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Call And Post Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1971, Page 34

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Call and Post (Newspaper) - August 14, 1971, Cleveland, OhioM a a w w t -r-7r t r f f r r r r pm pm 140 the Call and 0o0t to Lyrd a au9u�l 14. Ten sister Samantha a Imit al Hal pm 4 to visa a it vat cd Mem on a a pm Ooin my o ii she can and a it in by my of the do Fth not a and Pul you on in old Fevand tuck to 7406 St. Clair 431-4442 mrs. White a sister Amelia Oviad tip ritual maa Daf and Advick it Otilda Parana born Ellb a War with Akiva any prob Lani. Ona vital pals Rasums. By Nair natural Phi Ibay Sug Pasi a Tsalya to you on am sub acis Olma 4104 a 131 it 751-32s2 Bawaan Harvard and Milas hmm parsing mrs Bishop read it or a advisor Kiwas Navar Ising adv a pro isms of a Whitfi fou owl Olma d4�fc�?o.ss Arvd Pul you on lha Road a Hap Maas and a a a Tass 1s600 Milas 901 Sims look look Tea Craft i Puni. I it no. I a we a a i. A. In it a a a r. .1 a f 2204 k. 74 $i.4s1 5708 Muht \ Hool in a Nso there wort 9t% a run in iffy m the Summit of int jts uti nit a Dii at Jthn hav a Tull / it the St Hoot Frt Dov Aukum h front r a Ott Shils Are from left or Curt Tan path principal in Ahene s Taylor Hoard member and or Scott m. Brown assistant principal staff photo he Alvin Ward death in Venice is rare work of master craftsman look look look calling All Naopia mat Ara sick crossed conditions Aitch Crahall Type of Black an can i Gat Ahaad. Can t Rasi at night can t Gai hold to monay. Busied Lova affairs Call Rev. Tromp Tom. 22f-f743. Prof of Brownlee by Ulf Goebel As i watched death in Venice untold on screen at the Cedar Lee theater i got the to a Eling i was looking at something indeed in the world of films a work of Art the feeling persists Luchino Visconti is one of the few directors in the film Industry who knows his Craft ind insists on using it with meticulous attention to its possibilities death m Venice is about an old Man Dirk bogarde who is dying and Falls in love with a boy born Andresen. Who represents to him the Ideal of aesthetic perfection Gustav the old Man. Is a composer who is stricken not Only by a physical ailment but also by internal collapse of his creative Powers and goes to a resort hotel in Venice to recuperate the atmosphere at the hotel is one of decadent turn of a the Century opulence and the City is fighting a desperate Battle to conceal the efforts of its authorities to turn away the plague the old Man arid the world which he inhabits is falling apart and trying to cover up the fact by putting on a Good show Quot but its no use. As the movie unwinds it becomes Only too evident that Venice is doomed and that Gustav will die. There Are last ditch efforts to disinfect the entire City and Gustav goes to a Barber Shaft fails to Imp Ress by Ron Hutson take a Stock detective movie you used to watch on the 3 of clock matinee and make All the characters Black. Then add too Many out of place right on Brothers Black handshakes and salutes and of course have the Black stud hero make love to a cheap White girl just like Black studs do in All self respecting movies and you be got a Quot Shaft. A actually its not All that bad if you be got a Good sense of Numor. Some of the inappropriate lines and miscast characters Are funny in a kind of unfunny Way the problem is Richard Roundtree in his film debut As John Shaft just in t a very impressive Tough Guy fhe s big enough his clothes Are bad enough but for a rough Harlem detective he just does t make it when you add some really weak Black gangsters also trying to act and talk Tough some scared Black revolutionaries who know better than to be Tough and some super typical Italina mafia types the whole film nearly turns into a tragicomedy. The movie is produced by Joel Freeman and directed by photographer author Gordon Parks. John Shaft is a private Eye who gets involved with a Black Harlem racketeer Black militants the City police de apartment and the mafia in one Shady Deal Shaft also finds time to get involved with not so pretty Gwen Mitchell As Ellie Moore and Margaret Warncke. As Linda the White girl. One of the funniest and most tragic aspects of Quot Shaft Quot is there Are two love scenes somehow included that have absolutely nothing to do with the plot. Its almost As if someone Felt there had to be some love in there someplace to prove what a bad Shaft is. Well Quot Shaft is bad. Most of the characters Are poorly cast and unconvincing. And except for some souped up violence. Especially at the end. There just Isnit much to the movie. Quot Shaft is billed As a Quot dramatic departure from the James Bond and our Man Flint portrayals Quot because it is supposed to Deal with Quot the hardcore realities of ghetto unfortunately those realities in the movie if there Are any. Are lost in the unreal dialogue and awkward characters As the advertisement goes. A if you want to see a Shaft ask your hopefully your Momma will have seen it first and warned you to save your Money. I the Day before he finally succumbs to have his hair died Aix face made up Only to emerge As a grotesque mask of himself into this situation of internal a gtd external decay comes a Young boy whose Beauty which is above being male or female seems to represent Hope for salvation. Seems to the old Man Falls for the appearance and into the trap of being ridiculed by a Hussy Gustav cannot help himself. A gtd the boy does his share to make a pathetic fool of the old Man much More should be said about this film but above All. It must be seen and seen again. There Are those who have a pointed out supposed flaws it does not follow Thomas Mann s Novella. Why should it a Visconti has made a film and the Impact is purposefully and correctly visual. It lingers on shots and the approach is subdued. At last working to clean everybody knows what detergents do a but How do they work actually there Are two principal ingredients in detergents a surfactant and phosphate. The surfactant actually make the water a a Wetter so that soil can be loosened from fabrics and other surfaces. The phosphate increases the efficiency of the surfactants softens the water keeps the dirt away from the laundry surface and performs other necessary jobs to get our laundry clean salad with snap in the sunny Mediterranean where warm weather dining is an Art really special salads begin with Beans. Making your own is easy. No cooking. Just mix ready to eat canned ingredients chill serve and enjoy. 2 1-lb, 4-oz. Cans Cannellini italian White kidney Beans 2 6-�oz. Jars Progresso mushroom salad a cup chopped celery 2 tbsp. Chopped Parsley 2 tbsp Lemon juice 2 tips. Salt i tsp. Pepper a Drain Beans. Mix All other ingredients together. Toss gently with Beans. Chill. Serves 6. I am so sick of being jogged Back and Forth by movies torn from scene to scene Visconti lets you explore a ser get. Face setting he encourages you to look at textures after All what Are films ail about the House of Good Luck Quot botanic Quot store candles oils. Perfume. Incense. Many More religious articles. Good Price on everything brother Pedro 1513 e. 55 Street at Superior 391-0320 spiritual a Katinos by mrs. Roads advisor on personal problems of life Are you troubled worried discouraged see mrs. Rome for peace of mind on business marriage love Etc. Lei her help you As she has helped others before you one visit is Suff a client. Instant Lovs potion bag su9�f Powe Apul. Otec Tive of Sion up to get action looks Hka pm car Tusar Whan you add a Huntt 10 a cup or gems of Huw for Toma ont to Demk. The pm twin Toon a Tom Thoy h love you Sand s2 00 Nina Moe s second St Alhambra Calif 91802 by ass Fth Samon wa0o Virv Sun Fain Forton Novi free Condrat Hilp Madam Waight a free Zond Laft ail user i a do Harrhy grrr mud Salt nos Gumma of to make you an charge if i fat to Tell of uhf thru your u Ife Hushard or a Etheart is True or false i built Tell you hoi4 to Gate the one you desire i time Dales or plates t Mil name your Eue wies. Thit woman my Orny Kot pm War fast ital Unno Oral a Eek Noat Cleat Lucky Day and Lucky Symbora. Free monay drawing Candia glean Frao Oak Cwa Formor Waif Roodin thit Myall Coli a godly Koa Boon brag it Irma Ika Haiy land. Alaa so col Lovo Canelo Givon Yaw Homo Hoard kor an Iko air now too kor in Porton. Loco Oil in o Pivoto Komo. To Oppio Neimont Noco Amory. Sotia Octan Gwo nonfood. Horti 9 Oom. Of 9 pm cupola and a Only Lic Naod Rood or Vialon a kor on radio Stefian woo Sendoya 5i304 . Via if Iko boo Wiful cordon of Proyor Henao. Special Price with this to. 431-7736 Money 1593 e. 55 St. 391-18771 Success Road Mas $1.00 11505 Miles wpstair�2 429-0574 9 . To 8 . The sacred heart spiritual Temple 12378 Superior ave. Conducting sunday aug. 15 3 30 to 6 . A great deliverance bless Tea donation $3.00 come done to miss this deliverance bring a it will be filled with gods richest blessings. Mme Foster Hill. Pastor r Rev. Mother Devine i do hereby solemnly Swaar to make no charges if i do not faithfully fulfil Erda Ward embodied in this will Tell you just what you want to know about friends enemies or rivals whether husband wife at sweetheart is True or false How to gain the lore of the one you most desire control or influence the actions of Antrone even though Miles away i further guarantee and Promise to make you no charge unless you find me Superior to any a other analyst Ever consulted. There is no Hope so fond or wish 80 great that i cannot help you accomplish. I Gire sum Axcel Lani advice upon All matters of Ilia such As Jive courtship marriage divorce lawsuits speculations and transactions of All kinds cause speedy and Happy marriages overcome enemies rivals lovers quarrels evil habits stumbling blocks and bad Luck of All kinds. A i Hlll Endeavor to lift you out of sorrows and troubles and Start you on the Patio to happiness and Prosperity. Thera is no heart so sad or Home so dreary that i cannot Taring Sunshine to. In fact no matter what May be your Hope fear or Abl Loii i will Tell it All Befarah Yon utter a word Toi me and after l am finished if you Are not absolutely satisfied and if i do not every word and claim ale then you pay not a Penny. Free readings no Fortune telling my work is mentalism parlor quiet readings confidential Call 441-3266 or write 3669 e. 93 St. Mother Devine will be on Waby sundays. 5 30 to 6 . Or. W. Charles Bonos for All that need help right now. There will be a dynamic helping hand Tea. Sat Only. Aug 14. 9-5 pm. Also you can pick up religious supplies in the problem clinic Call and make appt. For private consultations that Are strictly confidential. 681-0692 the landmark Church of deliverance. 971 e 105 St. Is asking All members and friends to plan on helping with thanksgiving baskets for the needy and to bring clean clothes for a rummage Sale soon. The Public is invited to Sun morning services. 1 a a. Rev w c Bonds will preach. Radio broadcast on Ajmo 3-4 . And special gospel music service at 7 30 . Sun. Evening. 971 e. 105 St at Greenlawn ave 681-0692 spiritualist do Yoi face Moi problems let sister Ann show Yoo the Way. Let this be the Day when you say i choose the Road to. Success a better happier Richer life. Sister Ann will read your entire life such As love courtship marriage. Law suits and business speculation. Sister Ann will instruct you on How to overcome your enemy and bad Luck of All kinds. No Don t be discouraged if others have failed to help you she does what others claim to do. One visit will convince you she is the finest Reader you have Ever consulted. That is Why sister Ann is Cleveland a Only licensed Reader and advisor by the state of Ohio. She is often imitated but never duplicated so Stop in today she is waiting to help you. Hours 8 . To 8 . Daily including sunday. Sister Ann 14913 so Clair Ava 851-7898 681-8761 in Poland a watch is a Zegar Thoro Aro 14 to 78 Tobios in a Gar tor Nakoa littoral 361-6114 in 361-1525 1 you heard about her on the air now you too May see her in person sister Joy i Rev a Buckland i i born gifted Reader t advisor = a to Tell you your problems in full detail s s i of Dfcia without asking you any questions s s Ossa .4 Shadur. One who has i readied in Ihil Uty. A = of for 35 years. Mrs. He Cut and is r comm no s a i i by some or a he f,/7 v v most prominent f popu 5 e gives Lucky Days and dreams s = private readings 11 . To 7 . Thursday. Friday amp saturday s s Only. S a 5319 Supor Lor Avanna Ona Block what of East 55th so 881-3611 if no e an War Call 361-6177. S upstairs walk in a appointment not Noca Amory a k a or a. To 300000000000000000000 who a offs Powar of tango Ara Pooai Blo Sailor Joy waa bom with god Chron pow Ora to help and do Good Lor All she con Ond will twp you no Mattor what your problem May to. Lovo mar Lago brain Goa Etc. She will Romono bad Luck and evil Inki onco. She la known to a to All. Ska will Call out your Anam Laa by name without asking you a word. If you Ara Down on your Luck. Can t hold a Job. Having monay pro Blamo. Than you Muat ago stg tar Joy. 8ha Guarani too Compo a tlaloc itly non All prob Toms of Ufa. Lucky numb Ora. No appointment necessary 6517 Superior ave. Install to on of officers Addison Square senior Community Center. 7400 Wade Park ave., held their installation of officers program last tuesday afternoon. From left project director. Dorsey a. Houchins. President mrs. Ivan Neal 1st vice president Theodore Bell 2nd vice president mrs. Mildred Thomas Secretary mrs. Juanita Spearman mrs. Johnnie m. Campbell treasurer and mrs. Bertha Bumry sergeant at arms. Staff photo by Alvin Ward sister Page god Given woman to heal by prayer Are you suffering. Sick need advice see sister Page will heal unnatural sickness. There is no pity for those who know they Are in hard Luck and done to come to see sister Page. Special Reading this week. Ik09 Woodland Aye. 229-3436 hours monday thru saturday 9 .-10 30 . Sunday 9 .-6 . She is god s messenger to your prayer 861-1044 your Rurert ind Ali hot will coma Tea when you see mrs. Olga a4rs. Olga will she has others by of a re you. Why should you suffer others Are being helped by my messages. Mrs. Olga religious woman healer amp advisor. Friends we urge you to see mrs. Olga the religious Helper to the will remove unnatural sickness from your body she will Call your a nerties by name and Tell you who to keep away from. She will show you with your own eyes How to remove pain and All bad Luck what your eyes see your heart must believe and then your heart will be convinced that this is the religious amp holy woman you have been looking for. The touch of her hand will convince you that mrs. Olga has the god Given Power to help by prayer. Bring your problems to her today and be rid of them tomorrow. Special s2.00 Reading read what others say i Havo Hod Lidi Oad been under a via in turn my for mar Yeara. I could not hold a Job until i heard of and saw mrs. Olga and i have a steady Job now and 1 am feeling Fine. I was in Marriaga and separated yeahi7t>na Plait Quot a mrs. Oloa and a 8ra Back Lagather and vary Happy. I was rim it a my backs buffering from an incur Able la Kaaa. To lure Wasl no Hope until i heard of and a a mrs. Oloa thank Ood Fly tier. I am we. »1261.4th St. Downtown phone 861-1044 across Strep from Brown Bros. Furniture 721-2063 mrs. Oloa s second location. 721-2063 mrs. Olga second location -11121 Woodland Aye. Call or Evanuik Paai Amirata -.t21-2k3 for of Yoo who lev. In in h�var., ill. It. Otoo. I. For your conv Oniones mrs. Olga will a of 11121 woo Lorii Ava. Avary Vaning 7-10 . Wood land bub bios fi.4rant door. Got off of e. 112-Woodlond Avo. A. Of Emall Day sunday 8 Aja. To 10

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