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Call And Post Newspaper Archives Aug 7 1976, Page 4

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Call and Post (Newspaper) - August 7, 1976, Cleveland, OhioPage 4a Call and Post saturday August 7, 197s stained Glass big business by Sandy Banks the increasing incidence of the theft of churches stained Glass windows is making Many antique dealers wary of purchasing the profitable stained Glass. The most recent victim of the window thieves was the gospel Baptist Church 1816 Crawford re. According to the churches pastor. Rev. Leon Holmes it was the second time the milk Plaza officials continued from Page 1a added $343.0 x to their Market value a said Voinovich. Then we reviewed it. And reduced it to 60 percent completion which reduced the Market value More than $200, in 1975 we had them As 75 percent Complete and added $61,700 to the Market value. This year is the first year we be had them As 100 percent Complete. A a i am extremely concerned about the Center i want it to become a Voinovich added. But my civic desires cannot interfere with my Legal responsibilities a Leigh pointed out the fact that downtown businesses and other commercial properties have been Given recent tax cuts based on decline in business and increase in costs of operation. A we want the same consideration Quot said Leigh commercial properties receiving sizeable tax deductions include the downtown investment Plaza Alcoa the watergate apartments the Cuya hoga savings association building downtown the downtown Penton Plaza May company Chesterfield apartments the Hollenden House and Park Centre. Voinovich says they will begin computing milk plazas taxes based on income this year and that should give them a sizeable reduction. Leigh maintains the construction costs for the Center were up because minority contractors were used which made their taxes also out of proportion. Quot it costed an additional _$1 million to construct this Center because we had to use minority Leigh said. This was not taken into consideration in figuring our miss Black Allgor 21. Of Washington . Is tha naw Mlaka Black Marlea Star boating out this Bavy of Beau Las for tha Nova Tad award. Is. Kligora shown 2nd from tha right in tha above photo was Orta of avaral Lovay Lacasas who put a lot of viewing into tha Tala Talon Auraana last saturday night Ellis credits religious Otharay pictured at Pooi Ald prior to tha pageant Are front Row left to right Sataru of Nipa Wanda Musa Roxanna Mann amans Meyer Mlaka Black America Twanna Kilgore Ingrad Luemer Smith. Second Row left to Hight Shaun Fortar. Gayle Sampola Pamela Scott Angela King Soonia bust Tarri url Feln. Tha Mlaka Black America contest offered original music and All new choreography. The bating suit Aag Mant of tha pageant Prada Tad a Scantl hating display of gorgeous Femin Lna Beauty in a kaleidoscopic visual Saquanda. Continued from Page 1a explained after resigning his service commission in december. 1967. Ellis returned to Toledo where he was hired by Sears the following month. After a year of training Ellis became the customer service manager for a Sears store in Toledo. Six months after taking that assignment he was reassigned to Cleveland where he served first As personnel manager for the Carnegie Sears then As civic affairs director for the Cleveland group of stores then As merchandise assistant at Sears at Southgate each move represented to step up the ladder for the Bright Young retailer and in 1974 he was transferred to Milwaukee wis. To serve As a sales coordinator for All the Sears stores in the Wisconsin area. After one year in Wisconsin. Ellis was called Back to Cleveland because of his exceptional record to manage the old. Great Northern Sears and when the new store opened in january of this year replacing his store he was named to manage it. A Hajor Factor in Ellis Quick Rise to Success he feels is his personal belief in Christ. Quot my relationship with christianity has helped me. He said a giving me additional Wisdom and perception to enable me to perform above my Normal he also attributes much of his Progress to a bit of advice his father gave him Many years ago a the taught me to learn As much As i could about the peripheral areas outside of my immediate response Bali to a Ellit explained. Store management is a fairly open Field for Blacks today. Ellis feels. A few years ago. He said companies hired Blacks at a High rate to try and comply with equal Opportunity regulations. Today with the marketplace More competitive. Ellis said companies Are looking for productive employees not just Blacks or females. He does feel though that there is a tremendous Opportunity for the energetic determined persistent and open minded individual Black or White in store management. An important thing to consider when contemplating a career in store management. Ellis feels is the amount of moving necessary when working for a National operation although the company will take care of moving expenses some people Are reluctant to abandon their Security for a new place be said the moving did t other him because his background already involved a lot of travel. This currently lives in the predominantly White suburb of North Olmstead with his wife the former Catherine Foster of Toledo and his three children Earl or. 13, Terence 11 and Yvonne 7. So far he said he has had very Little problems living there. A there were minor problems with the he said a but if there is prejudice then it Hasni to been vocal when asked what advice he has for today s aspiring Young business people Ellis quickly recommended that they not underestimate themselves. Quot gain a positive he suggested a everyone had to Start someplace. Many of the most successful Blacks came from very meager beginnings. Be determined to be successful and you will be that Quot african Bishop aided continued from Page 1a loners set out to aide the nigerian priest. On very Short notice More than $7 x was raised for Bishop Kepu from St. Aloysius Parish alone. Quot i feel that our parishioners in giving in the spirit of sacrifice have shown a realization that if we can give from our poverty then god can Aid us too Quot said father Charlea o. Bums. So. St. Aloysius pastor. Quot i think it also shows our identity with world Mission. The spontaneous and generous response from our members was absolutely a special mass was held at St. Aloysius last Friday evening with Bishop Kepu As the main celebrant. Co celebrating were father Burns and father Joseph Nearon ass director of religious studies at John Carroll University. Also assisting were the Rev. Joseph Newman permanent Deacon at St. Henry a and St. Wences Taus parishes and brother Hugh Henderson of St. Edward holy Trinity parishes. At the conclusion of the mass. Bishop Kepu was presented with a Check for $660 and personal contributions amounting to More than $50. From St. Aloysius parishioners. In addition. Sister Juanita Shealy. Sithers of St. Joseph presented him with a plaque from the St. Aloysius Community and Frank Stitt presented him with a Book published by the divine word Mission entitled Ivord in the world on behalf of the Parish Council. On the following Day during a mass at St. Johns students say school officials steer them continued from log 1a from the school with an appointment set tor her to have her yearbook photos taken at a downtown department store. Theresa Williams a 1975 graduate of John Hay High school says they were sent notices Quot informing Quot them of an a a appointment which had already been set for members of the senior class to have their photos made. Evelyn Foster a 1976 graduate of Glenville High school says her class was told to go outside to a Van operated by a photographer from Bellevue Ohio Quot or else they get into the All students indicated that no mention was made of their right to shop around and look for the beat Deal for themselves and no other photographer was mentioned. From All indications schools Are using Quot pressure tactics to induce students to go to the photographers preferred by the school. These tactics Black photographers claim Are robbing them of a fair Chance to get a share of school business. Some school officials have been claiming that they recommend one photographer so that yearbook pictures would to uniform. However Florence Neeley Secretary for Cippa says Quot if they would make specifications then any Good photographer could make the same Cippa representatives say they plan to hold a workshop soon so that school officials can View the Quality of their work. After 25 years of labor elderly May realtor lose it All youngsters enjoyed arranged rape Siamy for them at the annual picnic of the 25th Ward democratic club held recently lop Sandy Randle demonstrate a the Art of blowing Bubble to her Orienda during the Bubble gum blowing contest Bottom Myra Clark arranges a group of elementary school children tor a contest photos by Josephus Hicks the winners Andrew Frigm a re a right president of the 2slh Ward democratic club presents the Prises to winners of the raffle held during he clubs annual picnic. I to r Ben Douglas won third prise a portable tape player Mardi Athens won second prise a portable to first prise a trip to Las vegas went to Eleanor Marks photo by Josephus Hicks Cathedral in which father bums and father Gene Wilson participated. Bishop Kepu Toke of the Wapl ration and financial needs of Hia Community. He has 75,000 catholics in Hia diocese with 35 priests half of whom Are nigerian. Another 300 nigerians arc preparing for the Prisi Hood. His Church was built to accommodate 800. But 3 aware pecked in each sunday. He wants to build another Church which will Cost $1 x ,000. He asked for continued prayers and fir it Anciani support. Bishop Kepu had the operation and it was a Success. Springfield Ohio Ralph g. Woodford is a 70-year-old Black resident of Springfield who has been engaged m the real estate business As a broker for 25 years. He had been personally successful acquiring several tracts of real estate. But in 1969 it seemed that he would realize a dream doing not Only something for himself but for an area of that City which was badly in need of rehabilitation. On a tract of land he had purchased he set out to build a 32-unit housing Complex with Aid and Quot expert advise from the . Department of housing and Urban development. In december 1970. The Columbus office of Hud issued a commitment for insurance and endorsed a mortgage note in the amount of $420,000 to the Kissell company a National mortgage company with offices in Springfield. The mortgage was insured by a mortgage on or. Woodfords property. The Kissell company secured Sci construction company of Urban Fellows As general contractor for the project. Construction began in july 1971, but Progress was slow. Finally with 60 percent of the work Complete Sci declared bankruptcy and or. Woodford had no recourse through Law to recover funds paid Sci by Hud for 90 percent completion of the project. Woodford filed a suit in . District court against Kissell company Ohio title insurance Vimpany end Sci a Case which la still pending. Meanwhile the . Government began foreclosure proceedings and Sale of the premises to satisfy the mortgage indebtedness of Woodford to the government a suit which is also still pending. In sheer desperation Woodford sought help from the Springfield Urban league to Salvage his project. With assistance from the Urban league Woodford submitted a proposal to Hud to liquidate the indebtedness and to Complete the 32 units of housing. The proposal met with disapproval from Hud however. Woodford was i granted a stay on the foreclosure to afford him time to come up with a solution. The Springfield Urban league is presently working through the National office of Hud a Deputy assistant in the White House and senator Robert Taft a Ohio and congressman Clarence Brown r-7, Ohio to assist or. Woodford to save his life dream and his life a work and savings. Church has been victimized in the past eight months. According to Cleveland antique dealers the Market for stained Glass is very big and growing. Robert Metzger of Ohio City Antiques 3815 Lorain ave., cites what he Calls Quot a re discovery of architecture As the prime reason for their increase in popularity a new appreciation of their Beauty is developing As they become More scarce Metzger said. Around the turn of the Century he explained the windows were produced in great Quantity. Much time was put into their production to produce High Quality articles. Now that kind of Good Quality work is Seldom found he said. The fact that not Many windows Are being produced now makes them More precious. The comparative Scarcity of the windows coupled with the Rise in popularity of that Type of architecture brings High prices on the Market for the windows. Cleveland is a major Center for the stained Glass As Are Many Eastern cities said Metzger. At the time the windows were being made More people lived in the Eastern cities and More buildings using the windows were built Here. That has resulted in a big Market in the South and West for the windows he explained. Metzger said that most of the windows sold by his shop go to West coast dealers. Builders Are also major buyers of the stained Glass according to area antique dealers. Chris Olen of Century Antiques 7410 Lorain said that Many builders use them in the Thomes that they build. They can be used As windows or As room dividers in living rooms or Baths. Interior decorators and homeowners also buy them for the same reasons. Restaurants and bars Are other big buyers of the stained Glass. They Are used As windows in the buildings and to decorate wails and ceilings. Ohio City tavern and the ground round Are two of the Many businesses using the windows to decorate. Olen said much of his business comes from people buying the stained Glass for corridors and Halls in Homes and businesses. Dealers usually acquire the windows from other antique dealers or they buy them from churches who decide to part with them. The unitarian Church at e. 82nd and Euclid ave. Recently sold four of its Tiffany Glass windows for $50, x 0 each according to Metzger. Four of the windows had already been stolen and the Church found the windows too valuable to keep. But Church windows thieves May be in for a , at least in this area. Area antique dealers to a person expressed an aversion to any windows that May have come from a Church. As Chris Olen said dealers Are now reluctant to buy anything that could possibly have come from a Church. Indicted in grandsons slaying cont sued from Page 1a Chest. Mrs. Loving 58, who was visiting lives at 3025 Woodtli Road. The family refused to comment on the incident. Roy Wilkins Day proclaimed eight . Governors have proclaimed september 10, 1976, Quot Roy Wilkins the Celebration will be in conjunction with Whyl Nso 75th birthday honouring him for his years of service and for his contributions toward obtaining civil rights for All minorities. Wilkins is executive director of the National association for the advancement of coloured people. Governors issuing proclamations inc kide Jay s. Hammond Alaska Georg r. Ariyoshi Hawaii Robert f. Bennett. Kansas Mike of Ca Taghan. Nevada Arthur a. Link. North Dakota David l. Boren. Oklahoma Mills e. Godwin Virginia and Thomas p. Salmon Vermont. The birthday tribute a dinner dance will be held Friday evening september 10, in the grand ballroom of the new York Hilton hotel. There will be entertainment by nationally known artists. Ugandans seize 30 tank trucks Nairobi Kenya nuns a the ugandan army recently seized 30 Oil trucks in route to Ruanda and Burundi to help ease a mounting Oil shortage according to reports reaching Here. There were no details

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