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Call and Post (Newspaper) - June 3, 2015, Cleveland, OhioA a to h a june 3, 2015 june 9, 2015 Cavaliers is warriors game 1, thursday june 4, at 8 pm on Abc vol. 9 11800 Shaker blvd. Cleveland of 44120 All Ohio edition copyright 2015, Don k reverend a1 joins the i 3 i i -2 k h a a a 8 so o to g y to 5 a 5> 3 3 a a a it a it a a. A h o it it o g a i Etc. By James w. Wade Iii staff reporter last week the Rev. A1 Sharpton founder and president of the National action network came to Olivet institutional Baptist Church in Cleveland at the request of the Rev. Jawanza Colvin. Sharpton ignited hundreds As he talked about the violence in which some of the police officers in Cleveland have engaged. Sharpton said he has always advocated peace and non violence but noted that there has already been violence on behalf of the police officers who fired 137 shots into Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams car and shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice. Sharpton spoke about these two High profile shootings involving Cleveland police and spoke about How officer Michael Brelo was found not guilty. A How can this Man say he feared for his life while he was running into danger and even stood on the Hood of the car that a not fearful a said Rev. Sharpton. He talked about the Way Young Tamir was shot Down without any hesitation. A anybody that engages in violence is hurting the cause of these families a Sharpton said. He told everyone that he had spoken to mayor Frank Jackson who just signed a decent decree about the Cleveland police a couple Days prior to Sharpton a visit. A a lot of people want peace we Are going to be peaceful but we Are not going to be quiet. There is a difference Between peace and quiet a said Sharpton. He promised that the National action network will be Active in Cleveland supporting the families of Rice Williams and Russell. A families can to fight institutions you need institutions to fight institutions. If it takes every breath in my body they will not stand alone a said Sharpton. As a method to relay a heavy message Sharpton told a lighthearted Story about him and his sister in their younger years. He would see Roaches running around the Kitchen but every time he would bring his sister into the Kitchen for a show head Cut the lights on and the Roaches would run. They fooled Young Sharpton a few times before he got Wise and realized a was Long As the lights Are out Roaches will do whatever they want to do in your town but the minute you Cut the Light on. Roaches will Fly Roaches will run a Sharpton said. They ask you Why Al Sharpton came to Cleveland Tell them in a a a i have come to Cleveland to turn the Light on. This party Isnit going anywhere. We have come to Cut the Light on and we Are going to keep the Light on until we get Justice for these people a said Sharpton. He ended the Story by saying Cleveland the lights Are on you. Rev. Sharpton told everyone this is the kick off to Many More meetings and marches. A you think this is going to be a one week Story no. This Story see fight/4c Rev. Jawanza Colvin and Rev. Al Sharpton sitting in the pulpit of the Olivet institutional Baptist Church before Sharpton spoke to hundreds about police violence. Photo by James w. Wade Iii Kasich is nearing decision on White House run by Ike my Balogu contributing writer Columbus with All the republicans running for the White House it is hard to say who is going to emerge As the front runner from that Stampede to Duke it out with the presumed democratic front runner. And former Secretary of state Hilary Clinton. But one thing that is easy to conclude is this running for the White House on the Republican Side is starting to look More like Boston Marathon considering the burgeoning crowd of candidates getting into the race. Just recently three More republicans entered the race. Highly touted paediatric neurosurgeon or. Ben Carson former new York governor George Pataki and South Carolina senator Lindsay Graham All threw their Long shot hats in the ring touting their Republican credentials and bringing the total number of candidates to a lot. Its Good for democracy. One thing about having a lot of candidates in the race aside from the Many free for All brawls that will occur is that there a no Clear front runner which makes it a wide open contest which in turn gives each candidate a Chance to possibly emerge As one of the elite contestants. Perhaps that a Why Ohio governor John Kasich is thinking about getting into the race. Kasich who May also be positioning himself to Rise in Case the stronger candidates with broader household names stumble badly recently formed the a new Day for american Pac. The governor who in 2014, ruthlessly clobbered his democratic rival de Fitzgerald in his reelection contest has said that he is seriously thinking about running and continues to travel to Early primary states to test the Waters and see How his message resonates outside Ohio. Kasich a message resonated quite Well in Ohio a presidential Battleground state but How about outside the state a a we la see a said Kasich who is also travelling to see How Well he can compete for donors adding a a we la see whether i can have the and that a really the Bottom line. Its really no rocket science. Whether or not Kasich runs will depends a great Deal on How successful he thinks he will be in elbowing and muscling his Way to the front Row of the upper crust of contenders which in Many ways is a direct result of How Well he is liked in South Carolina where he visited last week in new Hampshire where he was recently and is scheduled to go Back and in Iowa where he is booked to speak on june 24. It goes without saying ohioans Are eager to know his intentions. Last week Kasich said that he will publicly announce his plans in july. If Kasich decides to run he will join a budding Shoal of candidates that see Kasich/4c editorial the sad state of Cleveland a a act the association for the advancement of a nobody a the truth of the matter is that the leadership of the Cleveland Branch of the a act is in a sad state of affairs at the most Inopportune time. It is not our intent to be critical of such a Noble and historically ingrained local institution on a whim but As advocates of Black people As a whole our readership and the Community we serve we Are obligated to speak truth to Power. But in the Case of the local a act there is a Power shortage. At a time that the a act should be the Flag bearer against Justice denied to Black people in Cleveland they Are unrecognizable far far from their de Facto duty of gatekeeper. As far As we can Tell somebody left the Gate open and the former gatekeepers Are nowhere to be found. We Are at a crossroad of historical proportions. With at least three cases of unarmed Black people dying at the hands of Cleveland police an intercession of City government and police affairs by the Federal department of Justice and a National wave of protest sweeping across the country one would think that if nothing else a act leadership would be at the forefront of activities on behalf of our civil rights. Instead they be gone in the direction of not Only has Cleveland a act presi Dent Hilton Smith been a missing in action a but even the Guy who is threatening to run against him for president if they Are Ever allowed to hold an election Hasni to shown up either. Now is not the time for our most potent civil rights organization to want to fight this fight with press releases. Leaders Lead by showing up and doing something. Reverend Jawanza Colvin is a shining example of what leadership should look like right now in Cleveland. Other leaders both Young and old have also come Forth to Bear that Cross but a act leadership is starting to look More like a double Cross. Infighting Power and politics have All but crippled the effectiveness of Cleveland a a act. This has to Stop soon. To put it mildly this is not the representation we have come to expect from them and this paper refuses to stand by As an a act apologist. For Christ a Sake even White people have taken up the cause. And yes there have been a few Wildcat outbreaks of rogue a act members trying to do the right thing on their own in fear of being reprimanded by the organizational body. And while some members have been Able to use their individual talents for the Good of the cause in spite of the see naacp/2a ceo Jacklyn Chisholm changes culture of education at be orc by Rhonda Crowder staff reporter a i am called to do this a said or. Jacklyn Chisholm speaking of her new role As president and ceo of be orc. And being a self proclaimed poster child for those who be overcome obstacles through sheer perseverance she realizes god not Only created her for this position he presented her with the necessary life lessons to fulfil this destiny with excellence. A i know what education can do so i am going to help people who Are just like me and who Are facing the same challenges me and members of my family have faced a said Chisholm who currently holds a in physical anthropology from Case Western Reserve University Cru. Be orc the Council for economic opportunities in greater Clevelandand Agency that a seen its share of challenges is a non profit organization dedicated to assisting Low income peo or. Jacklyn Chisholm Center with members of be orc Board of directors. Pie throughout Cuya hoga known for its head Start county. Although they pro programs. They serve Over vide a number of services 3,000 children a year. Be orc is probably Best a a be oct is at Point in its history where it needs new eyes a Chisholm said before discussing How her formal training can Benefit the organization. A was anthropologist our training starts with How people communicate. I am interested in How people Inden tiny Cross culturally. When i walk into a new place in a assessing the environment. Anthropologists Are Good strategic at be orc she looks Forward to establishing a new culture around education that exudes excellence by expecting the staff to be consistent and provide the highest Quality of service while being a Blessing to those they serve. See ceogc/4c a r j w 1 wed thurs Fri sat Sun l 74/63 82/60 j 81/64 78/65 83/67 j m 1 facet took 1 �11 1 4 1 a 1 a 111 Mill 1,1 r m _

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