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Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1961, Page 1

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Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Cambridge, Ohio Today s thought it May a hey will listen. And every one turn from Hie evil Way. Thai i May re pent the evil which i in iv1?.1? do 10 hem because their evil 26 3. Southeastern Ohio s great Home newspaper the daily jeffersonian Little or no temperature change tonight. Not quite so warm sunday. Low 27-35. National want and week March 12 a 18 vol. 69 no. 168 Cambridge Ohio saturday evening March 11, 1961 7c copy established 1824 Money bag tumbles out armoured car jobless Man returns $240,000 found in Street los Angeles up a Douglas William Johnson left his House t Rida. Looking for u Job and ended up with $240,000. But he did t keep it. The 50-year-old negro father three found the Money All in in the Street. He promptly turned White Canvas bag. He stopped and or it was picked up at the United he had been tempted not to Tell son will get a Reward for his Hon a loss the sack was discovered Johnson had turned the Money it Over to the Federal Bureau put the bag in the Back his Sta California Bank. The Bills which anyone about his find. Esty was to be made by the when the Driver Robert Downs Over to Fri agents within a Liaf investigation. Tion Wagon without considering a Bank spokesman said were not a atm no Richer now than when a rink a head office in Chicago. 42, noticed through a Mirror that hour. A self employed maintenance worker said he makes an average salary about $85 a week. A a a Johnson was driving with his wife marked Bills lying in the Middle Helen when they sighted the what was inside. Tumbles from truck serialized or traceable were to be transferred to the Federal re the bag full Money had turn serve Bank in san Francisco bled through the open door a a i never thought about keeping brinks armoured car minutes aft lit a said Johnson when asked i started out this morning a he added. May get Reward local Brink s officials declined the rear door was open. A Quick was this the first time Johnson to comment on How the door Check disclosed the Money in had Ever found Money ? a decision As to whether John open the armoured car happened to packages $10s and $20s, was missing. A a i found a $1 Bill one time a he said. Fate sex american not jobless ranks decrease levelling off is indicated Washington up a the first week ending feb. 25. That was drop in unemployment payments 13,500 less than were Given Job and gain in retail sales in three Les benefits the previous week months today were viewed As in it was the first drop in the num dictations that unemployment May Ber persons drawing a employ be levelling off. benefits since figures began the labor department said Fri soaring in october. And also for Day night that 3.408,80 persons the first time since october a Drew unemployment checks in retail sales showed a slight increase. Triumphant cardinals old Washington High schools cardinals and fans show their approval As coach Dave Heady accepts the District championship trophy from tournament manager . Whetsell at Marietta Friday night. The presentation followed a 49-43 Victory Over Frazeysburg raiders. School Bill caught in tug War Washington up a demo Auto plans Industry cutback Man begins anti rabies Detroit up a the Auto in faced with a million car invent Dusty plans its most drastic pro tory and disappointing sales auction cutback the year next Ford general motors and Chrys department economists said the decrease in unemployment figures was too Small to be interpreted As a sign that the recession has reached a turning Point. A but its somewhat hopeful that the total is not going said Robert c. Goodwin director the Bureau unemployment Security. Another expert said the Idle cratic leaders took on new Hope rate Ong the 45 million workaday that they might be Able to Els covered by the jobless insure get Congress to approve president Ance system has remained at 8.4 Kennedy s Aid to education Tor the three said this was because the pre without including funds Lur Paro Vous to o increases and the de Chial schools. Crease reported Friday night were the measure was caught in a Loo Small t0 change the rate by tug War Between jewish and even one tenth one per cent. I protestant spokesmen on one end he said the rate also held steady and the roman Catholic Church about 8.4 per cent in the four on the other. Weeks april 1958, which was sen Wayne Morse. I Ore. Field regarded As the Low Point the general for the a president a $2.3 1958 recession billion school Aid Bill was resist other experts said the decline ing stoutly any proposals to add was a a tiny and believed t h e a loan program for private and Depths the present recession parochial schools. Were still to come. Over Allun an indication that Morse May employment hit a week. Treatment a Fox that attacked Stanley succeed tar when sen Joseph High 5,057,000 in february and Early today apparently with his shots. Games. Winterset r. D. I in his s Clark a backtracked labor Secretary Arthur j. Dold own service revolver by an urn a was w barn this week was Rabid the ,0 up Berg has warned it May climb do notified assailant. Reading sentence death is denied Havana up the defense attorney for maj. William a. Morgan Toledo Ohio fought for Fidel Castro said today no verdict had been reached yet in his treason trial although the government controlled press and radio said he had been sentenced to die. A spokesman for the military tribunal which tried Morgan said a sentence would not be officially announced before 4 . Est. Attorney Jorge Luis Carro said he had not been informed a decision but that he expected to be informed at any time. Meanwhile he went to the Cabana prison fortress to visit Morgan became a cuban hero a year ago. The cuban ministry defense fold the press Friday night that Morgan had been sentenced to die with his aide maj. Jesus Carrera before a government firing squad and the Story was splashed in Havana newspapers and played up Over the radio. Reports there had been no verdict came today when reporters went to the Cabana prison to cover the automatic hearing on the Appeal. Carro told reporters earlier he was going a there this morning to plead for commutation morgans sentence. Morgan ser de with Castro a guerrilla forces in the revolt against former president Fulgen Cio Batista. Eleven others on trial with mor Cincinnati up a a Young a a pop pop pop a and did no to know Gan and Carrera including the new postwar patrolman was shot and killed whether it was a backfire or sex americans cuban wife Olga Jack and Harry president Kennedy offers a chair to former president Truman in the White House. It was a social Call. Policeman shot with own gun 2 Days free on your jeffersonian want and Start any Day next week it s National want and week place a jeffersonian want and to buy sell find Kent mire give Public notice fill Many other needs it a the first Plack Cambridge and Southeastern Ohio folks look costs Only pennies per Day to reach thousands. And next week Only you get 2 Days Freis. On want ads started any Day next week through next saturday March 18 you set 5 Days for the regular Price 3 Days Ler will Send Home mole than earn ims week was ran at the Bere 83,000 workers at 3 3plants across first Casc rabies reported this somewhat on the Issue. A again this month i patrolman Donald Martin 29 the country. Year in Guernsey county or Clark had said he was drafting Asam mis m0pui-_ patrolman Donald Martin .9.--------- by tar the biggest layoffs will Roderic o. Jones health commis an amendment adding $305 million As struck by five bullets one in be at pm which will furlough sooner stated saturday. Worth Low interest Loans to priv a Otto to shul no it s four in tilt e. R a h tpt1 58,200 workers. Ford will Idle the attack took place wednes vate non profit schools but now by Olla Del Loozl he died at general Hospital a Tow oi111u.i til out 13,400 and Chrysler 11,500. All the Day when games attempted to he says he May save his Amend hours after the shooting. Layoffs Are for one week. Remove an object from one ment for another Bill. A in police said Martin was appear 1wl til o wards automotive reports said his sheep. He said he first be an informal poll morsels sub Al sly 111 jul Clilia entry investigating an Auto tamp a j-/1c? next weeks output could drop Asili eved it was a Plank but it turn committee showed that Clark s ering incident at a used car lot much As 20 per cent below the de out to be the Fox which bit amendment could Muster three. Columbus up a mrs. John when he was killed Woodward okla. Him a the were sentenced to serve 30 years e drove slowly North on n prison. Three the 13 co Road we saw a police defendants were acquitted. A arms. Morgan s sentence a continued on Pape 2. Col. 6 ,. Geared to be a gesture. She was not present in court and is not believed to be in Ca troite custody those acquitted were Mario Marin a former Morgan chauffeur turned states witness a mexican named Carlos p. same period 1958, a recession him on the left hand causing a or at most fou,.f the nine Voles. Miller 34, was burned to death year. Severe puncture the statistical Agency said the the Fox was killed and the y a it j. Scheduled Plant closings mean head sent to the Ohio depart ply us a lots Sorio Franco and Edmundo Atna the officers service revolver two children watched in shocked do had void leered to die next weeks assemblies probably ment health Laboratory in Corwin not amount to half the 145,852 Iamb us where an examination units produced in the same week disclosed that he animal had riot l to been Rabid. Games has begun vol Juull Vullo foes Castro defying tin continued on Pogo 2, col. It new election and her 2-year-old son James could no1 be found a Ter a e slay 1, 1 Lold u error As 7h�?~ height with . I i which was witnessed by four train began to move. Tears be c later died stroke inhalation in men Mindy the used car lot an t0 flood their Cheeks. And a fire at their Northwest Columbus the witnesses told police thesus they cried a Mommy. Home Friday night. Ped chased the officer firing As but their Mother could Only a. It j j two other Miller children Shar the two men ran scream again and again As tin a a qty t cd 3ls u 13 i on i up 14 and inn ii War at All hardware and sporting goods Tram groaned and creaked into w r production this week dropped to an,1-Rabtes treatment. A. Stores Here were alerted to report motion a grinding her to death 91,378 cars As Ford closed la Guernsey county recorded one Washington up a sen a movie at the time to police anyone attempting to under its wheels 16 Assembly plants affecting rubies Case in 1960. Or. Jones ate Committie today held the key mrs. Miller s body was found Purchase 38 Caliper ammunition or Harold costello 39, and 17 000 workers this week s Iota pm need out that any warm blood to whether two president Ken on her bed in the rear bedroom for the service revolver police her youngsters Billie Patricia and compared with 91.378 last week de animal May cd a rate to the Dis Nedys chief anti recession pro the Story and a half Bungalow believed the suspect still had the Harold lev Ayne left their Home Washington up team but was 34 per cent below the ease and Cau one persons Powals stay on the emergency where a burning cig Aret possibly pistol. Near the Santa be right Way Ster president James r. Hof a a ame week a year ago. Against handling stray dogs and timetable he set for them. Ignited the bed clothes. J Charles Minnich 23, Phillips Friday and started to walk to Laid plans today to take Over in Ford layoffs next week include an animal hit a us ass an sen t0 the boy was found in another Burg Ohio told police this Story town. Disputed cont the Nusyn win set ale for by the a Mlls Lri bedroom unconscious from the the shooting the Street and sidewalk was biggest labor Union Tor another at a pure Oil blocked by the freight train. It five eats sity Hospital where he died Sev filling station on Reading Road for a switching cars. So they wait Hoffa set july 3 As the Date for Gas As we pulled away we heard de and waited and waited a court cleared Union convention. Out work. It was passed on a1�?i-1l-ii�? a a a we can crawl underneath in Miami Beach fla., and was it with soap and water. The Ani voice vote. Mal should be identified and open Days age Jouse in noted where it can be found later. Continued on Pasco 2. Cot. T temperatures Vera . . Y Quot bedroom unconscious from the Tho shooting or scratch that Breaks the skin ton s program to provide up to k h to a a 4 t River i a we had Stod oed is serious a or. Jones staed. A 5305 million in Federal benefits to was taken to in e to. N bitten von should Lei the wound1 j ii itt Trai sity Hospital where he died Sev filling station on re Mien you should let the wound a by children whose parents Are. Bleed to clean it and then scrub a a a Era hours Tater. Sunrise 6 46 am. Sunset a 6 29 . 6 . Fri. 24 Midnight 25 7 a m. Sat. 29 noon 1 sat. 53. Ment. Lawmaker to fight eviction. Asked work on a companion Meas next you should Quot Dufy your due a a $ Nuon or and then the Halih depart Guam blended unemployment compensation for an estimated 600,000 workers have exhausted their regular state benefits. Both measures Are now in the Senate finance committee head Brief setback suffered by Liz London up Elizabeth record depth Gas Well slated at Bloomfield site mrs. Costello finally said. A Quick expected to have no difficulty 1 winning another five year term he two kids scampered As president the teamsters through they were on the other freed from the supervision a Side when mrs. Costello started court appointed Board monitors underneath just As the Tram Hoffa Appal moly had no oppose started moving lion for the $50,000 a year Job. A but be Szijj aced Federal mail fraud charges involving alleged misuse funds. He spelled out de by sen. Harry. Byrd a a. Deepest Gas Well Cvar bored in 9.000 feet to solid Granite. The to Angeles Upit actress Friday careful Legal Steps for to the committee finished hearings Ohio Are expected to get under deepest Well drilled to Date in this Patrice Wymore widow Errol Cal unions in selecting delegates i Taylor suffered a Brief lae k on the in bless pay Extension pro Way near he and this month state goes to a depth Aroxi Flynn yesterday won dismissal to the convention. One aide said Early today but rallies so Friday after fluizzin2 labor on the William Marshall farm mately 7.500 feet. a $25,000 suit filed by a woman he was a bending Over backwards la snowman ch., a in up i Ace tary Arthur j. Goldberg for just East Bloomfield in and a huge rotary drilling Rig claimed the action so dog to make sure this election the third straight Day. Ama township. 1 continued on Page 2. Cot. A it caused her to trip and fall. Strictly according to drilling operations for the the Well will go Down some dog acquitted a spokesman said she again was Washington up a an implication that foreign a Aback on the Road to recovery a a Carroll d. Kearns r-pa., head excursions for gop committee a spokesman said the setback mute a Tudic text or i text the gof minority group in chair members might take a Sharp up was. Caused by mechanical diff i Juluin i i we Lyell Lirio in our Quot jul Lllan vat Man Adam Clayton Powell a swing Kearns moved. I cultic a a possible malfunction i. House education and labor com Powell told Kearns to a kindly Ber artificial breathing apparatus Mittee. Says Powell is not about advise me immediately whether j a but did not elaborate _ to Elegate him to a one Stinky any republicans were interested Little in going abroad during the easter Giesler 111 again Kearns is disgruntled because recess As there is work to be Hollywood it Usu attorney Powell left him a letter telling him done in every portion the Jerry Giesler 74, whose clients to be out his minority com world and i will be Happy to included Holly Woods top stars is Mittee suite by i . Friday. He make the necessary it posse captures i desperado Grassy to. Up a one a search plane As a posse to keep their doors locked arrange resting at Home today following three desperadoes fatally shot lie and police dogs approached at least 35 police officers and still Isnit out and he says Powell his fourth hospitalization in a a policeman wounded another can a put me in jail and in a not the chairman a new York your for heart trouble. And pistol whipped a Farmer was going to move out this office. Democrat Curt entry is in puerto Giesler was released thursday captured today without a Strug a what goes on is this Hitler Irico. Fri in my Sinai Hospital where he Gle. Cried the pennsylvanian. J the minority Leader the com had be amp a under treatment since. Police said Stanley a. Tucker holding a family hostage. Resi Kearns said Powell letter con continued on fag 2, col. Sgt feb. 7. 127, gave up after being spotted by dents in the area were warned to and Calvin Willis Johnson 22. Extra state City and local police police said they Learned that were rushed into the Hunt. The three a recently escaped a the team dogs pressed the the men alter their jail break our Hope now is that the men California jail police said. Search for the two men in rugged last week made their Way to Haven to taken some farm family authorities feared the two Des country 30 Miles West Cape Southeastern Missouri in a car said stage police Apt. Per does still at Large might be Girardeau. And truck stealing spree. O. L. Wallis. A things have been police identified the men As police threw up roadblocks on pretty quiet since the shooting. Douglas Wayne Thompson 27, jail main and secondary roads and i continued on fag 1. Cot. It

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