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Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1970, Page 1

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Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian (Newspaper) - October 10, 1970, Cambridge, Ohio Thought for today it is better for n Man to hear the rebuke of the Wise than to hear the song of a Ecclesiastes 7 5. Vol. 79 no. 36 Southeastern Ohio s great Home newspaper the daily jeffersonian 146 the Yea cooler tonight. Low near 40. Fair and mild sunday. High in 60. Map on Page 12 Cambridge Ohio 43725, saturday october id 1970 10c copy established 1824 hip Power a rep. Robert a. Taft jr., flew into town Friday afternoon for a talk to a courthouse crowd. The Republican candidate for Ute . Senate was met by other local cop officials a left to right a or. Sam speck candidate for the Ohio House rep. John m. Ash Brook and Thomas Thoburn Guernsey county chairman of the Taft for Senate committee. Taft brings Campaign to Southeastern Ohio by Dick Dugan the courthouse crowd that a we i the state of the Economy Cong. Robert a. Taft jr., hit need every registered Taft said is one of the country sting the Campaign Trail hard Republican at the polls nov. 3 greatest problems came to Cambridge by Helicon and we need to change a lot of he blamed deficit spending in Ter yesterday afternoon Shook Democrat and Independent votes the last administration for much hands at every step downtown our i of the problem and said the Nix spoke from the courthouse por while his audience was Small in administration already has Tico for 20 minutes to a crowd of there had been Little Advance i done a great Deal on such some too persons then held a publicity at least a late after spending including reducing the explosion rips courthouse Security measures ordered iranian West coast Coffee clutch for More noon Shower stopped just in defense budget twice handshaking. Time for his speech Given trailed by an Abc to camera it appeared that Taft much without text or notes. And sound Crew which recorded More outgoing than his famous father the late sen. Robert or. Republican Taft would introduced Tehran up a three Ira mans who identified themselves As communists hijacked an iranian jetliner today and forced it t o Fly to the iraqi capital of Baghdad where they threatened to blow up the plane in a demand for the release of political prisoners. Iraqi militiamen seized the hijackers at Baghdad Airport and the bizarre incident ended apparently without bloodshed among passengers and eight Crew members who were aboard the Boeing 727 plane in addition to the hijackers the plane was commandeered at gunpoint on a flight from the iranian capital of Tehran to the kingdom of Kuwait on the persian Gulf. It returned to Tehran a Short time after the hijackers were arrested in Baghdad. Officials by United press International an explosion damaged a new York City courthouse Early today less than 24 hours after the Pentagon responded to two West coast bombings with an order for increased National guard Security around government installations. An Anonymous caller claiming to speak for the Radical Weatherman group telephoned a warning to the Long Island City courthouse in Queens and the new York daily news about a half hour before the blast. The bomb which exploded at about i20 . Edt blew out the second floor front of the courthouse. A custodian work to Taie basement escaped a injury. The Cincinnati congressman.,1�5 every Quot love for future tape Here said the hijackers were showing Taft said he would be have kissed babies had there been any present. Running hard for the u. S. Senate against Democrat by atty. Taliesin i a Reader in fight on crime Evans said voters a should give Campus disturbances a and a Howard Metzenbaum Taft told the present administration Unity and support. We can to Back away from our problems Here or manhunt is underway for Young Man wanted in gunpoint abduction i i a it appears to me we could use an area wide manhunt was when he pulled a gun on her on a a let in with the stature of underway today for a Young the crowded Street. I in Nate Man wanted in the gunpoint a Cambridge police said the Tlle. Man elected will be auction of one Cambridge Sarahsville woman managed we need 3 woman and the attempted gun free herself and ran from the m4 a of s Allty Point kidnapping of a second in gunman. Two witnesses to the e downtown Cambridge Friday incident gave Pursuit but the has proper end to the he said his opponent a bugged out a on Vietnam. The congressman said a we can have peace in Vietnam but we can to pull out immediately. That would just play into the hands of the he said that in All his travels Over Ohio a the people Tell me they done to like the Radical trend of the democratic congressman John Ashbrook who arrived a Little late said arrested because they identified themselves As communists. The it a a baathist government in Iraq is strongly anti communist. The hijackers had threatened to blow up the plane if iranian authorities did not release 21 a political prisoners in Iran. The iranian ministry of information denied the existence of such prisoners. In Baghdad the official Iraq news Agency said iraqi authorities negotiated with the hijackers for the release of the passengers and Crew the hijackers were identified As Hassan Zahran a Reda and Mohammed Masoudi All iranians. It was the second hijacking of be Seattle a investigators sift through rubble at Clark Hall on the University of Washington Campus Friday the result of a bomb blast set off thursday. The building housed the naval Roto. Note hats in right foreground no one was injured in the blast which caused an estimated $150,000 damage. Tie Only occupant of the building walked out safely before the explosion after a warning had been issued. Up Moscow a peace moves Are doubted by . The courthouse is near a House of detention where prisoners rebelled last week against overcrowding High bail and trial delays. Inmates included nine Black panthers on trial in an alleged bombing conspiracy but they were moved to another prison at their request. Gen. George Bennett adjutant of the Idaho National guard Friday asked police to increase patrols around military. Federal aviation Agency and other Washington up use plan Little More than an hour ments on the possibilities of pro government facilities to protect Creary of state William p. Before the broadcast was simply Gress on nuclear arms control. Rogers says recent questionable to avoid taking the a fee off in they also Besan to defend a. Jioni a proposals. A there Wasny to selves against charges they had against threats of bombing from the underground Radical left. Bennett said he was acting in response to a message from the National military command Center in the Pentagon which said it had received Telephone night. Suspect drove away before they Cambridge City police and c0ldd reach his car. Guernsey county sheriffs deputies along with Ohio Highway patrolmen were searching for a officers said the second at Field Bellaire Blairsville. Miss Southeastern and s t has Independence the Best of backgrounds is intelligent and tempt a this one successful a is a hard occurred when a Cassellview Taft flew Here after stops 00 0q i. A. Resident pulled Over on route 40 yesterday in Marietta Woods 22-23-year-old Man with a Flat at the Champion Plant when she a top hair Cut who forced a 22 noticed a car behind her Fla year old Secretary at gunpoint Shang its headlights. To drive into the Fairdale area sheriffs deputies reported the Susan Hughes a Muski Ngum where he attempted to molest Young woman thought the car College student from Irwin her about i pm. Friday was that of a police officer and a pinned a Carnation Ohio s the Man is believed to be the pulled to the Side of the Road. Flower on Taft before his talk. Measures up on every he worked himself up from the Ohio legislature he Iran and forced h to Jand votes for what he Thmas u right Baghdad. The plane and passengers were released and Ohio same person who attempted to investigators said the Driver Force a Sarahsville woman into of the second car approached a car in front of the the woman a car opened the Montgomery Ward store on Drivers Side door and peered in Wheeling ave. About 8 03 .1 continued on Pape 16. Col. I three Well rounded Young ladies dressed in Scarlet miniskirts passed out Taft buttons and Campaign literature before land after his speech. . Interests Are jeopardized by United press International some other Arab countries on to impose economic sanctions on the Semi official c a i r o determining a joint attitude Israel and to expel the Arab Der and armed robbery Eaily near Moat Krassas Karo six enemy from the world Organiza today in the slaying of James Nides East of the capital. Actions by the soviet Union and1., a a 0c u or l a any a que involved a Rogers been naive in assessing soviet its return to cold War rhetoric. C a Atto. A a have caused the United states to although soviet Union intentions. Nave caused me United mates to was the 29th u that r said fed he Annex have a some second thoughts j. F about whether Moscow really a Secretary a i minister Andrei Gromyko at Fri a tha militant wants world peace. Critical remarks Friday was their meeting in new York next Weatherman group asserting but Rogers rejected in a wide further evidence the United Friday on the violations of the a West coast government install ranging news conference Friday states has adopted a tougher at cease fire and evidence of soviet f1005 be the target of bomb an Raman Airliner to Baghdad the suggestion that these doubts Titue toward the Kremlin since Union May be building a sub nex Wees year. On june 21 three Ira were the reason Russia was not discovery of the russian Marine base in Cuba. In s a no advised much in Advance of egyptian violations of the mid he said that despite russian with 91 passengers Mcloud president Nixon a five Point in die East cease fire agreement denials there was absolutely no my a Nephew of the Shah of Sochina peace plan wednesday this change first became Evi question the egyptians with so thursday. Another Tim bomb not. Dent about a month ago in White Viet Connivance had moved As discovered toe univer Rogers contended that waiting House background briefings More missiles into the pro sity of California in Berkeley Al to Telephone soviet ambassador i when High officials abandoned habited zone along the Suez failed to donate. Blasts rocked a courthouse in san Rafael calif., and an Roth building in Seattle wash., the students granted political Asylum in Iraq. Relations Between the two neighbouring countries a a both moslem although Iran does not belong to the Arab world a have been poor in recent months chiefly due to a bitter dispute Over navigation rights on the Al drag River dividing Iran and Iraq. Anatoly f. Dobrynin about the their previous optimistic assess canal since the aug. 7 truce. Troops hit at outer defences phenom penh up North vietnamese troops attacked six Miles East of downtown phenom Peny Friday night in a second straight night of thrusts against the City Souter defences. The Glare of Battle was in View of phenom penh crowds celebrating the nations new status As a Republic. Cambodian spokesmen said Columbus up a Charles gunboats rushed up the Mekong Arnold alien 23, Columbus was River a support government charged with first degree Mur troops battling the communists Man charged with murder ried another heavy attack Highway 6 with mortars and Tjode the pre Dawn blasts caused extensive property damage but no injuries in All but one Case Anonymous warnings were telephoned to authorities before the bombs were scheduled to sex Friday night against the 16-battalion cambodian Force at Tang Kauk 52 Miles North of phenom penh. The North vietnamese and Viet Cong opened up on cambodian positions along South of Saigon on Friday. Early today the Weatherman rockets then launched a ground a a. Threatened to detonate an expo South vietnamese troops ,. Rice. Ii. A a j it a. Sion St today s it Niord Bug reported killing 25 Viet Cong m football a drool officials Mekong Delta Battle too Miles Ial,s,c�?oj1.�1c1t threat of civil War in Bolivia is Over newspaper Al ashram said today towards american interests in Egypt and its Arab neighbors the area. It noted that egyptian Are discussing a joint attitude president carnal Aba Del Nasser on u. S. Economic interests in had suggested such action might the Middle East it hinted at be necessary in a speech several joint action if americans months before his death sept. A Complete Bias in favor of 28. Israel continues. I the newspaper also said Al Abram said important con egyptian foreign minister Mah facts currently Are underway Moud Biad will Fly to the United Tion against u. Between Egypt and Libya and states to ask the United nations including Oil. Tion. The request will be lodged Benson jr., 26. Columbus Dur with the general Assembly next Friday Al ashram said. Al ashram did not go into the possibilities of what the joint Arab attitude towards american economic interests might be but it was a Clear threat of acs. Interests ing a drug store stick up on wednesday. Homicide detectives said Allen came to police Headquarters voluntarily for questioning and was arrested after witnesses identified him As the Man who shot Benson at Cooper pharmacy. Two choices left for Canadian officials Montreal up a thei in Ottawa lights burned Canadian government faces the through the night in one set of dilemma of choosing Between rooms in the massive Stone two bitter alternatives a parliament buildings those of Freedom for 23 imprisoned the a crisis Center set up to separatists today or possible handle the problem. De Ritchie death tonight for kidnapped undersecretary of the depart British Diplomat James Cross. Ament of external affairs headed the front do l. Ration do the team on duty through the Quebec Fly an underground terrorist group kidnapped Cross 49, the senior British Trade commissioner monday. They said in a a final com Minquez Friday that he would die tonight night. Government sources said a statement possibly the final decision on the affair would probably be made today. It was expected that prime unless the government releases minister Pierre Trudeau an an their jailed comrades and flies to separatist who has taken a them to Sanctuary in Cuba or hard line against giving in to the Algeria. Kidnappers demands would make the fighting on the East Bank of the Broad Mekong River was Well within View of celebrants in phenom penh. A what surprises me is that the communists did not try to attack inside phenom penh said a cambodian military spokesman a this is still another indication the communists Are not Strong enough to break the defences of the the attack at Moat Krassas the final decision. The Federal government in Karo was the second night in a Trudeau has made it Clear mediately replied with a Row the commit nuts have tried throughout the crisis one of the spokesman in Ottawa telling to overrun cambodian positions most serious his government newsmen it wanted the Kidnap-1 in that area. Casualty figures cts a to clarify the questions of were not announced. Where and when or. Cross would to released in a manner which we could depend on. At Stanford promised that the stadium would be guarded and searched and asked fans not to bring packages into the stadium. The bombings came Days after the release statement purportedly Bernadette Dohrn of has faced that he favors stand ing fast. Trudeau told reporters a it is a difficult decision when you have to weigh a Many a life in the balance but our commitment to society is greater than anything else. We cannot let a minority group imposed its will on society by the kidnappers produced a let Tor from Cross Friday copying a government requested code phrase to prove he was still alive. Temperatures Sunrise 7 83 . Sunset 6 55 . High Friday 77 Tiow 55 8 . 71 overnight Tiow 56 precipitation .05 Inch noon saturday 50 and raining. Communists troops also car death notices Page 9 Robert n. Gibbons mrs. Nimrod Gilmore Liston j hannahs Bernard i. Harper William v. Humphrey miss Mary Nesbitt mrs. Grace Poling three of a from the la Paz Bolivia up a the mended the american firm be Weatherman announcing a a fall threat of a civil War in Bolivia indemnified for the losses of its i offensive. From Santa appeared ended today with a installations new government in Power that organized labor has demand included something for de the new government suspend everyone. Any indemnity payments to Gulf i resident Juan Jose Torres by Torres told newsmen who took Over in a military coup Friday Thal a Good Faith. Of the monday swore in his new i7-country was involved and his member Cabinet. It included Barabara to Boston and Back to Kent and xxx to Sci cd j0i jct Ioc 3cc30c seven army men and four holdovers from the Cabinet of ousted president Alfredo Ovan do a toppled by rightist Gen. Rogelio Miranada whose three Man military Junta lasted Only 14 hours before Torres took Over. Life in Paz returned to Normal with crowded streets Busy shops and no signs of the tension of the week when opposing right and left Wing forces at times appeared on the Brink of civil War. The Torres Cabinet includes ministers designed to placate All factions from left to right. Named As minister of hydrocarbons was Enrique Mariaca a leading figure in the nationalization a year ago of the .-owned Bolivia Gulf Oil i government would pay the $87 million indemnity authorized by the previous government. Vocational funds May be released Columbus up a the state Board of education is to act monday on the recommend inside today you will find on the inside of today a jeffersonian a five persons injured in area traffic accidents yesterday. P. 12 a Guernsey county May be the first county to go a Over the top in the 1970 United fund Campaign. P. 12 Godfrey Cambridge and cation of state school superin John Hartford will entertain at pendent Martin w. Essex that nearly $1.2 million in Matching funds be a proved for vocational education facilities. The Money to come from a state Bond Issue would boost this year s state funds committed for Matching local shares for vocational education Eon Muski Ngum College parents weekend. P. During 9 co., and tile Man who reconstruction to nearly $20 million. A Cambridge bobcats make it two in a Row with last nights Victory Over River View High school. P. To a area firemen Battle silo Blaze for Over five hours. P. To

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