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Independent, The (Newspaper) - September 21, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaMad evangelicals Manning Union prayer rally the Juadena association of v a n e 1 i c a 1 churches will Cua duct t Union prayer rally. Next monday at ., at the Mission covenant Church 539 North Lake Avenue it was announced today by the reverend Arvid f. Carlson chair Man of publicity. The rally commemorates the 100th anniversary of the famous Fulton Street prayer melting which began in new York City Ori that Date and be religion in the news by c. Fued Shoop editor the Rev. Douglas Tiffany once youth director and assist ant pastor at Pasadena presbyterian Church has accepted a Call to be minister of the first presbyterian Church of Sherman Oaks. For the past six years he has been minister of the first presbyterian Church Boise Ida. Churches and son ice clubs of Imperial county have joined n a movement to make Church Home coming sunday Tomor Steeple High lights continue a bus the Rev. D. Caln min ister of Pasadena Church of religious science will emphasize Faith when he continues his series of sermons on the wonder working Power of spirit tomorrow at 11 an. In the Palm room hotel Green. The Rev. Or. Ray Charles Jarman pastor of Christian Chapel South Gate give a lecture under the auspices of the Pasadena Church oct. 3 at At hotel Green the Rev. Or. Grain announced to Day. Public is Welcome. Came the launching platform Row a Success. Last year Church is report attendance Robert Stein returns for one of America s most sweeping revivals. The Rev. Armlyn r. Gesswein director of the revival Praye Fellowship will speak concen ing the effects of this signify cant spiritual Awakening. The association extends a cordial invitation to All area Churche to participate in the service. Tie rally is one of the Man features of the association fall program which was announced at its recent Annu dinner held at Rees memorial Church. Officers elected to serve of the ensuing year Are As follows chairman or. Robert Schape vice chairman and in charge of publicity Rev. Arvid f Carlson Secretary Rev. Join m. Newby treasurer mrs. J v. Maule civic affairs chair Man Rev. Robert Dow evangelism and prayer chairman Rev. James a. Davey member ship chairman Rev. Paul Fried Mann program. Chairman Rev. J. W. Ellis weekday Edu cation Rev. A. J. Reckard world Relief commission or James Henry Hutchins Ani welfare Rev. Henry lord. The featured speaker at Thi dinner was miss Myrtle Shad director of the Assoc a lion s weekday religious education program. Close to that of easter or Christmas. Placards and Small hand Bills urge attend the Church of your Choice sept. 22 and take your children to sunday school not Send them take this is the sixth annual crusade of this kind there. Robert Stein one o a lift for living neighbourhood Church will be Host on sunday october 6, to the los Angeles association of congregational churches. Some 60 churches of this area will gel to Gether for Fellowship inspiration and planning. Or. Amen s. Moss Hummer of first Church will report on the uniting Synod held in Cleveland last june More than five Milox copies of the revised Standard version of the Bible have been sold in the five years they have been on he Market. Additionally More than three and a Hulf million copies of the Rev new testament alone were sold. Episcopal churches of the Pasadena area Are Well represented at the eighth annual laymen s conference of the Dio Cese of los Angeles being held today at the ambassador hotel los Angeles the women s association of Pasadena presbyterian Church is to be commended for getting As thei speaker for sept. 26, mrs. Paul Moser who has been Calle the. Outstanding presbyterian woman in the United state or. Daniel a. Poling of Philadelphia editor of the Chris Tian Herald Magazine has just made his 12th visit to the far East since 1946. He. Recently conducted a protestant chaplains Retreat at Seoul Korea meeting with religious military and civil leaders. The trip was made at Reques of the office of chief of chaplains Washington . H is chaplain of the Chapel of four chaplains in Philadelphia a memorial _ erected to the four heroic chaplains who los their lives aboard the troop ship Dorchester when it was torpedoed in 1943. His son was one of the four. Evangelist Billy Graham will be Back in new York next week for a week Long series of special suburban area rallies beginning sept. 24. He will speak in Nassau suf Folk and Westchester counties and Staten Island . And Trenton . And Stamford Conn. Mrs. Glenn g. Hayes of Evanston 111., has been re elected to her fifth term As president of the National . The convention held at Madison wise., adopted a Resolution asking Congress to ban liquor advertising in newspapers and magazines and Over radio and television. Art Appeal to men of Goodwill in All Northern and South in communities not to permit moral anarchy to usurp the ule of Law was made in new York by the commission on religious organizations of the National conference of Chris ans and jews. The Resolution pleaded for an awareness of he event Valiry of the brotherhood of Man under the father Hood of the role being played Iri the Little Rock ark., school integration dispute by rep. Brooks dark presi Dent of the Southern praised at Washington by or. Clarence w. Cranford president of the american Northern Baptist convention. Goodbye for now leaving for a three weeks vacation in Northern California in my absence this department will be conducted by miss Mary Kemp of pulpit and Pew column appearing daily in the Star news. Or. Robt. W. Steckel director of lutheran evangelism Mission of the United lutheran Church in America will preach tomorrow at the lutheran Church in the foot Hills la Canada both at the 9 and 11 . Sen ices. A a live of Rochester . Or. Steckel served pastorate at Daisv Lluc no Rochester and Pittsburgh first eng Lish before being named to his present High office in 1955. For seven years he con ducted noon mid week services for business men and women in downtown Pittsburgh arid his sunday sermons were broadcast Over radio for eight years in Pitts Burgh. San Gabriel Christian school opens year the san Gabriel Christian school sponsored by the san Gabriel Union Church opened its sixth year last wednesday. The Rev. Joseph Pas says we expect a record enrolment of 3-70 this year and this with our High academic standards and fully accredited leaching staff probably will place us in the top ten National elementary Christian the school offers kindergarten j through the eighth Grade. Church from 16 weeks participation ii the new York City crusade conducted by or Billy Graham he will share the pulpit will the Rev. Or. Verner i. Olson pastor at And will Tell of his experience in counselling with hundreds o people who came Forward 1 Madison Square Garden. Them for the messages is Healing for the Stein will us As his subheading Healin for hearts in the Rev. Or. Olson will speak 01 Healing for hearts in Pasa visitors and newcomer 10 Pasadena invited. Inter Church Board the Rev. Doroteo Venegas pastor of latin american Church and members of i congregation will be feature i on the program at the Meel ing of Pasadena inter Church mexican Board monday a Bethany Christian Church Mentor ave. At Rio Grandesi they will give reports of sum met activities and discuss a Nev project. Or. And mrs. Hugh j Williams will present puerto Rinn musical numbers and or and mrs. George e Kennedy will show a picture entitled Island hopping in the carib according to Alice whip program chairman. A share a dish dinner at p a will precede the meeting. Ervice men invited Pasadena jewish Temple and Center has extended a invitation to service men am women and College students from out of town to attend the Bligh holy Day services on sept. 26 and 27 and oct. 5 As tests of the Temple. Any jewish Young men and women in the Pasadena area who fit this description arid Vish to attend the services on Lew year and the Day. Of for Dement Are asked to Tele hone by. 7-9427 or by. 8-1161. The Call should be made be Ore sept 25 in order to crets. Get gratitude is a virtue most deified and yet most deserted. A. Forney Roland Max w Ell prominent Pasadena attorney and Churchman will be guest speaker tuesday at 7 At the animal fathers banquet of Altadena Luther an Church to be held in Davies memorial auditorium in Farnsworth Park North Lake Avenue. Lis subject will he the Layman and his All area father sons daughters arc invited. Attend a Riat salvation and Healing revival hear Burnie Davis receive be the holy ghost also sunday 11 . And Down your crutches and be healed sunday . Pasadena foursquare Church 174 n. Harkness Rev. Coakes persons need roots firmly implanted m. A Mph w. Sockman at the close of world War i. A great european Leader was being feted in America for his heroism. He modestly disclaimed any signal Merit of his own by saying he was simply a tree in a Forest of courageous spirits. If we Are to think of life As a tree one might Well wonder what is happening to the roots of life in America. We May consider the roots of life in terms of our nature s qualities Honor Faith Hope love. These Are the tendrils which give us stance and through which we draw sustenance for our spirits. Also we May think of the roots of life in terms of the associations into which these tendrils go. We May say our roots Are family ties social circles National patriotism religious associations. Take which Are so deep. And How far their roots do reach these family roots Are so Subtle and so under the surface we often do not see How much the sap of life comes through them until something Breaks a Home. Some time ago a College Sophomore was pouring out his heart his father had deserted his Mother. His Stepfather had so cruelly mistreated him that his Mother had taken him away to her parents near Chicago. These grandparents were More or less dependent on their son this boy s Uncle who was supporting the boy at school although he not approve of the boy s objectives in education. To Climax his pathos the girl on whom he had staked his Hope seemed to be losing interest. That boy who tried to appear so self sufficient on the Campus in the privacy of our conversation spoke with a breaking voice it seems whenever i tie to anything it somehow lets yes the roots of the. Family do feed our lives. Yet How easily the canker worm can get at these roots. We make friends in our work our recreational activities our social circles. The result is that the soil of society is inter meshed underneath with All these class loyalties group loyalties associations luncheon clubs and the like. But if we think we can hold the world steady merely by these circles of self interest i m afraid we Are fooling our selves. We need god to strengthen and enrich our friendships. Matter7 to topic for us son Sirmon Man s god Given Dominion him. Thy son Livah and Jim keynotes the lesson Sermon on the subject of matter in All Christian science churches on sunday. The account of the Healing of of the Nobleman s son is related from John s gospel he Besought Jesus sir come will never believe that you Are Down Ere my child die. Jesus quite free from some ailment. Isaiah unto him go thy Way i thy son Loveth. And the Man believed the word that Jesus had spoken unto him and he went his Way. And As he was now going Down his servants met and told him thy son liveth so the father knew that it was at the same hour in which Jesus said unto Altadena foursquare Church ii . The notes of life special music student conducted service 1742 n. Sierra Boulti. Rev. W. A. Ruzell Brethren in Christ Church . 4 414 n. Altadena dr., Pasadena in 3-9211 friends queries for meditation do you a ice your Home a place of hospitality friendliness peace and Christian Fellowship do you prom Oft the moral and spiritual life of your Chil Dren through careful supervision of their education recreation and friendships Are you truthful and honest in your business transactions punctual in fulfilling your promises and prompt in the payment of your debts Are you careful of the reputation of others do you believe in the spiritual capacity of men of Alt races and do you recognize their Equality in the sight of god do you consistently practice the Christian principles of love and Good will toward All men do you strive for the constant Realini Ilion of god s presence in your life does. Your personal conduct reflect the True dignity of Christian character As set Forth in the scriptures first friends Church of Pasadena sunday worship. . J. Stuart in Crit minister Cor. Grove Grid n. Altadena drive Gou to of age Bresee Church of the Ezarene 1480 East Washington Street j. George Taylorson Sci tool. Vision Aires quartet do we go from burning service. The calling of Rev. Shul Burn Brown .-youth groups most important Russell v. Delong president Pasadena College. Guest soloist Beth Farnam Don Irwin pastor school god no kind of a person Art of the 2200 e. Colorado Street air conditioned first Church of the Nazarene Raymond it Chi tit j. Willyum Ell i pastor school Trub vision of god groups is a difference Church of Christ East Pasadena service study sunday 6 .-films on series of Paul 58 s. Sit Rrt Madr. Blvd. By 8-3037 first Church of religious science Ernest Holmes founder 277 n. Al Molino e. M. Sunday . Sunday school at the Shakespeare club Shakespeare club 230 s. Los Robles transformation for you for weekday services and classes Call by ,i-42lfi tuesday morning meeting at the Church ii . Pasadena Church of religious science Hal d. Crain minister Palm room hotel Green sunday at 11 . Wonder working Power of Faith hear or. Ray Charles Jarman on oct. 3 Santa Anita Church of religious science 77s South Rosemead blvd. Ethel Barnhart. Minister sunday . Reaching for the stars11 Junior Church am month activity. 7-30 pm weekday . Thursday creative , . For further information Call Church by 6-3534 i i5oi of t8siitii m e. Transk a Lille firs Thomas a Mil Jan Mary pastors during july August and . How to find peace in a world of tension spiritual Tumbleweed i Rev. Williams member of Calvary Baptist Church 1535 e. Colorado st. Opposite Pasadena City collect attend these satisfying services sunday or. Verner i. Olson speaking . That inner compulsion Sanctuary choir directed by Robert h. Peters Healing for the heart in new York Robert Stein in Pasadena or. Qlson Calvary choral uses and Robert moi1ler, baritone sunday school . South groups Nurse re during All services so Mirage a Manhattan Pasadena Premier showings Billy Graham s . Crusade 1mmanuel Baptist Iii kill Washington at Holliston or. Edward b. Hart. . Pastor Bible studying sunday school. Give your self a spiritual treat. There is a class for your needs. Message by the Postor How near is and expression groups for the whole family. True Freedom children s Charch . Services. First Baptist Church Pasadena 7s n. 3-7164 i or. C. R. Belljr. Pastor . Life s third or. Charles r. Belljr. Preaching at the heah1 of the Crown c1tv Mist Advent Christian Church no. Marengo sunday ski Vii is . And Lije Only in self believed Ana whole Mary Baker Eddy lovingly admonishes in science health with key to. The scrip you Mutt under und your Way out of human the ories relating to health or you the Harmony and immortality of Man will never be reached without the understanding that mind is not in matter p. The Golden text is from i John love not the world neither the things that Are in the world. H any Man the world the love father is not in the prayer House a Ploce of for Allsy j-0315 it n. Oakland. Pas Deffa Pasadena presbyterian Church broadcast a pc pc Church services . 11-.00 . The lovable in life Ganse time preaching Homecoming sunday Church school members win worship with their families in the Sanctuary at or . Nursery for infants and pre school children first floor of Kirk House Church 5chooi cusses Yeijin sept. 29 in the Kirk House .-Kirk House Junior High Fellowship senior High Fellowship .-Parish building Young adult group. Church services Colorado at Madison Kirk House Union at Oakland this Church welcomes worshippers of every race pc is owned operated by the Pasadena presbyterian Chirck . To 12 Midnight every Lincoln Avenue presbyterian Church 2041 Lincoln at. Oscar Raymond Lowry . Filter school worship this is god s program or. Oscar Raymond Lowry Bible hour Kola sorrow turned to Joy or. Lowry and career Christian Endeavor society other Christian Endeavor societies worship be Are or. Chase a. Saw Tell director Riola evening and correspondence school wednesday service Ltd by or. Lowry let us Pray it preach not ourselves but Christ Jesus the Westminster presbyterian Chirck North Lake Avenue at at Haljon Street and . Making the most out of the least or. Max Merritt Morrison two Church school sessions and . But Mintter ves trs on Kwiw 1300 on your or. Morrison subject the false goal of Security school. College i tonne adult Groppi. We it lemme worshippers of All races and Creed Bethel Baptist Church Rev. Henry lord pastor 138 so. Oak Knoll school god thinks we Are Worth 6 m Harold Lindsell speak inc affiliated with Baptist general conference of America Tremont Baptist Church Raymond it Tremont her. A. Robt Tion Church school classes rally h. O. Anderson speaking at both services Chuh ii victorious and How to get Tipre Fellowship groups Junior soc icly Trinity Baptist Church 1147 Cordova Street Candeni h. Elson Mccutcheon. A Lliter school for Vert t5? or Earth pastor Mccall Allcon the full pastor Mccall Teton u Nilo Wilb with the , and . Foothill blvd. At Oakland or. Andrew w. Mccormick pastor and the Man who walked with god or. Maccormick groups first United presbyterian Church 219 South Lake Avenue Church school Ralph m. Grove Pas Robt Worth up service seek be the lord or. Grove adults Aje group Caivano v Clinin i 1050 Fremont ave., so. Pasa. Rev. Clan a. Morrow ., minister Rev. Frank s. Lla Mitlon. Or. Minister 01 Christian education -Worsnip service Ezekiel saw the wheel or. Morrow youth and Young adult groups sunday evening at 6 and 7 Mich Llinda presbyterian Church Cor. Rosemead blvd. And California st. Hufh d. Nelson mind intr dislocated self Rev. Hugh d. Nelson clip Foch school san Marino Community a Churchi Udo Vern Lynli Road Frederick w a Rcpt mini worship Soo Church school of Cille. Fellow help hath school Toimi adult

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