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Camden News Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1966, Page 1

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Camden News (Newspaper) - January 17, 1966, Camden, Arkansas U i the Camden news volume Mikh Are Atria try part Senig tit Savitt s la Tal Arta cams. A Kassah. Monday. Jan it. i m \ mtt4 trim Pace m Viet Nam War to take Holiday Arkansas press group rights 14b repeal a Alii Irr Vii Nurr Nii Irot to Ark i by to Moira a. Saj cios. A null pm no if f al a Tow cd Kimii Fidorf <4 a a h if tar Vire Nam. Turn Wii pm it Lmohr lady. A a pfc do ii and Iran to item Funni for al a kit a Ltd i tag a a a my ttiyrt4�v m �4i�rn and t4 Vwg a War to mar Nim Vrr mid a Tri it Loffland a a of def a a a a Nul 9�s if Rifis a of Ihram a 5.iuriiay will a us gig ii Fht Ling Durif inc Nali Mial a to ill Ortii to Avion similar a a Heiy. Fig a no to Smith Kwh of a Aii a Rii ref Iii Ltd h h a of Ihram and new zen Lanty a to Tail hire run Chr a Fig Humi a knit id inc a Wpm fwd pm and fir if have Lawt tit irm met Ihnn Iii and m a Kirr Chr 3��-h� no my Frd Ani Aiton Arkana a k try by ally a Fonro during we it Thirn a if to a Ord a a it a Milit Chi my solidity Loloi ii f ill m Nairn my ii her f gym of Chr to Inird a a 1,11, a to by per Ltd ii by he Virt i san they Haw with no a i Lark Roiti ii pm p Iii so Way. A i Lota of a Day a id a Eram fire from no thu Way to t pm sunday it two inc allies do a Chr i9s7 of Chr Stair a it Rio a Lalure Nap a of a a ing set a pm ii Oulton Chr Allon Ruminer nerd of a a fit her a al Chr win drk�?~m4iim for cd a a. Filing us a Oil my a m Fotr la a �4 it tip Jar a a and 5�?.i5"jrjj?"��. a St a is school group to push Phin for mergers Rock. A Stem a Iri of Minn a a Wijt it Ikin of Iii which a our a do Irr numb of t4 a of al it girls to Chr it of tip 4cft of test Farrr Ltd Herfi hrad �4 if a Kartma Firalio at via Ufen. A mid Chr aka and Chr Nihoff Irry his i i rred Rte mind Init Mem a i a it which worm did All do i girls with it Ihan to Pupil state newsmen 7th terms state main Menil hmm Mem Mair Iii my atm a tumm own cell upon is Mem of a. Fatm mum a Mim 10 a from Iii of Tab to to of a Row wow i Mem Mem Tuci al late a Pun new who Tori Aftim Tel ural of Proa to if i Koukl al i . Jorba for did a a Utis a of dim firt Hwy Bamst full la a m Pupil a Awin ii Oil Fri Smalkin any new dlr Titi. He if aria i uttus a Rock api hit my Ite from Trofi Imjoo Ihry were rear Tang to the Cwm uni i Postai it pm it a stand $ order Mui a fall s fair m a to Fri win a will not Flor at a Chr Remsik eur tit a Elf defers Quot there m sign m the suit to help per Chr it Jar a Ltd a writ Krnak m any grit of Chr Prin bit my of 5rt-u�if� h a he a Chr a rvs a he h a a Fyk Weaver s name goes before committee for approval to Gigli Post Zielo for new i Iacoi al Miry win ii Tive i mrs liar to vow of the Pat and the be Hail i Nii she Skive Ltd inc Hoard group were Lakin Par it a of Dirl no ground at and he Lorti Eom breaking t err monies Law old milled Irir organization to the Friday at Law a Lari of con Unk Merom Medalion lion if a my tire by for is the would by ii i fit i it a i Kil Imrch Orsi for the a late a Selwold a Kanum com ref m it Inyim Rolal Ifim he Immy to my pm. A rho of a Vort Ftfe a tits Nup Mif ils to Artilea Iwry Aso hmm drum us of he Aih a 52tm2ta1s.�� a Nie four a mint a Ftp Rewn led pro i d al a a Weirine �1 the Anta a to pm lift Bnard of it Ari eat met if Adf the lion plan Ihn month were the a a a a a a a a a a to a i titty 1� v 8 a a Matt a aka. The state department of Rel Meent of the Board. Camm Ltd loftier to Lara lil it Ewt ii. It. And the Arkana a a school Hoard a Trout Ari Taimi. Min tto Eti a i to tiv Untim. Tito Viallon Fri Tom of do Rich Aacie lit Row Ell a am ii was Unden stood it m. Til j Biira it of m e�ibie�5 a a i al the Meetins Ihal a i Entz jul a aka it. Omro be#lliiiv9 i Lii Iii new moff Ihm Illk. Litte Uon mom Edmon do Pleli. The letter a id. Tie Volt we i h9p�o of Fem Towt med sunday Hompton my Akk it firmed to Shi Mitt a Tai i the Agtay hut Nfn thing else Iii Mph Inird today a Rcd is it viral no Niht Rii of i engr a i . of Arkan h to my of 19 Latr him Huimin Mana a of said programs Otler depart a Ommittee. A huh a of a ngh a a work i to i Avra. New York mrnes alg with air ool Lulion. A a it Iii of any setup Pnra Iurii cd unitary Rait Irr no to. La inn the Casimi m Urban highways and educate Fig him he we the Holiday al than Conj Hilory unionism diary it i housing Ami la a m slum area a should he inns though Rosr where Chr country it added that Tat fitly and palmly to Redict to the Immitt Rill shown a he a a jul Der Irtz a a a tin. By soil Ortix Tinl Kitte Baum it a Quot. J a a e a a Parker member of state Law All dlr trial having Leaf Fini it Riim Tanir a Impi he t i us Jetzt Erem bid a rom a. Junior red the a no prove log a my Nwe a a a Unity a a a a. Below that figure Bowel of. I. A Loii of a i will acid tree to a . To Iii he a a a a a now Quot a want pm Aati. It new Home will have four .4 Dis Flets with less than so he 1� survived he bit wife for Meta bulliment of tatar Adal Imler tuns Wall to Wall Carpel Pyp Jujj. W Iii it a a of Troia him military activities continued al to a Ltd Lulion a a Low Nace Arkamae two Malori John a trl met lib a Ami j William Ful Ijichi liar thur Ltd m feared la the new department. a lightning St no a Cong Timpany aria Kirti a pm. Emment infantry awl Armor we Keg i Tal us Kuisun m Schocie at Tiu due 10 Milia Volar i i it Rar tits nil a North of Saigon at m while it one part of the Gur Ritua Furcro Arkan a. I prom. Fired two mortar Shell As a did version. Another hit part of the trim la and k a comp Hind Wah automate wrap gain mrs. \uiv4 Aga Rajil r�4kal win Tlle Gurr Riuas i pirated Ute barbed wire of ill officers can diddle school and raked the bit let i killing five wives and three children of vietnamese officer candidate Luicir bed Quot a Tiric other children wounded armoured Irum ten fought Back and killed 10 of the Viet Cong a government spokesman said tit Erie bodies were left behind but the fleeing Viet Cimic writ seen to be carry ing other dad wounded. One Viet Cong was captured Twenty six civilians a Ere killed a four were wounded when a Busl Ikid of civilians hit a Viel Cong mine the fwd from Moc Hoa to Cai Ziy near Kien Tuong. 35 Miles South of the capital Northwest of Sii Igon a vie Cong attack a i s troop Convoy backfired supported by planes roaring Over the tree tops the americans turned the bitter fight 20 Miles Northwest of Saigon into a drubbing for like guerrillas United fund Board to meet tuesday no. Central heat and air con it of a a Ning and will he of Brick a a a a a trial design it is being a a Siru Cpd at us mkt Ull cinch St. a lot Given to St John s i lurch mrs a Nul f Bracken photo gun club to meet monday registration at ouachita Center tonight Ash twin tap Thea. Unkn Rommel tree a All it up a pro a Hiu Lohri a to it no a of Robert c a it Rutan of the new a spirt mint a ii a using and 1- Fis nent i \ Wii is it Odert t let Vul Iiri Hincu a hts orc me annual meeting of unit 4s Ion that the group would de fund Board of directors will prove ilk during be held tuesday at 5 . A Tia it Jin i Iid it to inc san prompt the United fund of to i no for t Unfer Marion furs the Arnold ii Dove i al i it rate Ltd. Wear building All directors Are us at 8 monday al live Ark �8 Tutu it of nth the first new cd attend so that plan for Ansas Power and Light com _ a to Mennim a �. The Cabinet 1966 can be made budgets a Penny building a it we Ashin twi made at Regis Lalion Lime based Irand children he m air thu de to appear Pri ived and officers elated. Street. It a the demand it is important Uhal All who arc interested to it zen a a reached ods of Hunting Africa Quot. A no Ourse be present tonight Iuchi is John win anyone interested indicate that interest. Mrs Kiel Jones sri Witland of adv Toory commute a to Hampton four a of. Statt a the idol boards Aad Toner Johnny rav a Tiland a Ort Bop mum of Cammmi Janeic frykland for orig Oil personal the a Toni. J c file Leland _ h a al iwo . Ofa a Quot a j.5. A Luna. five ,r. Que Lih. at and maim aft a i m a Mommp it velt i any Oiw interested guns is. ,. If i0 i was. Set and almost reach urged to attend the meeting j a Complete list of course it Mars said Kyj Ven agencies must share a be i Iii l the advertising a Pforr the i Nis i Tecc for ques tip Iii along with i if Robert uni of a rom. Is undersea Tatary they wanted to ask both men shout their plans for dealing with massive prot Helms confronting the nation a cities. A to aver Appi ared retrain to meet a fire Dot reception than ago when a agencies to the fund again 1966. I tie More Money that is a a al Ved. The More each of the i agencies will get according to president al Rose there Are my triv Tibee. %1r� vet ter. Rwy ii Iligir it no Nan mrs my cow Refl Ului Raiq a so to tar of 1� and la i. Calf. A a a a a a Quot a registration for Spring St mrs Neil Sharp. A Tali Roek Quot Pra Cliet mister Exito imm Onines of air it liw Mallee we. Aril a a a a Wachila Baptist to nor ersty win to a Wiir Broth it. Ira be at 7 30 today at the cd i Strickland of to no Man Hirte a a. A Fer the old Post office by fld a a a Teri my Temte Thomason. Wolfie Ull Norm ouachita gun club will meet a a a a a met. Ewe Ritchie of Towman 5freef Domo oed final deter Laikin of courses a and Ella Crumb of for which will by taught will be tire a a a a Andahl refi. H great Tow Camtam fire Delia ii not no Wert three fire Aurim he Forral and huri.1 a Rex a will be held tuesday after Moon to a 40 saturday at 2 at cd ground Cem i inti Ilie Llly Linuci a a a. a pm plume Lut of count Nuy him plot the body will remain at by i. ,. Ton fral Home. Fordyce i tit service time. Trow id Ltd fn4f fan it 2 but. Pm met of to a Newt Papara a Tia Meta one al a of lip ilk Rurik bar al the a if a fit Tili hoi i rap a mtg and it i sat Jwia for a of we tagline a my a al Wmk tfx i. a a Ilia aph Iii of Many pm al the Job Nuon Vul we fire heavily damaged the Jack Ruggi Irto to m Home at 660 North i Trett hrs my Ssara Rattu s men said no one was Hunt to j Grover Heads Sli Riff Assn. Pink Buff s �e4 Salt Sher he did five Vears president Lohn f Kennedy Minin ated inns to a head the i mtg and Home finance san nay for one thing he has appeared before the group Many Mes tiie intervening pm 32, Camden Ark. Payments ind has a its backing for Nigado weekly. Month a Rev. Shepperson died al Dorado still unsigned and a number of Hiple who have not Given to the fund for l%6 if these peo would mail a Check make Ai reverend Flournoy Shepper pledge to the fund h will be son. I i. 83. Retired by greatly appreciated than Nisler died Siu urday address is i United fund p c m a nursing Home al Dorado. Lion of today a Camden Newt. Detailed information May be i stained by contacting the kit a al director at punts 6-3202 �?�4556 Rev. Short died California Dudney Hall died sunday it it Nedig far foam and nothing a. But there we a few wha Poi mad out Thi Fri. San. I up for Rel Antab Tom . Ii hat Ham fun Arad at pop to it ult a am tango Romala that a twi motor. Uon its backing for Iff a Rover of qua some of the most sir Ifica Cash Vav the donor Chila. Has Inen installed As housing legislation Ever passed nip \ fils fund Ami the 11 agencies that depend air it it i Elong to All the residents president of tie Arkansas Sher he Congo a a s tiie communists healed up offs ask Ilion for 1966 at the 19iil. Lia so Nate confirmed the ebbing Day sweep Annua Tiree Dav convention weavers Mirn nation by voice he was born Columbus. Arkansas january 13. 1883, and was the sheppers it a of Camden Ogemaw Ark is Clad Rev Norman Short aped 47. Formerly of Ogemaw died sat a Irav Domino a Santa Ann. The Edge of their Iron Triangle by spraying the Convoy with automatic weapons As it Roll gtd Sre met Nam Page two association will meet Little Lafayette Pat meets tuesday vote after the committee had approved it he 11-4 vote. Some 5a sheriffs attended the Quot Tavvo of the members who of convention and next year the yorker at the a a Rock Tyson and sen Wal Rock. The Lafayette la to will hold its monthly Inlet tuesday it evening january 18 at 7 . Several matters of importance that affect parents children am the school will be discussed some interesting announce ments and reimarts about Lafayette school will be made All members Are urged to at tend. Weather former Camden Man succumbs . La of Jeziah a a tint a a a nned. Aged % of so Seveik it died at 8 a m saturday it ins Iione following i Jurief illness. A own a lace f Bennett. A Utah have Romi Ivinity Center announced they will Vole for him this year the Bill passed by Congress a i let Vear setting up the emf allotted of it the Munct Lions and personnel of . Ark. Spec Lali a d Hall . Aged k. Of Ste Nhene. Died sunday at his Home following a Lens thy illness. He was a retired Farmer Ami a member of the Church of Ihor of miss Finelle. La Pill hollowing surgery Chrisi the Day Lic forc. Sir Viva a is i chide a son. J d. A i. J a us a ,. J tie Rev Start was form Naii a to it Nhit no Ihry fwd sea tip gym of ,. the. Asen Hix to attn a Quot v Quot a a a a Quot try Llu Hellen of a Mir Cau no to Ries Are United charities. lege Batesville and Union Tennessee. Mrs Mirvin Smith my scouts. Boys club red theological Seminary Rich California for the and mrs Frank Jenkins both Cross Carnes and Parks mond. A a i Stephens two Sisters mrs. Lua Rhita to association Cere he formerly pastured Church was born and reared at pan a i is Maud pals Hanter fair Vieve a Magnolia Monticello and \ n j Een with of Stephens and 11,.11, no no a a 01 Mattic batiks Short grandchildren survivors include his widow. Mrs Dawsie a Short. Funeral services were to be three daughters. Miss Reba Jov held at 2 pm today monday be Short. Miss Nelda Short and �1 the Church of Christ at Ste a to a a Jodl. He a Ialie Ali they Felt Wai the Pou ucal of u a term la of other to Niblet Deriv ump of ail a Gutema Toila Candi to my cause of the tit it undetermined firemen land. The Boutt a a tainted heavy and water Damai. I at 9�?~2s a m sunday Furt do my do Huibers and to tors minor damage to a Houm at �7 so pm Ailia to we whal a ii Street the Flat started Ibn the Kitchen the Caust Firis ii undetermined Firman a of ill Guha manorial Idida. At to a at 5 45 no saturday Ito Tedter who fun ref it ii fire al the City a last tilday for the offem it not it of 8� it Uhd to the Camden fire Dan Artinenci iffy was called to Lincoln Hli to ii we the that a Titi sunday at 7 27 pm Rock Friler May be Ai Strong a there a a tall fire was quickly a Strw of a of Bifi s4 Bill i t Wib Pinsi Lauhus. Dan Cratie intent Ixia haul Dong. Firemen Sakl. Officers suspect Artemi arson. And ten he was a native of Camden. A and a member of the Chris a i Church Kennedy had Shreveport for the past 33 years. Mrs. Clemons died saturday partly Cloudy and colder tonight mostly Cloudy and not so cold tuesday Lions tonight 14-24. Highs tues five Day mid 30s Northeast to mid i Reat Giand children mrs Cora Stillman Clemons Agni 8c.near Hanpton died Dorado Hospital at 7 10 a a a i Sao Irav my is la nil ins was i lifelong survivors include two Daugh resident of a Alisoun county she ters. Mrs inc Bokke of v. Is a Iii Ruber of the As Seibly Short sep tit and it f,.w bar of a cd i lurch. To of i Ine Biff Ark a son she Ned he three sons Hugh Kenne a of Stonewall la not Vale Clemons of Orange. Tex. Gran c Hildren and six George Clemons and Alex Rien ions i oth of Hampton gospel slide based peanuts cartoon Given tonight Toni t the gospel according to peanuts a a slide the Christian Faith will be preen to a at Westside methodist Church at 7 00 . The program was conceived a local scale mid-1965 it is of a similar enrol rain created by Robert l Short author of the number one Best seller a the gos al fording to peanuts Quot the program consists of a 30 to set Holly and was serving As pastor Greenville s c. At his a Rui rement 1%7 other survivors include three of Uttira bulletin Rof Nurtha try a Quot Quot i Crick cd o Shepperson of al nor,-.do and Quot a a Toree Shepperson of Albu Quer. about 15 Miles North of Sabin a to be ii it.-�pn of Camden. My a a Lillie Sullivan and mrs is Holt both of Ogemaw. Mrs Alma Gordon of Mcneil Ark. Mrs Dewey f it Hon of m a min �?�1mrs John Wepfer of mag Olin. And mrs Irene Jones of Dorado Ark and three pro Dudney of Magnolia two Brothers. David Shepperson Lake Providence la Joel Shepperson Spiro. Okla., and Eit Dit grandchildren. Funeral services were held sunday at the Marables Hill Hapel f l Dorado with Youngs funeral Home charge of arrangements. A me a orial serv be will be held tuesday at the Augusta presbyterian Turch Greenville so. Girl injured Auto collision a hers. G arid m Short of Pine Bluff Ark., and Gaius d. Short of g City Tex funeral services will be con no Itna Crawford 18. Of 606 Poplar Street was injured saturday night when a car which cd v y m z us Day night when a car which Amer Mia a a Rodatt Jim the John ton of a Rotwitt . Dak Alford of Lettla Rock Marvin Melton of to Naibors Frank we Ltd of Uttira Roek and . H d. Arkadelphia a wort chant Aga ii Fai it it Job. Saigon. Viet Nam api Joyon. Who to Fau to. Vow con . A hut it Wasyl . Atford fat Offir and marched him into the Hin Gle Bis hands the air the missing Man is Douglas. Mosey. 28. Boulder hey. Be. To a a a he is the assistant province Tuluii representative of the . Mis Sion for the area 1 a a a his Driver a Smth Vietnam came Back and told Amer Ano a Memder of ingle., and discus Woodlawn Ceme a 1.&Quot? a Quot a Laded South California ave. front of Vestal a plan be. The Accident happened about Northeast from cd Chi la so a a a a Quot so a is the Driver said be Den Trats for Arit Ansas failed a Erv. 40s Southwest temperature Teni erasure for the 24-hour period ending at 7 a m. Monday was High 51 a 25 River 5.2 feel falling heavy Frost. He u is the Materna Uncle of c h camplk�?~11, mrs Lillie to it. And miss Minnie Campbell. All of Ogemaw. Funeral services were Hel Ltd at 12 41 sunday at Oslo fun Quot Cral Home apr inh t with tic Hev Lii ii ii Offieri Flint ouachita singers meet tuesday night Lii Sion the Basic principles of he Christian Faith illustrated by color slide Earth from the three Daut hers mrs. Violet peanuts comic strip by Charles pure of m al Ili. Ala mrs Schulz it will be presented set Vinore of Llama ton and Dav night by David Ivey assist mrs Helda Lones of Texas 21 de by Don Robert Davis. ,.iniirhihr,.n and 32 Groat the program including 120 Quot i Chi Dren. Color slides is to be a permanent i uni ral is f Vii a were at 2 00 project of he ouachita sub Dis Shreve o m monday at the new Hope strict methodist youth Fellowship Springs located it. Howardl j Luin ii near Haiti Ion burial Tod is to okd into Over a dozen Road South of Camden. Burial was was Calaway Ctm Refery by files Arkan a Luisiana everyone is invited. He added that Ramsey Merit much att Tim. He first Baptist Church police said a car driven by and raised Bis hands a sure several Marc Viet him and pm Soi Arkansas Edi ter a Hon foe of Lauhus a came up with his own Writt m. ail .uieral Home. Anutt a at the present Lieuw. A end end with the Rev Bruce i it Eonard s. Dilworth of route a a Render gesture. Mir nov fat Fri Siatina burial will Camden and a car driven by Cong guerrillas Marc i him pm a a a he own Walt pm be he Steohen cemetery Judy Steelman 19, of 508 new away. The Driver was wounded do a if Hor the direction of the Camden Street collided As miss slightly Lvi Flat am Lxi a fire of la Tow Wiwi service Steelman was attempting to but was Able to a Gate ran nephews will serve As Active make a left turn off California foot. J. Ouachita county singing club pall he res honorary nil Lear Avenue both ears were travel to neg tap is the Middle it Fri js�-1 will meet tuesday night Jan. Ers will be members of the min Init South. The sector where . Fore up a 18 at 7 30 pm. At Sulphur Alliance of map Olla. The Crawford girl was a Pas Coral acted their biggest search. The body will arrive tuesday sender the Steelman Auto. And destroy opera tits of the Viet Wner Amarti Nornine at Camden and will lie police officers Nussey namese War crate crimp a s a a. Of he time Rel Home and Jack a Jinnifer investigated a which has just Termini to 1.1 service time. Them wreck. De. Set stats Wittlen Olip a Holly Aad of fit Mccrory Emder a a la us

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