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Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1966, Page 1

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Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian (Newspaper) - September 26, 1966, Cambridge, Ohio Thought for today of Faith a under a land that the world a created by the word of god to that what is seen was made out of things which do not appear. A hebrews 11 3. Southeastern Ohio a great Home newspaper the daily jeffersonian 142 Cool tonight and tuesday. Occasional rain tuesday. Low tonight in 40s. High tuesday in 60s. And year vol. 75 no. 24 gets 2nd offer is refused new York up a general electric co. Workers around the country rejected the company a second contract offer in weekend voting it was reported today opening the door for a possible strike monday by 114.000 workers. The vote was taken by members of the International Union of electrical workers Ive and by scattered locals of seven other unions involved in contract talks. Some locals were believed balloting today. Although individual locals Annot need the outcome of voting there was no immediate report on the Over All figures. Top Union officials were closeted with be representatives in continued negotiations at be Headquarters Here. A be spokesman said the company had Learned from its plants that the offer had been rejected. He said however Tina did not mean a strike monday was inevitable the spokesman said he understood the wording of the proposition varied and that Tome locals voted with secret ballots others by a show of bands and still others by acclamation. The offer in question was submitted by be Early last week and revised to meet Union objections thursday the Union termed the proposal a absolutely unacceptable a the Ive be conference Board made up of delegates from All be locals will meet wednesday at Jue headquarter in Washington to review the status of negotiations and consider caning a str a rain Many turned out my of Church hymns. Special j. Sch for a Tair a us a he Dor mus pm by the at old hashing. The was or the horse and Pony pulling Everett re Quaker aty Contiosis saturday night Drew a 05car share county agent i crowd of approximately 500. An was master of ceremonies Nual Church services at the fair pens wednesday grounds were held in the Junior the program wednesday will fair activities building on the 0pen at 9 when a tractor Fairgrounds sunday afternoon Pun gets underway As Well As with the Rev. John Jones of Center methodist Church the Cambridge Ohio monday evening september 26, 1966 7c copy established 1824 typhoons Pound Japan deaths exceed 300 Johnson and Erhard in talks could have escaped Newark charred baby Carriage rests on fir Neap outside windows of bedroom in which the bodies of four children and Thair Stap father War found burned to death Early sunday. Fir chief Andrew Donahue of Newark nj., said a ironically there was a window in the bedroom that opened onto a fire escape and they could have gotten out that Way. Up telephoto formal opening of county fair on wednesday Washington up pres ident Johnson and West German Chancellor Erhard open a two Day round of talks today on the problems of nuclear strategy the future of nato and on the maintenance of . Troops in Europe. I the chief executive who returned from a weekend of relaxation at his Texas ranch Early today was to Greet Erhard formally at the White House. The Chancellor arrived in Washington saturday. Although announcement of a leave 209 enemy dead new agreement for i s West German cooperation in space was expected to come during the talks the discussions were More Likely to Center on one i subject a Money. The Money in this Case is the Dollar Drain caused by the maintenance of More than 1200.000 . Troops in or t Germany. Under a current two hit by storms typhoon Ida at right on naw map hurled winds of More than too Miles an hour into Japan Early sunday after the country had been hit by tropical storm Helen at left on newsman. Up telephoto Battle reds from Delta to Northern frontiers Saigon up �?. And Southern Panhandle and in the also helped beat off an attack thousands Are left homeless Tokyo up Japan dug out from its worst storm lashing since 1959 today and officials feared deaths from the two Day pounding by typhoons Ida and Helen would swell to More than 300. National police said 193 persons were confirmed killed and 123 persons were missing and feared dead. The storms sent too mile an hour winds and torrential Rains whipping across the populous Tokyo area touching off massive mudslides overturning ships in Tokyo Bay and even washing a Small resort hotel out to sea. Ida was the worst of the two and hit in the Tokyo area near famed it. Fuji Helen roared across the southernmost Island of Kyushu inundating Homes under tons of mud. Thousands were left homeless and damage was in the millions of dollars. Against marines just South of i . Military officials said an air Force f105 Thun the demilitarized zone a the storm had done from $3 to kerchief was shot Down during military spokesman said. Million damage at the . Swift striking South Vietnam Katsugi naval air station 20 Mese rangers hit the Viet Cong Miles West of Tokyo. In Delta areas they Long had about $500,000 in damage to dominated and then trapped a Homes and other facilities was band of guerrillas on the reported at Camp Zama and Vear agreement expiring next Allied forces battled comm Hanoi and Haiphong areas. June 30. The germans Are Russ from the flood ravaged committed to buying $1.35 Mekong Delta to the Northern billion Worth of . Arms to frontiers in a series of clashes the sunday raids the 386th . Offset this outflow. I that left 209 enemy dead and plane downed Over the North. The United states has made 161 captured officials said its Pilot was listed As missing. It Clear several times that it today. In the South . Pilots wants West Germany to South vietnamese troops battered two enemy companies _ _ continue such purchases after claimed one of their biggest they caught in the open and fringes of the u Minh Forest another $300,000 at the Sag Ami the agreement expires. Credit girl with saving their lives says purge is part of massive preparations victories of the War weekend in the Southern a Price bowl suspect with burglar provinces of an Xuyen and Bac 156 Vel Cong tools captured by police by raids Blethe militarized map a it Wou burglar sgt m pro Ier and up Dav the zone. Swept along the Northern was Here Early sunday Nicholson were dispatched to landslides. Depot a both near Tokyo. Yamanashi prefecture to the West of Tokyo bore the Brunt of Ida a assault. Police said 82 persons were confirmed dead in the prefecture state and 94 others were missing. Most of deaths were caused by continued on a i. Col. I Cleveland up -12-year-old West Side girl was speaker credited with saving the lives the forma opening of the of her younger brother and two 112th annual Guernsey county Small Sisters sunday when their fair is set for wednesday mom Bome caught fire. My. Linda Mathew carried there be Pony events saturday _ a i and ushered Cheryl Ann were sported the largest held he i i Ftp Al i and Dean. 7, fro the second in state m year fifty door apartment. The children eams taking part in the pull smoke Routs 138 Finney had been left alone by their Mother during the night according to police. The Mother mrs. Maureen Mayhew 34, left Linda in charge of the children and did not return until a few hours after the fire. The woman was held by police ending a juvenile court hearing. Police said she had been warned before about Leav Ber children alone. Officials said a space Heater ignited a diaper which Linda had placed on it to dry. Smoke and fire damage was estimated at $2,000.d. New Concord the is my contest came Tom Pennsyl Muski huns. Varna Indiana and West Vir in p a we a Evascu. Gutta As Well As from various a de from he about parts of Ohio. At sunday services Dale Kinney of Byesville led group sing death notices say s client is worried Hayneville Ala. Up i a apprehensive and worried Gene Thomas accused of order in the Nightrider lying of mrs. Viola Gregg Uzzo goes on trial today. Thomas was one of three Kun us klansmen charged with inning Down the Detroit civil hts worker at the close of e Selma to Montgomery Arch while she drove along a Lely Highway with a negro Szenger. The 42-year-old steel worker in Birmingham was the cond Man to be tried on Arder charges in mrs. Liuz is death. Collie Leroy Wilkins one of the three originally arged was acquitted. Wilna o. Eaton died of a heart tack before standing trial. Former Birmingham mayor thur Hanes who was defend a Thomas said his client was apprehensive and worried on even of the trial. Page is or. Thomas Callahan mrs. Charles Champion mrs. Joseph Dodd Joseph Hegedus or. Fulton c. Hughes Steve major mrs. Lawrence moms mrs. Edgar Richey Roy f. Smith mrs. George l. Teller Fred n. Thompson mrs. John Yanczura Midnight saturday when smoke from a clogged incinerator appeared to be a serious fire. New Concord Volunteer firemen called by the dorm director said paper ignited in the flue Between the second and third floor of the building and the Bac draft filled a basement boiler and storage room with smoke. There was no damage and the Blaze was confined to the incinerator firemen said. Firemen cleared the Incer Ator shoot and remained at the scene for about an hour. The fire alarm attracted More than 500 other College students and spectators. Frontier in operations aimed at scene. They apprehended rain loosened Rock and mud communist plans for a 5"gr the suspect and turned Hun plummeted Down the Side of massive offensive in South Viet g Wheeling ave. Jover to sheriffs deputies Fuji in the prefecture. She escapes names Northern provinces. 58 killed they killed 58 North vietnamese regulars in a bitter seven hour fight sunday. And in the Central Highlands g i twi South korean infantrymen took of Coll Ali inc on a Large Gerri Illa Force near Phu cat Mountain and killed 92 and captured 98, sending the toll in their four Day said killing at least 50 persons in two villages. Some 50 other qty police were alerted and sheriff Andrew Beros Thomas Weyer 27, Greenacres mass apts., Cambridge was jailed. Cab a of uie 40 sheriff Beros said Vav Eyer was houses in Village and 20 of apprehended at 2 06 . Sun the % in Day before he had entered the one to i was washed away building and was weaning and seven others were a gloves and had burglar tools in in resort Gryg his Possession. Northern prefecture. After consulting an attorney when a River overflowed its Weyer refused to make a state Banks Pence Springs w. A. Up a a Preston county Moth older of nine children serving life operation fierce Tiger to 140 for the murder of her husband Quotel. Killed. I mrs. Vonda Jean Mullenax is _ i i Ruhp the stepped up ground action caped from the state prison for1 sheriff added that Zentaro Kosaka Hong Kong Japan a former foreign minister Zentaro Kosaka said sunday communist China a current violent purge spearheaded by the red guard a it a ,-1 i is part of a massive prepare 0 7til 1511111 a Fly Tion a for the worst eventuality world he said the Vatican City up came u trl amp urn Ltd a Woran Quot Here Quot Taylor the pc Ges of aue7ted breaking a a a c my time in less or a month. And it org Quot Dps 2l. Amorite said my. Mullen a a by Quot prosecutor Thomas prot std missions pounding transportation and storage facilities in the Pope Marks a and Parlie Blankenship Tyr ship Bell of Bluefield an armed Rob 1 Ber serving 25 years were a a a. Missed at a 5 30 a. In. Bad flail 011111111 it Check. The two prisoners living in separate rooms broke locks from the windows of their Sec conference Belgrade up the Tokyo up North vie Nam today rejected americans latest peace proposals As an a impudent deception designed to conceal a major escalation in the Viet Nam War. Hanoi also protested . Bombings in the demilitarized zone. Red guard Campaign is part of Pope Paul i today marked his Ond floor rooms fashioned ropes the preparation aimed at con 69th birthday in apparent Good from bed clothing and climbed leaders of Yugoslavia India a note to Antenia. Sol dating the country and re health and campaigning vigor to the ground. And the United Arab Republic control commission moving so called a a revisionist Ousby for peace in Viet Nam. Elements. Los. And Britain told House Calls measure a there is no sign that the Pope is tiring or that his concern Over the state of the world is wearing him Down a said one Vatican source. A if anything a he added a the awareness of the threats to temperatures Sunrise 6 19 . Sunset 6 18 . 6 . Sunday 52 Midnight 49 noon monday 55 High sunday 62 Low 49 overnight Low 40 precipitation .25. To balance their books Washington up the managing director of the International monetary fund if today called on the Rich nations of the world to Stop squabbling about Money so they can be free to help the poor countries fight poverty. Pierre Paul Schweitzer wrapped the Knuckles of the two big Reserve countries a the United states and great Britain who y be been running balance of payments deficits a and of the european Powers whose International books Are in the Black. The Rich countries have become so a a preoccupied with their own economic growth with fighting inflation and with guarding their Gold hoards that they have forgotten the problems of the poor Schweitzer said in a speech prepared for the opening session of the annual meeting of the 104 governors of the if and the world Bank. Meantime the president of the world Bank said that the economic development of the poor countries is a slowing Down because of a a crucial Gap Between the Money the poor countries can effectively put to use and the Money the Rich countries Are providing. Been More than doubled by Russia Washington up after or a face stir Hun months of delay and backstage a a la bickering the House today called up a Bill to authorize at 17�?T# -9 a a �7 c tip a Sruv Viets air Force 01 Albi is has billion. Personalities were expected to loom As Large As issues in debate. The measure comes to the floor under a special Rule aimed at bypassing rep. Adam Clayton Powell d-n.y., chairman of the education and labor committee which drafted the Bill. But House leaders apparently planned to pretend this was the Normal procedure and turn the Bill Over to Powell a personal management it was Powell a three month delay in getting the Bill to the floor that helped spark the last weeks revolt within his committee. Will hold a Summit conference Ched that Force War d pm Helms n a planes have sprayed a noxious Delhi oct. 21. It was announced chemicals a Large kale Quot l. Over the International Buffer the Brief announcement said North Jet Nam., yugoslav president Tito farm 6border president carnal Abdel Nasser u charged to at such acts 1954 and mrs. Indira Gandhi indians prime minister would Exchange views. London up Russia was reported today to have More than doubled communist North Viet names air Force of mig21 supersonic fighters. Even More planes will be made available to Hanoi As soon As there Are North vietnamese pilots to Fly them diplomatic reports said. A soviet Aid and training Mission of some 800 men is understood to be presently in North Viet Nam but Many of the pilots were believed receiving their Basic training in Russia. Mig fighters and antiaircraft rockets Are among the key soviet supplies to the communists while red China is understood to be helping with Small arms and Road building and construction work. North Viet names air Force was reported last week by the Institute for strategic studies to have a total strength of 3,500 men with eight Ilyushin 28 Light bombers 66 Mig 15 and mig17 Jet fighters and 15 mig21 supersonic jets. These figures were based on information earlier this year. But latest reports said the russians lately have been stepping up their Supply of mig21s because of the growing american air offensive on vietnamese targets in the North and near Hanoi. Were in violation of the Geneva agreements. The note also protested recent american bombings in the zone a six mile wide nominally Neutral area that Hanoi has been using to stage forays into South Viet Nam. A it s hurting our business Columbus up tavern owners along bar dotted North High Street Are pretty unhappy about a band of salvation army members who sing and hold prayer meetings in the area every sunday evening. A sure it s hurting our business a said one proprietor. A people feel guilty about entering if they have to wad through a Bunch of musicians who denounce their sins in

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