ Jeantte Nolai it he a a crr Etc 6� �tu.1mw a mad he Omav Stom from Waffler a to. Jut still passed that 50 with flying feet and one Camden Panther tried to catch him but the goblins were Riding on his shoulder and he hot footed it Over. It was an Ideal night for football but few fans turned j out. _ of Hope bobcats brought their a band and Drizi team but very j few fans followed the team. The band and Pep squad put on a Good entertainment al the a a half. A a Camden marching and Panth reites performed in1 their usual excellent m or r a a a i and entertained the spare a crowd. It was a great shot a i a Only about 500 customers so. De up and that is counting a student body and the toners t and ticket takers. Camden scored twice in a of the first two period a. A Hope did not Pas do a Hope s punting by Ronni. V Gram made the panthers marches of Over 50 three times. Panthers first score came through recovery7 of a Hope Fumble of Bourgoin s Long up t on his own 31. Dennis Murns got the Fumble Jack Jordan ran to the 15 and Mike Mckinnon carried it Over on the first play. Bourgoin kicked the goal to make it 7 to 0. For re a in a june on Long runs Only to have a s = a a it ome of his teammates draw a Quot ent 311 Lnu Quot a it in he nog and get the Bau called Way tie with Den scored their insurance tally run of again add been Raibeck the Iso. O extra Point class b team m to get state going t Weatherly carried the Ball 18 a to me big game times for 156 Yards and the two ail card a plovers got in Jne hears Oit Euse of Russell Tda a. Jones carried 15 t me the game but despite the great Wead Terry Harvey Berry har for 109 Yards offensive show the defense Ripon Jones. Danny Crouse and Bearden had be in an Early team earned new laurels by Lindsey smashed the pre season favorite or the Lea keeping Hope bottled up All visitors defense for a total of gue title but Ini Prie hamper night. Fence of 312 Yar life. Cd a Friday ? Victory Rothert. Tutt. Fairchild. Ded Bearden scored in the second was a Success it tory of it it Thornton. Bill Carter quarters and had two Mina Tion tape bandages and Jim Shan de. Bobby Shankle oth a mild threats while the desire. Catlett. Graham Singleton and jackets mustered Only one real a a there. Other than stills run serious scoring threat that end the punting of Ingram stood oui cd in a lost a Amble recovered or Hope. Mike Reynolds Gay Beardens George Lindsey kickoffs for Camden were deep at the b15 $1,25 mexican plate $1.25 enchilada tamales and Chili and beef too toasted tortillas hot sauce orders to go maid Rife drive inn to a Oso a a California Avenue so Choice steaks sea food ird Long too. The Bear defense composed cardinals upset Magnolia 10�?7 kiddies take lunch v i View cardinals pick the cardinals a third Down e weekend to a so two at fee 12. Nutt made re on the Magnolia the first Down to the 8. The and treated themse1> cardinals made it to the m3 Money to school a Victory 10-7 Bui a five Yard penalty mov n. Him ko/4? Frt Fth Fqy u7nf Vytill a lows is. To precision products company said he gave the children a Check so that he would have a re it Ipi Quot and they tse Nooi d i Ciais it can t say we did. ,. Chester a. Lap a the a a a Tel Corr for the children y the Cru fourth Down coming up. Pm Steward children went Back to but to Tiff pay otes it Vic Orv 10 a red Fri cd them Back to the m9. Wat a mule rider stad son carried to the three with a n to in the but or take school a d Are the omy team. Send the cardinals ahead 10-/.��?T�jnch dispute it n z Cros to eagles j ,.ta�, car Inaus if it in another Charity Steward or. 13, an a a Vette s fourth Down in the fourth Pend go grader and his sister i.?. If6. Nolla a Peggy. 8. A third grader were Ive stalled and Fairview t suspended oct. 28 for three Dav a ill al new i i. In the Center of your pm dial Litton to a ref am Tel c ble at 94 Mega cycles mad the margin of ordinals put together f Aie ked and it because they brought their own a end defensive came i downed on the it Goolia iurk4ies to eat instead of paving offence pushed for the Lith i o i to a 35 menu each for school sup �4n it was needed Pla had tot6� ear and plied a a a a Tom 1 a it a a of or. And mrs. Charles Stew. Itam Musie to a Salt it re a a Quot t w ran Ard. Parents of the children i a the first period. A but for Quot a i rated the suspension and a a out the first score us Vas leading ground the Rule which forced their Chil a boards in the second Fainer for fee cardinals with Dren to buy lunch instead o Quot r Fairview had a #8 Vands and Nipper had 84 bringing Kier own. They hired a it it that was Good for Tarcis for Magnolia. San attorney. A cards but a 15 Var the offensive line Steward a dispatcher at a i a on Magnolia gave the sep panthers the Ball at the f49. Ost ,0�?~ 0n defense a guru stir Ifor of pfc a Hripp the play erf Eddie Sullivan to f Ryc a 41 v,.rh Tkv Butch Dorris. Alvie simmering punts Fairview 7 for 31 cd. A Dovle Vipper that and Watson was out ave 6 for 35 cd. Ave. of. H f8. Two Downs Standig penalties Fairview 8 for 53 so Mary score by periods 0 0 10 10 0 7 0 0 7 7-0 Ead that held up to of frs. Do a is a a me. To score earn with m.n0 a a a a i r tailback Mike Weber of. D to end George wheat a a to the touchdown. Lynn v. E in it kicked the extra Point in no a yes. Magnolia 5 for 35 yes. To net Yards Rushing fair Vietri 163 yes. Magnolia 139 yes. J net Yards passing Fairview 33 yes. Magnolia 39.total net offence Fairview Ltd of red for fair Vlad no a a i the mss. The Cardin .�, 6 completed 3, had 0 intercepts led Ignolia attempted 10, Hll a 3. Bad 2 intercept a re in the half. Mir Gromia received the Sec cd ,.al�?~ kick ref and on the and quarterback Bill i v fumbled and tackle but Bounty Hunter Law abiding killer i open daily 12 45 last times today the say the Earth split in two no my Ltd i a. 7khmicouk pm. A cartoon a starts tomorrow at 1 00 a 3 00 a 5 00 a 7 05 a 3 10 in Vio a a then put together a drive of their own a by fullback Sand Nutt s. �?T2 Voird run to the m7 for a fir and goal. On second Down scored from two Yards but injured quarterback Jinn r . Kicked the extra Point la the count at 7-7. Mai no a received the kick Forf nil moved to one first i of before a Wiley pass was Intro Quot opted by Eddie Sullivan it he m42. Fairview again i a a Art a a scoring drive. Nutt red the drive but Anthony wat of n contributed two gaining . A a made it a first at the m2. Magnolia was offside on the next series and gave sick shoes make sick feet sick feet make sick people so let us Locum those sick shoes a for Healths Sake walk swans shoe store 116 Adams Avenue is Erna err Mirfin film scope next i followed by wrestling in color then watch the Lati Quot it Ufa hour Fuli Sim from to Attis amp coming wednesday is Walt Disney Dorothy Mcguire a dress Parker m. In coh Nicolem a Wii him "�?o"1 i a 1 Gene Kelly Dan Dailey a its always fair weather u h pm on calorific. Kcal Haj. Expert. Watch and jewelry repairs done to let valuable jew. Elry or watches vanquish in your Bureau drawer for Lack of proper re pairs. With expert precision Well do what a needed to restore them to useful service a our prices Are modest. See us for Fine engraving Fishers Diamond shop 108 Washington relax Pind what you want do you know of an easier Way to shop or sell when you spake our want air your marketplace All you do is place your and and wait for the phone to ring and ring it Willor sit Back and enjoy Reading Che want ads then phone for an appointment to see the advertised items. Want ads do the work a and quickly classified dept. Phone 6-5721 the Camden news

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