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Independent, The (Newspaper) - September 9, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaOf Lawkis Tell me Why i Herys Khz Carl Timber win a valuable prize. Send laugh and world taught with you address and age to Tell me Why fare of this paper. The Bri Tunica Junior 15-Voliiine in for school and Home will be awarded for the letter selected. In the Case of duplicate questions the author of Tell me will select the Winner. A Oman Doit Tell me Vou didst we to drag him Back to school the Amvie As i did i Pete did we have to hog tie Jackie to get shoes on him cd no really Jackie s a f font know about wars but i Don t have any trouble with mine. Are Vou inferring that my boy int Sam Hill w1ll-Yum but i can t1 make a lev under a big Clown baby Sitters Don t sit on babies rivets Sixta put this Shell to Youe ear you re a supposed to be Able the Roar of the what is d platypus the platypus or Duckbill i one of the strangest creatures existence it is considered the lowest form of mammal on Earth today am is found Only n the Eastern portion of Australia and in Tasmania. The platypus is a sort of in Between animal that the pro Cess of evolution Soin times creates. It is neither fish nor fowl nor reptile yet it is like All three being a mammal it nurses its Young. It lays eggs As does a fowl or Bird. And its body temperature varies with the heat or cold of its surround Ings which is what happens with reptiles the Duckbill has webbed feet and a Duck Ike Bill instead of a Mouth. It swims in the water somewhat like a fish. The body is covered with a Fine under fur Over which there is a Coal of Long coarse hairs. Its Tail is Flat like that of a heaver s. It hears with a set of internal ears. Since the nostrils of the Duck Hill Are about one third of the distance from the lip of the Bill it can breathe while swimming with Only the end of its Lilli out of water. This Pec i ar1 animal lives in Burrows in the Banks of Rivers and comes out Only at night to feed in the water. It eats water insects Worms and shellfish which it catches with its Flat Hill. The female platypus lays her eggs in a nesting Bur Row it builds and lies curled around them until they Hatch. I he Young arc born Blind and helpless and remain in the Bur for some time Pon the Mother s milk. Soon Teeth appear in the Young but alien the Duckbill begins to ind its own food these Teeth Vear Down and Horny plates de Elop. These plates Are More useful for breaking open shells Han Teeth would be. The Duckbill is hard to catch and soon Dies in Captivity. Fun time the Riddle Box 1. What nut can you hang pictures on 2. What nut can you put on read. J 3. What nut is a girl s name 4. What nut is a vegetable 5. What nut is a South Amer an country answers Imp Buji Jack Sparling now Here s tu6 plan. And Katura Liy Nob Coy else is to know what the Sam Hill its i Hope we re not 50rrv when we find United states government Operton the title of our the . Has initials for everything i wonder vat the initials really mean the general Heads a secret so Veem Kent Madam Curall hotel French 6cienti5t Sam whom the Star spangled Banner is a love 5ong. Bates Mould change Sam s tune Sam s aunt Bess ordinarily no Prophet of 6loom and doom the kyats cat Alley Vise a Good player tub record changer wont work Fine wonderful Wace your time miss peach nil Mell Jthn Ino pendent your stars 2 Puzzle of he Day by a. Morse across 1 French in nor. 4 i Virv. Shark. 1 Iris Len Sci Knirr. 11 Grork pm Myrlnn. 1.1 Freili of Lirow a a Raneli. 17 inti fun drier. 13 int Lorn i taif Lurlne. 21 la Rablyn . 22 slant. 23---------Ifl Lam inverts. 27 err Norli liquid. 28 Lonc Liml s in ill system 34 Bram 2 Wei. 36 i m to nne. My 37 Mournful. 38 it anti i. Hiu Ardi. 41 lit sorry 4-i it Mirror. I vii1. 4r Kari Ninor hrs in. 47 Conr Lucr in Len Nitro. M Ikall m j 51 Arni in Isslyn a Racli. F a skin. I 1-lttnr.v 8 fur tvs Dellelci 2 9 ill Vrr. In or Ninny. 11 value. 12 Chili Mann enl in pull its solution licit or minis. 30 Perl in tit inf. 21 hrs Rico irm 31 or enl. In Rineai Roll or. A in libel i milk re isl pm Ini. Nil. .11 san Lent fluid. 15 mlle Nair. It by turn a Anil 40 111111 41 i ill ill Pinsl Tenn. To pro Lar. Irmyn inn err. N if Vit. A . Ill Ivr Lump. 1 Minham Nicini or first. I run Ali .1 and liar in Tim Irner by Ftp Tim e the Box can you think of a four let Ter word in English which reads the same upside Down As it does right Side up Whei printed in capital letters be Lieve it or not. There is Only one answer to this Puzzle the word is noon a rect your tricks Radii los or per mrs Sci , me who Filer Jour nyint nip a fat of part Pirn dlr it Mary or Silav. Will or aim Lrtil for the Golf cd a much flying fever Lodge grass Mont Harold Green operates an Oil and Gas business except for two Days each month when he becomes a flier. That s we Conj he rifles a commercial Airliner to Denver where he flies a Jet fighter As part of the . Naj Val reserves. Green figures Racli trip to Denver costs him s85. His flight pay from the Navy is a month so he nets just s2. Graen says it s Worth it. I like to Fly i like Navy he said. I spent 10 years earning to Fly and i Don t want to throw All that time Why we say chopped Wood when we say hint Sonniel hints is Cut and dried today we mean hint it is completely prepared in Advance. The expression Onmi s from the Niden limes when Wood was nut and stored in dried so mini ii. Would Luvirn in the Kitchen Slove of fire plaice. Welcome Back to school children How does it feel the suam6r snot of not until september 22xt the autumnal How dare you play fast and Loose with the autumnal you mean the school summer and the real summer w6 left foist a the us the Factor turn Back not one More White will pass Toj rough that ri6ht, Joseph to Aie an7 Yew and my we All Tolt Lance it Ain t Feo Pek Sape Ain t that ri6ht, 5o-o-o, Hebe we Flewin Sais Fik into Blackfoot Haply seem like we re Bein li4-Tenep to maybe you and she think 50 but i Don 7 vacation they be run of of Gas Sot l06t, been shot at and a now about to be arc for some Little kid trapped in a Forest fir but i must admit Jones forgot to ask if they re having a Good time be reasonable what happens to brow is Heather s concern too i overheard you talking to jeff1.howare he and Armie enjoy1ns their. Vacations 61o.wsno a Cimino Baci tous6css.w after 1w we be of Jenate Shell if us Fay Keal put her pictures she might except cams Bluff by millions x now my ten boy.1 you sure learn fast Mike he never Laid a Glove on yer jaw. Yer a natural thank you Tom. When do i get my first fight get in there with Mike an work on his Chin. He s got t learn t protect it it s time to do Sumpie it i notice when this reads lower the Weffler cooler1 no ninety eight do that once More and i la stomp you out like a Light by Hita Del Mak monday for everyone be sell reliant judicious do not expect much of others in the Way of co operation advice helpfulness. Use care while in route and avoid creating Hurt feelings Advance your stand ing with superiors. 21 to april 33 yourself with minor confidential matters shun com plications keep Clear of enmity. 20 to May 20 social activities All but routine expenditures take care of details routine. 21 to june 20 sustain your prestige be careful relative to appearance reputation. Be Dutiful. 21 to july 22 plans contacts Clear uninvolved. 23 to aug. Protect your own holdings use care tact concerning Friend ships finances Complete tasks. 23 to sept. Maintain the Good will of higher and poise peace in Deal nos with others. 23 to oct. Protect your interests having to do with employment health and in transit. 23 to nov. Play Safe concerning pleasures finances avoid emotionalism. Think twice before proceeding. 22 to dec. To regular prac tical matters. 22 to Jan. Twice before signing or agreeing be methodical efficient courteous understand ing. 20 to feb. 18 possessions financial considerations be guarded against extravagance. 19 to March 20 attention to your appearance be subdued tactful Thrifty. Exert skills. Planning ahead Good for entertaining sociability Elc september 17, 21, 23, 26, 28. Doodles egg Plant Wisdom i forms i the Ball bounces Early this week a group of big automotive carriers cleared the Yards of six giant . Plants and rolled out into night. Balling the Jack. Because their steel Racks held something they had never held before. They were loaded with a new kind of so in a recent Magazine advertisement runs the prose of a frustrated Sandburg chained to an and Agency desk. But in his search for a de Cristion metaphor the copy writer seems to have lost a t East one potential customer or his new product. As a Morgantown. W. Va., Reader asks what s with this baling the youngsters used o play some sort of game with Acks and a rubber Ball but Liat has that to do with ship Ping a new the child s game of jacks Las. Of course nothing at All o do with shipping out new automobiles. It is a phrase rom the jargon of Railroad i Nen and simply Means going t top Speed. It also has a j quire the meaning in Gam Ihling circles of risking every thing on a single throw of the Dice or turn of a card. Though the makers of this new car Are taking a big Gamble on Public acceptance of their product. I am sure the copywriter used the phrase in is railroading rather than gambling sense. Well though at least one Reader was confused by this relatively obscure bit of Slang the advertising copywriter it asked for comment could probably reply with the cur rent Madison Avenue idiom that s the Way the big Hall freely trans lated Means you can t win pm recent newspaper stories about Asiatic flu have used he word notes a san Diego Reader who asks me to explain How this differs from an simply put an epidemic de scribes the spread of a disease which affects Many people in a Community at the same Tima. An epidemic May cover a wide j on occasion an entire country. A disease which is pandemic is one which affects Many if not most people Over a very Large area usually including Many countries. Pandemic May be under stood to mean internationally i

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