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Call And Post Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1970, Page 1

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Call and Post (Newspaper) - September 19, 1970, Cleveland, OhioIn National news Blackm abroad a4ru� a oms a a Hultai 17, it att ii Pat Tda if 17 Vert Bucot we no a ibo Tufi Tbs Mumm i raid u t a Lefea Ift program. Ai a a of Mack party a a they Dia. Co mod to Tell Asp Elomaa. Of of urn Moat Litro Miil Omo we told by Warra Amakyi Wiki won a to Fuad. To Bald. I Vaa a Val Klag of act of Chi fatty. Puoplo Kopi Comly if to to and Toschlag my hair and a Akia. Tyty too and a Naod by at. Who i Voogd Shako Haida with a Yocum child to Woald Alvada look Hia Tanda to too if my color Abbod off of Hla. Lean air Fife it rage reigns at Cal former head a fired a tight for control of cantral Sarto Raj Wralty dog Norstad Talo Ballad Rago Voth to Man Long it Loaa Quot firing a of mat Biag Proal doot Hormaza Brazaoo last Tobii Radaje. Ono Ota Onorr Angl Atod Liat it May to boat if All Ciao mom Bora of Tom Board of tin Atoka Orold Raign and Portt to Cabool to Mako a Boob gloning. To Only Rodom Anatoly Black Una Moraity in Otilo la boat by Bloma that la Ludo a 1500,000 shortage of Fiieda from dormitory to Vonmoo fears by faculty and students that to Natl Tzuoo will to Aba and out of oxi Tonco through Morgory with nearby Wright Stato univ orally resentment of the replacement of Black Board Mcm Bora with we Stoa. To air Point too problem Haa Boon Cooata atly int Konowa. To City of clo Toland door Bavo a Hatab Labod air pour too Coda and Vlola Iora of to Codo Aro mod to penal Una. On to anday Sopt. 15, Hoard no waa hold in which to City of Clovo land charged to format City foundry with re Olaila of to Riillo c la. Tho of to bearing waa to lot India try know that Puoplo Aro al Csc of Broadb ii dirty air. In the South Black Beauty a Judy Paco or to of Tho loading Young act Cotton in Hollywood Start in Paramount Tel a lilo i Quot Tho Young Layart Quot which will air Oach monday night Over Abc to Ana of tha Taiton i naw fall programs. Miss Paca portrays a Studant lawyer in tha dramatic Larlas which also surs Loa j. Cobb mid Zalm miking. Quot to break Down bigotry you have to Start who tha of held ran of this nation while Thair attitudes Are still forming Quot fays Judy. Quot maybe television can help by showing Soma of tha Beautiful Black people Worf cing associating and living in tha same Community with White people Quot miss Pace was Diso Varad by Hollywood while modelling clothes for Ebony Magazine i s fashion fair. In add than to television roles in a dozen different shows she has appeared in a number of motion Turee. Including the current hits Quot Cotton comes to Harlem Quot and Quot up in the miss Pace summed up her feelings saying Quot i look Forward to the Day i can read that the a act is going out of business because bigotry is dead Quot Tea Lathat eruption at the school which la widely known for Ita turbulent Errota. Revolved around the appointment of Waverly Glover to the Board. Glover in the development director of nearby Springfield continued on Page iia or. Herman Branson. Fired offer resign re a Crry edition com Post so no form 3s79 to . Boa 9237, Clov Mimno Ohio 44wi vol. 57. No. 38 saturday september 19, 1970 36 pages 20f woman drowns when she goes Wool no in a water among the 8 x Black Ato Dente al St. Jab s.c., Tara Art Only three Whitea two Boya and a girl they Are the children of Billy Youaw who nays Quot Tyty to be Anjoy lag Wuhan the peat two years Ottar Waltas Stead with integration Traola Trad altar to Vala achoo la or across Cabool la tract Ihma. Many of the com Muni Tita in tha South so at Ataa Are making its Mola to combat Sagrati Flam. A Sang Blacks and Whit a from Goa Segool to a other is one of the is bods employ so total Lei nals Quot sap rata but equal amp Cili Tiea. Taos Amanda of Blacka Are now Uttmi div Agboola in com Mantle a that once Bald Quot never rabbi Hills trial set for october polities 70 held Josaph w. Barounak chair Maui of tha Cay Aboga Amo erotic ext cat Iva committee and Robert e. Hoghes chairman of Tbs Cay Aboga Asp Obj can exact Elva committee la cosand to bar resp Octiva Candi data plat Toma and Isa Tabe Kirt is Mitra of Tea Northeast Oblo chapter of tha Public re Gailone Soldaty of America on tuesday sept. 8 in Tea Oblo room of Tea Statlar Hilton. Each of the political Chahi Dall tred a 15 minute Prasanta / Hon allowing Tima for quart Iowa from thus Mamba Organ nation at Tea kick off sat Lugof the 1970-71 program year. Some of the Legal confusion surrounding rabbi David Hul jailed Leader of the House of Israel 1157 Hayden ave., May be cleared up when his trial starts in october. Hill and James Raplin his associate will go to court one year after their indictment by an All White grand jury panel on charges of blackmailing Mcdonald restaurant owners. The pair led a Boycott that resulted in the Sale of the drive ins in Black areas to Black investors. Hill 41, is in Cleveland under the terms of Art Rogover norms agreement Between Ohio a James a. Rhodes and gov. Richard b. Oglivie of Illinois. Following next Mouth s trial Hill is to be returned to a Cago to free charges of grand theft and bail jumping. Despite efforts of attorney s Stanley Tolliver Charles w. Fleming and Robert a. Manning Hul will apparently remain behind bars until his cases Are disposed. The Law yers bad gone into state courts in two counties and into u. S. District court to get their client freed. Judges have ruled that Hill is properly confined because be could not make Bond of $140, xxx in c3ilcago. Hill has demanded through his lawyers that the prosecution either produce Illinois court records to show he is still under Bond or release him. Tolliver presented in Cay Aboga county court of appeals with a letter from the clerk of criminal court in Cook county m., stating that there is no Bond outstanding on Hul. That was eve Denee that there were no . Tolliver said. The judges ruled that this was not sufficient proof that charges had been dropped in c3iicago. Gov. Rhodes Sif sequently contacted gov. Oglivie and was informed by letter that Hiu is Stu wanted for trial in Chicago. The governor s agreement continued of Page Isa Quot have those were the last words of 21-year-old Anna Mae dark who drowned in Lake Erie last saturday morning. Witnesses told police miss Clark left a party of five other Young people near the East 55 so Marina to go in search of a rest room about 9 10 . A Mao who was fishing nearby said be saw the Young woman Wade into the water. She either slipped 00 a Rock or was caught by an undertow be related. She disappeared under the water before his eyes. West aider John Mcnea an off duty fireman who was visiting the Marina donned scuba Gaar and dived into the water with his clot ties of to Rescue the woman. Quot i Kepf going Down but u took of about is minutes to locate the body Quot Mcnea explained to the up. Quot i finally a need bar oat and Gava Moriah to Mouth resuscitation while i int rooted a civil lao in giving heart police arrived and applied oxygen but miss Clark was pronounced dead of arrival at my Foai. Mcnea a member of fire Rescue squad no. 1, said be and several co workers have purchased scuba equipment of their own and Hope to receive official Sig port from the Day for their torts. First reports termed the drowning a six Cit. This or ought no of Diana uhf from Tea family. J. D. Clark sr., the father said it could not have been a deliberate death. Quot be was a Nice kind per son who would give you any thug. She liked music and loved to dance Quot he described his daughter. Mrs. Geneva Daniels 9317 East 103 St the dead woman a Lister Bald miss Clark Didiot seem unhappy about anything. A Boyfriend who was with miss Clark at the time of the Accident was taken into custody by police but later released. Funeral Sar Valcas were scheduled for 9 ajn.,sept. 19 m w Boyd funeral Home. The former nursing student is survived by her parents Brothers . Jr., and Fred mrs. Daniels and another sister Beatrice and or. And mrs. Jerry Catholic. A where woman died a miss Anna while wading in this Section of the Lake Erie Shoreline. She either slipped or was pulled under the water by the current in this Erea of Sharp drop offs. Boats in the background Are docked at the 55 St. Marina. Mother found on stairway drug overdose suspected 13 face court welfare mothers Council Meelin i Judie criticized Boycott schools by Ellen Delmonte and Dick Peery the greater Cleveland safety could cd held it s first Board of control meeting after the summer recess 00 wednesdays. 16, at 12 noon in the Lewis room oath Sheraton Cleveland hotel Ohio state senator from the 25th District John h. Weeks was the first speaker for the fall program. His subject was Quot safety related in Panther trial welfare rises an almost 1 10% increase in the number of federally aided welfare rec Plenta is expected in Cuya hoga county if Congress passes the welfare Reform Bill. Mayor Stokes told the committee that the new welfare Bill will have no actual effect because the Benefit level is too Low and there should be pore federally of minded work programs As an alternative to Public assistance. Rent strike the residents Council of Valley View Homes plan a rent strike against the Cleveland metropolitan housing authority unless a cleanup Campaign and repairs Are under Way by oct. 1. Bulletin a Quot Tell s like b is discussion for Rabi David Hiu Quot jul be held sunday sept. 20� 1970 at Howard Johnson Motel 107th Euclid ave. Penthouse urn 4 pin. Panellist attorneys Howard Savage Chicago Charlea Flemming and Stanley Toliver of Cleveland Bob Wilus mss Cleveland press Bra dial eat Blank Unity Heusey and Bro. Dover of the House of Ivel new York a attorney Herald b. Lefcourte a defence lawyer at the trial of 13 Black panthers persisted last week in introducing statement concerning a 20-year old accusation against the judge. Despite Stern Admont lairs from state stg reme court Justice John Murtaghh attorney Lefcourt argued that Justice Murtagh should disqualify himself because the defense charged he had been selected by the prosecution. Attorney Lefcourt also made reference to the arrest of judge Murtagh in 1950 on a charge of wilful and unlawful neglect of duty. At one Point Justice Murtagh interrupted attorney Lefcourt shouting Quot i am reminding you that you Are a member of the the lawyer responded by saying that the statement he was making were connected to the procedure by which Justice Mur tags had been selected to hear the trial by the District attorney. Again the Justice reminded attorney Lefcourt that he was a member of the bar. The lawyer then asked Quot do i understand the court to be threatening me Justice Murtagh in apparent disgust cd ruined that the Orl Glenal Tufti nation my in Brooklyn alleging that he had Fred to report evidence of police graft end Crompt Paowhei Hel was the Elty a coming Exloner of was Quot dismissed by the court of Apps tvs. A attorney Lefcourt replied that the Reeson for the unit Metal was that the charge Quot Mould have been brought at in this county under District attorney Frank Hogan. That was done but no indictment was returned by the grand jury in Manhattan said or. Lefcourte adding Quot that District attorney has selected you to be the judge in this Case. Assistant District attorney Joseph Phil Lupe Loee to protest attorney Lafoou a comments saying Quot there is no compel Long reason to put trash in the record. Justice Murtagh denied the motion saying he would take attorney Lef oort a conduct under Adela Emeott and added Quot the defendants Are assured they will receive a foil and Frler trial All persons entering the 12 floor court room were searched and 25 uniformed Guarda were on Doty inside As Juat Loe Murtagh recessed the court at noon 290 supporters of the Der Daute gathered in Foley Square for a rally. Most of the afternoon hessian in court was devoted to the quest losing of the first prospective jurors Edmond Grady a 60-year-old retired More clerk. The Man was excused by Justice Murgagh and the court recessed. Mothers of school children on welfare began a Boycott of schools wednesday morning. The greater Cleveland welfare rights organic Ationo started the drastic Effort to Call attention to demands that clothing funds be issued for 50�000 students of Relief. Quot free schools have been set up in cur Chest Homes and neighbourhood centers. They Are reportedly staffed by certified teachers. Pickets were at two schools Lincoln West High Meyer ave. . And Addison Junior High East 79 St. And Hough ave. See welfare Story elsewhere in this Issue an the sudden death last week of East Side woman with a prostitution record once again Points to the tragedy involved in a life of drugs. The body of miss Sydney my Clany alias Kimi Erly Foore 36, was discovered Early thursday morning. Sept. 10 on a Landing at the e.105stdoan-Brook hotel with Needle Marks on Bolh arms. Her clothes were Dis arrayed. The body appeared to have been placed or thrown to the funding. Although foe cause of death is still undetermined it maybe a result of a drug overdose. Continued go Page 18a new smear theties used but Stokes wins Battle forces opposed to mayor Carl b. Stokes have launched attacks on his efforts to run the City from Many direct Loas including the suburbs and City Council. Attack Pinkney mayor Stokes recent warning mrs. Stith chosen Mildred Stith has been appointed o the principal of the much publicised Harvard Lee Junior High formerly Hoban doll Alcan. Stanton resigns James v. Stanton resigned As president of City Council monday. He made the move after seeing his once Iron Rule Over his colleagues become weaker in recent months. Stanton salvaged his political Powers by bowing out of a leadership role As his expected november departure draws near. The West Sider who has been the chief opponent of the Stokes administrations programs for three years engineered the move that allowed Murray Hill councilman to i Creed to the president s chair. Black Republican Virgil Brown was also nominated for the Job by a it a league John Kellogg. Garefou received his own vote and that of 18 fellow democrats. Brown got . Eight Stokes Silt it Ort ers boycotted the session until file election was completed. Stanton is expected Tobe elected to Congress in two months. At the last Council meet i Stanton tried to Muster enough votes to override the mayor s veto of administration Cripps so legislation that had been passed during the summer. The Prosl dents Ruurt to control the Votos he once had was an incl Castloo that his Power in democratic Clr Clea waa in jeopardy. To his aides that they May be subjected to vicious personal attacks because of their association with him came True last week. Arnold Pinkney assistant to the mayor was the target of a smear Job in a suburban paper last week. The article suggested that there was a conflict of interest Between Pinkney a City Hall position and the involvement of his insurance firm in an apartment development at East Boulevard and Wade Park ave. Quot this term conflict of interest has really been overused since Stokes became mayor Quot Pinkney stated to the Call a Post. Pinkney Perry insurance co., has a 2 percent interest in the Park place continued on Page 18a Chiquita Rucker girl missing a 15-Yeay-old student who attends John Adams High school has been reported missing since september 4. Her name is Cly Quita Rucker daughter of mrs. Sadie Rucker of 9921 Reno ave. Known to her friends As Quot Deedee Quot the youngster is 54 and weighs 120 lbs. She was last seen on sept 4 at a Ilo p. In. Of Eastern Ava wearing a White Silver dress and mems. Anyone knowing of the girl s wow readouts should to tiny mrs. Sprue Rucker at 441-0796. Board members a attending the a act membership drive kick off were Charlee Peery Earl Lawson Wendell Erwin president of the Cleveland Naaf photo by hairy Crawford see Story on page3a v r waa a. A

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