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Camden News Newspaper Archives May 27 1972, Page 2

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Camden News (Newspaper) - May 27, 1972, Camden, Arkansas of women voters publish he t4mgut of Lonmo Voun of Arih Unai Liu a Teod the Rowit of a a cent Survoy Oon diet to among f6r Itati of few. Aem Tui to Sim Urli. Local prot Dodt of us league of women voters Lucid bad Quett Lom were formulated by the Sute Board of the league and in omitted to All state office candidates. In addition members of the Camden league of women voters formulated questions for candidates on the local level inc la Tang state representative Poi Tuon 91, sheriff and Coroner. A a since one of the it rime functions of the league is voter service we try to ave voters As Mudi information As possible about the candidates so they can make their own Choice a mrs. Lewis said. Questions for Sute offices were such fitted to candidates for governor . Senator. District 4 congressman Secretary of mate and attorney general of Arkansas. Gubernatorial candidates answered the following questions 1. What Are your qualifications Tor the office of governor 2. What issues face the office of governor and what measures would you take to Deal with these problems their replies Are As follows gov. Dale bumper 1 i feel that the record of accomplishments during my sixteen months As governor Speaks for my . During a time of National recession arkansans have been Emp it Yed and their income has increased. The tax Reform programs i sponsored will satisfy our Revenue needs without new taxes for years. Our cities and municipalities have be i Given More Freedom to solve their own problems. Through our increased participation in Federal i programs services and Industry Are being taken to our Rural areas. The reorganization of state government is making government More responsive to the 2 Quot the biggest single Issue facing the governor is making state government into an institution that serves and is accountable to the people. Our present unprecedented eoe nomic growth Means we must make certain it is an orderly or Wotli. Enabling legislation now allows of us executive Branch but it will take dedicated leadership and patient consent Atte Ntim and sheer courage to provide planned and orderly growth. This administration has and will continue to provide the leadership and attention a it see that government is responsive and provides More services for each tax George w. Davis l graduate of the University of Arkansas class of Imp b.8.a. Degree. Ten years in the Arkansas House of representatives. 2 Money management. Determine priorities in the use of my dollars. Make an Effort to eliminate waste and du4icatkm. Tax Reform or revision. Lester Gibbs 1 humility compassion and honesty three things your present governor docs not have. 2 1. Strict Law and order for everyone regardless of race co for or Creed. 2. Hang the strap Back on the Wall to reduce crime at state Penitentiary. 3. G elect All outstanding taxes. 4. More Numey for the aged indigent and the Blind. 5. Overhaul or get rid of the department of administration. 6. Eliminate the waste in state gov Mimmitt. 7. Pay raises for school teachers and demand a better Standard of education. I. No increase in taxes unless recommended by the Revenue and taxation committee of the Senate and House of . T. No busing of student for the a Iov Amor 1 would Haik to pm Phalm tha idea that go Pemmant a data to Sara Iha people. We must Tom fort a it Emph aim the Paola a a Are paid to Wanra. And a Govonor i would Reorg Nice state government to Dean Rallia h. And return governmental Power to the come unites where the practice inf att Orimer in Cam Dap us Lull ouachita county Stata i Mim elected to . House of representatives 1n6 to fill vacancy Cao Aad by the resignation of the Honoraya Oran Harria radae Tad to Flat and kid Oungre Kaaa of House appropriation a gom Mettaa and Hou Alag and Urban development>8paea< panum Naua to pro Vida that can Kwh Thair Awn Casannas. Iba mid to Iii Eoma taxpayer my a with Joath Letioa dwt a is paying a Val Athaly larger in iwo pm of the tas Burn a of Thia country than Ara other Cafori Raof tap Ayala and Attiat there Are Miny Walf Kra Rad Plata who Are take big undue advantage of the welfare Thia attitude is t Nova Nam a people fan better twp Riff their will. I win Tam hate programs Urban development space Ogram. Thia attitude la which make it Pola due for Denee creating Conald Arama discs Nylon communities to help them appropriate has Ltd the part of the taxpayer selves. Is years of legislative and should a pm roof of a Stant . Tha aae itary of Ati Icli Attar la Infra Alang in each Yaar. This a qty ii Avan Star Ali Eisbey a tha Worun i �1 a ass Are so so a is six i res Fps Laban doctor dam a Mem Etalon. Thaw via of thana Arnm m Uttmi an w dam Ark Asiaa Arti spurt Law a Ria Aat at q. Byrum burst no can Datos were asked the following quest Kim 1. What Are your qualifications for office 2. What do you consider to be the National priorities for the next Congress Why 9. What do you cons Faler the needs of Arkansas which can be met by Nat Famal legislate pm their replies Are As follows Ted Boswell 1 a very deep concern for America Graduato of University of Arkansas . And Juris doctorate degree chief Danity prosecute in attorney of Saline hot Spring and Grant counties for three years past president Saline county bar association past president Young lawyers Section Arkansas bar association member executive committee Pulaski county bar association member of 1967 Arkansas constitute Kcal revision study commission member of legislative committee director of successful drive for constitutional convention helped bring about Reform in the democratic party by 1969 race for governor Reco sized As of Landing trial lawyer. 2 Relief for Middle and Low income America from in unfair us Burden elimination of waste in Federal spending reformation of the a dare and social Security syn Ems development of an sip cultural program to Benefit the Small Farmer Quality education for All pollution control and environmental Protection effective consumer Protection improved veterans Benefit expanded employment opportunities immediate withdrawal of All troops from Southeast Asia. 3 Arkansas would of course Benefit immediately if the above ment Khod priorities were honoured by Congress. However Arkansas most pressing needs Are economic with 70 per Cem of our people being presently classified As Fow income Sod educational with Arkansas ranking seventh among states in illiteracy. Foster Johnson no reply. Sen. John l. Mcclellan 1 my qualifications for re election Are summed up in a word results. Over 90 years of service working hard on the Job hoping our people achieve a better life. Thousands of new resource development and conserve atom. Mcc Mian Kerr Arkansas River navigation Arkansas to ports of the Industrial social Security veterans medical care educational , healthier and dignity for senior Street Homes and seniority and committee chairmanships. Over 100 pubic Laws enacted bringing results Home for you. 2 people Are my first priority. Iligir meds Are the commitment i seek to fulfil. Stabilizing our Economy reducing unemployment quelling Tow fires it of inflation creating quire jobs accelerating economic growth these issues seriously affect every american and shall remain among my principal concerns. Other vital National goals 1 shall continue working to achieve include Previtali Ngow Rural areas More environmental Protection and conservation a realistic National health insurance program increased social Security and veterans benefits More responsive less costly and cumbersome government compensation for innocent victims of crime. Improving criminal Justice and strengthening our a i National system increasing consumer Protection. 9 i am writing to of Minue the momentum of Pra Grasa we in Arl Uusmaa to cominus achieving More jobs which give our Peaple duty and a higher stand a. 1 shall continue working to Deveke and Prat act our Nival rom Trees to Swap our environment Dean to gain belter a Fth care Adu Eastfan Hai Liiv a my Rao Aztlan. A Tranaas la an the novt. We Muat Nat Uhm new. A must Camm to a of Asir in a Wam Forward to Caplam vital pwn act Paola pts Aito that omra aha. Aca Aamli Mola 0 Mem. Or Agrava and a Bihar asap Sussi Sisr a a a Owma it Iwami a. Ummen tier m Mumm years of legislative experience. 9 1. Adjustment of ent toe tax str Aure because of urgent need to achieve the greatest Poa Sime equity for every taxpaying Tisen. 2. A strongly increased commitment by areas of health research health care and construction of medical facilities because the state of the health care system in this country has reached crisis proportions. 9. Increase in Federal six port of Educ atom at All leads. Our nation cannot afford to dirt Chani off needs in education because it is America s greatest in Vesone in the hmm run. 4. Reduction of the defense budget As soon As this nation terminates in involvement in Etna. The waste and fat in the defense budget should be channelled into Domestic programs. 9 1. Osgi Slaton a it increase Federal it Uncial support of pre Schod elementary secondary vocational and higher education. 2. Legislate pm to bring about More adequate health care for the american people. 9. Legislation to revitalise Rural and economically distressed areas. 4. Legislation to increase Federal support of housing programs. 5. Additional legislation to protect the consumer. Candidates for fourth District congressman answered the fou owing questions 1. What Are your for office 2. What do you consider to be the National priorities for the next Congre Why 9. What do you consider the needs of Arkansas which can be met by National legislation their replies Are Ai follows Richard Arnold l first education i was graduated first in my class fat it a Yale College and Harvard Law school and came Back to Arkansas to invest whates ability i have Here. Second experience in government ate to the Arkansas constitutional c a vent on of 1969-70 and have bin appointed to Stato commissions by both governor of Rockefeller and governor bumper. Third i have travelled and listened to people sex tins Ivy in the fourth District both As a candidate for confess i was in the run off in 1996 and thereafter. 2 the first priority should be the restoration of a stable Economy with a View to bringing inflation within manageable limit. This goal can be accomplished in two ways the elimination of waste and nonessential Federal programs and tax Reform so that the Burem of taxation is More equitable distributed. Next of a do ral Effort to footer Quality education in a Calm sume atmosphere should be increased. Economic stability and a healthy Lus country has the resources to Laaure that each american has the Best possible care available. However any plan Derild have the tap pm and cooperation of the medical profession and supporting services. 9 certainly there Are Many arkansans who could be benefited by the increased availability of health care which is discussed in the previous answer. Aside Fhon this the most immediate needs of Arkansas Hldi can be met by National legislate pm Are those in the area of Pukuc works and in the development of our natural resources such As making navigable the major Rivers for Fow Cost water and for recreational Puri fees Wahidi Biance the Economy of the bume to Jafea. J also fed education system Are indispensable to enhancing the Quality of like in America. Further Federal Power must be harnessed in the cause of environmental Quality. 9 National legit Puma of Ime Gration. 10. Permit tax free a Privato stools an roved the state Board of education. Ila i Harbor l Quot i Odieve that i am qualified for the hug list of Flea in our state fint Hamma of my administrative Radii Wund. I Bave been a Fumai up Arimendez and for do Paat avaral years i Bave has a Haa Phal admin Tor. Llama m to Pmj medi and w Aan Hilar i Bave bad no Hwy Aspa Faaee in to with Larga staff ii and Der before goal 1 i Bow tha a . I fed Thmas i Ronld Previde ii 1� i legislation Shoukal be tailored to redirect eco munic growth into the Lees populated less crowded areas like Arkansas. Better Highway transportation education medical care and the like can be Envoi aged by Federal policies for our areas and these conditions will in turn promote growth Here. This growth should not be indiscriminate however. Arkansas can afford now to be a deceive. We do not want to becom a replica it of new Joey with All the problems of pod ton and Urban might that Over industrialisation can produce. Jack Cokman no Ray. Richard Mays 1 1 have been a tract Schig attorney throughout South Arkansas for 11 years. I am a Milit with the mechanics and needs of lord and Stato Gove Mem having served As a Justice of the face Schod Board member and Delegawl to and vice president of the Arkansas constitutional convention of 1999. Fai my Law Pra Telce. 1 have dealt with pee to from All walks Ofella and Bava the ability to Polato to and Motiff Lhasa people. I have no family or Bud Nasa inter eau which would Creato to Taihia Eoa met of Famai Aat if Alae Tad to con Paas. T my Shig a Padua Salut Lon to tha undo timid place in this country the Tomlla Atriab of tha tax Ainia Tiva Ann Milaa of Abiano Hitha Malfara Ayata Aad the in Mem 01 a Mimi in for Wei dig Haahs Caro to All that priority Shoukal he Glt a to Extension of the interstate Highway system to include a nor i South expire Way. Ray Thornton 1 education Sheridan High . Yale . Of Arkansas. Professional former Deputy prosecuting attorney 14 years private Law practice set years two As Cha Man Arkansas Board of Law examiners. Delegate Jefferson Grant constitutional convention chairman. Executive Branch committee attorney general. Personal Lif Dong Redden of fourth Congress fond District member Church d Christ Grant county chamber of Commerce Rory gub american be. 2 1. Increased support for Public education. 2. Attaining and maintaining peace and Security. 3. Stopping inflation overcoming unfavourable balance of Trade. 4. Atu ining More equal right for All i Tims. 5. Tax Reform dominating inequities and Many loopholes. 6. Consumer Protection. 7. Environ mental Protection. 9. Farm and economic problems. 9. Transp nation housing and a dare Reform. 10. Some form of Revenue sharing. 9 1. Suit Ping inflation. 2. Tax Reform. 3. Farm and economic pro mems. 4. Rural medic problems. 5. Transp Rution facilities. 6. Support for Public education. 7. Environ Metal and consumer Protection. Candidates for Secretary of state were asked the fou owing 1. What Are you qualifications for the office of Secretary of state 2. What issues face the office of Sec Reury of Stote and what measures will you take to Correct the situation Izmir replies Are As of rows Oscar Alagood 1 As i have said 1 con Der the office As the Public relations Arm of Sute government. With my background in Public relations. The communications Media since 1990, and a lifetime career of meeting and dealing with the pier ii i Odieve i am emt mantly qualified. However the Secretary of Suto s office is also a big business. 1 have owned and operated my own firms musak and the bus Bench co for the last 12 years plus the fact that in a familiar with Suto Gove Mem it he a it having been a Suu senator or the past six years. 2 ital kit number one problem in this office is the controversy and confusion surrounding the printing contract let by the Sec Reury to to Stato. I propose to remove the questionable Aura from this area by promulgating and enforcing relations that Are fair to one and do. There will be absolutely no secret arrangements of any Type. All bids will be subject to pts bloc so Ruthie. The plan i have i mind take More than a Hundred words to explain but a amp who Fri Wnnie in Keuy Bryant 1 is Perklee larva on do Stato election Joaun Lalaian fit of a other boards and com middens supervisor of Fiatt Gerunda Nat and Aeop Letioa and Pra Aidonis Eif the Natland of Laere Tariao of for diffs Hava Glia tha a Man of Matiy Ataa id a Parielee i May varied Anta of government t have the a parlance and tha Dodro to do an even better Job Lor tha people of Arkansaw. Vernon Whitton 1 my Lead training at cuff Harland in Hersity Law a did Oon Merciai training at Tyler commercial cd Aga my we at a Kansu Stato Yachera pm my teach tag a parlance peo irme ample educational Backi Pound. Pm Numy years i we Managhin partner of the Gartand Anthony i Imber company. I organized and served a prepaid oat of the Arkansas Wood products association. I have debt for several years in red Watato investments. These activities have provided a varied background of practical Budness Esq Prience. My Strong desire to Render a Worth while Sirice is i Odieve my .1-3 our Cri Inland co How the of Dwir actions within our society. Stabl Dimant of pollution control expertise within the attorney Ganer ars of Floe. Empl Atlef Aceaid Tarry with Ragard to Arkan aaa Crl Nikal is Eldoe coma Oalee Ganral a pm Mimir Piat Aetis a com Mettaa Lea pudd inf of Arkansaw at Tomeyo a Kaaa Datlowe Arkan aaa on the braid of do Retora of tha National dial fact atom Aye a Alao Dalfon i Aazaad to Pine Tea Waiora do u.8. In Tea Carti Light years of Law Pra Eilea meaty Nar ont who record ont of do drop Nataly to supreme court of arc Anima tarty three Maaia of Aga and married. 1 Savidan of our Calm Hal Laws a vital task for the new att May general. Ah�a4y a Eon unison of i people la working to strengthen our criminal code insider the 2 Public Confidence and pubic unit in the office of Sec Reury of Stato must be resumed. To accomplish us objective i propose to adhere strictly to a to of Quad ring Bidden in Advance and then awarding contract on do bad of Fow bidder Goto the business i will have witnesses to the opening of All bids in excess of 96,000 and they will certify that the Low bidder was awarded the contract. Courteous and trained personnel will conduct guided Tours of the Capitol each saturday and sunday. The filing system for official documents must be improved. I will see that routine business is conducted Cour Tecouly efficiently and sex pundit Emdy. Candidates for attorney general were asked the fou owing questions 1. What Are your Quad fictions for the office of attorney general 2. What issues face the office and what measures would you take to Deal with these pro menu their answers Are As of rows i am a Samber of this com Mlasko Haghig Baon App Atad by the chef Justlee of the Arkansas Supra a court. A Artemey general i jul Ponthiue to direct out Dine and support this project. Drug abuse con Simms Protection Phi Ron Cound i had draft the Preem Eon Aumer legislation. I will conduct educational Saminaro and Institute civil actions where improper into and otherwise and sup port enforcement by our Propec thing attorneys. Jim Guy Tucker 1 in addition to my professional qualifications Asj of securing attorney of the stators largest Jud had District. I have been an office comparable in by and Persoma to the attorney general s office. My staff is 29 persons and my amid budget is Over 1999.090. I have a Oom pushed the fou owing gods butt time Proee Cutton by myself and my deputies with no Privato Law practice on the Side. Reduction in criminal Case backlog through use of special circuit judges. Grand jury in Vereti Gatton into Profeti Tufton twid gambling corruption. Suit against pipes polluting the Arkansas River. Drug crack with Over 79 hard drug no Tecton program of Latsiou of a free in hot Iliad As __________j�?T9 May. B. Corr action of riot fall Bilu Dilig m of Pimm but Nta no a to ii proved to Tandit of Thi fint and minor offend i to a Waumega did Retith to the Mapait Tram of society with conf us Nim Belore boo Mig the Harde Cri Inland requiring . C. Education include education for the to permit Thor enjoyment i and Thor contrib Tom to Ordety. 2 continued improve intent of Public Educ Aton to make it As responsive As a Paible to the needs of Haiir living and growing. 9 efforts to make so tech a Junior Rouege by the addition of Liberal Aris courses. D. Aid to the elderly and Han a flapped and veterans in order to assist these him have contributed to our society but now need the support of Soddy. E. Insurance Reform to Correct us and gov Wnent responsibility pm present Duma Towhidi the Tea ult of which an in consumer is paying excessive local candidates candidates for the state Capra Sentive pad ton 99 were asked do four big uses tons l what Are 3 for this office 2. What do you consoler the moot in portent issues facing the next general ass emmy 9. On which of these issues Touhl you initiate action at support legs Dalfon Thorn is Are As of rows Fudd Campbl 1 fifteen years of focal civic Community u a Der Standig of the in Wilems and Dedores of the members of the District has been gained. These activities bid Ude serving As Day director and mayor pres Klent of United fund rotary club Jaycees and serving on the ouachita county probation Board and the chamber Board. This experience includes Church pm Pership Sudi As with the administrative Board and teaching of sunday Schod. It includes professional a Sudi As chairman of the governors advisory Board to a pm insurance com missioner. President of the to agent association c.p.c.u., and a National recognition award. This an Acona Kitane with the people and Thor Fedling of free Ami to taut with me a action on a sum Lead through United forts. 2 a. Federal Revenue premiums while insurance companies continue to lose Money. The professional Cut tuned on psf 9 a Fofos Whity Judas Minoi Patiam of comfy trash nor j.s.s1ivr pm ers Anfor comity Coroner a Iokim los fsr itts is. 39 few Stati is. 39 or Nim 2 expanded d the Stato consumer and instal to i a that Pruff a a k bar Macii tilt Lilesii Ita Timi and ii pm Ali it we my card i it vim far him i Mai of or Nadat. Ivy a Farl ii Warfa la Ivra accuracy of my to Matt. Oct Atiana Ducra Joacim a Wall Frata Ian a Leif in com coca near Ora Naa Balsa Mac. Umi Afi bylaw Ara fan kits of a. Mommi a Kask to Dwanal 4, Ktal to. I annal 4, Kate to. Do anal 7, Knof to. Aka Anat is a tvs to aka Natl ii Kohv to of Amaal 1li a no Stu to of Mil 12. As Tiami Art Camra Tlam. Saturday May a 1972 morning Nook Book 4c 600-Sunrise semester e 29-Pasuh- s study lie 9c 6 90�?Ark-la-Tex farm Repac . 4c Hitchcock 9 farm Roundup lie 6 9s-Jot 19c 700-Jerry Lewis 3c-7c 4c-6c-10c bugs Bunny 9c-llc-19c 7 30-�?Tmister Rogers 2 Road runner 3c-7c Deputy Dawg 4c-6c l0c Scrooby Doo 9cllc-12c 9 00--8esamesu-Eet 2 Funky phantom. 3c-7c Woodpecker 4c-6c-10c Globe it otters 9c-llc-19c 9 3 a Jackson five 3c-7c Pink Panther 4c-6c-10c Bear Bunch 9c-llc l9c 9 00�?electric company 2 bewitched 3c-7c afternoon be tons 6c-l0c pebbles bamm bamm 9c-11c19c 9 30-mister Rogers lids vice Barrier red Archie 10 00-Sesemesuwet curiosity shop Larry Kane giant step Sabrina 1030-Jade 11 00-elecu�?Tic company Jonny quest or. Wizard 4c-9c-10c monkeys 9c-Lic-l2c la 90-Kukla,fran,Oltie 2 Lancelot link 3c-7c movie 4c Buga Foos 6c-10c you Are there 9c-llc-12c win twi nil Dover thru tuesday downtown Samuss Kubu vaunt due process Mother s Day supermarkets air conditioning the Fri medicare at amp to a 2-car garage. Congress country clubs state troopers the Constitution color television and democracy tha Yagol Billy Jack Tom Laughlin Klor Estelor ii was 7f so Mrston Inonia no. 2 1200-Bandstond Gosp hour film fes Uval Las Bell 12 36-Biu Anderson l 06-8tondupcheer Porter Wagoner 3c-7c 9c 9c-11c-19c Loc 6c 9c 4c 6c 7c 9c Ioc lie 12c 9c 4c 9c lie i9e 9c a Morau but win be cams Idab. Wmk to a Lormor Tom of Aikan aaa Dally new Papor Lor 14 years h Gre a into of tha univ Misity of armm Samd of Bmat add Rafoa of Baard of it award of the a Athalat Awre for ii years Mewhor of Dulc. Frata Raal and a Cal Daniel Boone movie Buck Owens Muing gds Tom Jerry l 9 world Wilbum Brothers Nadi Tufo music a issuing Groove godies 3.9ikauto racing Basenau 4c-6c-l9c Deedi Vauney Days 9c evening 6 99-Uwrencewdk 9c-% news 4c-1ic Wium Brothen 9c Sheehaw in Lle gds me 6 19-Ark. Outdoors 4e 6 90-racing sweeps Tokee 4c-19c Perte Wagener 9e Sheehaw lie 799 Cen sequences be me Groncy 4c4e-Lle bewitched 7e Aula Camuy Helle Satt vday 2l9-Basebeu 2 90-movie Nad Ivule music 90a-wrsetting big Huey Wator world 9 9lmimde 4.60-wlddspts movie riverboat 4 30-p0rter Wagoner 40lh-c0untry place Jamboree Wuhu Brothen Primus pin s 99-news Ltd swf.m0w.ross.anitis Nadi Tufo mud Loc to Lic 7 19 indians Pali m9 level Lac be a big Mavle car Ahral Palm to Dhosi m9 oink Vandyke Lac Lac a i9-Amfo ii Lac Lii Islen Lac be 9 �naw8 special lc-9e-Le news ic-4e4e-ie be Lac Lac cerebral palsy tether 1� m la la Avo i la Neva it w la la Fla 44c-u Trdla Roainy a Parau Adars a a it a la cantral palsy add Hen me the hitch fuck i film Ltd 19 Quot so swim Quot in i

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