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Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1965, Page 1

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Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian (Newspaper) - December 13, 1965, Cambridge, Ohio Thought for today her children rite up end cell her blotted her hut Bend Alto and he praites her proverbs 31 28. Southeastern Ohio s great Home newspaper the daily jeffersonian cooler tonight and tuesday. Low tonight 32-35. High tuesday 45-48. Vol. 74 no. 91 Cambridge Ohio monday evening december 13,1965 7c copy established 1824 yanks Reagh abandoned base Camp in search for red unit warns major they re still Happy oblivious to the dejection being suffered by their Parent Over the failure of gemini 8. Sutan Kay Lovell left. 7, and Suzanne Schirra right. 8, go about their Happy Way after watching the gemini 8 failure on television. Sutan Kay t father astronaut James a. Lovell is already in space aboard gemini 7. Suzanne s father Astro naut Walter m. Schirra saw his plans to go into space cancelled for the second time. Up telephoto racing clock for another launch try gasoline bomb kills 13 in tavern Chicago up it was saturday night on West Madison Street. It had been gloomy depressing Day. It was raining. More than too persons were crammed into a narrow Saloon at the West end of skid Row to work off the frustrations of another week Over a Glass of Beer. Outside a round faced negro in a Jaunty Beret stood with a two gallon can of gasoline. Only minutes before he had been kicked out of the tavern for flashing a switchblade knife. Three bystanders watched him open the front door to the Saloon splash gasoline on the floor and then pour a Trail of Gas along the sidewalk. borrowed a package of matches j from a Patron entering the bar fighting is yet to come Cape Kennedy up tempt wednesday despite the. Frustrated launch Crews raced possibility of an additional or Ppd Ltd a a a the clock today to get the problem in the powerful Titan instantly a 1 811 of lame gemini 6 spaceship ready for another rendezvous launch at spacemen briefed on proceedings the flames and smoke and panic 13 persons died. Somei space Center rocket. Space officials Saki sunday engineers would attempt to Ujj a a re a a Stater a a wer a or a Quot Gem in 7 on we Day hut the shot was Notye on the Sund Robert Lee Lassiter i official launch schedule a the a electric Cape. There a speculation j company appeared in Holiday further delay was that a possible. Officials said sundays launch Houston attempt was halted by an Saigon up a thousands of u. S. Marines in the sixth Day of a search for a communist regiment believed trapped in Jungle mountains 335 Miles North of Saigon today reached what appeared to be the base Camp used by the fleeing reds. They found Only abandoned equipment. The leathernecks and accompanying government troops had been warned by the Marine commander the Quot major fight Inge was yet to come and today a events seemed to Bear out the prediction. The marines moved Over the top of a Mountain Ridge line and Down into a Small Highland area known As the Phuoc Valley. They found what appeared to be a onetime communist Field Hospital and abandoned weapons and equipment. The area is 21 Miles South of the Danang Marine airbase in the Vicinity of the Battleground where the now trapped Viet Cong Force last week inflicted heavy casualties on government troops strategic air command b52 bombers again today attacked the mountains known to have caves and tunnels big enough to conceal heavy trucks and Large. To. Numbers of troops. Virginia Beach families friends and com this f4 phantom ii Jet ruptured the Apea he eight troops of the . 173rd airborne brigade today accepted the surrender of 22 Viet Cong in the communist Quot zone do stronghold about i Miles continued on Paz t. Col. I Blaze on deck fire fighters Rush to Oft anguish Bisso on flight Dock of aircraft Warrior Independence sunday altar a Wing Fual tank from a Warrior air Wing 7 aircraft set the entire Book on fire and dropped and exp Loyod on Tako off. Fifth on crewmen wore injured. Tho vessel it returning to following period of service off coast of Viet Nam. Up telephoto a risk just j is men Are injured fuel tank ruptures causing fire on deck up a with a Chipper Quot i electrical plug that got pulled there a gemini 7 astronauts prank Borman and James from the rocket an instant too soon. But informed sources said Tavell reported for their ninth today there were indications of Days work in space today and an additional problem in the sped toward new records with broken tape recorder to annoy them and the crossed fingers Hope gemini 6 will join them. A i believe we be lost a Little weight a Borman radioed after Awakening from a solid nights sleep. Flight director Christopher c. Kraft updated them on the their plans. Rockets propulsion system. In Houston flight director Christopher Kraft told gemini 7 astronauts Frank Borman and James Lovell that Cape workers Quot do have some things they done to fully understand about the launch vehicle but they Are pressing ahead with feverish preparations by 200 a Nicias at Cape Kennedy to try to prepare the jinxed gemini 6 spaceship for launch wednesday morning after sundays dramatic failure of the Booster rocket to lift off the pad. Gemini 6 astronauts Walter Schirra and Thomas Stafford had the Day off. Quot we re hoping to get off on wednesday a Kraft said. A they have some things they done to fully he did not elaborate. Gemini 7 entered its 132nd orbit at 8 24 . Est. The endurance flight record fell to gemini 7 sunday. Tonight at 11 46 . Est the individual Orbital time record of 225 hours 16 minutes held by astronaut Gordon Cooper will fall to Borman and Lovell. Weather was expected to be no problem for a launch attempt wednesday. Partly Cloudy skies were predicted with a 10,000 foot Cloud ceiling. Continued on paso it. Col 6 some types of coolers harmful Little Rock. Ark. Up i Holiday hosts who plan to use s a Nogal Tyne it Jet up freezable plastic drink coolers better have them checked to find out whether they contain sewage Type bacteria an Arkansas health department official warned today. Or. Willian b. Hope jr., director of the Arkansas i up a ninety combat flyers rades. On Takeoff causing a fire that who roared off the deck of the there were brass bands and injured 15 men and sent two Carrier Independence to Battle c h a in p a g n a embraces and others plunging into the Ocean the Viet Cong flew Home tears and one Pilot had to fight. Among the planes of Carrier sunday to a stirring Welcome fire to make it a fuel tank on air Wing 7 cdw-7but unnoticed by the welcoming a a t ii to a a i crowd or Many of the flyers a jams to i ocl unit6cl was the f4 with the rear third of its Center line belly fuel tank missing and the rear half of its canopy gone. The plane was piloted Jet b52s today was Southwest of the target area plastered sunday with 750 and 1,000 Pound bombs which probably caught the Viet Cong by Surprise. The b52s Fly so High they cannot be heard until their bombs whistle toward Earth. a Columbus up the democratic party in Ohio is going to emulate the Republican approach to raising Money for election campaigns. The democratic state exec Bureau of laboratories said thousands of the Multi coloured Tive committee voted almost unanimously saturday to adopt coolers have bin sold Der a a United appeals Type of Fin there was no rest for the 200the names be kools. And a Ance Campaign which Calls for slate of candidates for the May afterburner on launch the gemini engineers and technic balls a and most of them have Only one drive annual a t0 Fin primary. Spilled fuel ignited causing the Money and sending a share cmdr. Robert h. Wormsley of1 to the state Headquarters. That has resulted in deficits or paltry War chests for the campaigns at the state level. The two Day weekend session of county chairmen ostensibly was to discuss the 1966 Campaign. Perhaps endorsing a Yucaipa Calif. Wormsley is 3 commander of Squadron Df-41. Up As his plane was catapulted q from the indy the fuel tank ruptured spewing 4,000 Pound 3 of Jet fuel Over the carriers deck and the plane following. When Wormsley kicked on his Mio clans who worked around the found to be contaminated. They clock in a record breaking run last week to get the 109-foot space machine ready for launch less than eight Days after gemini 7�?Ts Blastoff. Temperatures crackdown is promised pranksters and vandals who annually pilfer lights and ornaments from outdoor Christ Mas displays in Cambridge May find the going a Little rough this year police chief Albert Dusz said monday. Chief Dusz said officers plan an extensive crack Down on vandals and thieves who destroy items placed outside in the residential area As part of the Holiday Observance. Note of forgiveness Heywood eng. Up thieves broke into a sunday i Here and made off with ballpoint pens each inscribed with the text Quot May the lord forgive your achoo b Sunrise 7 45 . Sunset 4 58 . 6 . Sunday 52 Midnight 47 6 . Monday 50 noon 45 High sunday 63 Low 40 overnight Low 45 precipitation .13 inches. Are manufactured in Hong Kong and distributed out of Chicago. Ance the state local and Nat ional Levels. Quot democrats done to like to be pickled and died to death the party leaders however declined to make any endorsements at this time. The water filled plastic balls said state chairman i try of Are designed to be Frozen and William l. Coleman. used As non melting ice cubes Coleman named Robert Reid a j to keep drinks cold. But Hope or port Clinton publisher and to pts big Sigui ing Days till Chw i read our ads boy accused of killing his parents Wayne w a. Up a 15-Yearold boy who is charged with killing his parents with two Shotgun blasts was to appear in Wayne county juvenile court Here today. State police said the youth whose name was withheld allegedly shot his Mother and father with a 12-Guage Shotgun during a family argument saturday night. William Frazier 55, was killed instantly. His wife Dorothy 53, died shortly after the incident in a Louisa ky., Hospital. One of six children the youth charged made no attempt to flee after the incident. State police found him in the Home with his dead father after receiving the shooting report from the Hospital. 21 killed _ in traffic by United press International Ohio a weekend Highway death toll shot up to alarming proportions. Many of the accidents coming on roads made Slippery by rain. Sunday was the worst Day of the weekend period accounting for la traffic deaths. The total from 6 . Friday until Midnight sunday was 21 persons killed in traffic three in fires one drowning and two miscellaneous deaths of 27 in All types of accidents. The United press International Survey of traffic deaths was one of the worst non Holiday weekends of the year but not the highest. Said they often crack in freezing and water contaminated with the same kind of bacteria found in sewage leaks into the drink. Bacteria of the Type found in the balls could produce dysentery or even typhoid fever reports from Arkansas said. Former state senator to head the finance committee to which he will appoint members later. Republicans have used the South Bend ind. Up University of notre Dame students today sought support for a bread and water fast in a United approach for years and Campus dormitory Chapel to jumped off the Carrier deck have been solvent while demo protest recent censuring of crafts have used the approach Catholic priests for Particia minor Burns to 15 men on the Carrier. Forms Ley a radar intercepted officer it. William j. Cote of Virginia Beach was ordered to eject As flames raced Over the rear portion of the plane and of the planes on deck behind. »rus1s3 Summit level talks burned itself out. landed Here safely and unnoticed. Cote and a Sailor who Johnson ready to open of local organizations raising apparent contradiction tax cuts due in but done to cheer �?~66 yet Hon in Viet Nam and civil rights demonstrations. The 15 to 20 students who gathered in a Farley Hall Chapel sunday night issued a statement which said they were protesting in sympathy with students at Manchester n. H., who held a three Day fast during the weekend to protest similar action. More than too feet to the Atlantic to escape the flames both were picked up uninjured by a helicopter. Washington up a pres the president planned to ident Johnson returned to spend most of today reviewing Washington from his Texas final plans for his discussions ranch today ready to open this with Pakistan president to weeks three Summit level talks hammed Ayub Khan which run and hoping some peace break tuesday and wednesday. May yet come in the Viet Nam War. Washington up tax cuts totalling $1.7 billion will go into effect next year but done to cheer yet. Federal taxes also will go up an estimated $5 billion. The apparent contradiction arises from separate congressional actions in 1964 and this year. First the lawmakers enacted a two stage reduction in excise taxes but during the last session they raised social Security contributions and added taxes for the new medicare program. While this May strike some persons As a Case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing its Only fair to say As president Johnson did recently a that taxes have been reduced by almost $20 billion during the past 4 years. As things stand 1966 is not shaping up As another big tax Cut year along the lines of 1964 and 1965. The 1964 income tax reduction turned $9.5 billion Back to individuals and companies and is Likely to Dwarf cuts for years to come. This year people enjoyed the second $4 billion stage of the 1964 act As Well As the first $1.7 billion stage of the excise tax reduction. The Only Windfall now in the works for 1966 is the second stage of the excise tax Cut another $1.7 billion Worth. On the other Side of the Ledger social Security and self employment taxes Are due to Rise Jan. I to finance increased retirement benefits and new medicare program for the elderly. Death notices Page 17 Fred Bowman George s. Cappel Samuel h. Corbet j. C. Dayton mrs. Steve Duffalo Ralph w. Freeman in. J. W. Johnson mrs. Elton d. Mix Fred h. Nichols jets t. Puckett James w. Simpson in. Shepherd Todd fearful Viet conflict leading to All out War up a americans the reports said Hanoi now is set unconditionally on an a fall minister or nothing course in Viet Nam made his own peace with red in the face of the red chinese China and could be an pressure. Intermediary if truce Neotia this will be discussed at the dons we North Viet Nara nato session tuesday and developed. and Johnson wednesday but there is Little the european allies will have to Paris european allies Are All but convinced the Viet Nam conflict is heading toward All out War involving communist Chi a. The latest information reaching Western diplomats caused concern on the eve of the North Atlantic treaty organization nato Council of ministers meeting in the French capital. Communist China is reported reliably to have imposed an absolute veto on peace moves by North Viet Nam along with the implicit threat that they would take Over in the communist North if the Hanoi regime defied the ultimatum. and the first lady arrived at the White House Early today after a late flight from the lbs ranch where Johnson has been recuperating most of the past six weeks from his oct. 8 Gall bladder surgery. They return to Texas around dec. 22. Ayub Khan fresh from a meeting with British prime Harold Wilson has have met twice before in Pakistan and the United states offer the United states either Wen j0hnson was vice pres. By Way of advice or material Dent assistance. none of the 14 Natof Ute p0jnt partners stands ready to make troops available for the Viet Nam fighting. Any . Appeal a two at a for increased non military sup meeting called to protest poor Slough eng. Up delegates arrived late port was expected to meet with Little More than lukewarm response by nato. Bus service Here. Their explanation Quot our bus was

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