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Independent, The (Newspaper) - September 19, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaGrand Forks trumpet player Louis Satch to Armstrong says he s Given up plans for a government sponsored trip to Russia be cause the Way they Are treat eng my people in the South the government can go to Here for concert Arm Strong said tuesday night president Eisenhower had and a scribed a gov. Orval Faubus As an uneducated plow Armstrong yesterday Reaf be firmed the statements he made that Story. Thais just what i said and still Story swings he wrote the word solid at the Bottom of the account and blast at us cancels soviet tour it i negro enter tie Rock was a publicity with his proposed trip the state department As per Tore them inside was a publicity with his proposed trip led by the greatest of All pub to Russia ill do it on my Don t get me he licit he said fixed his signature. Intelligent White people it s lations with other countries he said the president is two the lower class people make All the people Over there is Iron ii Annj Unn a 11 i r weather some cloudiness tills morn ing Clearing by noon. Burn it approved by aped. Title change in temperature. High yesterday 80. High expected today about 78. More weather Page 5. Nuut Pic pvt Pujji jul ulc Ilin to a grand Forks Herald re affixed his signature. Porter. Shown a copy of the he said the presides Story that had been written faced and has allowed Faubus the noise on the basis of his remarks to run the Federal government. Armstrong said that use of Armstrong a cart that e l. A government Rmstrong sad that use of Armstrong said that s just it s getting almost so bad National guard troops to pre Fine. Don t take nothing out a coloured Man has t got any school integration at lit added the South is full of things have a bad effect on re the people Over there ask me what s wrong with my country what am i supposed to say in Washington the dept. Declined to comment on Armstrong s statements. Officials made no attempt How Ever to hide their concern. Best ambassador haps the most effective unofficial Good will ambassador this state country has. A trip by Armstrong to rus Sia under state department sponsorship has been und consideration for some time. Officials were delighted at dog cop take Tiff to court a 69-year-old woman yesterday said a Pasadena motorcycle officer Drew his gun on her dog when it barked at him. Mrs. Hester Robinson of fi45 Jackson St appeared in the courtroom of municipal judge Joseph a. Sprankle jr., to answer a charge that she let her dog run Loose. Large Mongrel officer t. N. Bracken had said he was southbound on Al Monte ave. Sept 3 when a Large Mongrel started to Chase his motorcycle. He turned around and parked As mrs. Robinson was tying the dog he reported but the dog got Loose and attempted to at tack him. Bracken said he held the dog at May with his Chalk marking stick and told the woman it might be necessary to shoot the dog in self defense if it was not fled up. But mrs. Robinson said the dog did t Chase the officer. He ran to the Edge of the she said. Then called him and was tying him up when the officer came Back and the dog started Barking. The officer had his gun out and held out his Clial stick come on out but the dog did t i Don t know Why he. Had his gun out there were children t i Wiki Iris were at he said if he Ever does Goj Armstrong was regarded by Satcho s Promise to Frac Ture them soviet Union. They said soviet propagandists undoubtedly will seize on Armstrong s words. The reds have been Pound under ing away at the school integration troubles in the South evidence of american intolerance of coloured Peoples. Home edition the Afir Cio ethical practices committee has charted that Jimmy Hoffa promoted a rogues gallery of 2. Los Angeles by Volley i 6-4671 Zenith 2330 Pasadena Cal thursday sept. 19, 1957 Gale hits fishing boats houses in Buras la., Bayou country. Three drown storm losing punch suit of Mechanic goes to jury a Pasadena jury will begin deliberations this of trying Over a disabled Auto Mechanic s claim for damages against two sheriff s deputies and los Angeles county. The injured Mechanic Rob Ert Leon Stafford 43, Testi fied he was working under a car when a pneumatic Jack was knocked from under the car and the automobile fell on him crushing his head. His attorney Frank j. Weiss claimed that sheriff s deputies Norman r. Dalbec and court Ney a. Julian were negligent when into the Auto repair shop driveway at 9-175 e. Las Tunas dr., Temple City and struck the Jack. The Acci Dent happened Jan. 3, 1956. Dalbec Driver of the car testified that he backed up As soon As he Felt his tires go Over what he believed was the Jack he said they pulled into the station in search of a juvenile a tropical storm Hurley Gusty winds and slashing rain at Gulf coast states wednesday. The storm called Esther it Southeastern Louisiana moved into Mississippi am headed for Northern Alabama. But the blow began to lose Force after loosing winds up to 64 Mph which is less than the Hurricane rate of 75 Mph or More. Three persons drowned in swollen canals two in the new Orleans area and one near Morgan City la. But there was Little property dam age. Cold air rolled southward Over the Northern Rockies and the and freezing weather gave Montana a preview of Winter. Three inches of Snow were reported at Helena and Cut Bank Mont. Fair weather prevailed in the Northeast most of the mid West the Southwest and the Pacific coast kidnapper Koses restore sight to tie of of flier fort Worth. Of a Man i trailer last night taped her kidnapped Blind mrs. Virginia hands together and forced her a mks. 20. From her Jincun fumes peril wide area after crash to n to Thamesville ont. To a deduct was being evacuated. The truck Driver j. C. Sluder crawled from the wrecked vehicle. Doctors said he was undergoing examination to de in to. A. Juvenile to they saw on the other Side of Termine if he was poisoned. The garage. Negligence charged attorney David k. Robinson represented the defense claimed Stafford was negligent himself because he was work ing in the driveway under dangerous conditions. Weiss who toned Down the plaintiff s first request for said he Felt damages would be a fail amount to award Stafford. Doc tors testified that Stafford suffered several Skull fractures was permanently deaf in his left ear would probably have tractor trailer loaded with 25 tons of cyanide crystals was struck by a crack Toronto to Windsor passenger train shortly after Midnight and police said deadly fumes could Blanket the area if the cyanide was not cleared away. Ontario provincial police at Chatham said a Quarter of a minks 20, from her t. Jato his automobile. He upped j j open her Blouse kissed her demos Here petted Ner and tossed her Pic Street. As police later put her into an ambulance she exclaimed of i can her physician said her Case was one of psychological Blind told of Absurdity the Eisenhower administration was accused last night of proposing to add a master piece of Absurdity to the tax Ness. That is the Shock of an automobile Accident july 3 made her lose her sight. He Mccomb hired by so sch de 7 superintendent bids Board reveals Job list today by John Burtt qualifications of applicants seeking to be superintendent of Pasadena schools will be examined by the Board of education in secret executive session at 5 this afternoon. Steve Salisian school Board president said he would open the list of applicants for inspection by Board members for the first time. He has kept the list himself for the past two weeks while the Board tried to exact from Edgar Barratt Board member a Promise that he would not reveal the Pames of applicants. Secrecy practice music dealer . Grassmueck Dies in Honolulu r. O. Grassmueck for the past 25 years a member of the Pasadena music firm of Berry and Grassmueck col lapsed on a Honolulu bus yesterday and died later in a doctor s office. Grassmueck 64, was in the hawaiian islands with his wife Alice on a vacation and was due to return sept. 27 to his Arcadia Home 1127 w. Foothill blvd. Funeral arrangements Are pending the arrival from Honolulu today of mrs. Grassmueck. He is survived by two sons Loren and George two Sisters and two Brothers. It has become general prac Tice for California school boards to consider top person Nel appointments in private meeting. This procedure is permitted by state Law. Four members of the Pasa Dena school Board have voted to follow this procedure. Bar Ratt has said he will not be bound by it. Well just have to go v Al Mccomb so. Amounts not paid to pakis Tan. Paul California democratic National committeeman Nade the charge in a address Lefore the Franklin Delano Roosevelt democratic club in Pasadena. Ziffren said in the Pakistan tax treaty now being considered by the unionist faces assault charge los Angeles. Police late yesterday booked a Union member on an assault with a deadly weapon charge after a Vorker who crossed a picket Ine at the Osbrink my fac using co. On Mckinley ave. Was hit Over the head with a lug wrench. Police at the 77th St. Mittee that nation would impose certain taxes against american companies engaged in business there. Then these taxes would be waived but the Compa Nies nevertheless could de duct them from their Ameri can taxes As though they had been Ziffren said the United states should offer honest subsidies f it wants to promote Trade with Jun Taij to Ruiu. Luau by a ivc j v Jet at Imp m Voltl dizzy spells and headaches for lion said that Raymond bar of f the rest of his life and had lost his sense of taste and smell on the left Side. The Case is being heard be 4u i it Only to have judge her Bert v. Walker define Legal terms he used in his final instructions j after getting the answers it sought the jury retired and spent the rest of the Day de liberating without reaching a verdict. The jurors were taken to their hotel at . Put completing thei r second Jull Day of studying the Case. They gave no indication of the Prog Ress of their deliberations. Among the questions the jury asked the judge to answer hatred Neces sary for what is a what is Crim Inal and what is an injurious in my judge Walker said hatred is not an essential ingredient to malice. Hatred May be but it s not an essential ingredient. The Prima Facie evidence of malice is the appearance of an injurious publication with out justifiable motives which peaches honesty integrity or the judge said that Crimi Pasadena will head recruiting or. Stuart f. Mccomb Center of one of the storm Iest school controversies in recent Pasadena history yesterday went to work at a new Job. The former superintendent of Pasadena schools is co Ordina Tor of teacher education projects at the school of education in the University of Southern California. Melbo announced Mccomb s appointment was announced yesterday by Dean Irving r. Melbo of the Educa school. Mccomb now living at portuguese Bend near Pacific Palisades could not be reached last night for comment on the new Post. He resigned As superintend ent last june under pressure from the Board. A lengthy controversy developed Over that move and a proposal to rehire him Here. At us he will be in charge of a special project to recruit and train selected mature peo ple for teaching. They will be Jeonte without formal preparation in the Field. He will also explore the potential of these and similar programs to be designed n co operation with Southern California school districts with a View toward improving pre service teacher education according to or. Melbo. He received both his Mas Ter s and doctor s degrees in education from to Csc. He is a graduate of Arizona state College and holds an Honor Ary doctor of Laws a Ejjero from upper Iowa University. Before his appointment to the Pasadena position in-1953, my comb was superintendent of the Compton Union High school District and president of Compton College. Nal libel existed when Caryl s we Calud ill biased inside today s Independent Sandra Rockefeller Multi million heiress an Al san Francisco criminal at Orney George t. Davis said yesterday in los Angeles that Superior judge Charles w Tricke who sentenced red ight Bandit Caryl Chessman o the Gas chamber nine years ago is and prejudiced.11 Davis who defended chess Man until a Short time ago said he believes that judge frieze however is a Man of sufficient judicial integrity who does not want to sit in Vutci Cicur Muni minion heiress an Al in not Een paid from royalties on Chessman s books. He said Chessman is the highest paid author in do publishing firm of frentice Davis said a representative of the firm told him Chessman Ven collects More royalties ban or. Norma ii Vincent Peale author of numerous inspirational Best Sellers. Suss est additional names for contempt without any justify her party had tragic Bullca Kan High school teacher Betty Stephens soberly discusses party which led to accidental hanging of Princi pal w. H. Salee monday night Wilh school Board member w. H. Nelson. The freshman initiation party included a visit to a horror chamber in which Salee was standing with a noose around ills neck. Salee was found dead after Only eight of 23 Frosh had been led into Ine room. The principal was known As a regular court sifts Sopas race Row pleas the District court of a. Peals was asked yesterday to decide if the South Pasadena municipal plunge had the right to bar a 9-year-old negro girl from going swimming. Attorneys for Susan Mcclain now 11, contended that the youngster was turned away from the Pool in 1955 solely be cause of the color of her skin. However South Pasadena counsel John w. Holmes said the child was barred be cause City regulations limited the Pool s use to residents. Justices Paul Vallee and Pap. Ker Wood took the Case under submission after an hour of arguments. Susan was represented in the los Angeles courtroom by attorneys a. L. Wirin and Hugh r. Manes of the american civil liberties Union. Wirin Challan cd the City s argument that he non Resi Dence Rule is uniformly in her color was a badge pro claiming her he said. He also claimed that South Pasadena had no right to limit the Pool s use to residents since the county contributes tax funds toward its support. He said the Pool constituted an ownership in Trust for the citizens of _ both Wirin and Holmes and milled that there arc now no negroes among South Pasa Dena s inhabitants. He also noticed that Susan s three White companions John h. Abbott and his two children were asked to leave As non residents after officials challenged the negro girl

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