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Independent, The (Newspaper) - September 10, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaFra wok mime by Sam Tlell Jack Sparling the Het Thys _ win a valuable Send laugh and world with you. Question name address and ape to Tell me Why care of this paper. The Britannica Lunior 15 volume in Csc Loveilla for school Ami Lioma. Will be awarded for the letter selected. In the Case of duplicate questions the author of Tell me will select the Winner. Curl Kruber Happy birthday Peter birthdays dont mean just the presents anything to me any More either. Uve tier aril hey will Yum. I just found out something th1 Parade in t till just Heki we had such Good seats hives Ity Sixta Why is sugar Sweet strange As it May seem no body really knows what decides the taste of any Given thing. We know what Lasle is produced by certain substances and combinations but the Law which determines what the Laste of any Given Ullh. Stance should be is still not understood. The of feel a food has on our Las the nerves is connected in ome Way with its chemical Constitution. For instance when Hydrogen ions Are pres ent there is Likely to be a sour taste. Amino acids have a Sweet taste. The answer to this ques Tion therefore is that sugar has the kind of acids or chem Lical composition which makes us feel it tastes Sweet. More than years ago democritus a greek Philoso-1 Pher said that the taste or foods depends on the kind of atoms they throw off. Surprisingly enough his slate mint is considered Correct to Day unless a substance is in solution so that the atoms can move about freely we can t taste it. We can t taste j Glass Marble anything that makes the atoms of the substance move faster intensifies taste. For in stance heat speeds up the motion of heat strength ens taste. Hot Coffee has More taste than cold Coffee. Meat loses much of its taste when we eat it cold. Salt pork tastes saltier when it s warm. Our taste buds Are Able to Register four sensations Sweet Saline bitter and sour. But our Tongue is not equally sensitive 1 Points to All four tastes. The tip of our Tongue is Sensi Tive to Sweet tastes the Back is More sensitive to bitter and the sides react to sour and Salt tastes. There is really no such thing As pure taste. Our Tongue does t just react to sweetness or saltiness it also is sensitive to weight roughness or smoothness temperature mild Ness Etc. The combination of All these sensations results in what we Call the taste of food. How begin we think of kissing As a form of affection but originally it was a Way of showing humanity and respect from earliest times it was the Cusi torn to kiss the hand and the foot As a Mark of homage. Even today the kiss to Indi Cate love or affection is chiefly practice in Europe and America. The chinese and Jap anese Don t kiss and people like the polynesians and the Eskimo noses together. Of the Day by Nicki Folwell your tricks or Nuz Les to Tell in Tohl hive your name. Bite address. A it of Tun Trautt full Plett Lre Hooks dle for the letters Sale red Mph week. But even in primitive times a Mother would Caress and kiss her child so the act of kissing to indicate love or affection probably developed from thai. Inc. Romans practice kiss ing and in the Middle Ages it was the usual form of Greet ing everywhere in England. When a visitor entered a House lie not Only kissed the Host hostess and All the children but the dog and cat As Well this is a reason Hartford Conn. Up two Hoys accused of turning in 13 false alarms and raking free false emergency Calls explained they did it because a or other was picked up by to ice and accused of turning in false alarms. Across 1 contain. 6 Moat la Klin is. 11 a incl Lotf. It North Vest Ern state. If declare. 17 in upward. 8 Kurop fan Finch. 19 in Tranle Rock. 20 design of inlaid Pierri. A 21 Crane refuse. 5fi Clear . 27 Flat lick Tolian. 1js5t test. In a rur Nanc. Unlit inn. 3d Anir Rlynn pm Lilym 43 on in Rry lil 47 runt Rollon. 4k Arrill toy. Dili., 71 festive. 72 Wanner. 73 Kort Iflora lion. Of cram parents 75 Kim. Bowl 1 Zuj Tyrl. I 2 Meiller. I .1 ill. T vision in sleep. J Cru Deal. 6 Cli Euleal suffix. 7 source at 8 or Vellan a Pali he. 10 Island East of Java. Ii Doit or. Frev Iotus solution Eolien finl .7 m or Cru. Al Mill finer m set afloat. Why we say to Lemperis to wot Unn. Enlil in Supply f . Moun 29 Deal Nalion. In or rally 2 i service . I int liar of Apollo. Tamil i in. 45 by up rial com Mon traits Oft african 52 Parrot. M . severity. I rih Vlaj . to mar. Lio sural can Nilehn buying pitchers in the 17lh Century class and Earth in wares were quite often i left live due to poor Sianii Ficili Irenc nielands. It was the. Lia Hil of Riison Nicks in fill Pali Hor Wilh water before Huyng it is n lest. Thus the expressing to hold Walcer snarled As a lest to Sec if poll Chris will have tows cd th6gcnewl amino boy there Challenge both of put your boons Aud Wash Hinds have bou6ht a Back to school for our that was very Nice of you. Ck1ldrem. What Freddy liked. Accia and Ira did t like. Something that nobody liked it s very hard to select a gift 1 for a principal i peach j y we compromised. Warren to Flat 1 know. I Huet Tysik feelings when i pin t buy their twice to turn Back i want Yew to know colonel Siz that i have a1ape out my will your i f7ipn r think you owner and thin i a doth Bavins Only my i you re the Only one pi6-Heapep 6nou6h 70 5cpape thpou6h the Aias Sacree thars comin i Lef t to vew there s a mass o talk aa1om65t the suites Back there lanc6 v3u know your Mother would t wanted you up Here under these condition5. .50, plea5e.doa5i 5ay, Sussei Well. Since you put it that Way dad. But Pon t expect me to be pleasant to the person who caused me to leave Home in the first place i Jssie i want you to go Back Home with Heather while i join the search 6ronkoi Havid Crane wins Lois Mortimer Inhat Poku say poll7 a Huw sep 6haw a Pic take Sakdl Effi your stores Okay a nervous though now there is my idea of team but can he fight Well Mike you fight yer first bout t night at the local club. How program say5 i name s Mike Mason you re on 3eaver boy i better. Other gum for a while. This one s red hot Mutt i got your. New fall suit for you its about time i gave Vou the order a month Lissen look at the Fine Quality the Beautiful color styling and the Low Price Are you Gonna give All that up just because the suit does t fit you runt its terrible the a 10, i9s7 -19 your stars by Dot mar tuesday for everyone take t care of minor tasks steer Clear 0f extravagance be satisfied to hold your own until after evening when you should make Progress. Benefit through the resources of others then. Aries March 21 to april the urge to Force things or to make changes. Taurus april 20 to May 20 obstacles prob lems resource fully. Omini May 21 to june 20 let others Lead you in to excesses or extravagance. Cancer june 21 to july 22--Don t invite i Harmony or risks. Forward dealings with parents higher ups solve prob lems in the evening. July 23 to aug. Be careful while in route and with Distant or Legal interests. Virro aug 23 to sept. Forward private secret financial matters. Hold four own with Money vitality during the daytime. Libra sept. 23 to oct. A maintain Harmony but Don t make important changes. Even Ling favors mixing with people Public marital matters. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 attend to necessary tasks shun confusion mistakes. Evening favors matters regard ing Money accounts clothing privacy. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. Protect your interests with Money and loved ones. Evening favors pleasure amusements get out and mix with people. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. I Harmony or changes. Evening is Good for solving problems and Lor Domestic family interests. Aquarius Jan. 20 to feb. Busy with minor de tails but be guarded in what you say or write. Evening favors visits relaxation contacts. Pisces feb. 19 to March favors matters concerning material considerations. Earlier protect your interests in Money matters be longings. Planning ahead Good for entertaining sociability Etc september 17, 21, 23, 26, 28. Wisdom a wrong again not Many weeks ago a mod est item in this space noted that Broadway press agents Are sometimes called flacks in the jargon of the entertain ment world. In passing i noted hat this Flack should not e confused with flak the Ivory re War ii term for anti lire raft fire though a parallel night be drawn Between the scatter shot aim and staccato Hatter of the ack ack guns and the far fetched press re eases and Brazen Rakity Yak f some press agents. A fairly routine item it but not so to Bart a of ky., you re wrong he writes in a somewhat testy note. Flak did not originate in the second world War. It originated in world War i and was used by the British Royal flying corps in 1916. If you will look this word up in an up to Date Standard dictionary you will find that it is an abbreviation of the first letters of a German now this is a very interest no contribution if we dire Ard the gentle libel about my being wrong i had of course checked various source looks before writing the item. The e Oxford English diction the Book Best in or mod on such slates hat the first recorded appear Ance of flak in English was n 1940. Henry l. Mencken in the american says that flak is a world War ii term for anti aircraft fire. It was borrowed from the German an abbreviation of aircraft so Here we have two of the most authoritative language one British one clearly stating that this word first appeared in Jwo Rotl War ii. That appears to make or. Farrell s Case a pretty weak one does t it yet i m inclined to think that there May Well be some thing in what he says. You la note that he claims Only that the word was used by combat fliers in world War i. Thus it was a part of the jargon or private language of one Arm the services. If memory a servers there was Little need for i Ordinary civilians to use a word descriptive of anti air Craft ire for with the exception of a few Zeppelin raids on London the Man in the Street saw nothing of air attack in that War. By the Start of world War ii though the sit ration was radically different and the sudden appearance of in 1940 May merely have been the emergence into j to popular Tongue of a word first used a Quarter Century in flier in service Slang. Does Lany other Render recall hear a link before 1010?

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