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Camden News Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1970, Page 1

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Microfilm Center inc p,0,Box 4646 Biu to news serving the South s Ideal Industrial area volume 51�?number 152 apr associated press Camden Arkansas 71701�?saturday, october 17, 1970 up a United press International ouachita county Farmers Are receiving More for crops Price 10� Illy throughout the Stales 31 percent. In the state of Arkansas the increase was new York for most Oua cup amp ring appetite of american Vcra Bly with the Rise recorded Chita county Farmers the Paat for meat produced the Best year by Farmers and ranchers Gener year United out to be a bettor for ranchers since �966. Tlly throughout the United one than they have Hau for on the other hand for farm some time. / Era who Rev chiefly on Grain the figures for the year now crops for their income the 54 percent compiled show that Gross re gains were Small. Despite the j these Are Gross figures be ced pts from the Sale of crops a Finci that housewives ail Over fore taking taxes and other of livestock and other to girl prod the country were paying much crating costs into account acts compared favourably with More for their Market Basket of 1 a breakdown of the Cash re those in other parts of the coun food the Farmer got Only a Frao ice its from the Sale of farm Fly a ution of the increase. Commodities based upon data according to the findings county growers from the department of Agricula part of a National Survey local have made More Progress in the 1�>re, shows that in ouachita Farmers hid a Gross income of last five years nevertheless a county approximately 16 per 2,450,0 j0 in the year. A considerable part of the gain was eroded however by a Rife in operating costs. The better showing was due j their Gross income in the past to a great degree to the fact year $2,450,000, was Weil above that the Price of farm products their total of $1,557,000 in 1964. Especially Sives Toek Rose consid. The increase in the five year grown products that were con Erakly during 1969. The eve period 57 percents compares a Isumer on the farm. Than those in most areas of the i cent of it was from the marked nation according to figures org of crops and the other 84 from the Standard hate and percent from livestock poultry data service. And Dairy products. Added of this Weru govern rent payments and imputed income in the form of Home Timber and owners meet slated Here Quot almost like playing Hooky student says of California school san Diego Calif apr for students not Hie Camden a chem her a i Quot its almost better than paying a Pupil decides whether he co Erce leh Artrel u v is 3 pupi1 at Patnock wi11 do leisurely Reading a rough Agricula Henry High. See an educational him. Take a hire and forestry committee that a the school where no rest or a a rank with i rising concern among nation s industrialists by steeling f. Green associated press writer hot Springs a a boy scout troop Spon 1sored by St. Mark cd. Small business seminars Are scheduled Here for student cooperate i Ravenna Ohio apr the tidied defendants that there tion had constantly demands from a segment d. Student and faculty body Fco tiie extent that it no Longe Muns the University.�?�. The executive the Kent state faculty Slown m the picture from left Are Lanny Roe Steve Schrader assistant Leader de Lewis David Barnes Steve Wheeler i Gary vide and Bill herring other members of the troop Are Wilbur Mon is David Neeley Randy Neeley David Dempsey business accounting and record Larry Hughes and franked keeping will begin oct. 26 in wards. Robert Spalding is scout a Camden according to Joe Rey president of Kent state univer a will be a full judicial process. I sity Robert i. White has asked am sure every Legal safeguard its 21,000 students to take in will be stride a grand jury report which White told the student body exonerated Ohio National a the May tragedy will be with guardsmen and criticized the us for a Long time. The Strain of University Tor disorders that left the successive reports invest. Four dead and nine wounded ligation discussion and the like sue it 9 statement saying a we have Long known that the must be surmounted one by one a dismayed by the grand jury report would create in cation of the issues i Volvia by problems a White said Friday White said he was forbidden the accuracies and Actu Sio Toson closed circuit television a by court order from comment of information few hours after release of the Ling on the report or indictments so a jury evident duty it report. It accused University and but said a i appear before you to understand the nature Par minister actors of surrendering rather Well University Ina Freeson Luty a leadership to dissident students the jury said the administrate in committee do it --1 simply not True Thaita Thatte. It it. M editions that led to the Masiti Allen Roberts tites test speak monday the deaths oct gifts a v Allen Roberts local attorney by did to not induce a no&5 and faculty members. The special state grand jury indicted 25 unidentified persons. None was a guardsman said special prosecutor Robert bal yeat who directed the month Long investigation in which 300 persons testified. A a sch. A a t a. A Mon a at the the extensive efforts of w Portage county sheriff Joseph High school auditorium at har a faculty a a a a a a 1�m a so i m a _ Quot i a a. N. A by. Hegedus said he did not expect Mony Grove at 7 30 . Any indictments to be served or. Roberts will discuss the a spies of seminars on Small before monday. White assured the �?o25 uni Den have completed plans for ius one gets an a of a and everyone program in a series of Confer decides when what and How to fences for Timberland owners in study. Ouachita county. The initial1 rest or a a rape with his school there is rising concern Armong Leader for troop 88, which is nolds executive vice president mates Turner said thursday in an interview. I the nations industrialists that continuation of the general motors strike May prevent an oth sponsored by St. Mark methodist of the Camden chamber of . This series is presented by the Industrial re a learning packets designed exec ted Juntura of the Ilyop met monday and fax ten inn Ronti it a meeting will be held at. 7 30 . I most of the 3,000 pupils say teachers outline work expected us Leon no i amp to St. Ira re and presented the re a a Civ of Arifin cac onh nov. 5jh, in the Community he a Thedoy learning envy pupils a sements in. A program reviewing the summer room Bank. Economy of the first National Roamer get suits them Fine. But order to win an a a a or a i except for the month old camping trip in the Southern. A a. _. _ some of their parents have yet those who Complete a course strike by the United Auto work Rockies of new Mexico where i f Southwest Ito be convinced. But fall below the two top ers members of the prestigious a group of Camden scouts in technical Institute. The Prog be from the soil conservation devised two yes ago service the Arkansas forestry of Cipal Donald Giddy spa fax a thetra Nal f is an commission a private forestry Henry a Experiment views 1nc or no Crest consultant and a representative Pup individuals and tailors if a pupa gets a no credit rat from the Forest Indus iric in the each eng accordingly. Ing in a course required for county. The theme of the Confer. A be a class 0f 30 graduation he must repeat the ecce will be a Whai services students but we teach 30 Stu course be Ca Quot a Quot a 5t,v, each it packet lists an business Council say privately 1 Joyed a two week Back pack sex Jarp consist of six sessions they would look for a business edition. Ian conducted monday upswing by the end of the other scout groups meeting at eve info a com a to 9 30 . Ina St. Mark weekly Are Den 2 Audiat the Southwest Lech. Institute about 100 Council members Den 4 pack 24�?cub a scouts the program is designed to including the Heads of scores of a a amid the Small business owner the nation s largest corporations stoop Anu a concert set for tuesday in auditorium the first in a series of con cells by the South Arkansaw committee said a Many of the and in use state ale Ubare of the Many services available to them through state and Federal agencies As Well As from the Forest industries. All of these services Are designed to help them the Limber Atul owners realize a or Ter i to Weir Forest funds. We Hope to _ enlighten those individuals and symphony orchestra will be pre tout these services seated tuesday night in the series of auditorium of Camden senior. High school on Jefferson drive. All timberland7�eri in the cd loin tire is 8 15 pm. Coimin a re invited to Attensil the Ai,.,Ald i or dire or of be Meeyung. Symphony has chosen numbers members or the a inference for the evening that will Appeal committee Are general chair to every music Lover. Included Man Felix dowdy Jack Wil Lin the a Are selections by son Harry Lindsey Jack Roop Brahms Tschaikowsky. Beet Jimmy Neely Forrest Yawn Hoven and Many other favourites. George Day George Clippert David Campiri of Camden Reed Hammill Goodwin White is vice president of the nympho or. And Wayne Plimmer. By association and the Camden a representative. Members of the Board include these also from Camden mrs. James Guthrie mrs. Edward Lewis Edwin m Horton Tommy Bensberg James Reynolds John Sanders or. And mrs. Dennis Daniel or. And mrs. Bim Ford the set id local concert will be presented december i and the concluding concert in of inv Ary. F a in order to keep Good music 28 out of town patients in local Hospital among the 133 patients in the ouachita Hospital Are 2h from 12 other cities in Arkansas Here were also eight babies born this week. Patient census on Friday revealed the following Chidester Are tested Way Eneva a. They de a tic they Are Rafidy. But there is a limit to this a Freedom a if at the end of the 12th week the report card is still Blank a Turner said a i begin to Counse and take tutorial help is available atom the schools 109 teachers and 154 teaching assistants. However Giddings said Many pupils had advanced further in the first two months of the school term than they would have under traditional methods. A students attend Patrick Hen-1y because they Are residents of this part of san Diego a Giddings said a but they Are nod necessarily required to do so As they May apply for a Transfer some parents he admitted Are less than sold on the revolutionary system and two of them were concerned Enos i to appear at inst it it amp is school Board meeting to protest. Quot Dils is not my idea of going to school said urn of the Hewil dered Zatlers. A Are they realty learning Here a 7, it. Holly 1, Bearden 1, Sparkman 2, Stephens 7, Ross a available locally it must be sup ton 3, Hampton 1, Mcneil 1, ported. Wherlen Springs 1, Magnolia 1,1 do your part by attending the Hope 2, Fordyce i. 1 concert on tuesday. Are in this Virginia resort City if Tor closed meetings with High administration officials. All the members of president Nixon a economic a a High a command Are scheduled to participate this weekend. The widespread effect of the Brownie j Roop 41. Wilp a endanger of becoming extinct in United states. Washington a the pm strike now beginning to Interior department said today spread its paralysis among sup More types animals a Llau it Imthun Atmaa to Tenn Nam in i a a Olier industries was seen As Strong key to the Economy a health a including unemployment. Council members generally Felt the september jobless rate of 5.5 per cent is about As High As unemployment will go. Unless the pm strike goes on for very Long. 11 a if the strike is not settled within a few weeks say by thanksgiving i think we will by pollution especially from be going downhill at new pesticides or by destruction of new York a actor Dustin Hoffman who achieved movie stardom in a the graduate a and his wife have become parents of a daughter. The baby bom thursday weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces. She has been named Jennifer Celia. Eight More species of Birds and 11 More kinds of fish now face extinction in the United states. The departments list of endangered species now stands at a record 101 including 14 Type of manuels 50 Birds seven reptiles and amphibians and 30 species of fish. A spokesman said the 22 species added to the endangered list today Are threatened mainly years a one manufacturing company president said privately. A settlement on the of her their natural habitat. The Adverse influences he said Are a principally Man pesticides were hampering. _ the reproductive capability he ii said it of the Brown Pelican and the economic Outlook by Restor a a a a a Nara Wina Fainn gain an adequate knowledge of Basic accounting amp record keeping methods. Although the bus iness owner a Zipay have the As a its entice of a6wrtc�?~ Reepes thac Countant it is of vital importance that he fully understand his own financial condition. The instructor for the sessions will bed Milton Halford business advisory consultant with the Industrial research and Exten Sion Center. Or. Halford is a native of Arkansas having graduated from High school in n Little Rock. He attended Little Rock University state College of Arkansas and the University of Arkansas where he was awarded a bachelors degree. Persons desiring to enrol in the course should Contact the Camden chamber of Commerce As soon As possible. Enrolment will be limited to 30 to permit maximum individual attention there is no fee for the course however pre registration is required. Ing the Confidence of Consumers the business leaders agreed. The Arctic Peregrine Falcon. A the Pelican a he said a May Well be biologically extinct right now. We be still got adults and buyers Are sitting on their a they have a Long life Span but pocketbooks because of Uncer a we re not getting any Dainty Over jobs prices and the the department said it was 1 in. A suit is filed against state in boy s death a. Little Rock a the general state of the Economy Ralso preparing a list of species Mother of a 15-year-old Pine .1. Buff boy who allegedly died after being struck by rocks and bricks hats filed a $41,369 claim against the state. Mrs. Jimmy w. Mccullough administer matrix of the estate of Alton Lloyd Cave filed the Hoard claim with the state claims the head of one major retailing believed on the verge of vanish corporation said. Ing not just from the United states but from the entire world. J this executive expects an upturn in the next two or three Here is the list of species add months but the sex Ion is de u g endangered based on his belief that the sgt 6--- a mammals present High rate of consumer a savings cannot be sustained Why should t an Indian girl be a Model hawaiian Bai Morro Bay Kangaroo rat commission thursday much longer. The rate averaged Gam Marsh a est mouse a she alleged that her son wars 7% per cent this summer. A if we could arrive at a situation of stability for a while with by Bill Kosman associated press writer los Angeles apr Why an Indian girl be a Model or a designer or a Painter a Buffy Sainte Marie wants to know. I a what kid Rij ants to be told in school the his Grandfather was a Savage / a right now indians can to survive in America physically mentally emotion Tujko tally Quot a t the 29-year-old Canadian Cree entertainer said in an interview thursday die thinks her songs about the plight of her fellow american indians have a helped White people to under stand but after that they Haven to done meanwhile miss Sainte Marie is doing All she can to provide some action. In addition to Benefit perform ances on various Indian reservations. She has set up a scholarship fund to help members of her race through Law school and is now promoting an organization for the Benefit of Indian women. The native North american women a association was founded two months ago. Min a Sainte a Marie recruited the m members during her trips to reservations and Indian commune in cities. The comely Singer composer Here for a concert at. Pasadena civic auditorium said she listens to Indian women a con Cems and then comments publicly about them. A a in a just being a mouthpiece she said. A a in a a Visi ble Indian. People know me and my work which lets med a attention a what a going miss Sainte Marie holds the government re Oon sible for Many of the indians problems and save so in song. In a my country. Tis of the people you re she sings. A a Here show the bargain was made for the West with he a shivering children in Zero do proposed new state Constitution and the Public is invited to be present. 16-year-old boy charged in death do Bury mass. A a 16-year-old boy was held without Hail today charged with the bludgeoning death of his grand Mother mrs. Cid Ricketts Sumner author of the a a Tammy books. The body of the 79-year old authoress was found in her Home thursday by police Hammer believed to be the death weapon also was found the suspect John r. Cutler pleaded innocent in Plymouth District Spuit to change of being a delinquent by reason of murder authorities said. Townspeople to create an phere of nonviolence Campus and in the to Quot the committee Abo. Ury failed a to under. Cent St fete univ ratty Gife Ere policy is an open Onel tic Sis tent with the policy of Quot universities a raw tie and of oar nation which tees the Riff fat of my View to be mard.1 hears Futej writ Bep Iii Imi flyers Xue dec ted a directors of unwed Quot Friday noon at hol ? Coffee is hop. The directors okayed pitas police sad the youth walked into the police station Early thursday and gave information that led to the discovery of mrs Sumner a body. He is the son or. And mrs John h. Cutler. His father is the editor of the local newspaper the Duxbury Clipper and author of several bodes including a Cardinal Cushing of mrs. Cutler is the victims daughter. Mrs. Sumner was the author of three books which were made into movies a Tammy of of time a a Tammy. Tell me True a and a Quality a which was renamed a Pinkie a in the film version. She was the widow of James b. Sumner the Nobel prize win Ner in chemistry in 1946. Besides her novels mrs. Sum Ner published a number poems and Short stories. A next few Days. _ mrs. Rose Walker said thit Over 450 families had been Iii pm de and More flian165 transients Luis future 9u0cny ii Etc. Are Given to those also reported eral local arms donate clothing stoves for the Charity Cloae. Officers were a Decter i. Follows a1 Rose president1? b. Cole View Presidio bit i w. Jones jr., Sec Ary we surer and mrs. Walker def Rector Board unwilling to change zones i at Watson Cha if Little Rock a Watson Chapel school bad says it is unwilling to n major Diange fat its go attendance zone based neighbourhood school concept the Board said thursday. Jii a report filed in Federal Dulrich. Walter Ross Blair funeral today water Ross Blair. 83 of Waldo died in a Magnolia Hospital court that no other a feasibly Early Fridev. He was a native plan can be accorn Lyshe lib of Buena Vista. To the Long standing housing Pai survivors include a widow mrs. Bessie Blair a daughter Fidero judge Orni Harris mrs. Louren Davis of Magnolia had ordered the Board to pro arid two grandchildren. Duce a phut by oct. 15 which funeral services Wil be today would a realistically eliminate at 2 at Lewis funeral completely All vestiges of it Home Chapel in Magnolia. Dual school a a a Birds brawn Pelican arc a walking in Pine Bluff on june _ tic Peregrine Falcon California 2 when boys in a truck carrying Greg Clapper rail Large Kauai inmates of the state training a blankets for your and. To Baltimore advertising exec. Says Rockefeller True aristocrat prices holding steady and no Thrush Molokai Thrush Hawaii school for boys threw rocks fee treaties fittest. Well. A an More Job layoffs people would 33. Maui Akela an Oahu land bricks at Cave resulting in is a bargain in by the associated press a we want our candidate of by. H a death. Dor Robert Goodman who owns a liked that a the screener. The last five of these Bird species Are found in Hawaii. Three inmates of the training in a Yow the Buffalo to Baltimore md., advertising school have been charged with Onne a miss Sainte Marie asks Agency specializes in creating fish Lahonta in Throat first degree murder in the has a change come a. Ten toi Ages for political figures. Trout Mohave Schnh Parana youths death Pat Bony All wound in Kendall asst. Atty. Gen. Mike Nihon warm Springs Dace Tecoma said the school denied liability punish Pecos Gembusia in armoured Threestine Stickleback for Vii Ain Darter watercress Darter. A for the claim. Army apparently takes a tolerant View of Youthful trends. In this photo Long we Lato position at Zurich Airport As Security against Hija fungi i Stop saving so much and Start spending More a the businessman predicted. Special service set at Bethel Temple Assembly special guest at Bethel tem a Sarnaw. Mich. Apr let pie Assembly in Harmony Grove of non nov a run Chucan Nelmi. On tuesday evening. Oct. 20 at for 4hp its in 7 30 . Will be Rev. Jimmy nov 3 Al option. Ha�5 announce Little Rock Apar Walker Paster of first Assem a mrs Richard m. Minn will kansans with draft lottery num Bly in Benton. A vat Droit area Monh a. Bers above 195 can rest a Little. Rev. Walker recently toured a Nev is regarded a<5 easier at least until next year the holy land and has coloured Imri Rovt in her race officials said thursday that slides to present to the Public. I Aca not Tho inn wont demo barring a change in directives he is a former pastor in , Phi in a Harrt. From Washington draft lottery area and invites his Many Fri Enid thursday shr it and numbers above 195 will not be ends to this special service. A mrs. Nixon wild tour the de in jeopardy of selective service a l. Smith is pastor. I troit metropolitan area. Call in the state this year. Men with draft number above 195 can rest Lasier Cle same or Are you Stitt Tak inti our land a a it a Here and its now. Vou must Heln 11� har a i. Now that the buffaloes miss 5iint Marie want. Most important thing a Goodman said. He adhi Newsweek Selling a politician was much like Selling a product gov. Winthrop Rockefeller of Arkansas. In a article published in the current Issue of Newsweek. Goodman 42, said a Winthrop Reform the Educa mrm Given to Rockefeller is the True Aristo he counts among his clients like a deodorant except that a indians on reservations. A a there a very Litile in the texts tha Are used Ahou indians and about the a it a american Petty a is dealt with i a said. She also was to Heln make a place for to Ian women Fri am a of a an society. A we re trying to or a in ulamor in he a a he a a who ejv\ii1d in and a have to he Norh her hair to be accepted a crat who went to the Mettle for Saken stale like a King. Now ?�-5r polite Cal has got to be loved too. A a Goodman helped in the Campaign of vice president Spiro to it. Agnew when Agnew was run 1 Ning for governor of Maryland. We re going to show that he s of of Goodman said the television commercials recount Rockefeller a contributions and programs but delve into mood setting. A the came to this land and he saw it was saw it was Good. A i love tiie Way it sounds like god a h Esaid. Winston Prouty. R-vt., 0$e senatorial candidate Tab Ftp Taft jr., and Paul Eggers of who is running for governor in Texas. All Are republicans. A. Goodman said for this Faltys Campaign he has written. Songs some for 97-piece tras. He told Newsweek attempts to create a such As the Western Rockefeller a jingles

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