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Camden News Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1970, Page 4

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Camden News (Newspaper) - October 10, 1970, Camden, Arkansas And features Quot a card fun Arkansas 71701�?saturday, pc Tow 0, 197d the deaf ears on cd imposes the commission on Campus unrest has a i Oieu to the president to Quot exercise his reconciling moral leadership Quot As the first step 111 i eventing More violence in colleges and universities and to create understanding. Quot Only the president has the platform and pro Stige to urge All american at once to step Back from the Battle lines which they Are forming Quot says the commission s report. Quot it is imperative that the president bring us tit Gether before More lives Are lost and More property destroyed and More univer Sitts undoubtedly the moral platform and pro Stige of the presidency is an exalted pne and should he utilized to the fullest to off leg. Americans together. That is also True Paw yearly in this administration of the vice presidency. While the vice president s attack on the St a Lent radicals have been As accurate As they 4� colourful it is an unfortunate fact that the moderate majority of students has Iakon his celebrated statements As a Blanket can detonation of All Agnew s intent May not have been div i be but that has been his effect. What is no a did Are fewer attacks on the radicals aria a More appeals to the Basic Good sense Afi Iel commitment to traditional american ideals of the majority of students. In this respect the commission s advice to the administration should be heeded. So to should its advice to the other Side of the communication Gap Quot students. Must recognize that they Are a citizens of a nation which was founded of Iol Rahce and diversity and they nil it become More understanding of those with whom they differ. Quot students must face the fact that giving Morl support to those who Are planning violent action is morally despicable. Student should not expect their own vie is even if held with great Morad Inton sity automatically and immediately to determine National sound advice. What the commission has avoided facing however is the fact that neither Healing words from the president nor More responsible behaviour on the part of the vast majority of students is going to have any effect on those among us who have gone beyond All reason. What possible words from the president could bring reconciliation with the students who could write in an editorial in the student newspaper of the University of Wisconsin Quot the bombing of the army mathematics research Center destroyed an object of widespread political hatred and struck a blow to the american military a Hile mourning the death of the researcher killed in the explosion Quot because we love life Quot a the writers went on to urge that Quot in order for its the Center s physical destruction to have any meaning Pond a specific Point in time the movement from which the bombing sprang must be what Steps Short of giving the radicals veto Power Over his decisions could the president take to promote understanding with students who delivered the following ultimatum to the president of Case Vestern Reserve University Quot last May in answer to our demand to abolish Roth the administration proposed reducing Roth to a club. You be had All summer. This summer we have witnessed an escalation of warfare. We sit on the Brink of . Armed forces being deployed to the Middle East. We be seen a summer of intensive repression. Quot in View of this escalation we demand that Roth get off Campus the commission s valuable contrib Hon acknowledged this matter of a Campus unrest Quot goes far far deeper than any words of reason from whatever Quarter Are Likely to reach. Crane. A. Beware of communistic invasion of churches or. Pierce com iwo Perly be the clerical Paul Revere of 1970. So Betsu e of the Conan Tut evasion of our Chi i cd a. And also avoid the to. Merge Inlo a major font it Suc Church. That s Oft h Merfule As i Learned when the univer-4iy Virago tried to gobble noi#e8teirn University. By Cage w. Crane ph.d., . Or. Robert b. Pizii is the Unous pastor of the dior id a tallest Church he Chicago. Temple. Is Iso held the outstanding methodist pulpits in both Indiana a and then Detroit before reaching a Chicago Loop Rich. He is a dedicated exponent of business efficiency in govern Ghent As Well As patriotism Lus respect for Law and order. A Cdr. Crane a he told me earlier 4tis year i urged the Bishop and our Garrett biblical Hist Pluto to reprimand the four a Hochst ministers in Evanston Vam Lent their churches to the . Rioters. A for Toliese rioters smashed store widows and automobiles Down Here in Chica Ifo and broke the neck of one of our City officials. A but my advice was totally discarded and these four clergymen were actually praised for their Aid to Cri Runals. Imagine a so i think it behoves Church laymen to pay More attention to where their generous contributions Are going now clerical Paul Revere maybe we should look upon d. Pierce As a clerical Paul Revere 1970 style fuck most of our churches have been infiltrated with Young clerics who Dong to the a Are Newald group. They often abet Street rioting property damage and the furnishing of ads and Church a i Litsios to dirty unkempt lawbreakers. By fact the Illinois conference actually offered 12,000 to help bail out one of it Hose 7 culprits whom judge Hoffman sentenced teb Ersi car 0 if Nia in and the Best Way to Stop their Una Merican activities is via their pocket look. Or. Pierce gave me a card with the four Vang pertinent advice a the Power of appointment May lie with the few but it he Poi of the pocketbook is still in the Pew a a so donate to the scouts Camp fire girls the Myca etc., the Stead of to such miss Iii Dirches. For yom done to hear of Street lists or window smashing and Campus sit ins by scouts or Camp fire girls or Myca members do you in this Illinois conference Toliese sity a a renewal clerics even urged seminaries on Honor to help Young men evade the military draft and done to think this 4emior-Tion of churches is linked just to Chicago i have him reds of letters from Catholic As Well a Many major protestant Benoni nations attesting to the same perversion of religion by these i oeral Young clerics. In fact at a Seminary in tas the style it admitted they were the deliberately to evade he draft Hiey Arentt motivated by a sincere Devotion to evangelism As was St. Pm or the deep dedication of our missionaries of a generation ago. If you thus have a Street rioting Type of past Cut Cut off his water which Means it Thold your Church contributions for his pay checks. Fin Sudi men Are definitely not like St. Paul who preached without Finy salary 1st. Paul w98 a had nor King ail tabs a Churchi Layman to Lune Fng Bis services free on sudsy. And Alth Church member a Hios Falong fast Don t be stampeded into More and Bugger a a mergers to make the a a books look Good at the a me office mrs. Crane and i frustrated this same attic met at a a merger Back in 1933, when we personally destroyed the grandiose dreams of presidents Scott and Hutc Hins to merge Northwestern University with tiie University of Chicago. I always write to or. Crane in care of this newspaper enclosing a Long stamped addressed envelope and 20c to it cover typing and printing casts when you St it and for one of Bis booklets. Merry go round tycoons come to Aid of Hep. Schneebeli outsider tycoons finance helpful congressman a Campaign Sam Enebeli admits he san asset to business in Congress Anderson appeals for support for eskimos a Tundra times. By Jack Anderson Washington rep. Herman ski Enebeli the diminutive Oil distributor who represents William repa., was scared by his Prim opponent this year. Executives of some of a Moricas a biggest corporations learning of one Ebelis a concern rushed to his Aid. They dumped Bushek of dollars into a Campaign fund that eventually swelled to More than $120,000. With this outside financial Aid Schneebeli easily outdistanced his opponent and ended up with a comfortable 70 per Paiit of the vote nearly 10 per cent of the Cash was raised at a Washington reception sponsored by the House Rubican leadership. Lobbyists from several major corporations paid $100 apiece to attend the june affair at the Sheraton Carlton. Meanwhile additional thousands poured in from tycoons a toss the country none of dram live in Schneebeli a Dis Trio. The list of donors includes the president of Kennicott Copper the Squibb beechnut corporation and the huge Western Pennsylvania National Bank in Pitt ugh. The gift list of contributors also includes top executives of the insurance company of North America Gulf Oil company Peabody Coal company and the massive Mellon Bank. The reason for the generosity of these men most of whom have never met Schneebeli is obvious to Washington insiders. He Occi Mes a High ranking seat on tiie House ways and Means committee which handles All tiie nations tax legislation. Furthermore Herman Schneebeli is a Man who can always he counted Lipon to Slick up for us business. He makes no secret of this. A my vote is usually in the interest of business a he told this column. Quot a lot of businessmen feel that in Man asset in Congress. I suppose the con film tors were guided by their representatives in Washington. I never called upon them before but my opponent was a pending a lot of tycoons Friend among fihe contributors was Bertram Dedman general com Sel and part time lobbyist Lor the insurance company of North America. To agreed that Schneebeli is a Man who sees things big business Way. A the knows quite a lot about the tax Laws a Dedman told us. A if business Ever needs a Friend he a the sort of Man you can go to and talk Dedman acknowledged that he had called on Schneebeli during last years debate on the tax Reform Bill in which every businessman in the Natl a i had a re Ake. Another donor was Thomas Mullins president of the Peabody goal company which fought to preserve the 10 per cent Coal depletion allowance. Mulins however said he had no recollection of making the control Bitle on. He said somewhat mysteriously that his political donations were funnelled a a a through various channels and suggested that the company a Washin a office met have a better idea Why Schneebeli got the $250. A frankly in be never met the Man a Mullins confessed. Peabody a Washington office was unable to explain the donation and Frank Milliken the pro Sid Ait of Peabody a Parent corporation the Kennicott Copper com a was no help at All. Milliken would not a with this column although he kicked in $250 to help Schneebeli along. Footnote Schneebeli seemed sheepish when he discussed the huge find he had raised from outside his District. A this is the first time in be Ever had to ask for outside he a he said. He attributed his popularity with the nation s corporate fat cats to the fact that he is a businessman himself. In addition to being a distributor for the Gulf Oil 0>., a Ose Washington lobbyist gave him $40q, Schnec Bell is an Auto and tire dealer. Save Tundra times a Wise old Indian named Howard Rock publishes an obscure weekly that has become the voice of alaskans neglected natives. Its called the Tundra Lipes and it a in trouble. Financial trouble. You see most eskimos indians and aleuts can to afford the $8 subscription Price. In nost villages they Pool their resources and buy one subscription for All the families. Each copy is passed around until it is soiled and stained and tattered. The Tundra times contains eloquent appeals to the natives to stand up for their rights. These Are written invariably by Rock who fumbles for words when he Speaks but expresses himself with clarity in print. He has a fierce belief in the dignity of All men. A the Tundra times also contains simple Stark news summaries from such As Guy Okakok who Grilies from the far Northern outpost of Barrow a Arctic ice Here in Barrow coast still pushing in Shore. We sure have High tides when ice comes in. Strong wind from Southwest arises and smashed one building of Nal Tulve Here. Strong wind almost like the one we have in 1963 when few buildings Attiat year been washed in and some collapsed a a we re pretty sure it would do the same to buildings if ice was t around. Reas a i was i say thanks is i was one of them that year 1963, that do lost my building or lodging. A about a Veek ago one tourist has an cameras equipment of some sorts. One of natives Here saw him doing this and that could his to understand what he was doing. They do not know what he was or Why he was up Here with cameras. Few Days Laher he left again. A season for fishes is Here again and several natives went up Rivers to fish. Some went up with their kiddos and come Back Home with Load. On their Way up they even get carious bet Eai Here and Meade River. A Good Luck. Folks a i never heard of Howard Rock until out of nowhere he asked me to come to Alaska to help save his native newspaper. There was something impelling about his request so i found myself flying to Fairbanks. The Tundra times is Worth saving. Like All newspapers it needs subscribers and Advertis my. Americans living below the 60th parallel May not care whether the ice is pushing i or the wind is Strong or the fish Are biting at Barrow and advertisers May not want to test whether they can sell refrigerators to the Eik Lmos. But a deserving old Indian at Box 1287, Fairbanks , will be grateful for their support. Roy Wilkins a Nixon speech against violence and terror at Usu if president Nixon did not have a reputation As a polio pal operator his speech against violence and terror at Kansas Stata University would go Down in the history of these times As a rallying document a Maik of the Best presidential leadership. It was a speech on a problem whose inner philosophy rather than the deeds of its extrovert Delsi plos is the proper Cor Ern of government. It was a speech in the common sense language of a bewildered and trouble people. A those who bomb a declared the preside in a who ambush policemen who Hijack air planes who hold their passengers hostage All share in con non not Only a contempt Lor human life but also Al contempt for those elemental decency is on which a free society or Nixon condemned those a who say if they done to get their own Way the answer is to Burn a bus or bomb a in accepting violence or condoning terror a Ron Unity a closes its integrity and corrupts its the presidential Jeef for civility and for an end to violence and intolerance emphasized again and again a Basic regard for the rights feelings of others that is the Mark of any civilized he decided bombings on and off campuses and the use of ass Alfalfa by Al Rose the March of time time marches on relentlessly on split unerring feet it carries each of us along till time and eternity meet. We cannot Stop its Onward March nor slow its Pace one Whit we can gift take the time we have and do our Best with it. We can but try each Day is live to walk before our god in such a Way hell say a Well done a when we be life a pathway trod. May we have strength to do gods will. And fear not mend or Ioe. But Trust in him and Only go where he would have us go. A Juanita Williams. Is people Ini not often does an american try to pay Back his native land in a monetary Way for past favors. Just the other Day there was an exc on As the following news Story will attest u. S. Willed $34,239 by re Tikku nurse new Hampton Iowa apr the Federal government will be $34,239 Richer because of an 83-year-old woman a love of country. Hulda Kalkbrenner a retired retaliation a for reason and peace fill chaise. A violence and error have no place in a free society a or. Nixon asserted a whatever the purported cause of the perpetrators May be. A the hijackers might listen As might the bombers the Black assassins of policemen and the White student revolutionaries who believe abolition of Roth warrants kidnapping College presidents blowing up College buildings bombing computers and destroying laboratories and in replace be research data. Of All the preachers of violence the Young Black extremists would seem to be most vulnerable. They belong to a readily i Denolfi be minority. If there should be a major shift in Public Opal i against further tolerance of to Iier deadly Juvenal Llsms they and All who have their color would suffer in a wave of repression. The a it Miens la iteration movement was Quick to denounce the fringe disrupter As harmful. They do not want Attiat kind of image hurting their efforts in behalf of women. Some of the Arab governments and some organizations of guerrillas condemned the hijacking of airliners in inter nation Coni Merce. They done to want hijacking and hostage hold Hig piracy Hurtig the Arato cause in the court of world opinion. Everyone seems to get the idea except the extreme Black extremists and the mindless blk ick adolescents in the Public schools. They pretend to think that soul food in school cafeterias or a Flat percentage of Black cheer leaders or the Contentment of Black athletes Are More in portent than the welfare of a whole people. The Nixon message should be the Guidebook even of those with whom the president is not popular. The truths in the Kansas state speech Are the convictions not merely of Middle America but As the text stated of idealists everywhere who recognize that in a free society a its structures of rights and responsibilities Are Complex and fragile and As precious As Freedom dist buted by the Register and Tribune Syndicate 1970 Palo Alto Calif. A sen. Barry Goldwater ?., says he thinks president May have that Quot thei will be a cease fire i Vietnam by sunday oct. L8. A the president a would nit have risked his speech on Tel vision wednesday night a unless a cease fire had been agreed to in Advance a Goldwater my thursday. A Goldwater added a a in be suspected in Washington for the last Montib that some filing Lik it this was the 1964 i p Presl Nilal nominee was Here to asirii., Foo a plate Republican it Uhi London a Mair Ridge of Canadian actor Chi opher Plummer 40 and 24-y#jd�?~- old English actress Elaine Taylor has been announced by is agents. The announcement thursday said the religious ceremony took place last Friday in my Amsl. Plummer had gone there to delve the order of Canada Hon Oring his acting career. J it was the third marriage for the actor who has a .3-Yeiar-4im dust Ter by his i first wife act Tress Tammy Grimes. He his had movie starring roles in a the Royal Hunt of the Sun a a Battle of Britain and a water miss Taylor not Previn by married has been seen in a Hie games and a fall tie Way up. Rome apr movie Dir Tor Vittorio de Sica is Sho tii Iii his first television film a Toeu Centary on the roman cat Mic religious order of the knits of Malta. Scenes have m far Bee a nude in let Guam Biafra Fleim ill Guatemala and Jimmi. The present main role of the Rane crate Len itary Ord is Flie sponsorship of Readd centers. Nurse Mio died a 41 of a heart it Tad Lii United states a Ameri will be beneficiary of me a a 00 her estate Wowch Tal value of $40j239 a to the Federal Govi of the United states a Ica to be used for poses As it May see it government having j. Me and provided 9n ment Inch 1 night a i during my lifetime and k b my desire to repay my my ment and the people United Stetes of America in some measure for those i the Only part of Muf Kwh Brenner a estate not left to to government was her and personal effects which to bequeathed to a Lavetty Biray nursing Home. Usually we americans and rant at our and never ave it any Cret or Praise Imit Hurt epic its at Powers that be. Well tvs tired nurse heed up to her fess Lonal ethics for Mai others by member ii apr country in her Wlsh. Maybe As the Thanka Riv season approaches we a it retool our jinking and pass a few roses to our Nae Ifrid and to Idi the lord that be Uve in a country that its faults Stoni leu us and complain and not fear concentration Camp or the ing squad this news Story is Worth Toiv rereading and Tow be h in your memory for fort Vlf Call. We All can to Beau a a Lar a sum to our c a can help in Many ways More calmness and More nce Ini to Mes of str i Strain the i allot sip through with today. Force to shut Down universities. One thought instantly of Kent and Jackson state campuses where four White students and two Black ones were Slan by Law enforce ent officers. Also of Urcla where a fatal gun fight was staged on Campus of san Francisco state and of Cornellus armed student group. The answer to the problem is not to seek spurious justification in a tit for Tat dialogue but to eliminate violence and weaponry whether the latter be masquerading As defensive or not. The feared infection the one that could mean death to a democratic society is the substitution of emotional physical the Gabiden news published by the Camden news up bushing go. Fri Den. Ark. A 71701. Second class postage paid it c Ark. A. Published daily except sunday at is Mainii a 1� phone 836-8192. The publishers Are not responsible for copy Typo Apical errors or an unintentional error Tut other than to Correct it the next Issue after it to their attention. A advertising or Fri Art on this basis Only. Notice to the Tibuc. An erroneous reflection Tracte reputation or standing of any firm or corporation will be gladly corrected upon a >0 attention of the news. _. Mem is of this associated Muzii the associated press is entitled exclusively of publication of All local news printed in to ? we Asau a news. Su8scripti0n Rati at counter and news stand. I by carrier4% a by mall in arc Anat 1 year $10.00 6 Noni itt 3 ninth $4.00 i month $3.00�

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