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Camden News (Newspaper) - December 19, 1970, Camden, Arkansas The Camden serving the South s Ideal Industrial area volume 51�?number 204 up a United press International Camden Arkansas 71701�?sai urday december 19, 1970 apr associated press Price 10c full employment quot is in Vogue with today s economic seers and policymakers by Sterling f. Green associated press writer Washington a the temp quot Luuri is n. Vogue with today s . Is t a and policymakers. Bat the magic words done to always mean a buy i of yay. I quot of example an a owed goal of presid m Nixon s co Tojiu. a a Luh mpoy Jii. But Nilu jy/2. Vet Somo Oil ins advisers admit they a be reasonably Happy no by that time there wer was Many As 3.5 minion men and women still looking Lor jobs. And the president wants to a amp Iancic the a i Ull employment budget for fiscal 1972, starting next july 1. He May do that by. He could still have a real financial die Cit of $10 or $12 billion. What does full employment mean then ment Oiher officials a to be called Back others who knowledge that anything up to Are Idle because of weather or 4.5 per cent and maybe a i tic who Are waiting for a Call to More would be a reasonable work from a Cannery lumber goal Lor mid-1972. And that would a solid gain because Many expect the Rale to climb above 6 per cent in 1971 before it Down. Few think it will get is Low As 5 per cent anytime next year. The torm full employment be came embedded in the language during the great depression of the 1930s, when it was a pie in the sky target of the Roosevelt new Deal. The definition was vague but it was achieved in world War ii. Over achieved in fact because the wartime labor shortage was As acute As the tire or meat shortage. In Many respects the country a War production Effort was limited by Lack of labor. Even so. There was still 1.2 per cent unemployment in 1944, the year in customary Washington us age nowadays it Means getting unemployment Down to about 4 j 0f Peak Home front Effort per cent of the labor Force. This was less1 than what the that would still leave Ait least a experts Call Normal a a frictional 3.3 million people jobless. J unemployment. Frictional in Paul w. Mccracken chair a employment represents new Man of the presidents Council Comers to the labor Force who of economic advisers told ques Haven to yet found work Wor kers toners he thinks of 4 per cent As j who quit to Hunt another Job Mill or other seasonal or sporadic employer. A Quarter Century ago it was generally assumed that the Fric tonally unemployed plus those who get work because of illiteracy instability or other handicaps would add up to s or 2vz per cent of the labor Force. After the War Industry raced to satisfy the pent up civilian demand released after years of rationing and austerity. The millions of War Plant workers and demobilized servicemen were hired swiftly. The dreaded postwar depression never came. But neither did full employment. The 2.5 per cent rate was achieved in one postwar year 1953, and that was the result of an Economy overheated by the korean War. That year also saw the Start of a recession which boosted unemployment in 1954 to an average 5 per cent. It was he first of three recessions which plagued the administration of Dwight d. Eisenhower each Many gis Are. Going Home j for Christmas it Saigon apr As Many As Chicago mayor Dale Wiley seek fifth term Chicago apr mayor Richard j. Daley who held office longer than any pref Cesar Sor in City history will sri Elk a fifth consecutive four-year., term in 1571. The mayor a 68-year-old the last of these slumps in 6 of american servicemen Are n t v a a i z it double div helped to a top it fib it us me can servicemen Ailt a Democrat who Heads is party s Aoud teary Neiper to Oei eat spending Christmas at Home in a Cook county map hip Benhower s vice president Rich Jug. The new leave Dolick of trip a 5 county Mac time re m. Nucion to he ran let president m i960. Clit Jamand m today. Jjo a a a Psi a a. When John f. Kennedy took office with unemployment around 6.8 per cent he readjusted the a full employment goal. Kennedy a economic advisers headed by Walter w. Heller looked for a goal that might be realizable. They came up with 4 per cent As what they called an a interim that goal finally was reached unemployment ranged from 3.6 to 3.8 per cent in each oif the last three years of the Johnson administration. This was the Climax of a nine year Boom that was fuelled by the biggest tax Cut in history and later on by the Vietnam War the biggest Federal deficit since world War ii and a serious inflation. The Nixon administration undertook to slow the inflation gently to avoid painful unemployment. This feat did not come off. The policy of a gradualism a a steady application of moderate fiscal monetary re troops in command said today. Pan american world airways and world airways Are running Low Cost charter flights to Oak land calif., and to new York for servicemen who want to go Home for 14 Days under the new program. A round trip to the East coast costs $350, compared with a regular one Way Economy fare of about $510. A charter flights Are allocated to All military regions in Vietnam based on troop strength a a it . Spokesman said. A a that Wray the Man in the Boondocks will get a Chance to go scientists conduct Siudy on marijuana by John Stowell / a Che midpoint of a full employ-1 some who were Laid off but Hope came longer than the last and each strains produced Only i leaving the urea Pluymen rate a conclusive results in moderating at a higher Levei when recovery the inflation while unemployment risen every month for some new York tract toners come under scrutiny because of abortion advertisements by inn Sherr associated press writer against Park East and a num. ,. Incr of of ter groups making Sim ,.ze. Of a special Rhea part Ilar announcements the judicial Medicine said Don Rosen new York wide county of the Ama last g temp anal assistant to executive Dis Pread concern Over the ethics , the nor trip a Rector of the los Angeles coun of a Padve rising abortion Pacili ��40mmercixziuion 5 Sty medical association. A but u ties caused one new York Hospital to mail 40.0 h letters of \ apology and a handful of county commercialization Huck-1�?T�?o . Oui to i promote and advertise in a wide area is highly several weeks later the new medical societies to take a Clos York county medical society Here is no mention of local Erik at toe a , j pm the Ama Vernon. �1 so far the concern f a Board of censors wrote to Par kick at on 811�?~bejines, so we Felt we 7 i Hast asking to to Sun its mail a quot a a a a is quot quot a a m w. A Arke othe Wes used on groups individuals. Park Easl complied in new York and California immediately and sent out letters where liberalized abortion Laws of regret to everyone on the Are in effect. I original mailing list. Last summer when new in California the los Angeles York made abortion largely a a county medical association is matter Between a woman and looking into complaints about her physician. Park East lispi letters from one obstetrician tal on Manhattan sent 40.000 copies of a a dear doctor letter to physicians All Over the cram re. The letter announced the i he 200-room Hospital would perform abortions on patients up o gynaecologist in private practice and two medical groups set up to perform abortions. Some doctors resented the announcement Type letters similar in Ibrom to the announcement 12 weeks pregnant at a a new practice that phys Cost of $575. Cans Send to their neighbouring i colleagues because they Felt scores of doctors who re he letters went beyond the Cei Ved the letters As far 0f g0 i taste either As Texas and Arizona let came by Jenci Tujing fees $463 for one embittered Over what one Jetor or by extending far be a american medical association y0n j the los Angeles commune have been widely official called a outright Cossy in one Case throughout the around the nation solicitation a a procedure in inc United slates. Strictly forbidden in the code Oigt ,. A a a a a a medical ethics a a the last that a physician or _ _ in lessons a to the prot is a set it is a a i a services most specialists in abortion to be d or. Said or. Morton w. Barke of the West coast medical group which sent 6,000 letters to physicians All Over the country a your statement listed no fees and was on the Standard announcement card. Had it said that we were now doing dermatology or orthopaedic surgery instead of abortions no one would have said Barke an obstetrician gynaecologist and an other physician make up the Ste Tricia gynaecologist and an medical group. Going Home on regular commercial flights and by hitching rides on Mih tary planes. A a lot oif Guys wont want to go a Tihe spokesman said. A there is no Way to anticipate How Many will not take advantage of the leave policy and reduced he said some men Are scheduled for rest and recuperation leaves or r and a at cities in Southeast Asia during the Christmas holidays. The new leave program went into effect last month. The two week leave it offers is in addition to the five to seven Days of r and r that every i in Vietnam gets during his one year tour in the War zone. When a Serviceman goes on quot a groups Are designed As profit and a his transportation to an id making ventures. For fees aver from such places As Hong aging $100 on top of the phys Bangkok and Hawaii is paid by1 Washington a marijuana smokers May became More and More sensitive psychologically and physically to the Weed As its ?.l byproducts build up in bodily tis issues a Public health quot service he said some gis Are also research team says. / Cian and or Hospital Cost the groups make All the woman a arrangements and frequently provide out of state transportation to and from the Airport and doctors office. Most claim to use Only certified hospitals or clinic medical society officials say they Are powerless to interfere in the activities of such groups unless a physician is directly connected. In the past few months at least a half dozen have sprung up in the new York area. In addition to the physician related letters announcements from a handful of abortion referral services with Little or no apparent medical connection circulated unlike planned parenthood and various municipal welfare of the new As 1. Texas patient in ouachita Hospital on the week before Christmas there were 107 patients in ouachita Hospital including one from Texas. Ten babies were born during the week including one set. Of twins. Among the 18 out of town patients were these from the following cities Prescott 1, Chidester 4, Bearden 3, Eagle Mills 1, Hampton 1, Stephens 3, Gurdon 1, Sparkman 2, i Diann 1, and Mesquite Tex the military. But when he goes Home for leave under Ttoe new policy he normally to make his own arrangements. Servicemen on leave Are eligible to travel to the United states on military aircraft when a Pace is available but they must have a return commercial ticket to ensure they Are Back in Vietnam on time. Many gis wont be Able to go Home for Christmas because they can to afford the fare. But Many others due to be Dis a i charged during the Christmas new year period Are being released Early to get them Home for the holidays. Bill introduce to set health insurance Norm Washington a sen Claiborne Peli introduced today a National health insurance plan which would Force employers to provide a minimum level of medical care for their workers. The Bill would also set up regional Public corpor Toons to hire doctors and other medical workers As Well As control the services provided by cooperating hospitals and clinics. In a Senate floor speech. Pell. D-r.i., urged a that an employee army promotes George Wilcher Little Rock apr the Hardy construction co. Of Pine Bluff submitted the apparent Low bid of $343,367.50 thursday on the initial development of four recreation areas on , but the scientists Labelling their study an Early step a in a series of 10,000 Steps that May have to be taken a emphasized they cannot say if pot smoking is harmful to . The experiments involved injecting the the major Ingre a client of marijuana into the i bloodstream of a Man and two \ women who did t smoke Mari i Aana. I the researchers said the or t Lelta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinoln, a angered in the bloodstream for More than three Days and byproducts persisted for eight Days. This May indicate the scientists Sand that marijuana residues build up in such bodily tissues As the lungs and brain. A if indeed the is bound in lung then in Man this would be even More significant since inhalation is the usual route of administration a said the report to the professional journal a science the four researchers from the National Institute of menial health include or. Julius Axelrod co Winner of the 1970 Nobel prize in Medicine. The study was part of a $2 million a year investigation of marijuana. A Kie body a retention of the and its byproducts May explain the a reverse tolerance phenomenon in which chronic marijuana smokers appear to get More and More effects with each additional dose said the report. A the findings represent first evidence of the physiological disposition and Fate of the drug in Many and this is important to know in order to begin to investigate possible hazards of Short term and Long term use of Mari said or. Irwin j. Kopin by Francisco Silva associated press writer Rio de Janeiro a the kidnappers of Swiss ambassador Giovanni Bucher have submitted a list of 70 prisoners they want released As Ransom and brazils president met with his Cabinet today to consider its authenticity. The list was delivered to a news Agency after an Anonymous Telephone tip Friday and was then burned Over to the gov Solon expects approval of restrictions by Carl p. Leubsdorf associated press writer Washington a a key House member says he expects acceptance of Senate restrictions on . Aid to Cambodia in what looms As the biggest congressional Victory yet for senators seeking to curb the american role in Southeast Asia. But a lengthy Senate fight appears Likely Over the watering Down by Senate House conferees of a provisions designed to bar . Combat ground troops from Laos Thailand and Cambodia a in the $66.6-billion defense Money Bill. Action in both cases May be put off until at least next week amid indications Congress is Likely to be kept in session Umil close to its Jan. 3 expiration Date. The curbs on . Aid for Cambodia were included by the Senate in its version of the $500 million authorization measure that includes $255 million for that embattled Southeast asian nation they bar . Combat ground troops and military advisers disclaim any . Commitment to defend Cambodia and require Advance notice of any Transfer of Aid funds to Cambodia. A i see no real problem in the Senate language a said rep. Clement j. Zablocki of Wisconsin second ranking Democrat on the House foreign affairs committee and one of seven House conferees on the Aid Bill. Reservoir on the Arkansas Riv-1 chief of the Laboratory and a or. Member of the team. Asp views upcoming Christmas holidays with mixed emotions Bearden school menus monday dec. 21 pork patties mashed potatoes buttered peas hot Rolls butter milk pudding. Tuesday dec. �?z22 vegetable Ern ment of president Emilio Garrastazu Medici. Along with the list was a note that said Bucher kidnapped dec. 7, would be freed unharmed after the prisoners arrived either in Cuba or Algeria. Authorities said privately that hey were holding talks with the algerian and chilean embassies to arrange political Asylum for the prisoners and to. Fly them out of Brazil. Brazil does not have diplomatic relations with Cuba but Chile does. The list of prisoners included Nancy Manga Beira Unger a brazilian american accused of plotting the Kidnap of a u. S. Consul Jean Marc von Der Weid a Swiss brazilian. Jorge Medeiros do Vale a banker turned terrorist and Rholine tended to life imprisonment for terrorism. The Lack of such a list been an obstacle in negotiations for the diplomats release. The kidnappers . Previously refused to provide Orie unless the government stated publicly that it was willing to make the Exchange. The note made no mention of other previous demands by the terrorists which bad included publication of a revolutionary manifesto and free passage on Rio suburban trains during negotiations. The governments walked at those conditions but indicated that it would Exchange the prisoners police received a list of prisoners earlier but they said it was not authentic. The kid Sonde Cavalcanti Silva the first papers also denied that list was brazilian in recent years sen-1 theirs. Britishers will fight to protect Homes London apr residents of six villages in the British Countryside Are vowing armed resistance to a Royal commissions recommendation that Many of heir houses be razed for an International Jetport. Billboards spotted through the . Talley is at Pearl Harbor Carpenter special Navy Petty officer third class t. W. Talley husband of the former miss. Catherine a Ster Vens of 2808 Marsh st. Camden ark., returned to Pearl Harbor Hawaii aboard the destroyer Carpenter following a six month deployment to amp in Western Pacific As an element of the u. S. Seventh Fleet. Hollywood a the kids of the kingdom the girls at the Golden Horseshoe Indian ceremonial dancers and a Host of others have called off their four month strike against Disneyland. Spokesmen for the american Guild of variety artists representing Disneyland performers and Walt Disney productions said thursday they negotiated a new three year contract. Aga and Disney spokesmen refused to disclose the terms of the new contract which a Disney spokesman said covers 82 state police View the approaching Holiday period with mixed emotions according to the department s director colonel Ralph d. Scott. Scott characterized the Christmas Holiday death foil of last year As a tragic and regrettable loss of life. During the 102-hour period. 16 persons died in 13 fatal collisions. The to was he Lai Oest number of persons to die during and single Holiday period for 1969 and Only been sur rms cd by the fourth of july Holiday in 1966. When 22 persons died and the new year s Holiday of the same year when 17 persons died in traffic mishaps. Scott said 16 persons died 25 were injured and property damage in a he 13 collisions am ounce i to thousands of dollars. Evott said after a throw wit evaluation of each of the Acci. Dent or it arts. The following facts be guaranteed a minimum level were Learned 1 Nona of the 6 in each crash one or More of the Drivers were in violation of the Law although some of the victims were completely innocent. Scott said an analysis of this Type is most unpleasant but that perhaps these facts can keep the Holiday season of 1970 from Bein ? repetitious of 1969. He pledged an All out Effort by the state police to reduce Highway accidents in order that the True spirit of Christmas can be tru v celebrated. Scot also pointed out that from sunday dec. 5 through thursday dec. 10. 17 persons die i of the states highways. He said this is most discouraging and that if the present trend continues 1970�?Ts death toll will surge to Over 600 deaths. If 17 persons were killed every five a is Scott said the states annual death toll would be Over 1200. He urged Drivers to exercise extreme restraint and beef soup Peanut butter sandwiches milk crackers pineal jobs at the amusement Park. Pie it u the Aga members due to wednesday dec. 23 Turkey i r return to work at Disneyland amp dressing Giblet Gravy Cran �3 week walked off the Job _ Berry sauce Green Beans new us. 8 in a demand for higher j Barrian. A monogrammed Dpi Dart potatoes hot Rolls butter milk wages Anco Shorter hours and commended her for her ice Cream sandwiches. A May years of service. Six communities proclaim a Airport Over our dead Bod Iesu and we mean it posters show a looking Fanner with a Pitchfork astride Bewley Church a tar get of the bulldozers. A i have a Shotgun and a few backsides will be peppered if any bloody Airport Man sets a foot on try land a a Farmer from cubing on said Friday. A my family been Here for 380 years. An electric company Surveyor found himself looking Down the business end of a Shotgun two weeks ago. Quot the boys ran off quot the Farmer Salt a but they two mail no a nothing to do with n House Bearden a open House for Bearden Public Library was held on thursday afternoon following extensive re decorating and updating of the facility. More than 100 guests and officials signed the Register. Mrs. Kolley Mccaus a served punch from a table covered with a red cloth centers with a huge Christmas serving cookies and Coffee mrs. Hayes Bamer and Jessie o. A amp Addock other Mas decorations added to the splendor of tto surrounding mrs. Florene Bradley on behalf of the ouachita Library Aid the Bearden Community addressed the group and presented mrs. H. B. Gatling retiring i of health car e benefits by were using seat belts i Courtesy during the Fin Ai weeks 1 and several were thrown from j of 1970, employer just As he is Guaran teed a minimum Pell said his Bill would encourage employers to seek Dut the Best and least expensive a pan lamp Hurt it. Captain Lack sergeant Wilcher entered the a. Day or. Commanding of a army in March. 1969. After. If a and my first sergeant c. I completing Basic training at it. Put Sidio 01 san Fkan j Harvard pinned the stripes j put a in la., a was ordered to Cisco Calif a a George a. \\1 sergeant Wilcher signifying i. Gordon. Ga., for advanced health care plans. A to reduce Cher the son 0 or and mgt a is in a rank j a a Divi Lur training As a military this costs the employer would be 1 Art a a we. 24 8raduale i from polu imn. Ii. Is ism roller Sov expected to contract for a pre ill 1964. Lie Bia with the 16m my in. Here paid health pm a a a or t0 Provic in promote. 10 Paiik 01 1 re Vived ins Bachelor of science h a i Peggy resides at the he filth a services . Geant in tha u. S. Army. Wroe in chemical engineering ?.�> . In. Pacifica. Calif st of some industries such As at an informal ceremony held from Louisiana tech he on a sir h the cd iu4ht of mrs. A. A Reso Nelv in at the i quot i military com i la in 19611, \ a. Anv of tired Nuvy of la. Their cars. 2 nine of the victims were tinder 27 and four not reached their 22nd Bir a Lav. 3 in half of the collisions Speed was at least a contributing Factor and of these three fourths of the crashes were weather related. 4 a Cohol was a Factor in four of the fatalities. 5 a of the victims except 3 Champaign Iii. Apr Oscar Lewis 56, a University of Illinois anthropologist who was credited with developing the study of poverty As a Branch of anthropology died wednesday in new York. He was under army promotes Michael Cline Michael c. Cline Camden ark., son of or. And mrs. Fourth army general staff and presenting with new in 1964. In 1069 he received his rank insignia were it. Col. W. Ibs degree in Aero Pace a Garden Secretary of the Neering from the University of Charles Cline 8305 Southwest. Sgt. Maj. Lewis w. Coleman 72d ave., South Miami ha., since nov. 1969, Cline w As promoted to specialist. A it in served As a c Etc the fourth m i new Vork. He was under a ceremony at hear quarters army command sergeant a treatment for a heart u. S. Army fort Sam in Ved a left Miles of where Lewis was the author of 12 Houston san Antonio tex., on Thev were aimed and most were books and scores of scientific dec. 8 less than 10 Miles from Home Angeles. Specialist. Cline was gradual fun Granulating spec. I nine de from Fairview High school astronautics. Oklahoma in january and entered the army in july. After Basic and advanced individual training at fort Polk la., 1m reported to he. Fourth army for duty. He is a member of Hie american Institute of aeronautics and

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