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Independent, The (Newspaper) - September 21, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaUs avg faces i have seen fascinating sometimes haunting faces. To me that is most impressive sight in , East. I am writing these lines in Taipei capital of Formosa. Behind me Are the teeming cities of Japan the Philippines and Hong Kong. Glorious Mountain vistas singing streams quaint farms and Rice paddies All the exotic noisy colourful streets of the memory. Are printed indelibly in but it is the faces that really get me. To know the people of other lands is the real is of travel. How Charm ing the Brown winsome faces of the children of Asia. Everywhere youngsters thronging the streets darting in and out of swarming traffic going for a Holiday on the trains romping on play grounds crowding around you smiling shyly or giggling As youngsters will. They Are very lovable and appealing these children of the Orient. Their eager faces live with but equally appealing Are the faces of the very old. Perhaps there is some Urban philosophical Quality in the Oriental Rind that is often reflected in an aspect of Wisdom and dig nity on the countenance. Patience in suffering acceptance of life s Vicissitudes the absence of expostulation with Fate. All this one reads in Many an unforgettable chinese or japanese face. I have seen not a few refugee concentrations both in the Middle East and far East and All make a Strong Impact upon one s sympathies. But never in my experience have i sensed human need so keenly As among the massed refugees from communist tyranny and suffering now crowding the Crown Colony of Hong Kong. Over persons have escaped to Freedom and More come each week. For a Short period they were permitted to go Back to red China to visit their Home and rela Tives. Two Hundred thousand asked for permits but when they thronged Back across the Border they numbered a rather eloquent Refu tation it seems of the so called humanitarian ism and agrarian welfare of communist China. From All i could see the greatest Blessing of All is Freedom. Judging from Hong Kong it s Amaz ing what people will endure just to live As free Man. Here Imons the indescribable hubbub and w Vernon general Secretary of the Divi thronging confusion of this refugee concent on of National missions of the Tion i saw an unforgettable tableau of an old old Man and a Little girl sitting on their heels As the chinese do. The old Man had the look of a scholar doubtless a teacher who fled red methodist Church will be the pulpit guest of the Sierra u1v Madre methodist Church 693 mortgage burning w. Sierra Madre blvd., to Celebration at Bresee Church China. He could have passed for a carving of Morrow at 11 o clock according confucius. The Serene Wisdom and patience of old China seemed written on his face. The fact that he was poorly dressed in the proverbial Black Smock and ragged pants and sandals not detract from his natural dignity. He seemed to be telling the Little girl a Story. Wide eyed she listened occasionally breaking into an infectious laugh. They were lost in each other the old and the Young and As i turned the Corner i saw him gently stroke her Black hair and a smile illuminated an aged face that an artist could immortalize. I went my Way reflecting upon the greatness of human beings amidst suffering the philosophy that understands and the love that sustains. Among All the faces i have seen in the Orient one made a lasting impression upon me so that i shall never forget it. I refer to the face of Chiang Kai Shek. I went to Formosa As the guest of president and Madame Chiang and had the Opportunity of a close personal relationship. I write of the Man not from a Politi Cal but rather a personal standpoint though i must add my own opinion that he is one of the great defenders of Freedom in history. I sat with Chiang Kai Shek in his simply furnished Home. Here Are absolutely none of the trappings of High position. Many americans live in More impressive houses and drive better cars. He dresses As an Ordinary Soldier with no insignia of rank no medals or ribbons. He is quiet and Friendly his face lighted up with a smile of a Man at peace with god and Man. There is no tension about him none of the assumed importance of the average politician or so caled big executive. One feels in him a full emotional control and a settled attitude toward life. Yet you Are conscious of Force intelligence and purpose. At 70 he is obviously in excellent health and his spare physique though slight in appearance is that of a vigorous Man. It is obvious that there is in the Generalissimo no hate no resentment no frustration. I found peace and goodness in him and selflessness too. I shall never forget the Strong peaceful face of Chiang Kai Shek a truly remarkable Man. Looper Luht 1957. The Hill Syndicate inc rent cd to or. Chilton c. Mcpheeters minister. Or. Middleton has had a distinguished career in National missions. He has been executive Secretary of the Philadel phia missionary and Church sunday Bible lesson Man with Backbone by Frank g. H. Stevens topic Einert flux Rigast in Calili. Do Natl a 13. A ,15-18, 22-28. Everybody knows about Daniel. Do do we really know to really know about him we would need to read his entire record. But there Are four outstanding occurrences which prove what the title of our lesson suggests. First the background. The Southern kingdom of the jewish people was being subjected by a foreign King. The Best of the people Are carried away among them some Fine Young men. The victorious King suggests that some of them be trained for workers in his government and orders be fed the King s meat and his wine so that the choicest of them be fitted for the tasks. Daniel and his close friends refused to eat what was suggested and requested the simple fare to which they were accustomed. The Young Fellows won out and made Good. But a Man in High places has enemies. It All resulted in these Young men being cast into the fiery Furnace but their god saved them then came the trip into the Lions Den but again their god saved them. King is on the throne. He is much set up Over his Power. He throws a great feast for his lords in the Palace dining Hall. But in the midst of the feast a hand wrote on tie Wall some Mystic characters. The King and guests were astonished. I none of the Home grown soothsayers and chaldean could interpret the writing. The Queen suggested that they bring in Daniel. This was done and he interpreted the dream that the kingdom would fall and foreigners would take Over. Even at that moment the enemy was diverting the River which flowed under the Walls and through the City and they marched in under the Walls on the former River bed and took the City. But Back to that Lions Den business for Here we have the secret of Why Daniel was Daniel. His enemies knew that Only in the matter of. His religion could they trip him or trap him. So they got the King to make a proclamation that whosoever asked a petition of any one except the King would be thrown to the Lions. When Daniel knew mat the decree was signed he went Home opened his window and prayed As he always had to the Lions Fornix guess the boy was right who said that the reason the Lions not eat Daniel was because he was All Backbone. Ten ulv Lunn of Christian the . And Uard by permission. On copyright Nittell Crft pro Diirr by Nal Council of churches of Christ in Fuller Seminary now open close to 250 students Are enrolled at Fuller theological Seminary which began its Lith year this week. Or. Edward John Carnell new president addressed the student body in the opening Chapel service. Also speaking at Chapel this week was or. Harold John Ockenga of Boston chairman of the Board of trustees and pastor of Park Street Church in Boston. You Are cordially invited to attend Christian science Church services of any of the following churches of Christ scientist and to make use of their Reading rooms first Church in Aetna Oakland at rein a Warfey , 11 am 4 us sunday in howl 11 am Rhomb 550 East Green third Church. 1mj lost Colorado ionic tit ii am Isidar Schmo t 11 am mading doom 1491 e. Colorado second Church Pasadis 814 East Claremont sunday services 11 am sunday Schtul . Reading room 165 e Washington first Church Al radio e. Allideno drive sunday services ii am sunday Shoat ii am Reading teem 942 e. Altadena or. Downtown hading doom 111 e. Celoron. Street Pasadena ou1 sunday sermons Are comprised of selected references read from the Bible Kino James version with correlative passages from the Christian science textbook science and health with key to the scriptures it Mary Baker Eddy discoverer and founder of Christian science wednesday meetings held at ., incl vat of Christian science Healing. Speaks at Sierra Madre methodist services throughout Tomor Row will Mark a special Home of the Nazarene 1480 e. Washngton St., Pasadena. Highlights of the Day s Spe Cial activities will include special music program presented by the visionaries quartet during the sunday school hour1 which begins at the Homecoming worship serv be at 11 . A Fellowship Din Ner at The mortgage burning service at 2 And special evangelistic service at 7 Or. Al Ssell v. Delong Lew president of Pasadena col Ege and an evangelist widely Cnown throughout the Chris Ian world will deliver the message at the evening service. De. W. V. Middleton he s Mission Leader Extension society of the meth Odist Church an executive Secretary of the Section of Church Extension of the division of National missions and executive Secretary of the division s Section of Home missions. As general Secretary of the Divi Sion he Heads the program of both the Church Extension and Home Mission sections and is also vice chairman of the Divi Sion of Home missions of the National Council of churches an interdenominational organization of 21 constituent Home Mission societies. The annual Church school rally will be in the Sanctuary at ., with or. George siding. Or. Meyer to speak on new radio program worship in the West a new hour Long radio program will begin tomorrow at 9 . On fac. Composed chiefly of Frempter superintendent pee Beautiful sacred music from various countries of the world the program will feature a Dif Ferent Church and Clergyman of the Southland each sunday. Or. William Meyer of Immanuel presbyterian Church los Angeles will speak tomorrow to be followed by the Rev. Ken Neth Carlson of Santa Monica first methodist and the Rev. Gene Bartlett of los Angeles first Baptist or. Clifton Moore will coordinate worship in the West and will be heard each week As narrator and master monies. Scripts will pared by professional broadcast writers. Of Cere be pre Lake Avenue congregational Church James Henry in Tehani . Pastor . Thi Church its stewardship or. Hutchins Not the truth then a lie or. Wilbur m. Smith Chuich school .-c.i. Society for Viry Agi. Pm. Wednesday Prater Bible study the first cause course and consequence or. Wilbur m. Smith North Lake a cnut religion today tomorrow _ Toft. Bresee Church will bum mortgage and have Home coming tomorrow fair a him Pau Dana i Iii y 4.xt, u Wayne Ilinca. Mihata 1m Thi India indict -5 do. Russell it Long speaker at Bresee Throop memorial unite Balist 390 s. Us my Tat Harawa m. Car . 11 . Why we need the wilderness or. Gehr preaching of Church school year ailed care Duran of service Kennel by past commander Ray Murphy of the american a Cion prof. Paul sheets of . And miss Helene Boughton publisher. In a new film the real meaning of preserved by the fireside forum. Everyone is invited. This is a Liberal protestant Church 115 West California Church of Liberal religion sunday worship at or. Curtis Beach the important. Of being a Radical tall came pc Wor Alpi at All i Congre Timmy los files Avenue and Walnut Street . Achieving the american dream or. Alden 8. Mosshammer preach let Church school Nursery care same hour 41 worship Frances h. Munes. Dir. Of religious education Plymouth will . In. Mcginn. Pilgrim Fellowship a Houie of Pratier rut All Oneonta congregational Church of Ana Oak streets South Pasadena the reverend f. A. Barnhil ., minister the reverend d. J. Brady associate minister and school and at worship learning god s yes through god s no Brady evening youth groups san Marino congregational Church Huntington drive Aid Del mar Avenue san Marino Bertrand k. Crist. Minister Church and an. Johnino pilgh1m Dan. I re i i lutheran churches in Pasadena and Vicinity Immanuel lutheran Church loth. Brethren erness pastor Raymond and Villa Omar gj1 school ant Bible classes worship Nursery care Lor Small children service David Christiansen. Guest speaker. You Art always Welcome at Immanuel Messiah lutheran augustan Corner k. Or unite Grove it no. Madison Are. Steam re 3-4937 the Carl b school and divine worship Sermon by the pastor Nursery care in the Berlund Home league and Junior Luther Lea Rue adult league thurs Day Bible Trinity lutheran . M7 k. Walnut at Catalina Carl b. Motek. Pastor it 1-1212 school classes for All ate worship give youth sunday this service is signed for the deaf Nursery care for Small children Bethany lutheran Church . My la Tierra St., it n. Vineda and Sierra Madre blvd. P. G. Rasmussen. Pastor school and Bible classes worship Christ the great healer Leacue mount Olive lutheran Church Martin r. Zipfel. Pastor 1118 North Allen Avenue school Hill ave. Grace lutheran Church . 73 North Hill Avenue Victor h. Snello. Pastor St 2-Cki school for All ares worship Nursery facilities available and or leagues first lutheran Ine lutheran Synod Jos n. To Roblet Avenne pastors Rev. George e. Thess Rev. Richard z. Meyer and .-divine worship school and Bible cusses. Nursery tart provided Llor Lar. All services we Are cooperating with Oral Roberts crusade sept. Calif. I regular services All Day sunday at the Church Rev. To a. Tousley open Bible Church 37 Mary n. Fair Oaks t. A. Tousley pastor enjoy Phil kerb s monday musical Pasadena civic auditorium monday Ray Ivory trumpeter Helen Johns Soprano Madge Killion organist Billy and Maureen Woods Marimba duo Jack hol comb to personality to shall Light and save souls san Gabriel Union Church William Joseph Hemphill. Psi Tor Las Tunas of pin . Labor rest and worship fourth commandment A stranger in town Daniel 3 Bible study wed. . Study the Book of romans from a Larie 10x20 it. Chart the Alliance Church 2113 e. V1iu pc Crali James Ernest Davey minister 5t s-95m Henry rankle Borneo Richard Macmillan .-graded Church school groups meet Nursery All services free Navy Clerch with world wide 4 ill Hiril of Tiik Brethren 1041 Altadena drive pan b. Studebaker. Pastor Church . . The world in our hearts Rev. Studebaker music by Sanctuary choir Fellowship the Friendly neighbourhood Church the Mission covenant Church s39 n. Lake Arvid f. Carlson. Minister school Mark s gospel father s purpose Kola 1110 visit with Genie Central Christian Church Walnut at Maknoo. Willm p. Ford. . Minister Plicht of a hew cubism if i buy or. Ford school groups Retina no Christian Church Rio Gronde and n. Menu w. Cram mini Lar coming to oneself school school outdoor Fellowship Farnsworth Park wed., .--week service w1 a mall t Sou 10 with Ull Cental Chuich of ch1ist so cml Imi com Kalll Safrit. 4m l Wehili Irwi. Palumu it 4.b it 4-mm Unity Christ Church two sunday Iek vice to n. Euclid Pasadena it bus memo Al Pilgrim Holtons Church 14j7 n. Hu1 Art. John ii. Newby. Huttt to Schooie . Pal worship so the episcopal churches All saints episcopal Church North inc lid ate Aue opposite City Ball the Rev. John h. Hurt Rector the kit. Robert e. Henry the Rev. Allan k. Clauast communion service with Sermon by or. Henry and Church school classes for children through third Trade. Classes. The gospel of the Lector a mature or. Henry apostles in the or. Chalfant prayer and Sermon by or. Burt broadcast . Kwiw. Dial Nursery St. Mark s episcopal Church 1114 East Altadena drive. Altadena. California Tot Rev. Charles Howard Perry Rector communion service and Church school. Nursery care prayer and Sermon by the Rector. Nursery care prayer the Church of the Angels Lino Annne 64 the Bohon s Chapel nest on Colorado St. New Bridie. Turn Oil ave. Ii Rector the it. Rev. Francis b. . Vicar the Rev. Canon Edwin Moil holy communion communion in the Church children of the Church school May attend this service prayer and Sermon. The Rev. Canon Host will preach St. Edmund s episcopal Church 1175 san. Gabriel Boulevard san Marino by i Tolci the Rev. W. A. Driver Hector tre Rev. S. L. Hall curate the Rev. We. J. Currer. Honorary Rector Church school classes resumed communion school school . Wed holy communion and . Friday St. James episcopal Church Fremont Arenna at Monterey Loath Pasadena the re. Gilbert t. Once . The Rev. Robert l. Cornelison. Curate in. John l. Mindte director of reunions education communion prayer Church school family service holy communion the last sunday of the month prayer Sermon holy communion the first sunday of the month .-Junlor Illish fellow help .-Senlor x. P. F. Church of our Saviour 535 West roses Road san Gabriel the Rev. Crawford Crown. . Rector the Rev. Ronald c. Molrine associate Rector holy communion and school and Nursery. And prayer and Sermon by the Rector wed., 10 communion intercessions laying on of Handl the methodist churches we Welcome worship pets 01 All Bach Holliston Avenue 1305 East Colorado Street Rev. N. Robert Kesler minister the Friendly family entered Church 30 . Help me become a person Rev. N. Robert Kesler preach or 8ehoe4 and Washington methodist 111 k. Washington Street Rev. Roland h. Kortricht Man lion Ages worship double lives Nursery care both hours been let youth services High Hith Trinity methodist Church Villa. And Summit Fred h. Ross pastor school on the pastor Jack Frost guest soloist in German language Sierra Madre methodist Hadre blvd. M an. Chilton c. Hep Heeter . Rum school rally service pulpit guest or. W. Vernon Middleton general Secretary Dir. Of the division of National missions child care during Church a Church with a future for people who first methodist Church Colorado at Oakland service or. K. Morgan preach or thy kingdom come at Mast a Little nurse or Cue and or Tenni . Church school . Fellowship group . Hartzell methodist Church East col on do Street Wal Lite it. Heuzell. Man Lite 9 and 11 service i your Money and your life Rev. Hessell preaching Day program to for youth and Nursery 9 to 12 project supper my movie i Lincoln Avenue methodist Corner Orange Grove and Lincoln Aten Uei Christian brotherhood in action serve it the lift of love Rev. Manlel Towler preach of school Daniel u , minister Scott methodist Church 55 Mary Street d. Dewitt Turpeau. Or. Minister Aie groups worship. Pastor preaching. The bearing ear and seeing Eye youth Fellowship annual men s Day sept. 29 2033 i. Washington St. James 9 . And 11 . Worship service i suffering and sin film and discussion on integration minister r. Hylton Sanden 4-9231, or 4-471t free methodist Church 30s n. Fair Oaks at. Leu Smith pastor preach Christ crucified risen and coming again school classes for All arcs Yosiel crusades or. A h. Pearson will show the film Salcldo Mountain your Erlb Nulf Church with a vital message

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