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Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian Newspaper Archives Jul 18 1967, Page 1

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Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian (Newspaper) - July 18, 1967, Cambridge, Ohio Thought Southeastern Ohio a great Home newspaper for today for his angor ii but for a moment and hit favor for a lifetime. Weeping May Tarry for the night by Joy comes with the morning. A psalms 30 s. The daily jeffersonian warmer with possible rain. Low tonight 65. Clearing wednesday with High about 85. Beautify downtown with Trees vol. 75 no. 277 Cambridge Ohio 43725/tuesday evening july 18,j 967 10c copy established 1824 nations Railroad service restored by United press International the nations passenger and freight trains with a few exceptions began rolling on Normal schedules today parrying commuters work and cargo including that vital the Vietnam War Effort its destination. A few Wildcat holdouts marred the otherwise smooth Iam bad threatened keep his District on strike but today backed Down from his threat and told his men return work. The District includes sections of Missouri Arkansas Kansas and Illinois. Jaworski claimed the return work order was a a unconstitutional and said the legislation was a taking our Freedom away transition in the pre Dawn hours from that was a Iven Back under the Railroad labor some spots along the Seaboard coastline at Raleigh n.c., were still being picketed today. Most of the rest of the railroads appeared be returning Normal operations today and Many had reported Normal schedules shortly after Dawn. From supervisory personnel readying of the trains the takeover by Union Crews belonging the six shop Craft unions that ended the first general rail strike since 1946. Most of the picket lines began coming Down after Congress rushed anti strike legislation president Johnson for his signature monday night. The strike had been in effect a Little less than 48 hours. Frank j. Balistreri chairman of the Milwaukee Road Branch of the International association of machinists Iam appealed members of his Union staging a Wildcat strike in Milwaukee pull Down their picket lines and return work. Passenger and freight trains were stalled in Milwaukee a Union station when other Crew members refused Cross the lines. Kenneth s. Jaworski general chairman of District five of the a a a a a a lbs assigns Morse Blue ribbon panel russian leaders Host arabs soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin r and comm Day. The Arab presidents visit was a Surprise one. They Nisi party chief Leonid Brezhnev l escort algerian Are expected Brief soviet leaders on the Cairo Summit president Houari Boum Dienne and iraqi president meeting. Up telephoto Adbel Rahman Aref on their arrival in Moscow tues Washington up pres quietness prevailing along Suez Jerusalem up United nations observers stood watch on both sides of the Suez canal today and reported both the israelis and egyptians were honouring the Middle East ceasefire. In Cairo the authoritative newspaper Al Abram said the presidents of Algeria and Iraq flew Moscow for a Politica talks of major importance following their week Long conferences with egyptian president carnal Abdel Nasser. The newspaper said the Moscow talks would Deal with a an analysis of the general Middle East situation from the viewpoint of the Arab states which participated in the Cairo meeting and these states assessment of All in new York the . General Assembly had 48 hours reach agreement on any further Middle East resolutions. The Assembly president said he would definitely terminate the month old emergency session thursday. Tour Man . Truce teams took up their posts at 6 . Monday night and said All was quiet on both sides of the waterway across which Israel and Egypt traded heavy fire last week. Ident Johnson today named Blue ribbon panel headed by sen. Wayne Morse seek settlement of the Long standing railway labor dispute. He said he was a very hopeful we can get agreement Between the Johnson took the action under the legislation he signed monday ending the two Day old rail strike. In addition Morse an Oregon Democrat members of the mediation Board Are Frederick Kappel former president of the american Telephone and Telegraph co. George Meany president of the Al Cio former Republican sen. Leverett Saltonstall of Massachusetts and Theodore Kheel Veteran mediator who had a key part in rail negotiations in 1964. Johnson announced creation of the panel at a hastily called news conference. He said he assumed the members would tackle the problem right away. The Board will administer provisions of the anti strike legislation that Congress rushed passage monday. The Law ordered striking members of six shop Craft unions return their jobs for a 99-Day period during which new efforts will be made Engineer an agreement on a new contract should those efforts fail the workers would be kept on their jobs until Jan. I 1969 under a form of compulsory arbitration. Previous mediation in the dispute involving 95 per cent of the nations rail service have gone for naught declaring that a the Public merest must prevail a the president signed the Bill into a monday evening halting the irs nationwide rail walkout in 21 years and getting vital material tor the Vietnam War rolling again. The measure was rushed through Congress in one Day after being stalemated in Senate House conference com Mittee for a Monti. It meant that the six striking shop Craft unions faced Justice department injunctions if they did not order heir members Back work. The or is Dent a action brought cries of outrage from Railroad Union leaders. Joseph w Ramsey a v Chi president of International Asso eation of machinists Ianthe Union that led the walkout labelled the Bill a the strike breaking act of 1967.�?� others charged that Johnson and Congress had been stampeded into a discriminatory anti labor legislation by the railroads. A sciere was no great love for the measure in Congress especially in the Huse All of whose members must a elections next year. Up 95 per cent of the Industry was stilled by the strike idling at least 69 of the nations 76 major railroads and 700,000 Railroad employees. A spokesman for the Southern railway system said in Washington that a Federal judge issued an injection in Chattanooga tenn., against shop Craft workers continuing their strike against the line. Commuter lines in Chicago new York Philadelphia Pittsburgh Boston and san Francisco were reported Back in operation and on schedule for the most part. Cross country passenger service was slower in starting but Many of the railroads reported Normal schedules and operation. By mid morning. Mail deliveries bottled up by again Nodal Reat Post offices saig0n up a three Amer on the Power Plant fertilizer Force f105 thunderchief was Pas embargoes that had been can rocket firing helicopters factory and Coal mine Center downed and the Pilot reported peace in everything but Quot Sank a 71-boat communist arms that pm this missing. �?o.= class mail. Convoy . Officials said 3 . Helicopters sink 71-boat commie Convoy it was Tho 611th nation could Progress despite american plane lost Over the communist terror. Communist nation and the 13th in other action . Jets flew in the past la Days. ,. 134 missions against North giant air Force b52 strato e s ring Rai Rod w ers i Ion Industrial Vietnam a machine monday fortresses monday smashed the legislation passed and today. Delighted South Vietnam sighed into Law monday ordered Mesu Ead a a yorkers j _ v 3 their jobs Reo a q their Loos or face Umuiwi Emu Moi a # it a a a min Winn. Showplace they had closed in spokesmen said. They returned major communist troop Posi in a i Nin Orthe Battle area for fear of the boo son Oil depot 13 tons 24 Miles Northeast of ret i Justice the Law made it Clear strikers had no Legal Choice Butl Ella attack. It by of andridoedthprr1 it Rev saw up 2,000 feet. They whose closure had been a blow the most concerned Railroad and ripped them up pretty. E t., users today were the comm Good a said maj. William Arink ters hundreds of thousands of of Springer md., who com Miles from the major port of Saigon and again near Danang. And left it churning close the giant Complex whom depend on rails gel handed the three a a firefly Al from suburban Home work in choppers that destroyed the 40 the City. Foot Junks and samoans with -1 rockets and machine gun fire. 1 the destruction of the smuggler Convoy on the Truong Giang River on South Vietnam a Northern coast followed the . Navy coast guard destruction Friday of a 120-ton North vietnamese arms trawler nearby and coincided with the killing we Are gravely concerned White House has appealed that some of these prisoners h 1 l communist North Vietnam and May not be treated humanely a and lines around the capital of Hanoi. . Spokesmen said an air vietnamese morale. Hanhy a order last week had appeared justified some last weekend As the communists in one two three order rained hundreds of shells Down on the Marine air base bastion at Danang smashed open a government prison at nearby hoi an free 1,200 inmates and tried bring in a huge amount of supplies on the trawler. The Viet Cong deprived of its propaganda Victory at the project kept up its terrorism. . Officials said a hand grenade explosion at the Plesku air police armory in the Central Highlands Early today killed one airman and wounded others. Support asked City Council passes 4 emergency measures by Joe Ryan i port out of the finance com being held until the deed is Cambridge City Council sus Nattee which recommendation Given the City although be the Viet Cong for an Exchange the White House said in issuing minister Nguyen Huu Hanh perked the rules four times the City auditor Given author 0otiations Are Complete Between and wounded War the Appeal monday. A Fly Hac closed the prestige monday night and passed two try borrow $100,000 be used ,7 i a a cur .�?�_________iz______�? for of a a City and Railroad and White House asks reds Exchange prisoners Washington up the South vietnamese economics of sick prisoners inspection conditions. Some 180 the Viet Cong and Hanoi due a l l 0r Security a appropriations measures Anfu a Airport construction. Ordered construction rammed i auf Oriza Tion advertise for the Money is be repaid i every Tong is Legal. Bids and an order borrow Money. Council was also and for Neutral of prison Camp claim that . Prisoners Are properly treated but this Are cannot be verified americans Are cannot be verified because 200 refugees known prisoners of the comm Neutral Obser servers from such lists and several Hundred organizations As the inter nation til 111 Iio Illo others listed As missing May committee of the red Cross also be captives. Have not been allowed by the Allenby Bridge also passed under suspension was authorization for the service director advertise for commie Call for general strike fails up crossed move underway secure financial Aid for Newark Newark n j. Up a with the riots calmed officials Are turning toward the changeling of Large amounts of state and Federal Aid rebuild ravaged actions covering nearly a third of new jerseys largest City. But the Man charged with funnelling the state help and securing the Federal assistance warns that no cure All is in sight. A i want Cut any illusions that a great big Federal pot is waiting help Newark a said Paul n. Ylvisaker on monday just after state police and death notices Page 15 Dale d. Baker Joseph Bates John w. Dye Raymond o. Elliott mrs. Walter Packer miss Hazel d. Wilcox National guardsmen began leaving the City. Ylvisaker 37, state Community affairs commissioner has been in Contact with . Atty. Gen. Ramsey Clark designated by president Johnson As a Contact Point for Federal help Newark. Clark is trying set up a comprehensive meeting for Washington tuesday at the latest wednesday where Ylvisaker can present his Appeal officials of a Host of Federal Aid agencies. Ylvisaker said he sees his first Job As an Effort a Bend some of the restrictive requirements for the parcel Ling out of Federal help and Speed the flow of assistance the City. A specifically and immediately a he will be asking for emergency food supplies a Speed up of Loans wrecked Small businesses allow them reopen and rent supplement Money help restore housing. Communists visit their Camps the White House said. A the United states Calls on israeli occupied Side of the the National liberation front Jordan River become the and North Vietnam permit find sizeable group of refugees inspection of All prisoners a the return Home since the Middle Appeal said a and urges them East War repatriate those sick and until today arabs were wounded prisoners who qualify allowed Cross Back the for repatriation under the West Bank in Only a very few Geneva isolated cases. The statement also said the israelis let today a group Trade failed so Washington and Saigon repeat Cross the Allenby Bridge the that even red edly a made Clear both publicly West Bank of the River because As soon As Federal funds become available. Mayor John r. Formally Tingle commented that the Lack asked approve the downtown of a deed Mineral rights and bid for a mowing machine tree planting project and heard an old Spur line belonging which had been recommended Jordan rep is from five City officials the Pennsylvania Railroad is by committee at the last coun nearly 2<h arabs choir nation and order holding up Federal Money. Cd meeting Back today the borrow Money followed a re he said the funds Are simply an appropriation ordinance up for second Reading which called for funds for municipal Hong Kong up gom must attempts sabotage by strikes Kong Kong a vital import Export badly today chinese merchant ships sailed and privately through Many in for business As usual. 1 channels their desire bring officials of this British Crown about an Exchange of Colony said Harbor operations _ were almost Normal despite the they were considered a hardship a they numbered 50 prison families totalling about 183 persons. Council in Brief Cambridge City Council last night a passed four measures under suspension of the rules. A was asked for approval of the downtown tree planting project. A heard reports from five City officials. A accepted two reports of the finance committee calling for a new position in the municipal utilities department and a fund Transfer the swimming Pool. Communist Call for a general strike by seamen and Harbor workers. Marine department officials said 94 ships were anchored in contest closes with 28 winners court was also passed under suspension As was another calling for Transfer of $750 from the Treasury investment and unappropriated general funds the fire department fund for hydrants. Reports Given mayor Ting safety director Norman Kahn service director Maurice Rainey Engineer Claude Nickerson and utilities superintendent Lee Plake gave reports and Robert w. Amos 1405 n. 10th St., spoke in favor of the tree planting project. Amo told Council the project is being sponsored by the Parks four More jeffersonian news son new Concord and Bob Larrick 20, delaware., new or. And mrs. Joseph Reardon and recreation committee of the Hong Kong Harbor. They said paperboy qualified for the All Reardon Cambridge. Concord. 626 n. Eighth St. He is 13 Cambridge area chamber of 17 sailed today including nine expense paid vacation trip Fred 14. Is the son of or. Ujj z old Quot Quot a f a Quot a a Arf tos and Stow Garden Cedar Point at the deadline sat and mrs. Don Briggs 829 rail tropical fish ei8hth Grade at St. Benedicts. Clubs with 50 60 Man chinese Crews. On a Normal Day 16 20 ships sail. The Harbor officials said that among 25 foreign ships urday. The four brought 28 the Road St., Caldwell. He will be1 Johns also 13, and hails a is hobbies include Golf and a Sophomore at Caldwell High from new Concord. His parents swimming number of youths who earned school and pitches for the reds or and mrs. James p the 28 winners will meet in arriving since the strike Call the trip during the Jefferson in the Pony league. Anderson 109 Lakeside or. The jeffersonian office at 8 businessmen and others have went out were communist Ian subscription Campaign. Roy celebrated his 13th birth he lists his favorite pastimes . July 25 embark for a contacted with most sign the final four qualify Day monday which also is the As camping fishing and swim Cedar Point. The group win re petitions indicating their he said the plan is Plant Trees throughout the downtown area and that More than too chinese vessels. L. Ding and unloading went Cju be Fred Briggs Caldwell mias 3ual, they said. J Roy Larrick and John Ander wedding anniversary of his parents or. And mrs. Willard Ming. Bobby Reardon is the son of Tong of july 27 turn Cambridge on the eve support of the project. New treaty is proposed Washington up Spe Cia ambassador Robert b. Anderson chief . Negotiator was Brief Senate republicans today on the proposed new treaties govern operation of the Panama canal. Temperatures Sunrise 6 09 am. Sunset 8 58 . High monday 80 Low 52 6 . 78 overnight Low 51 noon tuesday 77. Amos said that on behalf of the Parks and recreation com continued on Pas la. Cot i Fred Briggs Larrick John Anderson Bob Reardon Fertility pills bring big payoff Genoa Italy up mrs. Maria Rita Mariana 27, a policeman a wife who recently took Fertility drugs gave birth monday quadruplets two boys and two girls. The quads the couples Aret children were born two months prematurely and named Giuseppe Giovanni Rafaella and Lina doctors said

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