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Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian Newspaper Archives Nov 16 1968, Page 1

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Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian (Newspaper) - November 16, 1968, Cambridge, Ohio South Vietnam nears end of Boycott delayed Vietnam peace talks May soon get underway Paris up a diplomats to Day said the delayed Vietnam negotiations May soon get underway. In Saigon govern ment officials said South Vietnam May be nearing the end of its Boycott of the talks More encouragement came from Hanoi. Be due Tho special advisor to the North vietnamese delegation Here was flying to Paris. Such trips in the past signalled Progress in the drive for settlement of the Vietnam War. Battlefield developments marred the optimism. In Saigon american military head quarters today reported the number of communist violations of the North South Vietnam Border zone has risen to 14. The United states has warned such violations spoil diplomatic efforts Here. However diplomats Here said the talks which failed to open to Days ago because of the Saigon Boycott now seem possible chiefly because of a change in the mood in Saigon. In Saigon up correspondent Daniel Southerland reported both american and South vietnamese officials say meetings Between . Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker and president Nguyen Van Thieu of South Vietnam have improved the atmosphere. Saigon has refused to attend the talks because it said the arrangements for Paris made by Hanoi and Washington gave its Arch foe the Viet Cong guerrillas equal status at the conference table. Southerland said bunkers words plus a Washington state department statement that the United states in no Way is recognizing the Viet Cong has helped soothe some Saigon fears. He quoted a Saigon government source As saying Thieu a regime now is taking a a More realistic a we have come to the realization that sooner or later we will have to go to Paris a the Saigon official said. He said Thieu now has come to regard As a Mere a a outburst a threat by . Defense Secretary Clart m. Clifford that if Saigon persisted in its Boycott the United states would go it alone in the Paris talks. Thieu himself showed evidence of wanting to Dampen any fire Between his government and its great supporter Southeastern Ohio a great Home newspaper thought for today a whatsoever a Man Toweh thai shall he also a ibid 7 the daily jeffersonian 144 the year Cloudy colder sunday with rain. Low tonight 40 s. Map on Page 6 vol. 77 no. 68 Cambridge Ohio 43725, saturday november 16,1968 10c copy established 1824 50 ships warning issued Russia participate in ., allies directive in exercise Washington suspended Washington area priests said they had been vindicated by a pastoral statement on birth control by the roman Catholic Bishops of America. But they expressed regret that nothing was done to permit them to Appeal their Case through the Church Hierarchy. Shown Here Are father John Corrigan one of the leaders of the group left and father John c. Mcgarraghy. Up telephoto dissenting Bishops pastoral priests Hail letter Washington up Wash after a week of intense in ton area priests punished for deliberation the Bishops de publicly dissenting from Pope dared in a pastoral letter Paul vi�?T3 birth control ency it Friday that a Catholic couple Cal believe their View has been could practice contraception in vindicated by the official stance violation of the encyclical of the nations roman Catholic without regarding it As a sin Bishops. I provided their decision was Moto Mower phasing oui operations Moto Mower of Canada a Cambridge Industry since october of 1966, is phasing out its operations Here and will move its facilities to the Roper manufacturing co. In Newark. The Cambridge Plant located in the no. 3 Plant of the old Universal potteries building is expected to Complete the move to Newark by the first of the year. Moto Mower during its Peak operations Here employed some 250 workers. The Roper corp. Is the worlds largest manufacturer of Power Lawn mowers and also produces Kitchen App ii ances Snow removal equipment furniture and Utility Lawn buildings. Representatives of s e v e r a1 out of town firms already have inspected the 100,000 Square feet of floor spice being vacated by Moto Mower but nothing has been signed yet with any new Industry. Work Load reduced for Moon astronauts space Center Custan reduction in the work Load up a the first Apollo Astro originally planned. Nauts to land on the Moon next p1� space Agency said Friday i it had been decided to allow the year will Plant Only three astronauts Only about three scientific experiments on the hours to move about on the lunar surface a considerable Moons surface. They will spend 24 hours on the Moon. It had been planned to let them spend most of the time outside the lunar Landing vehicle. Meantime preparations moved apace for the first attempt at manned flight around the Moon in the Apollo 8 Mission around Christmas. The astronauts for that Mission Frank Borman James Lovell and William Anders will meet the press Here later today to discuss the trip. They will orbit but not land on the Moon. The original plan for the first lunar Landing probably during the Apollo la Mission Callet for the two astronauts descending to the Moon to establish a complicated and heavy geophysical Laboratory called the Apollo lunar surface experiments package a sep which would automatically radio information to Earth Long after the astronauts left. This would take a lot of toil and sweat on the part of the Moon pioneers lumbering about in awkward space suits. Made to Good conscience. The 11,000-word letter adopted by a vote of 180 to 8, upheld the Popes encyclical As the authentic teaching of the Church however and stated that artificial contraception must be regarded by All the faithful As an a objective but it added a circumstances May reduce moral guilty for couples that consider them selves compelled to practice it father John Mcgarrity one of 44 area priests disciplined by Cardina i Patrick of Boyle for dissenting from the encyclical said the Bishops policy state ment upheld their View. The dissenting priests had never attacked the encyclical Mcgarrity said but had instead asserted a we would respect the conscience of those who dissent from it a the same position taken by the Bishops. He said the priests now expect of Boyle to remove the restrictions he placed on their authority to exercise their priestly duties. By implication the Bishops left it to each couple to decide whether by practising artificial birth control they have incurred a sin which needs to be confessed. United press International the United states and its North Atlantic treaty organization nato allies today ended a naval exercise in the Mediterranean where the soviet Union has been building up its naval strength for months. In Moscow the soviet Union denied it was building a naval base in Algeria and accused nato nations of trying to ruin relations Between Russia and Algeria. In Valletta Malta nato sources said More than 50 ships of member nations took part in the Mediterranean exercise known As a Eden the object was to test naval and air Force units in a advanced air surface and submarine operations a nato sources said. The presence of thousands of soviet technicians and advisers in Algeria a former French Colony has caused president Charles de Gaulle to reassess his thinking on French military participation in nato informed sources said. France remains a member of nato but does not participate militarily. In Cairo the Semi official newspaper Al ashram said today Egypt will be in the next few Days set up a a National defense Council to prepare the nation for War. Al ashram which frequently reflects thinking of the egyptian government said the Council will a Deal with issues connected with preparing the nation for ensure in Moscow the soviet government said it wanted to emphatically refute As an absolutely groundless con Coe Ion Western news reports that the former French naval base of Mersel Kebir near Oran Algeria was being handed Over Gay Algeria for the soviets for russian ships in the Meriter r Anc an. Brussels Secretary of state Dean Rusk l and Secretary of defense Clark Clifford appear to be sharing a private joke at the nato meeting Here. At an Impromptu news conference Friday in Washington president Johnson said a the decisions to be made Between now and Jan. 20 will be made by this president. This Secretary of state and this Secretary of up Cable Boto lbs Nixon apparently reach policy agreement temperatures Sunrise 7 17 am. Sunset 5 07 . High Friday 58 Low 41 6 . 51 overnight Low 44 .68 inches precipitation noon saturday 45. Index Onsted Warsaw up a the polish communist party today ousted foreign minister Adam Rapacki and two other old timers from its ruling poli Bureau replacing them with younger and apparently hard line men. Gasi fied. Editorial. Comics. Sports. Women a Page 8-9 Newcomerstown. La Hospital news a. 16 Byesville. Barnesville. La Cadiz. 16 Woodsfield. 5 business. 14 weekender. 1-b Cleveland Airport transit system inaugurated once Cleveland up a . The Comfort of Pullman cars at Secretary of transportation i better than 50 mph. Alan Boyd almost missed his the ride from any Point train Friday when the Cleve-1 along the system will Cost land transit system barely managed to make one run with its new downtown to Airport rapid transit before a Power failure shut Down the system on opening Day. A rain storm accompanied by High winds knocked out Power to the $18 million four mile Extension to Cleveland Hopkins Airport thursday night. Cts repairmen patched in temporary Power hut regular service Between Hopkins and Public Square was t expected before monday. Boyd a swarm of newsmen and various City officials made the 19 mile trip from Public Square in 20 minutes. They Rode through a cold wet rain in travellers 35 cents when the overhead Power is restored next week. Following the trip Boyd said at a luncheon ceremony that the new service is a a logical and inevitable joining of rail and air we think our Grant of More than $12 million or about two thirds of the total represents a sound investment in Cleveland a future a Boyd added. The Secretary claimed More than 8,000,000 passengers will enplaned at Cleveland Hopkins annually by 1980, assuring both the need and use of the Airport rapid. The facility is the first of its kind in the nation. Key Biscayne a. Up cleared a after extensive clarification Florida from Washington and new Holiday. York president elect Richard m Nixon and president Johnson seemed to understand each other better today on the conduct of foreign policy Between now and inauguration Day. There was a time Friday when this did not seem to be the Case when Nixon and Johnson appeared to have different ideas about How much say Nixon would have in Basic foreign policy decisions during the two months of transition. Understanding improved however. Muddy semantics and Nixon flew for a weekend Cemi for the next several Days he will Combine Leisure activities at key Biscayne with staff consultation on makeup of his new administration. The semantical Flap Over foreign policy actually began with Nixon thursday in new York when he announced his designation of Veteran Diplomat Robert d. Murphy As his special observer and representative at the state department during the transition period. In making the announcement Nixon mentioned his arrangement with Johnson whereby the world should know a that any $25,000 bail raised for accused plotter new York up a Ahmed rage Namer a gemini Arab charged with his two sons of plotting to murder president elect Richard m Nixon sat in a Happy in this country a he said fighting Back tears. A How then am i going to do something like that Quot a Brooklyn grand jury Namer and his two Black Raincoat looking tired his indicted hat in his hand and said in on. 1fl halting engl she i m innocent. Sons Husse no 20 and a a a i love Llor criminal Bocci he had just to decisions which were made by or any negotiations Vietnam that were being undertaken by the present administration would be honoured by the next then with Murphy at his Side thursday Nixon went on to say a in order to make this a viable arrangement it is of course necessary that there be a prior consultation on such foreign policy decisions and that the president elect not Only be informed but that he be consulted and that he agree to the course of Nixon was asked whether he had Johnson a Assurance a that you will be consulted on any foreign policy and decisions taken in the next 60 Days a not Only his Assurance but his and my insistence that that be done a he replied. Bryce Harlow a Veteran of White House service in the Eisenhower administration and a ranking Nixon staff member saw news reports following the Murphy press conference and reasoned correctly that the resident might not be pleased. Fie called Johnson thursday night and again Friday to assure him that Nixon had no intention whatever of intruding into the foreign policy prerogatives of the president. Been released tation and Possession of Dange from jail Friday on $25,000 bail eap in connection with put up by a friends and the Ai de p1 a a a it pm in in Tim six Day he had teen 20 attackers killed free. A i did t have nothing to do against the United states a said Darner a 43-year-old immigrant of 12 years who works with his sons As a shipping clerk in a Manhattan ladies garment factory. A i live Over Here and in a n. Atlantic conference concludes Brussels up a the United states and i North Atlantic allies warned Russia today that any new soviet intervention in Europe or the Mediterranean would a create an International crisis with Grava they called on the soviet Union a in the interests of world peace to refrain from using Force and interfering in the affairs of other states. The Blunt warning against any new Czechoslovakia style takeovers highlighted a Long communique published at the end of a three Day meeting of foreign defense and finance ministers of the North Atlantic treaty organization nato Here. A any soviet intervention directly or indirectly affecting the situation in Europe or in the Mediterranean would create an International crisis with Grava consequences a the communique warned. The communique did not mention any countries by name in its warning against a new soviet attack. But nato sources said those the Council had in mind included Neutral Austria and communist Albania Romania and Yugoslavia. The Council added this additional warning a the nato allies Are determined to safeguard the Freedom and Independence of their countries. They could not remain indifferent to any development which endangers their a the allies a they declared Are convinced that their political Solidarity remains indispensable to discourage aggression and other forms of Secretary of state Dean Rusk defense Secretary Clark m. Gifford and Treasury Secretary Henry h. Fowler headed up the . Team in the third and closing Days of the nato strategy session. The communique made these other main Points a the United states Britain and France renewed their earlier pledges to defend isolated West Berlin. A the nato allies pledged themselves to continue working continued on face 2. Col. F americans repel assault Saigon up a about 200 into the area recently to guard the . F4 phantom Jet death notices Page 6 mrs. Leonard Campbell Rev. Lorin Carmony miss Mary d. Billion Charles f. Guss mrs. Nora Meyer James c. Miller Robert Karl nipped mrs. Goldie Norris mrs. Calvin Ranson mrs. John c. Stewart William s. Stickrath North vietnamese troops today attacked a . Army outpost on the cambodian Border near Saigon. The americans threw Back the assault and chased the communists toward the Frontier. . Spokesmen said the 1st air cavalry division outpost Garrison killed at least 20 of the attackers around the barbed wire defense and killed four More who tried sniping at the americans running after the fleeing North vietnamese. They said . Casualties were a very Light with no men killed. The reds had attacked with grenades mid machine gun fire. The 1st air cavalry was put Saigon air cavalry helicopter ships spotted a guerrilla Supply of cart six Miles away. Their fire killed the to of cart guards and destroyed the 55-gallon drum of fuel being hauled. The action came in thick Jungles 70 Miles Northwest of Saigon and two Miles from the cambodian Frontier. Far to the North . Jets and artillery caught communist forces in four fresh violations of the North South Vietnam demilitarized zone Doz and killed at least 35 red soldiers the spokesmen said. During fridays strikes but the flew Home safely with what the spokesmen called a a minor damage. The action raised to 14 the number of times the communists have been caught violating the six mile wide Buffer zone . Spokesmen said since president Johnson halted the bombing of North Vietnam nov. I to get negotiations underway in Paris. The communists were supposed to have stopped using the Doz As a War base. Washington has charged such violation Are undermining the drive for peace talks Hanoi has denied communist gunfire hit one of Jit forces Are in the zone

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