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Camden News Newspaper Archives Jul 23 1938, Page 1

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Camden News (Newspaper) - July 23, 1938, Camden, Arkansas W society it to Bave sport tool Chat another one of the Novelty or the v i coition season to Hii Iven the Alpha ornery or i Allty is the sport Dali cd Tonij Ilu a the country club. The c run in Dws Quot will play fit dancing Wellch begins at it of clock. Piti Edins tin Duco there will it pm to informal Juji Ray for in inh is Simul their data Audi Jacw Kethcart. Tito Ilsc Eccl Dix inc is will als a be in ailed in Vlught. Thread fill i Ord a it nope Hhope Star july 20 miss i Viliy in ii Vav Liitt enter Quot trained at Bride it on tii Sci Gay it it noon at her Ikumi t 1 11 Simili a a tract honouring Loi i pm Rigil of f Anzidei a a Tui mis. L ivs a Snyder of Forrest cily. I or mgt a wife aglow Wili of unifier Llovy. i and arranged thu be tables Lime a Quot a Coro favor Wei to to ii i a Alexander and file Lio Moi i f a presented wih i t Tambi Anco a gits. Following the a do Al Ioas salad course was served with punch. Personals Raymond Peci. Of ,. Texas. A Here \ Imti mis. Tie Scogin and mrs. lnreat4�?z.i Lois franc s l read ill is cd Puccle 1 ionic Tofily. Sii has a eco Atli Iid a party a in miss Tkv Lyn at Hojic. I is Sla Elvird has As her her Ino Fhi a mr.-,. In stain lord and Little i Atsy to Larilyn jul Asterson of h Nav. Mrs. Kali it a . Anri .sf>n.s, a Gene and Ala i Liaty. It it Odessa Juisiang Are a Isil . Or , or. A mis. L Al Bates. Mrs. Joe Patter. In is i. Itin in Huntington in he Ahin Naa. Or. And mrs. Harry h a Bairn have Reni in 1 ir.,n in Honey Nicon spent . Iia , Canada and a at at Cromwell in la it Tiai Misouri. They Al o v in Jiulia to Detroit and he a. Or Rosenbaum a Tia a a a. Even a Levy he Hae it on Jun Eloth. Ne/4 of Setfa ii it Tiwa atop 13 South lung 17 weit the acc run South 26 1 fett to the North Side of the Camden Magnolia Public Road thence South 59 degrees West along the North Side of said Public Road a distance of 704 feet the acc North 31 degrees West 317 feet to the Southeast Corner of the lot herein conveyed for a beginning Point thence North 31 degrees West f 0 feet thence South 59 degrees West parallel with the Cam Den Magnolia Public Road 60 feet thence South 31 degrees East 50 feet thence North 59 degrees East �0 feet to Point of beginning m ouachita county Arkansas. Terms of or a credit of three months the purchaser being required la execute a Bond As required Law and the order and decree of said court in said cause with approved Security bearing i Tercsi at the rate of 6 per cent per annul from Date of i Sale until paid i and a Lien being retained on the premises sold to secure the payment of the Pur a Vlf a Immor Iny Niue this in Day Fulchi a. D. Imi. Carl Cathey. Gumm Unione in chancer. A Farmer who a Century ago could grow give acres of Corn can today the use of modern machinery and equipment Plant cultivate and Harl set 20 Tim mat much. Warning order. Sarah Casper plaintiff. Is. No. 5283 Vincent Casper defendant. Ouachita county. Ouachita chancery court. The defendant Vincent Casper it warned to appear in this court v within thirty Days and answer the complaint of to get plaintiff Sarah camper. Witness hand and Seal this 16 Day of july 93b. Carl Cathey clerk. Everet Cathey d. C. 7-21-38-8-4-11 enc land flac near Oil company properly on Middle Yangtze did no to prevent ils bombing japanese War planes i Lii now a old glory has Licen i in cd on american warehouse in anticipation of Japan s drive for capital City. I i m r. 0 a Salute from i Orv i Riidu ass i thrilled it und v in oboe ii a Lih ass v. It it lid. A i t i s. Ii d i a of i Ndu i t i Ion to in City of t in a Ivanas Ace it Niin it. To the Quot Niia map of ,.air cily in. .1. \ i ii a Ped Rai in the Yeai a l l particularly lilo i in it this a. I id ii a Lorri. It a Stre to it a a Ait ideas Diirner Fai i o. 2 a Lillock and Rimini ii Quot Bianei Al-iii4 the a ,1 c ,1 a Dis Nee of 10 hat Ihei ice West i Lay at right a a a Tiiarj-i.-,on Street to tie w t it line of Saia lot nil. L4.� the lice. Of Witherly Westerly 1mi&Quot o the Outh j a Osiier of Sailo to. 245 hence Eash i , so sithi line of said lot of. 2 a. A ii Swanee a of 2 to to Point of bf4in i Loo i of Sii a Loi judges and clerks for election tuesday red Hill no. 2. F. L. Lindlay j. Nichols s. I Spurlock Jud is. J. H. This july Janie acl j. . E. J. A i a an cold Sterra meal Jackin the in Teri St i the pal the last 16 v.-, Asal i 1 Loi i Iasi to iras in of a of car a malt starts today 1008 Loloi a Waii s life a h .1 a a or ,. S lie of. So a m. M . Ami Al. L. O a is. M a .1 of Ian a a 1 a. An of Liun slam i ii on. I Cir i., mini a a is Quot and a .0 in a a a mrs Al a. Anelion a said i a 1 i c a ova t on ill s of. I i. I i it aced 11 i. . To i ind a ii. To n.ai�?T.i-. Of . Marl out of i is. S Quot 1cd Oropel a / is. 1. I. I a a s in a a a of sail i 1/ a ,. Al the. Viik i a s a to Sairy is a a ,>llo-.v a so. A. A. L a Lii Ais a in to 0 lot of. 2m. I Loi i �?~a4, City of clerks soul in . Actor Ronti h ,. La ail . Ai on Olree 01 i in Sci d i 01 1 "2. Quot at a e to Quot. A Ai i. A us it . Al a ii Bliss Minn at tiie of lot no 2-�a, Lilac. Tiu on is 1idiot a Lara on , run nine to Intro wherly Aiono i Vistie of Harris Riu strip Al 81 get Clience som i aral l Vith i Ortii of Van a Cai Strei t i re Swanee of la i is f to thence air Hirly a Hallel Vsmith to i it Ian of ii a him Ace s Stia Alona Soat Taa a. Carf i. O. 24. I. Hloch. To Iotla a la Oll inn a in Saai Laoj Jim. lard Ferial ii d for ails at jul Lii la Rake Lowi Islip. I. N. ,i tar Ludm. C. Adapi., Kate Brake nudes. Plattie Liell do. I Lanip Kin Ella i. R at j t i .11 to lib fit of i at it i n t ill i i Lori i air Kiel a Iiri d Anri old a Rill Oit c Azaie i and h is a a of coat t Loloi ise Nadisa. Ai1aaa of. In in Jii Docial. / lit a Aist die huh a u la ice of o Lia to i anu.�?T,is in in Ham. I to Quot d to a pm App i Ai ii of ,.a d i ii. Is. Accrued i e the hour at Ca Irlan Onsa. A r�?T,1-, of Jidov l�.ii�. A a. , Sia ref. I a a. S. . D. S. Earn it kit of k. J l .mora.an, i plaintiff. V. A o. 1 mail a 11 Lone i t Al ii Fen Plant Liiva o . Chanee court. Rizir lao \ Lay Lidi i nes ted John Henry a la i ,l,.y Eal Are Varna d t a pm a 111 Lias ourt within thirty Days sad Ais i the Eoin Plain of the i Laii Karl mor Ian. I Ai. Any hand and Thi fill o of july 1938. Ahi. Ca l hey Cle l ii Lff Allin it jr., b. 7-7-m i Dii ii Hesti in town slip. Vav. I. Or i. A ii. Car Rcd Royt Perks. S Kiver town slip. A Racon in Lucas , ivies Lalie i Rudoy. I Clifton Pond ii in Ondic r anti a. In. No Bradli v township. clerks. J. D. Ohi i on ted Holmes Sinai Kovar no. 1. M. G. . J a. A Yah rough. J -. H i in a j. J. Fullor ii i ii Tysoe clerks. 1>. 1�?T,. Idora a Jud is. Jaii s Sinisi Neil a Vlodi uan clerk. Smecko or no. I i ii. Snort iinli., of Ion .1. Vav. I li"unniit1, ids s. C. Ii. Canaipi 11 Anil air Cole Elerk. T Jii Oti Torii slip. . Sloan .1 Vav. Caa in to m. Hollins to 1h, i a Ltd. C. Liar ii a Ala s. Anthony clerks. no. 1. J. W. His i Roy Penni am j. W. We i in. In Riar. O. Lei k and j. S. A Larter clerks. A Quot Valley no. 2.a 1 c. Singh lao . Vav Al n i civil Lei. i. Juii i la .1 r. Sia w an or. To. W. A Seales Clr Ilis. Wasni Filon a Ltd. I. H. Leoty. a h a William ind a As a a .1. Ivy nip on Anh Adinie Rhom son Elc a. Vav Lowlon no. A. N. Con a. ,. 1. To a .1. K Anderson Wiiri i .�?~.s. .1. I. Land v h o i ii in Elerk it. Vav Ashington x . C. I. , c. 1 i . .1. A u Loa. Piid s. A. Capp. And c. Vii dec a Rcok and. 1. W. A. Snath a. 1�?T, sni in in n a 111 ii i d. V. I att i an Leonard clerk. Brid a Creek. No. I. It Froe. I s. , w. O. St Estther. Jari Quot. J. I i. Luck Mitchell Isriael re ,. Iran clerks. Camden Ward 1. I Hoinast , Llmer Spain a. In. Mer Ian Jud is. I Aile 1. Gee and Winfrey Smith Chris can Idun. Ward 2. A i. A Vilc Doinald j. A j. Lyell. Ii i Iuan . To and Jack Sifford . Camden Ward .1. I a Lee. C. H. , Elbert Cor Ion Jurl is. Piru d in of cell and o. I. Gordon Haks. Camden Ward 4. A w. Livili listen. 1. 1murphy. A. Winpar Iadus. I ii in John r ii Anri or. O. I tall. Clerks. It Arroll i of . .1. A. Kiji s a ail Britlon i v Parks. Loia l Iid it ,hrs. Cd a cd and town slip. C. 1 Griffini w. C. Gainni ill Lainis Jurof. V i. I heard Joi score i a it lip. Dav d w. Lir own. V. S. In . Jur quote. Is. Park i j. Andis. Zehak ,. Hollis i Reeo o All a a and or i Eai 1 Vihti Hill Laii Nikiaa it id e .1. T. W. J. I Rector Clrk. township. W. 1>. Jenkins. A Rul Diek 1 i a Ore t Ijean and Joe Lloyl a Trey and h of san d r. Eli i k i township. W. P. Yai Una a. W. Nobles .1. W. I Iena a judges. Lam a Tatiana m. N. Mc-1\ Ehrl a. township. P l. Ali Britt 1. Adams j. R. I asian a Udie. A pm. Adams anti i Linoi Lam it pm Elt i is. Marion j township. A .1. Lev 1.�?T. I have i it. A. 1 a on j udi mrs. Havis i to sind Wismar Ltd i a a on Clorel As. Cd Gilill no. 1. I Eksler Liik. In w w. Taylor and w a. , Jud gets. Sti in Jagt a on anti Otis Ehhel re. . S . A in k 1 is Laius is i Civen. plan i incr of the ant Hiiri dirctio., omit Aind in the Derie Ial Oiler of the chances j coat of oui a county made l a i d on Ila 20th Day of a Jan. A. In Lii Iio a certain cause or i alien Peru Ink therein. I Casl 11. com pm Nan hrs Van and it Ai a o ,. N. Fri air lands d. F. Lev a 1 �1 e. I a the untied. a Issi Onei of Saul court of r for Sale at Public \ i i la r birder at thl i. T do a or enl rare e of county co Antlions a in which said court is Laid hire e county of w.lhi., hours i re a to l in Loi i uricial Sass of i Day tie 14lii play of Luly a l. I Lih in dest i i in i state in Jia Ichita Crun to stall of , Toj wet at ii a Nort Lussil Cor sort Vang Boob. 12-K�safer. And so much More Lun. It in the Mountain i dec ashore or the Bice Eastern cities on your vacation. Relax in deep cushioned individual reclining chairs As you View Tho Ever Changin ? scenery from wide observation Typo . Free pillows. Porter Lovico. Ice Wal Ltd. Convenient rest blogs. Go on Way and return another. Liberal Stopover privileges. See our local agent. State coaches up Specia Low summer rates now in effect. Write for descriptive to literature. I Par Masai c. Emilii to Karston. Manager Good for i visit to Lide s july clearance Sale now in Progress admit one to the grandest array of Riar Kains Eiver a Ion blod under one roof a Camden. Occasion Lides july clearance Sale not you wont need a ticket to take Pat in this Hure Celebration of values. But with so Many eager shoppers in attendance it sometimes so ices necessary to Issue tickets so we will know who to serve next. If you Haven to attended this Semi annual Sale do so now a values were never greater nor Assoc a tents Mojo a varied. For women amp misses shoes dresses Coats millinery lingerie corsets bags gloves bathing suits handkerchiefs Slacks amp play suits Yard goods belts jewelry for the Home curtains spreads rugs Creyonne Bath cloths for men amp boys suits trousers hats shoes shirts socks underwear ties swimming trunks pyjamas Robes belts Lides i m Jef l3r it mde a t la to Dong dept to Fri 0 0 Ltd a
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