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Camden News (Newspaper) - July 11, 1977, Camden, Arkansas4-Mof Doy july 11. 1977 Back Page to Oil exploration Challenge to hear some people Tell it the age of Mineral exploration has just atut come to an end. Most of the worlds major Mineral reserves have been found they feel and from now on it will be a matter of stretching the known reserves As far As possible. Conservation of natural resources or any other resources for that matter is a commendable goal a one ignored too Keg. Waste is not one of the More admirable Huguin traits. But there is plenty of room for scepticism Over the that most of the essential resources already have been discovered. One need Only take a Good look at the oceans. Little More than preliminary exploration has occurred there and very Little extraction. But the work which has been done indicates a wealth perhaps exceeding that found on land. A Little historical perspective is in order As Well. Back in li74, the Council on International economic policy a presidential advisory Board published a table showing the known reserves of 12 critical minerals in 19s0, and the known reserves for each As they existed in 1970. With one exception a Tungsten a All the reserves of these minerals had grown Between the two years. Many of them were up dramatically. Oil reserves had increased More than 500 per cent Iron was up 1,300 per cent chromite was up 675 per cent Copper increased by 179 per cent and phosphate reserves had grown by More than 4,400 per cent. Before abandoning Hope that additional Reser is Are awaiting discovery a greater exploration Effort is needed than is now underway. The need for additional discoveries exists. The drive needed for an All out search is lacking. Watching Kremlin signs of Jada Doson Ophius Warrren Washington in their Dimen Loiis. The water Gate win take a Back Page in history to the Oil now have est Date that Ekhard Nixon and Flory kist Siiger could have prevented the spectacular of Price increase which has dislocated the a arid Eoo Domy and sent All prices spiralling. The evidence is contained in secret documents whih we have studied closely. We have also interviewed key nod administration officials familiar with us backstage development. Here u the Inczedi me Story saudi Arabia the work s largest Oil producer wanted to bold Down prices. The saudis foresaw the ruinous effect High Oil prices would have on the Western world. But Urey were under intense pressure from the other Oil Powers to join in the Oil Price Stu Lett. The saudis appealed to the United states therefore to hip them keep the lid on Oil prices. They realized but Washington had the leverage to restrain the Shah of Iran. Few the Shah literally owed his throne to the United states which has also been the source of his Power since world War n. The saudis quite logically tended to judge . Intent by the Shah a attitude. They were puzzled therefore Over his clamor for exorbitant Oil prices. All it Shoukal take they resorted. Was a Little . Pressure to bring the Shah into line. The saudis repeatedly urged then a s. Ambassador James Akins according to Akins own secret account Quot to put pressure on the Shah to cooperate v Ith saudi Arabia and reduce the Oil yet the it hah kept calling for outrageous Price increases. Finally the late King Faisal took up the problem directly with Kissinger in 1974. According to a secret account of their conversation Quot the King urged him directly to take up Oil prices with the Shah and the Sec Reury agreed to do so. A Kissinger reported Back to King Faisal on feb. 15. Itts Usu be had tried to persuade the Shah to reduce Oil prices. Sources Cut to Kissinger have told us this was a lie. The Secretary at state made no attempt they say. To restrain the Shah. Later the Shi Hin self told the saudis that Kissinger had not brought up Oil prices with him. Adding Anotn Jigsaw piece. Ambassador Akins offered this secret intelligence a a the iranian had told the saudis we were completely unconcerned about any Price Rise the Shah has also told this to numerous oilmen As proof thatt1�e . Is at least indifferent to an increase in Oil prices in any Case the saudis have seen no account from any american source that we in any Way tried to pressure the Shah to Back off his extreme position on Oil ultimately the saudis became convinced that the Nixon administration secretly favored the Oil gouge they gave up their attempts therefore to stand alone against the greedy Oil potentates. The saudi Oil minister. Sheik Ahmed Zaki Yamani later explained this to then Treasury Secretary William Simon in a letter dated sept. 3,1975, and marked a a strictly personal a a i would like you to know a wrote Yamani a that there Are those amongst us who think that the . Administration does not really object to an increase in Oil prices. There Are even those who think that you encourage it for obvious political reasons and that any official position taken to the contrary is merely to cover up this fact. A an alarmed Simon wrote a six Page memo to Ler Ald Ford who had replaced Richard Nixon in the while House the saudi Royal family had informed him personally wrote Simon that a saudi Arabia would press open for lower prices but that they a a need the to help turn the Shah around Simon added that the saudi Oil minister had also a written me several limes along the same lines Yamani and others have said they wonder whether m fact we want lower Oil prices since we never even raise the subject with the we can to say whether Ford Ever asked Kissinger to speak to the Shah but As Long As Kissinger remained Sec Reury of state our sources say he never brought pressure on the Shah to hold Down Oil prices. The saudis meanwhile waited for Kissinger to be removed from Power and then made another attempt to hold the line on Oil prices. They refused to go along with the full Price increase and threatened to boost their production to 10 million barrels a Day this would be sold on the world Market they announced at no additional Price but bad weather a rash of fires and technical difficulties prevented the saudis from reaching the 10-million-barrel goal. The other Oil Powers with the Shah leading the pack also hounded the saudis to raise prices. The Shah howled that the saudi action was costing Iran 16 million a Day in lost Oil revenues. Any increase in saudi production at Iran s expense he warned would constitute a a an act of aggression this was followed by an Exchange of delegations Between the two countries. In saudi Arabia the iranian representatives urged the saudi government to reverse its policies. In Iran the saudi emissaries let the Shah know that the Royal family did t appreciate his intemperate outbursts. The Shah quieted Down and the saudis began behind the scenes negotiations. They finally agreed to raise their prices another five per cent bringing them equal to the world Price if the other Oil Powers would cancel an announced five per cent Rise our sources understand. Meanwhile Many nations have been forced to borrow Money to pay their staggering Oil Bills now i hts Are running out of credit yet the Price of crude is continuing to climb this has caused grave alarm in the Backrooms of government troubled strategists fear the International financial system May break Down with a crash that could plunge the Western world into chaos is soviet Leader Leonid Brezhnev being brought to the end of his role by age and ill health speculation Over this Point is not new but has received greater interest As a result of Brezhnev a recent trip to France. There have been reports that the soviet chief exhibited both fatigue and some confusion during his meetings with French officials. If Brezhnev is showing the Strain of his 70 years and less than robust health his Days of personal diplomacy May be coming to an end. Renewed speculation on the health Issue also implies a possible change in the Kremlin a dealing with the West. Several times recently president Carter has mentioned publicly his inter est in a meeting with Brezhnev this year in order to explore ways of resuming the stalled Salt talks and other matters of Mutual interest to the two nations. So far. The Kremlin has not responded in a manner indicating the soviet leadership is eager for such a face to face meeting. If Brezhnev a recent Elevation to the soviet presidency in addition to the More important Job of party Secretary was a prelude to further changes in the top Kremlin leadership the soviets would not be disposed at this time to Summit meetings. Kremlin actions in the near future will be watched intensely for signs of impending change. J dwarfing megalopolis just when the More apprehensive had become accustomed to worrying in spare moments about Quot megalopolis Quot along comes a greek architect Engineer who says they really should worry about the former term describes a huge City covering several states such As those beginning to develop from Boston new York. Philadelphia Atlanta Chicago and other population centers. The problems of these monstrous entities Are sure to tax the resources of americans in the next 30 years. But now the Athens professional says the 30-to-50 billion persons inhabiting the Earth in 2050 will create a a ecu Lenopolis Quot a a City that will stretch out to cover the whole Earth. Let s see whereas that ticket office for the space shuttle and How soon does it take off for unknown parts unpopular alternative reports that officials Are administration Energy considering gasoline rationing or some other form of restriction on fuel consumption Are puzzling. If Congress will not approve a standby tax on gasoline to reduce consumption it is not Likely to put its imprint on rationing. Such extreme measures Are acceptable Only in the face of emergencies. The Public and through it the Congress have demonstrated that neither is convinced the Lime has come for favouring the stick Over the Carrot. Of a a a Ltd Wutti Aruj a la. Demand High for unwanted children Bywy. A. Busher new York a in a television interview shortly after the supreme court s 6 to 3 ruling that a state need not subsidize an elective . Non therapeutic abortion a bitter abortion advocate described with relish How much this decision would Cost the taxpayers who would now he asserted have to foot the Bill for raising Large numbers of Quot unwanted Quot children. Yet according to a recent newspaper report the demand for caucasian babies for adoption is so great these Days that they Are going for prices As High As uni on the Black Market. That ought to dispose of any Burden on taxpayers As far As Quot unwanted Quot White children Are concerned. And there Are. And have always been private charities ready to accept unwanted babies of any ethnic background whatever. No woman then need be seriously concerned about having to care for her baby herself if she carries it to term nor will it thereafter Neces warily constitute a Burden on the taxpayers. What we Are haggling Over is whether if a woman gets pregnant and decides she can to be bothered to go through the disco mfg arts of gestation and childbirth. Those same taxpayers ought to be compelled to pick up the Bill if she demands an abortion. In leaving that decision up to the states the supreme court Drew a careful distinction Between an individual s Freedom to do certain things and the slates obligation to provide the individual with the Means of doing them a state it held May be required to provide the wherewithal in certain cases for example in therapeutic abortions where childbearing would endanger the Mother s life but has the option in other instances of providing it or not. The states decision in such cases is simply a matter of policy. If it chooses to finance elective abortions it May if it chooses not to. It . That strikes me As an eminently sensible ruling Given the deep revulsion against elective abortions Felt by a majority of the voters and taxpayers in a number of states but it has enraged a Good Many advocates of a Ltd ration on demand. They seem to have assumed that once the court ruled in 1973 that a woman had an unlimited right to undergo an abortion during the first three months of her pregnancy it followed As the night the Day that she also had the right to make the government pay for it if she afford it herself thus Tom Wicker moaned that under the court s latest ruling a a right guaranteed to the Rich is denied m practice to the poor a but is that really so unusual air socially All that undesirable during the past Winter which was one of the severest on record in Many parts of the country. I certainly envied those of my fellow new yorkers who had the Leisure and Money to take off for warmer climes until March and skip Winter s very real discomforts a and lord knows plenty of them did the hotels of Florida and California were booked solid with refugees from the North did the state of new York however owe a ticket to Miami to every resident who could Png be he was unable to Ltd afford one a one sees now a Little More clearly where the court is heading on this deeply divisive question of abortion a woman s right to have an abortion at will during the first trimester of pregnancy is guaranteed by the Constitution As matters stand no matter How Many americans believe this amounts to sanctioning a form of murder but no state will be it impelled to finance such an elective abortion a though some states May. And no doubt will choose to keep on doing so this accommodates anti abortion sentiment to some extent in those states where it is opposed by a majority of the voters both sides Are left to their legislative remedies if they Don t like this disposition of the problem. Abortion advocates can go to work he Legislatures that have not sanctioned payments for elective abortions and abortion foes can Swik a constitute will amendment that will prohibit abortions altogether not a racist nor sexist just a bassist a bait Hub Boppe having achieved Middle age despite the vices Etudes of the past several decades Lawrence Liberal was pardonable proud of the negative distinctions he had achieved he not a racist some of his Best friends were Blacksher was not a sexist some of his bit of nods were persons of the female Persua Iton nor was he an ageist some of his Best Friend i were hit parents. Of was therefore somewhat surprised by the Mem of Hii Mcreary. My i Grenadine or. Ai the tried to Mim bar to Call her lately. I of nadim tub if said to her the other morn inf tit a i. a Tim Muhi Irith Vou. Said is. Grenadine fingering a new Button on her Blouse which read Quot workers lab Quot and eyeing him disdainfully. Quot is that you re a Quot but you re supposed to take letters Quot said Liberal Quot you re my Secretary a Quot first of All. In a not your anything Quot said is. Grenadine. Quot that connote pm session and a Secretary is a demeaning term typical of a Boisits chauvinist pig mentality next you la be Clung me your to never Quot said ueberal. Shocked. Quot Koukl you prefer a assistant a a Quot associate would be the Only acceptable title Quot said is. Grenadine with a sniff Quot if you truly believe in a Ido Quot cried Beral. Izlo Quot Quot do you realize i m a bos Sisco a he said glumly to his wife that evening Quot Why. None of my Best friends is a Sec an associate Quot and lets keep it that Way a said mrs Liberal suspiciously but Liberal guilt Ridden did his Best to make amends for his past bassist chauvinist pig ism. He took to grabbing the phone before to. Grenadine could answer it Quot Grenadine and ueberal associates Quot he would announce naturally he stopped dictating letters dictation being obviously the ultimate in Bossis. Nor did he ask is. Grenadine to Type fearing she would think he just wanted her for her fingers. He had Sony troubles with the other employees such As the office Fiir Merly boy a a fice associate he would say a would you please Send a messenger associate to the Stock room associate for letterheads while 1 go Down and get your coffees Quot while his associates eyed him strangely he answered he phone ran errands and crudely typed letters falling further and further behind in his work finally a id or Mudge called him on the carpet Quot Don t worry fellow said Ujwal proudly Quot i am nut Only no longer a racist a sexist or an ageist. I am also no longer a a a that a said Mudge mainly because you re fired Quot Nebraska a libbers left out of Hwy by Paul Scott Lincoln neb. A the Iod fearing homemakers of this Corn and cattle Rich state now washed by an Ocean of Green and plenty of ram have made certain that the National women s conference in Houston tex., in november will be anything but Dull. In fact the women s gathering could be one of the wildest in recent years Over the last weekend in june they came from every Corner of the stale to take Over the Nebraska women s meeting which appeared All set to Send a delegation of Liberal a a liberated women to Houston As representatives of this conservative Cor Husker state this had been the trend in most Eastern states. When the smoke of the Battle cleared however those representing the a a traditional values a and pro life forces had elected a full slate of 21 delegates to the National convention the women libbers were left without a single Delegate and a ripped up changed platform. For the firs two Days of the three Day convention the so called Quot liberated Quot women groups were in full control using 125,000 of the $5 million allowed by a ingress for the nation wide series of meetings to their full advantage. Their pro abortion. Pro Era equal rights amendment delegates were brought to the state capital with free transportation housing meals and child care when needed All of the panels on lesbianism the displaced homemaker sex education teen age pregnancies and International interdependence. Were carefully organized and chaired by persons from the groups with the exception of it governor Herald Whelan who welcomed the delegates and noted his differences with some of the organi ers. The speakers Ull supported the a new including free and easy abortions and full rights for lesbians. But what the organizers of the Convent in did no to count on was the growing Politi Al awareness of the pm life and pro amen can forces m the state when the word was flashed that the state meeting was being to Send a delegation to Houstn supporting the Quot new morality the pro life groups Begani recruiting their f ones to storm the oven turn with the meeting open to men As Well As women the Nebraska homemakers made it a family project my week end Golf and fishing plans and Harvest work was set aside and mom pop and the kids t my a off for a week end Here with Ann Bowen a pro life Leader from Omaha leading the Way. They sound d their Battle cry the Honor and the image of the Nebraska women was at stake and it should be protected they stall d the result was the election of a Complete slate of prolife and traditional values delegates and the reversal of several pro anti ration pro homosexual resolutions during the final nine hour Marathon session a Resolution opposing the Hyde amendment representative Henry Hyde or ill proposal bans All f Deral funds for abortion and is now Ning considered by Senate House conferees was thrown out by the majority pro life delegates the Nebraska results have been repeat Ltd in at least three other Statt its. Including Ohio where the delegates represent ing traditional values groups were Able to take Over the conventions in most other state conventions so far. It has been a different Story in these tightly controlled meetings the organizers hand picked by the National group headed by former rep Bella Abzug. Of new York were Able to beat Hack the challenges of the pro life groups in Pennsylvania for example the militant feminists controlled the in Pittsburg and elected a a full slate of pro a a ration pro Kra delegates the organi ers received 1100,1 00 in Federal funds to do their work because of the complaints from pro life representatives in Pennsylvania North Arolina. And other states Over How the s5 million in Federal funds Are allege div being Ustel to Rig state conventions. Sen Lesse Helms in n i i Snow considering asking for a full scale congressional inquiry in one protest Sci the so Nalor Randy Kneel Din Tor of the i s dial Ilion for life from Export. A. that the International women s year t commission. Set up to organi a the in stings is an exclusive group of hand i. Ktal women who represent the militant feminist position mrs Engel charges that these organizers have no intention of giving a qual Opinio Tunita to those women who Dis agric with their desire to Ruble sump the Radical Leo log of iw11�?z hug and the National organization of women Mhz a these Are a few of the developments that ind Cate thai the new political awareness shown Here by homemakers v oui turn that Houston i mating into one of the most Lively National Wien s gatherings m event years it could easily Bevvie i sort of in november i

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