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Independent, The (Newspaper) - September 7, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaTo mmmmmn1 i in hard life for Nomad pair kids los Angeles. Wandering Robert Wyatt his wife an their Jive children faced up yesterday to the hard realities i Lile in the big City. The Wyatt Brood landed los Angeles thursday nig after a hectic hitch hiking to from their Backwoods Horn near Everton Wash. Now the father is in a because he allegedly pulled gun on a heckler and the fam ily is waiting it out in a Salv Tion army shelter. Their troubles began when passerby objected to the Maner in which the 46-year-o Wyatt had harnessed the cd Dren to keep them from Stra ing while they searched for place to bed Down. After heated Exchange Wyatt Drew the .32 Caliper revolver he carries for Protection and the objector fled and notified police. Wyatt was booked at w Shire police station on a co sealed weapons charge an his wife Marjorie 31 Shirle 10 Billy 8 Robert jr., 5 Charles 4 and Richard 2 were taken in by the Charil organization. At the shelter mrs. Wya said Tirc Day look for Job we Haven t done anything were Only Lookin for a Job. We just want t work and raise our famil right. That s not wrong is it the family carried two can Vass suitcases one stuff nearly to bursting with clothes the. Other containing a water Melon for the children. Disarming meet fails goes to in London. Ins the five disbarment con Ference broke up in deadlock yesterday and Russia Dis closed that it intends to dump the problem onto the United nation general Assembly without the United nations disarm Ament subcommittee decided to end the meetings which began March 18 and Send a report of the stalemate to the full 12-na Tion commission a in new York. When where ., soviet British Frenchi and Canadian delegates were unable to agree on when and to hold the next round of talks in the 11-year a tempt to get an East West disarmament agreement. Each Side blamed the other for the deadlock. At a news conference later soviet Delegate Valerian Zorin said it appears necessary to take up disarmament not at private and Narow sessions of the subcommittee but with the enrolment of All states vitally interested in a settlement of disarmament problems. Evidently it is necessary to consider the question with out delay at the general Assembly session to be owned Zorin at the same time opened the soviet propaganda barrage against the West which american officials had expected. He charged the West Complete reconciliation Ingrid Pia heal split by Olca Curtis i she laughed off reports Oft she was surprised to learn Paris. Ins a Radiant in a Romance in the making be that when Jenny Ann returned Jenny Ann and Franco to the Her father. Or. Grid Bergman disclosed yester a Day that her summer reunion Rossellini her husband s 22 Vith her 18-year-old Nephew who was Jenny Ann had finally healed a bitter six year breach. She s coming to Sec again next Ingrid announced happily. She wrote she had a very Good time and wants to come Back next year. Ingrid was interviewed As she was preparing for the re opening of her Paris hit play Tea and this was the first time Shi indicated that her reconciliation with Jenny Ann was i Complete Success. Jenny Ann then a lord Pia was 12 years old when Silski Bergman married italian film director Roberto Kos Selloni. Speaking of pretty Fay Williams 18, of san Gabriel is one of 11 co eds hoping to Rule Over the los Angeles county fair at Pomona on sept. 13-29. Cattle and calves account for Mil lion of Southern California s 1956 total livestock value of Over million. Woman runs car straight at officer to free Lover los Angeles. Mrs. Fay m. Smith 25, of Sun Val Ley was jailed in los Angeles Early yesterday when she attempted to Rescue her Boyfriend by running Down a police officer and another citizen with an automobile. J. E. Dougherty said that he and the citizen Paul Russell of North. Hollywood were putting hand cuffs on Angelo Noto 32, of North Hollywood when mrs. Smith drove Noto s car straight at them. Mrs. Smith who was jailed on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon the car told police she Only wanted to get Noto away until police Learned lie was t their Dougherty who said Noto fired a shot at him from .32-caliber revolver Saij he wanted to question Noto on a warrant. Noto also was jailed on suspicion of assault with deadly weapon. Police Hunt wife killer alter boy fails in fight los Angeles. Police disclosed that it had warned searching yesterday for a Man Sonnenburg against molesting accused at stabbing his Bride the girl Only nine Days ago. Of three weeks to death in but mrs. Baird said he at the time the child told a Savage fight in a los Angeles would never leave her alone. California divorce court i Don t love my Mother Anc six years the Mother dec triggers hush hush a blast one of smallest Las vegas. Ins atomic a dentists squeezed the trigger esterday on a super secret Clear weapon that Bright de tie skies for hundreds of Iles. The weapon was classified As e of the smallest in the gov Ament s atomic Arsenal but exploded nonetheless with a Ash that was clearly visible rough out much of the West. Its rumbles and Bangs Hoed sharply through nylons and valleys of feet above the Point 01 detonation. The to weapon was fired from a helium filled balloon anchored 500 feet above the desert floor. Fifteen warplanes tracked again. For and daughter never met. But Grid made it Clear they now Lave reconciled for keeps. The blonde actress who was enter viewed at her four room hotel apartment hinted that another reconciliation May Cement her marriage to Rossel Ini. Linked with Indian his name has been linked for months with Sonali Das Gupta an Indian Model and Mother. Ingrid said she Longs to get Back to her children in Rome but could not return until october because of her play commitment. Asked if Rossellini was re turning to Italy from Bombay in october miss Bergman smiled he May get Home be fore i she refused to comment on Rossellini s reported Romance with the Indian woman. Ingrid said her three smal children and a new movie commitment will prevent her from Ilo iming a visit to the United states for at least a year. I would go to Hollywood if something wonderful comes she said. But i prefer to work in Home is Jenny Ann s frequent escort during her visit to Europe. That s All a made up miss Bergman said. If you want to know about my Daugh Ter s boy friends ask Peter Lindstrom refused to Al Low her to speak to newsmen. Miss Bergman said of her sex husband if he did t want her to talk he must have had his reasons. But she s coming Back. She told me apartment House. I no order of any court would Don t Ever want to see her John e. Sonnenburg 30, who slice said i broke away from a group of teen aged boys who ried to Stop him As he fled rom the scene of the slaying. One of the boys told police be slashed Sonnenburg on the Ace with a Beer can opener the suspect was identified Asj prevent him from seeing i a neighbor Donald Barbato told police he heard the screams of the woman Anc rushed into her apartment bul at first thought the cries came from a television set. Then Barbato said the worn Mac Ohmott skin diver Gary Kim Novak s agent who talked Kim into a sit Down strike until Columbia studios raise her salary is paying Kim her salary out of his own pocket until the strike s Over. The salary is s1250 a week Wanda Hendrix accused her psychiatrist of causing too much discord in my kicked in a window of the an cried get him off of me aspect s car As he fled ight. The victim was mrs. Carol Smith Sonnen Birg. 26, whose four year old son by a Previ Ous marriage Lay sleeping in an adjoining room As ills Mother was fatally stabbed. The victim s Mother mrs. Cate Baird said her daughter went through a mexican marriage ceremony with Sonnen Burg but Learned later that it was not Legal because his divorce was not final. D. A. Wabnig the District attorney s of last get him off of Bart to then investigated further and saw he Man identified As slashing away at the woman. He pulled the Man off her and Sonnen Birg led from the apartment. Alert today possible in worst smog downtown los Angeles was hit yesterday by the worst smog. Siege of the year the county air pollution control Barbato shouted to a group of boys playing outside to Stop the seeing Man and they jumped on him beating him with fists and belts but he managed to get to his car and drive away. Police said the couple was married last month in Mexico. A Wallet was found in the apartment carrying Sonnen Burg s identification papers. Show time her family and fired him Aldous Huxley s sum up of the combination ascetic Sybaris in life he leads i m a Hermit with air conditioning Star let Susan Oliver s pop George Gercke tapped a top movie Job with the atomic Energy com Mission. Gercke s Job to publicize u. S. Achievements in the peaceful use of atomic Energy among movie audiences overseas Dick Haymus went Back to the Church. Maria Rocky and Gary Cooper suddenly Wacky Over skin diving Are spending All their weekends at Laguna Beach. Eddie for Iii building a stable signed 22-year old los Angeles welterweight Timmie Jefferson to a manager s contract a Beverly Hills bartender refused to serve a cocktail to Betty Lou hol land she looked so Young. But Betty Lou is 29 and plays Kim Stanley s 55-year-old Mother in the goddess Jayne mans Field s first appearance in her new movie kiss them for is one of the year s fun Niest she wiggles into a hotel lobby with a copy of Fortune Magazine under Ber . Cary Grant spies her and asks Are you an Jayne re plies no but i d like to be Chico Hamilton quintet and when he gets together with these lab sous Iri usic makers it s jazz in the classic manner Herb is at the Summit of his singing form right now and should be working in our big Gest and Best to movies Natch. They be been calling big to shows spectaculars so Long now we be forgotten that they Are really just musicals so Max Loebman has come up with some other words for other kinds of shows. Max Calls quiz shows ency Clotae comedies Elvis Presley Type singers Hys Perry Como Type singers prize fights soap operas westerns a episodes and medical dra Mas doctor entries Jimmy Dunn the is pointing his or Luz twit Rel m return to to in a Wale something called club Durante bit ski will 11-45 1 the atomic Cloud. At least three More Detona icons Are scheduled in Nevada this year. These include a below explosion from a Tower an above Nomi the Nal one from a balloon and the an underground detonation. Alifornia and Nevada deserts. Newsmen will be permitted the detonation which Hall Jtj witness Hoth above ground in labelled Wheeler by from a Point on the Omic Energy com test site As staged in an atmosphere tight lipped secrecy. Blow Avo Bollal wheelers scientific Mas is announced Only that the Evice was expected to have yield of far below much less than the equiv Power of tons of it. The dec would not she confirmed reports she made a film in England for an american movie company. She is co starring with Gary Grant s age in Warner Brothers version of the play kind obvious Joy the Blue eyed actress gave Only Brief answers to most questions because she explained i have to dash to the but she talked at length and with obvious Joy of her reconciliation with Jenny Ann. District said. The Ozone Content climbed steadily toward the Alert persons downtown complained the pollution caused eyes to smart and Burn. Aped chief s. Smith gris Wold said the smog attack would continue today with an Alert possible. At 11 . The pollution was recorded at .25 parts per Mil lion parts of air in Square and in Burbank. A first b stage smog Alert is at .50. The dec pointed out that additional tests could be scheduled at any time. Russ Jet goes Home today inmates envy Scott Steak Day Freedom los Angeles. County jail prisoners cast an envious Eye to find documents for his is Fonse. Three Deputy sheriffs a Trio Washington. Ins the state department said yester h a a russian tu104 Jet that which he ent on the nature of the test landed at Mcguire air of a n.j., this week will leave at fellow inmate Scott of defense attorneys Ann two yesterday following his return score newsmen accompanied the most speculative of the Ries. Unofficial observers e s t i ated the weapon s Power at tween 5000 and tons int. The weapon was at 6 . Edt today. A spokesman said the Jet apparently is going Back to Holiday during Scott a Steak dinner at Afler his Steak at the fashionable Santa Monica Fox and hounds Scott sat restaurant and ordered Back and told reporters suit for his oct. Moscow without taking a to the release imported trial. The court gave its approval the de by. The dec this year. It i Teri in an Orange fireball noise test to determine if a russian Jet May land i at a new York City Airport. Old could go on of p seconds Shapen mushroom Cloud Russia requested permission Ern Powers had no desire which burned Over the the jets Carr Vink United whatsoever to renounce atomic Flat Firin Range for three Natlyn representatives. In land and he Doreen bombs As Wear seconds alien paled. A we wild International air Rose Roll the new York port author Ity which bans Jet landings in now York airports unless the plane passes a noise test re fused to permit the first one to set Down at Idlewild but said if Russia would permit it to first erupts As the schoolmistress in the Corn is Green said i be Vorn my fingers to the Bone mocking my brains out against Stone Wall Tor years and be been on the same kick trying to convince my readers that Herb Jeffries one of our greatest singing talents de serves better Breaks in show business than he s been get Ting maybe Herb s present stand at Giro s will be the clincher. No frills no Furze just gets out on the floor and sings to beat All get out. Herb tops a Bill including the tremendously talented of pump 3588 e. Colorado by 1-9704 now showing Gary Cooper Audrey Hepburn Maurice Chevalier love in the afternoon 2nd smash hit my a Frenn i fat Arthur f seed Fra Moi Fred Astaire i Cyd Charisse i Mccolor i strict enforcement awaits burning ban with the oct. 1 ban against backyard incinerator burning less than 30 Days away con control District in both unincorporated and incorporated areas of the county without tool officer Smith Griswold need for separate1 jaws either today had warned household by the Board of supervisors or ers the Law will he strictly in by local City he de forced by the air pollution cd Archt. Control District. Griswold added that under burning in approved Type provisions of the state Law. Be multiple chamber incinerators is Legal and will be continued he said. As Griswold voiced his re minder of the incinerator ban the county health department announced plans were being completed to provide rubbish pickup service for some 000 Home owners in the unincorporated areas of los an Geles county and would be ready for Ort. 1. Meanwhile officials of Many incorporated cities in the los Angeles Basin have announced they Are operating rubbish col Lection services or arc completing final preparations to provide collection service to residents in their areas prior to or on the deadline Date. Thai control chief pointed out Liat the no Linnins Law abolishing use of single a Hamler incl Calnis is one of four Listine Nir pollution restrictions Nimrod it Himi noting various forms if rub Iii Sli burning Here during the pm Nln wars. Kach of these rules is in Toive Abl by the air pollution had since i ate at the Sheraton this meal was shortly before eur wards Gabriel vhf 1u w. Hipel Mir phone at 3-5033 murder defendant so to his Bel air Homel fugitive. Ends tuesday late show tonight winged horror grips nation Savage giant on blood mad rampage la second one would Glenn Ungan Cathy Downs Delafonte Mason Fontaine months imprisonment. Ferry Van Heflin to Yuma trooper Hook will Success spoil Hastings exclusive in this area Rosin son Basio championship fight giant screen telecast Shii the atre sept. 23. Deserved seat tickets now available in lobby. Delicate delinquent open show dusk show cartoon carnival Frise Edwards drive in cer. Prek Ltd. A lev Boh or Beau James Iren Al j-3ii1 love in the afternoon something of value n unconquered it stands As the Orbat St you have Ever Gary Cooper Audrey Hepburn Maurice Chevalier love in the afternoon Fred Astaire Cyd Charisse silk stockings violation of any striations by individuals or organizations can result in court action with ally Lurt Lon Cattor. Kirk Doua Jat Island in i insight the sunr__0jjtonr Pasadena Community dance presents Robin Roy and his orchestra tonight september 7 Bild font Island in the Sun in Nihil o Connor myth the Muster Keaton Story Doon i Surti

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