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Call And Post Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1970, Page 5

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Call and Post (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Cleveland, OhioThe Call 1 Post saturday be tempeh 19, 1970 a scholar Rhoton Kur pro Ira Iii Mia it invention held Harj grave �8 a it pointed Prtt Lafot cd Donl Strood wll Soo of the Una Verstl no fro Assoc Lilao a Pontod the Hook Rabi Ifa Aon Harar at coot to actor of of Hope House of Coupon Loq Voll a Down Vic cultural Imp Naa arts Lutot it Rialto and Camua Ioor of Miaso url and Tafta of us do tract 8, Kan a As of Labonna and Arf Caasan. Lii addle of to us acad talc Hargrav has complot of course la co Mana it r it latious ii Faaa studios Aad a using at clo Rolaad stats Ual a Orsley and Otter scoots. To also studios ply to sop in a 0i�d-Ico of Marcus Garbo or a Ltd the Hau . Kirkwood Luai Stor of Lofroos. To moors of the cd Uncle of pro Sod a Bozof tet with the a Harvey followers a Entorno Thonol and Loyol Ohio Ort Atton Dod Tho 1970 Congo Nylon of Iko Uma in clo Volid labor boy a tool Ion. Mambort of Tho Oroon Liston founded by Mornout Garvey Inck Idt loft to Rio Miton hero Foo prot Doni of Clov Olond Lott lot Goa Hufh wifi Rod of Ravonna Orv Hood Oslo Fiona pro Eldont it of Vornon gluon and Rov. To ooh Ray nubile rotations Corrdino tor. Photo by Dick poor porn Tarot of Hargrave As pro Tdoot no. Us the proposed $10 ally Loa Marcus Monroy a Naploi will Mako lao Dato pro Cross. You Timi alas t. Is fms. A Black a Wood to Madill in Issei Sute tor aug Eoa Poser la too of a Solori Atakor of Yolo Nav orally Vetesi of Musk my Paulj you la a aug Orty s a m Austol aria prof Fua Tea am a tru a at of Accra Pua Quotel Bott a Astuy ate i cushy a 001 y 0 r a 11 y was Tell ate la pm of our Boot Stod Oats. His Wood lad Quiaot Eoa Pool at Yalo Skoro the Tea Boot a Atu Dout for the Pusi two yours Shoal Rod at tax Flowood music foot Val la it Enki mass., and a pro mod dolls past Viator at Lia cola Cote or la nov York Oty. Ite pastor of Nusi Eal arts Dooroo is Avardo to Yugo Stu Dorota to Teova the boat Creaco Lor a Duccos Sittl Zaroor. It Isa to Giro smut Lor the doctorate of aus Cal arts Gbidi is Avardo of the basis of Prolo Saleal Alom. Boro or. Sag Loton Rolaad Joaos Moacir Ial Salt my lot Sedtal 3uirdi a Brooklyn Vitero the Iaac in the Chadron s and Yoomi Teirs. To Tea a Bachelor from nov York co Sofo atm sic a Manhattan. Welfare rights workers a pausing in their world to a Siddio for this it Oruro in their office at 729 West St Clair ave. Aro Tho following mothers who double As organizers fare recipients loft to right mrs. Dorothy porn los mrs. Pm old no Williams mrs. Us lows mrs. My Rulo player mrs. St Loon Collins and mrs. Minnie Stallings. Of we Elope welfare mothers talk a Boycott after Brawl Minnie player Teva Ioa rofl Tete to Isco the ate Torlai Vila the batters bom a Atra Taf j Btag a. Mra. Melbis Plaj Rar fatal Nara of the a Rater Walmo Biu Orga Alatua Wro vote Malfara Motters Masda pro us Lesry Plaza or a Adbool vote kit la the Tete . Ste ate to pah Sabaa Varo trompe ate rals Adte m St. Yte Oam ctr try Hottal pm al it Cert l a Tema ate Boycott in the Vaka of a vol Lom catch Tetera m the Cloro sir pet at intr sown Plant clean Mai a spotting pressing ii Uii Sunui Hiripi clean clothes Clear Capitoli dry cleaning / tailor mtg fitting mending a 12301 Superior ave. Soin Plont a 9000 Cedar ave 2680 Woodhill re. Late Board of bad Carloa sept 8. A boy a barmaid the poem bitty of Amda Gall a guv re do Foteni in the Day to Kim it Tefr Eli Eldroa at bomb Amu Marg Macy Nada or a drool off Grid Date. A maa or All Brawl anted Villa Abaft 890 Borbara Vara git Barad la the Andt Orlam of the Itel 1880 East 8 8l the Vimb bad Atta Tead a Matlag of the Board. Ebay Lota Raptaki the a Atung to Roloa a Damate the the Board amate an aerate web tor Tytla 1 Totea from the Tod Artl far Ammom. 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Puyear said the Soaad Boycott will East the a Bod Ayatey tort or Adonay Carinea tuft Aid la the Ayabar of Piuva vote train school oath Day. To past years couty Eltoro a Lyt Altora Mottera n oath the Sopt Ebbar to Tow Skoal do Baa. Katy car dior n Tell tet lad Tette Arroyo of n number of Moteana the Platte ing Grato via if mid the Iii. Catoy comte Tours tem Tea Robsa teat they Vodd of Catyb not diag tor a Teri Ola Teing Tela year test by of a Ine cof toads. The to part Eily Addard Tea a Temte ate or the Tytla irate tote the Beard of Utera a they a Bilotte a Koal Kite 4 Telar and Mot ear a Toad. Who Tete Potete cup a a w. Umoh Lemk think Christmas we re having a Sale of famous creative playthings these arc the super playthings that not Only Amu a but m struck and coordinate As a ctr. Buy them now for can Emo info nay cams Mas stocking Urty a 3.99 a careful ii chosen group of smelt Besic toys suitable tor Bebe As 3 to 14 months. A e colourful stocking. Stockings Fot Oldt children Regy Ledy to 2.99 a stocking of toys for these Ages girls. 2 to 4 years boys. 2 to 4 years. Girls. 5 to 7 years end boys 5 to 7 years. Tantog Kan avg. 1.50 99c really Fescine Ting. Holds e child s interest shows How Drewing can be enlarged or reduced. Pencil end paper included. For 4 to 8 years. Magnetic boat sit . I.7s 99c five wooden boats 2 and 3 Ong. Ere guided by a magnetic Wand. Move smoothly in the tub or on the floor. For i to 8 years. Woodin Kui Lis . 2 50 99c called Quot Palm Quot puzzles because they fit in a child s hand or pocket. Each one offers a different problem to solve. Set of 6. 8 to 16 years. Yoshiki dolls 99c pair of japanese wooden dolls 3 / 2�?� High. They come apart in the Middle to show 6 tiny dolls miniatures of the larger ones. 4 to 10 years. Motion rocks . 2.00 99c teaches a Young child coordination. He removes and replaces the Little Peg people in the rocking boat. For 1-3 years. Host Rockir avg 2.00 99c a fit in toy with Little Peg rider in a wooden horse. Helps a child in first efforts to fit Peg in right holes. I to 3 years. Flying Bird re. I.2t 99e brightly painted wings open to 21 Span when Bird is rubber band catapulted into the air. Metal Frame. 6 to 12 years. Collage kit ref. 1.75 99c self adhering forms which a child positions on heavy cards with imprinted backgrounds. For Ages 5 to 10 years. Instant a curbs avg. 4 for $3 3 of 99c each packet has colourful illustrations with rub on to Complete pictures of House cartoons or alphabet. 4 to 9 years. Higbee world of toys fourth floor downtown All stores

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