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Camden News (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Camden, ArkansasThe a Kat latin Lack a it is a pretty common View today that Tho gravest threat of Cummin i amp a is m latin America which is struggling against tune and a Sittly rising population to lift itself out of poverty. This peril covers everything the l the world does to help the latin lands. No one knows How Long these nations May avoid the advertised lure of communism if they find Progress Smiet the tree system continually slow and frustrating. Yet there is a kind of tragic humor underlying this very dangerous situation. For the examples of communism at work in the world make it stunningly Clear that communism is absolutely Barren of solutions to the great economic problems. The latin a i tries a not As generally agricultural As is often thought. Some have strongly urbanized population. In most have been heavily dependent upon agricultural products. And this As Russia and red coma dramatically emphasize is the area of greatest communist failure economically. The or Travell a state of cubans Economy under communist Rule in an example for latin America close to Home. Life under Fidel Castro is a pitiful Shadow of what it was before. We Nevor gel of course the full Story of economie activity in the Iron curtail nations and in communist countries of Asia outside China. But we hear enough to know to it we never better than a Casi Onalle Good. Not Only do the economies of these lands not flourish. But the Moscow Anil peking regimes milk their satellites with ruthless efficiency. Perhaps our latin neighbors do not realize it. But the Appeal of for some of them As for others around the to lobe a is the Appeal of Quot something for the Gullible who a re ready to embrace this system Are looking for shortcuts to salvation and Prosperity. Of course there Are none. The living experience of every communist controlled nation on Earth is proof of it. What the latin Peoples must rely upon in the end is themselves. Their problem is not that Aid from free lands does not work but that they do not work. This does not mean they do not labor for bread. It Means they do not attack their own problems with Force and vigor do not develop Strong effective leadership do not dedicate themselves to the National proposition that their programs of economic uplift education and Imp can ement must take priority Over everything else they do. If every latin nation had a Leader of the Quality and spirit and determination of puerto Rico a gov. Luis Munoz the peril of communism would be pushed far Back. Foi its emptiness As a Way of life would be sharply exposed in contrast. Its Alfalfa editorials and features Cam den. A Kansas i a Moi Tda y May 20, lds a i some wives won t have a Flower Garden this summer because to use a Slang expression Hubby did t dig it. Maybe some close their Eves when being kissed because they like to imagine its being done by somebody else. Statistics show that an Ordinary pipe can be smoked in eighteen non utes a or until you run out of matches. Funny How Young love makes Midnight seem like about ton of clock. Worry clinic Clara lie came falous of Herb by girl because it Quot stole the then Clara grew horrified at her own to noughts and welded Slie must in insane a a i her Are often experienced Lay new mothers. So learn the a Frue facts about this Quot death a and you can Savage a inv marriages. By George w. Crank i a. I m. I. Cask 1-434 Clarab. Aged 27. Is the Young Mother who required Shock treatment. For Clara had Len a spoiled Only Eli ill prior to marriage. She worked As i Model because. She admired herself in Narcissus fashion. Although she did no to want children she finally became pregnant. And then raised main with her husband for months up Iii flip moment the baby arrived Clara was still the focus of her parents and husband Quot allow of you feel a they would inquire. Then they shifted to the baby girl and thereafter would always Start out with a How ii. The baby today did she take All of her bottle Quot so Clara subconsciously resented ims loss of the family limelight even to her own daughter. For some people Are almost As much addicted to their hunger for the social spotlight As Nar Colic addicts Are enslaved by morphine. Clara thought a ooh it was so much nicer before t he baby then the import of that wish struck Hei with full consciousness. Quot Why i wished for the death of my baby girl a she reeled backward in Shock. Quot but no Vonnal Mother would Ever be so jealous of her child that slip d wish her dead. So i am not Normal a. It soon Clara convert this phrase a not Normal into its synonym a abnormal Quot and then Quick a a a a two Quot in. A a Quot a Quot Rehs sted press thereafter. Clara tried to As Powell travel Tho House cyme Syhfri atoms of insanity. She has refused to approve an of Saidh Fer a Lirlind was failing her for trip next month for four everything went Blank when her members of the education and Slid would ask about the a labor committee headed by hop. Self into such a state that she was Seel to a sanitarium where she receive Shock treatment and up tit six months. When she came Home site be Gan to compensate for her previous callous a death a cod will surely strike my baby and Kil her. To punish me Quot Clara reasoned secretly. Set to Ciara insisted on sleeping flu baby and would Waken anxiously to make sure it was s a breathing. The death wish Quot is a very common Complex that afflicts Many people who Are secretly jealous of a member of then family and who May sometime catch themselves thinking Quot my u would be so much nicer if baby tor invalided Parent or or i arc not they May suddenly Wake up to the fact that they have toyed with the idea of death for to it member of the family. This shocks them into thinking they must be heinous monsters and a not Tuimal a meaning Quot insane a so they my actually try to adopt symptoms of insanity. Filch thoughts of death do a a not mean you Are abnormal. They occur i everybody at one time or another when we Are too confined by a loved ones care. So just shrug your shoulders and ignore them. And Send for my Booklet on Quot the death wish a enclosing a Long stamped return envelope plus 20 cents. Add it to your file for future reference. Quot can you spare a minute or. President Quot always write to or. Crane in care of this newspaper enclosing a Long stamped a a dressed l envelope Jmwa 20 cents to cover tying Ami printing costs when von Send for one of his Hook lets. Copyright by the Hopkins syr Teute inc. By Al Rose time a that Qirici Snail ticking that eternally counts the creep log knot Steps of Dea Llu a Yimm footsteps that always the scampered Pace of life. Time a a whose dark aim hidden a nth i wills its w a through space a Nuu to i it destined intervals calling Ali Rouix a death the life nine mon. William Joseph Christian Nisi. Girl so a it festival a like nil scouts it of District i Oliac i Iii Ulm to and to mon int san cd a festival of the nations ill Magnolia at the Kim a a ind. On Mav 4. This outdoor event planned by mis Eltiy Anna Branson. Torin i st it Mem let of Comei girl scent Cit Uncil. Demonstrated every phase of International it it a 1 m Iii s a n evaluation of this pm Jav. M h inn Camden a s Vout troop no. 2 1, Turner the leadership of Otto Cumi in is. Want asked to write a what . Means to me Quot Mai y Nila Clark a scouting Means Muu ship with other girls. I Ike i a pin people who need helps handicapped Orpi ians shut in Ami Oiler people. Truite a lit of suitor Matious is gained it the Knaw Edge in out of doors and Honlein akm. Klame Johnson a girl scouting note los a Way to meet girls my age. It Means a Way to gain a variety of interests awl skills. In later >t,.rs i hopi to travel to other lands a and place s in scouting and meet girls of different nationality a. Scouting is an excellent Means of acquiring new skills at i a wonderful entertainment 1 enjoy scouting and Hope to continue with it through the yes a to come. Ann dowdy a scouting is an Opportunity to meet people have fun. Anil help others. So Iron Cummings a to me girl scouting Means getting to make new friends Ami working will them learning to know More Alnut camping and about the opportune or offered to us. It Means helping other people and showing them we have Learned in our troops and at Camps. Girl scouting offers fun and enjoyment to those win. Are willing to work just a Little. Snyder a girl scouting Means t he gelling together of girls Ray age and doing projects for our Benefit As Well As the Benefit i our Community Church How k d school. Charlotte Taylor girl scouting Means learning to be a Pari of Oto ners in their work Ami daily lives it Means giving a it of your Daly life helping others that Siml help understanding. Giving your knowledge of your girl scout experience to younger girls who Are a it. Willing to give part of their daily life helping others. Hetty Dale Willis a girl scout ing Means learning the High qualities of a Ife. 1 have Learned some of one Many morals you need in life. I have been taught that you have to give your Friendship to receive b it girl scouts give it to Yon under any circumstances. When i was at senior horizon everyone was so Friendly and Nice. It makes you feel proud that you Aien girl scout. My a my Diu telling me of her exp tent it s in scouting has made me look Forward to the coming Yea in i am t it s lain the training in be had in scouting will a help me in Lateryl . The badges i be earned have helped train me. Child care in us keeper. Cooking Etc. Then Are Many years of More fun ahead. Kaythe Saxon a girl scouting is an Opportunity to learn Many Ano help those who need a Lifshi a Iris a hat Are from less fortunate families can join and learn Many , girl scouting is an Pior Ivinity to do tilings for yourself and others. It is an organization that should he Honor it Al and looked up to As an organization tor making a better Community and better citizens. Sallie Dalton a to me scouting is one of the greatest experiences that a girl can have. To me scouting is defined As spending ten years for the Pur a Wise of bringing yourself closer to god other girls and nature. Exits of times at Camp High Point 1 would get up at Midnight go outside just sit and look and think. Scouting keeps you Busy and sometimes 1 get discouraged about it and criticize it Oft a but no matter what you pay me to get out. Great american novel of today Diseth Tebolt by Summ 1982 Nobel prizewinner. I copyright a 1951 by Joum Sinbeck. Published by permission of / ,. Is inc. Distributed by King features Syndicate a the Al King press Wii at has Iii i Enki it Ethan Alt a Hawi. Y a ton motors were us Ltd in Ray owners Ami Irmino to new Hay town on lilo Long . Than st fat lift a a inure. Loss most of the Fatu Ity Fortune Ulm Kyhnn liiih5ctf n fnilur�1 no n in i int. He has adjusted himself to being u clerk in 111� Kix pity Hon in Oil Ltd owned but his family tins not und Btl Mno a if it Mary wants to do i something to restore them to their former m. Stic ii. n tin a with n Fuji Una tip Iri cml. Am Kalmn w ilk. In to of in tilt Stor. Curly on Ltd Ood a Raduy Morni Tik. In met Jurny Morphy clerk in Bank next to the grocery. Talk Tiv Joey let drop Otue Iii eat about iwo to Rob a before i Long a Lek inf. Then it Milf Kutan was it it a a a let i Iii the a ult walk in Iro tit of the Rte Fco a. The president of the Hank. 1 taker a a topped and advised loin to do something with tin Lew thou Sim Mary Intieri Teil. Itch Iii. Lie wild was kit a a nut . If to n rut unit to could escape by taking to Rik. Ainu Tiger kind of temptation if Margie Young Hunt a Young widow who in annoyed a Kuban s k of Rrapi Hanse to tier advances. She warned Tom Sdie was going to read Mary s Fortune and nay that than would a it on i to u Rob to it no shot in town. "1 Dun you to live up to it and i dare you not to Quot Sdie said. Mamie sent a pickup Cipu Netam e of hers. By guru a Salesman for n wholesale lii Tiefry lint to Katlian with a proposition to Nolor from Liik Iier and ret of Ecret coi Muis Eion on All business. It amp a find would ask about by Seute tricks. Quot a d try to remember her new a Clara apolo ghz a in Quot but. A Telephone i Adam Clayton Powell . But its refusal Ona 217 to 153 to Roll a Calls wont keep Powell and whenever he would a Republican colleague from Mak com no to recall a eng the trip. As office a House Teleg Uteri to the International la Geneva their expense s will to Pauj by the state department. The it House vote was on a it Resolution that would have allowed two delegates and two alternates to go from the committee with t heir expenses to be paid from appropriated funds or from foreign current ios available to the state department. Republicans and Southern democrats provided most of the votes def Ealine the Resolution. Thu delegates named by the House speaker will to Powell and rep. William 11. Ayres a Ohio. Left behind will be reps tames Roosevelt l>calif., and Charles a my chapter 5 Ethan Hawley turned his head toward a rattling and a knocking and a pounding on the Alley door and went quickly through the storeroom muttering a More customers than if we wer Joey Murphy staggered in clutching his Throat. A i Dieth of Euryth. Why is it so dark in Here Are mine eyes fail ething too Quot a shades pulled Down Quot said a thin. Quot trying to discourage thirsty he led the Way to the cold counter and dug out a frosted bottle and uncapped it Joey boy leaned against the lighted Glass and poured Down half the bottle before he lowered it. A they a he said. Quot somebody a lost fort Knox. He picked up the Billfold on the counter. A that a a Little gift from the b. B. D. And d. Drummer. He s trying to Hustle some of our a Well he ainu to hustling peanuts. This Here s Quality son oot your initials on it too in Quot it has a a you mean you done to know a a the just left n minute Joey flipped open the folded leather and rustled the Clear plastic identification envelopes lie opened the Back. Quot now heroes what i Call real Between first and second fingers he extracted a new Twenty Dollar Bill. A was that in there a a you think i planted it Quot a Joey i want to talk to you. The Goy offered me five per cent of any business i threw their a Well bully bully Prosperity at Quot you done to mean i should take it a Quot Why not if they done to add it on the Cost who loses a a the said i should t Tell Manilla or head think i was getting Quot he would. What a the matter with you Hawley you nuts you weren to thinking of turning it Down a Quot you mean you a take it a Quot take it i d sit up and beg for it. In my business they got All the loopholes closed. Practically everything yen can do in a Bank is against the Law unless you re president. I done to get you. If you wore taking it away from Alfio lad id say it was t quite straight but you re not. You do them a favor they do you a Tavory a Nice Crisp Green Quot i wish you a go away Joey Morphy put his to j emptied bottle Down hard on the counter. Quot or Hawley no or. Ethan Allen Hawley a he said coldly a if you think 1 would do anything dishonest or suggest that you do a he drifted quietly out through the storeroom and a Vised the Alley door shut. Ethan raised uie shades and opened the store again but there was t much Trade. He locked up at six and started away before he remembered the groceries for Hon a had to go Back and assemble them in two big bags and lock up Over again. M Ary came from Tho stove grocery bags from him. A a in be got so much to Tell you can to he kissed her and she Felt the texture of his lips. Quot what a the matter Quot she asked. A Little a i Hope you Arentt gloomy a it s a gloomy Quot its been a wonderful Day. Wait till you Quot where Are the kids Quot a upstairs with the radio. They be got something to Tell you too. Ill wait till after dinner for our part. Are you going to 1� surprised a Allen and Mary Ellen boiled Down the stairs and into the Kitchen. Quot he a Home Quot they said. A pop you got peeks to the store a you mean that Cereal sure a i wish you a bring some. Its the one with a mouse mask on the Box that you Cut a a rent to you a Little old for a mouse mask a Ellen said Quot you Send the Box top and ten cents and you get a ventriloquism thing and instructions. We just heard it on uie Mary said a Tell your father what you want to a Well we re going to enter the National i love America contest. First prize is go to Washington meet the president prizes and you get on Quot Pine a said Ethan. Quot what is it what do you have to do Quot a you just write an essay Why you love America Quot Ellen cried. A a it a the grapes a said Allen. A How about your school work a Quot its this summer. They announce the winners fourth of Quot Well that might be All right. Do you really love America or do you love prizes a Quot now father Quot said Mary a a done to go spoiling it for Quot i just w anted to separate the Cereal from the mouse mask. They get All mixed Quot pop where would you say we could look it up a a look it up a a sure like what some other Guys i a your great Grandfather had some pretty Fine books. They re in the a like what Quot Quot of like Lincoln a speeches mid Daniel Webster and Henry Clay. You might take a look at Thoreau or Walt Whitman or Emerson Mark Twain a maybe you could help us with the a then they be a Okay Quot said Allen. Quot will you remember to bring Home some peeks they re full of Iron and a a in la Quot can we go up in the attic and look at the books a a if you turn out the Light when the children had gone Mary said a i can to wait to Tell you a Margie Road me in cards today three times because she said she never saw anything like it. Three times i saw the cards come up myself a a ooh lord Quot Quot you won t to so suspicious when you hear. She read my cards and it was All about you. You re going to be one of the most important men in this town. And its not going to be Long either. Every card she turned showed Money and More Money. You re going to be a Rich Man a Damn her she a got no Ethan a do you know what she a doing a a i know you done to like her. What i think is you re jealous of my friends a that a what i think. I had a Happy afternoon and you want to spoil Mary a face was mottled a Seth angry disappointment and vengeful Tow Ard this obstacle to her daydreaming Quot you just sit there or smart and tear people Down. You think Margie made it All up. She did no to because i Cut the cards three times Quot to to continued tomorrow by Hal Boyle new York apr to columnist might never know if he did no to open his mail it pays to keep your credit Tuul. It luts been found that people who Are poor credit risks Aie also More Accident prone. Spet Kinf of accidents did you Linw twice As Many persons die in Bikih tues As in swimming pools. The television Aerial has tie come a be w status Symbol in Jap an. To impress their neighbors poo families erect an Aerial Over their snacks whether they actually have a television set. Bothered by tired Felt i ins a. In four out of five eases doctors say. The cause in t organic but ii idiotic. Nothing wears you Down like worrying. Some15 per cent of College age ame Catis arc now enrolled in an institution of higher learning but a third will drop out a ton earning a degree. Ever Wondi Lew butterflies got their name because of an old Folk Bricf that they stole butter Luik. Our quotable notables hat if a Man is alive from time to time for every such person there Are a Hundred dead men walking the a George c. La Htun Borg. Buddha. Who at one time of his life dieted on a Grain of Rice a Day. Finally died of acute indigestion. We re still an inventive people. The . Patent office gets 30 1 applications a Day for new products. Experiments at Iowa state University indicate the husbands most influential in determining family decisions Are those Able to out talk their wives. What la science find out next done to leave your car unlocked. Thieve., Are now stealing a million dollars Worth of autos daily. In America we buy a coffin and use it Only once. But Economy minded koreans Purchase their coffins while alive and use them As i ohcs chests. How Long do your household appliances last the . Department of agriculture reports washing machines should last 11 years refrigerators 1 5 years electric sewing machines. 24 years vacuum cleaners 15 to is years toasters. 15 years and television sets it years. A a children have become so expensive Only those on Relief can afford ii. Glasow. Most . Presidents came from Large families. Nineteen came from families of six or More children the parents of our 34 presidents had a total of 227 children fish Aren t Slippery to handle if you first dip your fingers in Salt. Big business May be getting Bialer m America but Small business is doing Well too. Over four million . Firms have fewer than 20 employees. Stephens school retains rating the Washington 1 merry go round Drew Pearson says Nixon leaves California at Whon time some California democrats Are too greedy gov. Wallace of Alabama was warned not to let Alabama become another Mississippi with parents a lots of other the Winter of our discontent by John Steinbeck copyright a log Loy John Steinbeck. Ail rights reserved. Reprinted by arrangement with the Viking press inc distributed by King features Syndicate. Stephens Ark. Special a Stephen be Hool has received its rating for the 1962-63 year. The letter states in part a Stephens High school has been placed on the list of secondary schools approved for the 1962-63 Sci Uiol year by the North Central association of colleges and Secondari y schools. This action was taken at inc annual business meeting of the association in Chicago March u-22, 1963.�?� toe Stephens Public school will present the Twenty six members of. Ion Washington it looks As if Dick Nixon is moving away from California at the wrong us cd two weeks after his announced decision �?�10 move the political a Kies have started falling Down on California democrats. It could very definitely swing that key state Over to the republicans in Jim and could seriously endanger Kennedy s re election. A a. What has happened in California polite amp is that two democratic leaders have become pure ambitious than the governor both politically and pocketbook Wise. Power stems to have gone Louier Heads. They Are a no. 1�?eugene Wyman democratic stale chair num. Wyman has recently been revealed a attorney for Endo laboratories in los Angeles makers of a drug called per Coda which contains a certain amount of narcotics. A the California legislature recently passed it Niu Waties control , aimed at drastically restrict it g the use of All narcotics but containing an aide Iksuh tit which for some reason gave preference to pc Coda. After two years of regulation this amendment would in Imit per Coda to Goff the regulation list. When this connection Between state chairman Wyman and the company manufacturing per Coda was made Public by mayor Sam Yorty of los an . Gov Pat Brown and attorney general Stan Ley Mosk issued statements that they knew of no improper Ariton by Wyman. Mosk s office actually Pix arc i Pixi Sitison to the per Coda amendment and both Brown and Mosk Are of the Type that would not have a inuit d any skulduggery if they Hud known about it. How very Swyman a father in Law was recently Apex tinted by the governor to the pharmacy control Board and Wyman s wife is on the los an Elev. City Council wymans Law firm meanwhile of it been expanding until it has become the most prosperous in Southern California and some of his clients have business before use City Council of which his wife is a member. Another powerful Democrat no. 2�?i Esse unit in. The Democratis Powts House in Sacramento. Unruh is now considered a it powerful As gov Brown and sometimes shows ilm i self to be More so. As chairman of the California state Legislatures ways and Means committee Unruh can just about decide what by l can pass the legislature. This is partly accomplished through contributions. Unruh being the chief funnel through which contributions Are distributed to dem sciatic legislators. A gov. Brown is now trying to pass a Bill requiring the name., of individual Campaign contributors to be published in line with the Federal Law. But Unruh is opposed Ami that a that. Unruh is also opposed to the governor on another Imp joint pint night harness racing new not permitted in California. Gov. Brown believes that Racetrack gambling is the Caus of anguish poverty. And . And is flatly opposed to additional tracks in california1. Unruh came to Sacramento More or less with patches on his pants now owns a big House in los Angele s. He operates an Industrial research Arm. Significantly the White House defers to Liim just about As much As to gov Brown. When a Rinh wants patronage in Washington he usually gets u. These Are so meow the factors that Are switching California Over to the republicans and could make Dick Nixon sorry he is leaving his native state at tills time. Alabama warning some of the Best friends of gov. George Wallace of Alabama feared Alabama was heading for Raco riots and three months ago warned Wallace to climb Down from his fiery segregationist stand. Among them were the Montgomery adverts or and the Ahni Ston Star both Wallace supporters. Quot the state of Akiyama and its governor Are going to sorrow unless the governor makes it Clear there Isnit going to in any violence or mob Rule a wrote the Montgomery advertiser. A the advertiser is distressed to have to say that the governor has evaded any opportunities to make himself Plain on violence. He has evaded his a the consensus of the governors friends very definitely is that he should stay within the Law and he will have to help in that Aid col. Harry Ayers editorially in the Anniston Star. A it is. Entirely Foolhardy to embark on a1 course that can Only Lead to grief and though gov. Wallace told this writer Well in Advance of the trouble in Birmingham that he did not want to turn Alabama into another Mississippi he persistently stated that he would a draw a it line in the dust beyond which integrate exists could not a s adn would Quot stand in the door to Block entry of Federal troops or Federal marshals or arizone else. They will have to arrest Many int repeated this As meaning that if Torti governor resisted others could follow his example with impunity. Spankings in school rep. Mel priced a. Told a group of Colleng a 24. my Xvi Wpm a Ralli Quot a mused Hep. Frank , 8-00 . And the commence Jan v0 0 without any conflict of interest int exercises will be Helof in expansively declared rep. William t. Murphy a Day May 24, 19h3 at 8 00 . Both Chicago Democrat. Quot i was never paddled in school Quot in the Stephens High Stephens Quot maybe that a Why we should All vote for this chuckled rep. John Kyi the Iowa republics. Note Sonny Liston world Champion heavyweight speaking in Washington at a big Broth dinner came out emphatically for school spankings though Many negro leaders in Washington Art opposed a High school auditorium. Elder . Pennington pastor of Harmony Baptist Church will preach the baccalaureate Sermon with topic a the supreme choices miss Jacquelynn Sanders will sing a the Green cathedrals by Hahn and a girls ensemble will sing o0 perfect Day by youse. Forrest Ruzzele executive Secretary of Arkansas education association will make the commencement address. Miss Vicki tit they salutatorian will Given a thoughts of a senior and miss Phillis Barkheimer vat victorian will s Peak on a the Road ahead. Miss Valorie Roberson will play a piano Solo a sea gardens by Cooke Ushers for the baccalaureate service will be Bill Mcguffin Joe to Richards to Cromwell and Janice Thompson and Ushers for the commencement will be Bob st Watt Bruce Ellis Marilyn Ross and Dianne smart All juniors. Arkansas Dairy Princess title in june at Little Rock. World news Rome Lap a Amintore fan Faiu s a haul s of continuing As Premier continued to improve today. Two More political Partie a Doci Cei to Hack another Center left government for Italy. The National Council of Fanfani s Christian Democrat party voted saturday to endorse continue at Ion of the a opening to the left which introduced told a crowd of 10,000 in the City Sam re. Since it proclaimed indonesians Independence in 1945, his leadership never has been challenged. Bandung West Java a pro a silent Sukarno accepted a _ Poi fitment As indonesians chief of slate for life today. Conway Ark. Apr Jean Ann a follow my leadership. I devote fielder is of Guy Lias been my life for you the indonesian named Faulkner county Dairy people a the 01-year-old president Princess and will compete for the unemployment tax by voice vote the Senate approved tuesday legislation to reduce employers 1963 payroll tax payments under the temporary extended unemployment compensation act. The Bill would reduce from .4 per cent to .25 per cent the pay tax rate under the Law enacted in 1901 to provide extended benefits for jobless persons. The measures now returns to the House for further action. Timely quotes of with a1 polyunsaturated diet of the coping hour week the Fly now pay water vacation and fit note benefits Many of us live in a chromium plated world where the major enemy we fact is crabgrffss.,�? astronaut John Glenn. The scientists who talk so boldly about comm i Cating with other planets have done a very. Isidor Job of communicating with the people on this Wutti to who Are expected to foot the Bill.rep, Olin the i used Tex. A Maii my the Camden news published by. The Camden news publishing co., Camden rat second class postage paid at Camden published daily evenings and Sway saturday at 113 Madison . Phone w 6-j722. The publishers Are not responsible i omissions typographical errors or any errors that occur other than to Correct % Issue after it is brought to their attention att advil using orders Are accepted on this basis notice to the Public an upon the character reputation or 88ndln� firm individual or corporation will be adly�6 i input. De upon being called to the attention of the news member of the associated pries the associated Pess is entitled exclusive to the use of a publication of All local news to this newspaper As Well As All a news disparities subscription rates at counter and 05 a copy. By terrier ,30 Pei vre a by Thilk a Arka Sasone year 16.00 i moot i u,50 i int Trilb tm4 1naotb . A. A

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