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Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian Newspaper Archives May 11 1974, Page 1

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Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian (Newspaper) - May 11, 1974, Cambridge, Ohio Thank goodness Jor mothers and Mother s Day thank goodness for mothers. For 364 Days a year they May be overworked underappreciated Defeated by demands chore Laden child bothered Kitchen wearied and generally taken for granted. Then comes mothers Day and for 24 hours Mother receives her family a appreciation. Above mrs. Dave Barbara Art 115 s. 12th St., performs All the duties that mothers Over the world perform every Day of every year. A Nap for two month old son Gregory David left a daily Story for he and his sister 20-month old Traci Lynn and of course a a Flowers of appreciation from eldest daughter four year old Carolyn sue and Traci. In the 17th Century England it became customary for Young men and women who were apprentices or servants to visit their mothers on the fourth sunday in Lent. On a mothering sunday As it came to be called children usually brought Home gifts of wild Flowers and Simonel cake. The first Observance of mothers Day in the . Was a Church service held in Grafton w. A. In 1908 at the request of miss Anna m. Jarvis a ministers daughter. It was a tribute to miss Jarvis Mother who had died three years earlier. But it took miss Jarvis another six years of letter writing and lobbying before her dream of an officially recognized mothers Day became reality. President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the National Celebration of mothers Day in 1914. Since that time mothers Day has been observed on the second sunday in May. Photos by Dave Weehler. Thought for today a but when i looked for Good evil came and when i waited for Light darkness came. My heart is in turmoil and is never still Days of affliction come to meet a Job 30 26, 27. Southeastern Ohio a great Home newspaper the daily jeffersonian 149 showers tonight and not so Cool. Low in the 50s. Sunday Cloudy and cooler. High in the 60s. La cur vol. 84 no. 218 Cambridge Ohio 43725 saturday May i i 1974 i o copy established 1824 Nixon a determined to stay in office Washington up a president Nixon stood firm in his determination not to resign today despite rising demands that he step aside. His White House spokesman Gerald l. Warren flatly denied Nixon had any such intention and described the president As Forward looking and positive in dealing with the problems of the nation. Nixon a daughter and son in Law Julie and David Eisenhower scheduled a news conference today noon Edt to discuss the family a reaction to resignation talk. They cruised with Nixon aboard his yacht Friday evening. As if to underline his determination to continue in the office to which an overwhelming number of voters elected him 19 months ago Nixon planned to Fly to Stillwater okla., tonight to address the graduating class at Oklahoma state University. It will be his first appearance on a College Campus since he journeyed to Mersey University ga., last nov. 17. Within the presidents own party sen. Richard s. Schweiker r-pa., demanded Nixon a resignation but the White House shrugged it off As expected. A i really done to detect any shift in position on the senators part a Warren said. A of All expressions we have seen recently this is the least armed hijackers holding 87 passengers crewmen Cali Colombia up a hijacked Vianca colombian airlines Boeing 727 Jet with 89 persons aboard took off from Cali today without a $400,000 Ransom which the government refused to pay. Airport sources said the hijackers who Are armed with pistols and hand grenades forced the Pilot to Fly to Pereira in Eastern Colombia where the flight had begun Friday night. Purpose of the trip Back to the Point of origin was not immediately Clear. The plane left palme Seca Airport at Cali in Western Colombia at 8 25 . 9 25 . Edt shortly after Vianca personnel took aboard 90 breakfasts consisting of sandwiches eggs Coffee and Cigar ets. The control Tower at pal Waseca had said earlier that the hijackers raised their the hijackers also said they would increase their demands Little by Little if the colombian government refuses to negotiate. The government stood by its earlier statement that it a will not negotiate under threats pressure and blackmail a according to Rafael Naranjo Villegas spokesman for president Misael Pastrana Borrero. The Cali control Tower said the air pirates gave no time limit for the government to accede to their demands and did not repeat their threats to communications minister Carlos Holguin Sardi who had been participating in negotiations in Cali from the Airport Ransom demands for the safety up of the plane and those aboard i o v Ami tin lift control Tower said the government offered the assailants Safe passage out of the country but that the hijackers insisted on Money. The director of Cali transportation Mariano Caicedo car vagal said negotiations were broken off at i . A because of an indiscretion of a the hijackers armed with pistols and grenades released 25 of the 112 passengers in Bogota where the plane was refuelled and restocked with food. They demanded to go to Cuba but 15 minutes after the plane took off told the Pilot to head for Cali an airline spokesman said. It was not immediately Clear to _ whether the hijackers still l lean u p w Eek wanted to go to Cuba. Upon Landing in Cali Pilot from $320,000, to $400,000. However the demands were not met. Blow up the plane and kill All aboard. They also made no new mention of their intended destination first said to be Cuba the hijackers were originally believed to number six but a woman passenger let off during an earlier Stopover in the colombian capital of Bogota said she saw Only four two of them keeping passengers quiet in the aisle and two in the cockpit. The plane was seized late Friday shortly before Landing at Bogota on a Domestic flight from Pereira in Eastern Colombia. Dual ii notices Cambridge a clean up week continues monday with Street department Crews scheduled to pick up trash in Ward 3 North of Wheeling ave., East of seventh St. And West of Clark St. In precincts a b and c. Service director Lewis Bowman said he expected the trash pickups to be completed late next week. In Rodrigo Arboleda informed the control Tower that the hijackers wanted $320,000 in Small Bills Airport sources said. Arboleda said half the Money should be paid by the government and the other half by Vianca. The airline spokesman said a second Crew was put on Board the hijacked Airliner in Bogota. The original Crew of seven also remained aboard. Sen. Milton r. Young of North Dakota a Republican who normally supports Nixon urged him to step aside temporarily under provisions of the 25th amendment to the Constitution until his name was cleared of wrongdoing. The amendment allows a president if he is incapacitated or for any reason cannot fulfil the duties of his office to step Down temporarily and allow his vice president to take Over. Rep. Burt Talcott r-calif., a solidly conservative Nixon supporter Friday said it would be a to the vast betterment of the United states if Nixon resigned. A determined to stay a the president is aware of these expressions but is determined to stay in office and fulfil his obligation to the american people a Warren said. In a Telephone Call to the new York times Ronald l. Ziegler Nixon a press Secretary noted that Washington was Rife with rumours. A fall that have been presented to me today Are false and the one that Heads the list is the one that says president Nixon intends to resign a Ziegler said. A a his attitude is one of determination that he will not be driven out of office by Rumor speculation excessive charges or hypocrisy. He is up to the Battle he intends to fight it and he feels he has a continued on Page la rep. Speck a disappointed state rep. Sar speck a new Concord last night joined a growing list of other Republican legislators in opposition to president Nixon and the watergate affair. Questioned at a meeting in the Birds run Grange Hall speck said a i was very disappointed in the presidents tapes and i think he will be 228 Hurt in train wreck Chicago up a Rush hour elevated train slammed into the rear of another train which had made an abrupt halt Between stations Friday night tossing about More than 200 screaming passengers. Thomas Buck spokesman for the Chicago transit authority said there were no deaths but at least 228 persons were injured and treated at three South Side hospitals. The majority of the injuries did not appear serious. Only a few of those injured were hospitalized. Passengers removed a firemen ase snorkel units to evacuate passengers from two elevated trains which collided during the evening Rush hour Friday injuring More than 228 persons. The Chicago transit authority train at left rammed into the rear of the train at right. Both trains were going South from the Loop carrying an estimated 600 persons. Up presidents court Battle plunges into secrecy though overshadowed by Nixon a release of nearly four dozen tape transcripts the beginning of impeachment fire leaves family of 5 homeless Byesville the Thomas sealed away from Public View Merritt family was left a for the time homeless Friday when fire of Sirica also said a it May be undetermined origin gutted necessary to hold a scheduled their House at 253 s. Seventh St. Monday hearing on the Issue in the two Story Structure was his Chambers instead of in open owned by John Kawa of 249 court and directed everyone Euclid ave. Connected with the Case not to according to Randy Wray comment on it. Acting fire chief the Blaze was further the judge said a no reported at 4 30 . By a questions by reporters on this Washington up president Nixon a court Battle to keep special prosecutor i Eon Jaworski from obtaining any More of his watergate evidence has been plunged suddenly and mysteriously a into secrecy. Without warning or explanation Friday . District judge John j. Sirica ordered that Jaworski Slegal memorandum supporting his subpoena for extra White House evidence be subject should be directed to he said a decision on whether hearings would be open or closed would by announced monday morning. Farm families irate Over tax increase Page 2 by ii ii. Nickel Harold r. Powell Dwight Simpson a Large group of irate farm families some 70-Strong, turned out last night at the Birds run Grange Hall to protest Large increases in their property taxes. They made their feelings Clear to state rep. Sam speck who called the meeting and to Leonard Patterson county auditor. The Farmers mostly from Wheeling and Knox twps., protested recent tax reappraisal which they said have doubled and tripled their tax rates. One Farmer said his taxes jumped from $19 to $58 within six months another reported a raise from $112 to $298 and another said his taxes jumped from $130 to $288 in just half a year. Some said the appraisers were unfair and did no to know their jobs. Patterson told the group that a i hire the appraisers and i know they Are doing a Good the auditor went to some length to explain the ramifications of his Job and that of the appraisers. Speck listened to All the complaints and noted that he has had the same reappraisal problems on his 160 acres in Adams twp. He said local land values were going up rapidly with Many farms being bought up by residents of the Northern part of tin state. Speck said a i too am worried about these tax increases and the school foundation setup. We Are getting a Royal reaming the state income tax is not doing its Job not supporting Hie Patterson told the group that anyone thinking his reappraisal was unfair May Appeal the finding. Picture on la. Ii neighbor. Firemen were at the scene approximately two and one half hours. Mrs. Merritt and the couples three children left the House just to it before the fire started to pick up or. Merritt at work. No damage estimate has been made and the fire is being investigated donations of clothing and household furnishings Are being collected for the family at the fire station or by any fire department member pm my ral in sunrise6 la . Sunset 8 35 . High Friday 65 1/jw 45 6 . 62 overnight Lxi a 39. Hearings in the House and mounting demands for his resignation in the past week the fight Over Jaworski a subpoena looms As a Pivotal Point in the watergate scandal. The president through his lawyers has signalled his willingness to Battle All the Way to the supreme court if necessary to keep the special prosecutor from getting evidence he says he needs. Jaworski backed by an order from Sirica on april 18 subpoenaed Nixon for tapes and other materials from 64 conversations Nixon had with key aides after the watergate bugging arrests i said the evidence was vital to both prosecution and defense counsel preparing for the sept. 9 trial of seven former Nixon lieutenants accused of hushing up the. Scandal. A we still do not know the cause and will not know the cause until an extensive investigation is made a Buck said. A fall we know is that the first southbound train the Englewood train went into an emergency braking situation and came to an abrupt halt and was struck in the rear by the Jackson Park Buck said the Motorman of the first train apparently applied the emergency Brake when he saw a caution Light ahead. Some of the 600 persons on the two trains told of screaming passengers being jolted from their seats into the aisles. One of the injured was reported to be a pregnant woman another a girl who suffered two broken arms. Police helicopters and fire department snorkels a tall Crane like devices used to get firemen to High places a lifted the 20 to 30 most seriously injured off the tracks 20 feet above 29th and state streets. A it sounded like we hit it twice a said i Irry Smith 25, a passenger on the second train. A everything was thrown around and people got thrown out of their another passenger on the second train Ricky Pirtle 16, said a we were moving pretty Good and then i heard the brakes and the engine stopped. We kind of Slid and i saw the dust from the air brakes and then we Cumberland area Man Dies in traffic mishap Roy h. Taylor 51, Cumberland r d. 2, was killed instantly this morning in a Headon collision Between his pickup truck and a car driven by Walter Hayes 34, of Heath on route 146 about five Miles East of Zanesville Hayes and four passengers in his car All from Heath and Hebron were injured and were admitted to Bethesda Hospital Zanesville. The style patrol said Taylor was driving left of Center on log it Way to worn in Zanesville when his pickup crashed head on into the Hayes Auto the body was taken to Good Samaritan medical a enter and was to lie released later to the Tom funeral Home in Cumberland both vehicles were demolished. The patrol said the Hayes party was on its Way to the Ohio Power recreation area for a fishing weekend. The Accident acc tred at 6 35 my

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