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Camden News Newspaper Archives May 11 1968, Page 1

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Serving the South s Ideal Industrial area Camden Arkansas saturday May 11, 1968 up a United press internat. Price 10 32 building permits issued in april by Rose lots to Ravine. Smith shop was built there. To for the convention of elks. ago in this memories. 2� the ust slice we Rel is a Parl ins times across the Street can be seen a yesteryear space appeared i to amps a de 1 i Aerold s. T. Garner store and a a Quot v l ? Fly letter from Alton b. Garner.31 a Quot a a Here usrey so is Day then m rear was the old City clerk Ray Joyner issued 32 building permits in april with. A total value of $127,626. There were six new residences included in the 32 permits j Louis Lench 624 Arisen remodel residence. Troy Womack 1006 Amanda new residence. . Pickings 1148 Dunnings remodel residence. Lonnie Bevins 3092 Adams remodel residence. Frank Tuminello 945 Maple remodel residence. A Everett Faulkner California Industrial building. J mrs. L. Gill 146 Hickory remodel residence j Roosevelt Furlow 345 Johnson remodel residence. I James Bates 125 Johnson remodel residence. Tommy Anderson remodel other buildings. J Beulah Lavton Lotf Doak re Model residence. Cleotha Denham. 256 fair View new residence. Sam Hill 221 Ratcliff new i Carport. I Camden realty and builders 11247 Moses new residence. Camden realty and builders. 453 Lakeside new residence. William h. Dishroom. 225 he the towering opera House built Bert. Residence moved in. Have changed on to the South on the East inf i8,90 and the words knights James Jeffus. 2615 Merritt Side were nothing but Reid phys in As on the roof in residence moved in. Fences All the Way to the Ravine i ,5 p Lester Childers Harper . Kimta Falls Texas. He sent Quot a i including the will Wood room the Oate 1890 a frankly store new residence. Be photos to his Mother and st0r/n 0cawe e�?zj10np in a and boarding House. Later a occupies cover now Rev al. Harbor 161 pro ski also that i do a feature act was Xvi she was built the Edge a find and third floors of the Gress remodel residence. Some of the business houses a a a a in my of the Ravine. On the West Side opera House razed several n a ninth Iii me of pm Ilio null a Reeves 3nd son. a Vears Bro he few a flow th0mps0n and sons and Holle 3s the Heilry Yarma a. A we a is Fth 1 Uilk Man and gee groceries on Cor so j Herc Pine Ford is today in the right background can Ofel apr of Adams Anh to of pro in a old also the episcopal rectory be Gerald Stafford 807 Maul Road remodel residence. Thomas Hesterly 682 Jenkins Ner of Adams and Jefferson. Quot jul Cusp uie Ive Uii v. To get seen the Steeple and Tower Leon shankle6 803 Austin re Carter fabric Center there was vacant Lols to the Ray of old . John s episcopal is rest. So us research some of now. Church just about where that Robert Nutt 2732 Redbud re Hole Olden Days 1900�?Ts am to trick air a tin photo above is another stack of lumber is in the Center Model residence tracks to some data the later a a a Var , classic from the Camden news of the photo is the old Rii Mph Noe Ward 173 North re mod ire chief Tom Morton gave to gee s were Law offices for. J. Files. shows loaded Cotton and Tyson grocery and just be al residence be before his death will list Aughan and Jilin word and wagons drawn by mule teams Low Carsons is spot where my Sam Gibson 305 Jack Parr fese firms from the washing go tax Artin. A Ather parked on South Adams in the dads store and later the s. T. New Carport on and Adams intersection Toje . Attorney Charlie Block from Washington to Jef Garner store was. J Raph Lindsey 540 Hawkins outward to Jackson Corner a old Bill der of the old Ferson in front of what is Watts. The two men standing on top new Carport. Vii Adams. That was the Mitu the ssh Nfn no my Kimi s hardware of the Bale of Cotton the left Alwine Carey -412 Carver fall business houses then Ina a i a i e Center today.0f the photo were w. E. My re Node residence. Wtown Camden. That was in �?�0? Arkansas. Built about on the East Side an Magness a Jac or with hat and de Jasper Wilson 208 Hildreth 900. I1912k Swanny a and Morgan amp lid Copeland. Both Cotlon buyers new Carport. N inc of cml Fahn Hmok across Jeff arson on the sey s on the West Side. When Anco Voung businessmen. James Jeffus. Evergreen re in Fie est Skie ote Street Corner was kit Agee Sam shop this Noto wag a j in Inq my merge Ater operated the in reel residence. V9s the Una Chan Vaizey Nank Ater Carson and Smith where 1900�?Ts sometime after or. Mor store and or. Copeland had ii ankh a Barb Cue 635 Adams 801 i i 1 o Belk Jones a a today and Lide toils list. Joined with Reese Lockett in the re Del business. A Mcrae general merchandise and brother had just started in of Truan Nunn a a a pc n1�?z Lockett and Copeland dry goods Anark Williams. 315 Grin my dad War Kcal re a new Brick in is -1-1. A a in his i and the Reeves Stori and lands which continued in Busil .�?zit,1,s Marf a 588 a frae before opening his own s Ore now Shainberg a and once 3ri c Brothers Quot As a held a Quot the bag and prior a that the grocery stores mentioned Here until the Christmas 3iy Brothers As Neacil of Tiu my dads store across the al. B eve fire of 19 frs its by sins Lett the left can be seen a Parl of Thi got Ier lw0 men Are not then in order was Smith Yar Corhn Rumph and so i10, a Carson s sign and below. Known to this writer. Cotton was Iron Iirth meat Market Jim Van ? 1 a if Foj i that is the two Story Frame new our maw product of camden1, Lun Saloon two buildings and Sta Quot do Busine ii 902 the Quot Hilel a Lri a sign a be is and 0.arhi a coun vat that then across the Street on Jeffer Fiji j Quot Vas Headquarters. A convention of time and was brought to Down soil and Adams was Dowdall the elks Lodge was being held town Camden where he ors sex i 3oera House with Arkansas then Flie bi6 Frame Structure Here the time. Mined and bought before i Quot i ii mrs a 11 to a1 attn a a a a a i i Cotton a i for storage usually in instr i Vav. . . Boats of the old was jewish synagogue on a Hill a m a Siree Story Brick build Jey were very popular then. Paddle wheel Type. Now Malco theater and vac is 0i? a Stern Ault on the Corner in two buildings the wagons were header so not to Jackson. Across Jack-.155 on tells Corner today. Now occupied by Morgan and nth towards the compress we 5pn&Quot was the Epi Sconn Church the old City jail stood Lindsey was Terrell and flood Meh was just a few blocks a was. Now Firestone and from there the dead end of Jackson Street game Saloon both retail and a the present site of the Cam Khuth All residences and vacant on the East and later a Black wholesale. The Telephone Post Den port. On the Corner is gaily decorated memories that bless and Burn. If surtax Bill becomes Law your paycheck will reflect a change by Joseph Coyne ipad the tax by april 15 of next year. When or less and persons filing As associated press writer a the Treasury estimates you figure out How much tax head of a household who pay Washington apr most about 83 million. About 17 Mil you owe the government Foi $220 or less in taxes. Americans will begin paying lion others in the two lowest in 1968 that time you will be re a will corporations also Oak More Federal income taxes come tax brackets those who quire to assess the surcharge a sur Lara Rev 1 shortly if Congress enacts the pay taxes the 14 and 15 pet from the previous april 1, a a 10 per cent surcharge package cent rates Witt pay nothing Ellis will b inc a j0 l in the in. A yes and for corporations a by Senate Blouse to restrictions tie int Mil ,2 Llu a we be asm3st&Quot no president re school menus Bearden menus monday a hot dogs Over Fried potatoes Catsup peaches Peanut butter cookies milk. Tuesday a Barbecue burgers baked Beans potato chips lettuce pieces Cream Cycle . Wednesday tuna fish sandwiches Peanut butter sandwiches whole Kernel Corn Pic cycles milk. Brace specialist Thom As Mcclellan and mrs. Martin Mosley Junior auxiliary worker Are shown Here with two patients during the crippled children a clinic held the ouachita county health unit May 9. Severn s Uez Pic a re Fairview menus monday beef the second crippled child rents clinic for this year was held May 9 the ouachita county health unit. Or. John Christian orthopaedic surgeon from Little Rock was the Exa mining physician and was As talks m u a of a arrived in Paris a. Paris apr North Viet la names delegation to the prelim la Pill Jiff if nary peace talks with the unit i 8kc 1 i Lily de states has launched a Friend a ii a Liti Ess offensive since arrived 110 hazardous in Paris but with Only limited Success. Washington apr the spearheading the drive to win food and drug administration 1s Jie legation chief uan announced tot Lay new Labelling buy a Short Bald Man of 5a a Rinere rely the 1,6 Ify or is we come tie Fra cited findings re when be arrived be i iroc gently published by British re Airport even though the Small searchers indicating those tak crowd Nad to wait three hours ing the pills increase their a is plane. Chances of death or disease due the first thing people noticed to blood clots by seven to 10 about him me Airport was Thuy s perpetual smile. The revised Labelling Points amp never came Oft not Evan out that the British studies can when the crowd of cult Wisher and Gravy insisted by miss Martha Roe mashed potatoes Green Beans a Man r.n., nursing consultant cheese Sticks bread milk a for the crippled children ski ple pie. Vision. Paediatric examine tuesday a meal loaf cat-1 tons were done by or. J. L. Sup Blackeye peas whole Ker Dedman. Nel Corn beet pickles Corn bread milk fruit cup. Tini clinic is held under the wednesday a pork and supervision of the county heal Grav potato salad Lima Beans i the nurses. Those assisting Apple rings hot Rolls butter were 1�?~s Vernoni Garrison milk Cream Cwicig. A ivors. Gentry Dunn ivies cig us thursday Chicken and stringfellow and mrs. Donald noodles a English peas whole Brandon who is from Dallas Kernel com buttered carrots county. Special assistant was Cranberry sauce milk bread is Alma Alderman District Raisin squares. Friday hamburgers baked Beans potato chips pickles milk Wacker cake. Model residence. Camden school menus monday a charbroiled hamburgers lettuce pickles tomatoes French Fries Ketchup fruit cup Graham crackers Thomas Milk. Tuesday Turkey salad Sandwich Green Beans Harvard beets Cherry pie milk. Wednesday meat loaf creamed potatoes Black eyed peas Rolls butter fruit jello milk. Thursday baked Beans wieners tossed salad whole Kernel Corn Coconut cookies Rolls milk. Friday a fish Slicks potato salad cabbage Slaw com bread applesauce Orange juice milk. Supervisor of Public health nurses. Workers from the local welfare department were Nan cd Barrow. Marjorie Nance mrs. To inn Robinson and mrs. Willie Bratten helped to Register patients. Also present were David Gal Houn physical therapist Mcclellan Brace specialist and Bob priest corrective shoe specialist. Junior auxiliary members who worked helping route patients and charts were mrs. R. L. King. Mrs. Bob Fisher no he applied directly to he official greeters photographers United states or Oher countries an new menture be Ticu to because the incidence of blood-9 v s 3 a5& they pressed clo diseases May not be the the main waiting room. the smile was Sun there next a similar study in the United Day Vohen Thuy and nut Atco states is to be completed Early bad to Pysh their Way Down the year sle s us tl0nt e foreign the new Labelling will say hat ministry Between rows of news under Adverse reactions a Sta men and photographers to stoically significant association o 1�?Tgn minister Maurice has been demonstrated be Ween Couve be Murville watches up he use of Oral contraceptives prehensile by from the door and deah or disease from blood i a buy smiles even when lie clots which Lodge in the brain or tells reporters a vietnamese. Is a that he won answer a tons. He is known to speak excellent Frenzen. His aides distributed plentiful copies of Lus arrival , plus capsule biography. The Biog Rapiny said lie was to a a Hijiko a Luemily of patriots on the outskirts of Hanoi. A people who contribute to a later there was a Multi cop Tient care will be spotlighted red English translation i during Observance of National texts 1 is kind of Pressa Gentry Hospital week by tie ouachita is highly unusual among Hospital May 12-18. Senta uves of communist go its. ,. Ern ments. Iheme for the week is your Ner the first session bet a a Hospital people caring for y and North vietnamese ii people a according to Albert resent lives Raav a Spok Pilkington administrator of tie Man wus pleasant As Ever and Hospital Here. Even had some Mior mation. Bat a in recent years a he said in explained he had attended a the Public a attention has been the Uniec Multi focused on tie tremendous Hospital week May 12 to in saturday last Day for Art exhibit saturday is the last Day for technological advances hospitals Piave made in patient care. Certainly new and sophisticated machines and techniques mrs. Chiles Green. Mrs. Dav have helped immeasurably but the Art exhibit of the Camden id Campbell. Mrs. Martin mos j unfortunately is too often for Public schools. Eight schools lev mrs. Bob Reynolds mrs. J gotten that human hands must and approximately 2 a 0 stud Frod Rogers jr., is. Joe operate the machines and that ends Are represented in the show Dooley. Mrs. Joe Knight and j Seohm dog is useless without trom Grade one through twelve. Mrs Ii. Mann. schools having drawings paint sandwiches were furnished j was a in of out Fiat in be Ings and Erali items Are car by mrs. Larrv Killough and com Muni to Hospital cent i Cleveland ave., mrs. Arlis Palmer Java ties h. Skiis and Knou Lod to of 201 Nelson. Northside and White and drinks were furnished by a a to or vide Sie elementary schools and miss Elizabeth Ellis worked out last Jan. 1. Corporations also the tie iirstw01 v be Quot of sen you ext face a speedup in their tax Pav Iii in. I Jam Jary income tax filing no whom on Mure e 10. Amin Inu a ,.em,u m Quot a a al Uijun on .1 conferees and if president a a How will i pay the lax Johnson signs . I a beginning with the president has sought the paycheck alter june a a a a a a. A a a Llull 5ur. Tax hike but is not certain he my to the present schedule , Vou Mav get a smaller a to r will go along with congressional your paycheck will Relli a lie Refu i a Vear b re Lack a demands or a $0 billion spend duct on covering the surcharge l More by apr Sun u Leo ing Cut that would accompany for example if $15 a week is y l or Jonari a m did Meta suit also ski urls . Now deducted from your pay a a Here is How the tax proposal Check for Federal income taxes a How about an example would work a you will pay an additional $1.50 a Lei s suppose you re Marqa when would the 10 per for a total of $16,50. Ried with two children and earn cent to surcharge affect my a a How Long must i pay this $10,000 a year. For 19 58, you paycheck a extra tax in Ould pay $1,114 in Federal in a the surcharge if signed a until june 30, 19159, unless come taxes if you took the into Law would go into effect 15 Congress extends beyond that Standard deduction allowed on Days after the signing. The Point. J your return. Of Treasury department is now a a Isnit the tax retroactive a Jill tj10 sur Chan Elfe Etic planning to begin collecting the a yes but wont affect the april additional tax about june 10. Amount withheld from your pay an Extension of the 10 per cent tax on Telephone service and the 7 per cent manufacturers excise tax on automobiles. J Harmony Grove menus j monday a Steak and Gravy i creamed potatoes English i peas Slaw Rolls Apple sauce i milk. I tuesday a Tanilian Green i Beans Hominy Peanut butter Sandwich cake Rolls milk Orange juice wednesday Turkey pie. Black eved peas Slaw Rolls Jelto. Milk. I thursday dry Beans com turnips and greens Corn bread ice Cream milk j Friday a tuna fish salad potato chips baked Beans Apple pie milk. 1 j Billy Dickinson reenlist for four More years bar Jurg. Germany a specialist four Billy g. Dickinson son of or. And mrs. George m. Dickinson 419 Willow . Camden ark., reenlisted for four years in the regular. Persons Are needed to provide cola cola comr nov of Camden. Pro f r to j patients. Camden High school and Luv sixty nine patients were seen a Ltd in he said a we need Coln school on the Sec in the clinic. Nearly three employees to care nil before ear a patient admitted to. Mooers from tie Var ouachita 10v1- Chols Are serving As hos or. Pili Kirton added that n �?o01 f 1 1�?�, vks101 s the arc arc More than 200 Fob 1 in ,b,.t a old us plan some of. I inn f ii no uni me classifications within a Hospit Mhz. George Jordan mrs. George Jordan was re a gently named s ate treasurer of Arkansas federation of music clubs the state Donven al s Walls ranging from accountant to trav technic inn. Others Are Laboratory technician Engineer laundry worker House Koonjr. Maintenance worker dietician Cook Kitchen Helper purchasing agent Thor Anist pm Larma Elst. Personnel officer clerk medical record librarian. Etc nation la Hospital week sponsored by the american Hospital association is celebrated annually to emn Havi a the vital Community role Dayed by the More than 7.000 Hospit a s Throin onut the Irdi m Hiis year that of service Bej is on he birth fave of Florence no i Vinici i a of off ohs d to the Pele Ibl i ment of tin five bos Pital Sci i is of nursing. The techniques. mrs. Cora Guthridge with the 4th armoured division near Bamberg. Germany. A Driver in company b 1st Battaion of the divisions 54th miss Elizabeht , state infantry spec. Dickinson in. Home management specialist tired of e a my in july 19fi i and a a How much will the Gover with the agricultural Extension a a a a stationed i. Lewis ment collect Oyer All from the service of Little Hock Ard mrs. Wash., before arriving Over surcharge army. April 22, while serving Tion held May 3 4 in Jones to mrs. Jordan has just completed a two Yeai term of office As president of the South West Dis Rich of music clubs and is a former president of thursday mus Oklahoma patient in local Hospital . Walters ital ohls Imp a duty Urile Hock tag Claude m. A Las a a what is a surcharge a on Johns ferret Way rates to preserve its identity As a Lions irom your paycheck. I a single persons who pay. a temporary tax and to make q will i be required to pay $195 or less in taxes will pay billion including almost $1,. Easier to remove once the Viet this later nothing additional. The same a on a the current Lineal Vear Nam War permits. J a yes but not until you file applies to persons filing joint re am billion m the next its Cora Lee Guthridge an out a a a Oas fee following in member a to rough june 30, 1969. The standing person in the Field of he received Basic training al government expects to collect Cushion we 1s state clothing , n. C Riekin Tnp attended Dade Vilu Ligh school. Good news loth ing billion in additional taxes specialist with the agriculture Vou would Oak 1 198 in a of n Levi duals and of 1 Extension service will be Fea of Pav in on corporations �?$110 Turah on Fps bands to have concert there Wen eight babies Hospital Iii Luiei cles trom s jr., 25, has reported 1 Rubiy As the Olliee in charge of of-129 patients and liter l Roc int the . In the ouachita Navy station Icv Friday morning. This he Elk lie will re lace outpatients emerged heat Beott who will Etc one patient lame . 4 executive Olfelt Mcalester. Okla. Hock Navy r u you ivies in the slate area. 1 i �11 i . A i e i i in utile i on the program this raises the total to $1 tie Fairview senior band. Junior band and beginner band will in presented in concert monday. May 13, 7.30 p in i i the High school and Ito i in this will be that last performance this shoo a a car for All three e the Public is a Tiow Many americans will your income Tux return for 11 08 turns who now pay $290 in taxes Eal eur a Good news a Folk Musica event written a serially Fot the Ouie r.,such pts Ople of today will be present questions As a what do tie terms de he two Voung Peoples choirs con Liall invited to attend a drip dry a durable press the first Baptist Church tickets Tsvili be Sale the a Wash and Wear mean0 and 7 p m. D or a Mission is 50 c of should durable press fabrics All Young people in this area adults and there is no charge were n in Lle us1 of l. Walters enlisted in the City residents. There �?~j5 from naval Reserve in Camden a u the greater Camden area. Al Nisi 23, hmm ii. Lie serv d out of City residents were As aboard the Summit s step Iblis i r Scott , okla. Bearden Buena Vista be washed in cold water Are invited to attend. Tor students. North Little Rock chide ter a n Dia tin Man Hampton to 1. 1140horae ported in 5 san Diego from july 2��, Itne to 1 to april ii 1911�. He served As 1 the Supply officer aboard tin 7 1st and Lias deployed twice in 2 Viet Nam among wallers 3 awards is the Viet Cong Cam to pain medal. National s medal and the Viet Nam ser 3 vice me Lai. 1 . Walters is the son of or. 2 and mrs Claude m. Walters i sr., of Camden

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