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Call And Post Newspaper Archives May 27 1972, Page 1

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Call and Post (Newspaper) - May 27, 1972, Cleveland, OhioDivision not in Tho Black ranks even and a District ci9w�lm he ot0 of itt or min to political Vic Lotif this a Cloty i Camo pow big on a Mcm my i of int or Milf 0� Cha 7ui Oit Inci caucus and a Pica Community Tito of morn ago it a Amo Craitic party of Cuy Aho of county had adamantly Ratu Tad att Tiar to Tiara Prarar or Giva Maantz Gaul to cognition to tha Biati Community at a rat ult of two Yawara of Damon rating iia unify and itt political clout tha Black Community now thar a a part of Maxamo cratic party on a poor and Aquai bait thit Community a Vonrad a Ruggia for Aquai a paraan tation Irant Candi All Parson Clitias this was a Community Victory tha caucus must now Usa its strength to fortify this meaning Tui inter Grazion of Black and Whita Amo crafts into a uni Tad com. Unity tha Mam bars of tha caucus and tha pram i commit Aaman and commit taa woman of tha 21st con Gressional District Ara to a commanded for a of Wall Dona through Unity a took a giant Stap Forward a Arnom pin assay tha list of Sirof caucus is sir ongar and Mora Una Tiad today than avar Biafora m its history naturally Thara Ara diff Granoas of opt won among any Mam bars of a group but Thosa Dit Faranca Hava always Baan worked out behind closm9 doors with rasp act for Aach Ornar s pop in of View and lha caucus has always Margad Arm Wim con. Tina to Amiga As a unified group tha important thing tor Blacks is that now tha caucus can bag Lorattia to Isaiaa and programs which Riata to tha aads and con earns of Black a Aorta m so doing a Srill a Abia to broaden Thair a Oica. Batausa particularly in tha caucus which now Wim a both on a political and nonpolitical basis any efforts on lha part of tha news papers Whita a. Publicans or Whilia Amo crafts to Driva a Wadge Bat wan tha unified Black Community will Prova futile if any Lasson has Baan contort had on Paga 4a to Alvin Waco you my a Safar in Taigon Man you Ara m a Piffl Poi Tea District according to statistic a rata Aad by a Cia Sailand Potica of apartment i its annual Vapori for f9t1 tha firm stat not had tha of Ghat i Oncida count of any of Uffia at Dir tits a local 0f Tod Naopia Wara Saportad a a a time of criminal Hom Thida Matys a m iria District As compared with Only Cavan Heck has tha Lowart number Saportad m lha Prift 0<stricf of Cia Varand s Nat Ida tha pith stat not is a heavy popu Iliad Black Tai Rio ohm posed of parts of Hough Araa a Dar Ltd Antral Biaas and Inada pars Araa tha tilth a Katricie it of an a it Ira Masy irs want Maka up of Naopia Arm Pacwa and Wah a Bawdy Antar tammany Moe a in Canad Wimus a Block Otma tilth Ostrich Hadd tartars Fuch it is Aiad at of Agar aus Arm fast Ign it of via poach Domcia lha Titch of Tirico Ragi Ararad lha Mph wet number of Straat Robbana Arm Asa Auw to Rob Moat of lha Fin Vang Tommar anal Busina saas sailing to atari Popsa am grouped log Ahoi along a Kwh a hum Iasi Ftp to up la Fnu a in eth Furtat and cd cd Awa Fahara we a a a mm0 of i my or of f i tha a Naff at Trankita pop Tshon m to Hastad m tact mat lha Tinh Oisin i had tha High at Numar of a Sauters a total of t 2t4 War rag a Arad tha Paisarn of in mini m Darm of Sasten of a Cay or Buck a nth of Bifia Kamhar Paopao Arm Wutoh my Toraa Rity a mow lha Naino Orihood run want you pm of 0 in aria Japan of no Uppa Moi a Mora Saaty secs Siats Arm Oval Labia for the in Mai comm Reiff Araas and ratio Natal Sra a has Ort Nam Imda of criminal a Poura por a Apia tha fourth Cna Trici a vary rated animal a Patiana of it pit Isis. A Umon Awn a Araa and taa Harvard Ragia Arad tha to Naai Nuwar of Ara Samf Arm Antar Trig comat Thara wars a Toiata Sim Arwa is Rapona Thi ass a highest w a atty an Bomma i Aat and Maui Smaza the two Moat rat a Araas card bad a Page 4a City edition Cau rms Fth fun i at of i r to my a 44to� vol. No. N Aal urday May to. 1v72 40paqfii0� Why Cong. Stokes was selected Friday afternoon at a con. Franca in tha office of Cong. Louis Stokas. It was Dac Idad to Back tha nomination of Stokas for of socratic county chairman. At tha conference Wara Cong. Stokes councilman of Aorta for Baa. Board of de chairman Arnold Pinkney and councilman Charlas v Carr. This group made Thair recommendation to the 21st District caucus executive committee Friday night and it was unanimously approved. This decision was reported to democratic party leaders that night. The decision was arrived at because certain forces in the democratic party led by a big industrialist wanted to select the negro they would support they made it known they did not want Stokas deciding that no whits group was going to say who thay would accept the caucus decided Stokes would be accepted or there would be no agreement. Seeing the Solidarity of the caucus tha of socratic leaders agreed to go along with Stokes claiming that there was serious division within the ranks of the caucus by the White news Media was Only Wishful thinking by those who for two years have been trying to engender a division in the caucus leadership. Caucus Solidarity wins Stokes party leadership by Cole Riotoc Iones. Or. Predominantly Black precinct committeemen caucuses at the Sheraton hotel saturday in a a a meeting of preparation Quot to play tha Cleveland Brand of politics later in e convention of a party Mora attn. De to Black needs than two years ago. Oil aging because they Quot believed the 21st District Ceu Cus selection of congressman Louis stakes for the Cuya hoga democratic party tried would create s corrosive atmosphere of distrust the prophets of divisiveness were stunned end shocked it Black together eee Black interests in taking Power in Cuy Hoge county 6-year-old boy saves his grandmother a life end the ecco Menying patronage outweighed the prophets prediction of Mutual la crust the disciplined of Ommittee men. With full awareness of the place of county government and party control the Price tag on Thair Volas will buy. Approved both Kinmg the triumvirate of socratic party chairmanship and tha Sal action of Stokas sophist Istad Black Power disdained the crumbs of by James Lawerence perhaps the proudest grandmother in the entire City of Cleveland is mrs. Betty Pitts of 740 e. 125 St. Mrs. Pitts has quite a few grandchildren. But of Ell of them there is one in particular who she is especially proud of. He is Theodore Quot Teddy Quot breach or. The reason mrs. Pitts is so grateful to Teddy is because he is responsible for her being alive today. Teddy is Only six years old but through his adult thinking efforts he quickly recognized the seriousness of his grandmothers illness and sought immediate assistance mrs. Pitts who regularly babysit for her daughter came to the breach Home Early that monday morning and after getting a few chores out of the Way she started to prepare breakfast for her threw grandchildren while preparing the meal mrs. Pitts suddenly became ill and rushed to the Telephone to ask her daughter for assistance before she could Complete the Celt she began gasping for breath and fell to the floor immediately loosing Concio Uneas Teddy who has never been allowed to go on the streets alone at anytime reached Lawsons grocery store on e. 123 St. Almost completely out of breath he managed to Tell the store clerk that his Quot grandmother was dying end needed help Quot. He gave the store clerk the Telephone number of an aunt and Contact was immediately made though the courageous and diligent efforts of Little Teddy who his parents describe As being a Quot Bright Little boy. Mrs. Pitts is alive and presently recuperating continued on Page 4a Popof totem. But mumble county wide Power. Fumihi Lertg one item on the local Agenda bread on an unyielding vote unflinching the 21at caucus committeemen Mer Chad to the music Asti and held fast so sins latent raw survival instincts of those seeking to deny heeling of the two year split Between Whites and Blacks in the democratic party. Despite some Elmont a Nigel outbursts thres equal chairman Ware named by the Cuy shoe county democratic Central committee. Diverse party it greets reside in this triad one repro renting the discovery of Blacks in Cir Earhl mors than 1. Xxx it Parol rect commit Aaman elected Para ent party chairman Hugh a. Corrigan u s sri 4toettoer"an# a arms a Ardtoe. The Betant ill feted Opp Oei Tion to the tried pitched its Bette on a motion to Edo us. By their strident Leader Charles r. Miller. He struggled vainly for nomination As chairman. By s Vota of More then two co Namiad on Page 4a under investigation councilman Charles v. Carr Quot the action taken saturday in electing congressman Louis Stokes to the triad is what the caucus executive committee had decided to do. It reflected the attitude of the caucus. Quot i Don t know where the daily papers got their information-1 done to think there is a division i do think their speculations Are not founded on fact. A a i can understand Why some few Blacks and Many Whites would like to see the 21st caucus divided. Their prayers were not answered Quot i think some of the Whites were surprised and shocked that the Blacks held fast Quot councilman Gaorge Forbas Quot recently there have been several news stories relating to division within the 21st Congressi al District caucus. Those articles have made references to differences Between Arnold Pinkney congressman Stokes and myself. Those news articles Are not True. There Are no differences Between us. It was the Unity of this caucus that enabled us to be Able to forge a new Alliance with the Cuya hoga county democratic party. Quot congressman Stokes is the chosen Leader of the 21st congressional District caucus therefore it is logical continued on Page 4a Cleveland s Model cities residents Board of trustees election which concluded on saturday. May 6, 1972, with the announcement of part of Tho winners will require additional time before Tho full compliment of 29 trustees can be determined. According to Dargan j. Burns Model cities election consultant this delay has been caused by a number of criticisms and complaints concerning irregularities in Campaign techniques employed by both candidates and candidates supporters during the election process. It was Tho consideration of the election committee that for the Good of the Model cities program a thorough investigation of Alt charges and allegations be made by an Independent qualified investigation team and the report made to Tho full election committee who will make final a determination. J. William Petro executive Secretary to the mayor and chairman of Tho election committee said Quot our Model cities program is too important to take lightly and we must have Tho Confidence of the residents of the Model cities area most of All to make it work. A few Days of delay now to Clear Tho air will save us problems and unnecessary delays in the As soon As the 29 Board members Are certified and continued on Gaa 4a Community eyesore is death trap for Active Young boy proud grandmother mrs. Betty Pitts poses with courageous Little grandson Theodore breach jr., while recuperating at Forest City Hospital staff photo he Jimi Lawrence by Alvin Ward seven adventurous boys left their neighbourhood around East 104th St. And Miles Avenue last saturday late in the afternoon and walked Over 60 City blocks into Garfield Heights without their parents knowledge. Six boys returned Home without Freddie m. Hall. 11. Of 4166 East 104th St. His body was discovered drowned in an abandoned Sandpit about 5 13 . Monday. Relatives of the drowned boy complained that the former Stone Quarry pit is not guarded and is an eyesore spot and danger area that attracts children. Friends of the Little Freddie Hall said monday that he and a boy named Ralph Williams were on a makeshift raft \ Freddie Hall together. Williams jumped off the raft and the Hall boy began to Drift out farther into the deep Pond Freddie Hall was last Sean by his companions and Haard by them hollering for help a the raft capsized a few feet continued on a h 4a a Small businessman struggles to stay open in spite of continual robberies by Alvin Ward Rajac record shop a Black owned Small business was virtually chased off East 105th St. And Superior Avenue Back in 1968 during the Glenville rioting and looting. Now owner. Romey Curry 62, is faced with almost the same conditions on Lee Road since moving to his new location four years ago Curry has been a victim of two burglaries and two armed robberies. The first burglary. In 1969, Cost him a loss of $4,000 in televisions and record players. A second burglary netted the burglars about $200. Last year Curry said seven youths entered his store one evening and robbed him and his wife of $200. The robbers even took 60 cents from the counter belonging to one of three children customers in the store at the time of the robbery. Curry said out of Tho seven youths who wore involved in that robbery Only one 19-year-old male was convicted. The other six juveniles were released. Curry said Tho convicted Man received 10 to 25 years for the robbery. Quot but i still can t see Why the others were released Quot he commented. His most recent robbery attack took Plaza monday May 8. It was near closing time for or. And mrs. Curry when two suspects came into Tho store Between 8 30 . And 9 . Both armed. The robbers took $90 Cash from Curry a pocket and thate Guys coma in and they poke Pistola in your face and body. You done to know what they will a i m Lucky to be about $200 from tha Cash Register. A third Man stood outside the front door urging the other two men to get All the Money out of the front Cash Reg Latar and to Quot hurry police have arrested one Man involved in that robbery. The same Man was also identified last monday from police pictures by a 43-year-old woman who was robbed at gunpoint on Tho Street by the suspect a second Man in the Rajac robbery was Alao arrested for questioning or. Curry told the Call a Post this week a Lenvin exper Lenoe Curry a Man who looks much younger than hit years and Speaks with a dignified Buel Nesa tone of voice proudly continued on pegs 4a

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