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Camden News (Newspaper) - December 27, 1965, Camden, Arkansas My t i Cross Ila sales amp Seal ii _8066 Dallas Texas a is Quot is the Camden news volume Alvr a number 210 apr associated press serving the South s Ideal Industrial area camde�7�rka��as3t� nbay7dec727, 1965 Upit United press International Price Loc kids with Walkie talkies airways traffic Jam annoys acc i. Map itry Jnet cry or i _ j. Miami Fla. Apr Transis die operators tuned in on theorized Walkie talkies a the same frequency. Christmas gift for the kid who most of the Walkie talkie con i creating a versa ions Are perfectly legit messages Between pals i he Federal communications with a new toy. As Long As the r to does no to like some talk is clean and no conscious of the juvenile Patter its Moni attempt is made to interfere tors Are picking up. The Fri is with regular traffic the acc also listening with interest. Has no objections. Some children with Walkie a Walkie talkie chatter is sex Lakies and a High powered to petted every Christmas a said cab ulary Are butting into the Homer Thompson chief Engi citizens radio band network Neer at the cd a Central Moni with purple anecdotes and Toring station in Broward Cou suggestions. The chatter is to. Burning the ears of licensed a he explained that the Battery powered sets Are pre regulated being heard on some sets. One by the manufacturers to operate boy on Christinias Day had seven one tenth Watt Power Over eral radio operators worried class d citizens band channels when he of a Oad cast an Soo a their Range Over land is one to pleading that he was in a sink three Miles. Ing boat. His alarm turned out a actually the kids who Are to be false abusing the use of the airwaves a citizens band in dec Jan i �>1 a business and Peison tos a a a pain said Quot o a a it s Weprin sportsmen. For example. It is Frt when raise the frequency for other a vol Vine Ninf no Anh Inha Fanf signals from language s involved a electronic heating machines and to re ious heat treatment equip the false emergency messages Obj has slim Hope for Viet Nam peace Austin Tex. A president Johnson reportedly still retained a Glimmer of Hope today that the fighting in Viet Nam will not return to pre Christmas ferocity. Fighting resumed in Viet Nam Holiday toll sets new Mark seven killed in Auto collision Sublette Kan. A Sev cuban Captain and scientists do Otti cers leave snip i Osaka Japan a the not approve of Captain and three other officers radio station off Engineer Dies Rev. Danny Griffin goes to n. Carolinas my j j i of a cuban freighter walked into of Ali Iii in of Herf a the . Consulate general today in others injured sunday after noon near this Rural southwestern Kansas town when their autos collided at an intersection. Highway patrol trooper Gail by Ralph Dighton a science writer Philadelphia apra i Dio station when was silenced for about two hours sunday night and today when an Engineer collapsed and died Al the i controls of the stations trans and asked for political Asylum. Japanese police told the Kyo i do news service the men were Berkeley Calif. A Mitter. Frightened because their ship Fly a prominent scientists when a program of recorded had been ordered to a in a clashed today Over the value a music did not begin at 11 30 Wei is Fraai danger a of proposals to several persons called the Rathbun said Lawrence Blakej of a a a of a Ina to North Viet spend billions on antimissile station. Policemen went to the by 24, of Dodge City Kan., was driving West on . 56. Blakely his wife Dana 22, and her sister Pauline 27, and her husband James Simmons 25. And their son Todd Simmons 8 months were Only six Miles from the Ferd gales Home in Satanta where they were to i have a Holiday dinner. Two gis face treason charges travelling North on . 83, Rathbun said was mrs. Dora g. Saldiver 27, seven of her children and her Mother mrs. Sabena Gonzales 57. Naha Okinawa a the . Army said today it has charged two gis with aiding the enemy during two wears of Viet Cong imprisonment and is investigating to determine whether they will be put on trial. The Sal divers Only recently two soldiers Are sgt. Systems and fallout shelters. J transmitter and found Thomas Ryan 60. Dead apparently the Reliance upon a defense sys jct in of a heart attack tem of such extraordinary com Ponce said the last entry in Plecity May bring More risk Ryan a station log was made at than safety a said or. Barry n.30 . At the end of a Reli commoner head of the depart Grous program. He apparently ment of botany at Washington a led while arranging the taped University St. Louis to. Or. Edward Teller University of California physicist and one of the inventors of the atomic j bomb countered a a Strong civil defense is our Best Hope of preventing nuclear tie two were scheduled los Angeles apr is the fact that the Ilii ipod f states had not resumed bomb i Ings of North Viet Nam even Roll no two Days after the end of the a a a a a Wii ii cease fire was seen As re n Niji cd a a a n a a he associated i ills up Elul Alfir Imp a dlr Tih when the United states and ii r re a Rev. Danny Griffin former South Viet Nam were consid-1 pastor of Elliott Baptist Church ering last week a 30-hour Christ highways has accepted the pastorate of Mas cease fire so Long As their the Deain toll reached 707 to the Wilmont Baptist Church of rooms were not fired As late reports were Veri Charlotte. . The Wilmont i Johnson kept aloof from Heined. The Previ rec Church located in the City of eventual announcement and fac toll was 706 for a four Day Charlotte has a seven Day a up Hucle. The decision making. I Christmas weekend in 195g week program for both Young a a that a a matter to be Rie Cid a before the Holiday the nation-5nd old. Cpd in Saigon a said the Texas Al safety Council had estimated the Church Campus has a i White House. A deaths would run Between 560 fully equipped indoor gymnast i Johnson made no Public com and 660. Cum with facilities for the cease fire even the Oil included records in a Ball skating and Tennis for an though he normally is Quick Toj number of individual states. In Active youth and Fellowship pro himself with Good news. I Ohio the state safety director Gram. Also just completed is a Many quarters his silence Warren c. Nelson said the 49 the . Mark a the new educational building with Quot interpreted As indicating a paths made the highest toll for Effort in South Complete facilities for children a reluctance to associate himself 1 any weekend in 1965 and per Nam is changing the Vork with a children a Day a move that might go j haps the highest since records f awry. And some observers were a an i pin in Nicin nne a in. I. Arneias port Fatih Vork with a children a Day a move that might go haps the highest since records it Clisol some observers were have been kept. Louisiana Ssu ��0 ref Nhuc or Griffin a will he the cease fire per intendant of Public safety Bass Are Gong Gin there january 1, 1966. Hat this was his Thomas Burbanks said that round the clock Pace with music for broadcasting. Siamese girls cling to life fore coming to Elliott Church states 32 was the worst toll construction costs expect he was pastor of the first Bap source close to Sij be state police began keep de to reach the half billion list Church of Elizabeth. Ind. President Cut Johnson s. A a a a records 25 years ago. I Dollar Mark. Newsman to the Griffins left monday ? different Light Byj rain steel. Snow and freezing Cates Sites of some of the North Carolina. A iving a a he is silent because he temperatures Over much of the projects. Biggest is in tinn vhf Mph in Ftp pvn Ruph Cam Ranh Bay. The Best had moved to Leoti in South i orge e. Smith of Chester speakers in a symposium on Jamese twin girls separated in Western Kansas from Post defense at the annual three hour surgery shortly after 1 Tex. They had been to Texas for Clure of Chattanooga tenn., i meeting of the american Asso birth have a better than even a Brief Holiday visit and As they who were released by the Viet citation for the advancement of Chance of living their attending approached the intersection Ong last month. They will re science a the largest scientific paediatrician says they were less than two hours Okinawa until a final convention of the year attended j he Mother of the infants or about 70 Miles South of their decision on their cases tie by More than 6,000. A when told of the emergency of Mother four kiddies die a Home fire Uniontown. A. Nation added to tie expected Bay the Best in Short according to this hazards of Long distance travel. Harlor in South source. Johnson said nothing Daylight and roads developed 1 because he was most interested 1 Imam Phi with cars ? a massive new port a in a oils reaction. Reportedly 80 and Jaspir ass Aie he did not want to Cloud the at i vehicles were on the going in at iia none run. Moshere. A Road during the 78-hour period ways Are being expanded it was not Hap mice i hich started at 6 . Thurs at Chu l Phan rang and ther it was said that the stat ended at Midnight Sun tan so hut Saigon a department announced official Airport. New port facilities a in that american troops had several accidents accounted Saigon Are a uie new Kansas Home. Spokesman said. Aeration took the news Well. _. The difference of opinion. The Mac sect on was marked after an extensive Vesliga came at a briefing prior to the the were born Clinst by Stop signs on . 56 wherein a a a Jay a by a be a Mas Day with a common Blad i it the North South . Route 83 the roads were dry and Clear. Killed were Blakeley a wife and the three members of the Simmons family mrs. Gonzales and two of the Saldiver children Nettie 4 and one year old Cindy. Police arrest two negroes in liquor raids with preparing furnishing and delivering to the Viet Cong certain documents statements and sym Posam. I Der and intestines. Commoner an authority oni sunday As mrs. Robin Man i the effects of radiation on Many a i Tonya passed her 20th birth i Wilin Bri l t it kor once a Short q Maric and Sheila Norme Young Mother and her four Chil been ordered not to fire except dozens of deaths Dren died Early today in a fire in self defense even after the Shorlie after the Start of the that swept their of the 3 i hour cease fire a Zygy a a rav Tinq Home two Miles East of that the . 1. Pavement in Oregon up described As info Stu control crashed firemen said mrs. Martha,nate.�?� Garr Ison about 22. And the Chil planning stage. Camden police chief g. B. Cole said monday that Eula Murphy negro owner of the Busy Bee cafe at 116 Day Street was arrested last thurs a a a 3, Gam Bodia the two were flown to f the United states. The spokesman said the two special forces men have been provided defense attorneys. In accordance with . Military procedure their cases now Are being studied to determine if they will face a trial by court martial. Smith 27, and Mcclure. 25, were captured in a november 1963 when guerrillas overran the Hiep Hoa Camp Northeast of Saigon. They were released last nov. 27 at the cambodian Border during a period of demonstrations in the United states against the Viet Nam War. After a week in violating the Law. Arkansas liquor Bangkok and then to Okinawa. They denied to american television newsmen that they had told a news conference in Cambodia they would return to the United states and join the Cam Cole said police it. Robert Marlin and patrolmen Leslie Nussey and James word entered the cafe and found the own. To later allegedly Selling Beer Over pfc a against the War in Viet the Nunter. Cole said the offi i the two claimed their statements had been misinterpreted. Lbs correspondent Murray chief Cole also said it. Jack i Fromson quoted smut As say Dews and patrolmen David ing a i did not use the word Butcher j. T. Vaughan and what t said was Jacky Santifer arrested Koziej trial i would like to see Strong Edwards negro at 328 Progress efforts made to end the War in the counter. Cole said the offi cers searched the premises and seized 60 cases of Beer. Viet Abc newsman Jack Perkins said Smith told him he was subjected to a a poor Many a brain Street last saturday night following a raid at his Home where a Quality of Beer and non taxed Bootleg whiskey . Edwards was also charge washing a Perkins reported de with three counts of violating the liquor Laws Cole said. Both cases will be heard in City division municipal court on monday afternoon. Weather biggest Yule party for Hong Kong Hong Kong apr it came two Days late but it was the biggest Christmas party in Hong Kong. . Sailors and american medical missionaries today Arkansas generally choir h med out 2,000 20-Inch dolls 2, and cold tonight and tuesday. Low tonight 12 in the Northwest of defense Roberts Mcnamara of giving a a woefully inadequate picture of the immediate and eventual damage from nuclear War. He predicted a epidemics of human and animal diseases crop destruction by radiation erosion and sterilization of the land resulting from massive destruction of vegetation and the triggering of possibly catastrophic climatic these As Well As immediate destruction from blast heat and appeared to be holding their own at another. Said their paediatrician 36, hours after surgery a a they Rej both still moving around which a the most important sign to us. Everything is functioning. Ind their color is the doctor added however a there is no Way to Tell what a he end result will j the twins together weighing 12 pounds were born by Caesar Ean Section at hold Cross Hospi population its economic Wajih a a a then rushed to Cedars of Leba Cotton program sets off Boom in Arkansas areas by Thomas a. Reedy Saigon South Viet Nam apr for the third straight Day the United states kept its planes out of North Viet names skies today but blood spilled again in the Jungles and mountains of the South after a Short interrupted Christmas truce. Air attacks were made Only on suspected Viet Cong concentrations in South Viet Nam us. Spokesmen said. Ground action also was reported in Low key for the past 24 hours. Beyond confirming the suspension of the Aerial War which steadily had been closing in on the Hanoi Haiphong Industrial Belt . Officials in Saigon said Only that the orders came from Washington. This raised speculation that the pause was a new invitation to North vietnamese president to Chi minho a regime to come to the peace table. . Officials declined to guess How Long the Lull would last. In the South . Casualty lists grew. A . Army truck carrying soldiers of the . 1st infantry division hit a mine 30 Miles North of Saigon. Casualties were reported heavy. The Viet Cong detonated a mine at a government troop Barracks at a dec 70 Miles Southwest of Saigon just As two vietnamese platoons were starting the work Day. A it killed or Hurt a lot of soldiers a a . Army officer said. An adjacent compound for american advisers escaped the Force of the explosion. A second mine and disarmed. Twenty Miles Southwest of the Barracks a communist mine blew up a jeep killing two american soldiers and an american civilian. . Marines reported they killed 12 Viet Cong while taking Light casualties in 20 brushes i with the communists during 233 i patrols around the big u. S. I base at Danang. 380 Miles Northeast of the capital. The air Force raised its toll of and losses to communist missile fire 10 room. Its social fabric a All that we speak of As our civilization a would be irrevocably lost following a major nuclear he conceded that some scientists would disagree with him but insisted a there can be no disagreement that it is absolutely impossible to be certain of our own Teller said Strong civil defense measures Are vital As a deterrent. Non Hospital where a team of 18 doctors nurses and technicians performed the surgery. Or. Stephen l. Gans. Who assembled the team which separated the girls said neither breathed for several minutes after birth until Mouth to Mouth resuscitation was applied. Or. Gans said the babies were joined in the lower Abdomen by a Bridge of tissue six inches in Jand turned Over. The a k 1 t president and the first ,, Ives. Dren were asleep. Their bodies lady attended sunday service. Persons Zly a a Quot r �?��?~�?o1. A it Quot a Quot Dis Wii ii a is so Eddei a a the father. Homer about 2b. Johnson cily. He Silook hands a a a a a a a a a a ice coated Bridie first dashed from the House,.with everyone in sight can in Oklahoma. Five per then tried to gel Back in to res one of his secret service body a sunday on a Snow in Ero Hap Cue his family police said. He guards and he signed Auto a. Jan seven Federal Cotton pro sover North Viet Nam to was admitted to a Hospital with graphs readily. Persons were killed in a Colli has touched off a minor planes. A spokesman said an f4 Hurns. Afterwards. Johnson visited a or Cuil be Cun. Oiment Boom in Arkansas c phantom Jet downed during firemen said the Blaze appear his boy Lwood Home and. By Coin j a a p.,., 2n an an assault on the Bac Cau entry was started by the Ceplo Ici dance. Gave his secret service exceeded proved the option nov 23 Miles North of Hanoi Sion of an Oil stove m the living bodyguard a scare the 78 killed Over Ibe 1%4 in a win or the a or Lerse of col and been hit by a just As Johnson drove to the a Risemas weekend and the 428 ton allo Lionts to operators in surface to air missile. The old Homestead an 18-year-old a a cent , i Zmiews. Pilot was rescued. Dugi Hunter in Leif Cal from he j j in weekend. Tysl Voge kind i Sorn Kiili tiry Comini riders grandfathers Home across the j. P thursday dec. 9 to producers outside these coun were reported concerned by the Street carrying a Rifle with Tele a Jujj i sunday dec 12. Was were Quick to spot the of pause in air attacks since they Copic sight. At that instant. A i surveyed by the associated por Unity to gain More land for Felt it gave the communists Aan t or. A a 12-Ye-old girl in ii Ifird nearby establish a comparison the crop and the Boom was on Chance to step up the move ment Chicago a Luci i it Aines set off a loud firecracker. Allotments can not go out of men and supplies toward tiie Johnson a Christmas present to secret service agent Cliff Hill of the state and most of those to Chi Minh Trail leading to tie her father was a Promise that a a remembered for climbing 11 i we jul being sold were not actively i South. She would try to finish her Edu aboard the limousine of pro it Sij a is n6@n or icicle used so the Overall production no word came from president Dent John f. Kennedy in Dallas f change Little. A Johnson at his Texas ranch but at the time of the j . The reportedly still retained a a jumped from a Security cars i Iolj a a Liyun j but the sales and leases will Ujj Ign of Hope the Fig Liting and advanced on tiie Rifle Holder mean considerable extra in would not return to its pre Luci promises dad to finish College education work cation after her marriage to airman Pat Nugent 22, of Waukegan. 111. Next summer the Chicago Tribune said today. The Tribune quoted theft Resi Wilh arms outstretched. Dents daughter As saying mrs. Helen Louise of it los come to banners whose hot Christmas ferocity. Was seen As the episode soon was forgot Priddy aunt lout 8b. Of to intents were Idle. Pause the air evidence a the russians Characterlsti-1 a j Calls avoid taking risks Quot Teller t. T said. Quot it we have no sheers or a ladder and a Rtin. Antimissile systems they May feel they can defeat us. But if we put up a Strong civil defense i believe we will prevent attack. A the russians and the chinese Are not mad As Hitler was. It is fortunate that we Are now faced by reasonable opponents. I done to think they will want to Start a w a unless they Are sure they can defeat us and they can to be sure if we have a Strong civil commoner pointed out that the Johnson administration is considering a combined anti j missile shelter system expected to Cost several billions. I Membranous Sac around intestines of both babies. He said that the Sac broke either during or before delivery leaving the intestines exposed to the Ai Rand hazards of bacteria. A this forced surgery immediately a he said. The father is Gerald Mantonya 20, a film Laboratory technician. A right now i have every in ten when the train of Cionci just Bayou died sunday. Hempstead county producers Johnson was waiting for some tuntion of getting As much Edu Lences were unravelled after cd h k a k realize $800,000 to $1 it in peace sign from Hanoi cation As possible. You never i Johnson left the scene the r us officials said the state know what is going to happen youth drove away for a ome estimates Cecil department had instructed the the but Cucu As univ Iii in de 18 Ereat grandchildren. Lot ments in the county would the Viet conc Tiad already Bro funeral services vill be held reduced from 8,411 to 2,500 Jen the cease fire with a rash of monday at 3 m the Locust Gores. Incidents f. S. said. By Vou Church of Clu is. The allotments Are Selling Ati american idea quarters sent burial will be in Lakeside 30 q 32 cents per Pound in out orders to All units at 4 . Know what is going to happen a youth drove away for some a allotments. Estimates Cecil j3epartment had instructed to and i feel every woman should Hunting just As he had intend Bayou one sister. Mrs county ass office military command to extend to be prepared. Besides. I like tried. Manager. A truce As Long As possible. B study and i love my schoo a j Raou nine children and Jug predicted that Cotton Al even As the instructions arrive Luci who is 18. Show ii Heri r a i .1 engagement ring sunday As she freezing weather and her Fiance left St. Barthol a Arkansas of Mew a roman Catholic a Quirch j in Waukegan after attending i by the associated a floss i the freezing temperature with Proctor Funer gome counties based on the sunday to resume Normal oper i that preceded Christmas will be 1 i charge of arrange projected yield of the acreage actions thereby scaling the end noon mass. President Johnson often has j that preceded expressed a desire that both of a around for the next few Days Nientsu. Mrs. Lindsey died Friday his daughters Complete a i allege education. Luci his younger d Luther will have Finisia a her freshman year in Georgetown t Lutr Silys a sch m l of nursing be Ore she is married. The . Weather Bureau says and the weather is expected to get even colder. Says Are expected to remain Clear but a cold front extending from St Louis to the Cen Hood Jim allowed to publish memoirs he said he believed the Money mrs Frances Ellen Lindsey a Strong civil defense system r2 of Camden died Friday in a would Cost might be better local Hospital. She was a meth spent on a research and Educa a Odist. ,, prevent War but that in Lindsey is survived by 000 other toys slabs of be daughters. Mrs Louise Wui Iii Luuis Iii univ a i Ide and hunks of cake to some Jujj of in Patterson of Dallas Texas and to 24 soil theist High tuesday 4,000 children of poor chinese to Saith res sinned of a a a a a Ort a families. Be Iii Saia be Wjt Robert Lindsey of the parly was held on adequate civil defense it Amden guv Lindsey of geor floating clinic boats of project a a own. South Carolina Noel Ilia concern a private american temperature medical Agency that treats dress of patients daily in Hong tie temperature for the 24 Kong a refugee packed boat i a _ hour period ending at 7 . Shelters. Monday was High 50, Low 23. The party created a huge was Tucson Ariz a Alexann a sunday at the Elliott Baptist cd River 4.8 feet falling. Heavy ter ways traffic Jam. Scores of Dor Mckay Parker former de Orch with burial in my. Horeb Frost. Larger Junks Ami hundreds of dior of the Arizona Dally Star cemetery. Small Safe pans brought the Chil and the Tucson daily , Proctor funeral Home was Dreili to the clinic Hoat i. Died sunday at the age of 81. In charge of arrangement buium v i v in muff5., �?T�?~il�?~"5fland John in. Graves of Beau Mont. Calif. 14 grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren. Funeral Sevy f a were had covered by them in 1966. Of the truce. The yield May Range from Viet Cong attacks during the .3 57 pounds per acre in the Hilly truce killed at least a dozen land of Cleburne county about Aine Picans and up of Rii South $110 per acre based on 30 cents vietnamese troops. . Spokes per found to More than boo Nien said. Many others were a cuff Tran to Pri a a pounds in the Rich Delta area wounded n n a t a a t i during till 30 hour Allied amount if Iruko period which ended at Yonh Vii Fhi the to non in san guv i in Luu allotments is nud night saturday there were Young Man she met last sum Ness. Hoodlum who broke a Wood oat ii users in the 84 a incidents instigated by the Mer on a trailer tour of the no rain is expected for the f a a her publish his Mem a a a Lern Section of the state who Coom insists. A u. S. Spokesman state. A already have Large operations said. This included 20 if lations overnight Low temperatures a Farmer cannot add More in the six hours of the were generally in the 20s Sun in Doin i so it has broken a than 100 acres to his farm truce Day night with Calico Rock re King standing policy against let through Purchase of of there was at Lea it one 1-. S. Her sister Lynda Bird flies Oral Section of Texas is forecast Piv Artmont has de Eidos he state to Wyoming today where Shemla to move Southeast and bring convicted murderer to considerable a be a guest at the Home of a additional cold air and Clouds Eph Valachi the Cosa Nostra buying of the All West. Junior miss pageant opens on tuesday cording the states Low of Hgt de Ting Federal prisoners publish allotments but some operators violation an artillery unit of the Little Rock a com Grees. The High sunday was 50 stories of their lives of crime. Have More than one farm. 1st cavalry. , div petition in the 1965 Arkansas degrees at Camden with All the 1,180-Page is the larger Cotton operations Iscon continued firing Lor four Junior miss pageant begins other stations reporting tem called a the real its 61 Are the More profitable ones hours alter the Start i i the Truee Here tuesday with a trip to Pera Tures in the Low to High year old author scrawled it on the smaller operations Are Friday night. We snap a did Mobile Ala and of. A dollars in prizes and scholarships at stake. 40s. Legal pads during Long months often being reduced to allow not get any official word from temperatures tuesday Are in the District of Columbia jail the Farmer to take advantage division Headquarters Iho expected to remain cold with he has lived there since 1963. Of Federal programs for those unit commander said. A successor to Jerrie hair sunny skies and highs in the when he became widely known with allotments of 10 acres or a a 77t. Ston of Lonoke Arkansas .iun-,40s. By spilling to Federal authorities , Wilton Conn. Apr Harry for miss of 1964, will be chosen. Lows of 15 to 20 Are forecast and a Senate committee these the counties approving the Landsiedel 82, a retired exec thursday night. A for most of the state tonight crets of the built million Dollar Sale or lease of the allotments Tive vice president or Ming the Winner will represent the slightly warmer temperatures National Syndicate called in were mostly in the ozarks and ton Rand died sunday Sale in the in clonal pairs and at Are forecast in Southern Sec sicilian. A la Cosa Nostra a or in the Southern portion of the Landsiedel held some 50 patents Mobile Mai cd. tonight. A your state. On addin Macl Iino in vellum v

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