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Call And Post Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1970, Page 3

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Call and Post (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Cleveland, OhioCelebrate Prince Hall my # i i i i to ital for lbs to mail or. Pm Sam ass web save 5 80% tit Paar Ytalia i a ii Cia Velm i Laau i Sadilee if tit . Up Kama Ribra id Ait Liwaj a awl Bali Fer the free a Hill a Ataa i Imd for Boa m Aad Dir Fca ,l�0 a al a Hoeft Aniual Cirmeli bal i Tai Cadar armm. From pay a mar aaa tto Boa a a a Prad trek d. A Piiwaa Carmi pm Coart Save 70% save s 60% Bally c4mml�?z Dir of or. A Ltd a Quot a a a Brm Ehst with mrm . Bufor it Etlan Mccoy Louis Joni he i Virell Bro Arr cd tiny Lawson and Amirson Awa Roco Dallavilla Iii. Pc Tal ustakas w. And Rtin or. A Fhil son or. And mra. So cat Andaraos tr., my e. Both St., Clevaland it congratulated with a kiss from i Fiva Yaar old Daug Avtar of Indra Aliar Rac Alvig Tea us. Air fora command Atlon Madal at Soott fab Iii. Mrs. An Paton and coronal John w. Saif commander of tha 375th Aero Aducal air Llyl Wolfl look on. . Air Forca pts to Cle Velander receives his commendation the musicians a providing tha Ataru infant Wara tha soul Notas and tha fabulous Fabar Gaa plot Rad Balow Ara i to r Mathaw latter mrs. Lula Wada voter a Gattra ton director Scotty Pitman Ronnia Sabatar Ron Mastay Staphan Daan. Jimmy cola Curtis Butlar and Larry Graat Houma. Photo by Hanry Crawforth a act begins camping for new memberships a a of rms a u act Ftp my Wao Deu Enron. Praez a my Oft be cd Tallud dmm at their Pla Namba Rimp eat it Leo kick of. To a a Bald i idly Mem litha How Roopi Ai Iba Arllof brat no co., Omney Art. Tim 19t0 Many amp goal la Aat it �,000. Tea or let Stu and oct. M. To Bali a al Tala Yaari a cup Alan a Aace aaa a word tog to mrs. Wio Aid Faux Mamba ship director Waara aaa Kiac Volt Tara fit oar 5,000 Mam bars to a Craft Aav ii Virgil Brown or. Jomaa Earl limb a Obaob Tad t boat it Tobars. Mag m Pragna. Frt. Ruri a Anat take Over Bis Aimcham fad Araj a Lauriet Jadwga told Aloa Vila Parrata last Vaal to atop Latar Farrag mob tha Opar Itlen of Lawty Dalagr Aganad Pozuc Agboola in a Rural Talladega co to about so Ellaa Anat of bin Mchain. Jadwga h. Hobart Gronau Varanai tha its my Aad Thrata Woad of mat a foam bold Tuaoi m or Bilaal enat Saipt of oort him fim Flaa Macb $100 and byte Ibay pm lad la a rapt a Agboola la Tah Armga county. A Baa Mimi Clara Zofiaa la Ibraha Talladega Agboola last a acc Aai Milai to bar ova Coarasa of 00 win 34.00 to 4g 00 is i a i a f a a i us 10 00 were 2ft540.00 were 16 95 ?6 95 at Eastgate Only 74 s�1v15 Anlo l car mfr smog Maor for Mem St Ltd Chi Saveci. Inti i to for of parlous Miani snows Hist ii soil Way it Fyk so Loe Hennt Lisiria Staves. Eig Gili ship. Ctr. Swy ii it Belle Vnti a Baa w. Aad Naoo jr., Aoa of Aai mra. Mob a a Baraoa , pm mme Tao Mil for Laparl. Tarl aaa Captiva radar too Aad Bla Tea for Paar Laboray a do Gator Dalr Safru Minur 70 Llora thaa 200 a Saibara Aad Tala we of Tea Maack Kaaa oat to Tea Pap rally. Nearly Lopato Pla St Gaad tor a daring tha Salabra Tafla. Loading a Roa Amigab aaa lira. Lola d. A bid a Ractor of Rolar rata he Flaa tor a act. Familiar Vorpi Uba a trap part Puet Laa Pra Aastad Toa Macatol at Laatt fab m.,Abara to Aarom Toal air Llyl of Iba Mivy Airlift com numb a Blob proved a global air lift for a multary Toraa. Tha and in 19�,0 to broach tha to Latroa Carat program and Holdi Tea rating of Zanfor put Faataa Kaaa Aai or a Smth on Latara Atad la having afloat la the Black eco Omic Unoo a it dec tac ukr 70, Grambling a. Jick Aoa Stata football Gune to be played at the Clev mod stadium 00 saturday october 24 Tould coolant Ito. Margot Tulman at 621-944s. The Parade vill begin at 1 00 . And will Pracede the football game which Tarta at 4 00 . Deadline tor participate of la october 10, 1970. A lot me Call who took Bourbon out of the old Stone Jug Law Haubec i a i. W. Harper polished off the rough edges but kept the Fine taste of the Hill country which is Why or. Harper s whiskey is known As honest bourbons but with manners. Harper is�wwwjw8nwaffiim<asw�otwmaiifisomiuimci.tauawu Aad the Cala Aab song Givara new word Ahtes Irp Cable to Tea Isaac a. A Parold Phafa of Tad Bear they wart being he two Tali Tad Rook gym a vol Anima blog thar car Vlcan. Tea Soal not a Aad Tea fab Ragaa a Arad tha spot Liaf. Fred Crosby of crop by of a Altara store 1i4s5 St. Clair ava., doa Atad 200 Worth of Pri aaa. Among Tho a Prasant Kwa Lodga Coto nmn mra. Juao Liadi Aon mra. Thelma Jomaa ii Bishop ,, mrs. Lolaa Ogla Aby mra. Nurses to graduate in. Skill Tomt Timu oaten Avenue Clave Lalii wife of Richard l. Yoong Mother of four children ii 11, 9, 8, will Granata sap Tambar hat from Central school of poetical Nara ii 3300 Chattar Amma be valid. Mra. Tom t Imi Grad to of Joba Hay High al shool at Tao dad Central scholarship from tha Whf program of tha Ohio stat employ ment service. She Plana to work a a Uca Naad prot lot Noraa in Tea Community Aalto Flake mrs. Mildred Mahoma 7909 Buda Park Avenue Miof John d. If Home and Mot bar of Flea a Holdron 20, 18, 17, 18, 11, will Granata sapi Teshar hat from cantral school of practical nursing 3800 Chaster Avanna Clevaland. Mra. A Tahoma Aba Flat Toad an adult Edn Estloa sigh Cabool diploma in 1967, Atta Odd Central school with a fall scholarship from the Whf program of the Ohio Stata employ meet service. Sha plan Stoworko As a licensed practical Surat in surgery or Abate tracs. John w. Harris 28 Dies while Fishi if John w. Harris jr., 8689 Rich Moisid rd., was Dro wad tuesday aug. 18, while fat tag with fria ods in Avon Lake Ohla. A Nativa of All Cavita ala., Harria was bom March a 194s. I to am Loyad Ai Alcoa. Survivors in clods his wife Mamie of six Efa Udren Norman Era Dematria Johnny Kim and Timmy. Funeral Arranga Manta Are pending the recovery of Harris body. Kodak introduces the Flash cameras that work without Flash batteries. ilk v k ingenious new a Flash system works like magic with mag Kubes. Camera and shoot away. Four i flashes to each cube. If you to use a uae4-up i mag cube a Rod signal in me viewfinder warns you. If you to use a Battery Type it Flash cube it \ fit it in the Filev Ai Way. Tie new a Moa cameras. From Leas than $21. Now you can take Good Clear Flash pictures without Flash Batt Ariea. With a of the new Kodak Inata matk x cameras. Bull never have to buy replace or even think about Flash Batteria again. Instead thaia the new self powered mag Kube. It s flashed 1 Hapring not a Battery just pop one on the it is simply won just drop i and Flash away

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