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Cambridge News (Newspaper) - October 18, 1877, Cambridge, Ohio The Cambridge news. L. Cd Haines publisher. Cambridge Ohio. Make Home Bright amt. And Flea s More than building showy mansions More than dress or Fine array. More than domes or lofty steeped More than station Power or Sway make your Home both neat and tasteful Bright and pleasant always fair where a Ach heart shall rest contented grateful for each Beauty there. More than lofty swelling titles. More than fashions luring Glare. M re than mammon a gilded honors More than thoughts eau Well compare see that Home is made attractive by surroundings pure and Bright Trees arranged with taste and order Flowers with All their Sweet Delight. Seek to ramp Kef your Home most Lovely let it be smiling spot where in Sweet Contentment resting care and sorrow Are forgot where the Flowers and Trees Are waving Birds will sing their sweetest song where the purest thoughts will linger Confidence and love belong. There each heart will rest contented Seldom wishing far to roam or in foaming still will cherish Mem nes of that pleasant Home. Such a Home makes Man the better pure and lasting its control Elloine with pure and Bright surroundings leaves its impress on tile soul. The True gentleman. When pressed beneath misfortunes hand and troubles at his door shall strand however great his need his Faith and Hope will never depart. And patience prove him to the heart a gentleman indeed. And if position wealth and Fame unite to Honor his Good name among his fellow men. With Loving heart and Liberal hand amidst the needy he will stand the Noble gentleman. To raise the fallen help the weak distress and sickness he will seek nor grudgingly he Ives. He loves to scatter Good around. And in gods service always found a gentleman he lives. And when the shades of death draw near he meets the darkness without fear no vain regrets no sighs he hears his Savior say a a Well done a he goes to Wear the Crown he won a gentleman he Dies. A a. E. Minot. A Stok of a Ball dress. A fifty dollars Nettie not one cent More a mrs. Locke said decidedly. A fifty dollars a Nettie echoed Dis contentedly. A a o dear How far will fifty dollars go dress shoes Flowers gloves that last packet aunt Nell sent me is exhausted that is All the evening tints and ill have to buy a pair. Let me count up gloves three dollars and a half shoes i can buy a pair for five dollars cheap but have to do i can manage with ten dollars Worth of French Flowers if i use them with discretion. Of course Phil will Send me All the natural Flowers up need. That leaves thirty one dollars and a half for my dress not counting the dressmakers Bill of course mine. Perot will wait. Do you think i can make it do Mamma a a you will have to make it do Nettie. Your father says he can to possibly give you any More. You know he has had heavy losses in two or three directions owing to the recent a a it a so provoking just now too when i especially want to make a Good appearance at this party. In a sure i can to see Why the Banks have waited a Little longer before breaking up in this horrid Way. Of they had Only waited till next week i have cared so much a Nettie said Pou tingly. A they did no to break simply to vex you Nettie rest assured of that so forgive them the misfortune a her Mother returned half laughingly half reproving by. A a and be Content my dear that it is no worse. Think How Many girls there Are who cannot have warm and comfortable clothing even much less fifty dollars to expend on Ball a a i done to believe such people exist except in novels. I done to know any girl who Hasni to comfortable and elegant clothes. Why even our servants dress with a certain style. Their clothes Are not Only comfortable but really handsome of Good material and As fashionably made As anyone a and All my friends dress elegantly. Nellie will spend three or four Hundred dollars for her new Ball dress Clara will spend quite As much then Maud Campbell is to have a magnificent set of new jewels and her dress a i went with her to madams to have it fitted yesterday and its grand. I can to begin to describe its magnificence in the Way of laces and Flowers. One single Spray Cost fifty seven dollars and fifty a one beggarly fifty for my entire dress shoes gloves Flowers and everything o dear o dear a a you have a dozen dresses Nettie that Are plenty Good enough to a your idea of a Good enough and mine Are very different. I Haven to a thing fit to be a your Apricot silk a a is entirely a a your Violet a a never was becoming. Blondes of my style Are horrid in a your Nile Green a a done to mention it please mammi every blonde i know has worn Gree Green Green till in a sick of the sight of a a your Scarlet Satin i am sure that in a color blondes done to often indulge in. It is certainly becoming and undeniably an elegant dress. You can take off the White applique flounces and remodel with my Black Chantilly trim it with White and red roses and you have a dress fit for an a a too Imperial Mamma dear. Its entirely too Early in the season to appear in such a Brilliant a a then Wear your Blue Gros Grain. It is a Beautiful dress Nettie and certainly can to be objected to on the score of not being a a yes it is becoming a Nettie said casting a conscious glance toward Tho Mirror a a but the truth is Mamma i want a new dress. Id be mortified to death to Wear one of my evening dresses of last a a when i was a girl Nettie one silk dress for occasions of ceremony and a quiet Muslin with Pink or Blue ribbons were considered a very Nice outfit. I remember the night your father fell in love with me i wore a White Muslin with Scarlet roses in my hair and he says it is the loveliest dress a girl can a a i can assure you Mamma dear times Are changed. A simple Muslin and a Scarlet Rose dresses the heroine of a novel very prettily but such commonplace Clay As Nettie Locke requires 1 a gloss of Satin and Glimmer of pearls a if she expects to reign a Queen Rose of the Rosebud Garden of girls id wait along time for Phil to fall in love with me dressed like such a Guy a Nettie said with a laugh and a Blush. A a Well my dear Here is your allowance make yourself As Gay As possible with it a mrs. Locke returned laughingly. A a if you will permit me to make a suggestion however i think the Blue Gros Grain and your White lace Over dress will be much handsomer than a new cheap a a i done to intend to buy a cheap silk Mamma in a going to have a trailing silk illusion trimmed with Pink azaleas the frail est loveliest things exactly like the real ones. Illusion will be much prettier than silk or Satin at this time of the year and diaphanous dresses Are so becoming it will be an improvement on your quiet Muslin and Scarlet Rose Mamma a Nettie cried gayly As she opened her pretty purse and pushed the crumpled notes in. A a Well Nettie a her father asked her at dinner a a did your Money go a far As you expected i can give you five dollars Mote to help you out if it did no to stretch As far As it should have a a i Haven to ordered my dress yet papa in be been so Busy looking Over the styles All the afternoon. Ill take the extra five dollars though if you please i can make Good use of a a so can i if you done to really need it a her father returned smilingly. A there Little Essie is your share a he said dropping a Crisp new note in hrs a Otinger daughters Lap Quot i done to know what i shall do when Essie gets old enough to go to parties unless Fortuna us should die and leave me Bis purse. Its Lucky i have or More girls to dissipate my substance Nettie going to Quot balls and Essie inviting her Young lady friends to opera matinees Aiolfi junkman parties by a if you please Pap a i Haven to incited them yet and id like to do something else with til a Money May i a Little Quot Essie said looking up from the paper she was Reading. A Ltd a what do you want to do with it a a blend it to me a Nettie cried laughingly a a it will be a a a is that what you want to do with it a her father asked. A a id rather you a devote it to your original a no she a she said a blushing by a i want to give it away. I want to Send it o papa i be been Reading in this paper about that terrible factory fire and of till those poor people who lost not Only Tho places where they worked but their Homes and furniture too by the fire. This paper says they Are starving men women and children even Little babies papa and they need food and clothes and everything. And done to you think i ought to give this Money to them instead of spending it we done to have to go to the matinee but they must have something to eat. Isnit it dreadful papa for a person to have nothing to eat a a very dreadful a her father said smiling thoughtfully Down on the pretty Earnest Little face. A a i want you to Send it to those poor people papa. I enjoy the matinee it would spoil All my pleasure thinking How selfish id be to spend so much Motley Joist iof pm Sefc a wiil i they need it so much to buy clothes and Nih a i v j a big i think you nil your Money to a Wise use Little girl a her father said approvingly. A it is your own my dear do what you like with it. And some other time when papa has More Money you can take Alice and Blanche to the a a thank you sir wre can go to the matinee any time but the poor people need the Money now a Essie said giving the Bright new note Back to her father. A yes now is their hour of need. I will Send the Money immediately in your name my Little girl. I wish i could arum fifty or a Hundred dollars to your mite Essie but it is impossible for me to spare it no a a i Hope you did no to think i was mean Nettie not to lend my Money to you but you have so Many pretty dresses already that i thought id rather give it to those poor starving people a Essie said to her sister As they were going to bed that night. A certainly not Little goosey. I to link like papa that you put it to a Nettie let a awake a Long time that Naglit for a sudden startling and perplexing question presented itself unceremoniously to her consideration if Essie had made a Wise use of her Money was not she going to make a very foolish use of hers she debated the question in All its bearings and tumbled and tossed uneasily on her very easy and comfortable Nettie was not used. To making sacrifices. There had been no need of any self sacrifice in her Bright Young life and this was the first time she had Ever Felt called upon to deny herself in any Way. A a fifty dollars will go but a Little Way in relieving their great distress a she thought a a and there is no use of wearing my old dress and having All the girls make disagreeable remarks about me because a lot of people whom i never saw and will never see and who in a sure would never help me happen to be poor and needy. There Are plenty of people who will help them and there is no need of giving up my but then if every one should think As she did and selfishly leave it to some one else to relieve the necessities of the poor but then again everybody was going to have a new dress for this party and Phil would be there and he always liked appear among the Best. Well it was perplexing and disagreeable either Way so Why not decide on the most agreeable alternative a a in la buy my dress the first thing in the morning then i can to be tempted to no ill ask papa which i ought to do. No i can to do that for hell Only say As he did to Essie a spend your Money As you like it is your own a and will contrast the difference Between our modes of using it and think How selfish i am to spend it for myself o dear i Succour. She gave a last deciding look at the old Blue with its stains of wines and sweetly and a last despairing thought to the vision of herself Radiant Beautiful in Fleecy tulle and Rosy blossoms then Drew her purse from her pocket. She choked Back a few rising sobs but resolutely counted out the amount necessary to Purchase shoes and gloves and Laid the remainder aside 1,0 Bear Essie smite company on its Mission of Charity and mercy a a Mamma a she said As she seated herself at the luncheon table a i am going to Wax the old Blue after All and if Phil does no to like me in it Well i can to help it a a Phil will like you in anything i fancy a her Mother raid smiling. A a but Why have you abandoned the diaphanous Robe that was to be so becoming a a a because a she returned Between a laugh wad a sob a a i am going to use my Money As Essie did a a Weil my dear a her Mother said i can Only Echo your fathers words to Essie you have made a Wise hic for Baa not he Wiio suffered All things for us said 4 inasmuch Asye have done it unto one of the least of these my Brethren be have done it unto Hirpara s Bazar. The Romance of Barcli Bishop life. Bay Leys a the death of the it list i Ngu i so cd Calio archbishop of Baltimore recalls to the memory of some of those who renumber him in his youth the Romance of his Early life. When he decided to leave the episcopal ministry for which he bad been trained and study for the Priesthood he Glade sacrifices that few men Jure called upon to endure lie gave up at once not Only his social position but the great Fortune which his Uncle or. Tames Roosevelt after whom he was named intended to bequeath him and worst of All to some hearts he renounced the woman whom he loved. One of the most famous Belles that new England Ever produced was miss Julia Beers a daughter of judge Beers j of Litchfield Corm. During the first j thirty years of this Century the Law i school of Litchfield was considered the j most distinguished institution of the kind in the country. It Drew to this Bleak j new England Village the Young men of j the Best families throughout the country and dire of its most honoured teachers a amps judge Beers. His daughter wait a Beautiful blonde of the rarest Type with waving Frajer of Pye go tit Large tue eyes Tina Ungure remarkable for its tall and slender Grace. Added to these natural gifts she possessed also a Fine voice of remarkable Power and Compass which she constantly improved by training while her Fine natural Powers of mind Wero cultivated by every advantage of education so that at Twenty five she was a woman of rare arid remarkable fascination. At this to Ine during a summer pleas ure trip she met i he Young episcopal Clergyman and the two became engaged j Lut us the Rev. Or. Bayle a n As at this Psi Tod a get at mosquitoes and things. We lived on both parties impartially and both. Parties hated us impartially. But one Day we heard that the invader was approaching so we had to pack up and move. A inside of Twenty four hours the invader was coming again so we moved again. Arid next Day he was after los . We did no to like it much Blit we moved rather than to make trouble. This went on for a week or ten Days and we saw considerable scenery. Then Ben Tupper lost patience lie says a War is not what its cracked up to be. In a going Home if i can to Ever get a Chance to sit Down a minute. Why do these people keep us a humping around so do they think this is an excursion a some of the other town boys began to grumble. They complained that there was an insufficiency of umbrellas and then they complained that the Worcestershire sauce was out. There was Mutiny and dissatisfaction All around and of course Here came the enemy Postey ipg us again two hours lore than t to hours before breakfast and nobody wanted to turn out at that tour. This was a Little too much. The whole command Felt insulted. I detached brie of my aids and sent him to the brigadier and asked him to assign us to a District where there Wasny to so much bother going on. The history of our company was Laid before him but instead of being touched by it what did he do lie sent Back an indignant message lie said a a you have had a dozen chances inside of two weeks to capture the enemy and he is still at Large. I knew that stay where you arc this time or i will court martial and hang the whole of i submitted this brutal message to my battalion and asked their advice. Said the orderly sergeant a if Tom Harris want the enemy let him come Here and get him. I Haven to got any use for my share. Who a Tom Harris anyway that a putting on so Many frills Why i knew him when he Wasny to anything but a Telegraph operator. Gentlemen you can do As you choose. As for me eve got enough of this Sas haying round so As you can to get a Chance to Pray. So off goes my War paint. You hear the whole regiment said a a that a the talk for so then and there on the spot my brigade disbanded itself and tramped off Home with me at the Tail end of it. We were the first men who went into trip service in Missouri and we Trero the first who went out of it anywhere. This gentlemen is the history of the part which my division took in the great rebellion and such is the military record of its commander in chief. And this is the first time that the deeds of those eleven a mys have been brought officially to the notice of humanity. Treasure these things in your hearts and so shall the detected and truculent histories of this land be brought to shame Aud confusion. I ask you Quot to fill your glasses and drink with me to the revered memory of the orderly sergeant and those Oiler neglected and forgotten heroes my foot sore and travel stained paladins who were first in War first in peace and were not Idle during the interval that Lay be Putnam Phalanx farm and household. A the longer linseed Oil used for painting is kept the better both in regard to its drying qualities and its cup Blitter one cup Street milk Tyfo Quot cups of at Gar three Weil beaten eggs four cups of sifted flour always sift flour after measuring it Otto half teaspoonful Oft soda dissolved in a Little hot water oat teaspoonful of Cream of tartar sifted in the flour of raisins Well dredged with with red Clover or Orchard grass or Botte i Gowri Wil a take losses Holt a anti Genoa in or fever and Agne tonic a strikingly handsome Man possessing qualities of heart and mind sure to endear him to those with whom he brought in Contact. They were indeed a remarkable Man and woman who met in that Long past summer and she who had been indifferent to a Hundred adores listened with pleasure to the addresses of a Man who Felt that until pow he had never met a fitting mate. But powerful As love might be in an organisation like his religions convict still dearer to the heart of the the Colorado Stone Man. Denver Colorado Springs and Pueblo Hnyp recently been much excited Over the discovery of a a a Stone Many by or. A. A. Canaut of Colorado Springs. Or. Conant has been for some months engaged in searching for geological specimens in the shape of purification in the Hills about Twenty five Miles Southwest of Pueblo. While sitting on a Stone Cating his or to miss Beers. She herself persuaded by her Lover embraced the Faith of the Church of Rome and for a while took Refuge in a Convent. This departure of Little More he discovered what he at once decided was a petrified human foot. Of course lie continued his digging and finally unearthed a human figure in Stone seven feet five inches in length and Al Shilong the fashionable circles of that Day and when after a Brief period she Peculiar Romance fled from the Convent and returned to her friends All sorts of speculation were set afloat. For a Law years she led a life of retirement at her Home in Litchfield i not it i and then fell a victim to consumption i. And perhaps to a broken . I 13 graphic. In the excitement of the discovery he broke the head Anda portion of the shoulders off while removing it but the fracture being a clean one without chips or fragments the broken portion was easily replaced and the figure is As Complete Mark Twain a military record. Wish i had bought my dress this morning then there would have been no question of right or wrong.�?�., Nettie ran up to her room the first thing after breakfast to take a look at the old Blue silk. She threw it on the bed and looped the lace dress Over it with some Pale Pink Rose buds a adrift cer Sty looked Lovely no much of a if acc lifter Altri Wear such a Beautiful dress most girls would have thought. But then Nettie had certainly worn the dress Many times before and her friends were Well acquainted with ill its defects As Wal Pasuti beauties. A a there a where eve Mason put her foot on the train the first time i wore it i a1 w Tyskew she Dipiton purpose mean spiteful thing although sh6 apologized so sweetly and was is sorry Here a where Allan Page dropped chocolate ice Over the Back Width i can cover that with the lace and Flowers. There a where Arthur Delano splashed it with Champagne the flight be writs so dreadfully under its influence that a the worst place and i done to know How i shall conceal it perhaps i can drape my Sash gracefully Over it pinning it tight to the skirt beneath. Twe loops am it Vyon to. Look so Festal i. O dear after ail tit worst thing about it is that in be worn it half a dozen times already and everybody knows and will say a there comes Nettie Locke in her old Blue a the last thought was so harrowing Nettie restrain a few tears and they fell drip drip on the a old Blue a and added another stain to its already damaged Beauty. A a right on the bosom too a Fettie isaid drying Ber tears quickly. A however it Isnit so bad i can cover it with some natural she sat Down on the bed beside the still Lovely dress though it had certainly seen its Best Days and pinned a Flower Here and a ribbon there singing softly the while one of Strauss a exquisite Waltzes. The delicious air she was sing Quot ipg took her thoughts captive presently and carried them fax Awny from the present and All its perplexities. She dropped Tho Flowers Rich ribbons and laces from her listless hands As a mental vision passed before her of the coming balls a vision of a fair Young girl in a Cloud of Mist like tulle and Rosy blossoms a vision alluring As Aurora herself when she comes through the Gates of the Dawn scattering roses and dewy diamonds in the pathway of the Day god a vision that brings a flush to her Cheeks and a sparkle to her eyes. She sees the tender Light in her to Fern see Sas he bends to Tell her How fair Slid is in his eyes and in the eyes of All men Sty hears the passionate sweetness of Waltz and Galop the passionate sweetness of whispered words and Low replies but above the music of the bands above the sweeter music of her lovers voice above the sound of laughing voices and dancing feet she hears a cry for kelp and i have missed this for a great Deal. I did not assemble at the hotel Parlours to Day to be received by a committee As a Mere civilian guest. No. I assembled at the Headquarters of the Putnam Phalanx and insisted upon my right to be guarded to this place As of of the military guests. Tori too am a Soldier. I am inured to w a. I have a military history. I have Beqo through a stirring Campaign and there is not even a mention of it in any history of the United states of of Tho Abii Sherfi confederacy. To such lengths can the envy and the Malignity of the historian go. I will a bosom myself Here where i cannot but find sympathy. I will Tell you about it and Appeal through you to Justice. In the earliest summer Days of the w a i stepped out of Hannibal night with a Friend and joined a detach j ment of the rebel Gen Tom if Arris a army i find myself in a great minority j Here. Up a Gorge behind an old barn an rails county Conrail swore to in. He made tis swear to uphold the hag and Constitution of the United states Ami to destroy any other military organization that we caught doing the same thing. In other words we were to repel invasion. Well you see this mixed us. We could not really Tell which Side we were on but we went into Camp and left it to the god of Battiest which was the custom in that Day. I was made second lieutenant and chief Mogul of a company of eleven men who did t knot i anything about War or anything. We had no Captain. My Friend who was Nineteen years old six feet High three feet wide and some distance through and just out of the infant school was made orderly sergeant. His name was Ben Tupper and he had a hard time. When he was mounted and on the March he used to go to sleep and his horse would reach round and bite his leg and then he would cry and want to go Home. The other men pestered him a Good Deal too. When they were dismounted they said they March in double file with Bim because his feet took up so much room one night when we were around the Camp fire a fellow Quot on the outside of the Circle in the cold said a a Ben Tupper put Down that newspaper it casts a Shadow like a Ben said a i ainu to got any then that other fellow said a a of i see its your ear a we All slept Iii a Corn crib on the. Corn and the rat were very thick. Ben Tupper had been carefully and rigidly reared and when he was ready for bed he would stall to Pray and a rat would bite him on Tho Tyel and Feu he would sit up All night and keep everybody awake. He was town bred and do l not seem to have arty Correct Deri of military discipline. If i commanded him to shut up he would say a a Avo was you snigger last year a one evening i ordered him to ride out on picket duty about Throe Miles to the beginning of a Prairie. Said he a a Wytt in the night and them Inion soldiers Likely prowling around there any time a so he would not go. Next Mpr Nigg i ordered him again. a in the rain a he did no to go again. Next Day i ordered him on picket duty . This time he looked Hurt. Said he a what on sunday you must be picketing was impracticable so i dropped it from my military system. We had a Good enough time there at that barn barring the rain and the rats and the this new wonder weighs about god feet 5 inches Long the. Cut cum Ferenczi of head is 28 inches the measurement from ear to ear in front 14, i base of head to forehead 17 inches nose i 3$ inches Long circumference of neck 15- inches breadth of shoulders front 234 inches front shoulder to tip of to tigers. 43 j inches leg 45 inches foot 13 inches Long i and 5 inches wide. Tile head is turned i slightly to the left the right Arm is thrown across the breast with the hand lying near the left shoulder. The right leg is somewhat drawn up. The right foot is perfect the toes of the left Are partially gone. The left Arm is extended Down the Side the hand lying on the leg. The forehead is very Low at once suggesting the ape the Back part of the head is immensely developed. The nose is almost perfect a Small portion of one Side Only being gone. The nostril is distended and the lips protrude. The Chin is Large but does not protrude. The Cheek Bones arc High and lydian like. The ears Are perfect and Flat to the head. The eyes Rife full. The neck is Small in proportion to the size of the head and body. The arms and particularly the bands Are Long Theatter tying twelve and one half inches while the longest Finger is seven inches. The feet Are Broad spreading greatly from the Heel to the toes. The toes Are of remarkable length the great toe is a very Plain thumb. But the strangest thing of All is a Tail or stump of a Tail three inches Long and one and pc fourth inches in diameter. The whole figure seems to be made of a sort of Light Brown Sandstone. Upon the application of sulphuric acid effervescence took place., while the a Pult was a Ort of dark mud containing Small grains of Sand. The a a Stone Man a for that is the name which seems to have fastened to this object of interest was on exhibition for Aday in Pueblo and also in Tyl Orado Springs. What or. Condrit proposes to do eventually with his a a Many is yet unknown. It is said that or. Barnum has offered him $20,000 fur it but that he refused the offer. Of course the Universal a question is a what is it a and three answers Are Given. By some it is said to be the a a missing link a that it is a veritable Petr faction the remains of a pc Adu unite pre historic Man the solid proofs of Darwin a theory. Others say a a no it is a work of amp of me of the latter class think it to be a piece of sculpture executed Many centuries ago by the Early inhabitants of the country and that it embodies some mythological idea while others say it is the work of some Clever and modern Workman and a brother to the Cardiff giant. Whatever it May be it certainly possesses great interest. If it prove to be a genuine Petr faction it will be a vast help to science if an ancient piece of sculpture it will be of Groat value to the antiquary if a fraud of modern Day it is still interesting As a most Clever piece of deceptive work.? \ _. A kids Joanna Powers a pretty Poughkeepsie girl of Twenty Silty Daniel Barron for $5,000 damages Tot breach of Promise. On the witless stand Barron made the surprising statement that he had Bevorn refused to marry plaintiff exhibited the wedding ring to the judge and after casting a affectionate glance at the fair plaintiff said he was ready to in Arr t her then and Thrift or at any time she might elect. Notwithstanding this announcement the july gave a verdict in her favor of $<150. St. Loris is Happy. Her Trade is brisk her tributary country is prosperous Money is easier and a Chicago Bank has burst. One cup flour 1�?T�?oj1 us in a Quot a up Quot a 1 a to retrieve grease spots from Black velveteen.1�?ihave a Boliva of hot , a tooth Brush and some pulverized Borax. Dip the Brush into the water then into the Borax and scour the of offs when the grease hip disappeared rinse tie places with fresh hot water using the Brush of do so rub dry Riith a4 Black cloth shake Well when quite dry Brush the places with a dry Brush. T a a Oatmeal with one quart of fresh Oatmeal two quarts of water and let it stand Over night. A Heidi ready to bake add one quart of Fine or Graham flour half a cup of sugar one teaspoonful of Fine Salt two Teri spoonbills baking powder thoroughly mingled with flour mix with a spoon. No kneading is rid1 quire. If too still add water. Bake in a Quick for strength. A fall or Winter authority states positively that paint spread in the fall or Winter will last twice As Long As that put on in the Spring or sum a Var a he n applied in Hie Cool or cold weather it dries slowly and Ifo Masr a hard s surface or crust while Abaft which is spread in the hot weather loses most of the Oil by being driven Bito the Wood by the heat leaving Only a dry Lead easily crumbled off. Another advantage gained in fall painting is the absence of swarms of Small flies that so often collect on the paint. I i i f a a remedy for whooping take half an ounce each of spirits of Hartshorn and Oil of Amber mix them Well together every night and morning anoint Well the Palms of the hands pit of try stomach soles of the feet armpits and Backbone. As Long As the ointment is being used do not allow the parts anointed to be washed the Back of the hand May be washed but not the Palm care must be taken afterwards not to take cold. This Catario injure the smallest infant keep tue bottle Well corked. A Apple a Rich Juicy Apple Wash and wipe and remove the Stem and All impurities. Allow one quart of water to one Peck of apples put in the Kettle and cover tightly. Be careful not to Burn the fruit. When perfectly tender pour into a Jelly bag without pressing and let Drain into an earthen dish until the next morning. Measure the juice and to every pint allow one pint of granulated sugar place the syrup on Tho fire in a preserving Kettle As soon As hot stir in the sugar and when melted the Jelly is ready for the holds. It must not boil. It can be Flavoured with any fruit or extract. A Beefsteak paste made of one Pound of flour and one half Pound of beef suet minced very . Is very Nice for this pie line the sides of your dish place in it your Steak trimmed free of Bone and part of the fat season with Salt and Pepper and add lumps of butter rolled in flour bake in a moderate oven or you can Cut up your Steak in Inch pieces or have it minced very Fine by your Butcher adding on Quarter of a Pound of fat Salt pork to every two of beef and you can also add a beef kidney parboiled and Cut in pieces besides this pie made in a Mold and boiled is very Rich and Nice. A puff Only the very Best butter sifted flour Aud ice water. A Marble slab is better than anything else to Roll pastry on. If you do not possess one a hard smooth Board will answer and it should be used for no other Pur pose. One pint of flour one half Pound of Best Bulter the Yelk of one egg one Gill of ice water. Mix the flour one tablespoonful of the butter the Well beaten Yelk and the ice water into a paste. Flour your pastry Board and Roll out the crust very thin then spread on part of the remaining butter fold up the paste butter Side in Sprinkle a Little More flour on the Board and Roll out again. Repeat this until the butter is All used up. At the last Roll very thin and set in a very Cool place for ten or fifteen minutes before making up. As soon As taken from the oven and while hot Baste it Over with beaten egg. Best vegetables. From experiments made the present season at Cornell University n. Y., the results arrived at As to Best varieties Are As follows snap Beans four varieties planted earliest Early yellow six weeks Best Black Wax or butter. Pale Beans a six varieties Best White Lima. I beets eight varieties Best Early Early Bassano Best late Long blood red. Cabbage eight varieties Best Early Jersey Wakefield Henderson a extra Early Winn Igstadt Best late Winn Igstadt Premium Flat dutch. Cauliflower a Best Dwarf Erfurt. Carrots Orange and Early Short Horn both Good the first late and second Early. Sweet corny earliest Early Narragansett planted May i Toady Tor use july 14 second earliest and Best Early Minnesota most productive Anc profitable for main crop Stowells Evergreen the sweetest Blue mexican. Cucumbers Best in Lite spine finest for pickling Long Green. Celery Best incomparable Dwarf White. Egg Plant Best new York improved. Lettuce Best Early curled Silesia. Muskmelon Best Alton Nutmeg. Watermelon Best Mountain Sweet. Okra Best Early Dwarf Large Green. Onion a Best yellow Danver. Peas earliest Philadelphia extra Early sown april to ready for use june in Best late Champion of England. Parsnips Best hollow Quot Crown. Radish Best French breakfast. Winter Squash i Best Boston marrow Marblehead and Hubbard. Tomatoes a Earl jest the conqueror most productive the trophy. Orchard culture. For the Ordinary Farmer or those who do not profess to be the whole May be summed up As follow s Plant Only such varieties Asiu c generally known to be Hardy. Select Only Well formed healthy Trees. Select or prepare a will drained spot Cor the Orchard Aud bring the soil into Good tilth by repeated blowing and harrowing Plant carefully Rind in straight t6ws> and pack the Earth firmly about the roots watering if the soil be dry. Stake the Young Trees to keep them f rom being swayed by. The wind until they have firm Root. Cut Bari the tops to indeed a close compact head and save the Twig growth along the stems while Young to strengthen them. I it Shade the stems until the tops will do hb�?Triaturatly.1 i so form the Heads Low having Doe regard to Light and air and convenience. Keep the horse and ploy away from trunks. Reep the soil Well stirred until the first of july or raise Low growing and Early maturing crops among the Trees. Never sow Small Grain in an Orchard. Reduce superabundant arid straggling growth Only otherwise keep the pruning knife and saw out of the Orchard. When the Orchard comes into bearing thin the fruit properly. Never allow it to overhear itself. When you seed your Orchard do so never allow to take posses Sjon of your these rules ate of bowed Rivery farm by May raise apples of varieties suited to his climate cheaper than he can buy them. Remember a Well kept Orchard saves doctors Parmer or brr get. �?�11ri Mahs Tys two Moons which naturally suggests the question a How is a Young fellow of Mars going to walk his a Best girl along the Shady aide of try Avenue when moonbeams Are converging on every Inch of pavement front two opposite directions a / for Ilton no Case of incurable chills has yet presents Tseh where this scientific and Safe Medicine employed a Tai befell found so obstinate As to resist its prompt and masterly action. No Man has been so reduced by amp co., proprietors new Orleans. Foil sad by a All druggists. I it. Viti it dance. A specific remedy has been discovered tills terrible disease. One bottle cures dress of cures reported no failure. Go Hick it Ujj rails tolf Cherrip v. Phil Venango co., a. Null i til a. F or. M. Finn Elk. Fredonia n. sir your St. Sims i tue specific is to Bevin Eicole i Ever saw. I can it to be just what Yon represent owe hobe in Ted Oifer Little daughter Maud Cross last Spring of St. Vitus dance after our had to jetted Tyr nearly a year without any Benefit. She suffered everything a Tild Soond Muff Jib bile is not Well and going to school. J would recommend this metric rite to Alt minting with huh awful disdain the Bur Lily of d it is pleasant to take and it a sch Dap cure 6f to disease. Yoris Miffy. Wilson Cross of the firm of Wilson crows amp tiros. Druggists to Cubster n. A. Aug. Iii 1s72. A or. M. M. . Fredonia of Fly amp of mtg air i have sold a bottles of in us Vitus dance specific. If appears to cure the disease every tune. J consider it a valuable discovery. And it seems to be the Only Medicine Ever offered to the Public for that terrible disease. I congratulate Yon on your n a truly Send to or Fenner for a special circular free giving full information. Quot a Kotlier Kotlier Mother. A done to fail to procure Mas. Winslow soothing syrup for All diseases of teething in children. It relieves the child from pain cur Swind Colic regulates tile bowels and by giving Relief and health to the child Given rest to the Mother. It it a Mif no a Light no a Fork a i the Good wife of taking the Bis Cuit prepared with Dooley a yeast powder from the oven and we a she might for they were a a perfectly kidney disease weakness and pain across the Back Lack of strength and activity depression Aud misery cured eradicated and dispelled by a single Collins Voltaic plaster All the other plasters Are worthless in comparison. Ujj j Jyi a. A i. Marshall Carlu it lib on never fails to relieve and permanently cure All those Krown As female complaints. Sold by All druggists. Send for Ali Runao. Crfc�feubeagcom5 >li0adest.,n. Hornet to so Coatne has been sold in every civilized country and the Public have rendered the verdict that it is lie cheapest and Best hair dressing in the world. A Vanetek of Aff Fine goods threads laces Etc., at Home and in Europe use Kingsford Oswego Star Cut. No hairier article eau produce so Fine a Knish. A a f j adv gut foot lat Ftp patentees and inventors should read advertisement of Edson Bros. In another column the markets new York oct. 15 Flo urn extra Ohio. $>75 wheat red Western. 143 a no. 2 Milwaukee. 135 corny Western mixed. 50 a Oats mixed Western. Ski a Rye Western a. 71 a pork new mess. 14 35 a lard prime steam. 9 15 a. Butter Western. 12 a cheese. 07 a hogs. Or 5 85 a cattle. 9 50 a sheep. A. 4d0 a Wool Domestic. Fleece. 32 a 7 Cleveland. Flour xxx White. $7 50 xxx red no. 1 6 75 a Spring x red a 5 of a. Wheat no. I red. I 38 a no. 2 red. I 33 a Corn 49 a Oats no. I. A a Rye of a Barley state. Of a cheese new factory. 12v�skims. 08 a butter Choice 22 a eggs. In a pork�?.mess14 85 a potatoes. 38 a. Lumber first Clear. 38 of a t strips. 31 of a Stock boar la. 13 00 a joists Etc. .41. La of a flooring matched 20 of a shingles no. I2 25 a lath. I 75 a Toledo. Wheat no. 2 red Winter. $133 a no. 3 red i 24>/2� corny High mixed. 4ti/s@ no. 2 45 Oats no. Ii. 25� Cincinnati. Flour family. A 30 a wheat red. I 33 a Corn.,.- 45 a Oats. 28 a Rye. Fi8 a Barley. 55 a Buiter Western Reserve. 21 a Central Ohio 18 a hogs common to Light. 4 40 a butchers Stock .5 40 a Pittsburgh. Beeves Best. $5 25 a medium 4 75 a hogs yorkers. 5 30 a Phil Adelphi As. 5 75 a 5 it a medium. 4 25 a i to a. Of a 4 it a a t4� / in to a it a a. A i a it. A a to personal cd 6 40 her own words. Baltimore md., feb. 13,1877. . R. Stevens dear .sd1�?since several years i have got a sore and very painful foot. I had some physicians but they you Ken t cure me. Now i have heard of your from a lady who was sick for a Long time and became All Well from your ski anti be and i went and bought me one bottle of veg Etine Ami after i had used one bottle tile pains Lert me and it began to heal Aud then i bought Oue other bottle and so a take it yet. I thank god for this Reri Iedy Abd yourself and wishing every sufferer May pay attention to it. It is a Blessing for health. Mrs. C. Ellabe 638 West Baltimore Street. Vec Etine Safe and sure. Or. H. R Stevens in 1s72 your beget the was recommended to me and yielding to tile persuasions of afr lend i consented to try it. At tile time i was suffering from general debility and nervous prostration super induced by overwork and irregular habits. Its wonderful strengthening and curative prime ties seemed to affect my Dob stated system from the first nose and under its persistent us i rapidly recovered Gai Mug More Titan usual health and Good feeling. Since theh f have not hesitated id give veg Etine my most unqualified endorsement As Peins a Safe sure Ana poem Ful agent Iii lie Alt and restoring the wasted system to new life and Energy. Veg Etine is the off no Dicue i use and As Long As i live i never expect to find a better. Yours truly w. H. Clark 120 Monterey Street Alleghany a. Vec Etine . Tie m Spring Medicine. A t it a i Charlestown. H. R. Stevens dear sir this is to certify that i have used your Wood preparation in my family for several years and think that for scr Fula or cancerous Humours or rheumatic attentions it Caput lid excelled and a a blood purifier and Spring Medicine ibis the Best thing i have Ever used and i have used almost everything. I can cheerfully recommend it to any one fit need of such a Medicine. A 19 russe Street vec Etine. What . H. R. Stevens Esq Boston feb. 13,1871. Dear sir about on year since i found myself in a feel de condition from general debility. Veg Kline was strongly recommended to my fit a Friend who had been notch benefited by its use. I procured the article and after using several bottles was restored to health and discontinued its use. I fed a quite confident thai there is no Medicine Superior to it for those complaints for which it is especially prepared and would cheerfully it to those who fed that they aced something to restore them to perfect health. Verrb3inn, a firm of s. M. Potten Giu <fcoo., no. To state St., Boston. Vec Etine. If. Help for the _ horse everyman who a was a horse should have pair of furlongs Patent foot coolers amp expander Julch remove ail fever from the feet. And keep them in a clean moist and healthy condition absolutely preventing corns contracted feet. is and scratches. The moist sponge is held securely Oil the Bottom of the foot keeping tile Frog Iii a healthy natural condition. They can be used for a muffins Boot and do not Cost on fourth As much As the old leather one. Theft tit represents the fielder and sponge on the foot. Tins Best horsemen or tile country heartily endorse it As one of the most humane and valuable inventions of the Day. Horses fed have been re toted from an unsound condition tora healthy one in three we Ekse time. Its result surprises every one. For attle try a firss Ai agers and deniers in turf goo Tab. Single pairs sent to any address upon receipt of Price. It .50 per pair. In ordering Send diameter of Hoof measuring across the Bottom of the foot. Per quart bottle. Liberal terms Ami exclusive territory Given to agents. Address h. It. Hua i hit 11ki in ii Anni go Oil St., Chicago. Buttons the Best Wasu Board. Extant. Tile Zinc of this Boardie Bea Utt fully Elbow Wittl Fin raised ribs. Arranged i p come tical t j in connection motion As Thev Are my cd Quer tile sulfite6 of to aboard bringing out the Dirini an incredibly Short Siag time. Try one and you will find that you can do coif washing Iii less a offs labor with i Ess soap,.and with Les. Wear on the clothes than you have Ever done it be. Re. Board warranted perfect. Ask your grocer for one. Manufactured by. N a j. M. Gorham Cleveland o. Every sectional views. No i is the Button Ana no 2 shows the Interior of the hol no ready for use. Lluli ult ii Utu a inv a Rem be written and placed with your picture or a or ten i a then put on the Cap Ami screw it it is the Boss Collar and cuff Button Low top wit4 your address written upon 3 the same As number two Only showing Hie picture in the Bottom. No i shows the top inverted the Init to is a hollow Safe Ana will hold a slip of paper on which your name residence an be written Ai your upend then i Down firing of the age. Seno for it at once. Ladies War them As file beset Britten for trim aug Send at once i accidents Are of daily occur Ranchi this event on will i get the medium of notifying friends of the event Jet a pair commercial Wen should not fad to Wear this Button. They All Seno for them. Econ Railroad men will not be without them. Bonu now sailors now plead for them. See the address. Excursion est before you go Scad for this see you have them on you when you get aboard. All travellers should adopt it without delay. It is tile cheapest Tor every Day Wear mothers should place them of their children then they will not he taken to the station for identification but will be at once taken Home. The chief police officers in All cities have issued orders to look for there buttons on lost children and dead bodies. A a Price list. Upon the receipt of the Money for any be incr top of Button by number. I will Send to your address any place in the world the buttons selected by mail postage pyre paid. Size 13�?15 or an Inch. No. To. Rolled Gold plate engraved surface very heavy per pair 2.00 , cold plated. Wand chased or m lamented surface per or. A a. No i3. Nickle Gold Nedai Ipin per pair no 8 2 Nickle and Mil tall do no 9 cold plated Plain. Do Lvi if Ihl Ivl Villious to is wraith it or. Revs the Naif a pro tic. Trite hut health la within Yoni Leach. Flew of us Etta Kra nth a e Tif re Sci set Seltzer Beer knt restores your digestion your appetite your Rise i fullness and taken As an occasional alterative it will keep the system in perfect order. Clover pullers Clover pullers Clover pullers address a tvs amp Meams a co., m Yusubo �., for tub esst comb Inlet Clover Thresher amp Huller Baku manufactured. Is ?sfja8lws�"� size 8 of an Inch. Per pair do do .75 .75 i8 so .50 no 4 cold plate. Inn Lola no 5 Silver rolled plate .75 .50 .40 .25 of for six Beautiful pictures different subjects 1417 inches or for five pictures 17x92 or for four pictures 19x24. Fae Simie copies of Fine steel engravings ma4e by the celebrated graphic process printed on heavy plate paper for framing. Semi ten cents for illustrated catalogue containing Over too pictures. Address the d graphic new York. City. No 6 Nickle Plain i 4 Collar Button Nicasio a a a a 7childrens, a Ewing on per Doz solid Gold buttons made to order and after and number on receipt of $18 no snipe goods always mention the number you want and remember to Send the Money by Post office order to o. South Barwick me., Jan. 17,1872. H r. Stevens dear sir i have had dyspepsia in its worst form for the last ten years and have taken hundreds Oft Milan Worth of medicines without obtaining any Relief. La september last i commence taking the since which time my health has steadily improved. My food digests Kell Aud i hate gained fifteen pouts or flesh there Are several others in this place taking veg utne and a have obtained Relief. Yours truly Thom As e. Moors overseer of card room parts Mbutu Mills. Veg Etine it ri�ii9n?Iti lit Iii Rufffin Uri Ivy ton prepared by. To Urit h. Ii. Stevens Boston mass. Veg Etine is sold by All druggists. American Button manufactory Cleveland Ohio. No paddlers wanted. Bio inv Fri Roll cured. Hoo for anti Case of granulated lids i fail to Aye patients from a of Stetce can deduct travelling Witti stamp in. New intr off 367 Euclid Nejme Tey Flayyi. Ohio agents wanted in every county for the Colby wringer. Territory free and exclusive the lightest simplest most durable Ami easiest work aug wringer Iii the Market for terms address ii a. Ilas Tai a leu acc rfcs sit unroll in Man. A Dia Edc f for jumping elder Sweet All i a la Riell v b the year around use Liebetruth a rider preservative. No taste. Harmless. In Apet than Lime. Trade supplied by e. J. Xae Betout Buffalo n. A a of Anent or Ca Vanner known an Smith Brown Jones in fact anyone blessed with More familial flames who want to Mak Emphey non can have sent to them by simply mentioning in i Ful particulars of Over tiffs number. Joo firm who ant Ain j it. One firm alone Oiler an y number of agents a Man i ii by salary of $30, with Premium of $ Joo i v gulp. Description of some things you have never heard of before and other information Cort i Maun dollars. Something More than full information Arr ct. Stamp. Address at once l. Lum Smith 13g n. 8th St., Philadelphia a. Of Izzo 2z level axe a a _ the Best place to acquire a business education or to become Manship. Successful teacher of spencerian pen for circulars address Platt k. Spencer. Young men learn telegraphy Here and earn from $35 to $100 a month. Small Simai amp or of Quot i general information Feii maps it Texas Jbf m. In Pittsl by the a air a a i texan. Address . Vvbedwotth.bec., Buoh Vla or toe Texas land mud in Mingta Lul it. Of St terms to. The Only is omit vision Koson Luton v. R v. S. And foreign Patent agents 711 gel. Washington . Established in l$ti6 fee Atter allowance. Circular of sent free. Pita flt a tuft Vori Stem wider a free with every order. In fit free. J. B. Gaylord amp oo., Chicago 111. S1ia26. A Flay in Radii Iii let a our Lii of Priis Clay. It he picture clip duo hards. 5 Gamin pcs worm it amp Serif lost pal i or Mso. Ii Lusti ated catalogue free. J. H. Pekko i it is , Morton Mach. A Chi a Fidkin your own town. Terms arid #00 $5 outfit free. I Hallett amp co. Por Flanoi. Me. C t am mrord \ a in Wal m<1 for circular v i Alii Iii Uil by let 1. A it Vurly put Apa outfit in ferny magnetic a works. Hunter Case. Sample watch free Tai i agents. A. Lou Rio or amp co.,Chicago Complete in a Iii Able agents wanted Send stamp fur it. Van Aco Chicago. Lano. Organ Best rebook startling Lafe Maili Beatty qom a Akk reunite Bend is an in for Jiuu fat Tell catalogue. . Bryant Chicago,111. In is Lisiy. Moo to male it. for Asje hts Coe Yonge to co., St. Louis to. To Ili of 4 dil l a a j ave of Jgr i Ftp int sir menu my Quot it ton .�?z0 dust thing Tor a4ktitm. 4 Zug to z Latham co., 419 Wash St Byston Tass asthma. _ Quot the Only sure rom eff. Trial a Eviage Rake. I bul Fremio Tyc butt Laud o. In ago. Vert it $5 free. Srin of amp co. Port i and me. Know thyself jewelled medal awarded the author by the National medical association. Address Peabody medical instep to Jio a Bulfinch St., Cotton Mas. A new medical pamphlet illustrated with the very finest steel engravings a i Aryl of Art and Beauty a sent Frew to All. Sena fur it at once. A Gold and heal thyself not fam. To Send for Quot or it a it catalogue. It eur stains Rabi Able information for every person contemplating the Purchase of Ai or Art icle for Lierz it uni family or agricultural us. A a free to any address. Montc of Irv Ward a off. Do original Grange Supply House -------io.h.l. 227 229 Wabash ave., Chicas or. Chases r�5 of Fly receipt Book. Is the Only new Book by or. A. W. Chase author of or. A Lias s fax Mon a Row were of a reprint of the old Book in imitation a a it new Book he Cru an Jitou ice self Tyty wanted. San a coffees address chaise publishing from Gopy Toledo Ohio sole i Del l news for boys and girls j tax info and old a Frens invention just painted or them for Home Usa fret Aud scroll sawing turning up Rufic drilling gun log. Polishing a Ltd Buttiri Irr Fig cd to �50. Send stamp and address Ephraim Brown Quot Lowell mass. Greenbacks. Tirk Hest most front Relien Klvac work yet written on the Money question of of Noney and legislation on Bonds pm smacks Anil National Banks called american finance by m. M. Pomeroy editor of a Fife Fly live understandable Book of Iro pages. Sample copies soc. Four for Nai. Address Brick Pomeroy 140 grand Boulevard Chicago ims the clearest Hook on this subject Cut r written. Jackson bust Sweet at avy Chucy Vinoff in of too was awarded the highest prize at the Centennial sex Al kiss Beh our grocer for this and see that each plug bears our re with vols a of a of a a a test a Libers. Is atm �r5li� i Obj. A. Wat.2iat.ia4 to Cit Dnn diff or any disc disc of w3.r"a�fll8a the Scalp and in Niit cases out of ten Ruak tile hair grow. Price la per bottle. Maut by Donald Kennedy Roxbury mass., How a a a and sold a druggists. Work for All i air own la Valuim Tanya wow far a Toj a Jas Maimi oth wee. Ai p.�. Vim few Fri hero Ivris sent fro for v x t Mil Taiji Quot or a a b vhf v list fire it vat Weston g Omwari. I Attabit Rob a. Cd s 4 in thin papal

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