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Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1970, Page 1

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Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Cambridge, Ohio Thought for today Quot for behold the lord ii coming Forth out of i place and will come Down and tread upon the High places of the Earth Quot a Micah 1 3. Southeastern Ohio s great Home newspaper the daily jeffersonian u6 increasing cloudiness tonight. Low near 50. Tuesday s High in 60s. Map on Page 4. Vol. 79 no. 43 Cambridge Ohio 43725, monday october 19, 1970 10c copy established 1824president�?Ts Campaign tour in Ohio briefly 2 suspects being hunted in Canada Montreal up a the Canadian government hunted two suspect Fly kidnappers today despite the chilling knowledge finding them could Cost the life of British Diplomat James r. Cross who pleaded for capitulation to his captors demands. But Canadian prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau who observed his 51st birthday sunday in a Day of National mourning and crisis indicated no willingness to bargain with the two Small bands of terrorists who hold Cross and already have assassinated Quebec labor minister Pierre Laporte. Denouncing the Fly As a a Small band of twisted men who offer Canada a no solutions except murder a Trudeau said in a television report to the nation a we must expect that these vicious men May attempt again to shake our but he predicted they would fail. A the Fly has sown the seeds of m g James Cross Pierre Laporte their own destruction a he said. Spurning the demand of the Quebec liberation front which seeks an Independent and socialist Quebec nation for the release of 23 Fly agents and the payment of $50,000 Ransom in Gold Bullion Trudeau would not go beyond his earlier offer of free passage to Cuba. Early this morning Quebec provincial police and special army explosive experts went to a House in suburban St. Hubert que in we hitch they believed Laporte was kept hostage for a week before he was put to death. The House is located Only a Short distance from St. Hubert military Airport where the car containing Laportes body was found. A App spokesman said there were a big boxes in the House and said police feared it May be Booby trapped with dynamite bombs. He added the police had been directed to the House by an Anonymous phone tip. Radio station Cikac said it had also been tipped off about the House the Fly Kidnap suspects sought by police were cab Driver Marc Carbonneau 37, and teacher Paul Rose 27, who wears a Castro style Beard and is known to have twice visited Cuba. A plea from Cross in two Handwritten notes left in a Telephone Booth sunday echoed the pathetic message Laporte addressed to his close Friend and political Leader Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa five Days before his murder. A the Success of this search he had written a would be my death he said be would never be found and that has Freedom hinged entirely on the governments willingness to release 23 prisoners. In a communique the Fly repeated its demands. Bourassa makes reply Bourassa went on radio and television and replied a the government will face this crisis with firmness and will not let itself be experiencing for the first time in 102 years the harsh reality of cold blooded political assassination canadians differed about How their government should respond to the terrorists and Over whether it had gone too far in assuming unprecedented peacetime Powers. When 1,000 gathered in the chill autumn winds under the window of Trudeau a office on parliament Hill while he conferred with his ministers some Sang the National Anthem a to Canada a a Banner read a can adar we love Sci alkyl checking shots fired at Security men state gop candidates Are boosted Montreal a mrs. Juliette Laporte Cand Franciose Laporte Mother and wife of Quebec labor minister Pierre Laporte leave court House sunday with daughters Claire and Jean after viewing body. Laporte was kidnapped and murdered by members of the front de liberation do Quebec his body discovered in the trunk of a car late saturday. Up 42 enemy troops slain communists launch attack in Cambodia phenom penh up a Viet Cong and North vietnamese units today launched their heaviest attack in cambodians Rice bowl in the seven months of the War but cambodian forces killed 42 of the attackers the . Command in Saigon said Field reports showed no american troops killed in Vietnam sunday the first time since sept. 27 the command had issued such a no fatality report. But three crewmen were in the ensuing Battle cambo missing in a helicopter crash a presumably As result of hostile fire a military spokesmen said. The command did not say where the a copter was downed because search and area still under cambodian Rescue operations were still government control. Under Way. Dian Field reports said. The reports said the communists attacked at Samrong 162 Miles Northwest of phenom penh in the largest Rice producing More Laporte. People stood for hours israe it meanwhile lodged its willing to Settle for less than in the cold while machine Cun 23rd formal complaint with total withdrawal of the missiles bearing troops and police in. Cease fire observers since a firmer stand would admitted them. In Small charging that Egypt was still make it too difficult for groups to the courthouse where pushing ahead with its buildup american negotiators. The body Lay until afternoons funeral. Tuesday Twa strike threatened for tuesday new York up a a strike has been threatened for 12 01 . Edt tuesday by some 3,000 trails world airlines Twa stewardesses and stewards who have been working without a contract for More than a year and who Are asking for a 30 per cent pay increase. Negotiations were being conducted today in Washington d.c., under the auspices of the Federal mediation Board in Hopes of averting a walkout. A spokesman for transport workers local 550 in new York City said sunday unions representing machinists dispatchers and meteorologists have pledged not to Cross picket lines. A Twa spokesman said some Domestic flights would be Washington a. Up curtailed but major Domestic three ohioans were injured and International flights would sunday when their Light air be maintained with supervisory Craft encountered a Strong wind personnel should the strike on Landing at Washington county Airport and rolled Over an embankment. The injured were the Pilot James Stamm 41, St. Blairsville his son James jr., 15, and Clyde Simms 58, Martins ferry. All were in satisfactory condition with lacerations at Washington Hospital. Police said the Trio was Enro Ute from Fleetville a. To St. Clau s Ville. No ceasefire Extension says Egypt a president by United press International j of soviet missiles near the Suez egyptian president Anwar canal in violation of the cease Sadat indicated today in Cairo fire agreement. He would not extend the Middle an israeli army spokesman East cease fire which expires in Tel Aviv said data gathered nov. 5, and said Egypt must sunday showed the egyptians take All measures a to face a with soviet backing had sent treacherous and despicable additional sam2 and sam3 missiles into the zone and were his statement to army Columbus up a president new Concord in ing to assist area Law enforce Nixon opened a lw0.Day pout. Vest gators from the London ment officials with investigation Cal swing into the american Bureau of criminal identifier a an ear y sunday Morijn midlands today seeking the re shooting incident the second 1 rement of prominent Senate cohere Campus Here this morn a a an two weeks doves and urging their replace. Ment with men who will sup a sniper opened fire on two is Force College Security officers about about 200 Wem washers Greet-1 30 sunday while the of bpm a the Ajr pork Bare he filers wore on routine patrol of fore a noon Ray by at the Sta e. The Campus. House at the outset of a trip bullets shattered the right that will take him to the door rear door window of the officers step of Sens. Albert Gore d car which was being driven by tenn., Stuart Symington d Hugh Forshey Cambridge. Mo., Vance Hartke d-ind., and new Concord marshal Donald other democratic candidates Oakley said the bullets missed who have resisted his major officer Gerald Mcmanaway fire it a policy and defense Tion were on the Muski Ngum College Campus Here this Capp likes Kent grand jury results Tiffin Ohio up cartoonist Al Capp said Here americans should a thank god for a special state grand jury that investigated the killing of four Kent state University students. The grand jury indicted 25 persons on 43 charges. No guardsmen were indicted. The panel also sharply criticized the Kent state administration for its a a permissive attitudes. A that was the greatest body of just men in the United states of America and thank god for them a said Capp. Capp addressed about 600 High school students who were attending a student conference on private Enterprise. Capp said the four students were a killed by professors and others who egged them Viet Cong and North vietnamese gunners struck with mortars six Miles Northeast of Saigon Early today in their closest bombardment to the capital in three months. Only Light damage resulted in the attack against a South vietnamese installation. Field reports reaching the cambodian High command said cambodian troops at Samrong also captured three communist it soldiers two machine guns one v><0\7cf"u 13 b40 rocket launcher 30 bags of plastic explosives and Large quantities of ammunition and medical supplies. Cambodian High command sources said the attack lasted two hours and was the largest Cumberland who was Riding decisions with Forshey by Only six in he issued a statement on his Ches. Arrival Here strongly endorsing two slugs were recovered Hep. Robert Taft a Ohio in from the car his nip and tuck race with Oakley said the College of. I wealthy Howard Mere Baum of a an Cleveland for the seat of the re flyers had driven through an tire St h Young d Alley off South St and had pro of it metres Baum Ken a i out against Nixon. Vietnam policies. Taft Nixon noted a shares my the lower Bloomfield Road when the gunman opened fire. Forshey turned off the conviction that Only a Strong corporation say critics cruisers lights and left the area America can bring peace with when the shooting started Honor to our both Taft neither he nor Mcmanaway was and gop gubernatorial Candi armed. Oakley who with the Muski Ngum county sheriffs department is assisting with the investigation said the shots were fired from a wooded area along the East Side of the lower Bloomfield Road. The slugs recovered from the car were believed to have been fired from a Small calibre pistol Oakley said. They entered the right rear Glass at about a 45-degree Angle. Officers searched the area Washington up critics of the proposed r passenger corporation approved following the shooting incident in Batta bang province since by Congress last week claim but came up with no suspects the fighting began in Cambodia the new Agency is nothing More Oakley said 20 to 30 cars were after the overthrow of Prince Norodom Sihanouk March 18. Commanders and officers at a meeting of the general command of the armed forces indicated a further hardening of Egypt a position As set Forth in statements in new York by egyptian foreign minister Mahmoud Riad. On Friday Tough speech inside today on the inside pages of today a than a cover up for Whit has actually happened nationalization of the country a passenger train service. But backers of the idea say it is neither new nor revolutionary. It is based in the same checked. The Village marshal had returned to duty just the Day before after being hospitalized wit gunshot wound in the leg. He was hit by a Bullet fired by an unidentified assailant As he on principle As the Communia. ,.lions satellite corp. The govern Jed Hershey checked a possible ment Industry Combine which1 burg13ry oct. 5 at a storage finances satellite Communia budding at the Northern end of Tion projects the proponents Campus say. They also contend the or. William Miller acting concept is the same As that president of the College was the spokesman repeated previous israeli charges that the sam2s Are egyptian manned Date Roger Cloud a know that America cannot bring peace abroad unless we also restore peace at Home a in hit streets our schools our cities a he declared. The platform at fhe statehouse was to be shared with gov. James a. Rhodes Taft u. S. Sen. William b. Saxbe National committeeman Ray Bliss National committee woman Martha Moore gop state chairman John Andrews and Ohio state University football coach Woody Hayes. It was the presidents third political Outing of the season As he intervened personally in close races with Hopes of reversing the traditional trend of congressional off year election losses by the party in the White House. From Vermont to Wisconsin Nixon has called for the election of republicans who will Back his Vietnam policies. Nixon a message has been that a Quick precipitate withdrawal from Vietnam would Only Lead to other Vietnam. What he is seeking he claims is a settlement that will pushing ahead with construction tand other preparatory work at Jeffey plan wl11 Fin new Sites earmarked for Phot apr a Quot Frt port. _ a a. Missiles. Construction Nodge Cabin com we Job we g0vem the new meeting this morning with other Pace 16 privately run . Postal officials to discuss what Steps produce something the United g service. The College can take to expand states has not known in this a a under the Bill which pres a horseless Carriage club of Jdene Nixon is expected to sign into Law the railroads would with soviet advisers and that Beach City visits Cambridge the sam3s Are manned by Page in Riad made a soviet forces. Both Egypt and to the United the soviet Union have denied its Security measures. I Century a a Village Council last week pass from War. De legislation that authorizes the before he generation free set out today nations general Assembly in which he said the United states was wrecking its own peace initiative by arming Israel during the cease fire. On sunday he rejected suggestions that Egypt withdraw Transfer All of their intercity may0r rapport the Campus Nixon had not explained pre weekly news quiz in Pace ans to a new corporation. Security officers As special Eisely when that generation week news quiz on i age commuter trams however Jdc Rutjes of the Vil age Hus begin. Were not included in the Deal. In return for being allowed to a Large crowd gathered in i missiles from the cease fire Montreal to View the body of zone al�n6 the Suez canal. There Are russians in the cease 7 Wjt answers on Page 8 fire zone. J a t Israel pulled out of the a muskies win number four Middle East peace talks be in Row pag0 Jaq cause of the missile violations. _ israeli defense minister a team Effort key to winning equipment to the new Corpora Moshe Dayan indicated in a j see gleanings Page to. I Tion. Speech in Tel Aviv sunday night that Israel might be ing them police Powers. Village Council also we Are ending the War in a has Way that the younger Brothers ohioans injured occur. Heath notices Page 7 mrs. W. R. Agr Leola climes a. Bratton car j. Blister Clyde Hall Milton w. Phipps or hoi a my Thomas nothing to do two licensed pilots parachuted onto the new Cambridge Airport sunday afternoon possibly the first such landings there. The pilots Clyde skip Jacobs jr., 201 s. 3rd St., and Ronnie Hare 24, Byesville a d. I took turns jumping from a Small plane piloted by Sam Buckey Byesville. They threw out smoke markers at 2,700 feet and jumped from 2,400 feet each making three jumps. Jacobs a Pilot for the Ridge Oil co., told friends a there was just nothing else to do on a Nice sunday Sadat a speech to the military leaders today was released by the sem official Middle East news Agency in Cairo. A regarding the Milit Aries armed Force there will be no second cease fire and All measures must be taken to face a treacherous and despicable enemy a he said. The sem official Cairo newspaper Al Abram said Sadat will name an a outstanding personality As Premier of Egypt and political observers said it probably would be Veteran i career Diplomat m a ii in o u d Fawzi. Temperatures Sunrise 7 43 . Sunset 6 41 . High sunday 63 i it of 30 8 . 48 overnight Low 29 no precipitation noon monday 56 and sunny. Drop the trains the railroads authorized the appointment of a and the of those fighting in would have to contribute a Deputy marshal. Vietnam wont have to be designated amount of Cash and i fighting in some other Vietnam some time in the future a he told audiences in the East last week. At one Stop he spoke of 1976 a the nations 200th birthday anniversary a As the year by which the country would be at peace. And Nixon claimed he will not be Able to reach that goal without a Congress which will support him. Moonlight madness the Cambridge merchants will sponsor their annual a Moonlight madness sales tuesday night from 6 to 9 . As part of the Sale sponsored by the retail merchants division of the Cambridge area chamber comm wee a gaily dressed Clown will visit each participating store during the three hour period. During that time he will pass out a give a ways along Wheeling ave. Miss Carey caper is chairman of the event. Window shattered a Muski Ngum College Security officers Kenneth Young of Cambridge checks the shattered right rear window of a car which was struck by gunfire Early sunday morning. Two Security men were the Campus in the car at the time

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