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Camden News Newspaper Archives May 27 1972, Page 1

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Camden News (Newspaper) - May 27, 1972, Camden, Arkansas -7 to. Ii m wines serving the South s Ideal Industrial vol.5s-ne. 30-10 poem a a Quot Quot Wocl Shihi Puis Camden Arkansas saturday a a 27,1972 Ulm a United Potts Mia Ioc South Viets hold lines at Korntum by aun Dawson Saigon up the vict. Mem try Opi backed by american hello open firing tank user Minttie held the uni at Korntum Friday against communist human wave assaults on the provincial capital in the Central Highlands. Farther North. North Vietnam dose forces broke through government defences North of the old Impert capital of Hue but Wero thrown Back by Soulli vietnamese marines in combat which closed to hand-to4iand at one Point. . Spokesmen reported a newly spotted concentration of North vietnamese troops Only five Miles from the lightly guarded Eastern flank of Phu Bai the 2,000-Man american base 10 Miles South of Hue. The communists were hit with a Sintie b52 bomber strike Early Friday but Stul were in position to menace Phu Bai. Utter House to House fighting continued Friday in one Section of Korntum about 280 Miles North of Saigon where about 500 North vietnamese infiltrators were it Hig in inside a school and other buildings. Other communist sappers crept into the Forward command Post of the South vietnamese 2m infantry division at the North Era end of Korntum Field reports said. The sappers seized a number of buildings in the compound while a machine gun Crew climbed a water Tower and sprayed government troops with bullets. Up reporter Matt Franju la said. After South vietnamese attempts faced a . He copter knocked the Tower Over and killed the four Man gun Crew with the new antitank missile dubbed Tow for tube launched. Optically tracked wire guided. Is red Unks wrecked american military no Esmen said . Uhl Huey heu copter knocked out 10 communist tanks in the 24 hours ending at noon Friday with he deadly Tow issues. The Tow is. In theory foolproof. The operator sights a tank through a scope fires the missile and it is automatically guided by a trading wire to the target. Up correspondent Arthur Higbee reported from Korntum that the City Quot a a consent explosion Quot from the bombs rockets mortars and artillery of both sides. Maj. Gen. Nguyen Van Toan top South vietnamese commander in the told Higbee Quot i think Well drive them out of Here by Higbee said it appeared die optimism was premature. He said the South vie siamese we depending on . Air Power to hold the lines at the City s Edge and appeared to be having trouble forcing out the communists who infiltrated Korntum thursday. The North vietnamese Wero holed up in build Nii at the Edge of the City Airfield in the Center of Korntum Higbee reported. The Airstrip was closed and . He copter crewmen cancelled All but essential flights because of the heavy Fligh Faig. Heavy bit raids Higbee said american hell copters ferrying amm Unitan and food to the beleaguered defenders carried out 36 badly wounded Golem met troops on Stro Cheis. He said four american advisers had to bodily remove walking wounded refugees and Stretcher Bearen trying to get out of Korntum. A military spokesman said Mora than 500 communists were killed at Korntum Thun Day and Friday most of them during tahk4ed human wave assaults on the Northern perimeter. The missile firing helicopters and Jet fighters helped beat Back the attacks by an estimated 1,500 communist tax. Field reports put South vietnamese casualties in the two Days of fighting at 54 dead and 172 wounded. The big b52 super fortresses also were providing support for the defenders of Korntum. The command said 36 b52b dropped a ring of High exp Teives around the City s outer perimeter late thursday and Early Friday. Results were not known. About 120 Miles North of Korntum North vietnamese troops briefly pierced Hue s defense line Akong the my Chanh River Early Friday. Gov emment marines defending the line 20 Mues North of the old Imperial City however succeeded in hurting Back the attackers after heavy fighting. The marines claimed they killed at least 200 communist. And up reporter Ken Wagner said he counted 30 North vietnamese bodies at one position atone. Marine casualties were described by officials As Quot moderate Quot but no specific figures were Given. Heavy fighting also was reported to the North and South of the beleaguered provincial capital of an Loc. 60 Miles North of Saigon. A government Relief column within sight of an lion s Sou Tattera Edge was stalled for the ninth Day because of communist pressure. Two Miles to the North troops trying to enlarge the City s perimeter were attacked a id initial reports said they suffered 60 casualties against 45 communist ruled. Ova North Vietnam. American planes flew 290 bombing raids on thursday the . Command said. The hit the Thermal Plant at Vinh 137 Miles North of the Demilou fixed zone Doz and dropped two Bridges within six Miles of the major port City of Haiphong. Two . Navy a7 cuss Den were shot Down near Viii. The command said. One Pilot was rescued but the other is in review Mixon arrives in Moscow for talks by Albert Faustino the american Flag flew from a dome atop the Kremlin As the 3��ar motorcade arrived. President Nixon got out of the closed Mack us Ollae in which he Rode from the al port with soviet president Nikolai v. I omy and Pronier Alexei n. Kosygin. A Short time Utar protocol reception the president was offering a Toast to die Success of the Summit meeting. After Downing a Glass of Cognac he sup out Fer an unscheduled meeting with the top soviet Leader. Communist party chairman Leonid i. Bred we. By mid Roek and after Houn of private talks the relate a shop Between the two bad moved beyond one of strict formality. Is one ios Tanee. La the Kroun s Vladimir Hau. They clinked i Asama in 6 Tiam Pfow Toast than Brezhnev throw Lila Arm Aro Siwl Nixon s Back and they left for Mere Privet As the Suu. Progressed the first u j.<6ovkm agree menu signed Wero on environmental control. Pm us health Owais ton joint manned space flight a a of Ineido Ili al Ota Quot with these out of tha Way they climaxed their Aai Alom with agr emants m mtg a arms Lim Tatton. Are i the world Ottawa it we face with the same pasted on Grin. This time it was in a photo of a crowd at one of presided Nitim s Public appearances in Ottawa april 1315. Royal Canadian mounted Pouce and . Govern Mem sources both by the Man in the picture is Arthur Bremer the Man accused of trying to assassinate Alabama gov. George c. Wallace in Maryland. An Ottawa police source said beam May have been within 10 feel of Nixon at one Pant. New York the restoration May take a year but Many Art experts think it win be Salt limits still Loose easier Trade has benefits mb4jnplll Spring Ond Minmier month bring Beautiful Flowen and Green Grom for a Creot Urei to Admire. In the above photo a Bumble Bee prepares to land on one of the Flowers in mrs. Fred a. Lanes Garden. Staff photo Becker says Union contacted several perfect. Illey say the general Public probably won t be to detect the damage to Michelangelo s Quot Plata Quot viewing it in subdued Ghong. The Maible on View la St. Peter s Baal Lka in Rome waa damaged badly when Laulo Teth a. Of Sydney. Australia so Suheil at it with a Hammer. San j06e a Mirn a Lew Branton or. Snid he Wou m present an Quot Abt Mvi Atad Quot care and he did. His client Black militant Angela Davis did t even take the stand in her murder Kidnap trial. The defense Case lasted a by three Days. The Jay is papa cad to begin Della Nitoiu he a yur old my Savli was i vim la the �70 Couit Bogia a heat Iii hot a dad Wmk tour by Oala Mckinsey Amici Atco Prett writer Little Rock a j. Bill Becker state president of al Cio said Friday that the unions had contacted several persons including gov. Dale bumpers about seeking the seat now held by sen. John l. Mcleiian. 0-Aric. Becker said Union leaders met with bumpers several times after they heard persistent rumours that bumpers might be interested in making the Senate race. Quot he finally told us he had his program to Complete and that he was probably going to run for governor Quot Becker said. Quot in my opinion Dale bumpers would make a Good candidate for any office in the state and the Becker made the statements after it was revealed that some powerful Union leaders were interested in a Strong candidate that could make a race against Mcleiian. The letters indicated that Union leaders had made funds and staff available to congressman David Pryor in his race against Mcleiian. Becker said that Magellan had received Union funds in the past and added that he would support Republican Wayne Babbitt if Pryor fails to make a Runoff with Mcleiian in the primary. Some of the letters in question dated As far Back As August of last year but Becker said that it was not an unusual practice to begin planning a Campaign that far in Advance. Quot we have been looking for a candidate to run against John Mcleiian since 1954 and have not been Able to find one with the guts to make the race Quot Becker said. Quot frankly i did not think that Pryor would make the race because he had a Safe seat Quot said Becker. Quot that Young Man has a lot of guts to take on a Veteran campaigner Many candidates have not been willing to do earlier Friday Mcclean had maintained uie unions opposed him was because he had investigated the Workings of some of the Unks and that investigation resulted in some Union leaders being indicted. Quot bowl Kennedy also investigated labor and National labor likes him and probably would have supported him for the presidency Quot Becker said. Quot i think the opposition to Mcleiian is based on record and the votes Quot cast by Mcleiian on a number of issues including consumer pro text pm and jobs he added. Becker said he Felt that Mcleiian and us a rules should apol a i to Orgar Zed labor Utida lib leaders for remarks they have made during this Campaign. Becker said he objected to remarks allegedly made breakfast in Jonesboro about Quot unionist children Quot and another remark allegedly made by a Mcleiian supporter referring to Quot labor goons. Quot Becker said Mcleiian was not above taking Money funks. He said that Mcclean had re a ived to of from the seafarers Union in 1171 for a speech be before them. He said that in 1970 the Union had indicted for misuse of Union funds in a political activity. Quot i think Mcclean is out of step with the Arkansas delegation said Becker. Quot Pryor s record since he has been in Congress is slightly better than congressman Wilbur Mills and congressman Bill however Becl or said that Pryor had not always voted on the Side of labor. He gave As an example the ssi vote. The International machinists Union which had written the letters pleading their support to Pryor had supported the ssi while Pryor voted against it. Becker predicted that Pryor and Mcclelland would be in a Runoff for the democratic nomination. However if Pryor fails to make the Runoff. Becker said the voters of Arkansas still have a Good choices in the Republican candidacy of or. Wayne Babbitt. Quot i Don t know if he would get labor support Quot Becker said referring to Babbitt "1 would cast my vote for Quot the republicans could put together a real coalition Quot Becker said. He predicted that regardless of whether Pryor gets the nomination Quot there is going to be a new face in the by Kenneth j. Freed associated press writer Washington a the United states and the soviet Union left relatively free to increase the site and improve the Quality of their nuclear arsenals in the immediate future under the terms of the arms limit Tum agreement reached in Moscow Friday. The accords still allow the improvement of currents tems a Well As completion of programs already under Way. As a result the first stage of the so called Salt agreement does Little More than signal the future intent of the superpowers to slow their nuclear arms contest. The limits set out in the five year pact and accompanying executive agreement Loose enough to provide room for a Many arms race should either nation decide to take full advantage of every Inch of margin allowed. For instance under the provision allowing improvement of existing systems the soviet Union could push ahead with its reported plan to replace All 288 ss9 offensive missiles with larger ones capable of carrying agreement allows Moscow if it chooses to build its Fleet of Polaris Type vessels to More than 40. Combined with conventional missile equipped subs the russians conceivably could have up to 950 undersea based missiles. Also covered in the agreement defensive abm missile systems. President Nixon gave up one prospective abm site in Mon Una but he picked up the right to build a facility to protect Washington d.c., As Well As an abm shield for offensive launchers in North Dakota. On the soviet Side an existing abm site for Moscow can be increased and the russians May build a protective system for one of its offensive rocket fact lines. This Means each Side can build to a total of 200 abm launchers for their two Sites. Nixon has enough larger ones Capa Oie 01 carry my 20 Wari leads each equipped with a so megaton bomb. Request by two firms denied Little Rock a the state pollution control and ecology commission voted Friday to deny requests by two firms for additional time to install air pollution control equipment. The requests were made by the hot Springs aluminium processors co. Of hot Springs and the Prescott division of Motlach forests inc. The commission s action followed a recommendation earlier Friday by the executive committee of the state pollution control and ecology department. The comi tree also voted to file Misdemeanour charges la against Petiach forests that i Caincr is could Cost the firm 1250 a Day 4 j uni it compues with the air Acque 11160 pollution control code. So megaton the United states now has 5,-000 warheads for its 1,064 offensive missiles and strategic bombers while Russia s less developed system includes 2,500 warheads for some 1,600 launchers. However the Salt treaty allows Moscow to develop More advanced i rvs multiple independently targe table re entry vehicles to a total of about 6,000. Another option of increased weapons building involves submarine based missiles. The . Fleet now consists of 41 subs carrying a total of 656 Polaris or Poseidon missiles. Friday s agreement allows the expansion to about 700 missiles. Ilie russians have Only 25 such submarines each equipped with three missiles but the Pryor reacts Little Rock a rep. David Pryor d-Ark., Friday accused supporters of sen. John l. Mcleiian d-arii., of planting a Story with the news Media concerning Letten of Campaign support As Early As last summer from powerful Union leaders for Pryor. Charges Baker Headquarters manager for Mcleiian denied the charge. Pryor said the Story was a last minute move by Magellan supporters to stave off a possible Runoff election Between Pryor and Mcleiian for the democratic senatorial . Quot we expected sen. Mcleiian to attempt a last minute tactic to confuse the voters Quot Pryor said. He said he did not believe the Story which was carried by the associated i Ress. Would help the Campaign of either Mcleiian or ted Boswell in their race for the Senate. Faster Johnson of Little Rock is also seeking the nomination. Pryor said the Story would have Quot no effect because the Arkansas voter is intelligent and by Laurance f. Stuntz associated press writer new York a any easier Trade that May develop Between Russia and the United states promises benefits ranging from the new England computer towns Westward through Ohio s machine tool District to the California electronics firms. Longer term it could help the midwestern Farmer and machinery builders from Toledo to Tulsa. It might even lower the Cost of Home heating on the Atlantic coast. The soviet Union announced Friday that president Nixon and Kremlin leaders had agreed at their Summit to set up a joint commission to Quot promote the development of mutually advantageous relations in one interpretation of the development is that president Nixon and soviet leaders feel it is impossible to resolve during the Summit talks the Complex Trade questions facing the two countries and that such a commission is needed to continue the negotiations. But if problems resolved and .-soviet Trade is expanded it would mean sales to Russia of computers and machine tools right away. Later As Russia made it easier for americans to sell to soviet factories it could help sales of All kinds of machinery. Survey results today s edition of the Camden news includes a Survey conducted by the league of women voters of Camden and the state Board of the league of women voters among candidates for political office on the local and state Levels. Results of the Survey indicate the candidates for office their priorities and their goals. They provided by the league of women voters As a voter service. See Survey results Page 3 Washington a president Nixon has accumulated enough Republican National convention delegates to assure his nomination for a second term in the White House. The associated press poll of convention delegates showed Friday that at least 686 Nixon delegates have been elected in primaries or state caucuses and conventions. It takes 674 Del to win the gop presidential nomination at the Republican National convention which opens in Miami Beach aug. 21. Polling of recently elected delegates pushed Nixon Over the top. He was expected to pick up More from those currently counted As uncommitted As the polling continues. In the democratic Delegate poll sen. George s. Mcgovey leads with 4974 delegates votes. Alabama gov. George c Wallace has 323, sen. Hubert h. Humphrey 295>7 and sen. Edmund s. Muskie 160. It takes 1,509 votes for the democratic further in red by Gene Carlson Washington up the nation s foreign Trade account went another 1700 Milton in the red in april the second biggest monthly deficit in history the Commerce department said Friday. Since january the value of . Exports has lagged behind imports by $2.2 billion. Trade experts said it was now a certainty that 1972 would be the worst Trade year Ever for the United states. The Overall trading Pace slowed in april with exports tact pics showing the biggest drop a a a exports totalled a seasonally of it ii Irvi a adjusted $3.8 billion Down 3.4 Aill ice mrs. Mary Dunnings teacher the charges against Motlach to be filed after the commission staff conducts a six Day air monitoring Survey near the Prescott Wood products plan the commission is Thui to ask for a 60-Day suspension of action on the charges to encourage the company to comply with the Law at once if the company then fails to satisfy the commission s demands Legal a Tom will proceed. Jerrell Southall chief of the air division of the department said the Prescott Plant was to have been in compliance with the air code by june. He said the company had had sufficient time to Purchase and install the equipment but they were a patently Quot dragging their Southall asked the committee to deny hot Springs i aluminium process my co s re Piest for an Extension because the firm s poll Tom control proposal Quot Touhl not present a total slut pm to the fort Woith Tex. A a Young fort Worth High school teacher accused of Selling drugs to pupils was suspended Fri a until the Case is resolved. Deputy supt. Gerald Ward said the Case will be presented to the grand jury next week. If the teacher is no billed she can return to work. Ward said. Three 14-year-old Giris reportedly have told school audio cities that the teacher sold four pills later determined to be mescaline to one of them for 14 the teacher has denied the accusations. Ward said school official have investigated and we can come to no definite conclusion Quot in the Case. He said school officials were told by asst. Dist. Atty Jack Ray that it would be up to us whether it will be presented to the grand jury. We going to ask that it go before the grand adjusted per cent from March while imports Slid 0.3 per cent to $4.5 billion. This left a net deficit of $�9.4 Luluon second Only to the record $s2i.4 million deficit of october. While the october imbalance was largely due to one time effect of the naut wide strikes Commerce department analysts said the april decline was Broad based. Two big factors were a $100 million increase in automobile imports from Canada and a $90 million drop off in exports of Boeing 747 jumbo jets. Administration economists had predicted earlier that by the end of this year the United Sites might work itself Back to Trade equilibrium where the value of exports balanced imports. He april figures virtually eliminated that Possi bitty. Quot for the year As a whole we can t help but be worse than we were last year Quot one government expert noted. In 1971, the nation s Trade account was $2 billion in the red the first annual Brade deficit since Imp. The january comb ipod deficit has already Supra the 1971 total. U it continues at the present rate the 1972 deficit will run Buzon More than three Elmea last year s record. At the last faculty meeting of the Fairview Public schools or. . Shaddock superintendent announced the retirement of Are. Mary Dunnings who has served in the Fairview District both at Lafayette and Fairview elementary schools for 17 years. Prior to coming to the fair View schools she served in the Harmony Grove District at Union Grove or 23 years one term each at the Paschal f and China Grove school. She has Taudt at total of 42 years mis. Dunnings is a graduate of . College with a is degree in elementary education and she did further study at ouachita Baptist University Camden Branch. Her school Active tip a include a.e., at.a., cat. And Art club. Mrs. Dunnings is sccre><4>-y of St. James . Church Ancic she is also a member it Titi Secretary of the Steward Board she has sponsored the Young people s department the y p d ers children s choir and the Unior choir. The teachers of Fairview honoured her with a Silver Uay Wiki her initial engraved on the front. He Back was engraved with Fairview school 1972, and the number of years of service she also received a gift certificate. The commission will wrestle also with the problem of financing Grain sales to Russia. The other Side wants credits for these and if the United Sites is willing to sell on credit Grain exports could grow. The russians mainly interested in coarse grains such As Oats and Corn for cattle feed. Greater exports might not raise Grain prices but they would stabilise them and remove some danger of falling Levels. The Home owner s benefits less defined but still possible. One Deal being discussed is for the shipment of russian liquefied natural Gas to the american East coast. This could then be fed into existing pipelines to make up for diminishing supplies of Gas from the american Gulf Braun resigns space Job Washington it apr. Wernher von Braun. Pioneer rocket expert announced Friday he is resigning from the . Space Agency to join private Industry. Starting july 1 von Braun will become a vice president for engineering at Fairchild industries which is developing advanced scientific sate Lutes for launch in 1973 and 1975. He retires from a desk Job brainstorming space buses and Moon cities for the National aeronautics and space administration where his title is Deputy associate administrator for planning. The reasons for his departure t Clear. He said in a Brief printed statement that he wants to Quot help implement some space projects i feel of particular importance Quot but did t say what they were. A spokesman at Fairchild s Headquarters in Germantown my. Said that the satellite program is part of the reason he is joining the firm but not All of it. Von Braun born 60 years ago in Warsitz Germany is a giant in the history of military and peacetime rockets. While still a Young student four decades ago he shot a rocket More than a mile into the air before his 33rd birthday he had developed the v2 Roket bomb for Hitler. At the end of world War ii he evaded capture by the soviet Union and came to the United states where he became a citizen. In this country he built military rockets and later the Datum Moon rocket when the Datum project ended two years ago. Von Braun left his laboratories at the Marshall space flight Center in . Al and came to Washington his Job. Simply put was to Point out directions for future american space exploration. He has said he expects to walk on the Moon himself in another decade when he will be about 70 he has predicted that space shuttles such As the one endorsed earlier this year by president Nixon will Fly humans into space with As Little fuss As jetliners now Fly them Between cities before the year 2 ju1, he says the first baby will be born in a future Moon Colon crime Grant is approved Washington a Grant of $2,317.000 to the Arkansas commission on crime and Law enforcement has been approved by the Law enforce a a 1 Etc Ijiri Init ii Ion. 1� lie of it p John Paul Lianyu i Schmidt. It Ark. Said h Nav Nav i Quot if Staif commission a Iii Quot. D the funds were one j Alancy of ii comm Isidor s request for programs for the 1972 fiscal Veat last fall an Advance. Award id 1,544,800 was made he said the Grant includes $665,000 for Community based juvenile programs is Quot a a a for jail facilities. $274,000 to improve Law enforcement facilities $250,000 tor an indigent defense system $120,000 for criminal investigation units and $60,000 for drug abuse education the Leaa also App Ved it $273,000 correctional improve ment Grant for construction of facilities or for improvement of programs and practices completing award of 4&5, �0 the cd Mitil i Phau request we Lui such programs

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