California Pasadena Independent Newspaper Archives September 21, 1957 Page 6

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Independent, The (Newspaper) - September 21, 1957, Pasadena, California Volume 1, number 40 sep Timber 20, 21, 1957 tracks on the the Marque above the cres Cendo said Stan Kenton and v Kis that s All. Maybe it was because it i could t Possi b 1 y describe i the Man or the music i played inside in the Small i space allotted i for it. Inside the i elite Sunset strip in t e club the patrons needed no explanation As to How Good the music was. They knew All about it for they were hearing him first hand. Such dignitaries As disc jockey Peter Porter and his wife Beryl Davis were listening spellbound at a ringside table. In Between sets Stan Kenton volunteered to describe his career to the tracks on Wax readers. When put the ques Tion which band did you pre Ler he s had no less than five different bands since his first in he said asking a band Leader which band he likes Best is like a Mother which child she Best my Mother was a piano teacher and she tried in vain interest me in music when i s l was 10, and again when i was 12. Finally at the age of 14, i became obsessed with the idea by Bill Vavan of playing piano. Duke Elling ton and Earl Hines were my ranging and composing num Bers. The Only trouble was no body would play them. They complained about the brass being too heavy. So. I organized my own band and opened in 1941 at the Ren ballroom in the rest is history. In tie four months Kenton and his Crew occupied the bandstand group closed its tour on june their name spread All Over the West coast. Idols. After a while i began a Stan Kenton in the Spring of 1942 we went to new York flopped we were even ticket out of a few places. The band actually did make any Money or pay for itself until 1945 when june Christy joined the group. Shi had replaced Anita o Day in 1950 i organized the innovations in modern music orchestra. It had 42 pieces in eluding Stan innovations 3, 1950, when people gathered to hear him play a the Hollywood bowl. But what about the presen group Kenton says it s Superior in Many ways just As one Mother s child is Superior in Many ways to Hei others maybe Stan Kenton s newest Bane proved to be a Well liked child anyway As the audience re action showed. Such terrific sidemen As Alto Man Lennie Niehaus and Bill p Erkins on Tenor showed their talents the band ran through Stella by what s new the Kenton Standard "23 de Grees North s2 degrees and Stan Kenton and his or the Crescendo mar Quee still said As we left but now we understood the great Man and musician behind the name. Y by Paul Clark _ it seems As though every new program on television this fall will be some sort of Western. A Little depressing but there x it is. So it stands to reason that the men of the motion picture Industry should get just a Little jealous. After All they started the whole ugly business and to retaliate. This Means that for the present anyway not seen the last of the movie Western. Perhaps the use of the term Western Here is not quite accurate. Any similarity Between the sort of thing we see these Days and the old simple Tran quil izing westerns of my child Hood in t just it s impossible. Coincidental re member strike it Rich and the homeless great grandmother Little who old had nothing left after the fire but a Twenty Page manuscript of her sob Story to read Over the seen. air or Well if you never expected see her in a Western you be not been. To the Cinema of late. Money changers Melbourne. A a Deci Mal currency Council has been formed in Melbourne to Islah yes Well just have to and Foster a Decimal Coin used to the idea of seeing age system characters in westerns depicted As mental cases or at the very a sorts of sad cases fill the adult Western of today. Enough to make the picture very entertaining. The action Here centers around an emotional Farmer Van who is elected to the task getting a local killer out of town on the Glenn Ford at no time shows signs of being mean Clear through he s romantic hand some polite but maladjusted there s a bit of action guns and All but the two principals spend most of their time Star ing at Eracli other making faces this is not a perfect example of what i be discussed no one film is. But this one is about As neurotic As any i be spot Lite on sport by Freddy Robleto there will be three hectic Bat Les going on for league championships this year in the san Abriel Val Ley. The ties 7 least emotional slobs. No bad Guy is ail bad nor a hero All pure. Neither resort to violence if possible. It s a Battle of wits All the Way in this polished Madison Avenue has been called very aptly the neurotic All this brings us i m afraid to to Here is one of the above mention Al he s bad just sick Type West Australia now Lias the pounds shillings and Pence system five australian pounds Are equal to four pounds Ster Ling or s11.20 u. S. Chairman of the Council is sir Leslie Melville vice Chan cellar of the australian nation Al University. The Council will seek the support of the Federal government and of 200 of the country s most powerful organizations. Royal commission recon erns and the Only original note mended the introduction of the is in the somewhat unusual Decimal coinage system to aus casting which in t 20 years ago. Don t Jef is speaking of youth the teenagers own radio program for san Gabriel Valley sundays . Key Kwh Barbara Ann bread Bob s drive in restaurants the Pasadena Independent and Star news Nash s department stores the Pacific Telephone company after speak ing w i t Many of t h e coaches of their respective leagues i have made the following predictions As to the outcome of these ices. In the foothill league the top three teams should be Bur roughs Glendale and Muir Vith Pasadena and Burbank being possible sleepers. Glen Dale Hoover is the Only team that does t rate much of a Chance. Burroughs league champs biggest wheel on Campus Orner by Jim Gilbert although a year ago it was is something that was seen n the very lat Esfandi Way out customs strip ing has Sud Denly become a necessity on every car that has rolled out of a custom shop. Von dutch was the Striper when the thin lined intricate designs arted coming Back As the fad. Ince then there has been a Ost of other names coming Ito View among them Tommy in greek Art Summers wat a Roth Katayanagi Johnson enrich v a r n e a domit Hoegsberg Larry Lee and the cd King of since striping has become in new fad the car owners ave resorted to something Small Oil paintings of Eird Heads shapes or spiders rate Mically placed above the headlight or on the Hood or in trunk. The above picture is an out Anding example of a piece Dis red by Lee of Pasadena. As in All Fields of creative id individual customizing the riders who specialize in this it have their own special ways and Means of applying and tire year have their line bark this year in anal last year it was considered one the Best lines in the Loop. Whittier should repeat As champions of the Pacific. League with Mark Keppel and Monrovia Duarte close behind in that order. Holding fourth spot should be Arcadia How Ever and the apaches will Nave to struggle with Alham Bra and Al Monte to get that position. San Gabriel and Rosemead. Nilenders of last year have transferred to one method is to use either striping lacquer enamel some prefer oils and then go ape with a regular paint Brush. You might want to draw the figure in ahead of time with lentil but that is purely a mater of personal preference. The trunk lid and the Hood Are the most popular areas too under the Brush but a lot of caricatures Are appearing around the Antenas and on the Gas Cap doors. Music lovers have gone in doors and have Little musical notes or swinging musicians enamelled alongside the radio and the radio speaker. Others have had a design or two put on the door of tile Glove compartment or All Over the dash itself. The timid ones military memos by Warren Marshall when you think of the air orce what is the thing that comes to your mind first Well if you Are like eight it of ten Een age boys s k e d the a m e ques Ion you Rould answer t h i n k ing lie matter Iver i began wondering. Exactly what does to air. Force have to offer the us who Aren t interested in eing pilots or navigators military memos this week would like to go Over a few of he jobs offered by the air Force other than flying. All servicemen have one Hing in common and that is hey like to eat. Without the food service the air Force Oulen t feed its men. The personnel in the food service bake bread and pastry products they Cut up the beef veal Lamb and pork that form the main dish for Man sized meals and they prepare and Cook Many other food items too. If any of you have an urge to Cook the food service is for you. If you play a musical instrument you might like to play in one of the air Force bands. Airmen in the band play Musi Cal instruments in concert bands and orchestras repair and maintain instruments per form As drum majors in the marching bands and arrange music and maintain music libraries. Other air Force careers Are photography and medical work and Many others. For More information about these and other air Force Ca Reers see your local air Force Recruiter. Jobs jobs jobs by Becky Salcido per Market s popularity has the Good feel of cold Cash in made the employment Raie he pocket is something that jump in the last few months most Guys like. But with the and so far few markets have pening of school that full been Able to get their custom me Job is a thing of the past ers groceries to the car with out human help. In Southern California especially in the larger cities the Box boy s Job has come under labor Union jurisdiction. This usually Means that wages Are somewhat higher than in other non Union jobs. Newspaper bundle unless yours is a City with Many newspapers this Job employs relatively this is an interesting occupation Rich maybe you be b e e n d i s c q u r aged when looking for a of for after school hours o find that e x p e r i ence is Neces gosh you Sny to ourself Aren t there any kinds of work that a Novice Erth Eless. The fellow who does who want to be in the. Swing is you to carry a Load of a of things but Are a Little Ner Vous about painting up their Stacker have the great masters apply 3 lick or two to the in Side of the Ash maybe underneath the steering wheel Are the coming thing and chances Are that they la be As popular As striping. The wage earning world can it this column will discuss to a some of the jobs open to teenagers that pay Well and o not require previous exper nce. Hod Carrier Liis May not sound like the lost romantic Job in the world it for those boys interested n the building trades there is certainly a lot to be Learned Here. The Job itself involves carrying Brick plaster and the like. Sometimes it even require by Paul Clark we come and we go. We seek what is to be sought and we find what is to 66 found. And morbidly we try to live and this is Boswell Man eater Goodwill Springs Wyoming Well gang How did you enjoy your first week of school Sierra league where they it of Dick you get to meet All your old friends find the gowns a Little easier d acquaintances did you have some interesting expert 11 should he a real scramble for league honors this year in he Rio Hondo league with san Marino and Bell gardens making attempts to unseat Pifano by air featured at hike cookouts hikes campfires and the delivery of a piano by helicopter highlighted the meth Odist Camp at Sturtevant. Young teenagers from st. James methodist who hiked in the four Miles to join the fun included Susan Chancellor bet to Macdavid Carol Morgan trials up a ladder so if you get dizzy on mountaintops think twice on this one. Route Jan Helper a Guy who has a Job like this one usually drives or trav Els with a delivery Man and assists him. Deliveries can to anything from strawberries to pianos involve some paperwork it s a Good Way though to learn the delivery Man s work so you might get a better Job soon if you learn fast Box boy the rapid spread of this kind of work gets a Good Chance to see the actual opera Tion of a newspaper while he is wrapping and tying the finished product for delivery. Stock clerk this too is Likely to be a Union Job. The Stocker no we Don t mean works in a grocery store warehouse and helps to set up displays. Most of the jobs described Here Art. Paid on an hourly basis so this Means that Many of them can be found for part time. Don t forget that your state employment office has a Branch in your City. Custom cars featuring stick shift it offer you a wide 1elio. Tion of attractive customs which we have built from mechanically sound Stock cabs Soufl justohi7inb i wides set. Cial body and Paini work special Vinyl in i Trinhs cars Are properly lowered dual mufflers installed. Equip ment includes radios Heaters. White Wall times. Pin ing is also included. All these feature at a Rea. Iona Bli Price. Marvin Lee did that when you walked into the n people turned the other Way taking time Only to submit and Harry Tyler such subtleties As you Back or How would you b. A i he league. Temple City who had a 0-9-1 record last year May was ably finish fourth under heir new coach Bill Davis but hey can expect plenty of Trou ble from Norwalk and Arlesia. For such symptoms to be occurring especially if you read this column. However your condition can become serious if immediate action is not taken. Immediate action being Duck the teen scene published weekly for teen agers in san Gabriel Valley. Material concerning any teen Jage activity May be submitted you May ask yourself. Why is this following mailing and is because of the autumnal Equinox or bad but Why. Big to me i Cool Reading for the answer is simple. During the past three months your conf. mind has undergone a sort of mental hibernation and As a result you Are what medical science terms therefore because this is a crusading Type column we have prepared some morbid moments. 1. The quicksilver Pool by Phyllis a. Whitley is an absorbing novel of civil War Days in new York. 2. Reporters around the world by Frank k. Kelly shows the courage and Dariff of the greatest men and women reporters Ever. 8. Adventure in Dia monds by David e. Walker is a thrilling Anil unusual War Story you won t want to put Down. 4. Immortal life by Irv ing Fonn is lie dynamic Story of Jessie Benton fre Mont one of lie most ing women in american Malory. Dress 19 North Catalina Pasadena California. For further information Cary 1-5562. Staff editor food for thought in the belief that h is not so much How you think but what you we have assembled fifteen thought provoking subjects which you can practice in the privacy of your own Home. Take them to your next party or fish Fry. They re rim unteed to work and you la be making Money in no time l Mahik nil n hair til in ii or. His nil n Iii strength. 2. Should Jit attribute the. Kilerl to Kopti Lliran Ari ministration 3. What or happened to Locin John Dolphin and hit fabulous Cigar 4. Dws Dave Buck have a of. Einstein was so smart How come he never wore icy leagues co Ort Elnator Paul 8. Film production Prisc lilt rocket interviewing now. For professional models Everue Anderson models Agency Charm and modelling courses 1041 e. Colorado by 6-8200 rentals All makes typewriters and adding machines Everly hiu5 351 n. Burly or. 6-m01 is s. Loj Robles is 3-9171 re pure cent 471 c. Gin. Email now for new classes French Mon 1030. Lao. Juo 4 730 Jim 1130. 230. 530 t 73s we 1130. 130 t 730 1030. 130. 530 4 30 1030 1 1130 Spanish tue 130. 330 t 730 Wrt 1030. Ii3o. Ian 4 to Wiiri. 1130. 130. 230 t 730 1030 4 130 ii3c, 130. 4 730 Tun. 1030. 330. 30 4 7-30 we 1030. 530. S30 4 730 Thlin 330, s30 4 730 1030 4 1130 Oil no in Anc Ronni in rom Gnemi Mon 030. 1 730 Jim. Thin. Llao. 30 1 schools or languages Cli Uei la Mlton to ii or rigid. Pit Volt Nomi in Billet. Ii of free demonstration lesson Pasadena 170 s. Lau at. Sycamore 5-5836 tos ans Sles 294i Wili Hurt blvd. Dunkirk 7-3131 ;