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Cambridge News (Newspaper) - November 22, 1877, Cambridge, Ohio The Cambridge news. L. G. Haines publisher. Cambridge Ohio. What they do at the Spring s. Imprimis my Darling they drink of the water so sparkling and Clear Tho the flavor is none of the Best and the odor exceedingly queer. But the fluid is mingled you know with wholesome medical things so they drink and they drink and they drink Aud that a what they do at the Springs. Then with appetite keen As a knife. They hasten to breakfast or Dine the latter precisely at two. The former from seven till nine. Be gods i what a Bustle and Rush. When the eloquent dinner Bell rings then they eat and they eat and they eat. And that s what they do at the Springs. Then they stroll in the Beautiful walks Cir loll in the Shade of the Trees where Many a whisper is heard. That never is told by the Breeze and hands Are commingled with hands regardless of conjugal rings and they flirt and they flirt Aud they flirt and that s what they do at the Springs. The do Wing room s now in a Blaze the music is pealing away terpsichore governs the hour. And fashion was never so Gay. An Arm round a delicate Waist How closely and fondly it clings and thee Waltz Aud they Waltz Aud they Waltz and that s what they dont the Springs in Short As it goes Iii the world they eat and they drink and they sleep. And they talk and they walk and they woo they sigh and they Faugh and they weep they read Aud they ride and they dance with other remarkable things they play and they Pray Aud they pay Aud that a what they do at the Springs a John g. Som. Nellie a Experiment or helping Lier husband. Just about Twenty seven years ago Eleanor Wright stood at the opon win j Dow of a Large boarding House on Clark Street Chicago. Of course the Clark Street of that Date was but the embryo of the present splendid thoroughfare but to her it was an amazing sight. With Little j hands clasped before her and great wondering eyes she stood trying to understand the endless hurry Skurry of galloping drays and wagons the Busy hurrying men and women the Calls and shouts and exclamations the fevered restless life that seemed driven by some implacable Fate forever crying a on of on a then she set this picture against one of a peaceful rectory covered with Ivy and hid in dim old Garden ways locked in from the world by its Wall of mountains and ignorant of All sounds but the Call of Birds and cattle the whistling of the Husbandman in the Fields or the song of the Boatmen on the Lake. From one to the other there had been Only a whirling journey in which the restless sea and the Rushing train had found a terminus at last in the vortex of Chicago. Still she was sensible of the Charm and Power of this eager life. She Felt As perfectly healthy persons feel when they Wake up in the morning to a remembrance that a very Busy Day is before them of she Only knew what she could do or might do it had never seemed wrong to spend Long summer Days floating dreamily Down Rydal water but to stand with folded hands amid these eager intense workers was impossible. She turned her eyes inward the picture was the same with a difference. The great common parlor in which she stood was full of women All Busy and Stroing to be busier. This one intended to run a Dairy farm that one was going to Iowa with a Stock of goods to make dresses and bonnets another was going As Telegraph operator to a far Western station where her husband had been appointed agent and a very Bright hopeful couple were going to open a school together in Wisconsin. Iii the midst of her reverie a thin nervous worried looking Little woman opened the door took a rapid Survey of All in the parlor and disappeared. A mrs. Myra Smith is a very smart woman a said one of the company sententious by. A a yes she runs a House like this very a a is she a widow a asked Eleanor. A no indeed Lyman Smith is in the lumber Trade has a very Good position but Myra Isnit the woman to sit Idle. Lyman is bound to get Rich with such a Eleanor thought a great Deal on these things. Her husband had come Here specially to make Money. They both had dreams Only to be realized with riches and though it was against All her instincts and education the restless fever of buying Selling and getting gain speedily mastered her. A George a she said one night soon after a i have been chatting to mrs. Smith and Many ladies thay All advise me to open a first class school a nonsense Eleanor a a not at All of a a you can use it Well and save it which will be More to the purpose in the end. I have just bought a share in Richmonds Grain business we must go to housekeeping at once and you will have enough to do to mind the House and the two children. We ought Only to keep one a a what is the use of a Good education Here if you cannot turn it into Gold let me try George. I can help you. I am sure i the argument thus opened continued for another week. George was full of English prejudices. Ile half doubted whether he could respect his own wife if she became his rival in Money making. Ile had doubts about his own Domestic Comfort about his children a welfare about the respectability of the thing about the detriment to Eleanor a Beauty and Woma Liness about a score of Points. But Eleanor was possessed rather than persuaded by her idea. She coaxed and reasoned and teased and finally won her Way. Instead of the Little cottage which they had intended taking they rented a great three Story Brick House on the North Side furnished it handsomely and issued circulars of the new ladies school. Apparently the ladies of mrs. Myra Smiths hotel had been Well posted As to the probable Success of such an Enterprise. Eleanor had All the scholars she could manage to begin with and the project to All appearance an assured Success. But there Are Many elements to Success which the world does not estimate and the end of the first year revealed a condition very much like this she had made if actual Cash $2, xxx. Out of this was to be deducted the extra rent the servant hire fire Etc., the Cost of school furniture the waste of provisions and clothing by servants Etc. Putting it Down in figures George made one Side just about balance the other. Eleanor a eyes filled. A a George a she said a a you can make White look Black if you May Only use figures to do it with. It is too bad to make it appear that i have had my labor for my pains. I have made $2,000 this year sir there Are my a a but Nellie dear if you have spent $2,000 in unnecessary rent servants furniture and waste where is the gain perhaps it is Worth naming also that the children have missed you and that i have missed you and that you Are not so fresh and pretty As you a the school has made $2,000, George a said Eleanor going Back. Woman fashion to the Point she thought Invulnerable. A a but it has swallowed up my handsome Serene wife it has Given Alice and Lucy an Irish maid instead of a tender Graceful intelligent Mamma it has surrendered my table and roast beef to Bridget it has stolen the Bright Nymph who used to sing to me and read to me and keep my Home full of rest and Sun i shall make a great Deal Shine. Nellie dear i done to like this school. Let it go. I am making Money a a not quite enough George. I can help and Why not let me. We must be Content to live for the future a Little while. Besides we have gone to great expense with school furniture this year next year All will be Clear gain of we seek till we find then we done to lose our so Eleanor won her Way again and the school opened so prosperously that she was obliged to get an assistant teacher. Having one stranger in the House it seemed to be As Well to fill All the rooms with boarding scholars and these necessitated an extra Cook and housemaid. Six or eight noisy Young ladies and a French teacher did not improve Georges Home. It was not to his taste any night but on reception evenings he was quite sure to have business either in his Ollice or in the hotels till Midnight. He came Home after one of these detentions with a very grave fact. A a Nellie a he said a a do you remember or. Smith a a a Myra a husband a a a the a a i think not George. Nobody Ever saw a a nobody Ever will again i am afraid. I went to Smiths hotel to night to get from a Decatur Man the upset Price of to xxx bushels of wheat and found the whole place full of his disappearance. Ile left the Yard last night at six of clock. No one has seen him a a had he any Money on his person a a a Only a Trilling balance of his own a a perhaps be fell into the River. It is a shame to have the North Bridge turn in the rapid manner it does. If he was on it and it was dark this is possible. Katie a sister was drowned in that Way last a a the River froze last night if so his body will not be found till a a Well it might have been worse. Mrs. Smith has always taken care of herself and him too the boarders used to j Call him or. Myra a a i Hope no one will try to Call me or. Eleanor a George what an idea circumstances alter cases. Docs not everyone know that George Wright is the Cleverest Grain dealer on water Street a such remarks As these were by no Means uncommon and they had their i effect. A feeling quite undefinable but to which Eleanor was keenly sensitive stood like a Wall of Mist Between George and her. I say a Wall of Mist because it exactly expresses the cold depressing i strata that she now so Seldom had either the will or Power to smile away. I for to Tell Tho truth the worry and fatigue of the second year had been very great. The French teacher had been a i constant source of trouble the boarders i had kept her in night and Day anxiety the children had both been ailing All Winter George had been Dull and unsympathetic and staid More and More away from Home she had been cheated i out of one or two Bills and found diff i culty in collecting others. The Spring found her looking eagerly Forward to the close of the session. About the beginning of May George had to go to new York on business and when he bid her Good by her weary Pale anxious face touched him into an expression of real tenderness. A dear Sweet Nellie a he said holding her to his heart a a when i come Back that dreadful school will be dismissed Aud we can have a month or two of real old time happiness my Darling a the words haunted her All Day. She heard them through the jingling of pianos the murmur of recitations and the formalities of the dinner table and the evening reception. When she went to the Nursery that night both the children had a High fever. The doctor was sent for. Ile feared it was Scarlet fever and at once accused the nurse of having taken the Little girls into an infected Quarter of the City. Eleanor sat up with her sick babies that night and during those lonely Midnight hours asked herself some very solemn questions. In the morning she informed her scholars of her children a sickness and its probable dangers dismissed the Day school sine die helped the boarders to pack their trunks and went with them one by one to the trains or boats which were to convey them Home. The teacher received her full years salary and left for an hotel and three of the servants went at the same time. By Nightfall she breathed More freely than she had done for two years. Now she could give her whole time to the sick and they repaid it. The next Day every unfavourable symptom had disappeared. That was Well for she had much to do Ere George returned. The neighbors soon began to wonder at her frequent absences and the number of strange people that went to the Well known Brick House but their wonder was still greater when one morning she left it with both her children and half a dozen trunks. If they had followed the Carriage they would have seen it drive to a Little cottage hid in a Grove of flour ring Trees and furnished with simple and exquisite taste. There Eleanor flitted up and Down putting up pictures arranging Flowers and laying with her own hands the dainties of dinner tables. For George was coming and the soup and roast beef and Strawberry Pate that she had taken such pains with must have All the additional flavor that a picturesque room snowy damask and China clearest Crystal and freshest Flowers could give. Of How pretty she looked in her pretty toilet with her two pretty Little saunters by her Side. George coming up the Lilac shaded walk full of wander and curiosity could scarcely believe that it was the same weary fretful woman he had left a month ago. A ooh Nellie Darling what a fairy Bowker what a cozy comfortable Cool clean nest of a Home now Tell me How i find you in it a a a George your last words haunted me All Day or perhaps it was your voice or look. Then when Alice and Lucy were sick i sat up with them and As i watched their pained and trouble faces i asked myself these and a few More questions a a whether Mother love or Money was Best for them a a whether i had a right to sacrifice your peace Comfort and Home for Money a a whether you or the children or i had got any happiness out of my Experiment a a whether we were any Richer in any Way for it a a whether i could expect god to bless me and my House and my self imposed i duties when i neglected the duties he had i Given me and the answers were such 1 that i dismissed my school next a a what did you do with the furniture and things a a a i sold everything just As it stood called in my dues and debts paid what i owed rented this Little place and bought fresh things for every room in it. I did not want even a chair to remind me of the last two a a How much Money have you left a a it took All i got to pay my debts and furnish this place. I have not ten dollars left a a then How much have you made Little woman a said George rising and kissing her fondly in order to soften the needful question. A ooh George George i have made nothing and i have lost two years of real happiness and Nellie looked so distressed that George kissed her again. A a never mind Little Speculator you have Learned a great lesson. Learned to thank god that he has hid you from the storms of life in the blessed Sanctuary of Home Learned that Gold is dear Chicago. Bought if you have to pay peace love and happiness for so year after year went on and Nellie a Experiment had been almost forgotten in the increasing Joys and cares of Georges increasing wealth and family. The Little cottage had been exchanged for a spacious mansion on the Lake Shore. Alice and Lucy were in Paris at school and half a dozen other boys and girls kept the mothers heart and hands Busy. One summer George finding business called him into the Interior of Wisconsin took his wife with him intending to make a leisurely pleasure trip of the affair. They passed a very Happy w Eek or two coming gradually through the Fine Oak forests Back of Milwaukee toward noon one Day they perceived a Thunder storm coming on and Nellie remembering a House that they had passed half a mile to their right urged a return to its shelter. It was but a shanty of Ordinary size but extraordinary pains had been taken with the vines that covered it and the Garden plot around was a Miracle of Floral Beauty. The owner was a Man rather past Middle life and apparently a Bachelor neither woman nor child was about the place but he sent them a very handsome meal and Wras talkative and Happy. When he heard they were from Chicago he seemed much interested. A a it is fifteen years stranger since i trod Lake Street a he said a a but i done to forget folks. There a two or three Kin folks there i m working and saving for. How is Chapman amp co., and Richmond amp co., and the Sherman House people a and so on for at least half an hour ending with the statement a i used to stay with mrs. Myra Smith she kept a Lively a yes a answered George a we stayed with her when we first came to poor woman a a a poor woman is she dead a a a no but things have gone badly with a a in a glad to hear a a sir i done to think that is a very Manly speech not to speak of it being unchristian a said Nellie warmly a a i like mrs. Smith she is a very Good Industry a Ous a a excuse me May am perhaps you done to know what you re talking about. So things went wrong with Lier stranger. Whereas Lyman a a that was the trouble. Lyman got either murdered or drowned Rad his wife made herself ill about it. Nobody had thought she cared so much for him but she had a Long sickness and things got wrong and before she had been on her feet Long enough to put them right some one opened an hotel just below hers. She a getting old and her Little boarding House does no More than keep body and soul together. Susie is trying to make dresses and Jim is in my office a a Good lad but he wants More three Days after this conversation mrs. Myra Smith rushed into Nellie a presence a a Lyman has come Home Lyman has come Home a she cried in a voice that might have been a Young girls it was so glad. A a he says you and or. Wright told him All about me last tuesday and of in a so Happy in a so Happy a a a Why did he go away from you a a a he thought poor fellow that he was in the Way thought i did not care for him thought i could do better without him. But he a been working and saving for us and just As soon As he knew he was needed and wanted he came w without an hours a no Myra try and make him Happy. You can to buy a Loving faithful heart like his even if you had Chicago full of a a yet i did mean to be helpful to Lyman. I did mean to serve him and my children but a a a but my dear Friend both you and i wanted to serve them in our own Way. Our Way is not always either gods Way or the fest Way not All w Omen can go Down into the Battle of life but those who cannot can spread the tent and Lay the table and provide rest and refreshment for a they also serve who Only stand and . Amelia k. Barr in Frank Leslie s sunday Magazine for december. Finding a lost child. James Forsythe a wealthy Farmer living in Clay county Kansas was the father of two Lovely girls aged nine and eleven years. One Day Tow Ard the close of the warm weather in 1876 they were out in the Woods near their fathers House searching for Flowers. Strayed seme distance from Home they discovered that they were lost and knew not How to return. While trying to get out of the Woods they met two men who said that they would show them the Way to their fathers House. Instead however of taking them Home the men led them to a Camp they had established in an out of the Way place and then told them they never could see their parents again. Soon after this they left that neighbourhood and went to Illinois. The feelings of the parents can be imagined when As the night came on their children did not return. As it grew late the neighbors were called and a thorough search Wras instituted but without Avail. The next morning the search was continued but no Trace of the lost ones could be found. Finally or Forsythe heard that two men having in their care two Little girls had passed through a Little town some distance from his House. He immediately we ent to the Village made inquiries of the persons who had seen the tramps and soon Learned enough to convince himself that the two Little girls we Ere his own daughters. He started after them at once but could not overtake them. He would nearly reach them when the wily tramps would suddenly disappear and w Ould cover their tracks so skilfully that it would be weeks before a Trace could be obtained of them. For months and months this Chase continued or. For by the never despairing search with All the vigor that a Loving father could command. Skilled detectives were employed the Telegraph was brought into requisition but the tramps evaded All search and could not be caught. After following them through Illinois Indiana and Michigan or. Forsythe lost All track of them and after endeavouring for weeks without Success to get some clue to them was obliged to give up the search and return to his desolate Home without his daughters. Hoping that something would result from it or. Forsythe sent out As soon As he returned Home a number of postal cards giving an accurate description of the two girls. One of these cards reached the postmaster at Oak Grove Ohio. That gentleman became convinced that two Little children who had come to the Post office for mail for several itinerant Vag Bondish families living in shanties near the canal were really or. Forsythe a children. A Little inquiry settled the matter and in forming the father he at once took measures to secure them. On approaching the families with whom they lived they stated that the girls had been left with them by two men Aud they would not part with them without a heavy recompense. In vain they were argued with. They would not yield a Point. The children were in their Possession they had fed and cared for them and would keep them unless handsomely paid for their trouble. The families finding that the whereabouts of the children had been discovered and fearing that they would be taken away from them by officers of the Law secreted them and finally moved away themselves living for a considerable time in an old deserted canal boat. In the meantime the older girl sickened from exposure and died. About two weeks ago or. C. F. France of this City was employed to secure if possible the remaining child. He went to work skilfully and patiently and succeeded finally in compelling the people to give her into his care. The Little girl was very Bright and told a very sad Story of her years travels with the tramps. She said the trip from Kansas to Ohio was made mostly on foot Riding sometimes in Farmers wagons and again stealing a ride on freight trains. A great part of the time they slept in the open air sleeping in Fence Corners or wherever they could. During the Winter the men made them beg from House to House along the Road while they stole whatever they could. Since living with the families near the canal however they had fared a Little better. She did no to know where Tho two men who had stolen her had gone. Last thursday or. France having provided her with a Complete outfit placed her on Board a through Wabash Palace car for Kansas City where her father is to meet her and Ere this she is Safe in the arms of her Toledo Blade. Sunken treasures. In 1815 the Spanish treasure ship san Pedro Alcantara Sank with her treasure of the Carri bean coast of Venezuela. It was Only one of the romantic tragedies or tragic romances legends of which go to make up the four centuries of history of the Spanish main but it was certainly one of the most remarkable. With her went Down fifteen Hundred men and women and $ 5,, in Gold jewels. The vessel which was a Man of War had been sent by Ferdinand Vii to convey provision ships to the armies which were engaged in endeavouring to maintain Spanish Rule in South America As to Day they Are in Cuba. She had on Board at the time $3,000,000 in Silver. On reaching Caracas the City was found to be in a state of revolution and wealthy Spanish citizens and the government hastened to place on Board the vessel Money and jewels to the amount of $2,-1 00,000. Then cruising along the coast several insurgent towns w Erc sacked the spoils amounting it was estimated to Angler $1,000, Khz. Great entertainment was Given in Honor of their Victory several Hundred persons being on Board in addition to the enormous Crew of 1,300 men and a Brilliant Summers night was devoted to music dancing and the revelry which made the morning a scene of utter Debauch. Then when they were in no condition to save the vessel or help themselves she w As found to be on fire. The flames soon reached the powder Magazine Aud the vessel with All its treasure Sank. No Man survived to Tell the details. The vessel has Laid for sixty years in sixty feet of waiter and a number of attempts to recover the Gold Silver and jewels have resulted in bringing to the surface at different times a total of about $500,000. The locality of the vessel is perfectly Well known the principal difficulty to be contended w Ith having been the inability to construct dredges and drags w hich would work at the required depth and probe the Sand w hich has of course covered much of the wreck to a considerable depth. These capt. J. Ii. Folinsbee now thinks he has been Able to achieve and a company has been organized in this City with sufficient capital to make a thorough search which it is believed can be done in about eight months. A contract has been made with the Venezuela government which in return for live per it. On the amount recovered gives the company a six years right of search. The expedition will leave this City in a few w . Y. Paper. Farm and household. A fathers Long Pursuit murderer. No a Good old times in California. Of his songs William Newland son of Richard Newland an old and Well known Farmer of Washington county in 1807, with his Young w Ife and child less than a year old left his Home to Settle in Kansas. In company went Charles Waller and wife and their son neighbors. When they reached Webster county Missouri new land his wife and child were murdered under circumstances that led to the arrest of Charles Waller and his w Ife the son having escaped. Some Days after the tragedy the remains of Newland w Ere found in the Woods and those of his wife were discovered in a Ravine about six Miles beyond. The remains of the child were never discovered but Bones were found which some of the citizens thought might be those of the child. Charles Waller w As put upon trial for the murder and was found guilty and in 1872 he expiated his crime on the Gallows. His wife was also tried for being accessory to the murder and was sentenced to three years imprisonment in the Missouri Penitentiary. Charles Waller was always reticent about the murder maintaining his innocence stoutly up to a Short time before his execution. Then he admitted that he had gone out Hunting with Newland and shot him in the Woods. Upon his return he told his son that he had disposed of Newland and that they must dispose of the wife and Chi id to cover up their tracks. Richard Newland the father of the murdered Man determined that the son of Waller should also be brought to Justice. For five years he has been searching through detectives to discover his whereabouts. His search was finally successful the son being found upon a farm up in Minnesota. He was arrested and taken to Webster county mo., some time ago and recently the trial took place and he confessed to manslaughter and was sentenced to forty years in the Penitentiary. One of the main facts which led to his conviction was the identification of Abed spread and other articles belonging to the murdered family. These articles were identified by or. Newland As the property of his daughter in Law. The father of the murdered Man has spent Large shins of Money in ferreting out and bringing to Justice the Louisville commercial. A to remove grease on carpets or silk apply dry buckwheat flour. A drinking copiously of water when thirsty for liquor will destroy the Appe Ute for a stimulant. A consume the Early grown Sweet potatoes first and leave the late crop for Spring use the latter will keep better. Southern cultivator. A a cow can yield a far greater weight of butter than she can store up in fat. An animal might give the product of two pounds of butter a Day a hic one half that Quantity could not be Laid on in fat if fed for that purpose. A veal pounds veal one Pound fat pork four eggs one grated Nutmeg six soda crackers. Chop veal and pork Fine crumble the crackers and mix All together w Ith the eggs Well beaten. Bake of anyone will try it i think it will be pronounced Good. A artificial Parchment is made by dipping a Sheet of Strong paper into a solution of sulphuric acid mixed with a tenth of its weight of pure water. It is held in this liquid for about three seconds and then washed thoroughly in water and dried. A to destroy weeds in gravel w Alks soak them with carbolic acid about the strength of one of acid to forty parts of water. I have found it successful but the process must be repeated at least once a journal of horticulture. A the English feed a Good Deal of pea and bean meal. There is Large amount of nitrogenous or muscle forming material in this meal in the form of Casein. Would it not be Well for our american Farmers to turn their attention to this Aud make experiments a carrots for horses experiments Lave shown Are most beneficial when fed in conjunction with Oats. Alone they arc less nutritious than Oats alone but when fed together in the proportion of say to o quarts of Oats and two of sliced carrots to a mess the result will be More satisfactory than of either were fed separately. A Hominy the Hominy Well let it boil Down pretty thick before using add to one quart boiled Hominy about half a cupful of Sweet milk one egg a Little Salt and flour enough to Fry and turn without running Only enough lard required in frying to prevent burning too much milk and flour toughens them. A croup can be cured in one minute and the remedy i simply Alum and sugar. The Way to accomplish the deed is to take a knife or grate and shave off in Small particles about a teaspoonful of Alum then mix it with twice its Quantity of sugar to make it palatable and administer it As quickly As possible. Almost instantaneous Relief will Boston transcript. A Apple stale bread Crumb finely and spread a layer in the Bottom of a pudding dish then add a layer of sour apples which Cook easily sliced. Sprinkle on sugar enough to sweeten some slices of butter and Nutmeg or any Flavouring you like Best. Then add another layer of bread apples Etc. Continue in this Way until the dish is full enough the last layer being bread. Now Lour in water until the mixture is full press Down closely and bake until the apples Are thoroughly done and you will have a dish fit for a King. This pudding is to be eaten without sauce though if anyone wishes to cat sugar and Cream on it it will be no detriment to the pudding. It is a Good plan to cover the top with a brow n paper until nearly done. Novelties in woman a dress. I have a word for my Stout Sisters. You know the difficulty which you always experience in getting corsets which shall give you a Good figure and at the same time be comfortable. I think the difficulty is solved in some new French corsets which have just been received they Are hand made with a Large number of Bones and a Broad a a spoon steel in front which affords a Fine support. Around the hips is a Plain heavy band without Bones w hich is so firm that it cannot be stretched and which gives a fit to the dresses worn Over that a Corset in which the Bones reach the entire depth cannot give. Walking skirts Are Cut very narrow in front and the fullness is Given at the Back by Means of ruffles so that with these skirts the Long awkward Bustle May be dispensed with. House skirts in Demi trains Are similarly made and for evening Wear with full trains Beautiful skirts in Muslin Are made edged with Valenciennes lace Aud held in place by crinoline. These skirts Are necessarily made Only by order As they have to be fitted As Well As the dress. It is no longer an easy matter to make skirts since the entire fit of polonaise or Princess depends upon them and they have to be Cut with reference to the dresses with which they Are to be we Orn. A very pretty style is to Combine Corset cover and skirt for every Day Wear and place ruffles on the Back of the skirt leaving the front journal. In years gone by it was not uncommon on the Pacific coast for a desperado made bold by rum to a take a town a that is drive everybody out of the streets shoot everybody who opposed him and terrorize the people until his Drunken fit Wras Over. Two men recently tried such an exploit in Prescott Arizona and found that times had changed. They began by Riding Dow n the main thoroughfare on horses and firing revolvers in the air. Then they scared several women into hysterics and killed a dog. Thereupon the sheriff and two constables followed them out of the place and in a fight for their capture killed them both. A Brigham Young used to be noted for his ingenuity in evading a difficulty. A disciple Strong in the Faith once lost a leg and prayed him to have another supplied by miraculous growth. The Prophet answered that he could command another to grow of course but begged his Petitioner to consider How awkward it would be to walk around heaven with three legs when the other saints there would have Only two the device succeeded and the sufferer went away satisfied. When Thompsons boy found his toy savings Bank empty and his father Well Oil for Small change the Only satisfaction he could get we As a my son the Only Safe investment in Stock is a Snow shovel the other Day a train carrying a theatrical troupe made the run from new York to Philadelphia in one hour and forty nine minutes the fastest time on record. Plow will take the Hills so As to turn them Over in the Best manner. Thus it interferes but Little in the cultivation of the next crop and the crop gathered it is so decayed that no further trouble is experienced. Doing the work Well or ill is simply in the use of the Best implements and the exercise of care and judgment in performing the work. How Many of the farm hands receiving first class wages Are really Good Plowden How Many of the employers can show them How to do first class work in addition to the value of stubble stalks and Green manure turned under in forming humus and in rendering the soil Light and friable its Benefit in forming a series of shallow under drains should not be forgotten. These also keep the soil Light and open to the action of air and Frost during the Winter. In the Spring such a Field while the Earth will have become firmly compacted about the material will be found to pulverize More readily working into a finer tilth and the soil will come into condition much earlier on stiff or even moderately compact clays than if slowed without the stubble. The time has come when our Best Farmers understand the necessity of conserving All that will Aid not Only in in Liching the soil but also Are alive to the necessity of using every Means possible to assist in a More thorough disintegration and pulverization of the soil. It is the important Factor in reaching the Best rest Prairie Farmer. A or. Paris an English physician once quoted the following fable to set Forth the Folly of those who practice Medicine upon themselves and Are Apt to take a Medicine because it has cured some one of a certain disease a an ass Laden with Salt was crossing a Brook. The water diluted the Salt and lightened the Burden. He communicated this discovery to a brother Donkey Laden with Wool. The latter tried the same Experiment and found his Load double its Norwich conn., is determined to do its share toward retarding the growth of Small boys. It has made 250,000 toy pistols this year. The new styles of Cabinet or parlor organs recently introduced by tile Mason it pc Hamlin Organ co. Are said to be the finest instruments of this class which the world has produced both in their musical capacity and elegance of Case. One style of Organ with nine stops which Sells for Cash at from $114 to $140, according to elegance of Case is especially desirable. Such is the demand for it that they Are scarcely Able to Supply it though they have More than one thousand organs of this single out More than one the great regulator. Purely vegetable blowing and pulverizing the soil. Tho principal object in blowing the soil is first turning under the surface so As most completely to invert and cover the trash second bringing a new surface to the air and third the most perfect pulverization of the soil possible. It is difficult if not impossible to Combine All these conditions in the most perfect manner by Means of a single implement. Therefore the manufacturer is obliged to make special plows for special work. Modern ingenuity has accomplished this so perfectly that there is but Little Advance to be made in this direction so far As the plow is concerned. In accomplishing two important integers in this connection bringing up a new surface and thorough pulverization the Farmer whose land is clean has a great advantage Over those who allow their land to become weedy and trashy. Sofar As the stubble and what Green growth accumulates Between Harvest and plow ing time is concerned but Little difficulty is experienced. A plow that will properly pulverize the soil while turning it will also turn Over the Furrow and cover the stubble when the soil is turned to a fair depth say six or eight inches unless the growth of Straw was so heavy that it became necessary to Cut the Grain very High. In this Case extra care is necessary in blowing to see that it does not accumulate if Bunches to be cast off and lie partially or wholly uncovered. This is what Marks the careful or Superior from the careless or inferior Plowman. The one will still do Good work laying his Furrow s closely and evenly. The other will leave his blowing uneven Balkey with Bunches of trash sticking out All Over the Field to be harrowed up to the detriment of the seeding. In the one Case the stubble will assist in keeping the soil Light and friable and converted into humus. In the other Case it is stirred about and dragged Over the surface a nuisance to lie until the next blowing. Our Western Prairie soils that have been burned Over from time immemorial in the fall Are lacking in humus but Rich in All that goes to make up other organic and inorganic material. It is necessary then that All substances be returned that by decay will furnish humus or Mold to the soil. The rasing and burning of stalk Fields is no longer practice by our Best Farmers. The additional Cost of blowing under the stalks is a Mere trifle in comparison to the value of the material covered under. Here again the skill of the Plowman is shown. Now and then one is found who will leave the Field with the Furrow s even and so calculated that the share of the an effectual specific for Valarious revers Bowel complaints dyspepsia mental depression restlessness jaundice nausea Colic. _ sick headache constipation and bilious Ness. Ask the remove Rod dyspeptic billions sufferers victims of fever and ague the mercurial diseased patient How they recovered health cheerful spirits and Good appetite a they will Tell you by taking Simmons liver regulator. This justly celebrated Medicine regulates the liver promotes digestion and fortifies the system against malarial diseases. Extract or a letter from Hon. Alexander h. Stevens a a i occasionally use when my condition requires it or. Simmons liver regulator with Good effect. It is mild and suits me better than More Active constipation i testimony of the chief Justice of Georgia a i have used Simmons liver regulator for constipation of my bowels caused by a temporary derangement of tile liver for tile last three or four years and always when used according to Hie directions with decided Benefit i think it is a Good Medicine for Tho derangement of die liver at least Sulci has been my per a a Tim Wak Mik Chiei Justice of Georgia. Original and Only genuine manufactured Only by j. H. Zeilin amp co., Philadelphia a. Price $1.00. Sold by All druggists. Style under Way and turn Hundred per week. A Light wholesome delicious Are biscuits bread Rolls dumplings Etc., made with Dooley a yeast powder. Always use it for the delicious Vienna Rolls. Should your grocer not have and refuse to get Dooley a yeast powder for you Send 20 cents for lh., 35 cents for % lh., or 60 cents for i lh., direct to Dooley amp brother new York Aud it will be sent by mail Post paid. The in Vernal soother for bums bruises cuts sprains Etc., Perry Davis a Spain killer is the popular remedy. It soothes the pain produces a healthy muscular action and restores the proper har Mony to the parts. There is no telling when accidents will occur and it is Well to have a bottle of it. Cir Efenberg itt Arnhall a Catholic on never fails to relieve and permanently cure All those diseases commonly known As female complaints. Sold by All druggists. Send for almanac. Graefenbergco.,5 keadest.,n. Y. A Kotlier Mother mothers. Done to fail to procure mrs. Winslow a soothing syrup for All diseases of teething in children. It relieves the child from pain cures wind Colic regulates the bowels and by giving Relief and health to the child gives rest to the Mother. Rheumatism quickly cured. A Durang s rheumatic remedy a the great in Demtd Medicine will positively cure any Case of rheumatism on the face of the Earth. Price $1 a bottle. Sold by All druggists. Send for circular to Helphenstine amp Bentley Washington d. O. The silverware delivered by the National Silver plating co., no. 704 Chestnut Street Philadelphia is giving entire satisfaction. All orders Are promptly filled and no one need hesitate about sending them observer. Kingsford a Oswego analysis of this Choice article both in America and Europe shows that in 1,000 ounces there Are but two ounces of foreign material. This is a degree of purity never before attained. of the worst cases of asthma have been relieved by using Jonas Whitcombe a remedy. In no ease of purely asthmatic character has it failed to give Relief. Grape vines for Sale cheap. See advertisement of Woodford amp co., Jamestown n. Y. The markets. New York. Nov. In flour extra Ohio. Wheat red Western. No. 2 Milwaukee. Corny Western mixed. Oats mixed Western. Kyeu no. 2 Western. Pork new mess. Lard prime steam. Butter Western. Cheese. Hogs. Cattle. Sheep. Wool Domestic fleece Cleveland flour xxx White. Xxx red no. 1. Spring. X red. Wheat no. I red. No. 2 red. Corn. Oats no. I. Rye. Barley state. Cheese new factory. Skims. Butter Choice. Eggs. Pork mess. Potatoes. Lumber first Clear. Strips. Stock boards. Joists Etc. Flooring matched shingles no. I. Lath. Toledo. Wheat no. 2 red Winter. No. J red. Corny High mixed. No. 2. Oats no. 2. Cincinnati flour family. Wheat red. Corn. Oats. Rye. Barley. Butter Western Reserve. Central Ohio. Hogs common to Light. 1877. Ight. A a a butchers 8toe Philadelphia. Sheep Best. $5 45 $7 50 i 35 cts i 384 i 32i/, i 3 3 j4 66 it a 35 amp 40 to @ 74 14 25 amp 11 135 8 st1, 2� 8 of to 22 07 4 35 amp 5 of 8 50 la of 4 of a 5 25 32 57 $7 25 $7 75 6 75 <8> 7 70 5 25 5 25 i 36 a i 39 i 32 a i 35 50 a 53 29 a 32 60 a 65 60 a 80 13 @ 13 08 a 09 24 a 24 a 23 15 of a it of 40 a 50 39 of a 40 of 31 of a 34 of 14 of a 19 Roll of a 13 of 22 of a 38 of 3 25 a 3 75 i 75 a 2 co $1 31 a $1 334 1 15 i to 48 a 50 49 a 50 26 a 29? $5 85 a 6 00 i 20 a i 32 44 a 45 27 a 31 59 a 60 50 a 58 22 a 25 18 a 20 4 to a 4 40 4 50 a 4 6 i. $5 00 a $5 30 4 30 a 4 to 4 to a 4 30 4 50 a 4 70 3 50 a 4 75 natures remedy. Nesfie the great blood purifier. A bbl a i to n a i or 111 Iii a know i thyself recommend it heartily. South Boston. Mtr Stevens dear sir i have taken several bottles of your vege Tine and am convinced it is a valuable remedy for dyspepsia kidney complaint and general debility of the system. I can heartily recommend it to All Suffolk lug from the above complaints. Yours respectfully a a Mas. Munroe Parker. Be cetane is sold by All druggists. A new medical treatise a the Sci Enck of life or self Parks Bov a Book for everybody. Price #1,sent by mail. A fifty original prescriptions. Either one of which is Mortti uni times the Price of the Hook. Gold medal awarded the author. The Boston Herald says a the science of life is beyond , the most extra Linary work Quot on physiology Ever published. An illustrated pamphlet sent Krek. Address or. W. Parker. No. 4 Bulfinch Street. Boston. Mass. I an Cuini Judi heal thyself consumption cubed. An old physician retired from practice having received from an East India missionary the formula of a simple vegetable remedy for speedy and permanent cure of consumption branching Catarrh asthma and All Throat and lung affections also a cure for nervous debility and All nervous complaints after having tested its curative Powers in thousands of cases has Felt it his duty to make it known to his suffering Fellows. Actuated by a desire to relieve human suffering i will Send free to All who desire it this recipe in German French or in Tali a. directions. stamp ,126power�?Ts Block,Rochester,. Sunshine advertisers desiring to reach tit readers of this state can do so in the cheapest and Best manner by addressing h. B. Speed 55 Frankfort St., Cleveland 0. Itt orders received for any Western state. Catalogue. Send for s a m p l e f r e e religious and Temperance newspaper. Circulation 70,000. $1.50aycar. 3 months on trial 25 cents. Best family newspaper. All the news reliable Market reports. Excellent family beading stories correspondence Kellious and Temperance articles. John Dougall editor and proprietor 7 Frankfort Street new York. Or. Ilijin routes French Corset something new Ami novel. Ladies if you want Comfort health and a Beautiful form buy this Corset it is rut Basque fitting with ? shoulder and spinal supporters it holds the bowels up and Back giving perfect support lengthens the Waist rounds up the body giving a Model appearance to those who Wear them. This Dorset and attachments Are covered by five patents we Challenge the world to in Luce a Corset embracing As Many Good features pertaining to health Comfort Aud neatness durability amp Price. We will puce lists and circulars for agents accompanying each Sample or address enclosing cent stamp for particulars. Indianapolis Corset company 140 North Tennessee Street Indianapolis lad. P. sizes two inches smaller than Waist measure Over Tho dress. To pay until tired. Hoof it t atty Case of granulated lids Vii fail to cure. Patients from a distance can deduct travelling expenses. Address with stamp. Or. G. W. Scott of. Euclid Avenue Cleveland Ohio. Great Lei a most fascinating Book. Homes Purchase Lay s >8. Cd Wampl Brule by agents a a Ellis our r oms picture a Chromo Unis. Agr. Orth is sent Iii for St. Ii Busti ated catalogue f a let. J. La. Hurrott s sons Boston muss. bronchitis a St Luna anti Catarrh cured. New discovery. Cures guaranteed or Money refunded. Send stamp to bit. Hobbs Pacific 31ock, Chicago i. Tory the a sure cure truss i rub amp a manufactured by or. S. C. Kram Cincinnati in. Also the electric Glove sure cure for nervous headache neuralgia weak Back Etc. Senti for circular. Loo by i look i 30 too sold Send 25c. For wife Hunters or Matrimony and misery and i pm. Of transparent cards. W. Barrie Argenol 111. T1itioy after of curing situation. Send stamp for partic business and Telegraph College Sandusky o. Baily. Agents wanted. 04 Pago catalogue into samples Al tic american Novelty co. Clinic ago. By. $20 for 2 Latham co., 419 Wash. St., Boston mass. $5 outfit lice. A you Hal Lett amp co. Portland a of a let a at Home. Agents wanted. V a a a outfit Ana terms free. True amp co., Augusta. Me. $ a u per Day at Home. Samples id to Yau Worth 5 free. Stinson amp co. . To novelties notion s. 80 Page catalogue free in ii to agents. Boston Novelty co. Boston mass. Ati us is a Brno tend interlinked Send for circular 0 i Aln m la who inn-103 Waverly pl., ? revolvers sent free for examination. Price list free. Great Wostyn gun works. . Eis a now i Lay me Down to the child a first prayer. Which begins As above is the most tender touching and confiding petition which is Ever uttered to the supreme being. It is Universal in its application and has been repeated by millions in the past is now breathed by hosts of pure and innocent children every night and will by by countless numbers in All Ages to come. We have at a great expanse reproduced the celebrated French engraving embodying the spirit of this prayer Iff prayers. The engraving represents a Beautiful child kneeling reverentially and pathetically offering this touching petition to its maker. The angelic countenance of the child stands out in bold Relief in the Bright and shining Light of a very handsomely furnished room arid the whole effect is strikingly Sublime and attractive. The picture is 18x20 in size on heavy White paper and la perfect in every artistic detail. It is a copy of the celebrated French engraving entitled a a be Cross in Dicu a one of the most famous in the entire Paris Art museum where the original has been exhibited for nearly Twenty years and Lias excited More genuine admiration than any other picture in this vast collection. It is Only since the fall of the Empire that this engraving has been copied owing to the terms on which it was presented the museum. Over 100,000 copies have been sold in Paris and elsewhere within the past six months at 25 Franca is each. We own the United states copyright and it has Boon pronounced by Tho Host connoisseurs of Fine on cravings that the Sale will be totally unprecedented in this country. Certain it is that this is one of the finest subjects in the whole Range of Art and that it will touch a responsive chord in every Mother s heart. The prayer is engraved in full in Clear handsome letters upon each copy and there is no gift More appropriate for a Parent to present to a child than a copy of this magnificent work of Art. No More appropriate picture can be Hung in a Little child a chamber and each boy or girl would treasure it in after years As a souvenir of childhood a Days and a parents love priceless in value Aud fragrant with precious memories. We May Here mention that one of the largest Art dealers in new York offered to pay to Royalty on each copy and sell none Tor less than if he could have the Agency for the United states. We will Send this a Tea. Ess engraving Post paid to your address on receipt of $1. In addition every purchaser will he presented with six months subscription to tile Boston u wkly glob Roe of All expense. The weekly Globe is a family news and Story paper with stories by celebrated authors an Able agricultural department All the news of the Day a checker column Puzzle column and Home topics for the Young table gossip Choice miscellany full Market reports Etc., pages and 48 columns in All. Address manager of the Boston weekly Globe 230 and 238 Washington Street Boston mama. All world s exhibitions of recent years Paris 1867 Vienna 1873 Santiago 1875 phila., 1876 Haye awarded their highest honors h a to the Mason amp Hamlin Cabinet organs for i ? by _ 0 Headley. Elegantly illustrated. Popular Price. For territory and terms write to p. W. Garfield Ion. Agt., Cleveland o. Maps amp general information free by the Texas land Ami Imi Nigra Ion co. Of or. Louis. To. The Only Efland by the satiate of texan. Address . Woodworth. Sec. St. Louis. To. Acpt. Sample and particulars Filek agents if you a a want the Hest assortment of goods at prices lower than Ever bought address Bay re amp Goldstein Cleveland o a Mont it a agent s wanted 86 Best Selling articles in the world Sample free. Address Jay Bronson Detroit Mich. Pc atty Plano Best f3ff"look startling Ca Iii news. Organs. 12 St Ops,$53. Pianos Only $ 130 a cont $650. Cir. Free. Daniel t Beatty. Washington,. In Lite West Tow and where to get them. R. It. Fare free to write to l. T. Eads Davenport Iowa. 72 in one Day 16-Page paper with 18 chromes 21,2 loot Long tree. Let. Scrap Book Cincinnati. Demonstrated superiority. New styles at reduced prices from $54 upwards. Cash prices five octave double Reed $100 nine stops $108 in elegant upright Case new style $126. Sold also for instalments or rented until rent pays. A Small Organ of Best Quality May be obtained by payment of $7.20 per Quarter for ten quarters. Illustrated catalogues and Price lists free. Mason amp Hamlin Organ co., 154 Tremont St., 25 Union sq., 250 Wabash av., Boston. New York. Chicago. Help for the horse every Man who owns a horse should have a pair of furlongs Patent foot coolers amp expander which remove All fever from the feet and keep them in a clean moist and healthy condition absolutely preventing corns contracted feet Quarter cracks Ami scratches. The moist sponge is held securely on tile Bottom of the foot keeping the Frog Iii a healthy natural condition. They can he used for a stuffing Boot and do not Cost one fourth As much As the old leather one. The Cut represents the Holder and sponge on die foot. The Hest horsemen of the country heartily endorse it As one of the most humane and valuable inventions of the Day. Horses feet have been restored from an unsound condition to a healthy one in three weeks time. Its result surprises every one. For Sale by Hames makers and dealers in turf goods. Single pairs sent to any address upon receipt of Price. S1.5u per pair. In ordering Send diameter of Hoof measuring across the Bottom of the foot. I Send for descriptive circular with list of testimonials from the leading horsemen and veterinary surgeons of the country. I have also a valuable sponge liniment for bad feet which i will Forward with cooler at $1.00 Pur quart Brittle. Liberal terms Aud exclusive territory Given to agents. Address the it. La it a pkg i is to Ash intr ton St. Uhi Caso. Curative pads. A liver auditing cads cure Nills in 3 to 5 Days dyspepsia indigestion constipation sick or nervous headache and All diseases arising from torpid liver. Lutico 2. A kidney and spinal pads a a positive Curr for All kidney and spinal diseases. Price 13. A a part for female the most effectual remedy As hundreds can testify. Price. 3. Cut by mail on receipt of Price by the in it Prietos k. F. Sziy Dak a co., is Send for circulars. Cincinnati o. For All in their own localities canvassing for the fireside visitor in hired weekly and monthly. Largest paper in Hie world with Mammoth chromes free. Big commissions to agents. Terms and outfit free. Address p. O. Vick eke Augusta me. Gem i Kyj. Having a Large lot of 3-year-Oid Concord grape vines we will Send by express five extra vines for 50 cents or twelve for $1.00, address Woodford amp co. Jamestown. New York. Egold plated a Telic a. Cheapest in die known world. Sample watch free to agents. Address a. Coulter amp co.,,ill. $400 a Mavrik. Agents want Ell. 250 of the latest novelties. Send for catalogue. Yan&co., clinic ago. Cd s�?9 a Ion n i hex in i Iti Xii to .1 it be it tvs e is please say Yon sate the advertisement in thin paper. Is for ninety Days from Date elegant table silverware Rith the following conditions Tho National shiver j i plating company. 704 Chestnut Street Philadelphia manuf Turer. Of. Coin i Ken Nard Silver plated aware will tend to any one who receives this notice a set of double extra plated Silver spoons and engrave on each Epoff any desired i Nidal you Are required to Cut out the following silverware Coupon and Arad it to a he above company with your Namo and address and also to enclose with it 75 Cento oms jul charges including Cost of engraving initial., packing boxing and exp ret. Charre the soon. Will be cot by a Jpn. Or mail. In you have no express office. And delivered in your hands without further Cost. These spoons Are guaranteed to be of the Best material and equal to Tbs bet 6urer puu4 Ware Blade u Ute four Wing letter Irmo co., to Chat not St. a. A to whom it May spoon eat out under this arrangement p8 guarantee Are of Best Quality first heavily plated with pare Nickel the hardest White Metal known and a double extra plate of pure Coin Standard Silver added on top of the Nickel thus rendering them the very Best Silver plated Ware manufactured we will Honor no order which Doe not contain the silverware Coupon Aal a Vin not Honor the coupes after ninety Day from the Date of this Isi Maedl National Silver plating co., 1 704 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Silverware Coupon. On receipt of Olla Coupon together with 75 Cento to cover nit charge including express or mailing engraving and boxing we hereby a amp Roo to a by to Vij address a eel of out punt Coin Standard double extra plated Silver spoons and on each spoon engrave any desired initial. All charges Are to be preps by the to cents Cut us and Tho spoons will is delivered at destination free of any other charge. Good for ninety Days front into of this paper after which this Coupon is null to avoid. Issued National Silver plating co. 704 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Should it he desired any one of the following articles will be sect la urn of the spoons on payment of Obj following charges six solid steel knives Blade anti handle one solid piece Host steel double Nickel and Silver plated $2 six Forks double Nickel and Silver plated 95 cts. If All these goods Are desired in close Tho total charges which will to 75 cts. For spoon. $2 for knives and 85 cts. For Forks total $3.70�?thus securing for $3.70 what would Cost you much More in any other Way. Remember that each article except knives will us engraved Wiki Ottja initial desired Vautour utta coat. A 16-pg. Monthly i year with Fine French Chromo Box of Fine stationery Maple pen pair sleeve buttons and Centennial Mizzle a 1.1, Fok 25 cents. Agents wanted. Particulars free. Sunshine pub. Co. 116 e. Washington St. Chicago he important Motsch. This Liberal offer holds Good toe Only ninety Days them Date therefor it is to Tho interest of Oil who can secure its benefits to Bro to it that they tire cot debarred by reason of the expiration of the time speckled. A it Tats w0to us silverware should be addressed direct to Tho National Silver plating co., Ito 704 Chestnut Street Philadelphia. A

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