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Call and Post (Newspaper) - September 2, 2015, Cleveland, Ohio the Call and Post wednesday september 2,2015 Page 3a Ohio a Black news Leader Calu Post founded 1916 Cleveland a Columbus a Cincinnati Don King publisher George l Forbes chief Legal counsel cd Pyrle tatt20l5, Don Kin hoi dinks. Inc. 216-588-<i700, our opinion the Root of slavery in America was labor t 1 he cause of slavery was labor. The first african slaves were brought to the North american Colony of Jamestown a. In 1619, to Aid in the production of such lucrative crops As tobacco. Slavery was practice throughout the american colonies in the 17th and 18th centuries and african american slaves helped build the economic foundations of the new nation. It was the invention of the Cotton Gin in 1793 that solidified the Central importance of slavery to the South a Economy. However by the turn of the mid-19th Century America began expanding the slave Trade Westward along with a growing abolition movement in the North. Ultimately it would provoke a great debate Over slavery that would tear the cause amp effect nation apart in the bloody american civil War 1861-65. Though the Union Victory freed the nations 4 million slaves the legacy of slavery continued to influence american history from the tumultuous years of reconstruction 1865-77 to the civil rights movement that emerged in the 1960s, a Century after emancipation. The initial effect of slavery was racial division and the treatment of Blacks As less than human denying us of our rights to Freedom. This week As we celebrate labor Day with festive events such As parades and barbeques we should be reminded of what labor really is. It is the foundation of America the roots of Freedom of expression the empowerment of intellect the right to vote the right to choose and to be educated. These May seem like Basic fundamental elements in most suburban communities where Middle and upper class citizens debate about How big they want their swimming Pool built or How much they will pay the live in maid or Gardener but in most Black communities it is labor that is lacking. Blacks Are responsible for building America there is not one single fabric of this country that was not influenced by Blacks but in our communities we Lack adequate educational institutions and thus the Chance to gain More meaningful employment. The unions built to protect workers rights have shut Blacks out. We be come a Long Way from the Cotton Mills but without intellectual empowerment adequate compensation for a Good Days pay will continue to be a Long ways away. Call and Post owner and publisher Don King is the greatest boxing promoter in the world but what really catapults him into a different stratosphere is the uncanny brilliance of his mind that is considered Genius. Each week King will be offering some perspective on life Community humanity and being Black other opinions Emmett till a life still matters by Benjamin f. Chavisjr. Nipa columnist the More things change the More they stay the same. Racially motivated murder of Young Black americans across the United states is not a new or rare phenomenon. For too Long this brutally fatal manifestation of the madness of american racism has persisted in the face of Public horror and disgust. August 28 marked the 60th anniversary of the death of 14-year-old Emmett Louis till who was abducted beaten and murdered near Money miss for allegedly whistling at a White woman. At the time Mississippi led the nation in the number of lynchings according to records kept by the Chicago Tribune. The brutal death of the teenager visiting from Chicago served As inspiration for the Montgomery bus Boycott which began in december 1955, four months after till a death. The current Black lives matter movement that continues to gain momentum and support throughout the nation also engenders vivid memories from the past. The anniversary of Emmett till a murder and the subsequent not guilty verdicts that were Given to till a confessed White killers stand As a painful reminder that systemic racial injustice in the . Has been a Long term reality for Black America. We have to credit the raw courage of Emmett till a beloved Mother Mamie till Mobley for not allowing her songs murder to go unnoticed throughout the nation and world. Sister Mobley was a Strong Mother and she refused in the face of enormous pressure to keep her songs casket closed at his funeral in Chicago. Mamie till Mobley resisted the advice of the funeral director and insisted that the casket carrying the badly mutilated body of her son remain open for Public viewing. She said a i wanted the world to see what they did to my and that is exactly what happened. Jet Magazine and hundreds of Black owned newspapers across the country put the horrible picture of Emmett till a crushed face on the front Page of their publications. Millions of Black americans and others responded with Calls and demands for Justice for Emmett till and his family. I had the Opportunity on several Occa Sions Over the years to speak and meet with Mamie till Mobley in Chicago and in new York City before she died in 2003. Sister Mobley was also a staunch civil rights activists and Leader. 1 remember that she once said to me a we have to keep on fighting for Freedom no matter what obstacles that May put in our path. We have suffered too much to let anything or anyone take us backwards As a her words Are still True and relevant today. As we Are now preparing for the 20th anniversary of the million Man March Justice or else on october 10 in Washington d.c., the legacy of Emmett till and the piercing truth of the Long life and struggle of Mamie till Mobley still scream out to this Day to demand Justice and Equality for Black America and All those who have been victimized and oppressed by racism and injustice. Recently at Emmett till a graveside in the Burr Oak cemetery near Chicago there was a memorial service organized by the Mamie till Mobley memorial foundation. Airicka Gordon Taylor Confounder of the foundation and a relative of till stated a i see Many parallels with what happened to Emmett you can connect the dots. Our family we had dealt with injustice for 60 years. We never had Justice for Emmett till a yes the dots Are being connected. The Black lives matter is growing and the memory of what happened to Emmett till serves As an important reminder. Geneva Reed veal the Mother of Sandra Bland the Young Black american woman who was arrested in Texas and found hanged in a jail cell just a few weeks ago was also at the till a graveside memorial. The pain that the till family still feels is the pain that the Bland family feels. This is pain that Black America feels. Each generation of Black americans has had to endure this pain but at the same time continue to demand and struggle for racial Justice Freedom and Equality. Black lives matter. Emmett till a life still matters. Benjamin f. Chavisjr. Is the president and ceo of the National newspaper publishers association Nipa and can be reached at or. Schavis Nipa. Org. Can Hillary survive email controversy by Julianne Malveaux Nipa columnist if you had asked me just a year ago if former Secretary of state and senator Hillary Rodham Clinton would be the democratic nominee for president of the United states id have replied a no i expected a near Coronation on the democratic Side and a Little rough and Tumble on the Republican Side. Jeb Bush i thought would have a few competitors nipping at his heels but the Chris Chris ties Bobby Jindall and Scott walkers of the world had ambition and followers but nothing to top Jeb. I thought this would be a legacy race and while i did no to much like the do Jivu feeling about 2016, it seemed to be inevitable. Now the Republican nomination has turned into a reality television show with feuds being played out on twitter and Good sense is As Likely to show up in these Republican gatherings As calculus is to be found in kindergarten. Now what promised to be a sleepy democratic Glide to the nomination has evolved into if not a contest at least a Challenge for Hillary Clinton. As Clinton has muddled her Way through the state department email drama potential competitors have circled her like Sharks circling blood in the water. It has taken her months to grudgingly admit her mistakes. If she was going to give the emails from her private server up with an apology for her bad judgment Why did no to she do so in the beginning As it is she has raised All kinds of questions about her honesty and allowed Rabid republicans to go after her with a vengeance. A progressive Democrat was Likely to jump into the race regardless of what Clinton said or did. Senators Bemie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have pushed Clinton to the left with their rhetoric and few could have predicted that Sanders would not Only enter the race but also attract millions of both people and dollars to support him. While the super pics funding Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton Are collecting six and seven figure checks the average Sanders donor has Given about $30 to his War Chest. There is blood in the water and vice president Joe Biden is now considering vying for the presidency and some see him As a a insurance in Case Hillary implodes. The email drama should not sideline her from this race by itself but weak showings in the Early primaries especially As she has already campaigned hard in Iowa and new Hampshire will Bruise her badly. Clinton supporters seem to think she has locked up much of the democratic Money but with his Long history in politics and a group of Loyal supporters there May be More than a few pennies out there for Joe Biden. And if Clinton even appears to stumble there May be millions out there for Biden. Hillary Clinton has become a much better campaigner than she was in 2007 and 2008. She seems More approachable and Friendly than she was then although there Are some members of the press who would say otherwise. We be seen much less of former president Bill Clinton on the Trail so far than we did last time around which is a Good thing. Lots of people love Bill Clinton but his presence often raises the question about who Wilt be running the White House. In some ways Hillary Clinton has All her ducks in a Row just like she and her supporters thought she did before president Barack Obama said he was running for president. Clinton stumbled in Early 2008, and she May stumble again. Her handlers need to make sure she Speaks to the press More often and More transparently. She needs to tone Down the sarcasm to build her like ability up. Her focus on working families and Middle class families is great but she might try to say a word or two about the poor. Poor folks wont write checks but if they feel included they can surely vote. If Biden jumps into this race the african american Community is Likely to be conflicted. If president Obama endorses or supports his vice president those Loyal to him in the african american Community will give Biden More consideration that they might have otherwise. At the same time african americans generally like former president Bill Clinton and much of that affection spills Over to Hillary Clinton. And there Are tens of millions of democratic women who feel that it is overdue for a woman to Lead our nation. Hillary Clinton needs to loosen up and lighten up and that is not her nature. She can prevail if she tweaks her Campaign strategy and opens up to the press. The email drama is Likely to go away but it wont if she remains defensive. And while an uptight Clinton might win a spirited fight for the nomination an uptight Clinton wont win the presidency. Our nation will in worse off if a Republican wins the presidency in 2016, and virtually doomed if the blustering Trump wins the White House. Hillary Clinton is Worth fighting for but Shell have to tweak her style to rally the troops. Julianne Malveaux is an author and economist based in Ivas Hington do. She can be reached via

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