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Camden News Newspaper Archives May 27 1972, Page 4

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Camden News (Newspaper) - May 27, 1972, Camden, ArkansasA mid ask do a nmnsatur4oy. My 27.1972 it tolls for thee foe teels . Bombs More now for the record even though it is not Likely to change anyone a thinking about the Vietnam War either Way Here is a rundown on the massive communist military Effort being carried out in the Northern provinces of South Vietnam As reported by aviation week amp space technology Magazine. The three pronged invasion is the largest and most heavy we atoned Effort Ever mounted by Hanoi says editor Robert Hotz. All but one of North Vietnam a regular army divisions have been committed to the offensive armed with a vast array of new weapons manufactured and supplied by the soviet Union. These include tanks 130-mm Field artillery 100-mm radar controlled flak guns antitank missiles truck mounted heavy rocket batteries and Strela shoulder Fred infrared antiaircraft missiles. In reply the United states has mounted the largest Aerial interdiction Campaign since before the bombing suse in 1968, deploying an air striking Force of More in 700 aircraft. Many people wonder Why bombing has been revived at this time when earlier efforts proved ineffective. First says Hotz the bombing Campaign in the Johnson regime was poorly targeted and air strikes were banned on Many key Supply bottlenecks by White House edict. There was never any attempt to Seal off North Vietnam from hauling Shipborne supplies from its communist allies. But most important the scale of ground combat in was of a relatively Low intensity. Today trucks not bicycles Are needed to move the massive loads of heavy artillery shells Large rockets and fuel required by tanks and by the trucks hauling artillery and rocket launchers. For example the North vietnamese pumped 4,000 shells a Day into the City of Quang Tri before its fall. The soviet t-54 tank spearheading the offensive consumes 16 Gallons of fuel an hour. Supplying 14 army divisions for sys again none of this is Likely to change anybody a mind about Vietnam. But perhaps it will give a Little pause to those who say that the United states should simply withdraw and allow the North and South vietnamese to a work things out among tunics handle is handily the Campaign to establish the indeterminate abbreviation As a feminine title in place of the too revealing a a miss or is Only part of a larger goal of weeding alleged sex Bias out of the language As a whole. The idea is that the words we use determine or at least reinforce our attitudes and prejudices. Obviously if we can get rid of a a sexist terms it will go a Long Way toward ending unfair discrimination against women. Any theory however is Only As Good As the assumptions it is based on. And in this Case that May not be very Good. Someone has pointed out that turkish for instance is almost totally free of a a sexist forms. There is one pronoun a to a meaning he she or it. There Are no words for brother or sister just the word a Kardes a which Means sibling. To specify a brother or sister its necessary to modify it with the word for boy or girl. Women whether married or single have always been addressed by the same term and since Many turkish first names Are used by both men and women there is one word a Sayin a which can be used in addressing a letter to someone whose sex is unknown. According to the theory then turkish women should always have been among the most a liberated Quot women in the world. History casts some doubt on this. Business Mirror by John Cunniff a Biaett analyst new York a Money Isnit everything but Don t try Selling that routine to the various financial institutions who Are now shooting it out in every Corner of America. They re not getting along in fact they re popping off at each other and its All a Lxii Money. The scenario for a the shootout at Money Gulch Quot has a cast of thousands and involves Many billions of dollars. Every state in the Union is inv died and so is the Federal government. Included in the cast Art 14,-000 commercial Banks 6,000 savings and loan associations 4m Mutual savings kinks and. Id some extent More than 20,-000 credit unions. One item of Contention is 9473 billion in savings. And the plot the Thrift institutions that is. The savings and loan associations and the Mutual savings Banks Are strictly restrained in the types of services they offer. The commercial or full service Banks have wide privileges. The others want to share in them. Specifically the Sites and Mutual Banks and even it is sometimes suggested the credit unions want the right to offer checking accounts and even to develop into full service family finance centers. The full service Banks Don t want that kind of corp Euvon. They prefer to see the so is and Mutual restrict themselves to accepting savings and then investing those savings mainly in Home mortgage Loans. The full service Banks argue Llinat there is Little need for any do Luton of their right so Keg at the pubic is served Ana. They claim. It is served. Oliue the showdown is of Cir Riis throughout the county m 11� Lule ill. The met Sig Africani aspect d Tow com met Loii right Aow is the Hunt emission a. Headed by Imi Milit. A a Tuitto corporate aia Silivi. To m apr Lii of 1170 pm it Nim a Ted special commission on financial Structure and regulation and charged it with a reviewing and studying the Structure operation and regulation of the private financial institutions Quot the 121-Page report presented just before last Christmas included 89 recommendations among them new Powers for the Thrift institutions a phaseout of interest rate ceilings a uniform tax formula for All institutions that offer checking accounts. Moreover it recommended that a amp is and Mutual be allowed to make secured and unsecured consumer Loans in amounts not to aggregate in excess of 10 per cent of total assets. The next major move on the National level is expected to come sometime later this year when the president is expected to Send to Congress his own recommendations based partly on the Hunt report. Whether the president follows the commission recommendations is still in doubt however. The Battle is far from settled the shooting continues. By Roy Wilkins the bullets which felled pm a nor George Wallace May have struck Down also the american system As we have known it. Our country is in peril and not merely because a single fanatic Fred his gun at George Wallace. We Are imperilled because the general temper the nation is a simpering Shadow of what it was. We now forget the men who lie dead or crippled. Instead we concentrate on the suspected Assassin delving into his childhood examining his family his education his Reading and study habits. We wonder endlessly about his motivation. Along with this we have brushed aside the moral imperatives that in the Long ago guided our decisions. Meanwhile a president John f. Kennedy or a or. Martin Luther King or a Medgar Evers or a senator Robert f. Kennedy is slain in sneaking cowardly attacks that wipe out leaders of causes that Benefit millions of men. Worse even than catastrophes like these a George Wallace campaigning for president is shot after a rally speech. It is worse because however great the loss of other leaders however much pain their sudden passing brought about however much history might have been altered by their going the Wallace attempt was a cumulative thing that struck a blow at the system that brought the violent deaths of the previous martyrs. Our government appears to have Learned Little from the stunning assassinations of the others. Or else our society has deteriorated so much its Core Center is so soft that our complicated government machinery is unable to translate into action the Uncertain signals that come from a flabby people. The attack on governor Wallace was despicable and unconscionable. The Wallace philosophy camouflage it As he will does not endear him to the Black minority or to those Whites dedicated to a free society. He May deny that he is a racist but he admits to being a segregationist. But a segregationist has to believe in racial superiority and inferiority. Segregation is now and always has been a device through which a majority forces inferiority up a minority. There is no Point in racial separation if everything is equal. Implicit in the american system is the right of a Wallace to expound his views to seek supporting votes. If America has come to the place where a gun can substitute for debate and votes then the nation and All it stands for is in peril. No one will suffer More than negro americans if the assassination practice replaces the admittedly imperfect american philosophy. The nation has to have a society in which protests and agitation political and economic contests and court challenges Are available to press dissent. Above All there must be a climate of opinion in which men Are not intimidated by the guns of those who think to kill an idea. Unfortunately a Lunatic fringe of Blacks contributes to the present indifference or hostility to their races cause by senseless attacks upon the agents of a hateful idea. The Wallace belief in the domination of Black men by White men will not prevail. It will get a reprieve however from peaceful death at the hands of voters if madmen who believe foolishly that an idea can be done to death Are Given morbid accolades by a witless Public. It could Well be that some citizens Are ready to Back away from the moral commitments that made this nation unique despite the uneven Progress to we re our goals. It could be that we Are weary of the demanding discipline required for hard but unbiased judgments. If so we have come upon dark Days for the Black american and for the Whites who have striven for the my Nixon posting Chhina. In sub together new Viet moves undermine Chon in Lai Lin Piao faction gab ground Concu by Jack Anderson 1972 a stutter prize Famer for National reporting Washington there is evidence in the secret . Cable traffic that president no con a military moves in Vietnam May be driving the two great communist antagonists Russia and China Back together. We have been Able to Trace the dismaying developments through secret documents which the White House has carefully withheld from both Congress and the Public. These documents show that the Kremlin reacted to the chinese american rapprochement by making its own secret overtures to peking last August. The soviets worked through Lin Piao the acerbic defense minister who had been designated by Mao tse Tung to Bec it me his successor. Encouraged by his soviet contacts Lin opposed inviting president Nocon to a Dong and advocated restoring the chinese russian partnership. This put Lin in direct conflict with Premier Chou in Lai who had issued the invitation to Nixon. Lin lost the showdown and mysteriously disappeared. The Crafty Chou spread the word to the party faithful that Lin had died in a plane crash after attempting to assassinate Mao. Chou a version which was whispered around China and reached Cia ears had it that Lin attempted to waylay Mao on the Way Hynne from South China by train last August. Plot against Mao knowing Mao a itinerary would take him through Shanghai and Yuhsi Lin allegedly arranged an assassination party in Shanghai and afterwards planned to Bow up a Bridge in Wushi to wreck Mao s train. Both Plou faced according to the Story and Lin attempted to flee to Russia by Jet on september 13. The plane supposedly crashed in the Wente Khan area of Mongolia. The whispers of the plot to kill Mao who has deity status in China and gently was intended to cow Lin Piao a supporters. So monstrous was the thought of assassinating the great Mao in chinese minds that the Lin faction was supposed to be intimidated into silence. But the opposition to Chou continued to simmer under the surface and the russians quietly pressed for better relations. The id mum of the soviet Central committee in an unpublished action last november sought to restrain the ideological St niggle against the chinese. Still other events inflamed chinese russian relations until the state department reported in a confidential summary last december a Usino soviet in to emotional polemics As distinct from Domestic propaganda have risen to the highest level since 1900peking however has so far avoided whipping 14� a War scare within China and it appears to be attempting to restrict increased tension with Moscow to verbal fireworks on International significantly Chou is in charge if i Ina a International affairs and. Therefore was responsible for the rising rhetoric. President Nixon Sahr attacks upon North Vietnam however have made it awkward for Chou. China and Russia have Bem competing for Hanmi a favor As the two titans of communism Man Euver for influence in Southeast Asia. Rivalry in Hanoi the Central intelligence Agency in a secret report has declared a following or. Henry Kissinger a july visit to peking. Chinese Premier Chou in Lai made a secret visit to Hanoi to reassure the government of the democratic Republic of Vietnam dry of continued chinese support. A the chinese emphasized their support by increase in their assistance to the dry for the 1971-72 period. This in turn resulted in an increase in soviet assistance to the dry for the same period. A the dry expressed its apprehension to Chou regarding a . Chinese detente and stated that the dry is still suspicious about president Nixon a visit to in View of the chinese russian rivalry in Hanoi noun undermined Chou and justified Unis position by Ord fing air strikes against North Vietnam. This has strengthened links survivors inside the chinese policy councils. As a result Unis idea of repairing chinese russian a editions is gaining support. At the United nations for examine the relations Between chime and russian delegates Are warming. A soviet delegation on tour of China has also been received with unaccustomed cordiality. In return there was no soviet denunciation of the chinese at the Lenin Day Celebration on april 21. There Are now hints of chinese russian cooperation to route War supplies Overland to North Vietnam. If this Deve Kipi the mining of the North Viet Mese harbours will Cost the United states far More in world strategy than is Likely to he gained on the vietnamese Flat Hng fronts. Copyright. 1972, by United feature Syndicate. Inc Rar atom impossible terms pressed by Hanoi Washington Aba rigid doctrinaire thinking May yet enable the North vietnamese to snatch defeat from the jaw of Victo. President Nixon along with mining haib Hong Harbor offered terms which would enable Hanoi to Force a coalition government on Saigon and eventually to the Over the South lock Stock and barrel. One might anticipate that North Vietnam would Jinp for the offer after some stalling. Hanoi has publicly said the terms Are unacceptable. But such Public statements or even private messages to the United states could be Piura of their it Normal diplomatic mane vering. However it now appears North Vietnam is going to blow it. Hanoi a men have told european sources known to this repair that indeed they will in fact never negotiate so Long As president Thieu and his government Are in office regardless of what terms Are offered even if the offers in fact would result in handing them South Vietnam on a Platter. Combined with the abdication of Thieu. Hanoi demands that it win negotiate Only with a Saigon government set up in Advance with the Connivance of the United states dominated by men of Hanoi a choosing and containing no one Hanoi chooses to veto. This before talks even begin. If Hanoi Sticks to Ese demands it indicates a rigidity which could make it impossible for Nixon to negotiate for acceptance would mean that Nocon not Hanoi with no Fig Leaf to hide the deed would be forced to it Only install a communist dominated government without vote of the people or any pretence of a vote and do this before the negotiations. This would make the United states an open ally of Hanoi in the takeover and be so blatant a United Stetes sellout of its principles and friends that it is difficult to see How anyone could Trust this country again. Perhaps this is what Hanoi wants More than it wants South Vietnam or it May be to Chi minho a successors now believe they can have both. Many voices say the United states should just get out of Vietnam and let Ulings go at that. What should be made Clear now is that the evidence so far is that Hanoi is not willing to Settle for that. Hanoi seems to have made it Crystal Clear to or. Henry Kissinger that even if the United states were to pack up and leave a by a Date certain a that would not be enough to insure the return of . Prisoners. As the american negotiators understand the terms Hanoi insists that before peace talks could seriously be Sta the United states Woid have to actually bring Down Thieu and take the Steps outlined above. Only then would Hanoi consent to talk about . Prisoners of War and their return. If this sounds absurd it is clearly the Reading that Kissinger and his associates have on what the communists Are demanding. Today in history by Ilie associated press today is saturday May 27, the 148th Day of 1972. There Are 218 Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history on this Date in 1941, the British Navy Sank the German battleship bismark off France with a loss of 2,300 uves. The Bismarck had been pursued More than 1,700 Miles after sinking the British warship Hood three Days earlier. On this Date in 1860, a Force under the italian Patriot Giuseppe Gari Baldi invaded Sicily and captured the City of Palermo. In 1906, a japanese naval Force wiped out a russian Fleet of 32 ships. In 1930, the British luxury liner Queen Mary began in Maiden transatlantic voyage. In 1937, the Gold Gate Bridge carom san Francisco Bay was opened. In 1964, More than 100 crewmen were killed in an explosion aboard the . Aircraft Carrier Bennigton off Rhode Island. In 1904, Indian prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru died in new Delhi. Ten years ago Generalissimo Francisco Franco of Spain blamed a six West wave of strikes on communists and liberals and Ronan Catholic Lay organizations. Five years ago . Secretary general u Thant Saki he feared War Between is Rad and Egypt would result from the egyptian blockade of the Gulf of a a. One year ago 45 persons most of them High school students were a Iii a in a train Celision in we a Tal Germany. Today a birthdays sen. Hubert h. Humphrey is 61. Golfer Sammy Snead is 60. Thought for today lord deliver me from myself-5ir Thomas Browne English physician and writer 1606-1682. Thoughts there will always be a Frontier where there is an open mind and a willing f. Kettering industrialist. Quot for affliction does not come from the dust nor does trouble sprout from the ground but Man is bom sky Scon amt to Hnot Nimit commentary the Camden news vol. 53�?no. 30�?sofwrdoy, May 27, 972 Wother e. Hui Mon a editor Ond pub Luied by the Camden Newt pm busing co., Camden Ark. 71701. Second Daw postage Paki of Camden a Kamoi. Put used Dasy except sunday at 113 a a a Konne. Hone �?�364192. The punish in Art not res Emlue for copy Omi Isiom Type graph Kol Erron or an error that occurs other than to Correct it in the next Izue after it is brought to their Anent in. Am Odd Orting Orden Are accepted on Tim Boisi Only. Nonce to the Pulici an Erro novt reflection upon he Char adore rep Lahea or standing of ony firm individual or corporation i to the Day corroded upon being coiled to Attenson of Tho Newt. A Mem of to associate mss the Agio cited pm k ent med to the use of publication of an lord news printed i this newspaper of Wemos Al a nows. Sutra Moniati at Cunlif and Newi a copy by Sioa no of a my pallid Arkansas 1 year $15.00 6 months $13 3�onlhill.00. J holy grail of Many a Freedom. Totri hated by the Register and Tribune Syndicate. 1972 a arbs by Phil Pastoret saturday is the Day i begin to grouse about me Day. Of on the Way some cheap garments disintegrate when laundered they should Call Mem a a Wash and where Quot playing favourites is what the kid next door does All evening and we wish head to some new discs. A weight w ate hers Are Fellows who favor amply proportioned Chicks. Moscow up pres Klent Nixon Schina trip in february was High adventure. His current visit to Moscow has been simply hard work. That has been reflected in the attitude of some of die newsmen who accompanied die president to China and now covering his russian Visk. They Are suffering a certain amount of Frusti Ratum and irritation. It obviously was much More exciting to accompany Nixon on exotic jams to the great Wall the forbidden qty and myst my kit us Shanghai than it is to wait to a Mccow press room Lor triblets of information on pres Lenual meetings behind the grim Kremlin Walls. Chashin Pat Nixon on a chaotic Taur of the Moscow subway May stimulate Middio aged lungs and limbs. But it can to compare for sheer exhilaration to attending a dinner Given by Chou bn4ai at which Richard Nixon raised a Glass to the peking Revoli Tomary committee while the Peoples Herat pm Amy band played the Dufer Anee Between the two visits Stena of co Roe. A Quarter Vemury of estrange ment Between the United states and China. The chinese were ready to begin the normalisation process once Nixon convinced diem he we truly an Kras to Deal with peking As a major Power. The resist was a Mutual display of food will and Peddic cordiality that left american newsmen and officials alike with a warm a Antic Wing Diat better Days Are in die offing though they May be Stow b arriving. The trip to Moscow with which the United states had had diplomatic rela Tlona for ii years lacked die lure of die mysterious. U was not designed for atmospheric fact. The Pur was to Nail Down if a std Fly agreements on Tiung Strat nuclear Wea. Trade a asking Europe and Ottier Wise putting a More solid Foud Datko Tai Dir what Nixon fondly Calls a a of a Mph snort inn 32lbce Contd totem Neww to 331iraiiigrmion up 34brisu of him of Light Kama. 12ad 37ki1kjo� 13 Christins it Impf own Nunu uog.i5 As musketeer 40 heavy weight 41fiih 438euiort a 4sgoddenof the Dawn 46 Bellows song 14 Venus is tithe planet Isla unending 2flushwith for Summit rom 16 frighten Sirls 17 girl s name is summer Fri we a a Shade the 20brylhonie sea god 21 Kef Suver 24 senior 27 Rocky Peak Zellat grades 28 troops 31 town Cor 49qiemica a us so asian nation so go in Deal s2t�peoibobt Tumperi item la approach $4 Oriental Coin 22 Flat intr 23 printing Down mistake Leas gait 25lam> 3 most unusual 4 pieces a 5 openwork Fabics soviet River 7 afflicts sub fight Chat 9 dirtied 10 beneath 2s saturate 30 depots 34 Early evening Ashur 37 secondary planets 38 eagles nest 3srrath 40siwrt- necked River Duck 48rathen Roll 44 adolescent year 46 narrow Inlet 47wmwated Imp it it a 1 r r is to Iii r r r u 1? the of the House Presa corps two Visus Stena or course a Hleb Aravs assumes that its to the fact that Diey bad Comfort should diff rent objectives. Rank High among matters of the president wet to pairing item atonal a Onmon has not Tal an Effort to begin quid Datoni been entirely Happy. In a my a a is r pm e r

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