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Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1961, Page 1

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Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian (Newspaper) - February 25, 1961, Cambridge, Ohio Today s thought o lord in distress they a ought thee they poured out a prayer when thy chastening was upon them. A a Isaiah 26 16. Southeastern Ohio s great Home newspaper the daily jeffersonian Windy colder and rain changing to Snow tonight. Warmer sunday. Low 25-32. Heart sunday Feim vol. 69 no. 156 Cambridge Ohio saturday evening february 25, 1961 7c copy established 1824rift looming in u. relations Jpn aide accused of interfering London up a pro govern Niento members of parliament demanded today that prime minister Harold Macmillan protest to president Kennedy about assistant Secretary of state g. Mennen Williams a a interference in the affairs of British Africa. Statements made by Williams during his current african tour touched off a dispute in parliament and threatened a rift in Anglo american relations. Irate demands that Macmillan take the matter up in Washington were contained in a motion proposed in the House of commons conservative party maps John b Gas Davison and Anthony fell asked Macmillan to protest to Kennedy a about intervention of United states officials in the affairs of territories for which her majesty a government is responsible in View of the recent activities of or. Mennen Williams during his visit to British territories in Williams who has been dubbed Kennedy so personal Brick drop per by a local newspaper columnist antagonized the British with two remarks he made earlier this week in Nairobi Kenya and Kampala Uganda. In Nairobi Williams advocated a Africa for the africans a which led britons to conclude he had in mind Only non White africans. The state department official insisted he meant a africans of every in Kampala Williams told a news conference he wanted to see stable Independent governments in Africa to prevent a another kind it of newsmen bristled at the remark and asked if he meant to imply British Rule was tyrannical. Williams flushed and replied a i withdraw the reference to a another kind of i do not mean the British Are a when Williams arrived in dares Salaam Tanganyika Friday night he was asked immediately to comment on reports he had snubbed White guests at a Nairobi reception. He called the reports the u. S. State department brushed off British press criticism of Williams african tour As a editorial 1 Lumumba its capture Kasai capital . Given ultimatum Congo War threat Ileo sets six hour deadline three District tie up proposed consolidation vote stymies Quaker City merger Effort new Snow predicted by United pres International Ohio a interlude of Spring like space apartment a full scale working Model of a three Man space station is being set up by con Vair in san Diego. The station is 24 feet Long and to feet in diameter. The walkways and supporting legs Are not part of the actual station it contains three rooms a working compartment living compartment and cockpit. The station designed to test life support systems astronauts will need in space will be Able to duplicate All space conditions except Lack of Gravity. Its the Model for a space vehicle which engineers say could be orbited by 1963. Four states on Tornado Alert Guernsey county Board of de the Quaker City District to merge was held Friday evening at City meeting said there was a cation in special session Fri with the Barnesville District. Quaker City High school to give Fine turn out and it appeared Leopold Ville Congo up Day evening voted to consolidate the Quaker City Board last citizens of the District an of the group was about evenly did the Central Congo government Quaker City local Madison con week voted 4 to i to consolidate port Unity to express their sent Lvi ded in support of one promo gave the United nations six hours sol dated local and wills local with Barnesville. However since intents. Sit Ion Over the other. Today to Clear a Al u in u in b i s t supt. Robert Murphy announced then opposition to the move was by United pres International floodwaters derailed a passenger train and drove hundreds More persons from their Homes fear crisis Over Berlin rebels out of Lulu Bourg saying if it failed to do so the governments own forces would tackle the Job in an All out fight. Premier Joseph Ueo scentral Leopold Ville regime acted shortly after it had been reported Here that 300 troops Loyal to the late Premier Patrice Lumumba had taken Over Lulu Bourg the capital of Kasai province without firing a shot. A Force of about 1,000 u. N. Ghanaian troops were said to have reported the Lumumba is seizure of the provincial capital but to have made no attempt to prevent it. A the United nations has been warned to make some move to Clear up this situation a said a communique issued by information minister Jean Bol Kango. A the congolese government gives the United nations. A i x the action stymied efforts in voiced and a Public meeting Board president Edward Butler who conducted the Quaker a however when Randall Long continued on Page j. Col. 4 today in the rain logged Tornado whipped South. Heavy Rains including nearly 6 inches in 24 hours at Atlanta. He Urs Rorn noon a lashed wide areas of Dixie and government will make its own Dis four Southeastern states were put i positions to Clear up the Situa on a fresh Tornado Alert in the Tion in the event of inaction or delay by the this would make the deadline 12 noon est in the United states reliable sources said troops from the Lulu Bourg Garrison sent to intercept the Lumumba men who were advancing from Wake of twisters that skipped Down at la spots in three states Friday. Snow and freezing rain belted the Midwest and ice slowed traffic to a crawl during the morning Rush hour in it. ,. M j their stronghold in Stanleyville no Relief appeared in sight for their March on the weary South where Campus Fox Chaser Ray Weaver i9 holding the Fox shot during the Chase saturday at Muski Ngum College involving two foxes state patrolmen and Weaver. The patrolmen Are pal. John Donaldson left and Cpl. Graham Day. The other Fox got away. Washington up a administration officials struggling to end the unrest in Laos and the Congo today expressed concern the flood at the possibility of a new cold More than 6.000 persons Werea orce g about w ghanaian War crisis Over Berlin this Spring. Temporarily homeless it because o troops sent to prevent fighter ,. Waters and at least seven a the key said the soviet unions persons bad Drowne j during a no. A ported the new memorandum to West Ger Lulu Bourg area reported the Many toughening the russian continued on Page 2. Col. I Lumumba is Advance on the City stand on Allied evacuation of Berun might be the prelude to need pressure on the West. The Kremlin has told West Ger Fox Hunt staged on Union sets up jobless rally Quot Fri offers Many that any solution of the Jan i n Berlin problem must Call for . Ill Odt eventual demilitarization of the it Gridiron Slop it agh a stadium the Lime Battle Al Cio announced today it and the High Price they Ore de hour but set a deadline for today by maj ground for the fighting Muskie hold a state wide rally on mending for a so called Extension if no action is taken toward Rae. Ujj c hip of Pitt Sinh a of the apr incl a Jai integration of Spe Culum bus up a the i employment compensation Law arrest 58 for racial disturbance Louisville by. Up an emergency committee appointed by mayor Bruce Hoblitzell met today with downtown businessmen in an Effort to open restaurants department store lunch counters and Heaters to negroes and end mass stand in demonstrations. A second meeting also was set today Between negro leaders and executives of department stores with racially segregated lunch counters. A total of 58 persons some of them singing a the Battle hymn of the Republic As they were herded in police vans were arrested Friday in stand in demonstrations on fourth Street Louisville a chief downtown shopping area. Most of those arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and breach of Peac Ewere Young students. Negro leaders halted the demonstrations after More than an Ial integration of previously segregated downtown establish Muski Ngum College s Mccon but made no attempt to Gene a Joseph Mobutu 1 to command irid3e�?ori�?~�?�was gain vh7s�oe"of unemployment Here next sunday of the compensation period. The Lulu Bourg Garrison was re excitement saturday morning by March 5, at 2 . A they Are offering the Unzem re red to have taken Refuge with the action that took place was Elmer f. Cope Secretary treas pity eco a pm 0 bread in. Ments. In forces in the City. Quite different from that usually user 0 lie Al Cio said that change for their clothes. A spokesman for the National the Lumumba forces were be Assoc at we Fth a Gridiron. A we want to make sure the work a Eye ajs0 wan emphasize the association for the advancement City to let it become a a a free new York up police to Bevel to have covered the 5001 the principals involved in erg of Ohio know what the re pub it fact that the Ailster t the prob. Of coloured people earlier this zone to Rte ist7commit Day the t�rytat4 a hmm in Emluie in bout eluded foxes and several Licy am try Tae to do to eur a vein of getting immolate Aid to it a a cum pea. ,. Co. A a weather ended abruptly but Day us Quot Quot Row rever loll t0 the year old Edilh Googol Kiecorius a jays a of College students Quot and others on be Quot by soviet a Quot wednesday. May the West and a fiction Premier Nikita Khrushchev in have been abducted by a woman to three inches of Snow for the Southern two thirds of the state. The cold front was preceded by rain during the night that spread rapidly Over the entire state by Dawn. The shift in temperatures followed a record setting warm air mass that pushed the Mercury into the Low 70s in Many parts of the state on Friday. The Weatherman said temperatures will be generally in the 20s by Early sunday although afternoon readings will Rise to the 30s North and 40s South under Cloudy skies. The Overall Outlook was for a pretty Sloppy weekend for most of Ohio As the warmer sunday temperatures turns the Snow into a wet slush. November 1958, which finally led who lost her own child recently to the abortive Paris Summit conference last May. Want and locates dancing elephants a new Orleans firm wanted to locate elephants to publicize a floor covering Sale. Their a a wanted classified and not Only found some elephants but a pair that could dance when there a something unusual you need to locate put jeffersonian classified ads to work. Dial 2-3231 to place your a a wanted and. Result and yellow Kitten part Angora. Pm. 0-0000, Hodges delights views gop More than 350 detectives and uniformed policemen were thrown into the round the clock search for i Google who disappeared in front of the Manhattan apartment building where her Uncle lives while she and her widowed Mother Edith were visiting on Washington a birthday. Rough Congo Bach roads in the up death takes Rainy season Cwm known out a for writ a and a by a i isms authority on a a a calling was also City native Lumumba is Gen. Victor Gundula s not n a continued on Page 2, col. 8 train dives into River new Concord a death the hungry is emergency passage of a straight 13-week Extension Bill without All the gimmicks that the republicans want to corpor age into the an unemployment Bill which 1 contained a 13-week Extension of j benefits was recently passed by spot Jet wreckage Hurley wis up an air the ensuing Chase ended with Cpl. Graham Day officer in patrol just Killim in of the aged or. Joseph Boyce Leeper j1 House 84-54, with All demo a Force 547 Jet bomber carrying foxes with a Shotgun but the4.2�?T former new Concord the wow Fol a Crew members craned in the shooting saw the the mid Iron my Mui Uius in Leeper who had been dec permanent Law that labor and the a practice bomb run air Force Arith a Shotgun. But the 42�?� former new Concord Resi Crais Young against me Stu suit four Crew Memberg crashed in the g culminated activity that in to assistant professor at an a cup leans o my 01 1. Heavily wooded Hurley Ironwood j apr no the College of dentistry measure however contine it line Dou it a Wuhu a id Iron Over bleacher ions la a University Friday. Man changes in provisions of the Quot it Quot he e Milstead Ala. Up a the the top of he stadium and on the rated for meritorious service As democrats did no to like. Two engines and mail car of the j Hll a Oxier Han a prof of a b 2. During world the measure did not pass As new r Deans bound Piedmont a a ------�?zun., -------1 11 u Ted at White Cross Hus an emergency lacking he nudes said two men parachuted from officials said today. A civil defense radio network a Columbus Friday Quot there vary 93 votes. It Waey it to the the plane before be crash but officially offered their resources Lka pm 7.rly a tnjuring1 Pine by Day i to help. An Appeal in both Spanish and English was broadcast in the neighbourhood of 51,000 residents for the pretty Little blonde whose Foch xxx Cua to Miles air Hugo Iii us aim Iron. Because or Meir strange be was Marr Horn la. Non m water snatched the 70 year a old behaviour he Callan the state a who survives was born. Police planned to re-1 sume a Hunt for clues by helicopter police launch and on foot. Violation of a Federal Law and un-l50 feet from a washed out pm i 7ome�?��?Tpine�?�vrev7�bv a i or Dav. He had been admitted a few hours Senate and it it passes that body Forbes air Force base at Tope who quickly dispatched the Ani earlier. And is signed by the governor it a kan., Home base of the plane two people. Maj Wanh one shot. He was bom in Cambridge would take effect 90 Days after said this could not be Conin me three members of the Alabama the episode started when Dan july 8, 1918, to mrs. Naomi Al his signature. Immediately. It # Highway patrol the first to reach by Baker spotted the two foxes Ellen Leeper of Trumbull Conn. The plane disappear i from the the wreck after walking about chafing each other on the Grid and the late or. Samuel Leeper Nimitz turns 76 radar screen at the radar base in two Miles through mud and Iron. Because of their strange he was married to Evalee Keck Jar Wood mich., sister City of i Berkeley Calif. Up Hurley at 10 18 . Cost. About Engineer from the cab of the Cen Bro i believing possibly the Ani besides his Mother and his Fleet adm. Chester w. Nintz 20 planes a Piper cubs Heli Eop Electra cured of air defects Gine minutes before it Sank below Mals were Rabid widow or. Leeper leaves a Sis commander of the u. S. Pacific Liers and cargo planes a began a patrolmen went to the scene or mrs. In Edward Morgan of Fleet in world War la observed1 search of a wooded Flowage area Conti Nutu on i nge 2, col. Ii continued on Page 2. Col. 5 his let it the birthday Friday. Southwest it Hui Ley. Can members of a House labor subcommittee thinks the nations Economy is a in a Little trouble at Miami up a a newly wash1ngton up a com monday to continue work on the modified version of the Accident Merce Secretary Luther h. Kennedy administrations propos plagued Lockheed Electra was Hodges to the Delight of Republic a1 to raise the minimum wage Back in Domestic airline service a gradually from to $1.25 an today pronounced a a cured of d c., had seven freight cars and hour. Structural defects that May have three passenger cars. None of the the murky Waters of the Tallapoosa River. A mail car attached behind the engine also skidded Down the j proposes . Ouster in Congo Sloppy embankment and plunged Irto the water. A probably All 173 sacks of mail Are ruined a a Post office employee said. The Atlanta and West Point Railroad train out of Washington two other House committees i caused five major crashes the moment but will improve also were studying Kennedy anti-1 Eastern air lines Friday flew greatly in about 60 Days. Recession measures. A banking 26 passengers from new York to a you Are obviously not one of and Security subcommittee was Tallahassee and Miami on a Spe other passengers were injured. Those promoting a recession a observed rep. Edgar w. Hiestand r-Calif., after Hodges gave his views to the House group Friday. Hie House labor committee meets again in closed session scheduled to hear agriculture Secretary Orville l. Freeman testify monday on a Bill to Aid chronically depressed areas and the House ways St Means committee continued on Peg 2. Col i Cial flight. The aircraft and three others modified by Lockheed for Eastern will be put in regular service As soon As operations snarled by the six Day flight engineers strike permit. Temperatures thru pushes for recognition of Moscow backed Eizenga Moscow uple Premier in Khrushchev sent to chiefs of state he charged that the Wester regime of Ginga. Powers were trying to revive the a political Hir a Repe Sunrise 7 08 a. In. Sunset 6 13 p. In. Friday Midnight 47 Fri. Low 45 Fri. High 72 sat. 6 a. I Eizenga a. 47 sat. Noon 41. 1 t1 n Kita Khrushchev today proposed of government on four continents Powers creation of an All african commis in which he called Secretary Gen Sion to oust the United nations Era Dag Hammarskjold the from the Congo and recognize the i a chief Assassin of Patrice la Moscow backed regime of Antoine Mumbai and renewed demands for the withdrawal of . Forces the proposal appeared in letters from the Congo. Lumumba s rating the so late president Theodore Boose ivies claim that it is the a True gov veltus policy Elk speak softly and eminent of the Congo a a carry a big the letter also asked the nations to whose leaders it was addressed to Aid the Stanleyville Khrushchev was especially bitter in his denunciation of Hammarskjold renewing efforts to Dia continued on Peg i. Col i

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