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Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1961, Page 4

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Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian (Newspaper) - February 25, 1961, Cambridge, Ohio Tage 4 the daily jeffersonian sat., feb. 25, 1961 David Lawrence major goals a employ professional planner for Guernsey regional planning commission. A build a viaduct to replace s. Ninth St. Bridge. A re codify City ordinances and resolutions. A pave streets at City Park and resurface sections of others. A acquire new traffic control system for Cambridge. A establish City tree commission. A employ professional child welfare worker for Guernsey county. A build sidewalks where needed. A further development of City Park and City Forest. A keep sidewalks and streets free of litter. A establish a City dump. A initiate program designed to make maximum use of Salt Fork agreement West Germany is of course the second most prosperous nation in the West and it is altogether fitting that it should help the United states to ease its current International economic difficulties. The germans Are now offering that assistance on terms which seem reasonable for this country to accept. Late last fall an american Mission to the Bonn government failed to attain agreement reportedly because it insisted on certain unrealistic features. Whatever was proposed the germans rejected it and nothing was gained. Now the germans Are suggesting on their own initiative most of the things they wanted to propose at that time. To ease americans balance of payments deficit they would prepay All but 200 million dollars postwar debt to us. They w Ould toss in 250 million Advance on German arms purchases to be made Here. On top of this Bonn would up its nato contribution for certain purposes by 12 million dollars and allot funds for still More arms purchases. It would likewise give thought to taking Over some foreign development projects currently supported by this country. In the highly technical Field of interest rates and Gold flow the germans would try to help too. They would maintain their present restrictions on the conversion of German Dollar reserves into Gold. The dollars into Gold trend in Europe has been the major sore spot for America. Bonn would hold the German Bank rate at 3 per cent in an Effort to discourage Short term investors. Another troubling Factor has been the flow of dollars abroad in response to the attractions of High interest rates. These measures matched against nearly a score proposed by the Kennedy administration for general application to our International payments situation could be extremely beneficial. It is important to get past this upsetting phase in our foreign economic affairs so that we can work More constructively abroad on development projects in that work we need the enlarged participation of prosperous West Germany for that reason it would be Well if we can reach a Quick and amicable Accord with Bonn on the loan and payments proposals it has now chill retrospect with one a of the country a toughest Winters two thirds gone and a mild trend said to be setting in maybe its time to venture a Little reflection about the great ordeal. In the first place there have been tougher ones. The Northeast was pretty upset by a 16-Day cold spell featuring two big snows. But Back in the mid-30s Chicago had a 32-Day Span in which the mean temperature was Only five degrees above Zero. The thermometer plummeted to w orse than 15 below four times and to below was commonplace. But of course you can to warm yourself with old weather statistics. Nobody could find much Comfort either in the Way the Snow and cold disrupted family and Community life added to the already substantial woes of the business Folk generally put a pall on things. Many family budgets must have been knocked in the head by extra outlays for galoshes Greatcoat chains and Snow tires fuel Oil hired Snow shoveler and the like. Towns and cities quickly exhausted Snow removal funds. Many spoiled by a succession of mild Winters had no Reserve from past years. Even if the big snows Are Over these communities now face fresh expenditures for Road repairs unless they have a big pothole fund. We Learned from the icy Days of 1960-61 that not too Many people really know How to Deal with such Rigours. Motorists were too cautious at least As often a they were reckless on treacherous roads. Communities in some areas showed Little capacity for handing the burdensome Snow. On the other hand there were countless Unsung heroes who slowed City streets state highways and local byways All Day Long and far into the night. Frequently they worked until they were ready to drop. If the Long Range weathermen Are right the worst May now have been suffered. But perhaps our Joy should not be unrestrained. Certain knowledgeable people say the warming trend that has affected the Earth for several decades is now reversed and we can expect 40 years of wintertime rough stuff. Wont be Long before Irving Berlin will have to Start us dreaming of a Green Christmas just like til ones we used to know. Side glances by Galbraith i ism Fry inca. Inc tji. H a in a. s reminisce news of 1911-21-31-41 feb. 25. 1911 suddenly Given ability to read the Bible and Bible commentaries without first going through the process of learning to read simple words like a child was the remarkable claim of Jacob r. Tucker of Baileys Mills while in St. Blairsville recently. Mrs. Cora Arnold and miss Jennie Cochran on Friday visited mrs. Lizzie Arnold of South Cambridge who is quite ii feb. 25, 1921 free delivery of mail will become effective in Caldwell As soon As certain stipulations of the Post office department can be complied with according to word received today by postmaster w. J. Shafer. Cambridge will have a Modem hotel it was announced today by the Berwick realty co., owners of the Berwick hotel to which an addition costing about s90.000 will be built More than doubling the capacity and increasing the number of rooms to 145. Feb. 25, 1931 Confidence in the restoration of Prosperity in the United states with the standards of living elevated to new Heights was expressed by Ray Elswick Caldwell in an entertaining address tuesday evening at the dinner meeting of the kiwanis club at St. John s Parish House. Drilling on the water Well at the Cambridge Airport has been resumed by a. G. A serine of 16th St., and the Well is expected to be completed this week. Feb. 25, 1941 a Tom Tom used by indians in new Mexico during ceremonies and possibly at War dances is owned by w. G. Alloway Kimbolton having been Given to him a number of years ago by a Friend in that state. C. S. Macintire Clairmont ave., District fish management agent has returned Home after attending sessions of the american wildlife conference last week at Memphis they say according to our most cautious calculations loss of manpower in the course of rocket nuclear warfare on the territory of the probable main theater. Will amount to no less than 500 or 600 million. These Are minimal figures. A maj. Gen. Nikolai tale sky soviet military theoretician. Did . Pay Ransom ? Lawrence Washington a did the United states pay a a a Ransom for the release of the two survivors of the rb-47 which was shot Down Over International Waters by russian airmen this question which members o f Congress started asking four weeks ago now May be answered Eirc u m s Tanti ally by the news that the unite states has agreed to resume negotiations with the soviet government for the establishment of a Moscow to new York commercial air service. These negotiations were suspended by president Eisenhower last july when the Moscow government imprisoned the two american fliers and refused to allow them even to be interviewed by american embassy officials. The order to resume negotiations for the Moscow to new York flights is said to have come from president Kennedy himself direct to the civil aeronautics Board a few Days ago. Some members of Congress who heard about it were surprised and inquired at the state department Only to be told at first that officials there knew nothing about it. The facts however Are leaking out. It develops that the communist regime is very anxious to have direct Access by air to new York City. This Means that mail pouches from the russian embassy and the russian Headquarters in new York at the United nations can be transported by Jet air plane direct to Moscow in a few hours. Obviously too if the russian spy system uncovers anything of vital importance on the military Side the information can be conveyed the same Day to the Kremlin and the military staff there. Confidential communications sent by airlines of other countries from new York to european cities whence they Are flown to Moscow run the risk of being intercepted on the Way. A direct line is much safer. The russians have been More eager to see the air link set up than has the United states. They have been pressing for it during the last several years and notwithstanding the u-2 incident and the collapse of the a a Summit conference at Paris last May the preliminary discussions by the soviets for negotiations to set up the new airline were continued. What president Eisenhower did in suspending All negotiations when the rb47 fliers were shot Down surprised the russians for they thought the or. George w. Crane dangerous mental state or. Crane a they did t Hava vitamins and minerals when Yon wire a boy did they dad Case h-415 Donald d., aged 47, is the husband of Doris who was a typical menopausal wife. When i interviewed him at More length he finally gave this report a Cdr. Crane Doris Isnit the Only one at our House who has sex worries. A for several years i have been scared at my Lack of ardor fearing i would be on the shelf. A and for the past two years our marriage has been entirely platonic. A maybe that is one reason Why my wife has been doubly disturbed Over the elopement of our Only child. A without telling my wife i finally consulted a genitourinary specialist who prescribed hormone shots. A Well i took them for six months with no significant improvement so i have even contemplated suicide. Is there no Hope for me a menus madness men often get into a dangerous mental state based on false sex notions. Many a Young husband throws himself into Donald a dilemma just because fear and misapprehension Render him platonic on the honeymoon. Such Young husbands not Only contemplate suicide but occasionally Check out via a gun or a leap from a hotel window. For they get so dejected and addicted to self depreciation that they think a a in a no Good to my wife so i might just As Well free her so she can marry some fellow who is o. Kyall of us physicians encounter these cases routinely both among Young men As Well As husbands of Donald Sage bracket. For the male is More easily upset than the female in marriage. Advice to wives most wives done to realize that they can drive a Good bus Way had been paved for an Early agreement. Asked this week about the status of the negotiations one aviation official said a the main basis for not negotiating now has been removed. The whole question is getting a new look on both naturally. American officials not care to discuss in what Way the release of the re 47 fliers contributed to the resumption of the negotiations. The american people probably will never know the whole Story. For this is the kind of thing that usually is not put into writing. In fact a hint that the Moscow to new York airline might be established could have been Given in one conversation Between american and russian diplomats and arrangements for release of the rb-47 fliers could have been discussed on a separate occasion. This May have been done so As to make it possible for both sides to deny publicly that any Quot Ransom or quid pro quo was involved. The Only american company with a certificate to Fly to Moscow direct is pan american airways which obtained this Back in 1947. Doubtless there would be plenty of american passengers nowadays desirous of flying directly to the soviet Union but the big question is what the russians will permit Koterba in the Way of passengers or cargo for the return flights especially since there is a curious policy of limitation on the travel of russian citizens out of the soviet Union. The subject has been of such importance right along to the soviets that they brought it up first at the a a Summit meeting at Geneva in 1955. Then in the u. agreement on cultural exchanges in 1958, there was a reference to the desirability of a bilateral air agreement. Arrangements for the discussions looking toward the signing of such an agreement were made Early in 1960. The talks were to have taken place in Washington last july. One Man who was conversant with the situation then says that a the russians were practically at the Airport when we cancelled the it is conceded that the release of the rb-47 fliers has a to use president Kennedy swords a a removed a serious obstacle in the Way of peaceful relations Between the soviet Union and the United but it will be wondered Why when the soviets commit an inhumane act and violate the rules of International Law it then becomes incumbent on the United states a the victim of the attack a to make concessions to the Agres Sor. This will hardly be construed aboard As a sign of american resoluteness and could easily be misinterpreted by the russians As a measure of american weakness. Copyright 1961, new York Herald Tribune inc frontiers in religion 3. Unity of the Church if keeps his Promise band into a platonic state both by Active ridicule unfavourable comments and aspersions As Well As indirectly by Lack of enthusiasm and indifference. Even though a wife is deflated or worried about her Charm she can still perform her wifely role since she is a passive partner. But the husband must be Active and a minor mental quirk can hamstring him in a matter of minutes so he is impotent thereafter. Donald could easily have been cured if his physician had retained the proper prestige in Donald a eyes. But the doctor was apparently used to a rough and Tough Type of clientele so he employed vulgar language that shocked Donald. That shattered the medics a a Halo so his hormone shots were thus doomed to fail. For a patient May receive literally hundreds of shots without showing any sex improvement at All. If his mind has meanwhile not been treated so i had a tactful interview with both Donald and Doris during which i outlined these vital facts for married couples 1 it it a fallacy to think there is a limited amount of erotic fluids in the male. Regular function produces longer vitality of an Organ rather than reducing its lifespan. 2 it is the duty of a Good wife to stimulate her husband if he is platonic the fault is not the Many a but pertains to his wife. 3> a cooperative wife can banish her mates sexual defeatism in one night. She is far Superior to All the male sex hormones that we medics can inject into his Arm. 4 a husband May be platonic with the wife whom he loves devotedly yet be free from impotence with somebody else so it behoves a wife to fight fire with fire. So Send for the Booklet a sex problems in marriage men closing a stamped return envelope plus 20c. It helped Doris quickly banish Donald problem. Washington on the evening of wednesday feb. 15, president Kennedy made an unusual personal offer to the citizens of this country. And the citizens took him up on it a Hook line and sinker. Now the White House is being flooded with a rare sea of letters telegrams cablegram and postcards. The messages come from men and women taking direct pan in Koterba pricking the bloated budget of government extravagance and waste. The presidents offer was made during his fourth televised press conference. It was in response to a question on wasted taxpayers funds whether the president himself would Lead the people in a drive to regain the sound Dollar. The sound Dollar crusade was started a year ago by coincidentally a Republican relative of the presidents wife Bayard Auchincloss an Oklahoma City science teacher. Or. Kennedy at length and forcefully said a we will seek the cooperation of every citizen of this country in making sure that we get value for every Dollar that the government he said head Welcome hearing from anyone who Felt he had something to say about government waste. That did it. Immediately he did. Most spectacular result already widely published was a Cable from an american woman in Paris. She told of a Plush $200,000 Annex to an officers club being built near Paris with american dollars. Or. Kennedy kept his Promise. Within two hours the project was cancelled. The sum of $200,000 could build a Fine schoolhouse in the United states. Press Secretary Pierre Salinger in telling of this development renewed the presidents suggestion to taxpayers to let the White House know of any Gross government waste of which they know personally. What is so significant about All this is that at Long last there is direct a people to the president communication. For once the constant plea of taxpayers to Cut Down on Federal extravagance has shown direct influence upon Washington. The frustration of sound Dollar minded taxpayers was portrayed dramatically to this column the past year. It started with the first Story on Bayard Auchincloss and his idea. Motivated by patriotism Auchincloss launched a Campaign to arouse the Public into writing to their congressmen protesting specific wasteful practices. Twelve thousand people voluntarily signed a petition which Auchincloss carried to Congress but it was pigeonholed. Then along came president Kennedy and gave the idea new life. The initial response is most Likely just the beginning. The president did say that wednesday evening that it May be possible to save $1 billion at the Pentagon alone. A a q s amp As a a which nations comprised the original holy Alliance of 1815? a Russia Austria and Prussia. A a what Breed of dog is the Lhasa also a terrier. A a a a a Why is a Book of maps called an Atlas a the earliest books of maps had on the first Page a picture of Atlas the greek giant who according to mythology carried the world on his shoulders. A a what is a dealer in foreign moneys called a a Cambest. Ralph w. Loew. D. D. Drift toward defeat or. Loew a Friend of mine told a poignant Little Story of a Man whose hair was thinning. Day by Day he looked More and More like Yul Bonner. At last he had but one hair left which he Caref ully massaged s h a in p owed nurtured combed and cherished. Inevitably there came the morning when he awoke to the disastrous sight of his one hair there on the Pillow. He looked at it in dismay and said a what now in a Bald As you laugh or weep with this fellow you know that we be treated life in this Way. Looking Back we can recognize that there had been a gradual disintegration of our relationships with Cuba. Looking Back upon the eruptions in Africa we can understand How Good will Between the races has been eroded. There Are drifts toward War and drifts toward peace. There Are drifts toward health and drifts toward illness. There Are drifts toward cowardice or drifts toward bravery. We need the integrity to see the Wisdom to judge and the courage to act. The old Story of David and Goliath is a classic of its kind. Here was a Militarist who had been successful by the exercise of his Muscles. He towered above All and he could afford to treat lightly the Petty challenges to his strength. How could he judge the Drift toward his downfall How could a Man who had placed his Faith in his Armor understand the drama of a boy with a Slingshot for Goliath the end was sudden and unexpected. In retrospect one can easily see the old Drift toward defeat. On every Side there Are those who presume to know All of the answers to All the problems that beset us. They announce that they have gods latest word concerning the times in which we live. Since there Are no easy problems ii is obvious that there a no easy answers. Yet there is the knowledge that if a Man has the courage to confront himself with honesty and explore the meaning of some great convictions he won panic when he gets Down to the last hair. He May be Able to Analyse his situation in the Light of the god who can count the hairs of our head. Or. Swains by j. Carter Swaim executive director of the department of the English Bible National Council of churches restoration of the Unity of the Church is one of christianity a new frontiers and the one in which the Public appears to have the greatest interest. Any proposal for a merger of denominations will receive wide acclaim. A Sermon deploring the fragmentation of Christendom stands a better Chance of making the front Page than a Sermon deploring the prospective fragmentation of our Globe through atomic fission. Denominational pronouncements summoning people to concern about juvenile delinquency Are passed Over in favor of ecclesiastical proposals regarding the holding of an ecumenical Assembly. When we find ourselves becoming so excited about Distant possibilities that we ignore immediate realities Jesus word rings in our ears a Why you Call me a lord lord and not what i Tell you a Luke 6 46. The Church has already More of Unity than the world realizes. Statistics indicating the existence of Over 200 denominations not Tell the whole Story. Many of these Are very Small and the great majority of believers Are concentrated in a comparatively few denominational families. These family groupings Are less rigid than they were. Each year hundreds of ministers and thousands of parishioners pass from one family to another with no sense of loss or even of strangeness. It May be however that popular concern about Church Unity is a wholesome sign. Jesus prayer for his Church is a that they May All be one. So that the world May believe that thou has sent Peter Edson me John 17-21. The goal of Church Unity is a theological one to convince the world of the oneness which exists Between god and his son. It is important therefore that Steps toward that Church Unity should proceed from proper motive. Economic motives Are sometimes Given churches should unite in order to reduce overhead and save Money. Political motives Are sometimes Given churches should unite in Ocler to speak to tithe government with a stentorian voice. Church Union is sometimes urged for the purpose of consolidating one Power bloc against another. It is right that natural resources should be considered that believers should have a the same love being in full Accord and of one mind Quot philippians 2 2 and that the witness of the Church should be strengthened against every form of godlessness. In reaching this position however the Church would defeat itself if it became simply another highly organized Power Structure. A the Kings of the gentiles exercise lordship Over them a said Jesus Luke 22 25 ,. But not so with you rather let the greatest among you become As the youngest and the Leader As one who a single monolithic Church might impress people by its vastness and dazzle them by the splendor of its trappings. This would not be an answer to our lords prayer. His petition to the father is a that they May be one even As we Are one John 17 22. The new Frontier for the Church is not to organize itself into the image of a state or a corporation nor yet simply to recognize the oneness which believers already possess but to marshal its resources in a spirit and method by which Christ sprayer May be fulfilled a that the world May know that thou Hast sent me and Hast loved them even As thou Hast loved me John 17 23. problem insoluble to Washington Nea a in the Long list of unsolved United nations problems the Congo situation now seems most insoluble. Something a wrong with every new action proposed. The first rub is that any solution has to be acceptable to the congolese. And there is no nationalism. No Unity of purpose in its 200 pred o in i n a Nutly eds m backward and almost totally illiterate tribes in regional alliances under sex clerks and army sergeants. The United nations went into the Congo last july As a disinterested Force. The expectation was that the u. N. Would restore order in a few months then turn the country Over to the congolese. This Hope was based on Complete misinformation furnished by the former belgian rulers who panicked and fled after the army rioted. The present Outlook is that it will take years to stabilize self government in the Congo. For the number one question now has become a if the United nations can to restore order in the Congo who can a before the United nations can anything it must first get approval of a majority of its 99 members. And there is almost As much difference of opinion Here As among the Congo tribes and regional factions. The communist bloc countries not support the present u. N. Program in the Congo. And the neutralise nations either abstain or want to pull their United nations forces out. The first logical step for the United nations would be to reaffirm its original Resolution on the Congo and then Back up the existing Leopold Ville government under president Joseph Kas Mvubu with determination. First priority would then be Given to training and strengthening the congolese army under maj. Gen. Joseph Mobutu so that it can restore and maintain order. But the present u. N. Representative in the Congo Racsh War Dayal of India proposes disarmament of All factions to Stop the fighting. Other View Are that this would make matters worse. Dayal has the Complete backing of u. N. Secretary general Dag Hammarskjold. But Dayal and the congolese not get along so his usefulness is limited. There is much Loose talk of a confederation of the three principal factions in the Congo to run the government. This would include the Leopold Ville government under Kas Mvubu and Mobutu the Stanleyville followers of sex Premier is Trice Lumumba the Katanga government under Moise Tshombe. Lumumba is rated Ablest of the lot. The saying is that if he could he freed and walk into parliament with a tray of cocktails he would be re elected Premier. He is not rated communist himself but his lieutenant Antoine Eizenga is Moscow trained. The possibility of a federation of these three regional factions has also been considered. Eventually they May unite but not now. Since the u. N. Can to function effectively As a committee of 99, a trusteeship under one nation has been suggested. The congolese probably accept this. The Only excuse for taking a u. N. Trusteeship in the Congo would be As a last resort to keep the russians out. The soviet Union missed the boat on their first attempt to take Over. Mobutu threw them out after he caught them supplying arms to the Lumumba forces. But the next Chance the communists get they will come Back stronger and to stay making the Congo their beachhead to Lake Over All Africa. The daily jeffersonian the jeffersonian a established As a weekly in Isi the Dally jeffersonian was founded in Issi by John m. Amos. Edgar Amos and Herbert Amo published each evening except sunday by Tbs Woffor Toalua co. Cambridge Ohio. T. Stanley Moorehead in. Mgr. Robert w Amos editor John Peters business mgr. Victor h Larrick adv mgr. Robert 8 Moorehead Clr mgr. W Andrew Smith classified mgr. Enter St Tbs Cambridge Post office As second class matter. Subscription rates Par copy 07c by car Lei per week 86c, by Carrier Par year 111.io by mall on Rural routes in trading territory so of Par year Dell eed to Post offices on evening published la of per year state of Ohio outside trading territory $12.00 a year. Outside Ohio a year. Telephone numbers news office�?>88fl or Mai Dis Lar advertising�?1-1181. Want and. Dept�?1-8221 circulation 1-6011 business office�?8-611 a a pwn advertising copy is subject to approval end revision by this new Papor communication submitted for publication must soar Tbs names of Tho author

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