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Independent, The (Newspaper) - September 6, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaLa. Man with 350 aliases jailed As tos Angeles. The career he was no Lent in in .1____t__l f los Angeles. The career of the traveler Check Puser who operated Unin fest Lor 11 years in More than 40 states has finally ended police reported yesterday. Detectives said the elusive mystery Man used nearly 350 aliases and passed upwards of 1500.000 Worth of phony checks. He was picked up in Middle cers Burg Heights outside Cleve land Ohio a result of a police tip. The Man was identified in Ohio As Charles Speedie 51, Aiex Newspaperman of san Fer Nando. Ohio authorities said he acknowledged he was the nun who frustrated forgery offi throughout the nation for sets More than a decade. Officers Jot Speedie s san Fernanda address and went to his Home. He was t there d. R. Sheldon reported but in five Sheds he was using found stacks of neatly crated merchandise including photographic equipment i i sgt. Tape recorders musical instruments food and clothing. They said its value May Range As they also found Book tided How to use. Your imagination to Hake Speedie was seized in Ohio after authorities Here wired that he was believed operating in that area. Patrolman Robert Brown spotted Speedie s 1949 car parked outside a Motel in Middle Burg Heights. Brown called Lor help and the Motel was sur rounded. Police said Speedie offered no resistance and was very talkative and cooperative. In his room they said were thousands of dollars Worth of merchandise and food. His car was identified through a License number furnished by los Angeles police. His Early checks police said were for around j58 each. From there the amounts climbed with the Cost of living and recently hit High of the five Sheds used by Speedie As warehouses Are at the rear of property owned by mrs. Fay Branch in san Fer Nando. She was dumbfounded when officers told her that her guest was perhaps the nation s most mostly dear today to for smog. High yester Day was 88, High expected today about 87. More weather on Page 4. Vol. 170 classified by 6-0311 Pasadena by 5-6811 los Angeles by 1-8188 Valley i 6-.4671 proficient paper Why he Dytrt took he had that much Tatev Ahe said. I thought he was a real Alee Guy but. A Complete failure in she said Speedie told her was a writer and photographer for a farm equipment Al Rev she charged him no rent. Home edition sen. Margaret Smith of Maine gets going Over by Bobert bark for her stand against Star for of col Jimmy 15. Pasadena Cal Friday sept. Ike cancels vacation for racial showdown old folks at Home sour Little rockers by Robert e. Hennessee a negro student in Little Rock Itu Ditt at Home a result of pro segregationist edict by gov Orval fou bus Center. Guardsman takes time to read about hassle. Press 4-Point wife or take cover Roar am to Din wakf0f avg will i vim san Francisco. A Shock wave apparently he knowl Nyrl doomed Over san Oakland. Sen. William Knowland presented a fou Point water program for Ca the great difference be tween the United states soviet that we Are in mass production while they Are turning out demonstrators. Not so perhaps in submarines and other War equipment but most certainly in Comfort items and such things As Pas Senger Jet planes. Al though Boeing r the Only company in Jet transport production in a Short time Jet transports will be rolling off the Assem Bly lines of at least two More major companies and before the last of the super propellor ships is ready for retirement we will air be Jet borne and the elapsed hours we used to compute will have changed to minutes. Both British and ican navigators who brought the twin Jet so Viet transport through Western air have nothing but High Praise for its performance. The science and know How exists be Hind the Iron curtain. What in t there yet is the Market. One Hundred and sixty million americans with More than 50 Mil lion automobiles plus heaven Only knows How Many telephones radios to sets refrigerators stoves bathtubs and bonuses represent a Market conducive to mass production. Without getting into a Chicken or egg first com let us recognize that mass production has produced the where with All in the mass Market but aside from that forces operate in a free America which do not exist in a suppressed soviet. They embrace such factors As the impatience of the free fornia yesterday. Addressing an overflow Horn town audience of More the 400 at a rotary club Lunche Here Knowland hit away state issues As an expect candidate for governor a followed tip assertions if a la of executive leadership Sacramento with the Gener terms for a Broad water Pla without giving details to Republican senator Declar California must 1 together conflicting views of the state s water surplus and water deficit areas a dispute holding up construction o the Feather River project 2 control flood Waters t protect against future losses i life and property. 3 distribute surplus Wate to provide for agriculture an Urban needs. 4 arrange for state local or Federal financing o water projects either separately or collectively. Sex equalization aide wife find an Ivan Sper Buck prominent Oakland lawyer and former member of the state Boardo equalization and Hie. Ita to were jailed Here Early yesterday alter what police called a bottle swing ing Drunken Row in a Tav Ern. Sperbeck 45, was looked for drunkenness and later released on bail. His wife however remained in Cus Tody for investigation of assault with a deadly Wea Pon. She was accused of break ing a Beer bottle Over the head of Anna Mae Rodgers 37, a waitress for whom Sperbeck had offered to buy a drink. The waitress was taken to Highland Hospital for treatment of Scalp lacerations and possible concus Sion. Bow wow fined Hollywood. Wojciechow Wicz s. Bow wow Wojtkiewicz was fined in Federal court yesterday on his plea of guilty to charges of mailing scurrilous postcards to his for the struggle for distinction the Battle to keep rot Only up with the Joneses but a Little ahead of them. These Are flames which once fed become roaring fires fanned by such Bel lows As style conscious Ness luxury appeals and utilitarian improvements. Russia s own Market is its weakest Market and though it is Able to con to Tiki to ism Mer wife Hollywood columnist Sheilah Graham Anu to Sev eral newspapers which publish her column. Yesterday shattering Glass and alarming residents the wave hit at breaking several windows and tumbling objects from shelves arid counters in scattered sections of the City. Downtown pedestrians stopped in their tracks and scanned the skies but Only a policeman in the City s mis Sion District reported seeing any Jet planes. A filling station operator who lost two windows said the Shock knocked him off a Couch. While police and newspaper switchboards were swamped with Calls from curious nearby Ala Meda and Moffett naval air stations spokesmen said they thought their aircraft was guilty Moffatt said three f8u crusader Jet fighters were aloft and All three were capable of breaking the sound the office of rear adm. Robert f. Hickey at Alameda later Saia the three lets were practising controlled ground approaches at the Field when the Boom occurred. Bones not missing Deputy san Luis inquiry discloses a Skeleton found in san la Obispo county at first though o be a Deputy marshal my ered in Pasadena 10 Yea go is now known to by t remains of a Man much Long Ead probably an Indian. Pasadena police said the and checked with san la Bispo county authorities an Jie condition of the ski roves it was not Frederick f Loore s. Det. It. Edwin h. Poor Mai Aid the Skeleton had a full be f Teeth. We Poorman said that Moore had several Teeth missing. Also the Teeth in the Skull had no dental work. Moore had been o the dentist for fillings about two weeks before his death. Represent Faffle yes presidency 7eamsfers Washington. W rep in f. Shelley d-cal., a for or Union official said Las get he will be a candidate of neral president of the inter it ional brotherhood of team ers. That is the Post being a Ted by the retiring Dav 3eck. Shelley was president of the n Francisco labor Counci of 1937-1948, and presides the California state federa n of labor from 1947-1950. He has been a member of the bakery Wagon Drivers Anc salesmen local 484, of the teamsters Union in san fran Cisco since 1929. He has been a member of Congress since 1949. Inside today s Independent confidential final round prosecutor goes before the jury to sum up 2000 pages in testimony As spicy criminal libel trial goes into final round Page 3. Page Adams .35 business.22 classified .23 comics.31 connolly.13 considlne.15 features.31 Page Pace health.15 ruark.15 kay.6 shafer.17 lcadabrand.15 sports.i.x7 nash.15 .obituaries.22 opinion .15 pattern 6 theater .13 to radio .14 women.6 your stars .3j the Skeleton was found Early in the week South of Mckittrick near where the burned car of the 65-year-old Deputy county marshal was disco cred in 1947. This was on the Taft Maricopa re. Near the Kern county line. A former Boxer Edward e. S v a n a confessed shooting Voore through the head and burying him somewhere in the Green Hills in Kern county. The prosecution s Case col lapsed however because the state could not produce a body. Evans whereabouts Are currently unknown. Little Rock Ark. Ins at least half a dozen whip students at Little Rock s Cen trial High school feel the could handle the integration dispute a lot More sensible than the grownups. Amid yesterday s crisis Ove National guardsmen cordon ing the school Yard to tur Back any negro who a preaches six White teen Ager blamed gov. Orval Faubus and the old folks in Genera the whole situation. The grownups had a sup Porter in one girl however asking not to be identified she spoke frankly i feel like i am in jail. The negro schools Are Good enough. There is no reason for the negroes to come to of schools. If the negroes Eye enter Central High school there probably would be Vio but Craig Rains asserted there will be violence Only a some older people keep egging the situation he said if the older people would accept integration Little Rook would be ready to in let the kids handle the sit Harper Thomason urged. If the negroes had first Day All there would have been would be a Evv whistles and he referred to the first Day of school wednesday when nine negro students were pre vented from entering the school Yard by guardsmen. Gov. Faubus calling in the Jirard was scorned by Caroyn Garner who said i Don t like the idea of what Faubus is doing. I think that if we have to integrate we night As Well do it. I Don t believe there would have been any trouble if the negroes had entered the school. The Stu ends at Central Aren t worry no about it. The parents Are ausing the this View was seconded by myer who believes Maretta Faubus himself. Made a big fool she said of i feel sorry for those nine negroes. What Are nine negroes going to do in the Way of violence against 2000 White Steve Swafford declared if the negroes do come to school it won t be Long until the trouble settles Down. It s got to be. You can t fight the Federal Little Rock Seething guard still on duty by Bob Considine Little Rock Ark. Ins president Eisenhower and Arkansas gov. Orval Faubus met Headon last night in a showdown Battle of the state versus Federal govern ment on racial integration in the schools. Eisenhower in a sharply worded Telegram to Thami has governor who has refused to Back Down from his stand against declared he will use All possible the plea said developed Between Pupil groups Legal Means to uphold the some think state interfere . Constitution. With the plan of de Segre. The president s Telegram was gation by this Fourfis dispatched As the Little Rock Given Bias and others think in school Board petitioned the Ter Ferenec with the Lari is no Man tops . Knowland Oakland. A. S. Sen. Villiam f. Knowland declared Liere yesterday that no Man not even the governor of a can place hims above the j. S. Constitution arid obedience to Law. Knowland As minority Leader of the Senate led in push no through recent civil right legislation. Speaking at a rotary club meeting in Oakland on a state vide tour Knowland took a rim View of school integration developments in Arkansas the eyes of the nation and he world Are upon Falle said. The , know and declared is watching developments there and the red Ress abroad is making it a ear the Little Rock situation s. Representative of the entire beefs Bon docks in Canada Quebec. Ins the polish Ner Batory was due in que dec yesterday on its first Voy re to North America since was barred from a new Ork berth six years ago. Immigration officials and police Ere alerted to prevent Crew embers or passengers from attempting to leave the ship. Federal court to break the deadlock use of troops in Locking enrolment of negroes in the City s Central High temporarily sus the court s order for integration. Eisenhower will interrupt his Newport r.i., vacation to Fly to Washington Tomor Row for a conference with attorney general Herbert Brown Ell jr., on the explosive situation. The school Board declaring that education will be disrupted by a continuation of tension filed a petition for a temporary suspension of in or Der for desegregation at the All White Central High school. Judge Ronald n. Davies who issued the enforcement direct proper and it continued the parents of school Chil Dren likewise Are forming into antagonistic groups some negro teen agers from enrolling in the 2000-Pupil school and no immediate comment on he president s rely to one the governor Hac ent wednesday night. The school Board s petition signed by All six members sked judge Davies to tem suspend enforcement f the plan of integration a roved on August 15, 1956." his plan was upheld by . District judge John e. Miller thing in Little Rock at the me. Be disrupted. To the end that calmness May be restored to the Point where intelligence May be substituted for emotional agita Tion the petitioners Are of the opinion that for the Good of All pupils this court should temporarily stay the order i reefing the petitioners to proceed with said plan of integral these were other develop ments attempt was made by the nine negro youths yester Day to pass through the Mili Tia lines. A spokesman for the National association for the advancement of coloured people said the group was or dered to stay Home because of the presence of some 500 White townspeople at the High school. Guns just like Stamps to youth by Karen Namson Vor of his Hobby. We d rather a. ,._., . By Karen Namson Ross Barnes Freeman the Outh with an Affinity of made his second appear me before municipal judg Oseph a. Sprankle jr., yes erday and set off a family relations squabble that ended n a draw. Freeman 20, of North Holly Vood pleaded guilty to a mis Eleanor violation of the dead y weapons control Law Anc admitted he d carried four con sealed guns in his automobile stopped by sheriff s dept is in Altadena. I m a College student not said Freeman get Sously. My Hobby is Pis of shooting and collecting . My parents Don t like guns round the House. So i Pul hem in the trunk of the car. Was going to move them into room As soon As i found he told the judge. What about the loaded gun n the seat that you tried to conceal when officers came asked the judge. I had a Young lady with me. I did t want any Trou about that time Freeman s ther a North Hollywood real Tate Man stepped Forward. I want to corroborate eve thing he said. I think it s rang to keep a Young boy cd him in jail for three Days to him Are like an album Stamps or cameras. Of course we re not in favor of his Hobby. We d rather he d collect said the father. Well what s to be done about it How can we avoid this same thing in the the judge asked the father. He should have had mor the elder Freeman decided. It was an error in h he says you Don t want the guns in the the judg said Well that s not exactly True. He s rather lax about working and he did t want to admit it but he took the guns to sell. He s not As aggressive As we d like and he did t want us to know he was t doing so the father explained. The younger Freeman grimaced. On two separate occasions my Mother told me never to bring a gun in the House Srain. And that s my reason for having the guns in the Well we Don t like them around the said the Ather. But Well do every Hing in our my son has a Hobby of said the judge. We d rather he had another Hobby it we be resolved ourselves to it with bees. You la have to solve yourselves to live with said the father he Las to live his own the judge then turned the whole matter Over to the pro action department. Maybe Ley can work out a solution Ince you Haven t been Able he said. You re liable to Ose your son Over this disa Keement about Freeman was released with it bail pending his probation earing and sentencing sept. 6. His car which had been pounded by the sheriff s of be was also ordered released. But the guns the judge said Ould remain in the custody 1 the sheriff until sept. 26. Mrs. L. C. Bales president of the Little Rock a act chapter said we would t want to Send our children into that petition was circulated among the Road at the school which called for the Resigna Tion of superintendent of schools Virgil Blossom a Board member. Faubus again insisted that his militia action was ordered Only in the interests of preserving peace and prevent ing possible violence. A unit of National guards continued patrolling the executive mansion in the Wake of the governor s claim in a Telegram wednesday night to president Eisenhower that fed eral officers planned to take him into custody. This was vigorously denied by presiden tial news Secretary James hag erty and u. S. Attorney Osro Cobb of Little Rock. Darling s Darling she Ain t a bad boy a female Cocker Spaniel indulged in some Petty thievery and not Only did t get away with it but got called a boy besides. Ripples who Bei Wiiks to Reeve Darling a partner in the Pasadena firm of Busi Ness management associates appeared at her master s Home last night with a note pinned to her Collar i m a bad boy. I dug a Hole under the Gate and i stole a Steak from a bar Becue inst night signed Darling who lives at 1818 Canada blvd., Glendale said the dog s name was on her Collar

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