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Independent, The (Newspaper) - September 6, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaFeatures Why daddy Jack Sparling work you the merry try ctr gee. Its Nice to have an affectionate will Yum it a have Gerard win a a Hubter Prate. Scad your question name address and Ace to Why dad qty care of this paper. The Britannica Junior cyclopedia or school and Home will be awarded for the letter selected. In the ase of duplicate questions the author or Why. Dad will select the Winner. Rivets Fly George Sixta Westee Walker along was. Our Doss Are you should t say should feet Are Puzzle of the Day Lois Hillis How deep is Ocean in order for Man to learn about the Bottom of the sea lie has had to use special instruments. Until the year 1920, the depth of water in the Ocean was measured by a sounding Ead. This is a Ball of Lead attached to a wire rope. The Lead is dropped into the Ocean and the rope let out until the Lead touched the Bottom. The rope went Over a wheel we Rich measured the length of rope paid out. After 1920 a new method was developed sonic sounding. Sound Waves sent Down from a ship Are reflected Back from the Bottom since the Speed of sound in sea water is known he depth of water is found by measuring the time it takes he wave to make the round rip and dividing this time in half. Before the use of sonic funding few measurements vere made and the Ocean floor Vas believed to be a great lev a 1 Plain. Now we know that the Ocean floor has ridges troughs mountains plateaus and a i ins. I because of this fact we lot have a single answer the question How deep is the there Are Many an Swers. Each of the oceans and seas of the world has a differ ent Vern fee depth and each has one Point of greatest depth. Here is the Way some of the world s chief oceans and seas measure in depth. The average depth of the Atlantic Ocean is feet and deepest Point is feet off puerto Rico. The average depth of the Pacific is feel Ancl its greatest depth is feet be tween Guam and Yap. The average depth of the Mediterranean sea is 4.6ss, and that of the Gulf of Mexico is on the other hand we have some quite shallow seas the average depth of the North sea is 308 feet and that of the bal tic sea Only 180 feet the floor of. The deep dark regions of the sea where the water is More than four Miles deep is covered by a Rusty coloured ooze called red Clay. It is made up of tiny parts of skeletons of animals tiny plants and volcanic Ash. All of the mods which cover the Ocean floor have the Skele tons of these Little animals and plants in them. Reason is that probably the first living things existed in the Ocean or ived on this surface even be i fore oceans came into being As the Earth changed perhaps a billion years ago the water covered them. Fits Tilte the chuckle Box Sally does your watch Tel. Time Sarah no you have to look at it. Husband this Coffee tastes like mud. Wife Well it was ground this morning. Teacher to Pupil who is an hour Billy you should have been Here an hour Billy Why what happened picture secret add and subtract the letters in the names of the things Sam Hill you mean Chebro and Sam Tomow Dur bringing this scientist Madam Curall Here has wet majr piece general he does t know it her ideas Are pretty definite Why 1 did t won t think. My thoughts were on the. The closer Man sets to the the less romantic he becomes Mother Fok the week before miss each so what our the Bird naming the a for laundry the for sweetness. The a for Weeo Tessness the to for Trail blazing the generosity. The a for Volley Ball the for hiking and the Frog collecting bunk. Won three awards this Stawer. And that s a Verv difficult it i Independent 1m7 your stars shown. Clue a waiter always expects it. Across 1 oars and hoop a Fern Are it Stair 8 Clever 14 in i to Plotr Irros 17 Lar hire lie 18th amendment if skill 20 Rrt intr 21 diminutive stiff in 23 practice of Bra Tanh unit Luji 24 Fine 26 surr Fourl re ulnar 77 salutation spun Lair fire 28 interim Sale .10 an Indian 31 Orange pc Hove int Iii term Ivr Lizul of Tymn id 37 flu Iii Len Lynn Iii Nlle a Strong Ford 41 i Loyal pronoun 4i Tutlis lilt la 41 Chw. Wal uni it 4t Darr aft Arr my summer drink m ram 54 it in a Mirt 5 re Kylons h cronian City 1 part of a 1 dial re Calvink i Stul Lonny part 4 or pairs b Chook Loo Mimir or Toni slumber a Max i Sis 3 Coin 3 woman advisor 9 skin in Iau of Mii Hammil 10 11 my mar i Lundren is Al in l mull rial 3 Nils. 3 my prof. For lain Caln , Iran Symbol 7 i Neli 2h that is Abr. 19 viral Crumn 3 1 kor Tim to Eicr a i haunt 2 in Host my Nunn 40 of ill run Rah 4.1 in Rotimi no 4.1 any 40 4h no nut 411 must Annir a Nevi Illi ill in Sci i a Lillryn pod Luil .1, i Al Lynn ,.w mrs s Annir Pur Send Mir Lri rfcs to Why. Damdy Annir act and a up of Tun fran Todil per lure dec Atlas str for the in Terri each Why we say add insult to injury i fill ii Muni 113 Cullen nov Ali lure Lhnn a when someone adds insult to injury lie is not apologetic Nufler inflicting injury. The saying goes Hack to the fables of Aesop who Ells the Story of the lined Man who sent cd a Fly on his head but raised a Lii up by Hilling himself so Mirtl. The Fly us Mied insult to his injury. Flu Warren Jeff Conn and of course Well v . Be outsearchin3 when do you him As soon As expect your possible pm folks to arrived my father should be Here soon but if he brings her along it la mean of trouble sure and i will stay up Here until something breaks.l.r1ght.the boy s name 15 Bronko Blake . David Crane thu j. Win Slot Mortimer cordon now that f k the Lou be still i Ina referent Kwh. I have v what Abe vol r 1 plans about Hollywood in Boulder Bluff for bring so Kerful 7cm1e curly Kaye i stun Lett just re Mem says in our contract that a must t shave off yer whiskers. It s our trademark Don t worry i m getting fond of my Ward. In fact to s beginning to grow on me a a Mike m1 boy. Yer on yer Way to the heavy weight title. An n07hin an nobody in the world can Stop us shake or. Mason from now on i m str pal too Kik o Sta to l be s a ass to 6rmxate la better watch third wo1 St second of. School. The wrong end Mijat and jew Iti world before your mamas afro you will Are you afraid i u off the Edge your insurance to if it paid Hita of i mar Friday for every one make headway particularly where savings resourcefulness Are concerned. Benefit through the resources and contacts of oth ers. Build on a practical slow but sure basis. 21 to april 19 from congenial ties. Better commercial monetary position Post mail. 20 to May 20 your Eye yer today s ads they May indicate smart buys or Supply commercial tips. 21 to june enjoy your mail or a change of scene make headway with plans future arrangements. 21 to july care of some Bills monetary records secure pay ment of debts. Enlist required Aid. 23 to aug. Step Down and let teammates others take the Lead. Play along do n t ask for a Star Rola today. 23 to sept. Devote yourself to Job serious pursuits. Heighten your ability to stick to business get things done. 23 to oct. Confide in intimates those you hold dear. Let them help you Good on ideas. 23 to nov. Focus your mind on business at hand enlist the services of older persons those who Bear weight to dec. Are subject to whims act on your own to cover ground. Get those let ters in the mail 22 to Jan. 19 your time to Good use. Effect some Good buys save a Dollar Here and there. 20 to feb. 18 hold a winning hand press your advantages with tact method determination. 19 to March 20 a quiet Retreat Ponder weighty affairs or bring then to some conclusion. Ask assist Ance if needed. Planning ahead Good for entertaining sociability Etc. Sept. 6, 17, 21, 23, 26, 28. Doodles stowaway Rick Long a Chicken vfords.wlt.1 Wisdom William Moe us moonlighting Rinmo Mhor when he word Moonlight symbolized to Moonlight and was a favorite theme Sony of Young lovers the coun by Over Well the latest news from the world of business is hat Moonlight now has a much More humdrum and in romantic meaning. Specifically moonlighting s the term now applied to the Nerc singly common practice f one person s holding Down two jobs. More and More Heads of members of the teaching finding it hard to make ends meet on the salary earned on Job. So they take on Janthor part time or full time to pad out the family in come. Twenty five years ago when your columnist and millions ii inc working a Basic cd i hour week such doubling up on jobs was impossible. Indeed most of us were grateful to have any Job at All. But with the 35 to 10-hour week Standard in most industries and employ ment at an All time High the Industrial conference Board reports millions of in the United states today. It s indeed a for cry from Moonlight and Romance to moonlighting in a factory hut Jit s a fair bet. As the song goes that you can t have one with out the or As Frank Loesser s lyrics ran in Guys land dolls you can bet that lie s doing it for some the argument Between sup porters of pay As you go Tele vision and the present commercially sponsored to goes on apace with no sign of a final verdict in View. It has longed seemed to this observer that one Handicap faced by the pay As you go people is the Lack a shorty Catchy easily rom pm Breed name for the system. J toll to is about the Best any one Nas been Able to come up with so far hut that has not 1 received wide spread accept Ance. So Here s a new candidate. Why not Call it fee that tells inc Story rhymes and is easy in remember. Do i Hoar any takers

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