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Independent, The (Newspaper) - September 24, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaImporter s diary a Tough commuting 1 by Bill Sumner a heart throbbing Story the Independent. Tuesday. Sept Mur 14, obituary notices a few years ago i boldly suggested to a bus company executive that he and men like him had driven people to automobile commuting by offering slow jolting uncomfortable rides in stinking buses which if imported to Russia As gifts would make us victorious in the cold War. The Man dismissed this plan As frivolous although if he. Had followed it through at the time his Marble said yesterday image might be standing in a Public Park today to the Delight of transient pigeons and Small boys with Sling the most efficient Machoni Nown to human be seen As Neve before in a special film pre Miere oct. 1 at the Pasadena Ivic auditorium. Through a True documentary produced by the Moody Institute of science viewers Wil take a roller coaster ride on a blood cell through Miles of blood vessels. Or. Irwin a. Moon director of the Santa Monica Institute shots. He also had the typical transit Man s viewpoint on the subject to the effect that nothing really could be done to attract the Auto commuter from his car. He also disputed my belief that anyone would give up a car Foi Public transportation. I had collected my data during a period of commuting to los Angeles. It consisted of looking at Drivers who were caught in the same traffic Jam and noting thai there were few Placid faces. There was outright anger you wondered Why they thought it was Worth it. Obviously they wanted to be somewhere else. Fortune Magazine however has taken a poll of Drivers in los Angeles san Francisco and Washington ant has found a surprising number fed up with their poll indicates that there is a demand for Public transportation. All that needs to be done evidently is to find a Way to meet it. Demand for transit the article reported that most motorists shy away from the available transportation systems because they Are too slow too crowded too expensive involve too much transferring or be cause tile service is too poor. In Sim Francisco "5% of lie Drivers jelled said they would switch to Public transportation if it came close to competing with their Auto in time Cost and convenience. In a Check of commuting in 25 cities the Magazine devised a test of Auto is. Transit. Reporters were to find the distance a Motorist could travel in 30 minutes starting from the busiest Corner in town and using the busiest outbound route. They were to measure this against the distance an outbound Transil rider could travel in the same time on the City s most heavily used transit system. The Motorist averaged 10 Miles in 30 minutes in this test. Ruses Sutt ays and streetcars mustered an average of 6.5 Miles. The exceptions were rail commuters in new York san Francisco and Newark who make much better time than the National average. The fastest transportation was provided by the Long Island Railroad is Miles in 30 this is the line that appears to stir up the most rebellion in the com muting heart. Some other facts and figures since 1950, there has been a 78% drop in the number of Street car passengers a 28% drop in the number of bus passengers and n 17% decline in users of rapid transit subway and elevated. Americans spend s1.5 billion on Public transit yearly in 1929 they thumbed million in 1956 dollars into the turn Stiles. Over the same period expenditures on Auto transportation have climbed from about million again in 19sg dollars to billion. Los horrid example los Angeles is cited As a horrid example of what can Hap pen to a City As the result of the decline of mass transit. If it continues at its present Pace according to Fortune los an Geles will have to Coyer so much land with Roadway that there will hardly be sufficient taxpaying property left to maintain the Basic services. The numbers of autos clogging los Angeles streets during Peak hours is rising at an estimated annual rate of to accommodate them the City would need 30 Miles of new six Lane freeway every year. The present rate of construction is about six Miles in a year. -------0ne might say the entire thing is simple there is the problem a genuine crisis for cities there is an evident on the part of motorists for Public transportation they will use. Then you get into trouble. Proposed rapid transit systems get bogged Down in grasping political considerations. Cities and counties let abandoned rail rights of Way slip from their grasp. Professional transit people have no imagination what Soever and on the rare instances in which they display any As with the shuttle bus Experiment on the Hollywood freeway the harried Motorist who says he wants to give up driving lets them Down with a thud. It seems As if All the average commuter wants in the Way of a transit system is something that will let him off no further than a Block from Home guarantee him a seat mud get him there with no delay. I Don t know. Perhaps we could convert los Angeles into a Gigantic three Decker parking lot. And after the commuters have found that there is no longer any reasonable purpose to be served in commuting there other than parking we could Knock it Down and convert the whole business into a game preserve. We will leave room for a Ballpark. Strip1 hits Snag in Cit Hood bid Sunset strip property boundaries overlapping ers bit a Snag yesterday when those already on file for the proposed City of West Holly they tried to Start proceedings for the new City j Flesvig said that under a new of City news ser state a which became this doughnut shaped bit of protoplasm is the most Complex bit of matter in the universe a most vital link in the Chain of life. Without its wonder working chemistry we could t live one or. Moon said blood is the world s most Complex transportation system. He , it is a truly re Markab e smog free exhaust the Public is invited free 01 charge to the first showing of red River of through the magic of a machine developed by Institute staff scientist g. Keith har viewers will see for the first time what few men have seen before a View of the heart As though the viewed were standing inside of the very chamber of the human blood an amazing instrument which pumps More than Gallons of blood every Day and beats More than three billion times in a life Span without a shut Down Fri rest or repair. Or. Moon s staff has devel oped a machine with which heart specialists can study the human and simulated but perfectly Normal conditions. A dead human heart placet inside the machine will begin to beat in a most life like Anc rhythmic Fash out pumping normally a fluid fed into the great vein. The Moody cardiac pulse duplicator simulates the Normal heart beat and Bloomi flow permitting a photo graphic study of the intricate valve the heart. With the machine High and Low blood pressure and Shock can be duplicate for medical investigators Bent on the study and correction of heart malfunctions. The machine has made pos sible for the first time in medical history photographs of the valves of the heart from the inside looking out. The film is a feature length production about the human circulatory system. Or. Moon convict saws Way to Liberty Falls As rope Breaks Santa Ana. Of con vict Lester g. Rich 37, sawed and shinned his Way out of the Orange county jail yesterday and managed to escape after falling about 40 feet when his sack rope broke. Police capt. Clyde Gath right said Rich who was serving a year on a narcotics violation apparently locked himself in a closet while working in the kit Chen and then used a meat saw to Cut through two window bars. Rich made a rope out of Gunn sacks and slipped through the fourth floor window. He was about 40 feet from ground when the rope broke Gathright said. He must to Hurt be cause of the the offi cer said. Even if he did get vice reported. Gordon t. Nesvig. Chief clerk of the Board of supervisors rejected a Nolick of intention be cause the famous strip pro fictive sept. 11. West Holly on or9an Wood promoters have until the roman emperor Nero oct. 28 to circulate petitions without Competition from other groups. Erroneously credited As a fid Dler actually was a virtuoso on the Organ. Ellis Brown of and Leonard o. Engstrom both Renshaw Martha b. Ren mis photographer de Udey and scientist Hargett. By moodily Institute of science a look inside the mitral valve of the left heart. Lis scientists and photographers probed and explored the vendors of the blood Stream or four years in producing the documentary. Blood enables the body to Lave sufficient oxygen to Burn he fuel in every one of its Multi trillion tiny or. Moon said. It transports the waste gases of combustion Back to the lungs to be exhaled As in a Way most laymen can understand the film reveals like a Cross Between a dough nut and a Pancake is Dent. The red cell transports oxygen from the lungs to the cell. Its efficient operation was Only recently understood. When Institute scientists asked a research computer to Tell them what would be the Ideal shape to perform the function of the red cell the computer Drew them a picture identical to the red cell shape. Or. Moon said it thus demonstrates mathematically the universe and some of natures deepest be design in the crets in the red blood cell s hints at the master designer shape. The fact that it looks wrought the human body Home town in oratory the staff Bill Freeman of Pasadena won third place in the National intercollegiate oratorical contest Spon by the women s Christian Temperance Union in Vlad son wis. Freeman is a student at Azusa College in Azusa. J Christopher s Tropic 1315 Schelton Way. Pasadena is at san Jose this week starting the fall semester at Bellarmine College preparatory. Arthurt. Caplett. 215 n. Bushnell ave., Alhambra has been presented a certificate of service in recognition of his retirement from the railway express Agency in los Ange Les. Caplett retires after 14 years service. 1315 Constance St. Passed away sept. A native of Tiro Ohio and a resident of Pasadena 58 years. He is sur Vived by his wife Nora l. Brown daughter mrs. Ruth d. Of la Canada. Daughters mrs. J. R. Rodgers of North Holly Wood and mrs. Paul c. Robert Shaw of 2556 Lanoble drive passed away at her Home sept. Son of Pasadena. Nine grand 22 1957 a native new children. Sisters Alma she had been a resident of Upland Anna Johnson of of this Vicinity he past 30 Alcorn granddaughter Carol san Gabriel Mia Forslund years. Survived by one son Ruth Alcorn grandson Rober Jand Hilda Strayor both a. Renshaw of Galves h. Case great grandson Rich Eagle Rock. Services , Texas one daughter mrs. Ard Rickie Case and Many today in memory Benham of Altadena nieces and nephews in califor Nia Ohio and Missouri. Services . Wednesday in memory and Ives Warren co. 100 n. Hillion granddaughter mrs. Dorita ave. The revs. Fred Ross and Osterman of Pasadena and one c. H. Sundstrom officiating. In grandson Wade r. Renshaw of Terr nem Mountain View Ceme Altadena also three Brothers 100 no. Hill ave. Interment Tery. 23 i 24-1 Jdavid and Harry Hull of new in Forest Lawn memorial Park j York and Edward Hull of new will be private. Those who wish g1li.iland mrs. Harriet j. Jersey. She was a member of May contribute to their Favol Gilliland of 3117 foothill Altadena Community rite Charity. 2-1 i s South Pasadena passed . Services will be held sept. 21, 1957. A native of sept. 25, at she had been a resident . At Lamb funeral Home 415 e. Orange Grove ave., con ducted by or. Clayton Gill. Interment private. Sargent Clarence Elmer wife of James m. Burke this Community since 1919. Aha Canada Road la Canada survived by her son Maxwell passed away sept. 23, 1957. She p. Gilliland of South Pasadena was a native of Kansas and grandson Maxwell c. Gilli resident of la Canada for the of South Pasadena and past 21 years. Besides her great grandchildren. Sen band she is survived by 10 daughter mrs. Mary Lee of t urn Stev Fahl of Montrose and four Eggleston 1000 Fremio Sargent of 7825 Nannestad at the just san Gabriel passed away Erncr. Stevens and 1957 born in grandchildren. She was a Mem it ave., South Pasadena with or. Clair r n _ Luumi j to Sauula i. Her of the Catholic Morrow offic Teiler. Encomb of anal Mio Hyvl of America and the third order of carmelites Alhambra. Red tation of the Rosary this eve-j1 Ning at s . And requiem mass wednesday 9 ., both at St. Bode s Church 215 w. Foot Hill blvd., la Canada. Interment Calvary cemetery Wendell p. Cabot sons directors. Ment Mountain View Mauro 23-s 24-1 Lyden Cor 24 i s Engstrom Karin Laura Engstrom of 933 n. Hudson ave., passed away sept. 21, 1957. A native of Sweden she had been a resident of Pasa Dena the past forty six years. She was a member of Trinity methodist Church and is sur Vived by her husband Erik e. Engstrom sons Lawrence e. Cot burglar worksheet suspect 19 by Bill Maver a shoeless 19-year-old san Gabriel machinist was t Short enough but he still had a Tough time yesterday convincing Alhambra police he was t the Long sought cat Timothy t. Creager of 232 s. Pine san Gabriel was a free Man last night. But what freed him More than anything else was a new feline Type burglary in Highland Park while Creager was in jail. By then police were in a mood to listen to his arguments. Foot 9, not 5 foot Creager observed. Just be Japan he had been a resident of san Gabriel the past 4 years and is survived by his wife Ruth Sargent sons William l. Sargent of Whittier and Gerald d. Sargent of Pasadena a brother Nathan Joshua Sar 1957, Virginia he had been a resident of Pasadena for 17 years. He was an accountant with the As Toria flour Mills in Astoria ore., and also with the pills Bury Mills of Minneapolis for 25 years. He is survived by his wife mrs. Ida May Gordon. Services 11 Thursday at the Chapel of Turner and Ste Vens co., 95 no. Marengo ave., to he conducted by tiie Rev. William Aaron Driver and officers of the masonic lodges of Pasadena. 24 i s 25 s Chi jigs Anna t. Griggs of 1760 Locust passed away at her Home sept. 22, 1957. A native of Minneapolis Minnesota she had been a resident of this % Vicinity the past 42 years. Sur Vived by two daughters miss Annabelle Griggs of Pasadena and mrs. Edward s. Kellogg of Lendale one son Truman a. Riggs of Pasadena three grandchildren and two great grandchildren also one sister miss Minnie Clauson of Pasa Dena. She was a member of St. Mark s episcopal Church of Altadena and pythian Sisters of Pasadena. Private services vill he held at St. Mark s Epis Copal Church wednesday sept. 25, at 3 ., conducted by Rev. Charles Howard Perry. Inter ment Mountain View cemetery. Lamb funeral Home 415 e. Orange Grove ave., directors Ives and Warren co., 100 no. Russell Stine of Sll no. Catalina passed away sept. 22, 1957. Survived by his daughters mrs. Nancy Stine and miss Losta g. Stine son Vance d. Stine and sister in Law mrs. Annette Russell. Serv ices will be held tuesday In the Chapel of utter Mckinley Reynolds and Eberle mortuary 825 e. Orange Grove ave., or. James h. Hutchins i officiate. Interment will follow at Mountain View Ceme Hill ave. Tery. 23 s 24 i n Owers tradition in trl Buu or. To that you love Honor it member. Thoni Iee Vici shoe tvs Iea oing Florist to alt1 night Fth by Mut my pm it. Cause i my shoes off does t make me a burglar. The cat burglar is a Little Creager was arrested Satur Day morning. He was picked up driving through Alham Bra s residential areas seemingly without purpose. The Highland Park burglary was committed at Yesterday and once again the cat burglar was not quite As noiseless As a feline. He Jar red the Telephone which was beside the bed sending the receiver clattering to the floor i and Awakening the occupant of the House at 2329 i Laverna St., Virginia Mestanek. Mrs. Mestanek sat up in bed. Mien she saw the burglar she screamed. He raced out. The better Way is to plan for future need this will be a definite advantage to you and most helpful to those nearest you. Please phone or write for free plan Ning folder looking for Warren 100 n. Hill ave. Pasadena Sycamore 6-4375 Ryan National selected morticians the association of funeral directors to highest ideals ethical practices and business Iafe Fritt i the cat burglar who really word was received Movo when he gently at Pasadena College that Len into things Wasi student John Wise had won scan i Homes in san the s500 first prize in the in Gabl Iel and South Pasadena Joe collegiate Assn. For study Tho diminutive thief has of the alcohol problem. Prone into nearly 50 bedrooms Wise was graduated from from h Uhland Park to san Pasadena High this year. Marino during the past three Freeman wins prize. Pay television near for Southland viewers continued from a Ftp Onet Cate Coin Box attachment. The attachment takes pro Gram payments in Nickels dimes quarters and half Dol Lars to unscramble the Pic Ture. A credit storage feature makes it possible to put More Money in the Box than is necessary. The extra amount is credited to the subscriber and can be applied to future purchases. There arc two types of closed circuit or wire Tele vision. Harris copy inc. And ski Atron to inc. Have both applied for franchises to operate their systems on a pay basis in Pasadena. Ski Atron will pipe in a scrambled picture which can be clarified by insertion of an International business machines card in the decoder attached to the set. The ism card for ski Atron has the necessary electrical contacts printed on one Side and information for Billing and statistical purposes on the other. The name and number of individual programs their Date hour and Price Are listed on the card. To pre vent error n program log is sent along with the monthly Slot or inserting a card to Rosemary Romeis daughter of Rev. And mrs. H. Paul Romeis of Pasadena has enrolled As a Sophomore at Midland College Freemont neb., for i he 1057-58 term. Rosemary graduated from Pasadena High last car decode the he says is obligates the viewer to stay glued to his set. Mrs. Rucle Brown of la Ca the phone May ring or a neighbor May drop by and distract him in any Case. The viewer having obligated himself monetarily feels further obligated to sit in front of the a Flat Akk months. Usually he gets through an open door. But he has occasionally clambered through an unclosed window. Mostly he is interested in Cash but he has been known to take Small articles. Worth weather Pasadena and Vicinity fog Nada is one of Luw this morn lives to the democratic worn my 1iaz-v Sllyn Sninch this after forum meeting this week Oon no1 Mur h Temperani Iraj. San Francisco s Fairmont High today about. 85. Moderate to Light smog. Burn ing prohibited. Kyncl will is Whir universe. Arre in the every arrangement As Yon prefer. Your Church any of our chapels Turner Stevens co. Fun Lul Pasadena-95 no. Morengo by 3-4156 Alhambra South Pasadena Azusa await better entertainment fewer speeds. Or. Richard s. Cosby of Pasa Jurlena will speak at the Altadena i Lions club meeting thursday. The Harris copy system will id cosy will speak on the operate on a Flat monthly businessman and his fee basis and there will be i no installation Cost Harris i Theodore Iju Iki 765 e. Del mar St. Pasadena will Back to Baltimore to receive a s50to first prize for an essay he entered in the Martin jr., a Spany s Vanguard satellite i says. There is very Little that is new about toll television. E. K. Mcdonald Billing which duplicates the Agenda arranged on the card. Ski Atron s decoder is operated in three Steps the card is inserted in the Slot an adjacent Knob is turned until the desired program appears on the Lens located directly Over the card s position and the picture Button is pressed to unscramble the broadcast. The decoder when not in use does not affect the receiving set. Harris Ope inc. Plans to offer a series of programs not ordinarily available to he to viewer on a con temious basis. There will be no necessity to unscramble or decode the Harris Ope program. The subscriber pays a monthly fee whether he watches the set or not. Burl i. Harris of liar Risco pc believes the Coin or card system is awkward. Pioneer radio Man and now say contest. Lang s essay was entitled president of the Zenith radio corp., put his Congi equilibrium trajectory neers to work More than 25 for a satellite powered by so years ago on a subscription har me is a student Lamb funeral Home Here a Fine service is a matter of custom not of Cost 415 East Orange Guf Lvi Pasadena s y 3 315 9 to system. So it s been in the works for some time. Iat California Institute of tech you can Call it almost any daughter thing subscription toll Gas iof or i 1 mrs Jolt s Huirt meter turnstile or ticket wh1 to or television Dena has enrolled it Carleton College at Northfield Minn. Looks like it s on the no. 185 sell. 34, 1957 a Mornone daily ices paper Nib i shed at Pasadena Cam Hume delivery s175 a month mall Der month really 51.75 nor Innell in Advance news to ail 15c sunday mall privileges ail non red no Pasadena Pust Oft re id Hurell he Superior Cunt Ord i was graduated from a Sadiv c Osc Muir High where she Palici list. By 5 rail or by 1 8188 Sumnr dropping a into the next what icy re is Luluk. Paled in i he choir and sports. . Of it was. Edwards Cummings mortuary for Many years we have been perfecting our service that we May offer to those we serve the kind of attention which is most desired. 317 Lincoln Avenue by 6-5367

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