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Camden News Newspaper Archives Jul 2 1955, Page 4

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Camden News (Newspaper) - July 02, 1955, Camden, ArkansasI thoughts that Alfalfa by Al Bosk the United states of America commandment with out spot Unree useable until the appearing lord Jesus Christ a i Timothy 14, the first Law that Ever god gave to Man was a Law of pure obedience it was a com my Dent naked and simple wherein Man had nothing to inquire after or to dispute for Smuch As to obey is the proper office of rational soul acknowledging a heavenly Breaune Superior and Benefactor. A montaigne. And Quot that tiie Gro mid you walk on is quite Safe Triumph for Ike and nation and that your Tongue is yours to say with what you will since the Senate approved reciprocal Trade and that your child is not a Home Bill contains stiffer Protection Al features a Ihan the previously voted House measure be thankful for the Lack of War we May fairly assume that the proposal Clouds Over your head re Athos president Eisenhower a desk. For everything this country stands a u i.1. O i 1 my a through the world As endorsed by the Senate the Bill is a and for the Freedom of the life Compromise Between the presidents Liberal which you May Lead izing Trade plans and the High Tariff pro Ursenia Wadleigh n. Y. Text zionism urged vigorously by Many lawmakers. Yet As has been noted before the Palm a belongs More to or. Eisenhower than to the High Tariff bloc. For the generalized amendments which were the principal concessions to protectionism were not the specific import restrictions the objectors desired. Cannot stand alone and even those changes which were by Bruce Biossat adopted leave finally to the presidents a upside in than a the United states is curetion the question whether to impose yet even we have had to learn that import or act otherwise to shield Amer Independence has changing mean in an Industry from foreign completion. Get a top of this the president won three when uie pounding Pat Liers sign in important Battles. First he gained a three ,. Rigi a i 4-Jf Tiey had i mind the kind of free year Extension of the Trade Law Stead of of that spells True separateness the usual one year renewal. In recent years they wanted a budding America All efforts to achieve longer extensions than a fee to make All its own decisions a year had failed. Interference from out he gained the Power to make Tariff re a auctions of five per cent per year on most fair to say that is the kid or of country they created. We need items for the next three years. De foreign economic help to get and he will also be Able to reduce to going but once we were on our 50 per cent any tariffs which now Are above meet we stood As a great continent via ratio Empire As nearly self contain Edas any nation Ever had been. The Only Victory on specific items won by the presidents opposition was an Amend a bed in our own concerns. Ment that is designed to safeguard the a textile and chemical industries by Banning tical affairs and took none cuts in duties on japanese products More than 50 per cent below Levels prevailing his planet. There can be no in. 1945. Such . If we would the textile restrictions might have been protect a reasonable Freedom of far More sweeping but for the thorough a a Job done by senator Gore of Tennessee in Friendly nations showing the True effects of foreign Trade on textile ii la. Try on Earth can Hope to As documenting his argument fully with a Lone Wolf indeed As a powerful statistics and other evidence he demonstrate in particular need of cd that the Industry a difficulties cannot be Cal my we blamed on textile imports that on the con Are the nation which above All tray it benefits substantially from the sex must be destroyed if any powerful ports which other lands can Only pay for command the Globe by Selling in this country. So pressing is our need for the the chronically sick Coal Industry could group strength that comes from a Naif make inf a Salt a Picher for blaming interlocking the forces of Many ail its ills on Oil imports. Treme of asking our enemies of this was a Triumph for or. Eisenhower. World War ii Japan and Germany but Many would say it is a Victory for the rearm on our Side National interest on the theory that the tiie Legal and material ties that american Economy will be stronger in the i ave been fashioned in Pursuit of Long run if it is trading actively with other of uses Usis rises no Ira As nations and thus boosting their economic history. Never before for instance have we taken part in a a military Alliance like nato in peacetime. But we must not feel that these ties make a web which vitally con alas editorials Camden Arkansas he Alth and staying Power. Barbs an Indiana woman who shot her husband to have had a part in creating. Arid put him in the Hospital now says Shell _ miss him which she should have done in the first place. Isnit it funny How the Beautiful girl in the world can be in so Many places at the same time autos run from 10 to 20 Miles on a gallon arid you never know what on a pint with too much alcoholic Content. Too Many people eat too much meat says a doctor. A lot of Little pigs go to Market. If you figure you re not getting ahead in the world look and see if your Wishbone is where your Backbone should be. My in Xiv if saturday july 2, 1955 right ladies the Tulsa Tribune no one has Ever questioned that women Drivers of automobiles More decorative than men and statistics now indicate that n is quite True that a member of they have fewer accidents. They rarely exceed Safe driving speeds they acknowledge that a Lone Wolf does. We must the importance of Stop signs and traffic Sig accommodate Many of our actions nals and Seldom do they try to drive when wishes of uhe overloaded with cocktails. But women Drivers Are inferior an insure the mow impressive fact is Ance company publication reports to their sold Quot a Verj Eom Chance Obs sq05, husbands and fathers in this respect a dead Wolf. And that kind of free they wont stay in traffic lanes. They weave Dom is not something Many men they straddle lines. As a result they searching for. Are an annoying problem in crowded City being a part of a Friendly group driving nation like but there Are exceptions. The wives of the a a rear is j men who cooked up the above theory and yield the Power to make Many of newsmen who give the theory circulation choices alone. But we a till hold the and All ladies who happen to read this piece a a a a Quot a a Are of course never guilty of this offence. Never quite the perfect Independence ithe signers of the declaration were thinking of. But surely it an dependence a they would be Happy to enjoy and 9 0 the Camden news put butted Brne Camden news Publ Shl amp of go., Samdra Ark. Pious by a Are not re spoil mile for co Jay Ornis typographical errors or any or Liat occur other than to Corr to in �3m Ozet Lasut a Are h u brought to their attic too. An Davez Idalou Azo Accel on this Basic Only. Wnm u in Good class matter june 70, us. At it Post office at Camden a Kavaas un4er urn aet or if Infa 8i 1879. Of the am00laie4 press love of country breathes there the Man with soul fio dead who never to himself hath said a Titis is my own my native land a whose heart hath never within him burned. As Home his footsteps he hath turned from wandering of a foreign strand if such there breathes go Mark him Well for him no minstrel raptures swell id press 1� entitled exclusively to tie High though his titles proud his a a on of All local nes printed in this name Well As All a news dispatches. his wealth As wish Canvy m at counter and Neit stands m claim 9tt m per week. By mall in Harkai despite those titles Power and self year f months 13.00 i months the wretch con entered All in self there Moy be two holidays to a ele Brote if july la ebly taint it a a t a an of j�ol7 �776 111 so ick Sumner chapter Twenty five As Cameron approached his own House he saw a lamp burning. He neared the window softly till he could look through without being observed. What he saw satisfied him. He put up his horse and went in. A Man Rose to Greet him a Man with Green eyes and a scarred face whose Trail Dusty clothes sat with an incongruous elegance on his lean body. A a hero Lon a Cameron said quietly. A was no to expecting you so Tho Gambler grinned. A when you be got a game to play Why wait a Quot anybody see Yoo come in Here a Quot i done to think so. What does it matter if they did nobody around Here knows a a that a what you think. Rior Danes Here and the the Gree glittered and the Long White gamblers hand moved unions Sously toward Cal Der a gain Belt a i slipped up once but i won t a take it easy Cameron a voice was soft but it carried Cripi Mand. A i got this thing All set up. You re not Golno to spoil it Rushing in too a fall right but when the time comes remember the i cd head a mine nobody Quot All fight All Cameron soothed him As he might have calmed a fractious child Lien he gave Way to mild impatience. A but remember this is the biggest thing we Ever pulled off. If it goes right Well neither of us have anything to worry about As Long As we live. Up done to be going off half cocked just because some puncher beat your time with a dance Hall girl. To woman a Worth pot a moment the gamblers eyes looked dangerous but Cameron faced him Down steadily. Head always been Able to handle Calder that was Why their partnership had lasted. Calder relaxed and grinned again. A you always were a coldblooded proposition Wayne. How you making out with your girl a a fall right a Cameron said shortly. A a a he does no to know it yet but Shell come around in a in time Wayne you re losing your touch. I expected to find you married by a Nihls Isnit Leta a Cameron retorted. A this girls smart. In be got to go slow. That was always your trouble Lon a nun to Rush things. Look what happened in Dodge. It was a Good enough scheme but you did no to take time to plug up the Loop holes a i suppose you think if you a been there they have got away Quot cd did we Ever slip up on a Job we worked together Quot Camer on slapped his partners shoulder. We re a Good team Lonyo your gun and my planning. Done to worry a there la be plenty for you to do before we re a Well anyway Quot Calder was still eager to justify himself Quot even if those two did give me the slip i settled their hash in Dodge. If they Ever live to get Back there walk right into a a yeah Quot a yeah. Old Wharton a offered five thousand apiece for the Gambler dug into his pocket and pulled out two crumpled Reward dodgers. A Here a a Cameron thrust out a hand. Quot let me see Calder handed them Over reluctantly. Quot not thinking about turning them Over to the Law Are you ? of course the Money a come in Handy but it a be Worth my share to have the fun of settling with Baines get it through your head Quot Cameron ordered impatiently with the stakes we re playing for five is Chicken feed. But these May come in Handy to got Riordan out of the Way if my other idea does no to a i thought you figured Riordan Wasny to Calderas Long White Finger tapped the dodger. �?o1 Only worked him into this business because he played right into my a a he a getting important a Cameron grunted. A a he a a Fly by night fool but he could mess things up. We got to get rid of him and we got to Light a fire under these nest ers. I thought Larrabee Skilling a do it but they re scared. An i got an idea a he smiled a that just might kill both Birds. You lie Low tonight Lon. In a Goin to ride Over an pay Lita a visit 1 owe a a a Rusty was Riding his second Days patrol nothing at All had happened to disturb or to enliven it. The redhead whistled Strawberry Roan ran his appreciative Cowman s Eye Over a he Rich Short grass and thought about Margie. There was a woman for you. Maybe one of these Days he ought to marry her Ann Settle Down and raise half a dozen redheaded kids. A horse Aid rider were a Proax Jhung from the direction of the Nester settlement. Rusty straightened is hand going toward his gun then on a better View to relaxed. It did no to seem skely that trouble would be coming in such a broken Down shape. The horse was a mangy Sham bling gaited rack of Bones and the rider matched it like a twin. A Lank old scarecrow who Rode slumped Forward Chin on his dirty Blue shirt front. A lilo Way a the old Man wheezed. A a cd a you Tell me where i d line Kerry Riordan Quot Quot you d have a Long ride a Rusty cow Iii. Jim Lek Damn baud a Kinc informed him. Quot he a Over t slash to an Quot he grinned a i got my if head want t be interrupted. Was 1 you. Id come Bias k some other �?o1 got a letter for in. So import ant Quot the scarecrow insisted. Quot ill be seen him tonight. I could give it to him if you the old Man squinted at Rusty with suspicious watery eyes then fumbled in the pocket of the ragged jeans and brought out a crumpled scrap of dirty paper. A Don you is losing it Young Feller you hear Quot he handed it Over with a shaky hand kicked his horse into reluctant action and Rode off. As Rusty tucked the paper into his breast pocket he could t help noticing that the sprawling writing was a . He Shook his head in mild disapproval. He d new York most new houses being built today have a recreation room. Whai they really need is a Medicine room. Every Home today is a Small drugstore. It overflows with scores of tubes and bottles and jars of medicament lotions and cosmetics which the average human being now feels he needs to keep himself physically fit and socially acceptable. The american people never have been More i never have taken More Medicine. Some people now get their main exercise simply by the muscular Effort expended la taking the medicines to keep themselves feeling applying the toiletry aids which they Hope will make them look less Creepy. A Many a social status today is judged As much by the diseases he boasts As by his Bank account. You never can be sure How far he really has risen in the world until you get a peek into his bathroom Medicine Cabinet. The trouble is that no Rhedic lne Cabinet is Large enough any longer to hold the jumbled drug hoards of a civilized family. I can remember As a boy when the old fashioned Niall bathroom Medicine Cabinet in our Home was quite ample. It held a Jar of vaseline a tube of toothpaste a Box of baking soda a razor a cake of shaving soap a bottle of iodine a package of absorbent Cotton a can of Talcum a Roll of Gauze and some adhesive tape. Of yes. And some boric add solution and a Small tin of aspirin tablets. This Small Stock served the health needs of a family of seven. It enabled one to Bandage a Cut of ease a headache. But in those simple Days when you got your vitamins from groceries instead of from a druggist health was taken As a matter of fact. It Hadnot become either a Hobby or an Industry. You did no to worry yourself sick Over the question of whether you were healthy. Today the Ordinary Home contains enough medical and toiletry supplies to furnish the clinic of a generation ago. They overflow the Bathi Pom into every room in the Hise and Down into the baser tent. A modern Man never throws away unused Medicine after an illness. He simply puts it away somewhere like a Squirrel hiding an Acorn against a future emergency. The other Day i opened my crowded Medicine Cabinet. A a Ottle of Scalp lotion i bought in London in 1944 tumbled out and my head the British druggist had me it was a Good for falling hair and it was Ever time i applied it the falling hair fell out faster a a where a the liniment a i called to my wife rubbing the bump on my forehead. Well after a Long search Frances finally found it in the Melchie Cabinet in her bathroom hidden behind a Jar of face Cream and the Eye lotion guaranteed to relieve to optical fatigue. That illustrates another peril of having Medicine All Over the place. A fellow stricken by a real emergency could crawl from room to room pawing through bottle after bottle and die without finding the one he needed oar Tocu my Rry go a tip a cd Drew Pearson Drew Pearson says mrs. Hobby Wain Tep to Frame her answer for dismissal a of Lattimore of never known any Good to come of a Man s mixing his a Omen but Wariy if his wife weren to there to help him. That was Kerry a business. Kerry got Back from slash t barely in time for supper and it was t till afterwards that Rusty had a Chance to slip him the note. It was Brief and to the Point. Quot Kerry Honey 1 just got to see you. Please come tomorrow afternoon about three. Ill be alone then. Please come the second Quot please Quot was underlined with a heavy stroke of the also modern medicines Are changing and the so called modern Home in t suited to store them. For example suppose you have a bottle that says Quot keep in a Cool dark where do you put it in the refrigerator naturally. But what happens when you open the refrigerator to see if the Medicine is keeping Cool the Light flashes on and you can Al Pencil. Kerry scowled. He did no to most see the bottle shudder As it want to see Lita. His flirtation or cowers in search of a dark place whatever you v anted to Call it the old fashioned lightness icebox with her was part of the foolish was More practical. Conv Elgut 1864, Fey Nick suroor. Ali tribute by King features Send Lwy in. Ness head put behind him and he hated to be reminded of it. It seemed cheap now a shabby sort of infidelity to Christie. But in the fullness of his happiness he did no to want to Hurt anyone. Just to ignore Litas Appeal would be like a slap a the face. And maybe she was in some kind of trouble turning to him for help. Head have to go he decided just to explain to her As kindly As he could that he would t be seeing her any More. There were eyes watching him from the cottonwoods As he Rode up to Tho Dawson Shack. As soon As the door was safely closed behind him corny stumbled onto his horse and Rode As fast As the old rack of Bones would carry him for double Diamond. Calder sat at the table dealing out poker hands with Swift restless fingers. He looked up with a Flicker of scornful at sement in his Green eyes at the shambling figure grinning in the doorway and looked Down at Bis cards again. A Well Quot Cameron snapped. A who come Wrigt a corny announced. A and Larrabee Quot Quot hell be there. You c n count on my Coiny continued to Grin expectantly. To be confinu0dj, no in bringing the drugstore into the Home we have Only gone half Way. What we need now is a full sized room specially built to give everything from Throat lozenges to High Fidelity vitamins and True Blue skin hormone creams exactly the right living conditions Thev should have. The final step of course will be to staff the room with a professional and an Interne and provide living quarters in your House for them. Too. Then a Man can reasonably expect to stay healthy at Home. Independent of either Hospital or drug store. Hum Tbs of a Blly any flyer wow or it fowl. Or a rpm Stion v. May worry clinic judge Murphy has a horse so he does t try to make a National Scapegoat out of comic books but Many parents pass the Buck for their own poor Home psychology by making a great fuss Over . Even bad comics Are Only a minor influence on children if their parents rate average on the cited below. By or. George w. Crane ones can be weeded out. Give it a 40-hour but judge Murphy , passing. With those who think crime and Many parents nowadays Are horror comics have zoomed jul the Buck. They Blanie com Venille Del Quency in books for i their Chad rent a de. ,., Lin Quency instead of facing the a Long before comic we facts if taller play the vim thu. Of far of inn Laera Aeu eel murder mysteries. They have even been the favourites of scientists As Well As presidents of the . Yet we Haven to banned murder mysteries the parents of previous generations often thought the dime novels about a dead Eye Dick a and a Nick Carters were a terrible influence on youth. They weren to. So it is Wise to use More a horse sense in modern Ani Erica and not get unduly excited about comics. Even of the less Delcable sort. Obviously we psychologists prefer that children read Good comic but we done to grow alarmed even about bad comics if the children have Happy Homes. And if the Homes Are broken up by divorce drunkenness etc., then Why blame the comics Wien the children thereof become delinquent tests for parents. If you Are Good parents you Are Active together in the same Church you encourage fun at Home As by haying a play room. In your House or basement where the kids a you do not serve alcoholic beverages in your Home or come Home with liquor on your breath of imbibing elsewhere. You team up with the boy scouts. Camp fire girls. Moa and co you go with your children to dismissal a of Dattmore a Iii i Ife a a Story for washing Tow a Derstore tary Anderson will attn Tor a governor of Texas. Washing a a a. So via to foreign minist v. M. Molotov stirred up National. Indignation theh he refused to submit to free on to pro Gram last week. But unknown to the Public Ali Erwin a own Secretary of to a Alth Oveta Culp i by Pulie the same trick and a Ost it away Ullh it. In fact mrs. Hobby even outdid Molotov a Ltd was willing to appear on Obs so face the nation a a program if All quest Iota a were submitted in adv nce. Mrs. Hobby went so far As to hand reporters a pre air pared script telling them what quest la is to. Ask. The lady Cabinet member agreed to be interviewed on. The lbs radio program a reporter s roti ipod up a by Veteran news Meir Jim Lucas of set Fipp Howard and Clark my Llu Tishoff of the Dos Moines reels to a and Tribune. At the last minute , she sent Over k prepared a script and an ultimatum. A she would not Quot appear on the program she , word unless the reporters stuck to the Skrlj a. By were to ask her the questions she Avants a. To to Alj de then waiting for her prepared answers Moth a words the reporters would appear As straight men Nfn Givine her the cues for her lines. Of course Luck s and Mollenhoff flatly rejected her ultimatum. They sent Back an ultimate of their own. If she refused to submit to free question Lii they said they would announce it on the pro Jiram and interview her severest critic Oregon a senator Wayne Morse in her place. Mrs. Hobby thought this Over for �?T16 minutes Tore the prepared script and meekly showed up for a no holds barred interview. She May us a regretted it afterwards for it was on this program Rife made her famous statement that the balk a a Ccle w program had not been mishandled but in mtg a in any Case. It was All surgeon general a Leonard Scheeley a when re Molotov refused to face free questioning. Lbs vice president Quot big i Cleson announced a the right of free questioning toy the press and free and open discussion is the Cornerstone of a International Washington correspondents would say the same is True of Domestic understanding though too Roarty administration Cju Fly Lala like hol to be adopted the philosophy that the government knows k Best what the Public should be told. It Attmore Gase real Victor when the Justice department decided to drop the Case against Owen a a timbre was for Mer judge Thurman Arnold and his two associated a be Portas and Paul Porter. They form the Law firm that took the or. Peters Cash lip to the sus preme court battled the Dorothy Bailey Oast a Dei fended Lattimore and have done More to Titan any other three lawyers to i Fht for cd do Al Bertres. With them in the Lattini Ore Case was nth Tor Joe of Mahoney of Wyoming in none of these cases did they take a and in the Lattimore Case they even had to May the expense of the appeals. The Lattimore Case inc Dently. Brou Rbt not by Brownell hut inthe final month of the Quot Truman administration by retiring attorney general James a Mcgranery As the result of a pledge he gave the late senator Pat Mccarran of Nevada that if confirmed by the semite he would prosecute Lattimore. Mccarran then Ghal Man of the judiciary. Gift a Muttee. Had held protracted closed door hearings in w hich Lattimore was Cross examined for Days at a time. It was on the basis of a memory test As much As anything that Lattimore was indicted. Namely whether he perjured himself when he Testi j fled regarding the use of Laughlin curries office and the answering of certain mail some ten years before. % new governor of Texas it May be denied but outgoing undersecretary of defense Robert Anderson will retune to Texas to run for governor. He hag been sounded out by some of governor Allan Shivers most powerful supporters who Are tired of Shivers and would like to see Anderson in the Texas executive mansion. This is the real reason Anderson is quitting the Pentagon before becoming too closely identified with the Republican administration. Though to a a no voted for president Eisenhower they Are try did tonally democratic and their sensibilities right be offended by a gubernatorial candidate wearing a gop Label Anderson did Uch a capable Job. First As Secretary of the Navy then undersecretary of defense. That he was considered in line for Charlie Wilson a Job As Secretary of . However the soft spoken texan who has a heart of Gold prefer to go Home to Texas politics. Meanwhile governor Shivers sensing he is on his Way out has tried to Cook it a Deal senator Price Daniel. Shivers has wanted Daniel to give up his Senate seat and run for the governor i ship with Rien Shivers would get himself appointed to the Senate in Daniel a place. Daniel was once interested but now re Alie Eif most of shiver a Sii poort has gone Over to Anderson. Pow71co go r0�on1 Oklahoma republicans to ave been think Lar about Putin in an a red Moore by pushing alleged Democrat William c. Doenges for the Senate on the re it publican ballot. Doenges is Democrat us National committeeman from okla Lioma but worked covet by for Eisenhower and was Ottyce told by demo Chituc chairman Steve Mitchell a fall you do is us to be mask of the democratic Oklahoma it Publ Loans once elected de Moore a Wernor amp it to the Senate As a Republican and Olmun would like to do the same i Doenges Herbert Hoover s assistants Are doling More making on Reorg Albing tote a in Ern ment. The other Day Hoover a. 1lest�tr�h�?~dot�--Tor, Harold Metz sat in the government operate cams commit Ettee handle a up Little slips of Paner to congressman Clarence Brown of ohio., apr Jon Gressman Charles Jonas the Only re pub icon from North Carolina. They in turn we re the Only congressmen asking critical questions about the a our amp it electrification commission a Hoover Alto hates lie Power or anything close to it. Tate rec Mlih led the gutting of Rea. President Eisenhower put. He Sygit Arturet on. An agreement giving Argentina nuclear Materiale. And secret atomic data from the United states after the recent Catholic riots in Buenos Aires Hollywood. Frame of marriage As Well As the Many factors contribute to de p ame of parenthood according to Lin Quency but in my Opl Niton the the can dismiss a fall Avor greatest single is an jux about comic . I previous Case records i have. Out the same fact which sunday school and Church you child is brought up with proper judge Murphy has so Well sex done to just Send them there while Trnini Niy Onia Whai a you child risk and least a Eralic childhood sports As football Oto with fathers Day conveniently falling just four Days after thei june lamp the amp Ilu. It was open father of the year. Very City or Owris a Oil i tie wrapped around Hie neck. Humphrey Bogart can go buy his own the but i Tir naming him Hollywood s father of the year. No. Myrtle not because he ref used to soar to lib riddles with Guys that sounded like car it Oil told on the Tver Slon of a a Nice petrified Forest. In a picking him. After talking. It Over with wife Lauren Bacall because he a a rugged the set hey own. pop in Rall in his six year old wave and Leslie almost three says Lauren a the does no to do anything by the books he makes up the rules As he goes along and the Eyre u the re s none of that Mode ii let Tho child have his own Way stuff around our Home a there a another reason for Lauren Goiner Aldna Quot win we Wujs ruffi.?&Quot a Quot re a a a Quot a o

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