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Call And Post Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1971, Page 32

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Call and Post (Newspaper) - August 14, 1971, Cleveland, OhioA go in a Tim Call a red Post. Saturday. Eugual 14. 1971 for the soulful woman tips for packing summer picnics in ill Iii w ill oven baked Chicken in Cornflake crumbs a a Rudt 4 1 frying Fht Rhan ?-1 2 to .1 Pou Rutti Cul into a a re it Reg Pica j 4 to 1 cup rur Nimke Crumpt Vagit Taplet it 0�l in not v f pumps if tatty Romova a Ltd in from Chu Kan Nensa Chick an and dry Placa Chi Ken on a Liuga Fiat Piatiak in la we to it of a and turn with a Iota to if Wal Aach pot rtt Taall Tiad a fuck Crumb on to a Larga Pica of Aram and paper Lih i in Kon with a it Ork Thaku off to Oil Arvd coat Wall on Alt Tida arv3 Cranmar with a crumbs lot Chicken Tarul Natly to that coating will thu k Haat Ovan to 425 4mj Dag Raat i Arm Larga fill baking pan lightly Tiad and Piaro chichi a on pan part should not Touchi 0aka in hot oven for 45 a mules or More apart dog on a i a of chistian ii Dinar to not ready oven can be turned Down and Chick an will stay fresh arts Luico until ready to serve the crumbs make a Cusp skin tor the Chicken any Way you try it Armour treet tastes Good. Everybody seems to Ike it. Treet is All sugar cured Good Armour meat. Buy Tairyn with the Sumptter Comet the longer to to be outdoors followed by family Auto trips Walker no spent in the Moun Uinins or at the late or us Dinar it a m the rough in your own Back Yard this is the Lime of year Thal Calls for picnics Bui too often the Arr Encan heart association South Western Ohio chapter says picnics bring with them Many of the wrong types of foods for those seeking to foist it a a heart helping diet to help you plan the menu and at the same Lime to help sate guard your health and that of your family your heart association is offering some tasty new recipes to dress up your next picnic your heart association is making these and other recipes available because it advises the Public to follow a die Low in animal fat and cholesterol to help prevent hardening of the arteries which can Lead to heart attack and stroke detailed information about a heart helping diet plus recipes for All kinds of meals and desserts for All occasions Are available from your heart association. 2535 Gilbert ave Yogurt dip 1 cup Plain in Flavoured Yogurt 1 cup Mayonnaise Curry powder to taste that a Down Homo a Cook in a Call a Post librarian receptionist Rosa Franks a native of Talladega Alabama a gtd a graduate of West Side senior High school there grew up on soul food in this special feature she shares with Call amp Post readers some of the Down Home cooking on which she was nourished some of these recipes May Brit to Back Ford memories for some of our older Cili ens Oriental Chicken Fried As part of its Community involvement Profira. Keehler company recently delivered two thousand it it funds Iff cookies and crackers to the seven Hills neigh Horwood houses in Cincinnati. Holloway c. Sells or extreme Ray Hal executive director of seven Hills accepted a hox of the products Fri it a Keehler s Cincin it Nati Plant manager. John Drennan extreme left. Uto Kiny on Are Keehler s employment manager. Albert Martin and miss Anne Hashem. Personnel manager. Seven other organizations charged with the care of Youny children Are also part of the program and will receive a share of the Keehler products. 1 broiler Fryer. Cut in server to pieces 1 Teaspoon Salt Pepper 2 eggs 1 tables water 1 cup Corn starch Corn Oil for frying Sprinkle Chicken with Salt and Pepper. Beat eggs and water until Well mixed dip Chicken into egg mixture then into Corn starch coating evenly. Dip into egg mixture again Drain off excess pour Corn Oil into work or Large deep Fry pen to a depth of about 1/4 itch heat Over tedium heat to 375 degrees of carefully Pul Chicken into hot Oil to avoid spattering. Cook turning once. 25 to 30 minutes or until Light Golden Brown and ten off Oram on in sit it a re i it of 4 Stervin inv old fashioned potato salad 4 cups diced Cou Keif potatoes it cups �lic��1 celery t/2 cup Cut up scallion 1 /4 cup sliced 2 tables snipped Parsley 1 cup Mayonnaise 1 tables vinegar 2 teas prepared Mustard 1/2 teas celery seeds 1-1/2-2 least Salt in teas Pepper lettuce several hrs ahead Combine All ingredients but lettuce refrigerate serve on lettuce Garnish with Tomalo or hard cooked egg wedges slices olives grated carrots or Pickess makes 6 Servings individual style press potato salad into custard cups refrigerate then turn each cupful onto thick peeled Tomato slice Corn fritters. Southern style he a Franks 1 cup sifted All purpose flour 1 reap double a clog baking powder poor eating leads to Vitamin deficiencies glamorous miss Lucretia Tuv Lor. One of Gla Mour Magazine s top ten Colleye girls of 1971, climbs to the top of Pena Palace in Sintra. Por tubal. Lucretia and the other nine winners were Glamour a guests for ten Days in Portugal. The daughter of mrs. Christine Pless of Atlanta. Georgia. Lucretia Jane a radiate of the Western Colleye in Oxford. Ohio. She will he featured in the Augast Issue of Glamour on the Newsstands Jav 20 to Augast 19. The major cause of Vitamin deficit re y among americans is improper eating habits according to a study published in a National women a Magazine. While women of earlier generations knew How to serve a balanced diet Many of today s younger homemakers do not leading nutritionists say in a report appearing in the August Issue of Good housekeeping Magazine that by learning the Basic formula behind a balanced diet the average housewife can provide her family with the vitamins a it needed to maintain Good health they do not recommend adding Vitamin supplements to this diet. When doing the family shopping women Are advised to select products from the four Basic food groups Dairy products breads and Cereal meat fish and poultry Citrus and non Citrus fruits and vegetables or. Frederick j. Stare chairman of the department of nutrition of the Harvard school of Public health says. A variety both among and within the four Basic groups is the most important single principle in assuring a proper these facts emerge from the food study Many authorities warn women against taking Vitamin supplements in place of eating a balanced diet these supplements provide daily needs of Only a handful of the approximately 50 nutrients needed experts cited in the report Point out most people Are unaware that consumption of excessive amounts of some vitamins May cause illness the an it Erica medical association court on food and nutrition recommends that Vromen do not Purchase High Potency Vitamin preparations Over the counter without a prescription from a physician according to or. Theodore b. Van Italie director of Medicine of St. Luke s Hospital in new York taking such preparations As Vitamin a and o in Large doses without the supervision of a doctor can be dangerous because these vitamins Are retained in the system and excess dosages could Lead to toxicity. He says teen agers who use Large doses of Vitamin a in an attempt to cure acne could suffer from Vitamin a poisoning. Facts about vitamins the following list of vitamins. Their work in the body and their most common natural sources is excerpted from the current August Issue of Good housekeeping Magazine. Vitamin a needed to help resist nose and Throat in it sections helps prevent night blink or it Ess richest natural sources apricots fresh and dried butter or Margarine Cream egg Yolk liver milk yellow and Leafy Green vegetables carrots beet greens spinach Sweet potatoes Etc whole milk cheese. Vitamin b1 thiamine an Aid to nerve tissues functioning. Promotes pro3er utilization of carbohydrates and fats promotes Good muscle tone. Richest natural sources Brewers yeast Chicken dried peas fish lean meats lentils. Milk variety meats liver kidneys. Sweetbreads heat germ whole Grain or enriched breads cereals and flours vitamins b2 Riboflavin promotes healthy skin and hair Good digestion and sound nerves. Increases resistance to infection richest natural sources Brewers yeast Chicken dried peas eggs. Fish Green and Leafy vegetables turnip greens beet greens kale Green Lima kidney lean meats liver milk wheat germ niacin helps in maintenance of healthy skin richest natural sources Brewers yeast fish Green and Leafy vegetables Green Beans Broccoli cabbage Etc. Kidney al meat liver milk wheat germ whole Grain or enriched breads cereals and flours Vitamin b6 an Aid in synthesis of protein and regulation of nervous system helps retain Salt and water balance in the body richest natural sources beef Dairy products egg Yolk liver Oyster and shrimp Vitamin c ascorbic acid prevents and cures scurvy a disease that causes weakening of Gums loosen in it a of Teeth and bleeding into skin and mucous membranes increases strength of Capil 1 to is it Alt 2 eggs 1 4 r us milk 2 to map Oil 2-1? cups Cut mgt a Ted or canned Whf be Kerril Corn Sitt flour with baking pow kit a by of eggs and milk ? Lasp of a stir in flour then Corn drop by tablespoonfuls into lat heated to 365 f on deep fat frying thermometer As in shallow frying shallow frying is an easy substitute Lor deep trying French Fries doughnuts fish Etc Fry 3 to 5 my turning a a be makes 5 to 6 Servings Lary lessening possibility of Haemorrhages richest natural sources Cantaloupe Citrus fruits Green and Leafy vegetables pineapple potatoes raw cabbage strawberries and tomatoes Vitamin d aids in absorption of Calcium and phosphorus in building it Jnes and Teeth prevents rickets in children richest natural sources egg Yolk fresh and canned oily fish Tver Sunshine action Vii Ximin d enriched cereals Vitamin d enriched milk and evaporated milk Vitamin e essential of stability of tissues richest natural sources Corn Oil. Cottonseed Oil. Wheat germ peanuts walnuts and liver girls gain skills at Owca Camp hair can grow Back Tost Hachi prescribed by Many dentists. Used by millions tor instant Relief get Ora Jel with the Good housekeeping Seal. Ora Jel a professional abortion that is Safe Legal amp inexpensive can be set up on an outpatient basis by calling the problem pregnancy referral service 215-722-5360 24 hours�?7 Days for professional confidential and caring help. Nothing to it Here is Simone Biddle. 4377 Northfield Road in a High leap. Money Back guarantee 22 yer of scion thic rom Orch and tasting Provas such Lasful be Conte hormones with tha amazing Tolanov conditional tha right combination for positive results. We have proved it. Now. Prove it to yourself. Complete treatment Only fs.90. A product the entire family can safely use. The Only product containing Tolanov which improves hair texture. On Sale at your nearest Beauty Supply or cosmetic counter. Get 50 off for just trying it. Or. Dealer a this Coupon Worth 50c when the bearer j purchases a Complete kit of be Conte hormones grow hair a Back treatment at the regular Price of $5.50. I i i name i i i in Rma Lee Beauty school and Barber College Quot Ohio a oldest and largest coloured Beauty Schrod Quot .3223 e. 93rd St. Clov Olond Ohio 4404 Complete courses in barbering and Beauty culture. Budget plan available. For in oration True school or Call phone 216 429-1414, Marnette Lee owner Erma Lee founder address cry. State zip also for pressing hair use Leconte a grow hair water Repe Jent pressing Oil. R $1.50 size now $1.00 Ohio distributor j. T. Baileys co. 8333 Euclid ave., Clevaland 0bio44103 phone 216 721-7777 getting ready cheer leading is one of the skills taught to girls eight years old and Over at the Cleveland Owca skills Camp in the North Chagrin reservation. Metropolitan Park system Willoughby. Ohio. Miss Barbara Evans of the work study program at Cuya hoga Community College is the instructor she a from Berea. 161 Emerson drive. The Little girl on the left is Joyce Weaver. 7291 Whitaker drive Parma and on the right Gina Whaley of �4528 Terrace Road East Cleveland. Food clips a Leavening agent is a substance used in flour mixtures which makes the cooked product porous or Light. There Are three Leavening agents air steam and Carbon dioxide. If you want to give cauliflower a different look in India they Cook it with Ginger cloves and cinnamon Sticks in Spain they grate Orange Rind on top. Your professional Hairdresser knows the answer. Was hair colouring first done in Africa centuries ago m Africa before it was explore by europeans Beautiful Black women used herbs and other ingredients to change the color of their hair. It was one Way to complement their dark Rich complexions. To accent their natural warmth and Beauty. Whether or not africans were the first to use this method no one is sure yet. They 4re among the first in terms of recorded history to go through the then tedious process of colouring their hair. Today changing your hair color can be As Quick and As Brief As a visit to your professional Hairdresser that a because Many professional hairdressers use miss Clairol hair color to lighten hair to make slight color changes and to cover Gray hairdressing experts know that exotic Blacks and Browns ire generally gorgeous for Darker skin tones. Golden or red shades Are stunner in for lighter Tan complexions today Black Pride brings Yon closer to the cultural ways of your african heritage. Hair colouring is a part of Jalack history too. Ask your professional Hairdresser about Chang my your hair color with miss Clairol. And be More Beautiful than you already Are Clairol inc. 1971 ask for a free consultation

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