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Independent, The (Newspaper) - September 24, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaPay to around the Corner for Southland viewers pay television is a timely controversial but obscure topic of vital interest to every Reader. The Independent has duo he on this new medium and herewith gives you the first of six illuminating articles on pay to by Early Deane television has come of age since it first began to pulsate in the living room Corner. Television gives you Bilko Sullivan Allen link letter and Welk. The television camera takes you to the Malibu fire to the Rose Parade and to the Elbow of Mickey Mantle at Home plate. But it also gives you that inevitable word from our that Brief important message to every housewife is the life blood of the television Industry and a screaming pain in the neck to almost every one of the 35 million americans who own television sets. The nets works and broadcasting stations say com Mercial advertising on television is a necessary evil. Backers of pay television say it s evil and that it in t necessary. They contend even Superior programs Are just awaiting the flick of the dial. Good to entertainment they say can support itself under the toll television system where the set owners pays for a program of his Choice uninterrupted by commercial advertising. To Side step commercial advertising and still show a profit proponents of pay television have evolved two methods of bringing selected entertainment into the Home. One method is through the regular television free air is picked up by the to receiver. The second method employs a wire tapped to a master Cable which carries the program. The sub Scriber eavesdrop for a fee on this party line. In the broadcast system the set owner cram Bles the to picture with the Aid of an attachment which takes either coins in specified amount or a coded card. He is billed monthly for the number of programs he has purchased. The International Telemeter corp. Of los Angeles one of the pay television systems which has already been tested in Palm Springs has developed an Intro turn to Page five weather fog and Low Clouds Early this morning. Hazy Sunshine after noon. Little change in temperature. Light to Nio Derato smog. Burning prohibited. H weather Page 5. The Independent Home edition the governor of Florida predicted yesterday that the South will retard itself politically if it does not halt racial Page 9. Vol. 185 5c 22 pages classified by 6-0311 Pasadena by 5-6311 tos Angeles by 1-8188 Valley i 6-4671 Zenith 2330 Pasadena cat., tuesday sept. 24, 1957 press a mob of racists manhandle enrolling negro student while one holds Flash gun from photographer. Decoy trick frenzied mob beats negroes by Charles n. Quinn or Rall Tribune Orivs sen ice Little Rock a r k Here they come. Here come the when the cry went up just two minutes after a i Buzzer signalled the opening of classes at . At Central High school yesterday an an Gry Seething crowd of resent Ful men and women turned swiftly into a frenzied Savage Many armed brutes. The sullen gathering of about 200 persons held Back by police barricades had been waiting at the intersection of Park Avenue and 16th Street at the Southeast Corner of the school. The negro pupils had not yet arrived. The crowd which had been assembling since before 6 ., was impatient. A larger group stood. _ two blocks away behind Barri Jay Lwi Hgt Little Rock cops fire on careful of negroes one Man wounded in gunfire Little Rock Ark. Up police last night fired on an automobile full negroes on a downtown Little a asks release of innocent Man diligent investigation by two sheriff s deputies was credited yesterday with Clearing an East los Angeles Rock Street and first reports Man of any connection with the dec. 2, 1956 robbery said at least one negro of a service station attendant for which he was wounded in the gunfire. Fred Kauff Nian an associated press photographer who witnessed the shooting said a City policeman and a state fired a total of three shots at the car which sped away with three police cars in Pur suit no reason for the shooting could be determined immediately. Little Rock officers at police Headquarters confirmed hat a shooting had occurred but said Only that no one was photog follows Kauffman followed in his automobile and came upon the negroes automobile which he said had run up into some one s the photographer said that when lie reached the scene about 10 police cars had con on the negroes car. He said he saw two negro men lying on their faces on a Lawn in front of the House with several City patrolmen and state troopers standing Over them. An ambulance came up while Kauffman was watching and removed one of the prone Netlie photographer could not learn the two men had Don t look now but More heat smog due today Pasadena was hot and smoggy yesterday. The same is predicted for today. As a High temperature of 88 was recorded Here smog slowly crept toward the foot Hills. A smog Reading of .45 was taken in Rivera the highest in the Southland at . Pasadena s smog Reading ranged As High As .20 from to . A level of .50 cons stage Alert. Explosion kills Ive in mine others Safe a. Of five miners trying to make a mine sentenced to prison. Dist. Ally. William b. Mckesson said he and his chief Deputy Manley Bowler were flying to Sacramento this morn ing to ask gov. Goodwin j. Knight to Grant Edward Echarri Avila an immediate and unconditional Mckesson related yester Day How Avila was sentenced to san Quentin last july 11 by los Angeles Superior judge Clement d. Nye after witnesses identified him As the Man who robbed a service station on e. Olympic blvd. Throughout the trial Avila stoutly maintained his inno Cence but was convicted after service station attendant Sam bravado and a witness Gilbert Ayala identified him As the gunman. Mckesson said about two weeks ago sheriff s deputies sgt. E. D. Villines and sgt. A. W. Bright were interrogating keeper accused of kicking Bird at Griffith zoo ostriches alligators and penguins bulked Large yesterday in testimony at a hearing before the los an Geles civil service commis Sion Over the reinstatement of fired Griffith Park zoo animal keeper Robert con stable. Constable was accused of kicking a Bird named Sam in the breast. The charge was Marie by George k. Ray another animal keeper at the zoo. Constable said it would have been suicide for me to kick that court suit debate bog bum Deal Hopes of los Angeles to bring the Brooklyn dodgers to a new Home in the West be came bogged Down yesterday in the mire of a hostile tax pay immediately How Many negroes were in the car. Police fellow workmen were what happened to Gate for shooting Sam the suspect said no More but the two deputies decided to re open an investigation of the robbery. They recalled there was an other suspect at the time of the robbery named Delbert the taxpayers suit was filed by atty. Julius Ruben and asked the los Angeles Supe rior court to Issue an injunction against the proposed trans Fer of 300 acres in undeveloped Chavez Ravine to the dodgers As a site for a new dodger press Little Rock police chief wards off citizen during riot. Molester captured Cades. The cry Here Tome the niggers called attention to four men one carrying a press camera who advanced along a fish Street toward the school. They were newsmen Here ostensibly to cover the integration at Central High. At that time unknown to the As it swirled Ward the four negroes two cars pulled up at the Side Entrance to the school on j6th Street Only a Lew Hundred feet away and nine Young negroes walked unmolested and almost unnoticed into the school. Snarling shouting. Go on niggers get several turn to tje8 Threll Ike challenged on Force use by Earl Mazo Herald Trilman or Vlra sea Island a. Gov. Or Val Faubus last evening challenged president Eisenhower s right and Power to use Force to uphold a Federal court or Der directing the integration of a Little Rock High school. In the Wake of or. Eisen Hower s statement from new port ., the Arkansas Gover nor insisted the Constitution and american Laws state the forces of the Federal govern ment cannot be employed except at the request of the gov Cranor of a Sovereign gov. Faubus Marie it Clear he has in intention of asking Lor Federal help. A 55-j ear old Glendora Bond Salesman apparently was so eager to keep a conversation going with a girl Urcla student that when she fled he followed her right Inlo the Altadena sheriff s station parking lot. Deputies said they nabbed Donald m. Palmer of 18555 Milton dr., Glendora at . Yesterday while he was trying to drag the Young Wom an from her car. I used to work for Ann Wyssman the 26-year old student was quoted. When i got Home i saw his car parked across the she stepped on the Gas in her own car in front of her House at 253-1 n. Highland ave., Altadena she said and with Palmer in Pursuit raced to the sheriff s station. A Deputy said he happened to glance out the window just As Palmer drove up and won dered what the two non official cars were doing there. Ike Clem Road to halt violence at Little Rock by Edwin Holden Herald Tribune. Serv Irb Newport President Eisenhower last night issued a proclamation which cleared the Legal Road for the possible calling out of Federal troops to prevent any further violence in the Little Rock Ark., school integration situation. Eisenhower who late in the afternoon had issued a state ment saying that he would use the full Power of the in itch states including whatever Force May be necessary to Back up the Law in last night s Procla mation commanded All persons engaged in obstruction at Little Rock to cease and noon when disorders outside continued. If yesterday s violence should be repeated today in Little Rock it would thus constitute turn to Pace three available. Meanwhile liitle Rock officers and stale police said that they broke up a car caravan in the South part of the City. City police reported that hey searched four or five found no weapons and then broke up the caravan of Whites by sending the cars in three different directions. Reports of the number of cars ranged up to 100, but police made no Esti mate. Six others who were trapped for several hours were brought to safety in a delicate Rescue operation which began shortly after Dawn and lasted far into the night. Bodies found i Raul Wilson who was it was charged that any such Trade or Sale of the Chavez Ravine property would be a violation of the killed yesterday in a explosion in the bowels of Shejna Eccl Gata near this southwestern Al Limos and by get recheck led the getaway car used during the robbery and discovered Wilson s fingerprints in several places. Mckesson said the follow up investigation proved conclusively that Wilson and not Avila was the Man who Rob bed the service station and officials of the Marianna shot bravado. Mine of Bethlehem steel corp. He noted that Wilson and the announced that the bodies of innocent Man Bear a marked the last two of several missing resemblance. Both Are about miners had been found about 565 feet below the surface and 2000 feet from a mine Shaft. The bodies were those of Joe the Fri said that the re Smith and Stanley Collins. Ear port of a Ioc car caravan her workers had recovered was wild but would not com the burned bodies of George ment further. I turn ,0 thres original Grant under which the City acquired the prop erty from the los Angeles housing authority. City atty. Roger Arnebergh was asked for comment on the suit and he said we think the City ran be successfully defended and that the filing of the suit does not Stop further the same height have Black null and void curly hair Green eyes and pock-1 the suit asked the court to marked faces. Mckesson said there is no question that this is one of those rare instances when an innocent Man has been convicted of a serious crime. The president s statement and proclamation followed hours of violence at Little Rock during which nine negro pupils were first entered in Central High school and then withdrawn about inside today s Independent Navy hits Scotland but on 100-ship . Navy task group operating on nato orders pulled into Scotland on sunday. But Scotland has Sabbath 22. Heart film a roller coaster ride on a blood cell oct. 1 at civic 1 age 5. Page. Adams 11 Allen 11 business 15 classified 16 comics 21 Page padre. Britain behead Chaplin s Xing by Robert Ruark special to the for additional comment on Geh Amnier to crus i a nut of major social events of the he would be Able a card from one of Don season. I Felt rather put declare null and void a City Council Resolution approved sept. 16, authorizing big league baseball negotiator Harold c. Mcclellan to offer the dodgers a plan which includes a Trade of the Chavez Ravine property for the Brooklyn owned Wrig Ley Field. The plan Calls for a split of Oil and Mineral rights 50-50, in Chavez Ravine Between the City and the dodgers. The City Council debate Chaplin a renegade English Bov Chaplin attacks the Ameri Man returned Home after s for allegedly using a child years of living in America and purposes. Yet in making his fabulous Fame Jilm he usos Llis own More fabulous Fortune there is a Michaei Chaplin As a currently collecting lumps Here communist to at for his new picture a King in i a i for Chaplin s own Pur new poses America. As eager As England Eon really is to play up and a child Labuk pertained Plaud a criticism of the Ameri cans they have walked at applauding Chaplin for this one Hicl is a heavy handed attack on the american Way of life Vith emphasis on what Chap in feels is fascism capsules features .21 reporter s Dairy shy the Mccarthy hearings. Health .11 Shafer .13 Kay. 6 sports .13 Connolly Consi Dunc .10 leadabrand.11 Nash .11. Obituaries if theater .10 tv-radio.8 women 6 to quote a single review his spleen against. Ameri Ca since he left it five years ago now overs ways him Inlo losing his sense of fun us he .11 opinion a your stars .2l scurries around with a sled no or. Chaplin this is not fair. It is easy for you to com ment i fully endorse every thing i have said in this film but is it right to spit through the Mouth of a Liis is a reasonable approximation of the reviews i have seen since lie press has been exposed to a succession of free loads which have been Liberal and lavish. Chaplin s film was made behind locked doors and us unveiling was one of the was touched off by Council turn to three three champions More or less make America in Day see sports kicking out of a girl who Chaplin s country at least Fin three champions m one Day that s Wii at the sports world was shouting last night following one of the most hectic Days in athletic history. First it was Carmen a Silio s surprising Triumph Over sugar Ray Robinson for the middleweight boxing championship of the world. Then it was the Milwaukee braves and the new York Yankees As they clinched the National Ami american league baseball crowns respectively. For further details read today s Independent sports Section. Bore him a child out. Of wed More than lock putting the Law on her ingrate. I would Call a Man with a fiercely capitalist who Mouths his hatred through eagerness. The lips of his Small son some whether the poor girl Ever thing that is altogether in got any settlement at All from printable but you get the idea this strutting Little but the crowning Spike in who once compared Nasty bit of furniture is with Peter pan whilst preen that evidently in the Britain he ing himself unclothed before a Mirror is difficult to say. But it s my impression that All she got was the Gate child and All. Chaplin made Many millions mostly before taxes in lie country he despises. Lie remained there As a resident for 40 years without bothering to apply for citizenship. While he was there lie espoused a fist Ful of fronts and if he is not actually a card carrying spurned for so Long they Don t care much More for him than in the states. Possibly the answer is to Send him to Russia the land he so admires to make propaganda films. But i doubt he d go. Proletarian Charlie the Champion of the Little Man never disliked the idea of being a millionaire and you can t pick up that kind of dough working for the state

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